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has the Croup?

THE NEW BOOKS This Department will include descriptive notes, with or without brief comments, about books received by The Outlook. Many of the important books will have more extended and critical treatment later

Letters of John Holmes to James Russell

Lowell and Others. Edited by William
Roscoe Thayer. Introduction by Alice M.
Longfellow. Illustrated. Houghton Miffin

Company, Boston. $2.50. John Holmes was the brother of Oliver Wendell Holmes. His letters are entertaining, and they give the atmosphere of Cambridge during the half-century between 1846 and 1897. They are published under the auspices of the Cambridge Historical Society, which has rendered a good service to local history in collecting and preserving them. Life and Art of William Merritt Chase

(The). By Katherine Metcalf Roof. With Letters, Personal Reminiscences, and Illustrative Material. Introduction by Alice Gerson Chase. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. $4.

As they take up this volume the friends of Chase will be glad to find the text simple and straightforward. Though clogged with unimportant and unnecessary detail, the text will be read with interest for the sake of the pictures of the painter's early struggles and later achievements. Some of the anecdotes relative to Chase's experiences with Whistler are delicious. On the professional side, we are doubtless still too near Chase the man to judge accurately of his definite place in art, no matter how high we may rank him. It is a reassurance, nevertheless, to have so early and so intelligent an appreciation of what his art really means.

Americanization. Compiled and Edited by

Winthrop Talbot, A.B., M.D. (The Handbook
Series.) The H. W. Wilson Company, New

York. $1.50. Contains brief articles on the principles of Americanism and of Americanization by the statesmen of our early days and by well-known authorities of the present time. A nseful book for any one interested in the problem of making a good, clean amalgam out of the heterogeneous contents of our racial melting-pot. Irish Issue in Ita American Aspect (Tho).

By Shane Leslie. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York. $1.25. A series of not very clearly connected essays on the perplexed and complicated Irish question. They appear to be reprints of essays or editorials previously published and will be instructive and interesting only to those who have some detailed knowledge concerning the various tendencies of the Irish issue.

RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY Inspirations and Ideals. Thoughts for Every

Day. By Grenville Kleiser. The Funk & Wag nalls Company, New York. $1.

A page of counsel for every day in the year. They are not selections; all are the contributions of the author. They are compact, practical, and cover a wide range, from the wisdom of drinking plenty of water to the inspiration of having a definite aim in life and adhering to it.

WAR BOOKS Crusader of France (A). The Letters of Cap

tain Ferdinand Belmont, of the Chasseurs Alpins. Translated from the French by G. Frederic Lees. Foreword by Henry Bordeaux.

E. P. Datton & Co., New York, $1.50. Captain Belmont's letters combine vivid description with a quality of philosophic reflection altogether rare in a soldier's records of his daily life.

That's a cough with a croupy rattle, so hurry for the Musterole and rub it in right over the chest and neck. How it will tingle at first and then grow ever so cool. And how it will reach in and penetrate right to the spot! It will dissipate all that stuffy congestion that causes that hacking cough.

Why shouldn't grandmother swear by Musterole for colds and coughs? It is better than a mustard plaster

-good as that was in the old days. And the explanation is this:

Musterole is made of oil of mustard and other home simples. It penetrates under the skin, down to the part. Here it generates its own heat, and this heat disperses the congestion. Yet Musterole will not blister. Musterole, on the contrary, feels delightfully cool a few seconds after you apply it.

Try Musterole for Bobby and . Helen and Dorothy's croup-and for your own cough, too. Try it for rheumatism — it's a regular router out of all congestions. Always keep a jar handy. Many doctors and nurses recommend Musterole. 30c and 60c jars-$2.50 hospital size. The Musterole Co., Cleveland, Ohio

BY THE WAY One of the great fortunes made during the war is being used generously for public purposes. “ Starting with a small capital in 1915," says “ Shipping,” “ Mr. Christoffer Hannevig has amassed a fortune which makes him one of Norway's richest men." He has placed one million kroner (about $250,000) at the disposal of one of Norway's sculptors, Gustav Vigeland, to enable him to complete a great fountain which is to be presented to the city of Christiania, and is also to build an opera-house for the city at a cost of nearly two million dollars.

A popular opera singer in these days can afford to give largess like a prince. Caruso, according to the “ Dramatic Mirror,” distributed two hundred five-dollar bills to the chorus and orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera-House in New York City at Christmas.

