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program. LeMoyne College has com- years later the first industry was established, of penthouse, ranch house and country cotpleted four structures and is planning making table salt from the “demon's" spring tage; of city boulevards, suburban lanes, and

village squares a hometown that's urban, more. One new college was started in water. For a century the community was the

suburban and rural all in one. Nation's principal source of salt, giving Syra

Each is 1962-the Onondaga Community Col

cuse a name it still bears, "Salt City.” Follege. A second new one—the Maria lowing the easy water level routes came the

linked to the center of Syracuse by modern

expressways and thoroughfares. The subRegina College for Women-is to open Erie and barge canals, the roads north and urbanite is within a few minutes' commuting in 1963.

west, and the first railroads. Each sparked time to work; the homemaker within easy Major planning and substantial con- more growth. In 1825 Syracuse was incorpo- reach of downtown fashion shops or nearby struction have been completed on the rated as a village; in 1848 as a city. In 1869, shopping centers. interstate and arterial road systems in

Charles Dickens said the city looked “as if it There are over 120,000 living units in this

had begun to be built yesterday and were go- Syracuse hometown. the county with indications that the

Almost 16,000 new ing to be knocked together with a nail or two homes have been built during the past 5 investment in new roads in the Syracuse the day after tomorrow.” The methods imwill amount to $150 million proved; the building goes on.

years alone. City parks offer more than 2,368

of tree-shaded lawns, playgrounds, All these achievements have been the


pools, and ball fields, supplemented by accomplishments of a dynamic city gov

Syracuse is now the fourth largest and the

county and State parks and beaches. ernment headed by Mayor William fastest growing metropolitan area in New

Two-thirds of the area's families are homeWalsh. Working in cooperation with York State-one of the two fastest growing

owners. Those recently buying new homes in

beautiful County Executive John Mulroy and

excellent Mulroy and metropolitan areas in the United States

neighborhoods-with Thomas E. Ward, executive director of and the country's leading test market for new

schools, transportation, shopping areas, po

lice, and fire protection, sewage, and trash products. the city, County Office of Economic De

Population and size

collections-paid an average of $16,000. velopment, local officials have taken City of Syracuse-

Those renting modern four-room apartments steps to make Syracuse a model city. Town of Camillus

216, 038

There 18, 324

pay an average monthly rent of $110. Their imaginative planning and dedi- Town of Cicero-

14, 738

is excellent bus transportation throughout cated hard work have brought new in- Town of Clay-..

17, 730

the city and surburban areas. dustry into Onondaga County, and Town of DeWitt

22, 686

Jot down what you think an “ideal home

19, 590 created new jobs. Certainly if local Town of Geddes.

town" should be, and you will describe

Greater Syracuse. governments in other parts of the coun- Town of La Fayette----

3, 362

19, 317 EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES AMONG THE FINEST lead of Syracuse we would have fewer Town of Pompey-try followed the progressive and dynamic Town of Manlius--

13, 404

Schools, colleges, and universities in the

3, 475 depressed areas and far less dependence Town of Salina

Greater Syracuse area rank among the best

33, 053 in the Nation for scholastic achievement, on Washington.

Town of Van Buren..

8, 684 curriculum, faculties, and facilities. Local In an effort to attract additional in- Other -

67, 709

boards of education maintain high standards dustry into the Syracuse area, the Office Onondaga County total..

423, 028 and requirements for teachers. There is an of Economic Development has prepared Metropolitan area..

563, 781

average of 1 teacher for every 25 students. some material describing the community (Syracuse City area: 25.68 square miles. WITHIN THE CITY OF SYRACUSE ALONE THERE and its potential for development. Mr. Onondaga County area: 792 square miles.

ARE President, I ask unanimous consent that Metropolitan area: Counties of Onondaga,

Thirty-four public elementary schools. excerpts from this material be printed Oswego, and Madison.)

Twenty-five parochial elementary schools. at this point in the RECORD.


Twelve public, junior and senior high There being no objection, the excerpts New York State. Adjacent to Syracuse UniSyracuse is the upstate medical center of


Twelve parochial high schools. were ordered to be printed in the RECORD, versity is a complex of hospitals, labora

One technical high school. as follows: SYRACUSE, N.Y. tories, and medical and nurse training fa

One school for physically handicapped. cilities. The city has a total of 14 hospitals.

