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Страница 268 - Sharing the stillness of the unimpassioned rock, they share also its endurance ; and while the winds of departing spring scatter the white hawthorn blossom like drifted snow, and summer dims on the parched meadow the drooping of its...
Страница 3 - It obeys an instinct prompting it to try to know the best that is known and thought in the world, irrespectively of practice, politics, and everything of the kind; and to value knowledge and thought as they approach this best, without the intrusion of any other considerations whatever.
Страница 121 - To adopt a distinction familiar in the writings of the Scotch metaphysicians, and especially of Reid, the causes with which I concern myself are not efficient but physical causes. They are causes in that sense alone in which one physical fact is said to be the cause of another. Of the efficient causes of phenomena, or whether any such causes exist at all, I am not called upon to give an opinion.
Страница 130 - Matter has an innate power of resisting external influences, so that every body, as far as it can, remains at rest or moves uniformly in a straight line.
Страница 77 - To expect, indeed, that the freedom of trade should ever be entirely restored in Great Britain, is as absurd as to expect that an Oceana or Utopia should ever be established in it.2 Not only the prejudices of the public, but what is much more unconquerable, the private interests of many individuals, irresistibly oppose it.
Страница 77 - ... that wealth consisted in gold and silver, and that those metals could be brought into a country which had no mines only by the balance of trade, or by exporting to a greater value than it imported ; it necessarily became the great object of political economy to diminish as much as possible the importation of foreign goods for home consumption, and to increase as much as possible the exportation of the produce of domestic industry. Its two great engines for enriching the country, therefore, were...
Страница 9 - ... drawing-room. In a kindly and well-bred company, if anybody tries to please them, they try to be pleased ; if anybody tries to astonish them, they have the courtesy to be astonished ; if people become tiresome, they ask somebody else to play, or sing, or what not, but they don't criticise. For the rest, a bad critic is probably the most mischievous person in the world...
Страница 38 - Whig mind ; that cool and passive intelligence is little likely to yield to ardent emotions of personal loyalty, but its chosen ideal is a body or collection of wise rules fitly applicable to great affairs, pleasing a placid sense by an evident propriety, gratifying the capacity for business by a constant and clear applicability. The Whigs are constitutional by instinct, as the Cavaliers were monarchical by devotion.
Страница 6 - I come, after some embarrassment, to the conclusion, that poetry is "the suggestion, by the imagination, of noble grounds for the noble emotions.
Страница 307 - ... was the capacity to multiply itself indefinitely, why do we need the constant change or transmutation of that which is dead into that which is living to-day. Says Huxley, " If all living beings have been evolved from pre-existing forms of life, it is enough that a single particle of protoplasm should once have appeared on the globe, as the result of no matter what agency ; in the eyes of a consistent evolutionist any further independent formation of protoplasm would be sheer waste.

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