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Mr. Baring said it was deplorable to see the gam- ! There can be little doubt that this new experiment bling mania that was at present abroad; it had seized on the credulity of the British people, will till the upon all classes, and was spreading itself in all parts pockets of a few knowing schemers; and some of the of the country. If it was to be lamented that men of associations may produce profit to the proprietors of the first rank and family in the country haunted gam- shares; but, it is more than probable, that most of bling houses at the west end of the town; it was still them will turn out to be more bubbles, the bursting of more to be lamented that merchants at the east end which will awaken many a silly adventurer from a of it should imitate their example, and make a gam- dream of brilliant splendor to a gloomy reality of bling house of the royal exchange. He saw no dif- loss and disappointment.

(Nat. Journal ference between the gambling of the noblemen in the

! hells of St James' street and the gambling of the mer AFRICA. Some new particulars of the interior of chant on the royal exchange, except that the latter this quarter of the world may soon be expected The kept earlier hours and more respectable company English major Denham has just returned from a rethan the former-(Hear.) The evil was certainly one sidence of eighteen months with the Schiek of a which deserved to be checked, though he hardly powerful nation in “central Africa." knew how the check could be applied. The remedy would be worse than the disease, if, in putting a stop A MOOT case. Newburgh, New York, April 5. A to this evil, they put a stop to the spirit of enterprise. circuit court and court of oyer and terminer was He beliered that all the mining speculations would held in this village, during the last week, under the turn out to be delusions, and that many innocent per-presidency of judge Betts, on Monday, and the resons, who had embarked their little capital in them, mainder of the term uader that of judge Edwards, of with the expectation of realizing large fortunes, the first district. would be awakened some day, unpleasantly, from

The cause which excited the most interest was their dreams of grandeur, by the intelligence that that of the bank of Newburgh against Thomas Powell, their all was lost.

survivor of Jacob and Thomas Powell. This action

was brought, some three or four years ago, against BRITISH STOCK COMPANIES. The rage for forming the defendants, for $2,300, the amount of a check joint stock companies in England, exceeds, at this which the bank affirmed had been received from the moment, every mania which has gone before it, and Mechanics' bank in the city of N. York, and charged, left its trace on the history of the country. From the in the course of business, to the defendants. Payment London papers, which have just reached us, we copy was resisted, on their part, on the ground of forgery. the following list: The Anglo-Mexican, Anglo-Chi. This cause had been tried at a former court, and the lian, Braziñan, Chilian, Colombian, General mining decision set aside by the supreme court; and was association, Pasco-Peruvian, Royal Irish, Real dei now brought on for a second hearing. Ji commenced Monte, United Mexican, Ditto New, Welsh iron and on Tuesday morning. The bank of Newburgh prorcoal. All these are mining companies. We would ed, through its oficers and clerks, the positive receipt recommend the addition of a North Carolina com- of the check from the Mechanics' bank of New York, pany to the list. Independent of the above, we find and maintained, by a great number of witnesses, its the following companies, all, like the others, with genuineness. The defence maintained, with equal their stock in the market, and all bearing a premium ability, that the check was a forgery, and had never of from 3 to 300 per cent. viz: Atlantic and Pacific, been in the bank at New York. They were supportBritish iron company, Canada company, Chilian and ed by the cashier and all the clerks in the bank, esPeruvian, Colombian colonial, General steam navi- cept a Mr. Colfax, who was in the bank at the time, gation, Great Westminster dairy, Hibernian joint and is since dead. stock company, Mexican company, Metropolitan fish,

