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Our relations with the republic of Colombia, harci mental school at least six children, in order that obtained for us great assistance. Our ally and con- they may hercaster extend the system to every part of federate withheld nothing from us--she employed the republic. her treasure, her navy, her armies in combating the One of the first acts of the constitutional congress common enemy, as her own cause.

of Peru was the passage of a resolution giving to BoliCongress will be convinced by these demonstra- var the title of father ani sariour of Peru.” tions of Colombia of the infinite value with which On the 12th of February the congress passed a law she views a close and intimate federation of the new ordering that a inedal be struck in honor of the libestates. Impressed with the great advantages which rator, having on one side his bust, with a motto, "TO will resolt from a meeting of a congress of represen- ils liberator, Simon Bolirar;" and on the reverse, tho tatives, I have hastened to invite our confederates, in arms of the republic, with the following motto--"Pemo the name of Peru, to assemble as speedily as possible restored at Ayacucho, 1824.” at the isthmus of Panama. This august body will In the capitai an equestrian statue of the liberator there scal the perpetual alliance of the different is to be erected, and in the capital towns of the destates.

partments, large stones are to be erested in the pubd The republic of Chili has placed under the order lic places with inscriptions. of our government, a part of hor navy, commanded by The liberator is to enjoy perpetually the title of the brave vice admiral Blanco, which is blockading “president of the republic." Callao, with the Chilian and Colombian forces. Two millions, over and above their pay, are voted

The states of Mexico, Guatimala and Buenos Ay to the army. res have made us an offer of 'heir services, which, General Antonio Jose Sucre is to enjoy the title of owing to our rapid successes, have been without ef- "grand marshal of Ayacucho." fect. These republics have established themselves All the army are declared to enjoy the same priviand maintain their internal tranquility.

leges as native Peruvians. The diplomatic agent of the republic of Colombia is The liberator is authorized to grant any other rethe only one, as yet, accredited near our government. wards, either of honor or profit, to those who have

The consuls of Colombia, of the United States of rendered, or may render any services to Peru. America, and of Great Britain, have presented them On the 16th of February a part of the garrison of selves in this capital, to exercise their offices--the Callao made a sortie under colonels Alair and Aznar. Jast has had the misfortune to perish in the inost la- They were met by a division commanded by general mentable manner--the other two bave obtained their Salom, and after a warm contest were driven back, exequaturs to enter on the discharge of their duties. with the loss of about 200 killed, 19 prisoners, and a

As soon as the military successes of Peru shall be great number of wounded, leaving on the ground a known in Europe, it is probable that those govern- number of horses and arms. The patriots had 26 ments will definitely decide on the political conduct killed, 23 wounded, and 11 missing-among the latthey bave to adopt. I flatter myself Great Britain ter the commander of dragoons, Don Juan Pederneva, will be the first to recognise our independence. If and captain Don Antonio Rodriguez, both severely, wo are to credit the declarations of France, she will and captain Grego, of Colombia, slightly wounded. not delay in joining England in that liberal policy; and perhaps the rest of Europe will follow the saine The following is the reply of mineral Bolivar to conduct. 'Spain, herself, if she listens to her inte the testimonials of gratitude vote to him by the conrests, will no longer oppose the existence of the new gress of Peru:-states, which will complete the friendly relations of To his excellency the president of lk. sovereign constituthe universe.

tional congress of Pru. Legislators! In giving up to congress the supreme MOST EXCELLENT The munificence of the power which you deposited in my hands, allow me sovereign congress has surpassed itself as regards the to congratulate the people in having rid themselves liberaling army which fought on the plains of dyacuof the greatest curse in the world-war, by the vic-cho. The general in chief, grand marshal, has retory at Ayacucho, and of despotism, by my resigna- ceived a reward worthy of the Scipios, and of a great tion. Proscribe, forever, I beg you, that tremendous au- people. The other chiefs, oficers and troops, are thority; that authority which was the grave of Rome! It treated with the most noble generosity. The congress was laudable, no doubt, in congress, in order to resist has rivalled in magnanimity the liberators of the the dreadful calamities and to face the furious storms country; they have shown themselves worthy of rewhich desolated the country, to place her laws on the presenting a mighty people. But, excellent sir, was bayonets of the liberating army; but, as the nation has not the congress satisfied with all the confidence placobtained domestic peace and political liberly, the laws only ed in me? of all the glory conferred on me by placought to govern.

