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missioners, and at said election none shall be permitted to vote except registered voters under the reconstruction laws of Congress, and the place receiving the bighest nuinber of votes shall be declared the county seat of said county of Rains, and shall be called and known by the name of Emory.

Sec. 3. Until the selection of the county seat and erection of suitable buildings in the same, all business of the county of Rains shall be done at the town of Springville, in said county, and a majority of said commissioners shall be authorized to act in all matters authorized herein.

Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of said commissioners to divide said county into five precincts, and as soon as notified of such division, it shall be the duty of the Governor to order an election for county officers.

SEC. 5. That until said election and qualification of officers, the said portions of the county of Rains shall belong to the counties from which they were taken.

Sec. 6. That this act shall take effect from and after its passage. Approved June 9, 1870.




SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Teras, That the Governor is hereby uuthorized and empowered to issue bis proclamation declaring quarantine on the coast of Texas, whenever, in his judgment, it shall be necessary, and for such length of time as he may decide to be essential, to prevent the introduction of any infectious or contagious disease.

SEC. 2. It is hereby made the duty of the corporate authorities of each and every town or city upon the coast of Texas, at as early a moment as practicable after the promulgation of the proclamation of the Governor as in section one provided, to establish a quarantine station at a sufficient distance from the usual place of landing of vessels at their respective towns or cities, and to appoint, select and employ a competent and good physician as the health officer at such station, and to furnish said officer with all things necessary for the proper and efficient discharge of his duties ; and said town or city corporation shall have power to provide for quarantine, and to enforce the same by ordinance.

* See Chapter LV.

SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of said health officer to stop every vessel from an infected port or district, and to make a rigid examination of the said vessel, notwithstanding the said vessel may have a clean bill of health; and, if deemed necessary, (and he is hereby empowered so to do), to take the affidavit of the master of said vessel as to the health of himself and crew from the time of sailing from said infected port. And the said health officer shall detain said vessel at quarantine for such length of time

time as may be designated by the Governor in his proclamation establishing said quarantine; and he may use force, if necessary, in order to discharge the duties imposed upon him by this act. Wherever on the coast of Texas there shall be no town or city corporations, and quarantine be there required, the Governor shall have power to appoint a health officer, and to prescribe such regulations for the quarantine of such places as he may deem necessary.

Sec. 4. Any vessel arriving at any of the quarantine stations designated by the authorities aforesaid, from an infected port, without à clean bill of health from the proper officer of said port, shall be taken possession of by the health officer at the station at which she arrives ; and the master thereof shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor ; and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in any sum not less than one thousand nor more than ten thousand dollars ; and the said vessel shall be held by the health officer until said fine is paid or said vessel replevied; provided, that the payment of the fine which may be assessed against said master of said vesssel shall not operate as a release or discharge of the vessel from quarantine, but the same rules will apply and shall be observed as in case of other vessels; and in order to the speedy trial and adjudication of all cases arising under . this act, the mayor of each town or city where quarantine is established. shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the district court of the State.

Sec. 5. Each and every master of a vessel that passes, or attempts to pass, said quarantine station, without first having permission from the health officer so to do, shall be deemed guilty of a felony; and, on conviction thereof, shall be imprisoned in the penitentiary for any term not less than one year, or more than five years; or fined in any sum nut less than five hundred or more than one thousand dollars.

SEC. 6. Any person leaving said vessel while at quarantine, and going ashore without written permission from the health officer at such station, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor; and, on conviction thereof, shall be fined in any sum not less than two hundred, nor more than five hundred dollars, for each and every offence.

SEC. 7. A fee of fifty cents for every person on board shall be cullected by the health officer from each and every vessel arriving at said station, after the examination thereof by said officer; which fee or fees shall be reported to the corporate authorities of the town or city at which said quarantine is established; and all fees and fines as herein before provided shall be used to defray the expense of keeping and maintaining said quarantine.

Sec. 8. It shall be the duty of the town or city authorities aforesaid, as soon as the quarantine ceases to exist, to make out a succinct statement of receipts and expenditures, and forward the same to the Comptroller of the State ; and, should the expenditures amount to a greater sum tban the receipts, they shall draw from the State the amount as in other cases made and provided ; and, should the receipts exceed the expenditures, they shall pay over to the proper officer of the state the amount found to be due, which shall be applied to the school fund of the State ;' provided, that nothing herein contained shall prevent any town or city in the State from establishing any quarantine which they may think necessary for the preservation of the health of said town or city, not inapplicable to the provisions of this act.

