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Farm credits legislation urged upon

Congress, 40
Farmer, Legislation benefitting, 306
Farmer, Price-fixing for benefit of,

401, 424
Farmers, upon whom rests the fate

of nations, 390
Federal Reserve Bank system cre.

ated, 10
Federal Reserve Bank system, Good

results from, 83, 284, 306
Federal Trade Commission (See

Trade Commission)
Financial: Address at Pan Ameri-

can Financial Congress, 119
Flag Day address, 411
Food regulation program, 399
France, Greeting to, on Bastile Day,


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German Empire: Existence or inde-
pendence not threatened by United

States, 448
German Government, Indictment of.

407, 412, 422, 445
German industrial and educational

achievement, 436, 447
German people, No quarrel with,

362, 378, 382
German scheme for world conquest,

414, 437
Diplomatic correspondence with

(See War)
Diplomatic relations severed, 358
War declaration advised, 372

War proclaimed with, 383
Gettysburg reunion, Address at.
Gompers, Samuel, commended, 439
Grain Dealers' Association, Address

before, 327
Grand Army of the Republic, Ad-

dress before veterans, 14
Great Britain, Diplomatic corre-

spondence with (See War)

'Address to American Federation

of Labor, 434
Appointment of commission to ad-

just disputes, 427
Conciliation methods versus strikes,

Eight-hour day advocated for

railway operators, 294
Federal employment bureau sug.

gested, 87
Labor pledges in speech accept-

ing renomination, 317
Labor record of first Wilson ad-

ministration, 307
Lamb, Charles, quoted, 440
Latin-America: Actions taken by

various countries against Germany,

Latin-America, Future commercial

relations with, 32, 119, 136, 335
League to Enforce Peace, Address

before, 271 (See also Peace

Liberty Loan Day designated, 430
Lincoln, Address on, at log-cabin

birthplace, 319
Lind, John, sent to Mexico as per-

sonal representative, 20
Lobby: Statement denouncing in-

sidious influence on tariff legisla.
tion, 9

Manhattan Club, New York, Ad-

dress at, 125

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provision Financial Congress,

McAdoo, W. G., appointed Director-

General of Railroads, 457
Merchant marine (See Shipping)
And friendship for, but not

coercion, 136
American friendship for, 18
Americans urged to leave, 25
Arms-export prohibition (by Taft)

continued, 25; removed, 55
Arms, Exports of, forbidden ex-

cept to Carranza faction, 56
Congress asked for authority to

use armed force against Huerta
(Tampico incident), 62
Diplomatic note from Mexico, 22
How to help Mexico, 282
Huerta the unspeakable, 312
Huerta's claim of legal govern-

ment, 23
Huerta's elimination demanded,

Intervention or war with Mexico,

Mexican sovereignty to be re-

spected, 20
Mexicans entitled to settle domes-

tic affairs in their own way, 62,

91, 312
Pershing armed expedition, Rea

sons for sending, 311
Special message to Congress, 18
Special message to Congress on

the Tampico incident, 59
"Watchful waiting" policy an-

Pacifists, Stupidity of, 439
Panama Canal tolls: Message to

Congress, urging repeal of free-
tolls provision for American ships,

Pan-American Financial Congress,

Address at, 119
Party, Government by, 84, 90
Parties, Political (See Democratic,

Republicans, Politics, etc.)
An age of peace (ante-bellum

statement), 37
Essential terms of world har-

mony, 348, 370
League of nations to avert future

wars, 315, 350, 355, 470
League to enforce peace, United

States willing to become a mem-
ber of, 274
Peace, the desire of democracies,

Peace without victory, 352
Right is more precious than peace,

See also Peace entries under War
Peace, League to Enforce, Ad.

dress before, 271

America as trustee for, 199
Greater measure of self-govern.

ment for 71, 145
Natives granted control of upper

chamber, 44
Pope Benedict's peace proposals, Re.

ply to, 421
Poland must be united, independent,

autonomous,, 353, 470
Poland must have access to sea, 450,
Political asylum for foreign refugees

should not be restricted, 95
Politics :

A definition of, 28
Independent voters' supremacy,

Non-partisanship of modern Amer.

icans, 82
Porto Rico, Changes in government

urged, 43, 145, 341
"Preparedness" (See Defense, Na.

Presidential primary law urged

upon Congress, 43
Press Club, New York, Address be-

fore, 276
Price-fixing as part of food-regula-

tion program, 401, 424
Price-fixing further recommended,

Progressive Party principles carried

out by Democrats, 308
"Proud, Too, to fight," 117

Nounced, hould

Middlemen shot

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profits during war, 390
Militarism, A definition of, 159
Mine labor conditions, Improvement

of, 46
Monopolies (See Trusts and monop-

Monroe Doctrine, 198; should be

extended to the whole world, 355


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Capital supervision, 51
New York, New Haven & Hart

ford Railroad sued for dissolu-

tion of mergers, 63
Placed under Government control

and operation, 455
Presidential control proposed, over

property and men, in case of

military necessity, 301, 339
Problem serious and pressing, 154
Special message to Congress to
avert threatened strike, 294;
reference to railroad legislation

in annual message, 337
Systems must be developed and

coördinated for national use,

Withdrawal of recommendation

that Congress approves increase
of freight rates to meet expense

of eight-hour day, 339
Railroad Business Association, Ad-

dress before, 156
Red Cross, Address at dedication of

Washington home, 392
Red Cross, Coöperation by school

children proposed, 427
Reelection, Thinking about, renders

reëlection difficult, 30
Renomination, Speech accepting, 302
Republican party, Criticism of, 81,