Each year of the war, the New York “ Tribune” points out, has produced some new instrument of destruction. For example, in 1914 came the 42-centimeter gun which pulverized fortifications that were supposed to be impregnable; in 1915, the use of poison gas as a weapon of attack; in 1916, the “ tank ;" in 1917, the depth bomb which has limited the menace of the submarine. In 1918-- what?

It costs an average of $1.50 a minute for the one hundred or two hundred hours of flying which an aviator must have before he can be regarded as a crack military pilot. So states an article in “ Flying.” Thus the training of each of the thousands of American soldiers now being taught to fly, at $90 an hour, will cost from $9,000 to $18,000.

“Oui, madame is ill,” said the French maid, as reported by the Boston “ Transcript,” “but ze doctaire haf pronounce it something very trifling, very small." Friend—“Oh, I am so relieved, for I was really anxious about her. What does the doctor say the trouble is?” “Let me think. It was something leetle. Ah, I haf it now. Ze doctaire say madame has ze smallpox.”

Chauncey M. Depew is reported to be still actively employed at the offices of the New York Central Railway, notwithstanding his eighty-three years. Here are a few of his rules for health : “Get up early ; no matter how late you go to bed, arise at a set time. Keep a serene mind, especially at meal-time. Shun tobacco and liquors. F'ind some interest outside of your business and thus cultivate happiness and ease of mind."

“ The Office Worker,” Vol. I, No. 1, has been published. It is the organ of the | Bookkeepers, Stenographers, and Account

ants' Union of New York City. These office workers are learning the necessity of organization to improve standards and conditions in their occupations. The “ Office Worker" states that the union has been successful in many instances in reducing hours of labor and improving working conditions, as well as in acting as an employment bureau for its members.

A picture of William H. Hardy was published in The Outlook of January ... with the statement, “ Mr. Hardy is believed to be the only living member of Commedore Perry's expedition to Japan in 1873." Rear-Admiral Oscar F. Stanton (Retired). we learn, is another surviving member of that famous expedition. “From time tu time," writes Admiral Stanton, “ we real of the death of a member of that expedition

as the last survivor; I personally know a' I present only one other—Mr. Williahı

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By the Way (Continued) Speiden, of New York City.” Admiral Stanton went with the Perry expedition of 1853 as midshipman, and also accompanied the squadron again in 1854, when the treaty with the United States was signed.

Another subscriber writes that there is now living in the city of Norfolk, Virginia, at the age of eighty-six, “ Uncle” Jimmy Stith, a colored man who was a cabin boy on Commodore Perry's memorable voyage.

When Mark Twain edited a weekly paper in California, he published a stanza of Byron’s “ Sennacherib,” beginning “The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold," as the original effusion of a subscriber. The joke was not appreciated by some of his simple-minded subscribers, who accused him of ignorance in “not knowing it was Byron's.” The incident is recalled by the following story about an even more simple-minded reader, which is printed in the “ Christian Register :"

A manufacturing firm offered a prize for the best original motto for a pen. A reader promptly sent them, “ The pen is mightier than the sword,” with a request that they would forward the prize by mail. The head of the house wrote a humorous reply, asking the claimant if he could prove himself the author of the saying. The man, evidently an honest sonl, at once responded : “I can't say for certain whether I read it or just thought it. I've read UcGuffey's Readers and Kidd's Elocution and the Proverbs in the Bible. If it isn't in those books, it is original, and you will please send me the money."

The parent who wishes to train his children according to the “ scientific method " has his troubles. Witness this letter published in the “ Survey :"

I write to see if any of your readers can help me out in the matter of finding some book or pamphlet that will tell me the logical and scientific order in which to teach my two little girls, aged eight and six, the indoor games of lotto, parchesi, checkers, backgammon, halma, chess and the like, such as authors and the different card games. Which should come first, checkers or parchesi ? Any information will be welcome. As the problem is not solved by the editor of the “ Survey, suggestions seem to be in order. Why not let the children start with bridge and chess, and gradually work them np to the point where they can appreciate Jotto, halma, and tiddledy winks?

Houdini, the magician who makes an elephant disappear from the stage as easily as the older wizards caused handkerchiefs and ribbons to vanish, is said to be a native of Appleton, Wisconsin, though his name suggests Italian descent. He made himself much talked of in Europe by “escaping” when locked in the cells of several famous prisons, thereby demonstrating the ineffectiveness of the prison locks. In this country he is said to have broken out of Cell 2 in the Cnited States Jail at Washington the cell in which Guiteau, the assassin of President Garfield, was confined.

