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they had not the strength they now have. Their the things convenient to you. We are now enlarge
blows will now be much heavier, and will soon make ing our work-shops and our weaving-houses, and
him do them justice. It happened when the thirteen soon there will be no difficulty.
fires, now increased to eighteen, forced the Britsh king As we cannot always see one another, the distance
to treat them as an independent nation, one little fire being great, my words, from time to time, will be de
did not join them. This he has held ever since. It livered by general Clarke, and others who may be
is there ihat his agents and traders plot quarrels and near you. Your words will always come to mė
wars between the eighteen fires and their red bre- through the same hands. I hope they will always be
thren, and between one red tribe and another. Mal- good words."
den is the place where all the bad birds have their
nests. There they are fed with false tales against the
eighteen fires, and sent out with bloody belts in their

CHRONICLE. bills, to drop among the red people, who would other

Thompson's Island remaing very unhealthy. The wise remain at peace. It is for the good of all the deaths average three per week; and, of the 30 marines red people as well as the people of the eighteen fires, stationed there, it is said that not more than ten were that'a stop should be put to this mischief. Their fit for duty, on the 8th April. warriors can do it. They are gone and going to Cana The U. S. store ship Decoy, lieut. com. Mix, has arda for this purpose. They want no help from their rived at Norfolk from Thompson's island. The cap. red brethren. They are strong enough without it. tain of the pirates, captured by the Sea Gull, had died The British, who are weak, are doing all they can by of his wounds, and it was believed that the rest would their bad birds, to decoy the red people into the war

soon be tried by a military commission at Havana. on their side. 'I warn all the red people to avoid the The officers and crews of the squadron were general. ruin this must bring upon them. And I say to you, my ly in good health. No reports of recent acts of piracy. children, your father does not ask you to join his war

Ippointment by the president. Philip C. Pendleton, riors. Sit still on your seats; and be witnesses that of Virginia, to be judge of the United States, for the they are able to beat their enemies, and protect their western district of Virginia, in place of John C. Jackred friends. This is the fatherly advice I give you. son, deceased.

I have a further advice for my red children. You Appointment and election. Richard Goodell, esq. see how the country of the eighteen fires is filled speaker of the New York assembly, in 1924, has been with people. They increase like the corn they put appointed keeper of the state prison at Auburn; and into the ground. They all have good houses to shel

Pluck, hostler at the tavern at the corner of ter them from all weathers; good clothes suitable to Third and Callowhill streets, Philadelphia, has been all seasons; and as for food of all sorts, you see they elected colonel of the 84th regiment, Pennsylvania have enough, and to spare. No man, woman or child, militia, by an overwhelming majority. The last, it of the eighteen fires, ever perished of hunger. Com seems, had for its purpose to bring the militia into pare all ihis with the condition of the red people. contempt! They are scattered here and there in handfuls. Their Insurance. The insurance companies in Charleslodges are cold, leaky and smokey. They have hard ton, S. C. have come to the resolution, not to insure fare, and often not enough of it. Why this mighty property on board any steam boat in which the artidifference? The reason, my red children, is plain. cle of gunpowder shall be shipped. The white people breed cattle and sheep. They Cincinnati. An office of the bank of the United plough the earth, and make it give them every thing States is again organized in this city, which is reprethey want. They spin and weave. Their heads and sented as being in a very flourishing condition. Many their hands make all the elements and productions new houses are building, and several additional steam of nature useful to them. Above all, the people of boats are on the stocks. the eighteen fires live in constant peace and friend A sheet iron steam boal is building at York, Pa. for ship. No tomahawk has ever been raised by one the navigation of the Susquehannah. against another. Not a drop of blood has ever touch