The amount of the check, and the supposed conPearl fishery, Yellow receipt, (from which we may nection the decision had with the reputation of the infer the existence of an opposition of some other parties; the great number of highly respectable witcolor), Irish provincial bank, Patent bricks, Patent nesses who had, in some way, been connected with steam carriage, Royal standary. Then, again, we the parties, or were called on to judge of the hand have the Tlalpuxahua, the Amsterdam, the Gold writing of the defendants and the diversity of their Coast association, the Metropolitan Alderney dairy; judgments, gave unusual interest to the trial. It was the South American gem; iho Imperial Brazilian continued until Thursday afternoon, and the mystery mining; the Guatamala association; the British Ba- of its genuineness or forgery, and how it found an rilla and Soda, Arigna iron and coal mines; Birming- existence, remained undiscovered when Mr. Oakham and Liverpool rail-way; London Northern ditto; ley addressed the court, and stated: “That the coun. London and Bristol ditto; Yucatap indigo; Isthmus sel for the parties had investigated the subject for of Suez canal; Rio de la Plata agricultural; Irish three days, and that they were unable to come to any silk; Irish flax and hemp; Atlantic mining and Pearl; satisfactory solution of the question in dispute-that Imperial distillery; British distillery; Stone and slate; the bank was satisfied that the defendants had never Leasehold investment; Steam washing; Irish manu- received a consideration for the check, and, from factures; Genuine drug; and a hundred other com- the evidence before the court, the matter of forgery panies.

was unsettled; he then paid a just tribute to the pure On the second reading of the bill to incorporate the motives of the defendants, and to the memory and Pasco-Peruvian company, a considerable discussion integrity of Mr. Jacob Powell, whose check was the took place in the house of commons, from which, it is matter of dispute; and said he was authorized, by evident, that there was a considerable exertion of the surviving defendant, to say that the bank direclobby influence on the subject. By the opponents of tors, in prosecuting for the amount, had acted a fair the bill the scheme was decried as delusive, and in- and honorable part, and that he had no imputation to tended only for the benefit of a few unprincipled cast on any of its oficers; that, after making these gamblers. The advocates of the measure, on the frank declarations, and with these views, the parties other hand, censured the opposition, as intended to had agreed to divide the loss, and each one pay its depreciate the value of shares in the market. Several own cost.”. A conclusion more satisfactory, perhaps, members of parliament admitted themselves to be than a verdict for either of the parties would have sbareholders; and the general character of the dis- been.

[Index. cussion was such as not to add much to the dignity of the house, nor the pure disinterestedness of its mem IMPORTANT DECISION. In the case of the owner of bere.

tho sloop Eliza against the sloop Decatur, judge Pos

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ters, of the district court of the United States, for the ever, the old one of cutting straight through the Istdieastern district of Pennsylvania, has given judgment mus of Darien, which, even at the narrowest part, for plaintifl' to the amount of $298 72. It appeared would be a work of incalculable labor and expense, that the Eliza, last November," was sailing upon the and indeed would probably never accommodate any Delaware, with all hands upon deck; the Decatur vessels larger than barges. A line has been discovered was discovered coming on the same, (the larboard), in the now state, entitled the “The United Provinces tack; the Eliza put about, and while the crew was of Central America,” formed by rivers and lakes, trimming down the jib, the Decatur run down thc which will only require a canal of twelve miles long, Eliza, aud sunk her, so that she was entirely lost. and the clearing of a river channel, to complete an

As the Eliza was ahead, and to the windward, it entire water passage for large ships, from one ocean was proper for the Decatur, cither to bear away or to the other. Surveys of the whole communication tack, in season, to avoid the windward vessel--the were found in the office of a late Spanish ininister windward being the right hand at sea.

of marine; for the bigotted government of Spain, in

conformity with its general colonial policy, kept all Another. The Charleston Courier contains the information of this kind as secret as possible, lest following highly important decision, and wkich, from foreigners should take advantage of it. The propose the circumstance of its being a novel case, is the more ed capital of the company is only one million, and it interesting.

