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The ORDER how the PSALTER is appointed to be READ. And whereas January, March, May, July, August, October, and December, have one and thirty days apiece ; It is ordered that the same Plalms

shall be read the last day of the said Months, which were read the day before: so that the Pfalter may begin again the first day of the Month next ensuing. And whereas the 119th Pfalm is divided into 22 portions, and is over-long to be read at one time; It is so ordered, that at one time shall not be read above four or five of the said portions.And at the end of every Plalm, and of every such part of the 119th Pfalm, shall be repeated this bymn,

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghoft;. As ú was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen." (Note, That the Pfalter followeth the Division of the Hebrews, and the Translation of the great English Bible, set forth and used in the time of King Hen. VIII. and Edw. VI.]

The Order bow tbe rest of the Holy Scripture is appointed to be Read.F

THE Old Testament is appointed for the Firft Lessons at Morning and year once, as in the Calendar is appointed.

The New Testament is appointed for the ad Leffons at Morning and Evening Prayer, and shall be read over orderly every year thrice, besides the Epistles and Gospels; except the Apocalypse, out of which there are only certain proper Lessons appointed upon divers Feafts.

And to know what Lessons shall be read every day, look for the day of the Month in the Calendar following, and there ye shall find the Chapters that shall be read for the Lessons both

at Morning and Evening Prayer; except only the Moveable Feasts, which are not in the Calendar, and the Immoveable, where there is a blank left in the Column of Lessons, the Proper Lessons for all which days are to be found in the Table of Proper Lessons.

Sand Nore, That whenfoever Proper Pfalms or Lessons are appointed; then the Plalms and Letrons of ordinary course appointed in the Pfalter and Calendar (if they be different) fhall be omitted for that time. Note also, That the Collect, Epiftle, and Gospel appointed for the Sunday, shall serve all the week after, where it is not in this Book otherwise ordered.]

these means: Toevery moneth as concemyng this purpose, shall bee appointed just xxx daies.-And becausc Jamarie and Marchie hath one daie above the said nombre, and February whiche is paced between them bothe,

hath oncly xxvii daies, February (hal borowe of either of the monthes of January and Marche one daie; and fo the

Psalter whiche thal be ted in February muft be begon the last daie of January, and ended the ift daic of Marche. And whercas Maie, July, Auguft, octo ber, and December, have xxxi daies apiece, it is ordered that the fame Psalms thal be red the latt dair of the said moathes which were red the daie before : so that the plalter maie bee begon again the firt daie of the next monthes enfuying.--Now to knowe what psalms shal be red every daie, loke in the Kalendar the nombre that is a pointed for the Psalmes, and then find the same nombre in this table, and upon that nombre fhal you fe what Plalmes thał be said at Matyns and Evenfong. * And whereas the cxix Praim," &c. K. B. This Rubrick was refcinde 1 in 1662, and the present order established. 1 The directions also for Reading the Holy Scriptures, have in Edward's and James the Firft's books these variations from the above :-" The old Testament is appointed for the first Lessons of Matins and Evensong, and thal bee redde through every yere once, except certaine Bookes and Chapiters, which bee lcaft edifying, and might beit be spared, and therefore are left unred.” In the Review

of the Liturgy 1558, amongft other alterations, proper forf Leffons were appointed for Sundays: but not withitanding thisarrangement, the directions cited above wuie continued it all the editions of the Prayer-Book till Charles's Review.

* This is also to bee noted concernyng the leape yctes, that the **vth date of February, whiché in kap-yeres is compted for twoo daies, Ihall in thote twoo daies ahter neyther Plalme nor Lesson but the same Plalmes and Lessons whiche be faied the

firft daic, fhall serve allo for the second dale: Also, wherefoever the beginneng of any Leffon, Epiflc, or Gospell is not expreffed, there ye muft begin at the beginnyng of the Chapiter.--And wherefoever is not exprebied how farre Ihall be reach then ball you read to the end

of the Chapiter."


12 Deut.





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Proper LESSONS to be read at Morning and Evening Prayer, on

the SUNDAYS throughout the Year. Sundays of Matins. Evenfong 1

Matins. | Evenfong. Advent.