One school for mentally retarded. GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION-CROSSROADS These include a new 500-bed community Syracuse University. Syracuse, county seat of Onondaga County, hospital, a 500-bed Veterans' Administration LeMoyne College. is nearly the geographic center of New York hospital, and a new 350-bed teaching hos- State University College of Medicine. State. It is one of only eight cities in the pital now under construction at the Up

State University College of Forestry. United States located at the junction of two state Medical Center of the State University University College of Syracuse University. major superhighways. Syracuse is the cross

of New York. The community has approxi- Syracuse Community College (established ing point of the east-west New York State mately 700 medical doctors, including nu- 1962). Thruway (Interstate Route 90) and the merous specialists, and some 230 dentists. Numerous business and vocational schools. new north-south Penn-Can Highway (Inter


WITHIN THE GREATER SYRACUSE AREA state Route 81). It has one of the world's

There are approximately 250 churches and In addition to the many schools and collargest railroad marshaling yards, is located synagogues in Onondaga County. The re

leges within the city of Syracuse, there are on the main line of the New York Central, ligious makeup is approximately 51 percent

many more public, parochial and private and is served by the Erie Lackawanna. Syra

Roman Catholic, 40 percent Protestant, and schools in the immediate suburban area and cuse is also a major terminal on the barge 7 percent Jewish.

fine colleges within an hour's drive, includcanal, water link to the Great Lakes and headquarters city for Baptist, CongregaAtlantic. Within a 300-mile radius are ma

headquarters city for Baptist, Congrega- ing: Colgate University, Cornell University,

tionalist, Methodist, and Presbyterian Hamilton College, Utica College, Hobart Coljor cities of two nations, and almost 25 per- churches; the Stake of Cumorah of the

lege, Wells College, Auburn Community Colcent of the population of the United States Church of Latter-day Saints; See of a Ro(more than 43 million persons).

Church of Latter-day Saints; See of a Ro- lege, Morrisville Agricultural & Technical

man Catholic Diocese; and See of the Epis- Institute, Keuka College, William Smith ColEMPIRE STATE HEARTLAND

copal Central New York Diocese. Syracuse lege, Cazenovia Junior College, Mohawk ValSyracuse is the hub of one of the most is also the headquarters for the New York ley Technical Institute, State College of Edubeautiful and richly diversified States in the State Council of Churches.

cation at Cortland, State College of EducaNation. Here you'll find towering cities and


tion at Ithaca, State College of Education at picturesque villages, mighty industrial cen

Syracuse has a mayor and common council

Oswego, the Manlius School, and Pebble Hill ters and sprawling farmlands, bustling har form of government, a 366-man police de

School. bors and vast woodlands, Broadway plays partment, and a 385-man fire department

SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY and county fairs, the United Nations and with 166 pieces of equipment. Onondaga

Founded in 1870, is located on a beautiful town meeting halls, subways and deer trails County has an executive-legislative form of

795-acre hilltop campus overlooking Syraall within an easy drive of Syracuse. government and a 115-man sheriff's depart

cuse. The university, one of the finest in the CAPSULE HISTORY ment. Surrounding towns and villages have

Nation, includes nine colleges, seven schools

and a major research center. It also operates Syracuse was one of the first western fron- 4,000 volunteer firemen with 225 pieces of tiers, a virgin land, home of Hiawatha, site of

University College, a downtown adult educaequipment. In addition to city and county

tion branch with an enrollment of 3,500. The the Onondaga Indian Nation, and famed offices, numerous State and Federal regional Iriquois Confederacy. Father

offices are located in Syracuse.

university has a faculty of 1,200, enrollment There are

of over 13,000, and physical assets of some Moyne, a French Jesuit missionary, visited city and county planning commissions, and

$65 million. Associate, bachelor, master and here in 1654 and wrote of a salt spring the master plans have been drawn up to guide Indians believe to be "inhabited by a demon area development.

Ph. D. degrees are offered for studies ranging

from liberal arts and law to science and who makes it fetid.” In 1786 came the first GREATER SYRACUSE AS A HOMETOWN

engineering. In addition, the State Univerpermanent white settler, Ephraim Webster Syracuse has been described as a "metrop- sity of New York College of Medicine and Up(who inspired James Fenimore Cooper's olis minus the roar, a hamlet minus the state Medical Center are located here, as is literary character, “Natty Bumppo”). TWO yawn-an ideal place to live.” It's a mixture the world-known College of Forestry.



WDDS-FM, independent.

half billion dollars; 850 wholesale and disFounded in 1946, has gained immediate

WONO-FM, independent.

tributor firms with annual sales totaling stature and is growing rapidly in facilities, WSYR-FM, New York Times Network. more than a billion dollars; 4 commercial faculty, and enrollment. LeMoyne, a Cath


banks with 52 area branch offices and deolic coeducational liberal arts college oper


posits totaling $605 million; 2 savings banks

NBC and ABC Networks ated by priests of the Society of Jesus

with 4 area branch offices and deposits total(VHF). (Jesuits), has a 103-acre campus. It has

ing $368 million; 4 savings and loan associa

WHEN-TV, CBS and ABC Networks (VHF). 1,300 undergraduate students and more than

tions with 3 area branch offices and deposits 70 faculty members. Degrees are offered in