ing the destinies of the country in my hands? why do Gentlemen, the congress is installed. My duty, as they wish to perplex and humiliate me by excessive an auxiliary soldier, calls me to assist in obtaining the gifts? and with a reward which I ought not to expect? liberties of Upper Peru, and the surrender of Callao, ir I receive the favors which congress has already the last bulwark of the Spanish empire in South Ame- bestowed on me, my services to Peru will be more rica. I will then hasten to my country to give an ac-than compensated by the liberality of congress: So count to the representatives of the Colombian people, of my that my most ardent desire is that Peru may continue mission in Peru—of your liberty, and of the glory of to owe me what little I may have done. It is not my the liberating army!

BOLIVAR intention to slight the kindness of congress for me. I

never would accept from my own country any reThe Peruvian papers received at the office of the compense of this kind. Therefore, it would be inAmerican, contain a decree of Bolivar, as dictator of consistent in meif I were now to receive from Peru the Peruvian republic, which affords another gratify- what have resused from my own country. It is ing evidence of his wisdom and foresight. This de- enough for me, most excellent sir, to have acquired cres, after acknowledging that the Lancasterian sys- the esteem and received the thanks of the congress of tem of education is the most speedy and effectual sor Peru. The medal which has been ordered to be the promotion of public instruction, provides that struck with my bust, is so much above my services, there shall be established in the capital of each de- that it alone exceeds my utmost desires. I accept partment, a normal school, on the Lancasterian system, this reward from congress with an eflusion of gratifor the support of which the necessary funds shall be tude that I cannot express. Be so obliging, most exprovided. Each province shall send to the depari-|cellent sir, to present to congrcos, in the name of the


were at Chorillos, the present port of Lima, at the 2018 were exported in American vessels, and 282 NILES' REGISTER-JULY 2, 1823--COMMERCE, &c. OF THE V. S. army, and in mine, the most expressive testimoniesCommerce &c. of the United States. of our profound gratitude.

General abstract of the report of the secretary of the treasuI have the honor of presenting to your excellency

ry, of the commerce and navigation of the United States, the expressions of my consideration and respect.

for the year ending 30th Seplember, 1824. BOLIVAR

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, 16th Feb. 1825. Lima, 12th February, 1825.

Sir: In conformity with the provisions of the act The constitutional congress of Peru, recognizing vide for obtaining accurate statements of the foreign

of the 10th February, 1820, entitled "an act to prothe high and important services which the republic commerce of the United States,” I have the honor to of Colombia has rendered to Peru, without which, transmit, herewith, the following statement of the 110 doubt, she would have fallen under the Spanish commerce and navigation of the United States, durpower-has resolved: 1. That the thanks be given to the republic of Co-ing the year ending on the 30th day of September,

viz lombia as a testimonial of gratitude for the services rendered by her to her ally and confederate, the re- ist. (A) A general statement of the quantity and public of Peru.

value of merchandise imported into the United 2. That these sentiments be transmitted to the Co States, from the 1st of October, 1823, to 30th lombian government, by the organ of the commission June, 1824. sent by the Peruvian congress to that state.

Ist. (B) A general statement of the quantity and vaOrdered that the same be printed, published and

lue of merchandise imported into the United circulated. Done in the hall of congress, in Lima,

States, from the 1st July to the 30th September, 10th February, 1825. Jose Maria GALDIAND, presi

1824. dent-JOAQUIN Arrese, secretary-M. FERREYROS, 2d. A summary statement of the same. secretary

3d. A general statement of the quantity and value of

domestic articles exported.

4th. A general statement of the quantity and value of CHRONICLE.

foreign articles exported. The "secretary of war returned to Washington on 5th. and 6th. Summary statements of the value of Tuesday evening last-after visiting West Point,

domestic and foreign articles exported. Boston, and other posts.