Advertising -1,115 new advertisements appeared ed the chain that holds them together as one family. in the New York Gazette, in 7 days, commencing on All their belts are white belts. It is in your power the 14th April and ending on the 21st-and, in the to be like them. The ground that feeds one lodge same paper, of the 26th April, there were two hunby hunting, would feed a great band by the plough dred and thirteen new advertisements, though 23 that and the hoe. The Great Spirit has given you, like were offered could not be got in! your white brethren, good heads to contrive; strong Islands of ice. We observe, by the New York Daily arms and active bodies. Use them like your white Advertiser, that capt. Blair, of the ship Flora, from brethren; not all at once, which is difficult, but by Liverpool, reports that he passed near the banks of little and little, which is easy. Especially, live in Newfoundland, about 200 islands of ice, the largest peace with one another, like your white brethren of at least a mile in circumference, and about 300 fee: the eighteen fires; and like them, your little sparks high,* and several others nearly of the same size. will grow into great fires. You will be well fed, well Also, saw a number of seals on the ice; and to the clothed, dwell in good houses, and enjoy the happi-southward of it, a number of large whales. ness for which you, like them, were created. The Washington, May 2. We understand that all the Great Spirit is the friend of men of all colors. He foreign ministers and charge d'affaires of foreign gomade them to be friends of one another. The more vernments near that of the United States, have prethey are so, the more he will be their friend. These sented congratulations to the president of the United are the words of your father to his red children. The States, on the occasion of his recent election. On Great Spirit, who is the father of us all, approves Tuesday last, Mr. Addington, (charge d'affaires from them. Let them pass through the ear, into the heart. Great Britain), at an interview, requested by him for Carry them home to your people. And as long as that purpose, presented those of his government, by you remember this visit to your father of the eigh-its special direction. teen fires, remember these are his last and best words to you.

*What a mass this must have been, if the account In the present state of your wants, factories are es- | is any thing like correct! It is only, we believe, about tablished, where you may trade and supply them. the ninth part of a lump of Moating ice that appears Of late, the times have made it difficult to send you all above the surface of the water.




No. 12-Vol. IV.)

BALTIMORE, MAY 21, 1825.




OPWe have given up a considerable space to an not, it is quite certain that much more cotton will be insertion of “Hamilton's” remarks on Mr. Huskis- planted this year than was last. son's propositions, for the removal of certain restric A letter has been received at Boston, from Charlestions on trade-and solicit an attentive perusal of ton, dated the 3d inst. which mentions that a sale of them, that the difference between saind and sub- a lot of 58 bales of Sea Island cotton had been effectslence may be clearly discerned.

ed there at 92 cents per pound, producing the sum of

18,000 dollars, and that, for another lot, 105 cents had Mr. Clay left Washington on Saturday last to visit been refused. his family in Kentucky, and make the necessary ar A letter from Marseilles, dated April 2, reports rangements for their removal to the seat of govern- that the crop of cotton in Egypt had turned out to be ment. It is expected that he will be absent several much less than was expected—that it would not exweeks.

ceed 170,000 bales of 230 lbs. (English) each.

We learn, by the Savannah Republican of the 9th MR. CRAWFORD partook of a public dinner at Lex- of May, that the ship Oglethorpe, captain Taubner, ington, Geo. It is said that he was "unusually cheer- cleared from that port on Saturday, the 7th inst. for ful,” which would shew an increase of health. The Liverpool, having on board 639 bales of Upland cotfollowing were among the toasts drank on the occasion: ton, and 425 bales Sea Island do. weighing 344,752

Our country and its laws-Love to the one and sub- lbs.-value 129,116 dollars and 24 cents. This is, mission to the other.

we believe, the most valuable cargo of the kind ever The revolution—Its history has been revived in our shipped from the United States. memories, and its patriotism rekindled in our bosoms, by the visit of “the nation's guest.”

TŅE EARTHQUAKÉ noticed in the last REGISTER, apThe constitution–The arch of our political liberty; pears to have been more calamitous than was first relet it not be touched with unhallowed hands. ported. A letter of the 7th March, from Algiers,

Greece--The land of honorable death-her sons published in the London papers, gives a detailed acwill live freemen or live no more.

count of the earthquake at Belida. Of 15,000 inhaSouth America-Hail victorious country! May your bitants, only 300, and some of them wounded, are liberty be as durable as the foundations of your said to have escaped; 280 children were crushed in everlasting Andes.