totaling $78 million; 2,500 farms with anpure sciences, social sciences, classics, busi- Only 2 hours northeast of Syracuse. nual sales totaling $18 million; annual perness, accounting, and industrial relations. Here, in a mountain range sprawling over sonal income in excess of $740 million; 48 The college has an outstanding Institute of an 8,000-square-mile area, you'll find a 2,- percent of local families earning over $7,000 Industrial Relations and some of the finest 200,000-acre State forest preserve; 46 moun- annually; and almost 90 percent of area scientific laboratories in New York State. tain peaks over 4,000 feet high; at least 200 families have incomes of $4,000 or more per SYRACUSE-CULTURAL AND ENTERTAINMENT

lakes; and hundreds of miles of streams. CENTER OF CENTRAL NEW YORK Camp, boat, swim, fish, hunt, ski or relax

GREATER SYRACUSE-A DIVERSIFIED INDUSTRIAL at world-famed summer and winter resorts; Numerous musical, cultural, and historical

COMPLEX or take the children to see such dreamlands associations-supplemented by local college as the Enchanted Forest, Fantasy Kingdom,

Greater Syracuse is a rapidly growing inand university programs and a council of Santa's North Pole and the Land of Make

dustrial complex, one of only 33 areas in the cultural activities provide a broad spectrum Believe.

United States having operations in all 20 of cultural activities for area residents. And


basic industrial classifications. A Fortune Syracuse has excellent newspapers, radio and

magazine listing of the 500 largest corpora

Less than 2 hours north of Syracuse. television stations, and theaters. Here are almost 1,800 islands; 10 State parks;

tions in the United States shows 98 with Art

operations here-ranking Syracuse first in Alexandria Bay summer resort; the billion

the Nation. Everson Museum of Arts. dollar St. Lawrence Seaway and power de

The area along Syracuse's five

exits on the New York State Thruway has Syracuse University School of Fine Arts. velopment projects; the famed Thousand Syracuse University Lowe Art Center. Islands Bridge; and an area famous for

witnessed more new industrial growth than Permanent collections of art. black bass and muskalonge fish.

any area in the State and continues to grow Site of annual national ceramic exhibi

constantly. In addition, Syracuse is one of SERENE FINGER LAKES REGION

northeastern America's major distribution tion.

Less than 1 hour west of Syracuse. Here, centers.
Numerous shows and exhibits.

according to Indian legend, “the Great Spirit
left His hand upon the land in benediction.”

Industrial diversification Syracuse Public Library with 8 branches The imprint left the breathtaking beauty [Nearly 600 manufacturing firms employing over 56,000 and 700,000 volumes. of long, deep, crystal-clear lakes; of deep

persons] County library system of community li- wooded ravines and glens with towering braries. waterfalls; and of rolling hillside vineyards

Number of

firms Syracuse University Library. producing world-famed wines and cham

SIC LeMoyne College Library. pagnes. Here you'll find the Indian's Ska

No. Industrial classification Schools of journalism and literature. neateles, Owasco, Otisco, Cayuga, Seneca,

Onon- MetroKeuka; and Canandaigua Lakes-ranging

daga politan Music from 11 to 40 miles long-plus numerous

County Syracuse Symphony Orchestra.

smaller lakes; historic sites, campgrounds Civic Morning Musicals, Inc. and resorts.

20 Food

73 135 Famous artist series.

21 Tobacco.



Syracuse University School of Music.

22 Textile mill products..


8 Civic vocal and instrumental groups. Syracuse has become increasingly popular 23 Apparel


16 24 Lumber and wood products


42 Regular performances by nationally known as a site for conventions, meetings, and trade

25 Furniture and fixtures.


27 groups. shows. Good hotels and motels are plenti

26 Paper and allied products.


32 Historical ful and conveniently located. Convention 27 Printing and publishing,

82 101

28 facilities, including those downtown and

Chemicals and allied products. 23

33 Onondaga County Historical Society.


3 Petroleum refining-

8 locally owned Hotel Syracuse and the huge Numerous historical sites.

30 Rubber and plastics.


7 College and university historical groups. Onondaga County War Memorial Auditor

31 Leather..


6 ium, are capable of handling regional and 32 Stone, clay, glass.

34 Stage national gatherings. Facilities for large 33 Primary metal.


37 34 Fabricated metal..


88 Broadway hits and stars featured regu- and small conferences, conventions, and

35 Machinery (except electrical) - 89 120 larly. meetings are available also at numerous

36 Electrical machinery and Numerous summer stock companies. other hotels and motels. The city is stra



18 Several civic theater groups. tegically located for meetings, has excellent 37 | Transportation equipment.


14 Syracuse University Regent Theater, recreation and entertainment facilities and

38 | Profession, scientific, control


19 Theaters is situated in the center of a vast vacation

39 Miscellaneous manufacturing land. An average of 500,000 visitors an



24 Thirty-five theaters with a total seating

nually make Syracuse their convention capacity of 33,000.

headquarters. Thousands more attend Numerous summer and year-round drivesmaller business and professional meetings

MAJOR INDUSTRIAL FIRMS 1 ins. and conferences.