7th. A general statement of the amount of AmeriWilliam Lorman, esq. has been elected president

can and foreign tonnage, employed in the foreign of the bank of Baltimore, vice gen. Stricker, dec.

trade of the United States. The Colonbian ship Libertador, of 64 guns, captain

sth. A general statistical view of the commerce and e. Cotterell, has arrived at New York from Cartha- 9th. A statement of the commerce and navigation

navigation of the United States. gena, for the purpose of undergoing repairs. The

of each state and territory. ship is without her armament.

from these statements, it appears that the imports Mediterranean squadron. That magnificent and pow. during the year ending on the 30th day of September, erful ship, the North Carolina, has proved herself | 1824, have amounted to $80,549,007, of which amount equal to the best hopes that are entertained of her $75,265,054 were imported in American vessels, and good qualities. Her officers and crew, and those of $5,283,953 in foreign vessels; that the exports have, the rest of the squadron, were in a excellent condi- during the same period, amounted to $75,986,657, of tion and health.

which, $50,649,500 were domestic, and $25,337,157 Pacific squadron. The frigate United States, com. were foreign articles; that of the domestic articles, Hull, and of war Peacock, lieut, com Kennon,

in foreign vessels; and of the foreign ardate of our latest accounts-all well.

ticles $23,067,087 were exported in American vesWest India squadron. The officers and crews are sels, and $1,370,070 in foreign vessels; that 850,033 in general good health, except those stationed on tons of American shipping entered, and 919,278 clearThompson's island, among whom a very malignant ed from the ports of the United States; and that fever rages.

102,367 tons of foreign shipping entered, and 102,552 A giant, named Magec, has arrived at Philadelphia. cleared from the ports of the United States, during He is a native of Ireland, and eight feet nine inches high. the said period. Died, at the seat of Wm. Dudley Digges, esq. of Prince

I have the honor to be, sir, with great respect, your

obedient servant, George's county, Md. (where the venerable man had

WM. H. CRAWFORD. a home)---maj. Pierre Charles L'Enfrent, aged about

The speaker of the house of representatives. 70 years-a native of France, an oscer of engineers during our revolution, and a gallant soldier, who was a summary statement of the quantity and value of goods, severely wounded at Savannah The deaf and dumb, at present in the United States,

wares and merchandise imported into the Uniled Stales, are estimated to amount to about six thousand. As,

commencing on the 1st day of October, 1623, and endin several of the states, their number has been regu

ing on the 30th day of September, 1824. Jarly ascertained, the aggregate may be accepted as Species and value of merchandise free of duty. very nearly correct.

Articles specially imported for incorpoÅ black lead mine has been discovered in West rated philosophical societies, Chester county; also a marble quarry near the village Philosophical apparatus, instruments, &c. 589 or Pcekskill, New York.


307 The canal. One rast of ship timber, valued at Lapis caliminaris teutenegue, spelter of zinc 12,081 33,000 dollars, was passing down the Erie caval for Burr stones unwrought

30,060 New York, on the 21st ult.

Brimstone and sulphur

6,925 Georgia. The legislature has appropriated $4,000 Cork tree, bark of to the funds collected for the erection of monuments Clay unwrought

1,060 to the memory of Greene and Putrski.

Furs of all kinds

321,060 Jaol economy. The net profit arising to the siate of Felt, patent, to 30th June, 1826,

2,167 Now Hampshire, from the state prison, is from June Hides and skins, raw

2,142,166 1324. to June 1825, $6,350 15. [The number of the Plaster of Paris

61,491 qonvicts is not stated. )






