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of two hundred and fifty years is added to our history, it may be found that the invocation on our city seal has been realized, — that, as God was with the fathers, so has he continued to be with us.

This portion of the Mayor's address was referred to a joint special committee, consisting of Aldermen James J. Flynn and Charles V. Whitten, Councilmen Joseph Healy, Daniel J. Sweeney, and Henry N. Sawyer. Subsequently Councilman Lewis R. Tucker was appointed to fill the vacancy on the committee caused by the death of Mr. Healy.

On the 29th of April the committee submitted a report, in which the programme of the celebration was outlined. The report was accepted, and the following order and resolution were adopted :

Ordered, That the Joint Special Committee, to whom was referred so much of the Mayor's address as relates to the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Boston, be increased by adding thereto the President and three other members of the Common Council, with such as the Board of Aldermen may join, and that said committee be authorized to make the necessary arrangements for such celebration, and to expend a sum not exceeding the special appropriation for said object.

Resolved, That His Ilonor the Mayor be invited to meet and act with said committee, as a member thereof.

The Board of Aldermen, on the 3d of May, concurred in the passage of the resolve and order, and they were approved by the Mayor on the 5th.

The committee appointed under the terms of the above order to make arrangements for the celebration was constituted as follows: Hon. Frederick 0. Prince, Mayor; Aldermen Hugh O'Brien, James J. Flynn, Charles V. Whitten, Charles H. B. Breck, Asa H. Caton, and William Woolley ; Councilmen Harvey N. Shepard, Daniel J. Sweeney, Henry N. Sawyer, Lewis R. Tucker, Malcolm S. Greenough, Benjamin F. Anthony, and Dudley R. Child.

It was decided that one of the principal features of the celebration should be a civic, military, and trades procession.

General Augustus P. Martin was invited by the committee to act as Chief Marshal, and accepted the invitation in the following communication :

Boston, June 8, 1880. Mr. William H. LEE, Clerk of Joint Special Committee :

Dear Sir, — I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 5th inst., advising me that I had been unanimously chosen Chief Marshal of the procession for the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Boston, on the 17th of September next.

You will please convey to the committee my acceptance of the position, and express to each member of the committee my hearty appreciation of the compliment.

Very truly yours,


The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company tendered its services as a special escort to the City Government, and the offer was accepted. The organization of the trades procession was intrusted to the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association. It was also decided that there should be an evening procession of the German societies of Boston, under the management of the Boston Turnverein.

It was further decided that there should be an oration in Old South Church, the use of that building having been kindly tendered by the Old South Association, and the Mayor was invited to deliver the oration. The Mayor was also requested to hold a reception in Faneuil Hall on the evening of September 16th.

The arrangements for conveying the city's guests to and from the quarters assigned them, and of seating the audiences in the Old South Church and Faneuil Hall, were assigned to Mr. Alvah H. Peters, City Messenger, who appointed as his assistants Charles II. Baldwin, Charles A. Boyer, Charles L. Buxton, Jeremiah W. Fogarty, Dennis J. Gorman, Robert D. Hobart, G. M. Hyams, Correl Kendall, J. Stuart MacCorry, G. Edward Shaw, Charles E. Silloway, Foster M. Spurr, and Frank L. Wells; and the following persons as ushers : Eugene T. Foster, Chief Usher; James Ayer, Oscar E. Bingham, John Doherty, Frank B. Haynes, A. Schaffee, Edwin Stark, Charles Thompson, L. J. Tolman.

A cordial invitation was extended to the following-named officials to accept the hospitalities of the City :