A. E. Nettleton Co. Two theaters featuring foreign films.


Chemical Corp., Solvay Process
Shows and expositions


Annual New York State Exposition.

Bristol Laboratories, Inc.
Auto shows.

Camillus Cutlery Co.
Greater Syracuse is a healthy, growing
Boat shows.

Carrier Corp.
community with a high standard of liv-
Water shows.

Chrysler Corp., New Process Gear Division. ing * * * offering visitors almost every conIce shows.

Continental Can Co., Inc. ceivable product, service and facility *

Crouse-Hinds Co.
Sport shows.
assuring business and commerce of a rich

Crucible Steel Co. of America

market. Recently, it has become a major Electric Autolite Co. Syracuse Post-Standard, mornings and headquarters for national and regional offices

Frazer & Jones Co. Sundays.

of insurance companies. Retail facilities General Electric Co. Syracuse Herald-Journal, evenings and have doubled in size and number in about General Motors Corp. Temstedt Division. Sundays.

a decade. Downtown Syracuse is the largest, Iroquois China Corp.
Several community weekly newspapers. most complete shopping district in central Julius Resnick, Inc.
New York, drawing thousands of shoppers

Kilian Manufacturing Co.

Lamson Corp. WSYR-AM, NBC Network.

regularly from a broad radius. A 1962 study WHEN-AM, CBS Network. shows approximately 37,000 Canadians visit

Learbury Clothes, Inc.

Lennox Industries, Inc. WOLF-AM, ABC Network. here annually. In suburban Syracuse are

Lipe-Rollway Corp. WFBL-AM, Mutual Network, some of the largest and most modern shop

McMillan Book Co. WNDR-AM, independent. ping centers in the East.

Muench-Kreuzer Candle Co. WSEN-AM, independent.

Syracuse has: Modern hotels and motels WSOQ-AM, independent.

with a total of 3,900 rooms; 2,600 retail estabWQSR-AM, independent.

lishments with annual sales totaling over a 1 Employing 200 persons or more.





Murray Corp. of America, Easy Laundry FEDERAL EMPLOYEES SALARY ACT and Civil Service; and, without objec-
Appliance Division.
New York Bell Telephone Co.

OF 1963—AMENDMENT (AMEND- tion, the amendment will be printed in

MENT NO. 283) Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.


The amendment (No. 283) was reOberdorfer Foundries, Inc.

Mr. ROBERTSON. Mr. President, I ferred to the Committee on Post Office O. M. Edwards, Inc.

ask unanimous consent that I may yield and Civil Service, as follows: Onondaga Pottery Co.

to the Senator from Delaware (Mr. WILPass & Seymour Co. LIAMS) for 3 minutes, without losing my

At the appropriate place insert a new secPorter-Cable Machine Co.

tion as follows: Precision Castings Co. right to the floor.

"Notwithstanding any other provisions of R. E. Dietz Co.


this bill the effective date of any increase on Rollway Bearing Co., Inc. objection, it is so ordered.

any salary of $10,000 or over, shall be the Sylvania Electric Products, Inc.

Mr. WILLIAMS of Delaware. Mr. first day of the first month after the close of Syracuse Ornamental Co.

President, on Wednesday, October 30, the a fiscal year with a balanced Federal U.S. Hoffman Machinery Corp. House committee approved H.R. 8986.

budget." Western Electric Co.

This bill embraced the administration's Will & Baumer Candle Co.

Mr. LAUSCHE. Mr. President, I ask Some products of Greater Syracuse: Elec- suggestion that the salaries of the top

unanimous consent that I may be added trical equipment, electronic equipment, tele- executives of the Government, including

as a cosponsor of the amendment subphone equipment, radio and television sets, Members of Congress, be increased by

mitted by the distinguished Senator from pharmaceuticals, chemicals, air condition- about 50 percent. In my opinion, this

about 50 percent. In my opinion, this Delaware [Mr. WILLIAMS], which proing, tool steel, roller bearings, soda ash, con- suggestion is fiscally irresponsible, par

suggestion is fiscally irresponsible, par- vides that the contemplated pay intainers, automotive equipment, agricultural ticularly at a time when our deficit is implements, furniture, office equipment, running at the rate of around $1 billion

crease for Supreme Court, appellate, and machine shop products, foundry products, per month, and there is no indication

district court judges, and for members conveying equipment, chinaware and pottery,

of commissions, and other employees of wax candles, clothing, shoes, handbags, and that spending is being reduced to bring the Federal Government, if passed, shall foods. it more into line.

not go into effect until the first day after Distribution of labor force

Under the administration's proposal, it is disclosed that the budget has been Manufacturing

56, 700 salaries of Cabinet members would be in- balanced. Construction ---

8,000 creased from $25,000 to $35,000. Salaries Mr. WILLIAMS of Delaware. It proTransportation and communications. 11, 000 of members of the Supreme Court would vides that none of the increase in any Wholesaling and retailing-.

