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THE NEW BROWNING AUTOMATIC RIFLE This new weapon, which weighs only fifteen pounds, can be fired, as shown above, from the same position as an ordinary service rifle and is vastly more effective.

The photograph shows it in the hands of Senator Wadsworth, of New York, during the recent public tests in Washington



A DUMMY DREADNOUGHT THAT DECEIVED THE GERMANS Pemben dreadnoughts like the above, lying at anchor near British seaports, and built to duplicate exactly certain battle-ships, are said to have deceived the Germans or several months while their counterparts were convoying transports across the Atlantic. This in a way "evens up "the feat of the Germans in adding an extra

smokestack to the Emden during her spectacular career, and so leading the British to believe that she was the British cruiser Yarmouth

one of us he'll turn around to that long row of heads, and he'll him in, with his dirty, mean stain upon him. Never. You'll see, say :

sergeant, when your time comes. Give those tendons another " • Blessed animals in the fields of paradise, is this a man ten minutes ."" that should enter in ?

Next morning John G. walked out of his stall as fresh and " And if the animals—they that were placed in his hands on as fit as if he had come from pasture. And to this very day, in carth to prove the heart that was in him—if the immortal ani- the stable of A Troop, John G., handsome, happy, and able. · mals say aught against that man, never will the good saint let does his friends honor.

Next week will be published the second of this series of three stories. Its title is Hot Weather



Gordan Rand, we saw you last

On a baseball field at play :-
Now the word is swiftly passed,

Gordan died in Frunce to-day !

Gordan Rand, the boy we knew

Vanished when that message came :-
We shall always think of you

As a torch of living flame.
Ere our first few hundreds fell

It was your proud lot to fall
Underneath a German shell

In the vanguard of us all.
Gordan Rand, the men who die

As the pledge of hosts to come
Are a trumpet in the 'sky,

And an ever-sounding drum.

We who still must wait and pray

For one chance to serve our land
Know what drum and trumpet say-

We salute you,-Gordan Rand !



ARNUM and Bailey's circus had just come to town. I heard the roar of the lions and the trumpeting of the elephants when still a block away from Madison Square


As I came nearer, that peculiar circus smell reminded me of those early days when the coming of the circus was the great event of my life, when it caused thrills to radiate from my solar plexus all through my body. What a delightful tingling in my toes and finger-tips! How I clutched that quarter of a dollar in my pocket for fear it might somehow get away! It was earned, if I remember rightly, by selling a snared partridge (or was it a muskrat's skin?).

Have you forgotten that time when you were a boy yourself, when every day was filled with wishing and every night with dreams? You were all alive then. Every fiber of your being, like the taut strings of a violin, was seeking expression. If you have forgotten those days, I beg of you don't read on, for you won't understand.

I am writing this for the gray-haired men who love to play with children and with whom the children love to play ; whose souls have never withered up, and never will ; who can understand a boy because their hearts are still young, though their legs may be reluctant to jump a three-rail fence.

My friends, then, who understand, you will recall that fringe of kids which is always around the entrance to a circus, hands

in their pockets feeling for the dime or quarter that isn't there. with wistful faces shining through the dirt. That shine comes from the same old thrill we used to have when we were boys and wished very much for something we didn't have the money to buy. They were there around the entrance to Madison Square Garden, dozens of them-barefooted, ragged, dirty, and happy.

Mingling with the bunch, I asked, “What are you kids doing here?"

“ We's just wishin'.”
“What are you wishing ?”

Quickly came the reply from a blue-eyed, curly-haired youngster : “ Say, mister, we's wishin' some rich guy would come along and buy us all tickets into de circus, see ?" Another volunteered, “ I'se wishin' I was a horseback-rider like that guy on de poster ;” and another, “ I'se wishin' I lived in de country an' the circus come and pitched de tent near where I was livin’."

“What would you do then ?" I asked.

“ Gee, I'd sneak in under de tent mighty quick, an' so wonki all de udder guys."

Around the corner strode a policeman, and at the cry, “ Cheese it, a cop !” in every direction suddenly vanished my “ wishin' squad.”

