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New England Historic-Genealogical Society, fifty members, in carriages, commanded by President Hon. Marshall P. Wilder, who rode in the Gov. Eustis coach, used by Gen. Lafayette at his reception in Boston in 1824. The President

was accompanied by W. E. Baker,

Esq., and son, of Wellesley.

Massachusetts Historical Society in carriages. Hon. G. Washington Warren, President of the Bunker Hill Monument Association, and Hon. Charles W. Slack, President of the Massachu

setts Charitable Mechanic Association, in carriage.


Color, Light Blue.

Charles B. Fox, Commander Suffolk Co. Posts, G.A.R., Chief of Division.

Metropolitan Band. Suffolk County Grand Army Posts, Charles H. Hovey, Vice-Commander



Adjutant, Alvin R. Bailey, Post 11.
Quartermaster, Edward Pearl, Post 23.
Color-Bearer, Frank A. Blaisdell, Post 11.

Charles Russell Lowell Post 7, John Scates, Commander.

Drum Corps and fife.
Abraham Lincoln Post 11, William L. Bond, Commander.

Drum Corps.
Joseph Hooker Post 23, L. D. Hadley, Commander.
Thomas G. Stevenson Post 26, C. W. C. Rhoades, Commander.
Washington Post 32, A. C. Belcher, Commander.

Drum Corps.
Theodore Winthrop Post 35, Henry Skilton, Commander.
Benjamin Stone Post 68, S. A. Cushing, Jr., Commander.

Grand Army Officers in five carriages, as follows :-
Commander Department of Massachusetts, John A. Hawes ; Senior Vice De-

partment Commander, Thomas H. Hill; Assistant Adjutant-General,
James F. Meech ; Chaplain, John W. Lee; Comrades Azel Ames
Jr., and John F. Bruce of the Council of Administration ;
Judge Advocate, Giles H. Rich ; Chief Mustering Offi-
cer, A. C. Monroe; Aids-de-Camp, George L.
Goodale, William A. Sloane, and John F.
Ridley ; Past Senior Vice-Commander-in-
Chief, Elisha H. Rhodes; National
Aids-de-Camp, W. D. Jaynes

and Frank 0. Kendall ; Commander Department of Rhode Island, Charles C. Gray ; Senior Vice De

partment Commander, Ilenry F. Jencks; Assistant Adjutant-Gen-
eral, W. J. Bradford ; Medical Director, Lorenzo Traver; In-
spector, Theo. A. Barton; Judge Advocate, George
N. Bliss ; Chief Mustering Officer, George H. Pettis;
Aides-de-Camp, Charles F. Handy ; Past Com-
mander Department of the Potomac, A. H.
G. Richardson ; Past Commander
Department of Massachusetts,

John W. Kimball.
Barge with Grand Army Veterans,

National Band of Providence.
John A. Andrew Post 15, George W. Powers, Commander.
Post 1 of Providence, Philip S. Chase, Commander.

Druin Corps.
Robert A. Bell Post 134.
Charles A. Bradley, Commander.

Union Drum Corps.
George L. Stearns Post 149, D. D. Pike, Commander.

Drum Corps.
Dahlgren Post 2, Rev. George A. Thayer, Commander.

Marlboro' Brass Band.

School Regiment Drum Corps.
Boston School Regiment, Colonel W. A. Whitney commanding,



On foot and in four-horse barge, as follows: Aaron D. Capen,

Francis A. Lander, William Tothill, Nathaniel A. Daniels, Emery Souther,

Henry E. Turner, William C. Laurence, William Lee,

Wm. H. Dennet, Hezekiah Earl,

George C. Simmons, Amos C. Clapp, George W. Robbins, John B. Bruce,

Samuel T. Cushing, W. A. Williams,

Samuel W. Clifford, John Timmins,
Benjamin Brown,
William Carter,

F. H. Horsman,
S. E. Brown,
J. H. Wilder,

Asa T. Pratt,
John C. Pratt,

Jonas G. Shillaber, Benjamin S. Codman, Charles II. Nichols, John Cutter,

Daniel Ruggles,
H. B. Hersey,

Charles G. Wills, Benjamin Parks,
Charles Chaplin,
Joseph Pratt,

W.F. Graves,
S. C. Bixby,
D. D. Leeds,

Alvin Adams,
J. K. Adams,

John S. Freeman,

Caleb Pratt.

Lynn Brass Band.

Drum Corps.
Massachusetts Agricultural College Cadets, from Amherst, Lieutenant Charles

Morris of the Fifth Artillery, U.S A., commanding.
Magoun Battery of West Medford, Capt. Charles Stover.


