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Fitchburg Brass Band.
Second Regiment Infantry, Colonel Benj. F. Bridges, Jr.

Worcester Brass Band.
Battery B, Light Artillery, Captain George L. Allen.

Chelmsford Cornet Band.
Company F, Cavalry, Captain Sherman H. Fletcher.


Brigadier-General Eben Sutton.

The members of his staff, namely : –
Lieut.-Colonel Robert G. Shaw, Assistant Adjutant-General.

Lieut.-Colonel Robert Amory, Medical Director.
Major Edward N. Fenno, Assistant Inspector-General.
Captain Daniel W. Lawrence, Brigade Quartermaster.

Captain Horace B. Sargent, Jr., Engineer.

Captain Arthur Lincoln, Judge Advocate.

Captain Francis W. Lawrence, Provost Marshal. Captain A. Lawrence Edmands, Captain Abbott Lawrence, Jr., Aids-de-Camp.

American Band of Providence.
Eighth Regiment Infantry, Col. Benjamin F. Peach, Jr.

Fifth Regiment Band.
Fifth Regiment Infantry, Col. Ezra J. Trull.

Brown's Brigade Band.
Ninth Regiment Infantry, Col. William M. Strachan.

Haverhill Brass Band.
First Battalion Light Artillery, Major George S. Merrill.

Iliggins' Band.
First Battalion Calvary, Major Dexter H. Follett.


Color, Red.

Brig.-General Alanson M. Randol, U.S.A., Chief of Division.
Lieut. Frank S. Rice, U.S.A., Assistant Adjutant-General.


Major C. C. McClure, U.S.A.,
Major I. O. Dewey, U.S.A.,

Captain A. S. Kimball, U.S.A.,
Lieut. Frank S. Harlow, U.S.A.


Sixty-ninth Regiment Band.
Sixty-ninth Regiment, National Guard, State of New York, Col. James
Cavanaugh, and Sixty-ninth Regiment Veteran Corps Association.

Dodsworth’s Band.
Thirteenth Regiment, National Guard, State of New York,

Col. David E. Austin.

Twenty-third Regiment Band.
Twenty-third Regiment, National Guard, State of New York,

Col. John N. Partridge.

Drum Corps.
Company H, Ninth Regiment, National Guard, State of New York,

Capt. George W. Homans.

Drum Corps.
Langston Guard of Norfolk, Va., Capt. W. H. Palmer.

Drum Corps.
Lincoln Guard of New York, N.Y., Capt. W. H. Jones.

City Hospital Ambulance.

[blocks in formation]

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co., Capt. Charles W. Stevens commanding,

His Honor Mayor Frederick 0. Prince, Hon. Robert C. Winthrop,

City Messenger A. H. Peters.
The Sub-Committee on Procession, Aldermen James J. Flynn and Charles V.

Whitten, Councilmen Lewis R. Tucker and Henry N. Sawyer.

Alderman Hugh O'Brien, Chairman of the Board of Aldermen, with Ilon.

William M. Evarts, Secretary of State of the United States. Harvey N. Shepard, President of the Common Council, Hon. Charles Devens, Attorney-General United States, and Rev. Dr. Ellis, Chaplain of the

services at the Old South. Alderinan William Woolley, Gov. Charles B. Andrews, of Connecticut, with

members of his staff, Gen. Sloat and Capt. Stanton. Staff of the Governor of Connecticut, Gen. Fuller, Col. Dean, and Col. Coe,

Col. Fox, and Major Swan. Alderman Asa H. Caton, with Gov. Natt Head, of New Hampshire, and

staff, Gen. Ayling and Gen. Sturtevant.

Col. Balch and Col. Dow.

Gen. Craft, Gen. Rackley, and Col. Jewell. Alderman C. H. B. Breck, Gov. A. H. Littlefield, of Rhode Island, Adj.Gen. Barney, and J. M. Addeman, Secretary of State of Rhode Island. Staff of the Governor of Rhode Island, Col. Pierce, Col. Littlefield,

Col. Williams, and Col. Clark. Col. Tillinghast, Col. Seabury, and Col. Francis. Gen. Dennis, Col. Budlong, Col. Turner, and Major Nickerson. Alderman Lucius Slade, with Ilon. George B. Loring, M.C., Hon. Leopold

Morse, M.C., and Hon. Walbridge A. Field, M.C. Alderman Clinton Viles, with United States Senators Hon. Geo. F. Hoar and

Ilon. Ilenry L. Dawes. Alderman Joseph A. Tucker, with Hon. William Claflin, M.C., and Hon.

William A. Russell, M.C. Alderman George L. Thorndike, with Hon. Alanson W. Beard, Collector of the port of Boston, Hon. Edward S. Tobey, Postmaster of Boston,

and Gen. N. P. Banks, United States Marshal. Alderman Joseph Caldwell, with Hon. M. P. Kennard, Assistant Treasurer

United States, Hon. George W. Warren, and Hon. Benjamin Pond. Councilman Malcolm S. Greenough, with Major Dewey, U.S.A., Capt. Cullen

Bryant, U.S.A., and Capt. A. S. Kimball, U.S.A. Councilman Benjamin F. Anthony, with Col. C. L. Best, U.S.A., Fort Warren, Capt. J. G. Butler, U.S.A., from United States Arsenal, Water

town, and Surgeon George A. Tanner, U.S.N. Councilman Dudley R. Child, with Pay Director C. W. Abbott, U.S.N., Lieut.