The President and Vice-President of the United States; the President pro tempore of the United States Senate; the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States; the members of the President's Cabinet; the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of the United States; General William T. Sherman ; Lieutenant-General Philip H. Sheridan ; Major-General Winfield S. Hancock; the Governors of all the States; Ulysses S. Grant, Ex-President of the United States; Hon. James A. Garfield, of Ohio ; Hon. William H. English, of Indiana ; Hon. Chester A. Arthur, of New York; Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, of Massachusetts; the Chiefs of the Diplomatic Corps; the Senators and Representatives in Congress from Massachusetts; Hon. Russell Sturgis, London ; Hon. John O'Connor, President of the Council, Dominion of Canada; the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts and the Governor's Council ; Ex-Governors of Massachusetts ; the Mayors of all cities in Massachusetts; the Mayors of New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, New Orleans, Providence, Portland, Savannah, Charleston, Richmond, Portsmouth, Brattleboro’, Hartford, Elizabeth, N.J., Norfolk, Va., Ottawa, Can., Montreal, Can., Quebec, Can., St. John, N.B., Boston, England; the Vicar of Boston, England; the Presidents of the Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Charleston, Portland, Portsmouth, N.H., Providence, Richmond, Va., Savannah, Quebec.

The following notice was issued by the Chief Marshal :

The undersigned has accepted the position of Chief Marshal of the procession on the occasion of the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Boston, which is to occur on the 17th day of September next, and hereby announces that the oflice of the Chief Marshal will be at No. 8 Ilawley street, Rooms Nos. 46 and 48.

The militia of Massachusetts has volunteered as escort on the occasion, and a cordial invitation is hereby extended to civic, military, and trades organizations, and persons engaged in mercantile and mechanical pursuits to participate in this demonstration, thereby making it an event worthy of the growth, prosperity, and advancement of our city, our country, and our people.

All organizations desiring to join the procession are requested to communicate as soon as possible with Major J. Henry Sleeper, Adjutant-General, No. 8 Hawley street, Room No. 48, to whom all letters should be addressed except for the organization of the Trades Division, which is to be a prominent feature of the day, and will be under the special and exclusive direction of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association. All applications for position and permission to parade in this department or division of the procession must be made to Charles W. Slack, President of the Association, at the Mechanics’ Building, corner Bedford and Chauncy streets, where a room will be open from 9 o'clock, A.M., to 3 o'clock, P.M., and will be in charge of Capt. George B. Hanover, who has been appointed by Mr. Slack clerk at the head-quarters for the Trades Division.

The following-named gentlemen have consented to serve on the staff:

Chief of Staff, Gen. CORNELIUS G. ATTWOOD.
Adjutant-General, MAJ. J. HENRY SLEEPER.
Assistant Adjutant-General, Col. ARNOLD A. RAND.


Chief Quartermaster, Col. JOSEPH A. INGALLS.

Col. Jos. W. GELRAY, U.S.A.

Chief Signal Officer, MAJ. BENJ. S. CALEF.

Assistant Surgeon, Dr. John DIXWELL.
Engineer, Capt. WILLIAM H. Cundy.
Assistant Engineer, Capt. EDWARD E. CURRIER.

The Aids to the Chief Marshal will be appointed hereafter.
Mr. Francis M. Stanwood will be Secretary to the Chief Marshal.

Mr. George L. Hutchins will be Clerk in charge of the office of the Adjutant-General, which will be open for the transaction of business from 9 o'clock A.M., to 5 o'clock, P.M.

The Chief Marshal and Chiefs of Departments will be at the oflice daily at 2.30, P.M., where all business connected with the procession will be transacted.


Boston, July 14, 1880.

The Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association issued the following notice:

The Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, having received and accepted an invitation from the city authorities of Boston to organize and direct a trades' display as a feature of the general celebration, notice is hereby given to all mechanics and manufacturers interested in participating in such display that head-quarters have been established at No. 40 Bedford street (Mechanics' Building), Boston, where Capt. George B. Hanover will be in attendance each week-day, from 9 to 3 o'clock, to receive applications, in writing only, stating the nature of the exhibit, the number of wagons or vans required (if any), the name of the responsible party, and any other particulars which may be desired be mentioned.

It is especially requested, whenever feasible, that trades unite in one common display.

It is also particularly desirable, when possible, to furnish a contrast between old-time methods and instruments and present development.

Extravagant and outré displays, not comporting with the dignity of the occasion, nor with those of other participants, will be wholly disallowed.

Early applications are respectfully suggested.

A band of music will be assigned by the city authorities to this division of the procession. By direction of


President M.C.M.A.



JULY 17, 1880.

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