304, 309
Resources, Natural, Development of,

45, 317, 452
Revenue: Further taxation urged,

to cover "preparedness" expendi-

tures, 146
Revenue: Special message urging

additional revenue to meet de

crease in customs, 64
Rural credits (See Farm credits)
Russia, always democratic at heart,

Russia, Message to, 405
Russian democracy endangered by

Germany, 439, 450, 464
Russian National Council, Message

to, 420

Tariff, protective (Republican), Evils

of, 7, 304
Tariff revision urged upon Congress,

5; its tendency to encourage for-

eign trade, 305
Tariff Commission

Conversion in favor of, 158
Bipartisan membership, 288
What it is expected to accom-

plish, 316, 332
Taxation, to help sustain war costs,

Thanksgiving proclamation, 433
Trade (See Commerce)
Trade Commission
How it has relieved business, 306,

Power to investigate tariff ques-

tions, 89
Recommended to Congress, 52
Why it was established, 28, 315
Trusts and monopolies, Message to

Congress on, 47
Turkey controlled by Germany, 437,
Turkey: Solution of political and

race problems, 470


United States (See America and

Americans; also under War)
United States Chamber of Com-

merce, Address before, 103
Universal military training and

service (See Defense, National)

Veto of Immigration bill; first, 94,

second, 356

Safety at sea: Ratification of inter-

national convention urged, 73
Salesmanship Congress, Addresses

at, 279
Seas, Freedom of (See under War)
Second Term (See Reëlection)
Senate, Address to, on essential

terms of peace, 348
Serbia must have access to sea, 450,


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America alone at peace and keep

ing its head, 93, 133, 181, 183
America as a belligerent, 376
America may become involved,

172, 210
America more indispensable at

peace than to either side if at

war, 198
America seeks no indemnities, no

material compensation, 381, 406
America should participate with-

out interfering with supplies

for nations already in field, 377
America's determination to use

every resource and win, 446
America's interest in European

peace, 349
America's objects in entering war,

406, 464
America's part to supply food,

ships, raw and manufactured

materials, 388
America's desire that President

should "keep us out of war,'

173, 189, 201
Ancong case, 254
Arabic case, 253
Armaments, Limitations of, 354,

Armed neutrality suggested, 365;

declared impracticable, 375
Austria, Note to, regarding An-

cona sinking, 254
Austria-Hungary: War declaration

advised, 451
Between governments, never be-

tween peoples, 177
Brazil joins Allies, 432
British' blockade, Notes relating

to, 225, 227, 229
British blockade declared illegal,

234; ineffective, illegal and in-

defensible, 237
Cushing case, 239, 244
Declaration of London, Suggest-

ed observance of, 215
Diplomatic correspondence with

belligerents, 215-270
Falaba case, 239, 245
Finances of United States, 430
Flag: Unwarranted use of Amer.

ican emblem by British ships,

German submarine pledges, 253,

Germans in the United States,

alien enemy regulations, 383, 451
Germany, Diplomatic relations sev.

ered, 358
Germany, Proclamation of state

of war with, 383
Germany, Refusal to discuss

British-American relations with,

Germany, Threat to sever diplo

matic relations with, 262
Germany, War declaration ad-

vised, 372
Gulflight case, 239, 244
Loans of United States, 430
Lusitania notes to Germany, 239,

244, 249
Merchant ships, Arming of, 265,

Merchant ships, Congress asked

for authority to arm, 363
Nation, not an army, trained for

war, 397
Neutral nation, Difficulties of an

196, 310, 315
Neutrality appeal to Americans,

Neutrality no longer feasible or

desirable, 378
Objects for which it is waged.

Plea for precise statement of,

Objects for which it is waged, A

statement of, 422
Objects of America in entering

war, 406, 464
Peace address (while a neutral)

to Senate, on essential terms,

Peace: Advantage to Germany of

premature peace, 416
Peace agreement must be uar

anteed by German people, 424,
Peace based on generosity and

justice, 446
Peace formula: "No annexations,

no indemnities,” 445
Peace must be guaranteed by an

international force, 351
Peace proposal (while a neutral)

to belligerent governments. 343
Peace terms, 348, 407, 464
Peace without victory," 352
Profit from war industries should

be small, 391
Property rights can be vindicated
by damage claims, rights of hu-

manity cannot, 310
Right of Americans to travel on

the seas, 196 (See also German
and submarine note references)
Right of Americans to trade with

the world, 197 (See also Brit-

ish blockade references)
Seas, Freedom of, 353, 371, 450,

Submarine, American notes pro-

testing against, 220, 239, 244,

249, 257, 269
Submarine and blockade compro-
mise proposal of United States,
Submarines "manifestly cannot
be used against merchantmen,"
241; "possible and practicable
to conduct such submarine op-
erations,” 251; "use of sub-
marines for destruction of com-
merce utterly incompatible with

principles of humanity," 262
Submarine war-zone protest to

Germany, 220
Submarine war against merchant

ships renewed by Germany, 358
Sussex case (note to Germany),

257; (address to Congress), 262
Territorial conguests and punitive

damages condemned, 407, 424
United States (See War: Ameri-

Visit-and-search principles, 221
Western Hemisphere must be kept

out, 168
Washington, George, Brief charac-

terization of, 29
"Watchful waiting" Mexican policy

announced, 39
Water-power development urged, 70
Wheat price determined, 424
Workmen's compensation (See Em-

ployers' liability)
“World must be made safe for

democracy,” 381
Wilson, Woodrow, Biographical

sketeb of, xi
Woman-suffrage convention, Address


at, 323

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