Those fluttering rags ana pattering feet were gone, but they

left with me a bag of gold ; more than that—a fortune, if we' for immediate action, to the great pleasure and profit of the measure wealth in terms of satisfaction. For on that day I nearest junk dealer.

junked" from my vocabulary and point of view forever the “Why do you steal junk?” I have asked many boys. “ Beunsavory terms “ hoodlum ” and “vagabond " as applied to cause it's easier to get money that way.” “Does the junkman boys of the street, and ever since that time I've looked upon know you stole it?" "Sure. How else could we get it?” The them as just a “ wishing squad.” I've come to know hundreds “Fagin " who teaches boys to pick pockets is no greater menace of them, and have never had reason to change my new point of to society than the junkman who encourages boys to become view. I have grown to feel with them, and to care. So there has thieves by receiving from them stolen goods. So serious has this come about a better understanding of these “misfit” boys who menace become that the New Jersey Legislature has recently make up the “wishing squads” of our city streets. ,

passed a law making it a State's prison offense to buy junk from Maybe I was born with lots of faith in “misfit” boys. We a boy under sixteen years of age. Legal evidence sufficient to had one in our town when I was young. Perhaps that is why the convict them seems difficult to get, and the junkmen continue to term "original good ” has always seemed to me to be a fair smile and make their illegitimate profit. working hypothesis. In fact, I sometimes think it works out With honest labor in great demand and juvenile delinquency even better in practice than the other more orthodox term, on the increase, why should not the Government conscript the "original sin." Yes, I have faith-lots of it-in “bad ” boys; junkmen and put them at some honest job that does not help the same kind of faith I have in seed corn, potatoes, wheat, rye, to make criminals out of the boys of the street ? and in the soil. The potential is in the seed and in the soil and Mr. Edison has said : “ Let me have the pay the truan in every boy, but the Eternal Wisdom seems to require some one officers get each year, and I'll make all the boys scoot to school.” with common sense and common humanity to raise crops or to Adapt the fascination of the movies to the needs of the classmake worthy men out of " misfit” boys.

room, and a very potent cause for truancy will be made to pull You will recall that in some parts of the Far West large areas in the right direction. of seemingly desert lands were formerly given up to sage-brush, The potential for the making of a noble man is in the soul of cactus, and rattlesnakes. Then some men with a vision and with every normal boy. an understanding came along; they tapped the life-giving A wonderful harvest of men awaits those who have a vision lakes among the mountains and they brought the water to the of the larger motherhood and the larger fatherhood ; who " wishing ” soil. Homes were built and children played where understand what it means to a boy to feel, perhaps for the first formerly lurked the rattlesnakes. The sage-brush and the cactus time in his life, that “somebody cares " and is willing to give gave way to the green grass, the fruit, and the flowers.

him a square deal; who have grown by experience to realize The soil of the desert was not really “totally depraved ”- that the largest compensation in life does not come to us in terms only judged so from its fruits. When neglect gave way to of cash, but in terms of satisfaction. understanding and the proper means were used to bring out It was said to me by a philosophical friend, " Men understand the dormant energy of the soil, abundant harvests were the dogs and horses better than they do boys. Whether men utterly result.

forget their own boyhood or simply misremember it, it is true All normal boys, whether we call them “good” boys or that they misunderstand boys as completely as if boys belonged “ bad” boys, are just bundles of energy seeking expression, to another species of creature.” our “wishing squad.” If the wishes of these boys are wisely For whatever reason, life is not arranged with much thought directed and satisfied by intelligent parents and teachers, we to the natural needs of boys or with much sign of insight into will get the expression of this energy through their spiritual the boy heart. Education, restraint, rebuke, all are arranged and moral growth which we want for the making of men. But with too little imagination for boy impulses that not only cannot if neglected or misdirected this energy will find for itself ways be eradicated but that should not be eradicated. They do not of expression in anti-social acts which lead to the making of sufficiently recognize the boy as a person. We read of boy hardcrooks—a harvest of enemies of society instead of noble men ships in biography with immense sympathy and resentment, and and good citizens. ,

too often forget that the next wishing youngster we meet, parEvery State has its “human dump heap" for delinquent ticularly if he is breaking some rule in the making of which he boys who have committed some anti-social act, such as truancy, has had no voice, is potentially living the first chapter of a vagrancy, incorrigibility, larceny, or“ breaking and entering” biography. (I have been a trustee of one of these human dump heaps for I want to see the world made safe for boys. I want to see several years)—an institution to which boys are committed by boys taken into the game, and not shoved aside as commo! the Juvenile Court to serve time for delinquency.

