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All mounted oflicers and men will see that their horses are properly watered before the column moves, as no halts can be made for this purpose.

At a quarter before 12 o'clock each Chief of Division will report by Aid to the Chief Marshal.

At 12 o'clock, noon, one gun will be fired from the Common, and the head of the column will move; after this hour the route of the procession will be kept clear of all teams.

Any Chief of Division not ready to move promptly in his order will at once notify the Chief of the one next succeeding to march in his stead, and will take position for the march in rear of the last marching division, retaining at the head of his own its own proper banner. Should he, however, be subject to detention by the unreadiness of a small portion of his command, he may, at his discretion, detach such portion, and send it, under charge of an Aid, to report to the Chief of the last marching division.

Any organization reaching the ground after the departure of its division will report to the Chief of the next succeeding one, not already in motion.


will be from the junction of Columbus avenue and Berkeley street, through the following streets :

Columbus avenue, Chester park (north side), Washington, Summer, High, Pearl, Post-office square, Congress, State, New Devonshire, Washington, Hanover, Tremont, Boylston, to Berkeley street, where the procession will be dismissed.

Citizens are requested to decorate their stores and residences situated on the line of the march.

At Arlington street His Excellency John D. Long, Governor of Massachusetts, will review the procession.

At Berkeley street the Chief Marshal will review the column.

The Chief Marshal, having made the route a comparatively short one, earnestly desires that no organization leave the column until dismissed at the junction of Boylston and Berkeley streets.

After passing that point, organizations going south will proceed via Huntington avenue, West Chester park, Columbus avenue, and Northampton street.

Chiefs of Division are requested to transmit to these head-quarters, on the day following the march, consolidated reports of their commands. By order of


Chief Marshal. J. HENRY SLEEPER,


Trades' Display



40 BEDFORD ST., Boston, Sept. 15, 1880.

The Grand Procession on Friday, the 17th inst., will move at 12 o'clock precisely.

The Trades' Display will close the column as the Seventh Division.

Participants are particularly requested to be in line as below, at 12 o'clock. It is requested that the horses be baited and all assistants take their dinners before entering the line. Arrangements will be made to furnish water for the horses in Tremont street at Clarendon, in Berkeley street at Clarendon, and in Warren avenue at Berkeley street, from 12 to 2 o'clock.

Nos. 1 to 35, inclusive, will form on the west side of Berkeley street, south of Columbus avenue, the right resting on Cortes street, - entering from Tremont street.

Nos. 36 to 85, inclusive, will form on the west side of Tremont street, south of Warren avenue, the right resting on Warren Avenue, - entering from streets on the easterly side.

Nos. 86 to 95, inclusive, will form on the south side of Montgomery street, the right resting on Clarendon street, - entering from Canton street.

Nos. 96 to 125, inclusive, will form on the south side of Warren avenue, the right resting on Tremont street, - entering from Newton street.

Nos. 126 to 140, inclusive, will form on the south side of Appleton street, the right resting on Berkeley street, - entering from Canton street.

Nos. 141 to 144, inclusive, will form on the south side of Chandler street, the right resting on Berkeley street, - entering from Dartmouth street.

All intersecting streets and courts will be uncovered.

Aids to the Assistant Marshal of this division (Capt. John Mack) will be in attendance on the several streets to receive the participants.

Each participant will display his Card Number as he enters the street in which he is to be placed in line.

Per order,

Clerk of Committee.
John S. BLAIR,

Executive Committee Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association.

By request of the Committee of Arrangements the Mayor issued the following proclamation :

MAYOR'S OFFICE, City IIALL, September 15, 1880. In accordance with a vote of the committee of the City Council on the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the settlement of Boston, I hereby request citizens to close their stores and places of business, so far as may be practicable, on Friday, the 17th inst., and that the day be observed as a holiday; also that residents and occupants of buildings along the route of the processions make display of decorations during the day and illuminations in the evening.




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