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Residences normally seek moderate hills, and in Salt Lake City the best residence district stretches east from the business center along the hill to the military reservation, the values

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being highest on South Temple Street, the approach to the residence section, and diminishing to the north as the hill is climbed and to the east in proportion to distance. The level

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plain south of South Temple Street is more or less built up with moderate-class residences, values in general diminishing in proportion to distance.

Seattle (population 80,671) started at the Yesler saw mill at the foot of Yesler Way. Formerly First Avenue was the principal street, Second Avenue beginning to rival it after its regrading in 1890. The growth of the best residence section

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on the first hill east of the business section has exerted a lateral attraction, which, added to the growth of the city north and the development of Pike Street, has moved the higher general scale of values to Second Avenue and has recently with the aid of the new Post Office lifted values on Third Avenue. A wholesale and manufacturing district has been developed south of Yesler Way on made land, with values running from $400 to

$1000, this district being continually extended by filling in the tide flats. In the distribution of residences in hilly cities the value curve follows closely the elevation curve, with the general scale diminishing in proportion to distance from the center. In Seattle the top of the first hill overlooking the city runs from $50 to $80 per front foot, the side of the hill being given up to boarding houses and institutions. Back of the first hill lies a hollow, with values running from $15 to $20 per front foot, while further out on the second hill values run up to $35. The hills to the north, being farther away and not being as fashionable as the first hill to the east, vary from $25 to $50 per foot, and the small hill to the south, owing to the bad approach and the view over the tide flats and the manufacturing section, varies from $10 to $15 per foot.

Atlanta (population 89,872) furnishes one of the few examples of an inland city whose site is not intersected by a water course. In its origin and growth it has been purely a railroad town, the Union Depot being practically the starting point of the city. Two main turnpikes were laid out, Marietta and Decatur streets east and west, Peachtree and Whitehall streets north and south, whose intersection has only recently acquired the highest values in the city. The bulk of the population first located south of the railroad tracks, possibly owing to the location there of the state capitol, county courthouse, and city hall, and Whitehall Street, between Mitchell and Alabama, still remains the principal women's shopping street. The development of Peachtree Street as the one fashionable street of the city, drawing theaters, clubs, hotels, and office buildings after it, has at last moved the point of highest values from south of the railroad tracks to north of them. Residence values are high, owing partly to the monopoly of fashion held by Peachtree Street, where values vary from $200 to $100. The better streets off Peachtree Street, such as West Peachtree, Forest Avenue, Ponce de Leon, North Avenue, etc., show values running from $80 to $10; the wide differences in values for similar land being due not only to topography but also to variations in the scale of

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