the ruins of one school. 7,000 bodies, horribly muThe state of Georgia-Rich in her resources-demo- tilated, had been extricated from the ruins. The cratic in her principles.

troops whom the dey had sent to superintend and asMr. Crawford's volunteer was—The present ad- sist in the work of relief, had been attacked and put ministration-let it be judged by its measures. to fight by the Cobails, descendants of the ancient

Numidians. MR. Calhoun, vice president of the United States, BATLLE OF BUNKER's hill. The subjoined letter on arriving at his home, in Pendleton, S. C. was in was addressed to a gentleman in New York, explainvited to and partook of a public dinner, given by his ing the views of the society who have undertaken neighbors and friends. It shall be further noticed in the erection of a monument in commemoration of our next.

this event:

Cambridge, December 26, 1824. Cotton. In reply to some remarks of a Savannah Dear sir: It has been suggested to the standing editor, upon the subject of raising cotton in Virginia, committee of the Bunker Hill monument association, the editor of the Norfolk Herald makes the following that the sons of New England, established in different interesting statement:

parts of the union, might be pleased to unite with “That the climate of Virginia is as favorable for their brethren at home, in commemorating the event the culture of cotton as Georgia, is not to be suppos- of the 17th June, 1775, by a monumental structure ed; but the climate is so far propitious, that those on the spot where the battle was fought. The assowho have undertaken to raise cotton, find it a more ciation, instituted for this object, bas had the good profitable crop, at ten cents per pound, than Indian fortune to find a strong disposition, on the part of the corn at two and a half dollars per barrel. The quality community, to second their designs. Although the of cotton raised in Virginia, we are told by dealers in official returns of the subscription papers are not yet the article, is superior to the Georgia Uplands. For rendered, it is estimated that, in Boston and the visome years past, the farmers, on the south side of cinity, a sum of about $50,000 has been subscribed. James river, have been cultivating cotton very ex- As subscription books were sent to the selectmen of tensively, and we have heard it estimated that nearly every town in Massachusetts, a sum, considerably a fourth of the land, heretofore planted with Indian larger than this, will, it is hoped, be raised in the corn, has, this year, been appropriated to the cultiva- commonwealth. It is less, therefore, under the imtion of cotton. Our climate has undergone a mani- pression that distant aid is needed, than in the belief fest change within the last twenty years, greatly in fa- tbat the descendants of New England, wherever esTor of the growth of cotton-the spring being more tablished, will be pleased to bear their part in this cool and the fall season much warmer and more uni- undertaking, designed to commemorate the most sigform in its temperature than formerly."

nal effort of the conduct and valor of their native The Catawba Journal, of the 26th ult. printed at land, that the present application is made. Copies Charlotte, in North Carolina, observes, that, if the are herewith enclosed to you of two eircular adcoming season should prove favorable, the next crop dresses, which have been issued by the directors of of cotton will be large. We have been told thai, the association, and which will be furnished to you since the extraordinary advance in the price of cotton, for distribution, at your request, in any number you fields, already planted with corn, have been ploughed may wish. Of the certificate of admission to the assoup, and replanted with cotton; whether this be so or ciation, also, blank copies will be furnished you for

Vol. XXVIII.-12.

as many individuals as, by a subscription of fire dol- tenantless. The economists of the state practice on lars and upwards, may entitle themselves to be made the method of liberating prisoners, on condition that Inembers. The standing committee of the associa- they leave the state.

(Bost. Cen. tion entertain the hope, that you will take pleasure The Blackstone canal company has been organized in uniting with the offspring of New England, in your at Providence, and the excavations are to be imme. town and state, in contributing towards this patriotic diately commenced. The people of the little state of design, and have ordered me to pay particular atten- Rhode Island have caught ihe spirit of those of New tion to any communication which you may make on York, and seem resolved to exert their liberal means the subject.

to increase them, and gather that strength and popu"It is in contemplation to commemorate the next lation through scientific power, which the smallness anniversary of June 17th, being the half century of their territory would otherwise deny to them. since the battle was fought, with cvery possible mark 0! grateful observance. The corner stone of the PHILADELPHIA. "The several squares in this city monument will then be laid--an address will be de- are hereafter to be known by the following nameslivered by hon. Daniel Webster-the presence of ge- Logan, Rittenhouse, Penn, Franklin, Washington and neral Lafayette is promised, and nothing would more Independence. On the last stands the building in essentially contribute to extend and strengthen the which the independence of the United States was refeelings of the day, than to receive a deputation from solved on. thic sons of New England, in distant parts of the country, particularly from your neighborhood.

