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the rule to enable him to offer two other resolves on the same subject, that all might be passed together. The rule was suspended, and Mr. Sawyer offered the following:

Resolved, That the thanks of the City C'ouncil be tendered to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, for the very handsome and satisfactory manner in which they performed escort duty for the City Government on the 17th inst., the occasion of the observance of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Boston.

Resolved, That the thanks of the City Council be presented to the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, for the brilliant and skilfully arranged exhibition of the several industries of this State, which contributed so largely on the 17th instant to the interest and success of the municipal celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Boston.

On motion of Councilman James Christal, of Ward 8, the rule was suspended to enable him to offer the following resolution on the same subject :

Resolved, That the thanks of the City Council be and the same are hereby given to the officers and members of the Police Department, for the very able and acceptable manner in which they performed their duties upon the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Boston.

The above resolves and order were then read a second time and passed, those from the Board of Aldermen in concurrence, and the others being sent up for concurrence. The resolve and order relating to the Chief Marshal and Boston Turnverein were approved by the Mayor on the 24th of September, 1880.

At the meeting of the Board of Aldermen, on the 27th of September, 1880, the resolves relating to the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, and the Police Department, were passed in concurrence, and were approved by the Mayor on the 28th of September, 1880.

The Chief Marshal transmitted to his aids and assistants the vote of thanks passed by the City Council, in the following circular :

Head-quarters of Chief Marshal,



SEPTEMBER 27, 1880.

DEAR SIR, — It gives me great pleasure to herewith transmit to you the foregoing resolution, passed by the City Council of Boston.

In addition to this I desire to express to you, as a member of the staff, my personal thanks for your prompt and efficient coöperation in making the parade of the 17th instant so complete a success as to elicit the heartiest encomiums of all, thereby adding another to the long list of successful celebrations that have taken place in our city.

One who has never undertaken the duties of organizing and conducting a large procession within the limits of a city can hardly appreciate how much devolves upon the assistants selected, where such a variety of knowledge and executive talent is required as that necessary to arrange and perfect the plans incident to such an occasion. I found in you, and all the members of the staff, such willingness to aid and a promptness in carrying out the arrangements decided upon, that the usual duties of the position of Chief Marshal were greatly lessened, and labor became a pleasure.

While I cannot recount the valuable services of all, I feel it a duty to make special recognition of that rendered by the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, which reported promptly, and thereby enabled the column to move at the appointed time. I also desire to express my hearty appreciation of the assistance rendered by the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association ; of His Honor Mayor Prince, and the Committee on Celebration, who so cheerfully accorded to us all the means within their power to carry out our programme in every particular ; of Captain Samuel G. Adams, Superintendent of Police, and his entire force; of Mr. William H. Lee, Clerk of Committees, and his associates, who did so much to expedite all business connected with their departments; of the Police and Fire Commissions, to whose offices we were so much indebted ; and to the Metropolitan, Highland, and South Boston R.R. Companies, who furnished us with men and other valuable aid. To the Division Commanders and their staffs I am under great obligations for the admirable manner in which they handled their respective divisions.

Among the many pleasant recollections (to me personally) connected with the celebration will ever be that of the cordial manner in which so inany members of the Loyal Legion accepted the invitation to act as an Honorary Staff.

I also acknowledge with deep gratitude the ready, efficient, and soldierlike way in which the Second Corps of Cadets, Lieut-Col. Samuel Dalton commanding, performed the duty of escort to the Chief Marshal and Staff, and to all others connected with the procession.

I also wish to convey my thanks to the visiting Military Organizations, for the interest manifested by them in the celebration, and to acknowledge the remarkably fine manner in which they bore themselves on the line of march ; and to thank them and all participants for keeping their positions during the entire route.

I congratulate you upon the successful conduct of the parade, which has added much to the historic fame and renown of our beloved city of Boston.

I am, with great respect,

Yours, very truly,


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