33, 500 be increased from $35,000 to $45,000. salary of $10,000 or more presently reFinance, insurance, real estate --- 6,500

Salaries of Members of Congress would ceived shall become effective until the Government--

15, 000

be increased from $22,500 to $32,500. Services--17,500

first day of the first month after the Agriculture--


Heads of other agencies, whose pres- close of a fiscal year that shows a Self-employed.

12, 600 ent salaries range from $12,000 to $20,- balanced Federal budget. Domestic----

2,500 000, would be increased proportionately, I welcome the Senator from Ohio as

with these increases ranging from $5,000 TRANSPORTATION AND RESOURCES


a cosponsor of the amendment. to $8,000 a year.

could more or less be called an incentive Located at the intersection of the 500-mile, east-west New York State Thruway (Inter

In my opinion, to approve such an in- amendment, because it would involve state Route 90) and the new north-south crease in salaries of those top officials who

crease in salaries of those top officials who thousands of employees, who would be Penn-Can Highway (Interstate Route 81). are responsible for our present financial

are responsible for our present financial working vigorously to eliminate waste in Both routes interconnect with the Nation's instability is an insult to the American the Federal Government in order that other major superhighways. Syracuse is one taxpayers who will have to bear the the budget could be balanced, and thereof only eight cities in the United States burden.

by achieve their salary increase. located at the crossing point of two major superhighways, making it one of the fastest

Surely no private company would give Mr. LAUSCHE. I appreciate the growing distribution centers in the Nation.

a 50-percent salary increase to its top courtesy of the Senator in giving me the Syracuse is served by 124 motor freight executive officers and directors when the

executive officers and directors when the opportunity to become a cosponsor. carriers with major terminals. There is also management had produced but six bal- Mr. DOMINICK. Mr. President, I ask direct bus service in all directions.

anced budgets in the past 30 years. unanimous consent that I too may beOne of the largest railroad marshaling Therefore, I am today submitting an come a cosponsor of the amendment. yards in the world is located here, the New amendment to the bill now pending in

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without York Central Dewitt classification yard.

the committee, and if the bill is later re- objection, it is so ordered. Syracuse is a major terminal on the 522

Mr. LAUSCHE subsequently said: Mr. mile Barge Canal System, which links the ported by the Senate Committee withAtlantic and Great Lakes and handles over

out this amendment it will be reoffered President, the amendment of the Senator 2,400,000 tons of cargo per year. in the Senate.

from Delaware [Mr. WILLIAMS] of which Hancock Field, one of the most modern The purpose of this amendment is to I have become a cosponsor, in my opinion airports in the Nation, is served by Eastern, postpone the effective date of any in- is sound, in the interest of the people Mohawk, and American Airlines. There are crease on any salary of $10,000 or over of the country, and ought to be adopted. an average of 70 flights daily, handling over

until the first day of the first month There are many reasons why the ex565,000 passengers and 1,640 tons of cargo

after the close of a fiscal year with a orbitant pay increases for those now per year. It is also the home of the U.S. Air Force's 26th Air Division, the original SAGE balanced budget.

receiving in excess of $10,000 ought not Command.

Surely no Frontiersman will object to to be approved. One of the important Water is presently supplied by Skaneateles this effective date since they are all now

reasons is that the increase in our deficit and Otisco Lakes, two of the purest bodies claiming that their heavy

claiming that their heavy spending operations has made it imperative that of water in North America. Daily capacity policies and large tax cuts will accelerate

the debt ceiling be lifted from the present is approximately 66 million gallons. In addi

the economy to such an extent that it figure of $308 billion to $315 billion. tion, unlimited sources of water will be

will soon give us not only a balanced The Secretary of the Treasury, Hon. tapped for all future needs. Currently approved plans call for construction of trans

budget but will solve all our other Douglas Dillon, recently testified before mission and storage facilities to provide up problems as well.

the Senate Finance Committee headed to 62,500,000 additional gallons of water per

The amendment reads as follows: by Senator HARRY F. BYRD, that the agday.

