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TNDERLYING the preparations for

the launching of the & drive" for
the Third Liberty Bond issue there

exists a well-defined doubt that it will ineet with the same enthusiastic support that was accorded to its two predecessors.

This doubt finds its official l'ecognition in the suggestion that these new bonds will be made to yield 44. per cent interest.

These are the two problems that confront the Treasury Department to-day : First, how to insure a full and enthusiastic subscription to the new issue to a probable amount of ten billion dollars; and, second, how to prevent the immediate depreciation of these bonds in the open market once " the drive” and its patriotic enthusiasm have passed and the new bondholders meet the acid-test of financial conditions.

Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo has publicly expressed a feeling of confidence in the dependability of the American people in this exigency when he said, “We have created a patriotic army of ten million bond-buyers in this country," evidently meaning to imply that they will again respond to the lure of the Nation's need and 496 per cent interest.

"I can call spirits from the vasty deep,” declared Glendower.

“Why, so can I, or so can any man,” answered Hotspur. “But will they come when you do call for them?”

It is not that the absorptive power of the country has been exhausted by the assimilation of two Liberty Bond issues together with all of the other demands created by war, but that the rank and file of Secretary McAdoo's bond-buying army is short of ammunition is not to be doubted. Yet, while the conditions are not as favorable to-day for the flotation of another huge bond issue as they were a few months ago, the necessity for a full or over subscription is no less pressing. It is my purpose to suggest a method by which the success of the Third Liberty Bond issue may be assured in advance without resort to any drastic measures or uneconomic rate of interest. Nor do I believe that such a result can safely be left to patriotism plus 444 per cent.

The small wage-earners, who constitute the rank and file of Secretary McAdoo's bond-buying army, the little man who has contributed $1 a week for fifty weeks out of his total income of $20 per week, has found that since he made that investment the remaining $19 have a smaller purchasing power dollar for dollar than before he helped to win the war. He has seen further that each of these dollars loaned to Uncle Sam quickly shrunk in value to only about ninety-four cents. His patriotism may be all right, but, while his ability to invest further has been lessened, he may be pardoned if-unacquainted as he is with the ways of finance-he begins to doubt the value of a form of security that so quickly shrivels under the test of open market conditions.

Among the non-commissioned officers of Mr. McAdoo's bond-buying army—those, let us say, enjoying incomes from earnings of írom $1,000 to $5,000—a similar condition exists. The cost of war has fallen upon them more heavily proportionately, perhaps, than upon any others. Their obli

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Sanctuary for Savings (Continued)

time, be taken advantage of, should the wards that Government will be greatly intugations are greater, and their earning power holder so elect. This feature would be ex- enced. They wannot be “ agin' the Gorernis not increased.

pressed, perhaps, in a coupon attached to ment,” for it will be their Government, Reliance for the successful flotation of the bond, which would be, in effect, an protecting their interests and their families, the Third Liberty Bond issue must there., agreement with the Government that the so that this increased army will become not fore be placed most largely upon those who holder sought this sanctuary. When prop- only better investors but better citizens, have a surplus to invest, or other invest- erly executed, the sanctuary would then with a deeper patriotic interest and a ments that they may be induced—not com- cover only the original holder under that warmer feeling of loyalty for their country. pelled-to transfer to this form of holding agreement and would expire with its sale, For “where your treasure is there your The success of the forthcoming issue will since it would not be transferable. Thus heart is also.” depend, not so much on the amount of in- these bonds could be purchased in the To be fully effective and to insture an terest that these bonds will yield, as upon usual way by banks and brokers for sale to over-subscription in this time of stress, this the amount of interest that can be created their customers with the sanctuary feature exemption and sanctuary feature should in them on the part of those who are still intact and unused, but available to the apply to this bond issue and to this only ; not able to invest.

first purchaser who should elect to take to establish a precedent nor to set a ner It is possible to put behind this Third advantage of it.

custom. If it be made plainly and clearly Liberty Bond issue some one feature that. It is easy to imagine a business man of understood that these bonds are the first will at once assurd a heavy oversubscription comparatively small means, anxious as to a and the last ever to afford this exempt sanoand at the same time correct the recog- future that is not yet entirely secured, seek- tuary for savings, this issue will be quickly nized evil of selling at leisure after buying ing this form of security in preference to and fully subscribed. in haste. Is it possible to create an interest placing real estate in the name of his wife. in the new issue that will be so great as to It is easy to imagine this man meeting amount almost to compulsion, not only as some unforeseen financial storm requiring

THE APATHIST to purchase, but also as to permanent hold- the sacrifice of something in order to

