The Precinct of Religion in the Culture of Humanity

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S. Sonnenschein, 1908 - 279 страница

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Страница 36 - Survey most nations and most ages. Examine the religious principles, which have, in fact, prevailed in the world. You will scarcely be persuaded, that they are anything but sick men's dreams...
Страница 51 - ... you cannot form a notion of this faculty, conscience, without taking in judgment, direction, superintendency. This is a constituent part of the idea, that is, of the faculty itself: and to preside and govern, from the very economy and constitution of man, belongs to it. Had it strength, as it has right; had it power, as it has manifest authority, it would absolutely govern the world.
Страница 193 - That which is the subtle essence, in it all that exists has its self. It is the True. It is the Self, and thou, O Svetaketu, art it.
Страница 134 - Joad the high priest, that the queen was incensed against him, the high priest, not in the least terrified at the news, returns this answer. Celui qui met un frein a la fureur des flots, Sfait aussi des medians arreter les complots.
Страница 191 - There is nothing in the world more soft and weak than water, and yet for attacking things that are firm and strong there is nothing that can take precedence of it;— for there is nothing ( so effectual ) for which it can be changed.
Страница 194 - In the beginning this was Self alone, in the shape of a person (purusha). He looking round saw nothing but his Self. He first said, ' This is I ' ; therefore he became I by name. Therefore even now, if a man is asked, he first says, ' This is I,' and then pronounces the other name which he may have.
Страница 196 - When they have reached him (the Self), the sages become satisfied through knowledge, they are conscious of their Self, their passions have passed away, and they are tranquil. The wise, having reached him who is omnipresent everywhere, devoted to the Self, enter into him wholly. 6. Having well ascertained the object of the knowledge of the Vedanta, and having purified their nature by the Yoga of renunciation, all anchorites, enjoying the highest immortality, become free at the time of the great end...
Страница 235 - The pursuit of perfection, then, is the pursuit of sweetness and light. He who works for sweetness and light, works to make reason and the will of God prevail. He who works for machinery, he who works for hatred, works only for confusion. Culture looks beyond machinery, culture hates hatred; culture has one great passion, the passion for sweetness and light.
Страница 194 - If a man understands the Self, saying, "I am He," what could he wish or desire that he should pine after the body.

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