At the appropriate place insert a new sec

gregate deficits of the Federal GovernElectric power and natural gas service are tion as follows:

ment for the years of 1961, 1962, and provided by the Niagara Mohawk Power Notwithstanding any other provisions of

1963, were about $1612 billion; that with Corp. The utility is also engaged in a re- this bill the effective date of any increase on out the tax cut the deficit for the fiscal search and development program for future any salary of $10,000 or over, shall be the

year of 1964 which began on July 1 will use of atomic power. The Niagara Mohawk first day of the first month after the close

be $9 billion; and that the expected system has 81 hydroelectric and 5 steam- of a fiscal year with a balanced Federal

deficit for the fiscal year of 1965 beginelectric generating stations, and a total ca- budget. pacity of 4,569,000 kilowatts. Principal trans

ning on July 1, 1964, will be $9.2 billion. mission routes for this power intersect at

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The It thus is obvious that the aggregate Syracuse, where the Niagara Mohawk system amendment will be received, printed, and deficits for the 5 years discussed will power control center is located.

referred to the Committee on Post Office be $3412 billion. Manifestly the debt ceiling must be lifted. Our spending pro- The next major step was the Civil petition leading to the development of a gram is not based on revenues received Aeronautics Act of 1938 which created new short-haul transport aircraft capbut on new debts incurred.

the independent Civil Aeronautics Au- able of replacing the venerable, but I want to provide a tax cut for the thority.

aging, DC-3's. This project of great impeople of our country but I want to do it World War II gave a tremendous im- portance to hundreds of communities, on the basis of a rational and sound ap- petus to aviation and the number of not only in this country, but throughout proach which means a reduction instead pilots and planes, and the performance the world, would involve an expenditure of an expansion of spending.

of aircraft, including jet aircraft, in- of $300,000 in taxpayer funds to spur a Respecting the proposed salary raises creased enormously.

design competition next year. of high echelon officials including the As early as 1948 the President's Air While the various FAA regions and inSenators and Representatives of the U.S. Coordinating Committee warned that stallations throughout the Nation are Congress, I will approve of it the moment the techniques and tools available for celebrating in various ways, here in the we achieve a balanced budget.

the control of air traffic were, at least, Nation's Capital the Agency is acknowlThe amendment contemplates the ap- marginal and it became increasingly edging this landmark date by having proval of pay increases only on the date apparent that the CAA could not cope open house at Dulles International Airthat it is established that our budget has with the serious problem of our increas- port from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday been balanced.

ingly congested airspace. The magni- and Sunday. Mr. ROBERTSON. Mr. President, I tude of the problem was highlighted by I hope that many people in the Washask unanimous consent that I may yield the White House Aviation Facilities ington area will be able to join with the to the Senator from Oklahoma [Mr. Study Group in 1955, and another step FAA in celebrating its fifth anniversary MONRONEY] for 3 minutes without losing forward was taken with the passage of at Dulles International Airport this my right to the floor.

the Airways Modernization Act of 1957. weekend. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without I am proud to have been the sponsor Aviation plays an ever-growing role in objection, it is so ordered.

of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 the economy. Its contribution to our which repealed the Air Commerce Act economic well-being is readily proved by

of 1926, the Civil Aeronautics Act of statistics. Not so readily discernible, FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FED- 1938, and the Airways Modernization Act however, is the contribution which a ERAL AVIATION AGENCY

of 1957, and, finally, established the Fed- healthy and expanding U.S. aviation in

eral Aviation Agency. Mr. MONRONEY. Mr. President, the

dustry is making on behalf of peace and Federal Aviation Agency today celebrates

Today, the responsibilities and activi- international understanding. The freer

and faster movement about the world of its fifth anniversary. I want to take this ties of the FAA go far beyond the Na

citizens and leaders of all nations has opportunity to congratulate the FAA for tion's borders. They encompass all the what it has achieved during its first 5

States and possessions and touch upon revolutionized the art of diplomacy. Air years, and to wish it well for the years the international areas in which our flag travel and transport has, in the last two

decades, contributed immeasurably to ahead. After all, the achievements of carriers operate. the FAA reflect in large part the achieve

I am happy to report that the Agency better understanding and to greater ments of America in the field of aviation has made significant steps forward in its commerce among nations. It has per

The progress that has been made first 5 years in establishing and operating mitted more realistic accommodation of through the steady improvement in the

an airways system that provides a safe differences between distant nations and safety, reliability, and efficiency of our

environment for today's air travelers, distant peoples who are no longer isoair transport is truly remarkable. and for the continued growth that is lated from each other by days or weeks

or months of travel. The Federal AviaAll Americans can be proud of the fact sure to come. that even with the faster and faster

I am proud, also, of the pioneering tion Agency has played an important speeds now offered air travelers by the which has been undertaken by FAA part in making possible this welcome swift swept-wing jets, and despite the leadership to develop major economies trend toward comity among people, crowded airways and growing congestion by assuming functions of air traffic con- among States, and among nations. around metropolitan air terminals, flying trol previously handled by military agen- The first 5 years of the FAA have been is becoming safer than ever. Scheduled cies. Much additional effort will be re- years of rapid growth to meet fastpassenger airlines in the United States quired to keep our airways safe as they developing needs. In the years ahead, both domestic and international, have become more crowded. I am confident these needs will continue to grow. The maintained a record of less than 1 fatal- that Congress will continue to respond employees of the FAA will face new chality per 100 million passenger miles for 11 to the needs of this Agency on the lenges and new opportunities for service. consecutive years. The 1960 rate was ground that money is better spent in On this fifth anniversary, all who have 0.75, and this improved to 0.29 in 1961 saving lives and enhancing efficiency contributed to its present stature deserve and 0.26 for 1962. That is equivalent to and reliability in aviation than in pay

our thanks, our felicitations, and our 1 fatality per 400 million miles of travel.