Ощо. The legislature of Ohio have directed the "I have the honor to be, dear sir, with great re-opening of a road from Tyemochtee, a river wbich spect, your faithful humble servant,

runs into the Ohio, twelve miles below Upper Sandus(Signed)

EDWARD EVERETT." ky, to the Lower Sandusky. Contracts have already QPSixty thousand dollars are already subscrib- been entered into for clearing off the timber, sixty ed or appropriated for erecting the proposed monu- feet in width, and ditching it on each side, where it ment on this memorable hill, and additional sums becomes necessary to make a dry road. are daily received. We cannot believe that money This young state is advancing in population and expended for such purposes is thrown away, as power with giant strides. It is probable that the censobie suppose; but, on the contrary, are of opinion, sus of 1830 will exhibit an aggregate of more than a that whatever has a tendency to excite a love of our million of free persons: and every internal improvecountry and a reverence for the principles of the ment that is made, will mightily add to the vumber of revolution, cannot be valued by the amount of its them. cost in dollars and cents.

A valuable articlc has lately been added to the pro

ducts of Ohio--tobacco.* One hogshead was lately Boston. The union or amalgamation ticket, for sold in Baltimore at forly cents per Ib. or dollars per members of the legislature, has failed. It was com- hundred; and the National Intelligencer of the 16th posed of an equal number of republicans and federalists; inst, says: There arrived at Georgetown, last week, and an entirely federal selection has been made. from Ohio, pine wagon-loads of tobacco, each wagon

Trale of Boston. The following brief statement of carrying three hogsheads. Some of the tobacco was facts, will elucidate the important subject now be- condemned by the inspector on account of its being put fore the public in regard to the trade of this city: up in too high a state; but, even in that state, twenty Foreign arrivals.

five dollars per ewt. was refused for it, and it has been In 1622

taken to the country for re-bandling and re-packIn 1823

ing, when it will bring 29 or 30 dollars, being the From Jan. 1, to May 1, 1824,

price given for that which passed inspection. 1825,

197 Foreign clearances.

Price OF STOCKS-at London, April 14. American in 1922

584 ---three per cents. $0; four and half, 95. Sixes, for

1813, 93; for 1314, 94 a 96. Canal stock, for 1937, From Jan. 1, to May 1, 1824,

102; for 1845, 104. United States bank shares, l. 24 1825,

175. Gil. British--three per cent, reduced 913; three By the above table it will be seen that, during the per cent. consols. 92); fours 106); consols. for acjast five months, the number of foreign arrivals has count, 921. been six less than during the same time in 1824-the number of clearances 28 more; or an increase in de DEATH OF GEN. MCINTOS. Milledgerille, May 9partures of 28, and a decrease in arrivals of 6. Thus We stop the press to announce the distressing inthe increase of departures has been in about the same telligence of the murder of the Indian chief, gen. ratio as the preceding years; but, instead of a pro- 'm. McIntosh, and the chief of Cowetau, Tusłunnusgressive increase in arrivals, they have fallen short gee Tomme, which was brought to the governor yesof the previous year.