seems that mining in Guatamala is said to be united In the federal circuit court, now sitting in this city, with the other object. It is thought that the toll, his honor, judge Lee, overruled a demurrer which which the South sea whalers alone could well asford was filed in a case, and the ground of which to pay, would make the proposed canal a profitable was, that an alien who, by the act of South Carolina, scheme. If the data upon which the plan is founded had become a denizen, so as to enable him to hold land, are correct, the undertaking will be one of enorlost thereby his privilege of suing in the courts of the mous benefit, and will effect a sort of revolution in United States. As this ground is entirely novel, and our distant and most valuable commerce. There the decision of the court was able and conclusive, it could not certainly be a better time for trying such a is hoped that it inay be hereafter published.

speculation with the requisite spirit. There only

wants now a canal through the isthmus of Suez, and THE ELEVEN MILLION LOAN. Treasury depariment, then the two great desiderata, for which all geograIpril 29, 18:25. Notice is hereby given, that, on the phers have sighed, would be accomplished, and little first day of October next, the principal of the six per of circuitous navigation lest in the world! cent. stock of the United States, created under the Capt. Isaac Doane, who is at Washington city, authority of an act of congress, entitled "An act au- has written a letter to judge Woodward, (who is also thorizing a loan for a sum not exceeding eleven mil. there), on the subject of this projected canal, and, lions of dollars," approved on the fourteenth day of among other things, says "Captain Cook, by astronoMarch, one thousand eight hundred and twelve, toge-mical observations, ascertained that the waters on the ther with the interest then due thereon, will be paid Atlantic side were nineteen and a half feet higher to the proprietors of said stock, or to their attorneys than the Pacific, occasioned by the immense rush of duly authorized, at the treasury of the United States, water into the bays of Campeachy and Honduras, in Washington, and at the several loan offices, on the impelled by the trade winds. This great accumulation books of which any portion of said stock may stand. of water now finds vent between cape Florida and

A surrender of the certificates of said stock will be Cuba, where it runs with a velocity of five or sis required at the time of payment. The interest on miles per hour, of a breadth of about 100 miles, and said stock will cease, from and after the thirtieth at an unknown depth. It takes its course along our day of September next. Saml. L. SortILARD, southern coast in a N. E. direction, brushing past the Acting secretary of the Ireasury. different projections of the coast, until it gets into the

latitude of the Delaware, when it curves more to the Ohio. In 1910, Stark and Wayne counties, (in castward, nearly touching George's and Newfoundcluding that part of Holmes which was taken from Jand banks; then east southerly, until it strikes the Wayne), contained 2,734 inhabitants--of which coast of Africa; then south and south westerly, along Wayne had but 332. At that time, this district of the coast of Africa, until it loses itself about the laticountry had 3 tanneries, 56 looms, and made 581 | lude of 4 to 8 north, replacing the water blown to the wards of woollen goods. In 1824, the same territory westward. Hence, the gulf stream may be said to contained about 30,000 inbabitants, and manufactured form a circle, and runs, with more or less velocity, not less than 90,000 yards of woollen goods. In 1910, as it is more or less compressed. I now come to the this territory had 5 grist-mills--there are now 30 in point. When this canal is opened, the rush of water Stark county. At that time there was but one dis- into the Pacific will be immense, and probably eat tillery; we cannot tell the present number--but our away a passage for itself equal in magnitude to the increase, in this particular, we apprehend, is equal, straits of Gibraltar. It follows, of course, that all perhaps superior, to any other--but we are firm ir those places on the Atlantic side of the continent, from the faith, that the distillery in operation in 1810, how- cape Florida to Porto Cavello, will reclaim from the ever small, would be enough, and more than enough, ocean all banks that have nineteen feet water thereon, at the present day.