Sec. 9. That an appropriation of ten thousand dollars is hereby made out of any funds or money in the treasury, not otherwise appropriated, to defray the expenses accruing under this act.

SEC. 10. That all acts and parts of acts in conflict with this act, be and the same are hereby repealed; and that this act be of force and take effect from and after its passage.

Approved June 10, 1870.



SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Teras, That the Governor of the State be and is hereby authorized to raise and muster into the service of the State, for the protection of the northern and western Frontier, twenty companies of Texas Rangers, to be raised as hereinafter prescribed, and to consist of one captain, one lieutenant, one medical officer, three sergeants, four pas

corporals, one bugler, one farrier and fifty privates, each entitled to pay as follows, to-wit: The captain and medical officers to receive one hundred dollars per month ; lieutenants eighty dollars per month; sergeants fifty-four dollars per month; corporals and farriers fiftytwo dollars per month; privates and buglers fifty dollars per month; and the pay herein provided shall be full compensation in lieu of all other pay and commutation for clothing for both officers and men.

SEC. 2. That the requisite number of officers and men for said companies shall be raised, if possible, in the Frontier counties of the State.

SEC. 3. That the Governor is required, immediately after the sage of this act, to appoint competent persons as captains of companies to enroll, as set forth in this act, the requisite number of men for the companies, and when as many as fifty men shall have been enrolled for any one company, said company shall proceed to organize by holding an election for lieutenant, after which the captain so previously appointed shall return the muster roll, together with a full report of the condition of the company, to the Governor, who shall thereupon commission the officers of said company, supply said company as, under the provisions of this act he may deem proper and necessary, and order them upon duty in accordance with the provisions of this act.

SEC. 4. Said men shall be furnished by the State with the most effective and approved breech-loading cavalry arms; and for this purpose the Governor is hereby authorized, on the passage of this act, to contract in behalf of the State for fifteen hundred stand of arms, together with a full supply of ammunition, each company, on its organization to be supplied with its full quota of arms and ammunition, the same so furnished to be all of the same make and calibre, and each member of the company to be furnished with the arm to be used by him at the price the same shall cost the State, which sum shall be retained out of the first moneys due him.

Sec. 5. That each member of said company shall be required to furnish himself with a suitable horse, six-shooting, pistol, (army size) and all necessary accoutrements and camp equipage, the same to be passed upon and approved by the enrolling officer before enlistment; and should such member at any time fail. to keep himself furnished as required above, then the officer in command shall be authorized and required to purchase the articles of which he may be deficient and charge the cost of the same to the person for whom the same shall be provided; provided, that all horses killed in action shall be replaced at the cost of the State, and the cost of horses so killed in action shall be determined by a board of officers, to be composed of the captain, lieutenant and medical officer of the company to which such animals belonged.

Sec. 6. That said officers and men shall be furnished at the expense of the State with provisions and ammunition and forage for horses when practicable.

Sec. 7. That the men shall be enrolled for the term of twelve months, unless sooner discharged, and at the expiration of their term of service others shall be enrolled to supply their places, in case the Governor deems such action necessary for the protection of the Frontier.

Sec. 8. That no enlisted man shall be discharged from the service without special order from the Governor, nor shall any members of said company dispose of or exchange their horses or arms without the consent of the commanding officer of the company while in the service of the State.

Sec. 9. That the Governor of the State shall be required to divide into convenient districts the several Frontier counties of the State, and that all officers shall take rank, when acting together, according to seniority and date of commission.

Sec. 10. That the commanders of companies, when acting independently, shall use their own judgment and discretion as to the manner of their operations, selecting as their base the most unprotected and exposed settlements in their respective districts, and shall keep up weekly communication at least.

Sec. 11. That the troops raised under and by virtue of this act, shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the army of the United States so far as the same may be applicable, but shall always be and remain subject to the authority of the State of Texas for Frontier service

Sec. 12. That the Governor shall designate the ranking officer of each district, who shall be the senior officer of said district; and in order to secure the effective co-operation of the several companies, said officer shall be given a general supervising authority over the companies of his district, and shall have authority when, in his opinion, the public defense shall require it, to concentrate the whole or any portion of the force within his district for the purpose of following and chastising any marauding bands of hostile Indians, or for the purpose of carrying out any other measures that may contribute to the better security of the frontier. Said several companies to be as thoroughly subject to the authority of said senior officer in said district (when such officer deems proper to exercise such general authority) as they would have been under a regular battalion organization.

Sec. 13. That the entire force raised under the provisions of

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