Captain L. P. Abbott, of Hook and Ladder 3, commanding. A hand-engine from Norwich, Conn., made in 1788, and in constant use until

within a few years. Steam fire-engine and two hose carts of the pattern used in 1860. A handsome new nickel-plated steam fire-engine, just completed for the city, by the Silsby Manufacturing Company of Seneca Falls, N.Y.,

a new hose carriage accompanying it. Another modern engine, finished in brass, from the Amoskeag Works, and

a four-wheeled hose carriage. A new machine and hose cart from Hunneman & Co., the oldest firm in the

country, established in 1792. “Relief” chemical extinguisher, made in 1873. A new chemical engine, the “ John Q. Adams,” made for the town of Quincy by

Charles Holloway, of Baltimore, Md.

The water tower, a new hook and ladder truck, and a model of an aerial

ladder and life-saving apparatus. Fire department supply wagon, with buckets used in 1760, 1788, 1791, 1821,

1822, and 1823.

First Regiment Band of Newark, N.J. Passaic Steam Fire Engine and Company No. 1, of Paterson, N.J., fifty

men, Foreman Thomas W. Armstrong commanding.

[blocks in formation]

Pawtucket, R.I., Band.

Seven Pipers. Boston Caledonian Club, William Grant, Chief. Staff of Chief. Edward Owler, First Chieftain ; Malcolm Campbell, Second Chieftain ; James H. Abercrombie, Third Chieftain ; George Gibson, Fourth Chieftain ; George Malcolm, Fifth Chieftain,

Escorting The Scots Charitable Society, Marshal, J. Stuart MacCorry. Aids : P. H. Lawson, John A. McKean, John I. Loudon, and Alexander T.

Laughton. President of the Society, James Bogle; Vice-President, John Gilchrist ;

Treasurer, John Sutherland; Secretary, Alexander T. Laughton. The Society's guests in carriages : Dr. Donald Kennedy, James Wemyss, Alpine McLean, James M. Smith, David M. Balfour, Hugh Brown, Wm. Rust, Wm. Downie, Archibald C. Faulkner, David M. Thompson, John Sutherland, R. W. Morville,

Rev. R. F. Gordan.



Col. Wm. M. Rumery, Marshal. Aids : Walter R. Dyer, Dana B. Putnam, A. E. Bailey, J. W. Kimball.

Carter's Band.

First Regiment Massachusetts Patriarchs.
Lieut.-Col., Fred A. Lull; Major, W. A Waugh ; Adjutant, Irving Jones,
Paymaster, F. E. Merriman; Quartermaster, W. Pickering, Jr.

Boston Encampment No. 38, W. C. Babcock commanding.
Charles-River Encampment No. 22, J. W. Graves commanding.
Bunker Hill Encampment, No. 5, W. T. Hathaway commanding.
Tri-Mountain Encampment, No. 2, A. P. Sanborn commanding.

Mt. Vernon Encampment No. 53.
Massasoit Encampment, No. 1, acting as body-guard to
The officers of the R.W. Grand Encampment and R.W. Grand Lodge of

Massachusetts, in carriages, as follows: William D. Hay, M.W. Grand Patriarch ; Ambrose Lawrence, M.E. Grand High Priest ; E. Bentley Young, R.W. Grand Senior Warden ; Charles D. Cole, R.W. Grand Scribe ; Charles N. Alexander, R.W. Grand Junior Warden ; Enos H. Tucker, R.W. Grand Representative; Samuel B. Krogman, W. Grand Instructor; Moses H. Sibley, W. Deputy Sentinel ; Amos Hill, Charles Hayden, Past Grand Patriarchs ; and Patriarch A. L. Emerson, of Manchester, N.H.; James T. Joslin, M.W. Grand Master; Henry W. Clark, R.W. Deputy Grand Master; Francis Jewett, R.W. Grand Warden ; Julius L. Clarke, R.W. Grand Treasurer; Frederick W. Trowbridge, W. Grand Marshal; Henry K. Braley, W. Grand Conductor ; George H. Allen, W. Grand Chaplain ; James B. Wheeler, W. Grand Herald ; E. Dana Bancroft, W. Grand Instructor; Corliss Wadleigh, H. W. Stickney, G. B. Hamlin, W.E. Ford, Samuel W. Hodges, Past Grand Masters ; Wm. Parkman, Past Deputy Grand Master, and T.

B. Harris, Past Grand.

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