and the effect, on our coast, from the Delaware to

cape Florida, will be proportionabiy effected; the danSHIP CANAL THROUGU CENTRAL AMERICA. From the gerous shoals of Hatteras, Cape Fear, Cape Look-Ont latest London papers. A bill is now passing through and Cape Romain will be dry. The gull stream will the house of commons for the incorporation of a com- be done away; navigation rendered safe and easy. pany whose purpose is to make a passage for ships, The Florida reef will be stripped of all its terrors. from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean, through the and our voyages from the eastern ports to Cuba, and narrow country which connects Norih and South the ports in the bay, rendered shorter and safer. But America. The immense advantage arising from such these are minor considerations to what I am now an undertaking is apparent to every one who looks at coming at. Lands about the mouth of the Mississippi a map of the world. The long and dangerous voyage will be vastly improred-the descent of the mouth around the vast American continent, by Cape Horn, being nineteen feet more, will cause the current of the will be thereby saved to all vessels going to the great river to eat away its bed, and leave the banks compaSouth sea; while the voyage to India and China will ratively high. It will drain immense marshes, that are be shortcued 9 or 10,000 miles. The plan is not, how- now unproductive and urbealthy: do away the ex

Ohio paper.



pense of levees, and reclaim thousands of acres from not cease to protect. Under the presidency of Mr. ihe ocean; and, in fine, make the states of Mississippi Adams, we may expect measures not less energetic, and Louisiana high and healthy. The effect will be but more in conformity with wise and moderate poalso great on the climate of Cuba. Coffee is a great licy.” staple of commerce in that island. The coffee tree will not stand frost. Do away the gulf stream, and editor of the Etoile, accuses us of having invoked

From the Paris Constitutionel, of March 29—"The there is nothin; to sosten our north-west winds that war, and, agreeably to his view, the cabinet of Eucauses severe frost and ice at New Orleans."

rope now enjoys that profound peace which nothing Judge Woodward, in reply, observes---"Governor can shake or interrupt. What we have said, we still Jay, of New York, many years ago, having, at anterior continue to affirm, that Great Britain and Russia, periods, devoted great attention to a canal uniting the are already, in a degree, in diplomatic hostilities; Atlantic to the Pacific, spoke of the difference in the there can be no doubt on that subject. The corresheight of the water, on the two sides of the isthmus, as pondence and acts of the two cabinets, already exhibit being only five feet. Whatever the real difference evident proofs on that head; still more, every speech may be, great physical changes would, undoubtedly, of Mr. Canning bears hard on the Russian governensue from a junction of the two oceans. I would an- ment, and cannot fail to mortify the cabinet of St. ticipate scvere and deleterious sickliness, in the first Petersburg. The holy alliance looks upon the instance, gradually succeeded by the consequences movements of Great Britain with a very suspicious you mention, and eventual healthiness. Perhaps the and jealous eye. Do not the British ministerial gücurrent setting constantly east into the Mediterranean, zettes, even of yesterday, speak with great arrogance, and that setting constantly west round Cape Horn, insinuating that Austria will take great care how she would be destroyed.

gives umbrage to Great Britain, and that France was "If the operation should be conducted through the too much occupied with her intestine quarrels, tu lake Nicaragua, instead of through the isthmus, per have any influence upon any political question whathaps the effects and results, as relates to physical ever. This is mortifying language for a Frenchman changes, would be greatly reduced."

to hear-let our ministerial jewspapers come out and disown such attacks froin foreign ministerial pa

pers.” THE STATE OF Furope,(says the Paris Journal des Debats, of the 21st March), is remarkable. A short

" Madrid, March 3. "Some coolness seems to have time ago, a word from England shook it to its centre; arisen between the cabinets of St. James and the now it is alarmed by the silence of Russia. The al- Tuilleries, relative to the prolonged occupation of liance of crowned heads, which the revolutions of Spain, and it is said Corunna and Saragossa are to be Spain had cemented, seems to dissolve before those evacuated, and the garrisons in the other places are powerful opposing interests which follow subdued re to be so reduced, that only fourteen thousand French volutions. The independence of Greece, the inde- troops will remain." pendence of Brazil, the independence of all the world, is the subject of debate in the councils of kings, and may soon be contested on the field of battle. Ditler Great Britain and Ireland. Many artificers have ent interests and the different powers seem, after a left England for the purpose of working the Mexican truce of ten years, preparing for a new contest. The mines, abundantly supplied with steam engines and universe is in labor; what will it bring forth? The other apparatus. future will soon show. We have not hitherto endea