[Statesman. terday evening, by Chilly McIntosh, the general's

son, and five chiefs of the nation, who made their RHODE ISLAND. The legislature of this state has escape from the massacre. The mischief was per. adjourned to meet again in June. The session petrated last Saturday by a large body of Indians, was a busy one. Several petitions for additional supposed to be four hundred, who attacked gen. public improvements passed incipient stages, with Mcintosh in his own house, on the very day he had orders of notice. The Rhode Island coal mine com- appointed to set off at the head of a mission to explore pany petitioned to be re-incorporated, with power to the country west of the Mississippi for the future increase their capital to $1,200,000, by issuing addi- residence of the nation. There is too much reason tional shares; to be allowed to hold their meetings to fear, that while men were the instigators of this and to transact business in New York, and to be au- horrid butchery. thorized to establish in Rhode Island such manufac The son of gen. MeIntosh, and the chiefs mentories as use their coal as fuel. The expenditures of lioned in the preceding account, have arrived at This state, the last year, was $13,859 19 cents! There Washington. He says, (observes the National Jourare 13 banks in successful operation in the state, and all in good credit. One of the duties of the attorney *Segars, said to be equal in 1lavor and taste to those general of the state, is to report bills on the reports made at Havana, it is stated, have been manufactured adopted by the legislature. The jail at. Verpori was from tobacco raised in Lancaster county, Pa.

763 S32 203

in 1823

600 185 213

men were.


nal), that his father's house was surrounded by a par-/ posing, has appeared willing to encourage them, by ty, and set on fire, on the morning of the 30th of rendering them legitimate. April, at day break; they immediately commenced "They have also been powerfully excited by the firing into the house, and killed his father before he people of those countries, whom religion, manners could escape. They then surrounded the house of Tus- and language attach, in a particular manner, to the, tunnuggee, in which, besides himself, Chilly McIntosh, French. Mr. Kennard, (his brother-in-law), and two white “But, whilst a rival nation aims, by its policy, its

The chief was immediately killed; but navy, its agents, its succor, and, lastly, its treat the others escaped by flight; McIntosh and Kennard contract with America the closest bonds, a French were pursued to the river (Chatahoochie), and fired frigate is scarcely seen, even at distant intervals, in at until they had crossed. They remained in the her ports, and the French, upon arriving there, find neighborhood until about eleven o'clock, during themselves destitute of consular protection. which time the assailing party were shooting the cat "Notwithstanding these obstacles, sire, French tle and destroying the property of gen. Mcintosh. commerce has not been inactive; and, if the impor

Chilly McIntosh believes improper influence has tance of its interests, in these new relations, be still been used to produce this outrage; and attributes it, so inferior to what it may be, already it deserves the in a great degree, to the bad feelings of an individual, deep attention of the government and powerful sup(a white man), who was opposed to the treaty, and port of your majesty. the declared enemy of all who signed it. This per "The moment, moreover, has arrived, when the son was at a council that was recently held, from most urgent considerations threaten these relations which the son and friends of general McIntosh were with a complete interruption, if they be any longer excluded; within eight days, after the adjournment treated in France with as much reserve and timidity, of the council, the attack was made.

as England gives publicity and displays pride in pro

tecting theirs. "THE HOLY ALLIANCE!” The London Morning “The single ports of Bordeaus and Havre, in the Chronicle, of the 14th April, says—"Notwithstanding course of last year, sent out to those countries of the contradiction given to the rumor of a congress at America fisty vessels, which carried thither more Milan, by some of the leading capitalists, who pre- than twenty-four millions of francs in the productions tend to have good information on the subject, the of French agriculture and manufactures, exclusive money markets are evidently suffering from it, and of more than sixty vessels despatched to the isle of it is still a pretty general belief, that there will be Cuba and the Brazils; whilst more than two hundred conferences between the ministers of the allied pow- vessels, bound to Martinique, Guadaloupe, Newfounders at Milan, although it is now said that they will land, Cayenne, Senegal and Pondicherry, did not chiefly relate to the question of withdrawing the Aus- export from France to half that amount. trian troops from Naples, upon an undertaking from "All our agricultural produce and manufactures are the king, that he will never grant any form of constitution suited to America. The productions of Parisian into his subjects without the consent of the holy alliance!" dustry are, above all, sure of immense markets. We