1. ing the claims resulting from air good wishes. If we do as well in the last 2 months of disasters. this year as we did in the first 10, 1963

The Federal Aviation Agency is presswill show further improvement. For ing forward with research and develop

For ing forward with research and develop- AMENDMENT OF FOREIGN ASSISTsome time now it has been safer to cross ment. This will make possible the instal

ANCE ACT OF 1961 the Nation by plane than in our own lation of the most efficient traffic control The Senate resumed the consideration automobile.

and traffic safety equipment. This will of the bill (H.R. 7885) to amend further The FAA was born officially just 5 provide knowledge for adequate han- the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as years ago when a retired Air Force gen- dling of the human factors involved in amended, and for other purposes. eral with a distinguished record in avia- air safety.

Mr. ROBERTSON. Mr. President, at tion, Elwood R. (Pete) Quesada, was The Agency has also taken the lead in the inception of our first foreign-aid sworn in as the first Administrator. The the very difficult program to provide a program, known as the Marshall plan, I Agency began operations on December 31, supersonic commercial air transport was one of its most enthusiastic support1958.

plane so necessary to maintain the ers. During my 10 years of service on Najeeb E. Halaby, a former jet test vitality and continued growth of the the Ways and Means Committee in the pilot with a wealth of private and Gov- U.S. aviation manufacturing and avia- House, which extended from 1937 to ernment executive experience, was tion transport industries. This will be a 1946, I had made an exhaustive study of named by President Kennedy as the joint effort of Government and private foreign trade in connection with the Hull Agency's second Administrator on Janu- enterprise, based on a cost-sharing reciprocal trade agreements program beary 19, 1961.

arrangement on the part of the aircraft cause Virginia producers of farm prodThe Federal Aviation Agency has his- manufacturer and a royalty repayment ucts, and especially tobacco, had such a torical ties back to 1926 when the Air by airlines providing supersonic service vital stake in the restoration of the forCommerce Act created the Aeronautics with this new aircraft.

eign markets our farmers had enjoyed Branch later the Bureau of Air Com- The FAA has also announced plans, prior to the international trade war that merce—in the Department of Commerce. just this week, to launch a design com- had been touched off by the passage of the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act in 1930. Mr. President, my enthusiasm for the has not only been restored but in all counThe purpose of the Hull reciprocal trade principle of the Marshall plan, both as

tries, except Germany and Greece, slightly

exceeds the prewar level. Their chief probagreements program, of course, was to a deterrent against the spread of com

lem now is one of exchanging items of which negotiate bilateral trade agreements, un- munism, and, likewise, as a practical way they have a surplus for items they do not der which we would reduce our tariffs on of promoting a sound reestablishment

possess or which are in short supply. In some product of which the negotiating of our exports was such that I commit- other words, the economic stability of Westnation was the principal supplier in re- ted the unforgivable error, as a juniorern Europe is now more dependent upon ecoturn for an appropriate reduction on our member of the Senate Appropriations nomic integration than upon our further export to that nation of products of Committee, of openly opposing an

dollar aid. The small nations of Western

integration but which we could be the principal supplier. amendment to the budget item for for- Europe favor economic

France and Great Britain pay lipservice to But before that well-conceived plan to eign aid in 1948 made by the then elderly

it only. stimulate our foreign trade could become chairman of that committee, Senator While there may be some lowering of trade effective, trade with our European na- McKellar of Tennessee. A substantial restrictions in Western Europe before our tions was disrupted by World War II. majority of the committee was opposed aid ends, my present impression is that the After our entry into that war, we fur- to the McKellar proposal to cut the program will be quite inadequate. The trend nished food, medicine, and clothing to amount of foreign aid, and undoubtedly undoubtedly will be to unilateral trade our allies, along with a vast amount of would have voted against the McKellar

agreements or small grouping, like Benelux, military supplies. At the end of that amendment without any argument on

but nothing approaching free trade in West

ern Europe or free currency convertibility. war, our best European customer- the subject, but my impetuosity in be