Charles Richard Vaughan has been appointed roivored to pry into its mysteries. It is enough to re

nister plenipotentiary and envoy extraordinary to the collect that lord Liverpool lately said, peace will not United States. be eternal. One thing is plain, that every state is

Mr. Stratford Canning was about to return from fortifying its frontiers or strengthening its institu- Russia from his special mission, which had relation tions, to enable it to influence the decisions of fortune. solely to an adjustment of the differences hetween the The same paper, of the 29th, has the following ar

United States and Russia, on the subject of wavigation ticle-"It is the new world that now furnishes us the in the Pacific, in which he had wholly succeeded. most important news. The maintenance of peace,

The cotton market opened heavily at Liverpool and the establishment of reasonable and solid go- at the beginning of the week erding March 24—but, vernments, are the two great objects of American at the close of it, was brisk at the former prices. policy-if it be already permitted to talk of an Ame

The British house of commons has more than six rican policy, such as the Monroes, the Adamses, and hundred members; but questions of much interest are the Bolivars could establish, by mutual understand sometimes decided when only 60 or 80 are present. ing and support. But as it is evident that the United The rail-roads now projected, if carried into effect, States should be at the head of this policy, and that would consume iron to the value of 28 millions sterEngland does not wish to lose her influence in Brazil, 'ling! The 111 miles of road, planned between Birnothing can, as yet, be said concerning the intimate mingham and Liverpool, will require 60,000 tons of pature of the foreign relations diplomatically estab- iron for the rails alone, at the cost of $40,0001. lished from one end to the other of the new world.

The coronation of George IV.cost one million and "All these states agree on two points: to repel the fifty-eight thousand five hundred and fifty-five dolinfluence of Spain, and to live in harmony with each lars. His majesty's robes trere charged at the sum of other. But the real statesmen have yet a third princi- nearly one hundred and ten thousand dollars. ple, that of not gratuitously provoking war with the

Our Indian finance, (says a London paper), never European powers.

was in so high and palmy a state. The estimated re“This is the principle which triumphed in the con

venue of 1823, amounted to 22,213,6231. while, five gress at Washington. The nomination of Mr. Adanis years before, it was only 18..375.9.201. shewing an into the presidency proves that the majority of con

crease in that short period of no less than 3,837,8031.; gress is opposed to any offensive war, and rejects all nor has the charge increased in proportion; for, afschemes of aggrandizemeni to be obtained by force of ter paying the whole interest of the blian debt, there arms ,or usurpation. If general Jackson had suc- is a clear surplus of above two millions and a quarter ceeded, we should, perhaps, have seen the island sterling. of Cuba occupied by an American force, under the Coinage–The return from the mints states, that, in plausible pretest of keeping in check ihe pirates, the year 1923, there were 13,203?bs. 1oz. 1Sizels. 17grs. whom the Spanish government of the Havana does of gold imported, the value of which, in money, was,

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617,1977. 18. 9d. In 1824, there were, 100,385lbs. 7oz. Africa. A letter from an officer of the British ship
I dwt. 23grs. imported: the value, 4,690,5161. 15s. Id. Maidstone, states that, since that vessel had been on
The gold moneys coined during the same periods the coast, nearly 2000 poor wretched slaves had been
were as follows:

released. "One yegsel, of 120 tons, had 336 men and
1 759,748 10s. O

boys, and 141 women and girls; the men's room was

4,065,075 0 0 only about 20 feet square and three feet two inches Hops-It appears that 43,419,3-16 acres are ap- high; the women had a place 9 feet aft, 18 feet forward propriated to their cultivation. The county of Kent, and 4 feet high; thus, 336 men and boys were cramas may be supposed, exceeds all the other counties med into a space of 20 feet square. When the ship where hops are cultivated, the number of acres in the was boarded, the women were on their knees crying collections Canterbury and Rochester, being 17,745. for mercy, and 50 of the men in silence awaiting their The county of Hereford returns 11,392 acres; and final doom, (for so the Porluguese traders had assured Sussex, 7,105. The amount of duty on hops, of the them); but when, by means of an interpreter, they growth of the year 1824, including the old and new, were assured of protection of their lives, and of inwas 258,8381. 55. 31d.