enemies whose rights, wishes, needs, and potentialities are to When one glances up from the formidable-looking commit- be considered only in biographical retrospect. If the boyhood ment paper into the frank, open face of the boy, one naturally of Lincoln was important, not only to Lincoln but to the world, asks: “What got you into trouble, son ?” The answer is almost so every boy's boyhood is important; for though he may never invariably the same: “ Playing hooky.” “Why didn't you go be a Lincoln, he is, and will be, a factor one way or another in to school?” “ The teacher was down on me,” or “ I didn't like the welfare of the group in which he grows up. To thwart, the teacher,” or “I didn't like school.” “What did you do badger, or belittle him is to lose sight, not only of something when you weren't in school ?” “Went wid de gang." " What that belongs to him, but of possibilities for good or evil which did the gang do?” “ Crooked copper, brass, an' things like it is our business to consider for the sake of the humanity on that." “ Where did you sell it ?” “To de junkman." "What which his qualities will react. did you do with the money ?” “ Went to the movies or bought The Hindus say, “My neighbor is myself in another body." eats and candy.”

It is every man's duty to say, “This boy is myself in a younger Probably ninety per cent of “ delinquent” boys will answer body-perhaps a body badly housed, badly fed, badly taught, these questions in almost exactly the same language. Most of badly governed, and, by the will of God, badly tempted. I shall these boys have had very unfavorable home conditions, caused do for him what I should like to have done for me in these conby poverty, drunkenness, or the death of a parent.

ditions. I shall not too quickly and smugly say, ' My lickings The public schools are inadequately equipped to interest the did me good,' or “My hardships were the making of me,' but wild boy who has not been properly domesticated. He does not try to remember how many boys were ruined by lickings blindly fit into the nice round hole prepared for him in the school sys- administered in the wrong way at the wrong time, and how tem. There is not time, and there is little inclination, to trim the frequently needless and preventable tortures of hardships have hole to fit the boy, so the teacher “trims” the boy, and the scattered human wrecks along the pathway of life. I shall try truant officer, when he can catch him, is kept busy dragging the to remember that it is not what I needed (if by a miracle I reluctant urchin back to school.

remember that), but what this individual boy wishes and needs, Nature abhors a vacuum. So does a boy, whether it is in his that is to determine my conduct toward him--my conduct perstomach or in his pocket.

sonally and as a member of human society.” When a bunch of boys “ on the hook” get together, each one When this has become the common vision, there will no having an empty stomach and empty pockets, nature finds cause longer be a “ boy problem.”

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Based on The Outlook of March 13, 1918
Each week an Outline Study of Current History bused on the preceding number of The Outlook will
be printed for the benefit of current events classes, debating clubs, teachers of history and of English, and
the like, and for use in the home and by such individual readers as may desire suggestions in the serious
study of current history.-THE EDITORS.

Those who are using the weekly outline should who is not thus concerned ? Be sure you not attempt to cover the whole of an outline in any

prove what you say. 2. Discuss the varione lesson or study, Assign for one lesson selected questions, one or two propositions for discussion, ånd

sitions for discussion, and ous relations of your answer to question 1 only such words as are found in the material assigned. to the significance of this editorial. Or distribute selected questions among different

3. What has The Outlook said by way of members of the class or group and have them report their findings to all when assembled. Then

proving that we are wasting petroleum? have all discuss the questions together.]