possess the equivalent of those which she was accusCOLOMBIA. The amazing progress which Colombia tomed to obtain from Spain; and most of the productas made, in every kind of improvement, affords the tions of America, which England receives direct strongest ground for expecting the most important from her colonies, find in France a certain employadvantages from the freedom of Mexico and Peru. ment, almost exempt from competition. Colombia, containing a population of four millions, "Your elevated wisdom, sire, forbidsus further to publishes eighteen newspapers; has formed forty urge facts so evident, and considerations so striking ; schools, on the plan of Bell and Lancaster, during and your majesty, whose royal mind cannot but be the last year; has established ten colleges and three powerfully alive to the great interests of France, has universities, where every branch of knowledge, ex- already understood all our desires. cept political economy and the mechanical arts, are “Yes, sire, we entreat your majesty to ordain that taughi; and the library of Bogota consists of 14,000 official agents, worthy, in every respect, of such an volumes. Such results have followed where the force important mission, should be sent wherever French of despotism had pent up all the energies of the mind commerce is at liberty to enter, and particularly upon for more than three hundred years. The effects that the continent of America, there to legalize and promay arise from such an activity, can scarcely be tect its relations; imagined. They will be vast; but they must be “That the vessels of the state should thither follow greater or less, according to the freedom of inter- the commercial vessels; course established between it and Europe.

“And, lastly, that commercial treaties should there [Dumfries Courier. stipulate in the interests of French merchants all the

guarantees and advantages to which a great nation THE NEW SOUTHERN REPUBLICS. The French mer- can have the right to set up pretensions. It is by chants are extremely anxious to come in for a share such provisions, sire, that, in this grand social moveof the trade of the rich countries liberated from the ment, which effects an approximation between all despotism of Spain; and those of Paris have presented nations, which multiplies their relations, elevates the following address to the king:

their power, and increases their prosperity, France, “Sire: The commercial interest of Paris will never under your majesty's government, will maintain her forget the memorable words uttered by your majesty ground in the first rank of the most civilized nations when you lately visited the structure which is devoted in the world. to them.

“We are, with profound respect, sire, your ma"They account for the confidence which leads us jesty's faithful subjects.” to the foot of the throne, and dictate to us the request which we venture to address you.

The Algemeine Zeitung, of the 18th March, pub"Sire, immense countries of America, which Spain Dishes the following observations respecting the comalone formerly supplied, hare opened their ports to mercial intercourse now existing between England all the other nations of the globe.

and South America:-“France, standing so high as a commercial and ma "In, and after, the late wars, the English merchants nufacturing nation, should participate in these new had made themselves masters of South America, as relations, so useful at the present moment, and so they had formerly done of India, though not in the rich in the future. The government, far from or came violent manner. They only offered their long

wished for, but hitherto prohibited, manufactures, in

Department of war, April 20, 1925. exchange for the valuable productions of the country, Sur: As a strong desire has been manifested by the which hardly cost the inhabitants any further trou- citizens of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts ble than stretching their hands to gather them. They and Connecticut, that an examination and survey gave them clothing, implements and arms, which, af- might be made, under the direction of the pational ter dreadful abuses, are at length employed, in some executive, of the country between lake Memphramameasure, to preserve order and tranquility. A new gog and the Connecticut river, at Barnel, in Vermont, world, as it were, began; the English commerce was opposite to Lyman, in New Hampshire, with a view confirmed in its conquest

, and expended on it larger to ascertaining the practicability of constructing a capitals, perhaps the amount of 300 millions of dol- canal to unite these waters, and, also, an examinalars. Not contented with furnishing all articles for tion of Connecticut river, from lake Connecticut to domestic use and for war, with advancing money to the tide waters of Long Island Sound, to ascertain the the merchants and the land owners, the English began practicability and probable cost of improving the nato work the mines for their own account, and made vigation of that river, I have the honor to acquaint themselves masters of the revenues of the country by you, that the subject, being viewed with much inteloans tipon their security. The dependence on the rest, and considered of national importance, orders English commerce led to dependence on England, have been given to the engineer department, to orand, at the same time, English dress, English taste, ganize a suitable brigade to make the necessary exthe English language and English notions-came into aminations, surveys and estimates, in accordance fashion. All this, as we may say, happened of itself. with the wishes expressed by the people of the beThe English government had let the merchants take fore mentioned states, through their representatives their own course, and had offered no protection to in congress; and that an engineer will repair to Barthe large English property in that country. This net, in the state of Vermont, where he will be ready, property had sustained great loss during the troubles, on the 10th of May, to commence operations, and and was in constant danger. Mr. Canning's decla- will co-operate with any civil engineer or commis. ration has changed this danger into security; it pro- sioner, which you may, on the part of the state, think mises commercial conventions with South America, proper to send to that place for the purpose. and thus places the British property there under the I have the honor to be, sir, with much respect, your protection of the state-insures to it the protection of obedient servant,