Animals for breed

2,495 | Quantity and value of merchandise paying specific duties. 411

Quantity. Value. Pewter, old Tin in pigs and bars

32,620 Carpeting

sq. yards. 122,997 37,834 Brass

71 Cotion bagging

do. 893,775 18,491 Copper, in pigs and bars

442,450 Wines

galls. 2,101,359 1,050,898

do. in plates, suited to the sheathing of ships 6,004 Spirits from grain

748,529 282,527 for the use of the mint


other materials do. 4,829,245 1,860,093 Bullion

331,392 Molasses

do. 13,117,724 2,413,643 Specie

8,047,578 Beer, ale, and porter do. 81,028 77,815 All other articles

407,170 Oils

do. 95,129 52,918 Teas

pounds. 8,934,487 2,786,252 Total 12,563,773 Coffee

do. 39,224,251 5,437,029 Value of merchandise paying, duties ad valorem. Cocoa

do. 2,815,829


Chocolate Vanufactures of wool


8,013 837 cloths and cassimeres

5,045,159 Sugar, brown and white do. 94,379,764 5,406,568 fannels and baizes 156,850 candy and loaf

do. 1,167 163 blankets

526,023 other refined do. 71,076 4,886 worsted and stuff 2,158,680 Fruits

do. 5,686,765 308,221 all other manufactures of, paying a

galls. 1,734

195 duty of 30 per cent.

144,273 Candles, cheese, soap and Manufactures of cotton


pounds 700,026 52,915 printed and colored 5,776,210 | Beef and pork

do. 279

19 white 2,354,540 Bacon

do. 6,272 422 twist, yarn and thread 140,069 Butter

do. 115

17 nankeens 188,633 Saltpetre


49,820 1,824 all other manufactures of, paying a


do. 59,639 1,700 duty of 25 per cent. 48,791 Camphor

55,103 4,716 woollen and cotton hose 705,292 Salts, Epsom, &c.

do. 127,910 1,760 silk, from India 813,171 Spices

do. 4,441,095 655,159 from other places

6,390,163 Tobacco, manufactured, and
vestings and plaids


do. 7,864 3,557
3,873,616 Indigo

do. 481,613 774,516 hemp 1,077,969 Cotton

do. 646,495 101,386 iron and steel 2,505,291 | Gunpowder

do. 69,033 13,331 copper 67,279 Bristles and glue

do. 196,824 77,997 brass 307,166 Paints

do. 4,854,181 293,100 tin

9,479 Lead, pig, bar, &c. and shot, do. 2,705,618 128,570 pewter and lead, except shot 2,862 Cordage

do. 828,152 104,960 wood, including cabinet wares 6,671 Corks

do. 29,964 4,129 leather, including saddles, bridles Copper rods and bolts do. 19,414 3,349 and harness

32,723 Fire arms, muskets and rifles No. 2,149 2,769 glass ware

339,115 Iron and steel wire pounds 769,377 101,203 China, earthen, stone, &c. wares 899,606 tacks, nails, spikes, anvils, gold, silver, &c. 292,054 hammers, &c.

do. 2,132,858 189,281 lace

22,549 Iron in pigs and castings cut 237,401 69,371 plated saddlery, coach and harness

bars and bolts rolled

do. 115,719

1,446,583 furniture

hammered do. 425,966

1,463 marble, and manufactures of marble 30 Steel

do. 21,954 236,405 slates and tiles for building

3,391 Hemp

do. 94,846 485,075 prepared quills

4,883 Alum

do. 262 1,017 black lead pencils

1,624 Copperas

do. 49,514 9,435 paper hangings

4,163 Wheat flour

do. 370 1,274 paper, writing and wrapping 78,232 Salt

do. 4,401,399 613,486 brushes of all kinds

202 Coal

bush. 764,815 111,541 oil cloth and oil cloth carpeting of


do. 488

140 every description 2,191 Potatoes

do. hair cloth and hair seating

1,273 Paper

pounds. 294,125 75,827 bloting cloths

729 Books

do. 28,279 9,679 hats, caps, and bonnets

572,375 Glass, apothecaries' vials groce 279,595 6,745 Unmanufactured copper bottoms, & copper




window in plates, &c. not suited to the


100 sq. ft. 10,484
sheathing of ships


No. 10,764

1,777 brass in plates and sheets

284 Fish, dried

quintals 1,144

43,411 tin in sheets and plates 350,063 pickled

barrels 6,015 raw silk

1,254 Shoes and boots

pairs 4,838 3,427 raw wool 355,034 Cigars

M 14,397 135,398 Articles not specially enumerated at 124 p.ct. 112,637 Playing cards

packs 3,853

401 15do. 760,303 Duck and sheetings pieces 72,495 683,739 20 do 45,854 25 do. 739,720 Total value of merchandise paying specific 30 do. 137,865 rates of duty