Sunday af
The first. Isaiah I'Isaiah 2 ter Afcen-

24 fionday. Deut.

13 3

26 30

32|Whitsunday Sundays af:

i Lesson. 16. tov. 18. Ifaiah II ter Chrift

1 Lesson. Act 10.V.34 Acts 19 to 37

(ver. 211 41

43 Trinity S. Sundays after Epipbang.

1 Leffon. Genelis Genesis 18 The firit.

46 2 Lellon. Matt.

31 John 3 51

5.311 3


56||Sundays after 57


Trinity. 591

641 6

The first. Joshua 10 Joshua 23 65 66}

Judges 4 Judges 5 fima. Genesis I Genesis 3 I Sam. 21 Sam.

3 Sexagesima.


13 6 Quinquage

17 jima.

2 Sam. 12 2 Sam. 19 19 to ver. 201



8 1 Sunday. 119 to ver.30

1 Kings 131 Kings 17 9


19 341 3 39

2 Kings 52 Kings 9 43 45


18 5 Exodus Exodus


19 i Leiton.


Jerem. 5 Jerem. ୨

IO 2 Lellon. Matt.



36 26 Heb. Easler-day.

16- Ezekiel

2 Ezekiel 13 (ver. II 17

18 i Lelion. Exodus 12 Exodus 14 2 Lesson. Rom. -6 Act. 2.V.22

3 Daniel

6 Sundays af

Joel 2 Micah 6 ter Eafter.

Habbak. 2 Prov. The first. Num. 16 Num. 22 Prov.

3 -23, 24






16) 8


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I Proper PSALMS on certain Days.
Matins. Evenfong.

Matins. Evenfong. Christmas. Psalm 19 Psalm 89 Easter-day. Pfalm


2 Pfalm 113 Day. 45



118 Ajb-IVed-Pfalm 6 Pfalm 102 Afcenfion- Psalm 8Psalm nesday.

130 Day.

47 1431 Good Psalm

69|1hitsunday Psalm 48 Pfalm. 104 Friday.



145 54



22 Pralın



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(v. 15.


(ver. 17.





1 Thell,

Proper LESSONS to be read at Morning and Evening Prayer, on

the HOLY-DAYS throughout the Year.
Matins. Evenfong.

Matins. Evenfong.
4 Ecclus.

5 St. Andrew Prov.

21 St. Mark, Ecclus.

20 Prov. St. Thomas

St. Philip, 231

and James. the Apostle.

i Leflon. Nat.of X.:.

(to ver. 17 2. Lesson. John 1,1.43 Lesson. Ifa.9, to v.8. ila. 7, V. 10

Afcen. Day 2 Lellon. Luke 2, tu Tit. 3, V. 4

i Lefton. Deut. (to v. 9

10 2 Kings 2 St. Stephen.

2 Lesson. Lu.24,1.44 Eph. 4, to 1 Leffon. Prov. 28 Ecclef. 2. Lesion. (Acts 6, ver. A&s 7,5.30

Monday in 8, and ch! (to v. 55

Whitfi week S.Foba Evan. 7, to v. 30

1 Leflon. Gen. 11, to Num. 11, V. i Lefton. Ecclef. SEcclef.

(ver. 10 (16,to v.30 C

2 Lesion. Cor. 12 1 Cor. 14, Lefton. Rer. Rev.

(to v. 26 Innocents. Jer. 31, to Wisdom

The day in Circusacifier (ver. 18

Vit week 1 Lefton. Genesis 17 Deu.101.12 i Lesson. 1 Sam. 19, Deut. 2 Lefton. Romans 2 Coloff.

(ver. 18 Epiphang.


5,1 John 4, to 1 Lefton. Isaiah 60 lfaiah 49

V. 12 to 24

(v. 14 2 Lesłon. Luke 3, to John' 2, to s Barnabas ConafS.Paul -(ver. 23 (ver. 12 1 Lesson. Ecclus. Id Ecclus. 12 I Leffon, Wisdom swisdom 2 Leflon. Acts 14 16s 15, to - Leffon. JAčts 22, tolats


(ver. 36 Purifofthel (ver. 22

St. John V. Mars. Wifdom 9 Wisdom 12 Baptift. S. Matthias Wisdoni 19 Lcclus. i Lefton. Malachi Malachi 4 Annime, 9

2 Lesson. Matt. Matt. 14, to our Lady. Ecclus. Wednesday

St. Peter. bef. Ealier.

i Lellon. Ecclus. 15 Ecclus. 19 2 Lesson. Acts

4 I Lefton. Hosea 2 Leffon. John i 1 1.45

St. James. Ecclus. 21 Ecclus. 22 Thursday 1. Eater.