BY THOMAS ADDISON, OF THE VIGILANTE ing? I believe that to be entirely possible weather it. There can be no question but without offering an uneconomic rate of that these exempt sanctuary bonds would be Apathy! I'm beginning to think that interest, and in spite of the depression con- the last to leave his possession.

your apathist (to coin a word) is pretty sequent upon the coalless holidays. . Many details of such a form of bond nearly as bad as your pacifist. You can at

We have to meet an extraordinary con- must necessarily be worked out by finan- least pillory the pacifist, plant the red flag dition that calls for extraordinary treat- cial experts. The possession of such a bond over him, and warn straight-out Americans ment. “ New times," says Lowell, “de- would be better than the ownership of gold to give him a wide berth. But your apamand new measures and new men. The dollars to a like amount. For the gold thist! What, in heaven's name, are you going world advances and in time outgrows the dollars might be subject to litigation and to do with this chap? He isn't a traitor, he things that in our fathers' time were best."

seizure. There is no legal sanctuary for gold. isn't a false propagandist, he isn't even a The new measure that this time calls for is It is not exempt from attachment, however willful obstructionist. He is simply a human one that might well have been established solvent the holder may have been at the invertebrate-a dead weight in a war long ago by law, even as it has been estab time of acquirement.

working community that has got to be lished by individuals in practice within a To bequeath such exempt sanctuary bonds lugged along because there's nothing else somewhat narrow scope.

by will is better than life insurance for a to do with him. One of the problems that confronts every similar amount, for the dual reason that I know Mr. Apathist, and you know hin. man as he begins to acquire something behind them is the full credit of the United As a rule he hasn't any one of his imme more than is necessary for his immediate States Government, and, further, because diate blood in the Army—he and his are all needs and those of his family is how to their payment and that of their interest safe, sound, and snug. You seldom see him secure some portion of that surplus to those could not be, under any circumstances, sub- at a patriotic rally, or on a coinmittee to he loves ; how safely to put something by ject to possible litigation, save to show that boost the Red Cross, or in a Y. M. C. L. for the proverbial “rainy day” that will their purchaser was solvent at the time of cover there" drive, or buying smokes for secure to his dependents at least the bare purchase and for two years thereafter. Sammies. But he buys Liberty bondsnecessities of existence.

The value of insurance is sometimes affected you bet! And War Saving Stamps and It is no longer a reproach to a man to by questions of the solvency of the company Thrift Stamps. Good business, that: you say that “his house is in his wife's name.” issuing the policy or by contentions that can't lose. But these other things they are Rather is it a reflection upon his fore there are flaws in the original application begging for—there's plenty of time to come thought and consideration if it is not. The of the insured persons. These questions across for them when we really begin to economic wisdom of such an act is recog- sometimes have to be settled by litigation. fight. And, you know, it's not so sure that nized by many of our newer States, which The value of Liberty Bonds is free from we will have to fight. Something is likely provide homestead exemptions covering all such questions. They are good for their to happen before we get to the firing lizinot only the house but its contents to a face value as long as the United States peace, or a revolution in Germany, or reasonable amount. Beyond this there is Government is solvent. A further exemp- something. And, anyway, the Government no recognized legal sanctuary, unless we tion which these bonds might carry is is running this show, and taxing the life out except life insurance and annuities.

freedom from the imposition of inheritance of us to do it. The Government doesnt Were the Third Liberty Bond issue to taxes, since the sanctuary thus afforded is need my help. I'm just one in a hundred carry with it this principle of sanctuary— primarily for the protection of dependents, million. Let the fellows who have the properly guarded from abuse and misuse with the Federal Government itself as a money and time to spare do the shouting it would become the part of wisdom for trustee.

I've got all I can attend to keeping up with every man possessed of any property what-. With a Third Liberty Bond issue carry- my growing business. ever to seek this security for some portion ing this exempt sanctuary for savings fea- You've heard Mr. Apathist talk just like of his possessions. In other words, it is ture, together with the present exemptions that. I have, anyway. He has ten tons of possible to make these bonds a legal sanctu- and the possible exemption from inheri- coal in his cellar when the State fuel adary into which may be placed the reserve tance taxes, our bond-buying' army of ten ministrator says the limit is two; there are that is intended for the protection of the million may become a bond-buying army of a hundred pounds of sugar in his pantry family, and, as such,exempt from attachment thirty million, for the sanctuary appeal will when the grocer is allowing but there and from inheritance taxes. It is quite not be solely to the man of great means. pounds a week to a family of four: br possible to provide against the abuse of Again may we arouse the interest of the burns up gasoline joy riding on Sundara This privilege by stipulating that the pur small-salaried man who has already bought when the Government begs the people bir chaser must be solvent at the time of pur as much as he can afford while keeping a hely conserve the supply on hand. chase and for two years thereafter. By little something by in the proverbial stock- What's the matter with this chap? ! this provision it would become impossible ing for his wife's protection. Hoardings, tell you. He is afflicted with mental myopii. for these bonds to be improperly used for the under these circumstances, will come out, He is devoid of imagination. He is a male sequestration of funds that should belong and Uncle Sam will be made the trustee for rialist, a hedonist, an unspiritual clod til to creditors, and the burden of solvency at the wife's protection. Let these small in clay-self-centered as a turtle buried in thr the time of purchase and for the two years vestors once feel that their savings are mud. He believes only in what is jamur thereafter should fall upon the holder. safer in sanctuary bonds than in a stock- up to his nose—what he can taste, tous

