Private Letters of Edward Gibbon (1753-1794)

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Страница 329 - An Act for • removing all Doubts and Apprehensions concerning Taxation by the Parliament of Great Britain, in any of the Colonies, Provinces, and Plantations in North America, and the West Indies...
Страница 324 - Burdett moved for a Committee of the whole House to inquire into the conduct of the late administration. In a speech of considerable length he inveighed especially against Pitt, and arraigned with much bitterness the entire course of the war. " I demand inquiry," he said, " in order that punishment should follow guilt, as an example to Ministers hereafter.
Страница 270 - George, with his own hand, wrote a very polite epistle to sister Kitty, requesting her friendly assistance. Full powers and instructions were sent at the same time to Gunning to agree for any force between five and twenty thousand men, carte blanche for the terms...
Страница 75 - I am the least satisfied with Venice. Objects which are only singular without being pleasing produce a momentary surprise which soon gives way to satiety and disgust. Old, and in general, ill-built houses, ruined pictures, and stinking ditches, dignified with the pompous denomination of canals, a fine bridge spoilt by two rows of houses upon it, and a large square decorated with the worst architecture I ever...
Страница 285 - Town grows empty, and this house, where I have passed very agreeable hours, is the only place which still unites the flower of the English youth. The style of living, though somewhat expensive, is exceedingly pleasant, and notwithstanding the rage of play, I have found more entertaining and even rational society here than in any other club to which I belong.
Страница 357 - Portsmouth is no longer an object of speculation ; the whole stream of all men and all parties runs one way. Sir Hugh is disgraced, ruined, &c. &c. ; and as an old wound has broken out again, they say he must have his leg cut off as soon as he has time. In a night or two we shall be in a blaze of illumination from the zeal of naval heroes, land patriots, and tallow-chandlers; the last are not the least sincere.
Страница 59 - The most sociable women I have met with are the king's daughters. I chatted for about a quarter of an hour with them, talked about Lausanne, and grew so very free and easy that I drew my snuff-box...
Страница 381 - Forty thousand Puritans, such as they might be in the time of Cromwell, have started out of their graves ; the tumult has been dreadful, and even the remedy of military force and martial law is unpleasant. But Government, with fifteen thousand regulars in town and every gentleman but one on their side, must extinguish the flame.
Страница 305 - We talk chiefly of the Marquis de la Fayette, who was here a few weeks ago. He is about twenty, with an hundred and thirty thousand livres a year ; the nephew of Noailles, who is ambassador here. He has bought the Duke of Kingston's yacht, and is gone to join, the Americans.
Страница 228 - Yesterday morning, about half an hour after seven, as I was destroying an army of barbarians, I heard a double rap at the door, and my friend was soon introduced. After some idle conversation, he told me that if I was desirous of being in Parliament he had an independent seat very much at my service.

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