tended location of a spot where they would be free, France. The law granting indemnity to French emi- the transition from despair to joy was overwhelming; grants, passed the chamber of deputies on the 15th of they knelt down, they wept, they kissed the feet, the March, 259 to 124.

hands and the dress of every by-stander; the scene The number of English and French steam engines was touching and overpowering." now in operation in France, would appear incredible

The coast is "dreadfully unhealthy." The natives to persons who remember what it was only a few are perishing as well as the Europeans. years ago. At Lyons, and in the neighborhood, there Buenos Ayres. The congress have adopted the artiare, at this moment, upwards of 100. At Rouen, and cles laid before them at the opening of their session. other manufacturing towns, they are in the same pro- The congress declares itself constituent, or formed portion. (This shews the march of scientific power for the purpose of adopting a new mode of governin France, and may, in part, account for the "free-ment, in place of the confederacy established at the dom of trade” in England!)

declaration of independence. The constitution to be The total value of silk goods made in France does proposed must be accepted by the provinces, before not exceed 4,200,0001. of which about 1,200,0001. is it can be adopted. For the present, the governmen! exported, the trade having of late rather diminished. of Buenos Ayres is invested with all powers neces

Spain. The king of Spain has just authorized the sary for negotiating with other nations, &c. printing of the autographical journal of Christopher

Mr. Woodbine Parish had presented his credentials Columbus, and those of several other illustrious na.

as plenipotentiary from Great Britain, and Mr. Garvigators, which have been preserved in the Escurial, cia was appointed to negotiate a treaty with him. with the most religious care, but which no one has to establish themselves on the banks of the La Plata,

A colony of Scots have sailed from Great Britain hitherto been allowed to peruse. This publication about 120 miles above Buenos Ayres. They were will be very serviceable to geographical science.

chiefly farmers and mechanics, well provided with Portugal, it is reported, has agreed to acknowledge implements and tools. the independence of Brazil--for which the latter is to pay the sum of 1.1,500,000 sterling.

Colombia. Carthagena papers, to the 26th March, Poland. The emperor of Russia bas issued a pro- under date of 31st, says, that a brig had arrived from

are received at New York. A letter from that place, clamation, convoking the Polish diet, and admonishes the members not to spend their time in useless de London, a few days before, with half a million of do bates.

Jars. The papers contain Bolivar's third resignation Greece. It not appears certain that Patras was of the presidency, and two replies from the president surrendered to the Greeks, by capitulation, on the of the Colombian sebate. Under date of Bogola, 6th February

February 11th, the latter says, that he convoked the and gen. Livron, appears calculated to produce a great of Bolivar's letter. The question was put to vote; Egypt. Alexandria, Feb. 5-The arrival of gen. Boyer congress on the evening of the Sth, and before a large

and most solemn audience, made known the purport amelioration in the military system of the Egyptian government. They have been well received by the and the resignation was not accepted: being opposed Pacha, who has assigned to gen Boyer an allowance by 21 senators and 52 representatives; when the hall of 40,000 francs a year, with 8,000 francs indemnity, rang with acclamations. The citizens appeared in He morcover receives food for 16 persons and forave great numbers in the streets, and expressed corresfor 20 horses, four shawls a year, horses to replace ponding sentiments of approbation. A minister bad those that fall off, a considerable supply of sugar, cof- arrived at Bogota from Guatamala, “and was formally see and tobacco, and re-payment for lodging. 'Gen. received by the vice president. Livron receives 20,000 francs and other things in pro- lists of inanumited slaves are pablished in the papers.

