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Report on Department of Charities, Syracuse (1912), 12 p...



The New City Government (Bruère), 2nd ed. (1913), 438 p. bound....
Organized Democracy: An Introduction to a Study of American Politics


(Cleveland) (1913), 479 p. bound...


Efficiency in City Government (Annals) (1912), 319 p.


Powers and Duties of the Officers and Boards of the City of Hoboken
(1911), 66 p....

Municipal Reform Through Revision of Business Methods (1910), 58 P...
What Should New York's Next Mayor Do? (1909), 19 P...

Opportunity and Need for Civic Cooperation with Public Officials in the
Four Oranges (1912), 8 p.....


Organization and Administration, Atlanta (1912), 64 p...
Organization and Administration, Milwaukee (1913), 135 p..
Organization and Administration, St. Louis (1910), 416 p. bound.

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Helping School Children (Denison) (1912), 351 p. bound....


Outside Cooperation with the Public Schools of Greater New York (1912),

112 p.......


School Progress and School Facts (1909), 73 p..

Questions Answered by School Reports As They Are (1909), 18 p..
Help-Your-Own-School Suggestions (1914), 32 p......

School Stories: Illustrated Guide to School Subjects of Interest (1909),
16 p.......





Waterbury and St. Paul Help-Your-School Surveys (1913), 32 p..
Digest of New York School Inquiry (1913), 85 p..




Health and Education, Atlanta (1912), 44 p....

Health and Education, Syracuse (1912), 12 p...

State School Survey Commission, Ohio (1914), 352 p..

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The following appraisal of the constitution and government of the state of New York has been prepared by the Bureau of Municipal Research at the request of the constitutional convention commission and submitted by the commission to the constitutional convention. It supplements the volume entitled "Government of the State of New YorkOrganization and Functions," prepared jointly by the Bureau of Municipal Research and the department of efficiency and economy and published as a state document, but unlike that volume it is issued upon the sole responsibility of the Bureau of Municipal Research.

On the constructive side the Bureau of Municipal Research entered into conference with Senator John G. Saxe and Mr. John H. Delaney and prepared the following proposed constitutional amendments:

Amendment No. 555, relating to the organization of the executive branch of the government including the departments of audit and law. and the administrative divisions of the executive branch. (Introduced

by Mr. Saxe.)

Amendment No. 510, relating to the powers, duties and functions of the executive branch, the departments of audit and law and the administrative divisions of the executive branch. (Introduced by Mr. Saxe.) Amendment No. 470, relating to the establishment of a scientific budget system for the state.

(Introduced by Mr. Saxe.)

Amendment No. 560, to establish a state department of labor. (Introduced by Mr. Parsons.)

Amendment No. 608, to create a department of charities and corrections as a division of the executive branch of the state government. (Introduced by Mr. Parmenter.)

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