26,734,401 All other articles paying ad val. rate of duty 4,142,300 paying ad volorem rates of duty 41,250,833

free of duty

12,563,773 41,250,833 of the preceding, the value of $37,825,847 was im

Total value in dollars 80,549,007 ported in American vessels, and 3,424,986 in foreign [Of the whole imports, the value of $75,265,053 vessels.

were in American vessels, and 5,283,954 in foreign.)


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Free Paying Paying From each From the of duty ad valorem specific country. dominions rates of rates of

of each duty. duty.











22,0781 634,940 1,532,645 Prussia Sweden and Norway

1,214 73,259 924,4-14 999,917 Swedish Wost Indies

29,196 2,171 71,518 102,8851 Denmark Danish West Indies

320,817 90,554 1,689,295 Danish East Indies Ilolland

269,463 471,564 469,240 1,210,267 Dutch West Indies and American colonies 460,051 11,715 5:6,031 997,800 Dutch East Indies

50,8191 7,714 88,925 147,458 England, Man and Berwick

526,722 24,161,172 1,960,028 26,647,922 Scotland

6 051 949,949 52,520 1,008,520 Ireland

1,294 354,693 45,898 411,875 Guernsey, Jersey, Sark and Aldernay Gibraltar

315,266 107,094 271,484 693,844 British African ports British East Indies

21,019 329,322 91,526 441,8671 British West Indies

933,559 54,143 1,770,366 2,758,067 Newfoundland and British fisheries



3,295 8,213 British American colonies

479,391 55,215 171,325 705,931 Other British colonies


818 29,5541 36,101
The Hanse Towns and ports of Germany 113,519 2,336,166 72,845
French European ports on the Atlantic 143,752 5,643,303 954,058 6,741,113

57,144 207,358 185,941 450,443
French West Indies and American colonies 195,195 8,405 679,486 883,084
French East Indies -
Bourbon and Mauritius


33,678 42,293 Other French African ports



2,783 Hayil

$12,036 107,205 1,827,994
Spanish European ports on the Atlantic 92,054 145,760 18,746 256,560
Mediterranean 59,774


308,657 Teneriffe and the other Canaries

20,606 5211 74,452 95,679) Manilla and Philippine Islands

19,318 37,272 96,882 123,472 Honduras, Campeachy and Musquito Shore 146,206 11,431 59,460 216,097 Cuba

1,185,036 646,814 6,067,476 7,909,326 Other Spanish West Indies

32,801 12,309 8!1,5861 856,696 Spanish South America and Mexico* 4,896,477 621,485 1,268,807 6,735, 769 Portugal


146,340 242,404 Madeira

22,309 1,760 223,4411 247,510 Fayal and the other Azores

4,978 11,673 29,452 45,103 Cape de Verd Islands

46,931 5,617 51,880 104,426
Other Portuguese African ports
Coast of Brazil and other Por’gse Am. col. 1,189,399 63,205 821,516
Italy and Malta

128,571 806,933 113,933
Trieste and other Austrian ports on Adriatic 177,390 63,326 23,1511
Turkey, Levant, Egypt, Mocha and Aden 60,927 346,183 04,128
Moroceo and Barbary states
Cape of Good Hope

2,540 2,676,580 3,897,856 Asia, (generally)


223,105 West Indies do.


90 Europe do.

25 Africa do.

76,801 68,973 15,546 South Seas do.