4. Explain the Leasing System. Tell what

you think of it and why. 5. What provis1-INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS

ions of the Ferris Bill has The Outlook A. Topic : The American Army in France.

mentioned? What objections to this bill are Reference: Pages 396, 397..

considered by The Outlook? 6. What does Questions :

The Outlook' believe should be done about 1. What record are the American forces

the regulation of oil production ? 7. Do you in France making? 2. What does this item think public oil lands should pass into show the spirit of Germany toward Amer

private hands? Reasons. 8. Discuss why ican soldiers to be? How explain this atti

Congress is so slow in passing needed legtude? 3. Do you think it would be wise islation. Are there ways of speeding up for our Government to give out fuller ac

such legislation ? State and discuss. counts of our soldiers' activities? 4. What B. Topic: The Regulation of Wages ; kind of experiences are aliead of our boys Light vs. Night; Mr. Bryan Reaps ; s over there”? Are we and they prepared

Educating Women Voters. for these? 5. Read : “ Under Fire,” by H.

Reference: Pages 395, 396, 397, 405, 408. Barbusse; “A Crusader of France," by

Questions : Captain Belmont; “ To Arms,” by M.

Note--Make this topic the basis of a Tinayre—all published by E. P. Dutton ;

study of the attitude of the individual 66 Trench Fighting," by Captain Elliott

toward public affairs. 1. Explain what is (Houghton Mifflin); and “Cavalry of the

meant by “the law of supply and demand.” Clouds,” by Captain Bott (Doubleday For what reasons has it been commonly Page).

accepted? 2. The Outlook says that for B. Topic: Dare We Dicker for Peace? all practical purposes this doctrine is now No Time to Think Peace.

obsolete. Why? 3. What is taking its Reference : Pages 409-411 ; editorial, pages place? Will this mean more for the good 401, 402.

of society than the old belief? Discuss. Questions :

4. In what respects and to what extent 1. What are the convictions and the should the Government control the indideterminations of the American people as vidual in industrial matters? 5. Explain set forth by Dr. Odell? How does he the daylight saving plan. Do you think it know? Does he speak your convictions? would be well for America to adopt it? 2. Show wherein Dr. Odell has or has Should the Government have authority to not proved his propositions. 3. Which of compel' citizens to observe such a plan? the quotations from President Wilson's 6. Tell how Mr. Bryan was received at speeches do you like best? Explain why. Toronto. How account for his reception 4. State your opinion of Germany in eight there? What do you think of the incident? or ten sentences. 5. Give as many reasons 7. What is being done for the political as you can why America should or should education of women voters ? (See pages 405, not dicker for peace. 6. The Outlook says 408.) How valuable is this work? Why? (page 402) that “this is the time not to 8. What, in your opinion, are the principles talk or even think peace” (italics mine). that should determine the attitude of the Has it shown convincingly why? Is this individual toward public questions? How statement by The Outlook too strong? is your attitude determined toward such Discuss. 7. What is Germany's most dan- affairs ? gerous weapon according to The Outlook ?

III-PROPOSITIONS FOR DISCUSSION Is there sufficient evidence to justify this

(These propositions are suggested directly or indiposition? 8. Are you willing to stand for rectly by the subject-matter of The Outlook, but a “ peace negotiated with the present mas

not discussed in it.) ters of Germany"? Give your reasons. 9.

1. Germany is worse now than in August, If you are willing to stand for such a peace,

1914. 2. The primary object of education read “ German Atrocities,” by N. D. Hillis

is to free the individual from the tyranny (Revell). Read it, anyway, and get your

of worn-out notions. 3. The average Amerfriends to read it. Read also “ The Diplo

ican does not know enough to form a sound matic Background of the War," by Profes opinion on public questions. sor Seymour (Yale University Press).


(All of the following words and expressions are II-NATIONAL AFFAIRS

found in The Outlook for March 13, 1918. Both A. Topic: What Is to Become of Our

before and after looking them up in the dictionary

or elsewhere, give their meaning in your own words. Reservoir of Oil ?

The figures in parentheses refer to pages on which
Reference: Editorial, pages 402–404. the words may be found.)
Questions :

Loathe, sophistries, inarticulate, pact 1. The Outlook says that “everybody, (409); immunity, franchises of liberty, directly or indirectly, is concerned with the treason to humanity, qnaver (410); oil, supply and the price of gasoline.” Can you gasoline, petroleum, impunity, culpably, not name some one, perhaps a friend of yours, prodigal (402); patented lands (403).

A booklet suggesting methods of using the Weekly Outline of Current History will be sent on application

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