St. Barthoi Lelion. Daniel 9 Jerem. 31 lomcw.

29 2 Lellon. John 13 G. Friday.

IS.Matthew I Lellon. Gen. 22, to Isaiah 531 (ver. 20

St. Michael 2 Lellon. John

131 Peter

1 Lesson. Gen. 32 Dan. 10,1.5 Eater-Ev.

2 Lesion, Acts 12, to Jude v.6,.to í Leifon. Zechar. 9 Exodus 13

(v. 20

(v. 16 2 Lesson. Luke 23, v. Hebrews 4 St. Luke. Ecclus. 51 Job Mor:day in (sol. Efter week

St. Simon,
i Lefton. Exodus 16 Exodus 171 St. Jude. Job. 24, 25

. Leifon. Matt. 28 ActsTuesday in

All Saints. Easter week

1 Leffon. Wil. 3 4.10 Wild. 5., to i Leffon. Exodus 20 Exodus 32 | 2 Lesson. Heb. 11, v. (ver..17 2 Leffon. Luke 24, to1 Cor

32, andch. Rev. 19, to 12, to v. 71

(v. 173 ver. 131


(v. 131


3 Acts

13 Hosca





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JANUARY hath xxxi Days.



! A Calenda+



7 g 17 id.




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11 Lesson.2 Lesson. I Lesson.2 Leffon. 1 A Calendæt Circumcifion. b 4 Non.

Gen. Matt. Gen. 2 Rom. 11 3. c 3 Non.


4. 40 d Prid.Non,

5 31

6 5 e None


4 6 f 8 id. Epiphany

9 51 8 A6 id. Lucian, P.

13 91 b 5 id.



16 10 c 4 id.


81 18 81 Hd 3 id.



91 12 e Prid. Id.

21 IO 22 19 13 f Idus. ( Hilary, Bish.t


241 148 19Cal.Feb.

251 15 A18 Cal.

271 13

13 16/b



30 14 171c 16 Cal.

31 15 32 18 d 15 Cal. Prisca, V.I



16 ige


35 17 201 f

Cal. Fabian, Bilh.g


2 21 g 12 Cal. Agnes, Virg. Í

19 41 3 22 An Cal. Vincent, M.I

20 431 41 23 6 10 Cal.

451 124 0 9 Cal.

471 25 a 8 Cal. fConversion of St 26 e


2311 49 271 ft 6 Cali

81 281 g 5 5 Cal.

25 311 91 26

5 10 301b Cal. K. Charles Mart. *6

27 7 311c Prid. Cal.

8 281



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37 1 Cor.

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24_xod. i

29 A

4 Cal. 3

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* Note that Exodus vi. is to be read only to verse 14..

The Calendar, so called from the Latin word Calenda, hgnifying in Romian chronology, the first day of every months. It is of Greek derivation, from nahew, I call or proclaim ; because, before the publication of the Roman Fati, (which aniwered to our almanack) it was customary for the Pontifex to watch the first appearance of the new moon, and notify it to the Rex Surih. cula, who offered a sacrifice on the occafion; and the Pontifex fummoning the people to the Capítol

, proclaimed the number of calends, and other particulars respecting the month on which they had entered.

