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The weather on the 17th of September was all that could be wished for such an occasion. The heavy rains on the preceding days had laid the dust and freshened the atmosphere. The sun shone from an unclouded sky, but at no time was the heat uncomfortable or oppressive. A more propitious day for an out-door demonstration could not have been desired.

At an early hour in the morning the streets presented an animated spectacle. Multitudes of people, in holiday apparel, were hurrying to secure favorable positions from which to view the procession. Organizations that were to appear in the line were marching to the place of formation, their bands playing and banners flying, adding brilliancy to the scene by the variety of their uniforms and insignia.

The morning trains brought a large number of people from the neighboring cities and towns. It is estimated that two hundred and thirty thousand persons were brought into the city by the several railroads. Adding to these the large number that had arrived during the preceding week, it may not be too great an estimate to say that the population of the city was nearly doubled on that day. Never before had the streets appeared more densely thronged, and in some places, notably on IIanover street, it was a work of difficulty to open a space through the mass of spectators, sufficient for the passage of the procession. Business was generally suspended throughout the city, and there was an evident determination on the part of every one to make the day a holiday, and give it up to pleasure.

Precisely at the hour of twelve the Chief Marshal gave the order, and the procession moved in the following formation :

Mounted Police, under command of Capt. SAMUEL G. Adams, Superintendent

of Police.


Lieut.-Col. Samuel Dalton,

Surgeon D. Coggin, Major Edward Hobbs,

Assistant Surgeon S. B. Clarke, Adjutant A. Fitz,

Paymaster T. H. Johnson,
Quartermaster E. A. Simonds.



Head-quarters Flag — Yellow, with Maltese Cross.


Gen. Cornelius G. Attwood, Chief of Staff.
Major J. Henry Sleeper, Adjutant-General.
Col. Arnold A. Rand, Assistant Adjutant-General.
Col. Augustus N. Sampson, Assistant Adjutant-General.
Major George F. McKay, Assistant Adjutant-General.
Lieut.-Commander Edward F. Devens, Assistant Adjutant-General.
Col. Joseph A. Ingalls, Chief Quartermaster.
Col. Joseph W. Gelray, U.S.A., Assistant Quartermaster.
Major William L. Horton, Assistant Quartermaster.
Rev. E. A. Horton, Chaplain.
Major Benjamin S. Calef, Chief Signal Oficer.
Major William P. Shreve, Assistant Signal Officer.
Dr. Melville E. Webb, Surgeon.
Dr. John Dixwell, Assistant Surgeon.
Captain William II. Cundy, Engineer.
Captain Edward E. Currier, Assistant Engineer.
Mr. Francis M. Stanwood, Military Secretary.




Capt. Edward E. Allen,
Mr. Francis II. Allen,
Lieut. Edward H. Baker,
Mr. Francis Batcheller,

Mr. Edwin S. Barrett,
Capt. Franklin G. Bixby,
Lieut. Charles H. Boardman,
Mr. Robert S. Bradley,

Mr. Francis W. Brewer, Mr. Alonzo II. Briggs, Capt. D. Austin Brown, Mr. Charles Butler, Lieut. Gardner A. Churchill, Mr. Charles M. Clapp, Mr. George D. Clapp, Capt. Horace B. Clapp, Lieut. William A. Couthouy, Major James W. Coverly, Mr. Samuel Cowdrey, Mr. Henry M. Cox, Mr. William E. Cox, Mr. Joseph B. Crosby, Major Charles G. Davis, Mr. Thomas H. Devlin, Mr. Arthur W. Dewey, Mr. S. N. Dickerman, Mr. Thomas F. Doherty, Col. George B. Dyer, Major J. Homer Edgerly, Mr. Will T. Farley, Capt. Benjamin F. Field, Jr., Mr. James G. Freeman, Mr. Charles Edward French, Capt. H. W. Gore, Mr. Allen C. Goss, Mr. Lyman B. Greenleaf, Major Cyrus S. Haldeman, Mr. C. Merton Haley, Col. P. T. Hanley, Mr. Charles M. Hanson, Mr. Richard G. Haskell, Mr. Edward T. Hastings, Major George E. Henry, Capt. Albert W. Hersey, Mr. Henry L. Hiscock,

