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Massachuselts. We now have, after many trials in Rope-Making. It may be worth while to preserve it some of the districts, a complete list of the members as a statistical fact--that there are now employed, elected to the 19th congress, as follows: Messrs. Feis in the rope-walks of New York and Brooklyn, one ster, Crowninshield, Lock, Lathrop, Allen, Dwight, hundred men and 71 appreniices of which, 48 men Bailey, Baylies, llobart, Reel, members of the last and 19 boys were at work in the walks of New York, congress; and Messrs. John Varnum, Edward Eve- and 52 men and 52 boys in those of Brooklyn. rett and John Davis, in the place of Messrs. Nelson, Sall, made on the Conncmaugh, is sold 3t PittsFaller and Sibley.

burg (or 37? cents a busbel. The inliabitably of HarVirginia. They are digging for gold, in Amherst risburg, who bring their salt from the sea-ports, find county, Virginia, near a place called "the Folig?- it costs them $1 25 cents a busdiel. a name happily fitted to the business in general, eren Currant wine. Messrs. Kenricks, of Newton, Mass. in those parts of the world where gold is most abun- have made 3,000 gallons of this wine, the present dant-for almost any other specics of labor produces season. a greater aggregate profit.

"Darn 'ein,” said Jonathan, at the battle of Bunker North Carolina. Lemuel Sawyer bas been elected Hill, “they're shooting bullets!!

" when one of them had a member of congress, by a majority of nearly 300 passed through the top of his hat. votes over ths late member, Mr. Gatlin. Mr. Ed Bal effects of long credit. Last week a gentlem311 waris has been re-elected without opposition. withdrew his subscription to this paper, because a

Michigan. Mr. Biddle has been elected the dele- sealthy neighbor of his so regularly borrowed his pagale to congress from this territory, out-polling Mr. per that he could not file it, nor 'get any good of it" Richard, the late delegate, and Mr. Wing.

—that neighbor having stopped taking the paper a Texas. Captain Leftwich, of Russelville, Ken-year since because we sued him for thirty odd dollars tucky, in behalf of an association formed for that he owed us on subscription! [Chambersburg Kep. purpose, has obtained, from the government of Mesi. Beggars on horsebach-Ilorses are so plentiful in co, a grant of land, between six and eight millions of Buenos Ayres, that beggars take their rounds and ask acres, in the province of Texas, along the line of alms on horeback, without diminishing, in any degree, Louisiana. One of the conditions of the grant is, their claims to sympathy. These beggars do not csthat a certain number of settlers shall be obtained, tend their excursions, and thus call in question the old with an exemption from taxation for five years. proverb, "iset a beggar a horseback," &c. (Dem. P. ** If, as we believe is the case, slaves cannot be in A crocodile, measuring 18 feet from head to tail, was troduced into the Mexican republic, we should not killed at Barycore, in the East Indies, a short time suppose that this country, fitted for the cultivation of since. It had committed great havoc on the banks of coiton and sugar, will be rapidly populated, at pre- the river, and in the stomach was found a part of a sent.

woman, a dog, a cat, and a part of a sheep, besides scSpecie morcuants. We understand, (says a Connec- veral rings and other ornaments worn by the native ticut paper), that the five allied banks of Boston have women. sent about 35 to 40,000 dollars to Hartford, for specie, Terrible. A negro named William, the property which was, as usual, promptly paid. The lartford of a Mr. Cokergec, in Georgia, is stated, in a South banks, by way of retaliation, on Saturday last, took Carolina paper, to have been burnt alire near Greenfrom the allied banks, about 145,000 dolls, in specie. ville, (s. C.), for the murder of a wbite man named Should this warfare continue, how long would it Peter Garrison.

[Phil. Gaz. take to transfer all the specie in the allied banks to

Indian duel. A very strange and a fatal rencontre Hartford?

recently took place between two Indians of CanaThe savings' bank in Portsmouth, N. H. went into da. Laving quarrelled in a state of intoxication, operation on the 20th of August, 1923. From that they determined to settle their differences by single time to the 20th of July, 1825-one year and 11 combat. They were to stand at a certain distance, months,-923 deposites have been made by 601 per-armed with forly stones each, which they were to sons--amounting together, to $55,109 90.

continue throwing at onc another until either or both A safety-barge, towed by the steam boat Congress, is should fall, or the stock of ammunition be expended. plying on the Delaware, between Philadelphia and The combat had just commenced, when a young lad, Trenton. She is called "Cherry and Fair Star," the son of the elder Indian, perceiving his father's titted up splendidly, and has roon to accommodate vanger, and regardless of his own, attempted to take eighty persons at dinner at the same time. She very him away. As this moment, the nephew discharged little impedes the progress of the steam boat, which, a stone which struck the high spirited and affectionwith her in tow, made ten miles an hour. Another safety.barge, called the "Lady Van Rensse less on the ground.

ate youth in the forehead, and stretched him liseJaer," built on the model of the "Lady Clinton," is carrying passengers on the Hudson. These barges Trenlon, July 30. During a violent storm of rain on will now leave New York on five days in every week. the 5th inst. in Kingwood, N. J. a sunfish, four in

Deaf and dumi. The Democratic Press speaks of ches long, fell into the yard of Nathaniel Atchley, and a pupil of the deaf and dumb institution in that city was immediately taken up alive by him and placed in being bound an opprentice to the printing business. a tub of water where it swam about, right giad, apps There is a young man at Hartford, who is a quick and rently, to get into its native element. How this fish excellent printer. Deaf and dumb boys, if educated, came there, we are at a loss to divine, as the place rvould, generally, make good printers. Nothing dis- where it fell was more than a mile from any stream of turbs a compositor so much as conversation in a water, and no person was near, save those who saw printing office; and from the evils of this, the deaf it as soon as it reached the earth, and who are willing and dumb would be cxempt.

[Com. Id.

to attest the truth of the foregoing singular occurSt. Joseph's college, at Bardstown, Ky. under charge of the right rev. bishop Flageit, (of the Roman catho-1 Releigh, V. C. Julij 29. In consequence of the lic church), is reported to be in a very flourishing great scarcity of flour, which has existed for some condition, having already about two hundred pupils. weeks, in our market, several loads of that article A new building of brick, four storics high and 120 have been disposed of, during the preseut week, it feet long, is uearly finished for their better accommo- our city, for eight dollars per barrel. dation.

[The price in Baltimore was $4 75.]



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