Calende. In the common and fmaller editions of the prayer-book this column is omitted, but without any authority. Indeed there is good reafon for its infertion in the Calendar, as it is a mode of computation repeatedly referred to by the writers of ancient ecclebaftical history. This fingular method of reckoning is adopted from the Rumans, who divided their months into three parts, Calends, Nores, and Ides. The calends they reckoned backwards from the first day of every manth (which was always the calend) in a retrograde order through the latter days of the last month. For inftance, the first of February being the calend of February, the 311 of the preceding month January, was the pridic calendarum, or second of the calends,

or day before the calends of February; the zoth of January was the third of the

calends or before the calends of February, and so on vackwards to the 13th, when the Ides commence. These Ides (to calicd from the Greek stala tolec, because the full moon was usually feen on or about the

day of the idés) confifted of eicht dass in every month, which were reckoned invertedly, like the Caiends, from the 13th to the sth, the commencement of the Nones. The etymology of this word is found probably in the cirewnitatice of the day oecuring on the ninth

day after the ides, according to the Roman computation, or before it, according to ours. They were invariably on the fifth of the month, in Januay, February, April, June, Auguft, September, November, and December; but

occurred on the Leventh in March, May, July, and October ; because in the original conkitution of the Roman vear by Numa, each of these latter months had thirty-one days apiece allotted to them, and all the rell (except February, which land thirty) only tuenty-nine days. On the

Reformation of the Calendar by J. Cæsar, other months were made to contain thirty-one days, but he did not allot then likewise Sx days of Nones Rojini Rom. Antiq.

1 Lucian. A Romih Saint and Martyr; etteemed by fome of that charch to have been a dirciple of St. Peter, and to have been fent by that Apostle into France, accompanied by St. Denys. where he fuffered martyrdom for the cause of his religion. Others affert that he was a presbyter of Antioch, deeply versed in the Hebrew tongue, and that he collated and rectified the copies of the Bible. That being in the city of the Nicomedians, when the Emperor Galienus Maximinnas was there, (about the year 187) and publickly delivering an apology for Chriftianity, he gave bfence to the Governor, and was deftroyed by torture. It is to be observed here, that this and all other Roarith Saints' days, had been omitted in both the calendars of Edw. Vith's books, (excepting Et. George's day, Lammas day, St. Laurence, and St. Clement, which were in his second book but from reasons of convenience; fuch as rendering some legal processes (as the retorns of writs) more intelligible ; regulating wakes and fairs, and causes of a similar kind, the second Reformers under Elizabeth thought proper to restore these names to the Calendar, forbidding at the same time their being kept holy by the Churchi.

Hilary. Bifhop. of Poiciers in France, an able opposer of the Arians; who being the powerful party at that time, banihed Hilary into Phrygia, where he died A. D. 367. His writinys. which ate almost copies of fome of the works of Origen and Tertullian, are preferved to us; of these the French Benediines publiihed a noble edition.

1 Prija. A Roman virgin, an apoftolical convert to Christianity; who refusing, during a petfecution, to offer Laciifice, and abjure her faith, was cruelly tortured and beheaded in 47. This church of St. Prisca at Rome is said to contain her relics.

Fabian. The Bishop of Rome from 239 to 253: who was put to death in the perfecution under the Emperor Decius.

Aghes. A Roman virgin of noble family, who suffered martyrdom in the tenth general perforution under Droclefian, A. D. 306. She was previously exposed in a public ftew before her execution, but rescued from pollution by a miraculous interpofition. Triumphing in death, and unacded by the tortures to which the was expofed, the expired finging an hymn to her Redeemer. She is generaily represented with a lamb by her fide; occafioned by a vision said to have bcen seen by her parents at her tomb, in which Agnes appeared to them in glittering garments, with a lamb by her fide of brilliant whiteness. Since the time of this supposed appearance, the Roman ladies bave, on the anniversary of her martyrdoni, gone in procention to St. Agnes' altar, and offered up at the farine two of the purcft white lambs they could procure. There the Pope takes under his proted on: and orders them to be placed in the

richest pasture near the city, where they remain & the time of theep-fhearing. They are then disbur hened of their wool, which is consecrated, and spun into a fine white cloth, called a pall. When manufactured it is again confecrated by the Pope, and fent to fome newiy-made archbishop, who is incompetent to the duties of his ftation, i he has purchased, at a vaft charge, a pall from the theep of St. Agnes.

I Vincent. A martyr, and Spanish deacon, born at Huezza in Arragon, and mart yred in the the Diocletian persecution A.D. 303. His faith was tried by the moft horrid tortures; his body fcing lacerated with hooks, sprinkled with salt, broiled upon burning coals, and thrown amongst broken tiles. He endured, however, unto the end, and died triumphantly.



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