Capt. Lowell B. Iliscock, Mr. Edward J. Howard, Mr. Weston F. Ilutchins, Capt. Wm. II. Jackson, Dr. William L. Jackson, Major IIenry G. Jordan, Major John E. Killian, Major Everett Lane, Mr. Walter D. Lathrop, Mr. Arthur C. Lawrence, Mr. Albert II. Lewis, Mr. Frederic W. Lincoln, Jr., Col. William H. Long, Major John W. Mahan, Capt. W. Gordon McCabe, Capt. Dennis Meehan, Mr. William Meehan, Major Benjamin F. Meservey, Mr. William K. Millar, Mr. Martin Milmore, Capt. Richard S. Milton, Capt. Charles L. Mitchell, Major Loring W. Muzzey, Mr. S. B. Newton, Mr. Stephen R. Niles, Col. Henry G. Parker, Lieut. William M. Paul, Mr. W. Prentiss Parker, Lieut. Jacob Pfaff, Mr. James R. Poor, Mr. Gordon Prince, Col. Albert E. Proctor, Col. John H. Rice, Mr. J. Willard Rice, Mr. Arthur G. Richardson, Mr. Edwards Roberts, Lieut. Silas Sanborn, Jr.,

Mr. William I. Scandlin,
Capt. John A. Scott,
Lieut. Ilenry Sherwin,
Capt. Henry F. Spach,
Mr. Norris H. Spaulding,
Mr. Frederic S. Stanwood,
Mr. Frank L. Stevenson,
Lieut.-Com. Phinehas J. Stone, Jr.,
Major Benjamin F. Talbot,

Mr. Walter Eliot Thwing,
Capt. Charles F. Thurston,
General William S. Tilton,
Mr. Phineas S. Tobey,
Col. C. de Kay Townsend,
Col. Louis N. Tucker,
Capt. Henry B. White,
Mr. Charles G. Wood, Jr.,
Mr. John A. Woodward.


Members of the Military Order Loyal Legion United States. Major Wm. E. Barrows,

Captain Joseph Murdoch, Lieut. Chas. E. Bowers,

Major Geo. S. Osborne, Brig.-Gen. Ilenry S. Briggs,

Captain Josiah A. Osgood, Major David T. Bunker,

Major Elliot C. Pierce, Commander Thomas L. Churchill, Col. Albert A. Pope, Colonel Theodore A. Dodge, U.S.A., Lieut. Lemuel Pope, Capt. Wm. W. Douglas,

Lieut. Charles H. Porter, Col. Charles E. Fuller,

Lieut. Seth A. Ranlett, Major Ezra T. Gould,

Paymaster John Reed, Major Milbrey Green,

Lieut.-Col. James H. Rice, U.S.A., Colonel Chas. Edward Hapgood, Commander Wm. Roberts, Master Franklin Haskins,

Capt. Edward B. Robins, Lieut.-Col. J. Theodore Heard, Major Russell Sturgis, Jr., Lieut. Charles R. Howard,

Lieut. Freeman A. Tabor, Lieut. Theodore C. Hurd,

Surgeon G. B. Twitchell, Colonel Jesse E. Jacobs,

Major-Gen. A. B. Underwood, Lieut. Joseph H. Lathrop,

Capt. Nicholas Van Slyck, Lieut. Geo. W. Morse,

Col. John W. Wolcott.

Buglers : Warner Bailey, William Nevel.

Color-Bearer: Brooks B. Martis.

Orderly: George H. Inness.

Cadet Band.


Lieut.-Colonel Thomas F. Edmands commanding,

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