These bonds would differ in no waying or in a bank, that the wife's little heri- smell, and hear. He can't visualize thr from any other Government issue, except tage is secured by the Government of the war; he couldn't do it if he was furnixlier that the sanctuary feature could, at any United States, and their mental attitude to with a telescope that would give him a

The Apathist (Continued) close-up of the bloody trenches in Flanders, or an audiphone that would let him hear the roar of the great guns. The moment he put the instruments aside he would lapse into his former sense of aloofness from the scene. Three thousand miles away! What interest could he have in a thing so remote? If the Germans were fighting on the next block why, yes! He'd grab his gun and go out with the neighbors to headl 'em off. He'd fight for his home with any man. But across the seas!

That's your apathist! Dear Lord, how I would like to put a pin in eyery chair he sits in--in every bed he lies in-in every shoe he walks in—in every hat he sticks his head in. If I could only prod hini, body and soul, until he was all awake and alive, and would pitch in and do a he-man's work for the holiest cause humanity's sun ever flamed on1: If I only could!


The New Berkey & Gay Design


X Span-Umbrian. Berkey & Gay have created the

style which is peculiarly well adapted to the home of today.

The splendid proportions of this furniture fit it admirably for modern rooms, while the wonderful carving and the wine-dark mellow tone of the wood meet modern ideals of beauty and distinction. But you will find that Span-Umbrian's greatest charm is its homelikeness—that lovable, indefinable quality which makes this furniture a cherished part of your home and of your life.

To learn about this furniture's rich historical background, send 250 for “ The Story of SpanUmbrian Furniture.” If the best furniture shop near you does not have this furniture, write us and we will gladly tell you where you can find it. Berkey & Gay Furniture Company, 184 Monroe Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This aristocratic Spanish chair is dold of line and interestingly de signed. The seatis of rush, the back of uren cane.


BY G. M. AIRE An Amsterdam Avenue car stopped at Seventy-ninth Street and three noisy young fellows in civilian dress got on. From the moment of their entrance it was quite evident that they were bent on making the little woman in the conductor's chair feel uncomfortable. An excuse for finding fault with her was taken by one of them immediately when the car started with a sudden hurch that seated all three of them unexpectedly.

- It's a wonder you wouldn't learn something!" he flung at her.

She didn't jerk us,” another corrected ; -- but,” he added, “ she's no business in a man's place, so she hasn't.”

Of course she hasn't," agreed the third. - Why don't you go back to your own business? You've got no right to be taking a gourd man's place in here," the one who lad first spoken snarled at her.

Not one word in reply had she made ; but “a good man's place” roused her. - Did you say that I am taking a good 1112's place?" she asked, directing herself to the last speaker.

"Yes, I did say just that," he retorted. 6 You're doing some good man out of his jole," He was quite proud of himself.

Her cheeks were flaming, but she anwered him, quietly: “All the good men are in khaki.""

At Eighty-seventh Street three silent sarung fellows left the car. A short ride kall given them their money's worth.

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A GALLANT ENEMY A member of the British force in Mesoputa mia, in a letter to an English paper Preferring to the death of General Maude, was: “On the day of the funeral there

2- an enemy airplane over Bagdad, and ther firing of the anti-aircraft guns formed as appropriate requiem for the dead sollier. Whether the Turks were then aware of General Maude's death is unknown, but ve days later an enemy airplane again

peared over the city, and, coming unrathed through the gunfire and eluding u o attacks in the air, swooped down over lie British residency to drop a message of

wlolence. Of course it was not war, but ļwas a gallant action, and our acknowlloginent of it, I understand, was conveyed

the same way. The Turks admire a good valjer, and had reason to respect General

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PRICE $100 Nel
STOO Net $100 Net PRICE

$100 Net si

PRICE $100 Net



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