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Massachusetts Lodge, Independent Order of Red Men.

Maennerchor, East Boston.
Eintracht Lodge, Independent Order of Red Men.

Hildise Bund.

The societies did not appear independently, but the men were organized into companies of twenty-five each. All were uniformed with capes and caps, white for the torch-bearers, and red and blue for officers.

Shortly after eight o'clock the procession started from Bartlett street in the following order :

Platoon of Mounted Police.

Germania Band.

Chief Marshal, Albert J. Gutermuth.
Aids : Meinhardt Steinauer, Otto Gutermuth, Oscar Schmidt.

Chief of Tableaux, C. Julius Hermann.
Aids : Alvin Kindervater, A. Frankenthal, Edward Sterr.
Escort of Mounted Torch-bearers, Adolph Anthes commanding.



Division Commander, C. Emmel.

Aid, G. A. Rothfuss.

Torch-bearers. First Tableau. -- listory, Tradition, Allegory, and Time. A group of four characters. Clio, the muse of history, sat in the middle, holding the stylus and tablets. On her right sat Allegory, holding a handmirror, signifying that allegory is but a reflection of the truth. On the left sat Tradition, a lyre by her side, signifying the embodiment of ancient lore in poetry and song. Back of the group stood Time (Chronos), a tall and venerable figure, holding aloft a lighted torch and carrying an hour-glass. History was impersonated by Mrs. Alexis G. Bonnet, Allegory by Miss Josie Smith, Tradition by Miss Milly Karnheim, and Time by Augustus Berg.

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