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This tableau represented an ancient Norse ship, manned by Lief, son of Eric the Red, and his followers, who, about A.D. 1000, landed on the shores of Massachusetts. In the bow stood Eric, leaning on his spear, and gazing intently at the land which they were nearing. By his side sat a bard, and behind him stood Tyrker, a German, who accompanied the expedition. The oars were manned by Northmen, whose shields hung in a over the gunwale. In the stern stood a sailor engaged in furling the single sail, and by his side stood the helmsman, steering the ship by an oar.

Lief Ericson was impersonated by H. W. Young; the bard by A. Werner; Tyrker by Charles Karstens; the crew by A. Baenker, L. Buetner, John D. Bley, G. Brostrom, J. Roeder, Mr. Koehler, L. May, and A. C. Doering.

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THIRD TABLEAU. Landing of the Pilgrims, at Plymouth. A boat-load of Pilgrims has just reached the shore. One of the boatmen is making the painter fast, while the other two are holding the boat against a rock upon which the party are to land. A man, woman, and boy have reached the top of the rock, and pause for a moment to look at the prospect before them. The woman clasps an infant to her bosom.

The characters were represented by Miss Zirbes, Messrs. E. Rothfuchs, M. Nold, A. Stoll, H. Lysholm, and Master Frank Wessner.


FOURTI TABLEAU. Miles Standish's Fight with the Indians. This group, composed of six figures, represented the slaying of Pecksuot by the Puritan soldier, as described in Longfellow's “ Courtship of Miles Standish.” In the centre stood Miles Standish, leaning upon his sword, and gazing at the body of the Indian, which laid prone upon the ground, the deadly knife still sticking in his bosom. Hobomok, the friendly Indian, points at the body of Pecksuot. Two Puritan warriors, and another dead Indian, make up

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