$5,443 653

35 NorthwestCoast of America Uncertain

4,572 9,8611




2,074,119 1,049,439

269,867 471,238


6,576,976 247,096


251 161,320 86,131


12,563,773 41,127,833 26,733,7911

80,549,00 IQThe preceding table, as presented in the oficial document, contains two columns that we have been forced to omit They are of no great interest; for they only shew the value imported in American and in foreign vessels: the aggregates of which were as follow: whole value of imports $80,549,007; to wit, in American vessels, 75,265,063, foreign do. 5,283,953—of the last nearly 2,400,000 was from Great Brtiain and Ireland; about 3$7,000 from the British West Indies; from the Hanse Towns 867,000; South America, &c. about 430,000, and Cuba 265,000. All the rest under 100,000 dollars.

*The last quarter shews the following amount of imports---from Mexico $416,179; Gualamala 4,475; COlombia 228,638; Chili 70,597. Hereafter these states will each form a separate stem, and the trade with each trill be respectively shewn.

General statement of goods, vocres and merchandise, of the Apples

bbls. 27,055 46,815 grooth, produci and manufacture of the United States, [To Cuba and other W. India Island.] eported during the year ending 30th September, 1824. Rice

tierces 113,229 1,892,982 Fish-dried or smoked quint. $10,189 $S73,655

[To England 40,621 tierces; Cuba, 17,387; Asia,
bbls. 72,559

(generally), 10,936; liayti 5,580; France 8,629;

Hanse Towns 5 932; Br. W. Indies 5,526; Holland
kogs 12,911 263,019

4,518; S. America, 2,425-all else under 2,000.) for the dried or smoked, 75,493 quint. were scnt to



830 the French W. Indies: 63,098 10 Cuba; 49,143 to

[To England. ] Hayti; 22,750 to Brazil, &c. 22,710 to Dutch W. Indis; 21,720 to Danish wi' Iprlies. Of the

Cotton---sea island

do. 9,525,722 pickled, 19879 went to Hayti; 11,787 to Danish


132,843,941 21,947,401 iv. Indies; 10,580 to French W. Indies.]

[All the sea island to G.Britain, except 1,273,519 lbs. Spermaceti oil galls. 23,578 10,500

to France; 294,852 Hanse Towns of the ollier 112,412 to Cuba)

91,963,583 to G. Britain; 39 419,523 to France; Oil-whale and other fish, do. 1,251,836 296,708 501,645 to Russia; 432,976 to Holland.] (278,599 galls. to Hanse Towns; 241,072 to Hob


hhds. 77,883 4,855,566 land; 24,037 to Spain; 66,029 to Cuba; 67,079

(To Holland, 23,159 bhds. to England, 20,319; Hanse to Portugal.]

Towns 12,808; Gibraltar 5,589; France 4,469; Whalebone

lbs. 60,693 9,306 Sweden 1,970; Mayti 1,200; Cuba 663; French (46 882 lbs. to France ]

W. Indies 751; British' w. Indies 818; all else

under 600 bluls.] Spermaceti candles do. 1,598,181 157,772

Flaxseed (121,201 lbs. 10 Cuba; 107,948 S, America; 65,122

bush. 377,226

504,327 Brazils, &c. 66,424 France; and the greater

[Principally to Ireland. part of the balance to the W.Indies.]


lbs. 389,798 81,810 Wood-staves and heading, M 29,682

(Eng. 303,027; H. Towns 29,725; Denmark :7,669 ) do.

Wax shingles

lbs. 39,129

303,759 107,451 boards and planks M sect 77,292

(Chiefly England and France.] hewn timber ions

276,453 7,166 1,491,996 Household furniture tof the value 418,947 dolls to British w, Indjes;

(To South America, Cuba, Hayti, Bra241,984 Cuba; 165.439 French W. Indies; 78,521

zil, &c. principally.] Ilayti; Br. Am. colonies 73,725; Danish W, Lr

Coaches and other carriages

29,954 diri 57.893-all else under 50,000 ] Ovenumber


($13,932 to Cuba.)

IIats Alasts and spars 35,651

217,648 Oak bark and other dyes


[Cuba, $95,453; Hayti, 54,903; South Wood-manufactures of


America, 40,983; Brazil, 9,299.]

Saddles (The five last items widely distributed, but about

103,714 one tourth to Cubs alonc.]