J. A. H. Nickels, U.S.N., and Lieut. A. J. Iverson, U.S.N.

Councilman Andrew J. Bailey, with His Honor Mayor F. C. Latrobe, of Baltimore, His Honor Mayor Thos. S. Doyle, of Providence, and Ilis

Honor Mayor William A. Courtenay, of Charleston, S.C. Chief Engineer Joseph Trilley, U.S.N., Asst. Surgeon E. C. Dean, U.S.N.,

Surgeon Castillo, U.S.N. Councilmen Clarence P. Lovell and George A. Fisher, with Gen. Cyrus Bussey,

President Chamber of Commerce, New Orleans. Councilmen Albert F. Lauten, Nathaniel Brimbecom, and Abraham T. Rogers,

with Daniel H. Simpson, the veteran drummer of 1812. Councilman D. J. Sweeney, Sr., with Lieut.-Governor Byron Weston, Hon. William 0. Taylor, and Hon. John S. Brayton,

of the Governor's Council.
Councilman John E. Blakemore, with Hon. Charles J. Brooks, and

Naval Constructor Samuel H. Pook.
Councilman Alfred S. Brown, with Hon. Henry W. Fuller, and

Dr. S. A. Green, City Physician.
Hon. George S. Boutwell, Hon. Alexander H. Bullock, Hon. William Gaston,

and Hon. Alexander H. Rice, Ex-Governors of Massachusetts. Councilman James Christal, with Hon. Charles C. Van Zandt, Ex-Governor Rhode Island, Mr. Washington P. Gregg, Clerk of the Common Council, who was a participant in the celebra

tion of the 200th anniversary. Councilmen David F. Barry, William J. Welch, Frank F. Farwell, and

John B. Fitzpatrick. Councilmen Otis B. Dudley and Eugene B. Hagar, with His Worship Charles R. Ray, Mayor of St. John, N.B., and His Honor

Mayor William T. Soule, of New Bedford. Hon. George Heywood and Hon. Oscar Edwards, of the Council of the

Governor of Massachusetts. Councilman George T. Perkins, with Hon. Frederic W. Lincoln and Ilon. Joseph M. Wightman, ex-Mayors of Boston, Hon. George P. Carter,

Hon. Rodney Wallace, and Hon. John M. Raymond, of

the Council of the Governor of Massachusetts. Councilman George H. Wyman, with His Worship C. H. Mackintosh, Mayor of Ottawa, Can., Hon. James H. Chace, President of the Board of Trade, Providence, R.I., and IIon. Thomas E. O. Marvin,

President of the Board of Trade of Portsmouth, N.H.

Councilman Nathan Sawyer, with His Honor Mayor William S. Green, of Fall River, Mass., His Honor Mayor James R. Simpson, of Lawrence,

Mass., and Mr. G. A. Ballard, City Clerk of Fall River. Councilman Charles W. Donahoe, with Gen. Samuel J. Anderson, President of the Board of Trade, Portland, Me., His Honor Mayor William H. Sise, of Portsmouth, N.H., and His Honor Mayor

M. G. Bulkley, of Hartford, Conn. Councilman Paul H. Kendricken, with His Honor Mayor Frank H. Kelley, of Worcester, His Honor Mayor Charles Shapleigh, of Haverhill, Mass., and Mr. William W.

Wheildon of Concord, Mass. Councilman John P. J. Ward, with His Honor Mayor Joseph Garland, of Gloucester, Mass., His Honor Mayor Andrew J. Bacon, of Chelsea, Mass., and His Honor Mayor John J.

Currier, of Newburyport, Mass. Councilman Alden E. Viles, with His Honor Mayor L. J. Powers, of Springfield, Mass., His Honor Mayor James M. W. Hall, of Cambridge, Mass., and His Honor Mayor George

A. Bruce, of Somerville, Mass. Councilmen John Doherty and P. James Maguire, and Thomas T. Ring, Esq. Councilman William H. Howard, with His Honor Mayor H. K. Oliver, of Salem, Mass., His Honor Mayor William Ruddy, of

Holyoke, Mass., and Gen. Joseph Hol

brook, a veteran of 1812. Alderman Frederick G. Walbridge, and Councilman Martin T. Folan, with His Honor Mayor Frederick J. Greenhalge, of Lowell, Mass., and His Honor Mayor Eli Culley,

of Fitchburg, Mass. Councilmen Martin M. Hancock, Horace B. Clapp, and John P. Hilton,

with His Honor Mayor George P. Sanderson, of Lynn, Mass. Councilmen Charles E. Pratt, James Devine, and Jeremiah J. McNamara,

with His Honor Mayor Charles F. Johnson, of Taunton, Mass. Councilmen Andrew A. O'Dowd, John I. Lane, Edward Dixon, and

Philip J. McLaughlin. Councilmen Matthew Walsh and Timothy A. Murphy. Councilmen C. F. Doherty and Hiram I. Nason with Major Standish. Officers of the Association of Veterans of 1812 and of the Boston Board of Trade.

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