JAMES BARBOUS. the government in case of violation gives the Bri To his excellency, the gov. of Connecticut. tish commerce in that country a claim to all the fa. vor which the government gives to commerce in ge NAVAL COURT MARTIAL. From the Norfolk Beacon, neral—and removes all doubts with respect to its sta- May 16—Copy of the finding and sentence of the nability and continuance.”

valgeneral court martial, held on board the U. S. ship North Carolina, 74, in the case of midshipman Alex

ander Van Dyke, February, 1825, together with the LEGISLATURE OF CONNECTICUT. The following mes decision of the president of the United States: sage was received from the governor:

The judge Advocate having read the entire proTo the senate and house of representatives. ceedings in the case of midshipman Alexander Van On the 30th of April last, after the preparation of Dyke, and the court having carefully and deliberately my message at the opening of the present session, I re- weighed and considered the testimony in support of ceived a communication from the department of war the charges and that adduced by the accused, and his of the U. States, informing me that, in accordance defence, find the specification of the first charge not with the wishes expressed by the people of the states provel, and the prisoner not guilty of said charge. The of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Con- court find the specification of 2d charge prored in part, necticut, through their representatives in congress, and the prisoner guilty of the charge of disrespect to an examination and survey is to be made, under the his superior officer. direction of the national executive, of the country And the court find the specification of 2d charge between lake Mempbramagog and the Connecticut not prorell and the prisoner not guilty of 2d charge. rirer, at Barnet, in Vermont, opposite to Lyman, in The court find the specification of 4th charge proved, New Hampshire, with a view to ascertain the prac- with the exception of the word "maliciously," and that ticability of constructing a canal to unite these wa- the prisoner is guilty of the said charge of "conduct ters:-and also an examination of the Connecticut anbecoming an officer and gentleman," and that the river, from Lake Connecticut to the tide waters of charge falls under a part of the 3d article for the betLong Island Sound, to ascertain the practicability ter government of the navy, passed April 220, 1800. and probable cost of improving the navigation of And do adjudge the said iidshipman Alexander that river:--that the engineer department will or- Van Dyke, to be dismissed from the naval service of ganize a suitable brigade to make the necessary es- the United States. aminations, surveys and estimates:~that an engi (Signed) DANIEL P. PATTERSON, Pres't. neer will repair to Barnet, in the state of Vermont, Robert S. Brooks, judge advocale. where he will be ready, on the 10th of May, to commence operations, and that he will co-operate with The finding of the court, under the first and third any civil engineer, or commissioner, who may be ap- charges, is approved. The finding, under the second pointed and sent, on the part of this state, to that and fourth charges, is not approved. place, for the purpose.

The specification of the charge of disrespect to his I have no doubt that the proposed survey will be superior officer alleged, is the writing of a letter to highly acceptable to the citizens of Connecticut, and the secretary of the navy, requesting to be removed i transmit herewith a copy of the communication from the ship, without consulting his superior officer. from the war department, that the general assembly The only evidence given of the fact was, the acknow. gray take such order thereon as they deem most ledgment, reluctantly drawn from midshipman Pan expedient.

Dyke himself; neither the letter, por any evidence (Signed]

OLITER IVOLCOTT. that it had been sent to the secretary, was before the Executire department, Vay session, 1825.

court, although the production of the letter was de

manded by the accused. The same is to be observed The following is the document mentioned in the abore message, 25 baring beer reccived from the *Alfred Smith, esq. has been appointed by the gowar department:

rernor, on the suggestion of the secretary of war.

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