(Cuba 42,086 dots. S. America 20,616: Hayti 31,759.) Tar and pitch bbls. 46,537 Beer and porter

gulls. 28,539 Rosin and turpentine do. 176,136 555,055


doz. 20,923 [To England 478,358 dollars )

Spirits from grain

galls. 340,868 164,144 Ashes-pot and pearl tons 12,938 1,613,769 [To S. America, Cuba, Brazil, &c.] [Br. Am. colonies, (for transport by tlor St. Law.


los. 557,614 rcoce), 5,151 tons; France 2.736; England, Scot.

Boots land and Ireland 2,334; Holland 1,194.]

pairs 10,447 Skins ar.d urs

do. 632,965 710,924 [England, 329.995 dolls. France, 107,846; China

[Cuba 260 617 dols. Br. Am. colonies 119,562; Hayti 89 839; Holland 62,745.

103,471; S. Ameriea, 89,693; Danish W. Indies, Ginseng I!s. 600,046 229,050

63,528; Brazil, &c. 31,393.] [576,650 lbs. to Chiva; 17,630 to England.]

Tallow candles

lbs. 2,186,177 Beef



do. 6,988,081 816,095 Tallow lbs. 26,281

[Cuba 203,110 dolls S, America 169,372; Hayti Hides .No. 40,166

158.246; Brazil, &c. 105.422; Danish W. Iudies do. Horned cattle

82,086; Dutch West Indies 27,641-all the rest

2,759 707,299 of little amount.] (Beef to Cuba, llayti, 1911ch and French W. 10dies, &c. Tallow 55,803 11. S. America; 28.735


lbs. 45,174 Br. Ain colopics; bidts principally to ringlanil.)

Tobacco, manufactured do. 2,477,990 203,789 Baiter ils. 1,386, 32

[Br Am. colonies 49.999 dolls. Gibralcar 53,719; Cheese do. 933,158 204,205

the balance to many places.] (S. America, Cuba, Hayti & W. Indies in general.]

Linseed oil

galls. 13,924 Pork


Spirits of turpentine do. 30,953 23,602 Bacon and ham3 la. 1,409,199


5,960 Lard do. 5,053,182

Cables and cordage cici. 4,769 47,20 Hogs


8,838 1,489,051 [To South America, Cuba and Hayti.] (or the value of their articles, 5:1,141 dolls. Cuba;


los. 19,604 1,356 378.424 Hayti; 203,850 Er. An. colonies; 92,514



65 S. America; 82,179 Danish West Indis.



do. Horses No, 2,711


los. Mulcs

840 213,396

825,764 56,886

(Nearly all to Cuba and Gibraltar.] · (To the West Indies gencrally.]

No. 7,421 14,938


All other manufactures of iron
Bush. 20,373 20,720


[Cuba 32,700; S. America 14,313 ] Plour

blis. 996,792 5,759,176 Spirits from molasses galls. 158,556 51,172 [To S. America, 172,671 bbls. Brazil, &c. 171,464; British West Indies 120,239; Cuba 114,228; to

Sugar refined

lbs. 57,908

7,195 Hayti, 76,872; (u England 70,873 ]


do.. 10,555 2,285 Indian corn

bush. 179,297
_351,665 Gunpowder

do. 898,376 163,165 [To Madeira, British West Indies, Cuba, and West

(C!i fly S.America, Cuba, Dan. W. Indies & Africa) Indies, generally.)

Copper and brass manufactures

26,99! Indian meal bbls. 152,723 384,674 Medical drugs

78,073 [As above.]

[To England, S. America and Cuba.) Rye do.

do. 31,879 85,651 Rye, cats, and other small grain

Articles not enumerated

95,401 Biscuit buls. 50,893

manufactured Do. kegs 33,282 197,339

raw materials (To Br. W. Indies, S. America, Cuba, Brazil &c.)

(of the manufactured articles, to South Amerien,

682 078; Cuba, 207,279; brazil, &c. ; Potatoes

budli. 131,194 44,0-12' Hajt, 99,870; B. Ar colonies, 62,3 12,

661,455 Shoes

Brown sugar


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