In a list of “soldier slang” printed in a book issued by one of the regiments of the National Army the most important word in a soldier's vocabulary is given as “ bunk”— a soldier's bed. “ Chow" is declared to be the second most important word, and is defined as food. “Sand rat” is defined as "a unan who, at target practice, signals a miss when you are sure you have male a · Bull'!"

A Scotch minister, according to “ TitBits,” needed funds for his church, and took his congregation into his confidence in the following way: “ Well, friends, the kirk is urgently in need of siller, and as we have failed to get money honestly we will have to see what a bazaar can do for ns."


French Chemises, 85c, $1.25, 1.75, 1.85, 1.95, 2.50 and up.
French Combinations, $2.25 up to 10.50.
French and Philippine Gowns, $1.95, 2.25, 2.95, 3.95, 5.50, 6.95
and up.
French Skirts, $1.95, 2.25, 3.50, 4.50, 6.50 and up.
French Drawers, $1.10, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.25, 3.25 and up.
Envelope Chemises, Hand-Scalloped, sizes 36 to 42, $1.95 and up.
Domestic Gowns of Cotton Crepe, Picot edge, hemstitched in Blue,
Pink, or White, 14 to 17 inches, $1.50. Lace-trimmed, $1.35 to 3.75.
Domestic Drawers, Lace and Embroidery trimmed, 750 to $3.75.

Orders by mail given special attention.

James McCutcheon & Co.

Fifth Ave., 34th & 33d Sts., N. Y.


in every line of household, educational, business, or personal servicedomestic workers, teachers, nurses, business or professional assistants, etc., etc.—whether you require help or are seeking a situation, may be filled through a little announcement in the classified columns of The Outlook. If you have some article to sell or exchange, these columns may prove of real value to you as they have to many others. Send for descriptive circular and order blank AND FILL YOUR WANTS. Address

Department of Classified Advertising
THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York

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Hotels and Resorts NORTH CAROLINA

Health Resorts “ INTERPINES”

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Hotels and Resorts

MASSACHUSETTS_ If You Are Tired or Not Feeling Well you cannot find a more comfortable place in

New England than THE WELDON HOTEL

GREENFIELD, MASS. It affords all the comforts of home without extravagance. Outdoor sports if desired. Good sleighing and skating is now being enjoyed.


Beautiful, quiet, restful and hornelike. Over 26 years of successful work. Thorough, reliable, dependable and ethical. Every comfort and convenience. Accommodations of superior quality. Disorder of the nervous systein a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D., Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.

Companions and Domestic Helpers

WANTED-Retined Christian woman for cook in Christian home, one to teach a Y. W. C. A. class in cooking once a week. 5,604, Outlook.

Teachers and Covernesses WANTED-Coinpetent teachers for public and private schools and colleges. Send for bulletin. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N. Y.

CALIFORNIA needs teachers with graduate study. Consult Boynton-Esterly Teachers' Agency, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cal.

TEACHERS ueeded now, and for positions opening September, 1918. Address THE INTERSTATE TEACHERS: AGENCY, Macheca Building, New Orleans, La.


Tuberculous Patients

receive best of board and care at THE WILKINSON HOUSE Liberty, N. Y. Rates $18.00 up. Booklet.

Hotel Le Marquis

No resort in the
South has a better trap

31st Street & Fifth Avenue

New York Combines every convenience and home comfort, and commends itself to people of refinement wishing to live on American Plan and be within easy reach of social and dramatic centers.

Room and bath $3.50 per day with meals, or $2.00 per day without meals.

Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon request.


The Ideal Place for Sick

! People to Get Well Doylestowa, Pa. An institution devoted to the personal study and specialized treatinent of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D.

(late of The Walter Sanitarium)



Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and mental patients. Also elderly people requiring care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass.

are looking oil o't. Took



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Montague, Hicks, and Remsen Streets


The science of conducting a hotel properly is at its highest when it is least apparent. This is exemplified by the cultured, livable atmosphere of the Hotel Bossert. Send for illustrated booklet “B”

Ideal for outdoor life in Winter. Main house and individual cabine. Certified city water. Northern cooking ; tutoring for children. November to May. Rates moderate. Write Miss GEORGIA E. CROCKER, Aiken, S. C.

