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Officers and clerks of the Post Office Department removed from office

between the 4th March, 1829, and the 4th March, 1841, viz :
Abraham Bradley, Senior Assistant Postmaster General.
Phineas Bradley, Assistant Postmaster General.
Andrew Coyle, chief clerk.
Chauncey Bestor, clerk.
Stephen W. Gray, clerk.

All the foregoing were appointed prior to the 4th of March, 1829, and were removed between that period and the 1st of October, 1829.

The following clerks, appointed subsequent to the 1st January, 1831, were removed between that date and the 1st July, 1836, viz :

Benet A. White, clerk.
John S. Hughes, clerk.
Walter H. Middleton, clerk.
Charles B. Brown, clerk.
Charles Plitt, clerk.

E. B. Sullivan, clerk, was appointed in March, and removed November, 1837.

C. Laurie, special agent, appointed in 1838, and removed in 1839.

The act of Congress of the ad July, 1836, reorganizing the Post Office Department, and establishing the Auditor's office, made a reduction of fourteen in the number of clerks then employed. This reduction took place on the 5th July, 1836, and embraced the following persons, viz :

John McLeod, clerk,
Arthur Nelson, clerk,

Appointed to office prior to March 4, 1829.

A. Nelson was afterwards appointed speWilliam French, clerk,

cial agent.
Michael T. Simpson, clerk,
Estwick Evans, clerk,
John H. Waggaman, do
Charles S. Williams, do
John Taylor,

do R. J. Morsell,

do Appointed subsequent to the 4th March, E. Lehmanowsky,


A. H. Fitzhugh, do
C. H. W. Wharton, do
William Henry,

do Alfred Tyler,

do The dates of removal in the cases stated cannot be ascertained from any records now in this office, and can only be had from the original accounts filed in the Treasury Department. The periods, however, within which the removals took place, are given ; and if more specific information be deemed necessary, it will be procured as soon as practicable.


Officers and clerks of the Post Office Department removed from office

between the 4th of March and the 16th of July, 1841, viz :
Robert Johnston, Second Assistant Postmaster General.
Daniel Coleman, Third Assistant Postmaster General.
William Tanner, special agent.
Frederick L. Grammer, clerk.
Thomas B. Reilly, do.
Jesse E. Dow,

Charles Niven,'

do. Philip Harvey,

Patrick Sweney,

Thomas J. Williams,* do.
Spencer Baldwin, mail agent,
Garret Altvater, do.

• Rersosed March 31, 1841, and on the 8th of May following employed as a temporary clerk, to receive compensation out of the contingent fund.

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2d Session






The defence of the seacoast and inland frontier of that State.

MARCH 29, 1842.
Referred to the Committee on Military Affairs.

RESOLUTIONS. Resolved, That the exposed situation of the frontier and extensive coast of Maine ; her large and increasing investments in agriculture, manufactures and commerce; the fact that a large portion of her territory is claimed by a foreign Power, and that her seaboard will be “the outward wall upon which the American standard will be first raised in the event of war,” justify the State in again calling the attention of Congress to the subject, and demanding of them, in the exercise of their constitutional power and duty," to provide, for the common defence,” immediate and adequate appropriations for the defence of the State of Maine.

Resolved, That our Senators be instructed, and our Representatives be requested, to enforce upon Congress, in every constitutional mode, the necessity and importance of immediate appropriations for the purpose mentioned in the foregoing resolve.

IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, March 18, 1842. Read and passed.


IN SENATE, March 18, 1842.

Read and passed.

S. H. BLAKE, President.

Approved March 18, 1842.



Augusta, March 28, 1842. I hereby certify, that the foregoing is a true copy of the original deposit

ed in this office.


P. C. JOHNSON, Secretary of State.

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