"The work goes bravely on" in Colombia-long portion. Already 164 Spanish, French and Italian officers, have arrived, since November, to fill up va

Peru. Great preparations were making for the cancies, and fifty physicians and surgeons are busy in reduction of Callao. It was to be attacked by sea establishing hospitals, and training pupils. After and land: 2,200 additional troops had arrived from having delivered to the Pacha 500 muskets, sent him Colombia, the balance of 4,000, who marched for by the French government, general Boyer proceeded Panama--,1,800 having died at the isie of Puna, near to Cairo, and from thence to the training-camp.

Guayaquil. The congress was to meet on the 10th An accurate printed list of the vessels that arrired February. at Alesandria, ond sailed from that port in 1824, is a

Gen. Ölaneta, who had the command of 3 or 4,000 very interesting document. The arrivals in 1924 royal troops in Upper Peru, has announced his unwere 1,290, (in 1923 only 933), sailed 1,199; so that qualified submission to the powers that be- ros91 remained in the port on the 1st January, 1895. alty is in force only in the castle of Callao. Among the ships arrived were 600 Austrian, includ Carrada. Vessels are expected soon to arrive at ing 12 Tuscan, under the Austrian flag, (in 1823 only Quebec, srom Canton, with teas and other China 351); 111 French, (in 1923, 52); 251 English, (includ- goods. The navigation of the St. Lawrence, from ing lonian and American); 100 Russian, (in 1823, only Montreal to Quebec, was opened on the 14th ultimo. 59); 77 Sardinian; 70 Spanish; 47 Swedish; 14 Nea- It never before opened, says the account, at so early politan; 19 Danish; 5 Durb; 2 from the Papal states. a period.

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British Commercial Regulation.

settlements in North America. The loans to them We have lately heard a great noise as to what the would be, in fact, beneficial to ourselves, and withBritish government are about to do in the relaxa- the United States. He concluded with moving two

out the proposed change, we could not compete with tion of their restrictive laws, and many have boen

resolutions, viz:-much deceived by the clamor that has been made on the subject. When these things that are talked the 24 and 4th years of his present majesty,“for reg!'

1. "That it is expedient to amend several acts of of are done, we shall be able to esteem them right- lating the trade between his majesty's possessions in fully: but, in the mean time, it is sufficient to say America, and other places in America and the West that, so far as we understand the matter, the free Indies, and other parts of the world," and also an act dom of trade” will not be allowed as to the importa- of the 4th year of his present majesty, for regulating tion of any article,fon the payment of moderate

the warehousing of goods." duties, except such as, for one reason or another,

2. “That the duties imposed by two acts of the 2d cannot come into competition with like articles of British product or manufacture, unless in respect year of his present majesty, for regulating the trade to a few and unimportant articles. When Britain other places in America, and the West Indies, and

between his majesty's possessions in America, and agrees that a barrel of American flour may be sent between his majesty's possessions in America and to England and therein consumed, as payment for the West Indies, and other parts of the world, or by English calicoes,* we shall begin to think that the government and people are really in favor of the an act of the 4th year of his present majesty, to freedom of trade," because, by means of their termine; and that the duties hereinafter mentioned

amend the last mentioned act, shall cease and deenormous capital and great industry and skill, shall be paid in lieu thereof." The plan was warmly they feel perfectly able to meet the competition of the world. And then, they will deprecate those approved by the opposition. very restrictions by others, which cnabled themselves to take this lofty and imposing attitude!

Mr. Huskisson, after carrying through, on the 21st FROM THE NEW YORK STATESMAN.