Frequent tournaments for amateurs

and professionals. Golf, Tennis, Horse Racing, Riding,

Driving, Motoring, Rifle Range THE CAROLINA — Now Open

3 other hotels
Ni consumptives received.

Write for booklet.
Pinehurst Office, Pinehurst, N. C.
or Leonard Tufts, Boston, Mass.

Girls' Camps

HOTEL JUDSON ton square

53 Washingadjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, including meals. Special rates for two weeks or more. Location very central. Convenient to all elevated and street car lines.


Business Situations WOMAN of 31 desirous of obtaining knowledge of farming wishes place on faria con ducted preferably by a woman. Strong. Relerences. 5,590, Outlook.

REFINED, educated young woman wishes position ng resident secretary or secretary to woman going out of town. Wn consider social secretarial work for morning only 5,594, Outlook.

BLEACHER, eight years' experience on underwear, can use any chlorine or peroxide bleach, now employed, wishes position, Cleve land or Fast. 5,605, Outlook.

POSITION, by young woman. answering bells in office of institution. 5,612, Outlook. Companions and Domestic Helpers

HOUSEKEEPER.-Woman of education and refinement, thoroughly competent, desires position in family where servants are kept. Mrs. Bell, 124 West 824 St., New York,

EDUCATED woman of unusual executive ability desires management of private home 5,589, Outlook.

DOMESTIC science normal graduate de sires position; dietetist, matron, or teaching. 5,598, Outlook.

CAPABLE woman desires position of trust in private family : 7 years with present ennployer as companion-housekeeper. Highly ree ominended. Age 38, unmarried. 5,600, Outlook.

WOMAN, experienced as matron and house mother, would accept position as such or as housekeeper for Protestant where full charge was given and maids kept. Five years res erence. 5,602, Outlook.

COMPANION to lady in New York or mother's care to child. 5,611, Outlook.

Teachers and Covernesses BIBLE teacher will give Biblical instruction in exchange for souny room and board-school or moderate rates with Christian family in New York. 5,593, Outlook.

GOVERNESS, nursery, experienced, de sires position, English, music, sewing. Best references. 5,610, Outlook.

POSITION as teacher of drawing or conmercial colorist by woman of long experience capable of supervising. 5,606, Outlook.


como Volum Summer camp Camp Yokum for girls, on crest of Berkshires, at edge of a beautiful lake. Competent, attractive counselors. $150 for seven weeks. Best of instructors. Send for catalog. MARY E. RICHARDSON, 134 Firglade, Springfield, Mass. Tel. 1069-W.

ployer aged. Alle 38; mnced as mat as suchchange WOMAN.. Paccept posit here ful


AIKEN, S. C. Can accommodate guests who wish to rest and live outdoors in the ideal winter climate of the high pine and sand country. Excellent food and care. Furnished bungalows.

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Albemarle Park

Asheville, N.C.

in "The Land of the Sky” A perfectly charming English In. Southarn hospitality, homelike informality, perfect service, concentrated comfort

in an atmosphere of refinement and taste. Perfect Golf in a Perfect Climate

All Other Sports in Perfection.

Open the year round. Write for Booklet "0." Make Reserration, In America -- An English Inn

Crest View Sanatorium Greenwich, Ct. First-class in all respects, home comforts. H. M. HITCHCOCK. M.D.

COUNSELLOR for recreational activities. young boys' summer outing. Salary, commission on boys secured, and profit-sharing make opening unusually advantageous. 5,593, Outlook. Companions and Domestic Helpers

CAFETERIA managers, dietitians, matrons, housekeepers, secretaries, governesses, mothers' helpers. Miss Richards, 49 Westminster St., Providence. Boston, Thursdays, 11 to 1-16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court.

MISCELLANEOUS THE Red Cross needs nurses. The Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Northampton, Mass., 88 train you. Send for information. A small hospital, excellently managed. Corps of ex. perienced graduate nurses direct training school. University extension work for our school in Smith College Laboratory.

WANTED-Defective persons to board. Address W., Pawling, N. Y.

PLEASANT home in the Berkshires for backward children, tuition included. Fight years' experience in public school Highest reference. 5,607, Outlook.

MOTHERS-Do your boys "get along "A page of helpful suggestions inaiied gratis 5.6119, Outlook

THE BETHESDA White Plains,

N. Y. A sanitarium for convalescence, treatment and rest. Large, sunny rooms. Graduate nurses. Address for terms, Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D.

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