March, his resolution for opening the trade of the On the 21st of March, the house of commons call- British colonies to all nations, followed up his plan, ed up the subject of the colonial trade, on motion of on the 25th, by proposing very large reductions on Mr. Huskisson, who submitted two propositions-- the duties now existing in England on various manuIst. the necessity of revising their colonial policy- factured articles and raw materials. The speech in 2dly, to inquire into the duties on foreign commerce, which he explained and jastified these resolutions, is and whether some improvement might not be made in too long for our insertion; but the substance of it may their navigation laws.

be gathered from the summary below, taken from After mentioning the commerce of England with Bell's Weekly Messenger, from which same paper, Ireland and the West Indies, Mr. Huskisson said, the weannex an explanatory statement of the nature and American government required that their productions probable effects of the contemplated changes. should be admitted into the colonies on the same 1. The first prohibitory duty to be reduced is that terms as the staple commodities of our own country. on cotton worked goods. The existing duties upon the Such a demand had never been made before in any importation into England of all foreign cotton manucommercial transaction; the British government did factures, are 751., 671. 10s. or fifty guineas per cent. not suspend the intercourse. If the American go on their value. These duties are now to be reduced vernment did not relax in their demand, he hoped to ten pounds per cent. In practice, the principal efthat the West Indies would do without the trade to fect of this duty will be, that it will remove all differAmerica; though he trusted that would not be the ence of price between India and Scotch muslins, and, case. We should be as just to growing powers of as a necessary consequence, will extirpate all smuge Europe as to the growing trade of America. He gling. We may all remomber the time when India wonld extend the warehousing system to the colonies. muslins and French silks were articles of the first The Urited States had derived much benefit from this cost; and we have all lived to see the time when system. A free trade would be more advantageous even women scarcely know the difference between to the mother country than the most rigid monopoly. these foreign fabrics and our own. Still, so absurd is The system would be of the utmost advantage to their fashion, and so eager to be duped, that it is impossible

to visit any of our watering places in the summer *Some modification of the corn laws is spoken of. season, without seeing the numerous frauds practised Å letter from Liverpool, dated March 28, says—This in these articles; that is, by persons selling our own morning we have a communication from London from fabrics for smuggled articles, and imposing ihem upon a friend of ours, who states that Mr. Curwen, (one the credulous at higher prices. Upon this subject, of the agricultural members of the house of com- moreover, Mr. Huskisson made a brief statement, mons), said he would, on presenting, that day, a peti- which proves the enormous growth of our cotton tion to the house, from a number of corn dealers in manufactories. In 1765, the import of cotton wool London, more, that foreign grain be admitted in for our manufactories, (and all that we use must be future at a fixed duty; he intimated that he had had a got by importation), was only 3,350,000 pounds good deal of conversation with the rest of the agri- weight. In 1825, the import of the same article is caltural members, and also with Mr. Huskisson, on 150 millions of pounds weight. the subject, and he thought that the motion would be 2. The next staple of the country are our woollen carried; be intends to propose that, for the first three manufactures. The existing duties on the importaor six months, that the duty on wheat shall be 25s. per tion of foreign woollen goods, are fifty pounds on one quarter, and that afterwards it shall de fixed at 20s. hundred pounds worth of goods. This is now to be en barley 10, and on oats 6s. per quarter.

reduced to fifteen pounds on the hundred pounds, ti do not know in what manner the British policy Upon this subject, Mr. Huskisson made a similar can be better illustrated than by relating the follow- statement to show the growth of the manufacture. In ins vulgar story: tivo negroes clubbed their cents to 1769, we imported two millions pounds weight of raw get a glass of grog-one of them, having drank off a wool beyond what we import at present; and, in adfull-half of its contents, cried "hem-he too trong, dition to this, we now export 1,595,000 pounds weight put in more water," that he might have a chance for for the use of foreigners. another "pull;" but the other said "top, top, a little 3. Our third manufacture is linen. Here the exlet me cry hem ļoo!"

isting duties ascend from forts rounds to one hundred

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