Anti-Communist governments are now Great Britain—was in desperate need of half of the program cost me the resent- safely entrenched in the area in question and funds with which to repair war damages, ment of the powerful chairman of that have the ability, with such military aid as and the same was true of all of our other committee, and to my chagrin, I after- may be given them under the Atlantic Pact, World War II allies. Although the bill wards learned that the chairman of the to make it tough for a potential aggressor. was handled by the House Banking and committee was right and I was wrong

But if the people of a given country do not Currency, of which I was not a member, with respect to the amount of the aid prize their personal liberty enough to fight

for it, American gold will not put that divine I was assigned the duty of opening the that we were then furnishing.

spark in their hearts. debate in the House on a bill to make a Mr. President, I learned more about I think that we have assumed at least a very large loan to Great Britain. the program when other members of the

moral obligation to continue the ECA proIncidentally, I may pause to say that Senate Appropriations Committee and I gram through fiscal 1952. In fact, I perI went to Palm Beach, Fla., to confer went to Europe in the fall of 1949 and sonally feel that our own best interests with Winston Churchill, who had been visited all of the European countries

would require us to do so. But I likewise turned out as leader of the Conserva- sharing in the program, and also Spain,

feel that the time is approaching when we

can make a substantial reduction in the tives. I was very uneasy about mak- which had been denied participation in

dollar aid. When we told foreign repreing this much money available to the the program by Great Britain, France, sentatives that our national debt was apLabor Party, because I thought a great and Italy, which, as I have previously proaching $260 billion and that we would part of it would go down the drain of so

indicated, were in complete control of probably end the current fiscal year with a cialistic enterprises. After a 2-hour con- the money that we were furnishing. deficit of $51/2 billion it left them unimference with the now great Sir Win

During more than a month of intensi- pressed. They seem to think we have the ston Churchill, one of the greatest states- fied study of the operation of the Mar

Midas touch and if we don't convert things men, and certainly the greatest orator, shall plan, I learned, and with genuine selfish and want them to be underlings.

into gold for them, it will be because we are of our day and age, he urged me to sup- distress, that the program was marked port the bill. So I came back to Wash- by waste and inefficiency, and that while

But I am deeply concerned over the fact

that in the last few years, excluding strictly ington and, as I have said, opened the de- it was making a real contribution to the war expenditures, we have spent more than bate on the bill to grant a large loan rehabilitation of our previous European during the period from President George to Great Britain, which the Congress allies, we were getting no public credit

Washington to President Truman. I am passed. whatever for the aid that we were fur

convinced that if we go broke, which is a The value of that extension of cred- nishing. Consequently, when I got home,

possibility, there is not a nation in the world it to Great Britain, which enabled it to I gave a statement to the press com

that would lend us a thin dime. Conresume its buying from us, was so ap- menting on the waste and inefficiency;

sequently, as a member of the Appropria

tions Committee during the 2d session parent that in April of 1947 I made a ra

I recommended that the program be cut of the 81st Congress, I shall make the best dio speech, which was broadcast from by at least a billion dollars; and that fight of which I am capable for a reduced coast to coast by the American Broad- it be terminated in not more than 2 ad

budget. Such a fight, of course, must incasting Co., in which I advocated re- ditional years. On December 4, 1949,

clude the next appropriation for ECA. I hope habilitation loans to all of our allies in which was immediately after my return

it will be feasible for us to limit it to about World War II. I sent a copy of that from Europe, I wrote this letter to Hon.

$242 billion and end it the following year speech to the then Secretary of State, Paul G. Hoffman:

with about $1 billion. the distinguished George C. Marshall,

DECEMBER 4, 1949. This is what I wrote in 1949: who, on the following June 5, made at Hon. PAUL G. HOFFMAN,

I realize, of course, that when the program Harvard, what has become an historic Administrator, Economic Cooperation Ad- ends, we will be cordially disliked in Europe speech, in which he advocated a pro- ministration, Washington, D.C.

and in some sectors actively hated. But gram of financial rehabilitation for the DEAR PAUL: As the result of slightly more

Europe does not have our system of private war-torn countries of Europe, which had than a month in Western Europe, I feel that

enterprise as a stimulant to production, and been our allies in World War II. The I have gained a better understanding of some

never will; it does not have our area of free details of that aid plan were not spelled of our economic and military problems in

trade; no one country is so nearly self-conout in that speech. Unfortunately, for that part of the world. Surface impressions,

tained with respect to raw materials as we; of course, can be erroneous but, in addition us, they were filled in by the three printo attending all official meetings, I made it

and, for other reasons needless to be enumercipal recipient nations—Great Britain, a practice in each country to interview as

ated, Western Europe did not have our France, and Italy.

many as I could with no Government con- standard of living before either of two world That, of course, was the first major nections, hoping thereby to get an accurate wars and will never have it in the foreseemistake we made in our well-conceived cross section of opinion.

able future unless we are foolish enough to foreign aid program; namely, we let My visit to Europe has definitely convinced spend ourselves into bankruptcy. three European nations allocate the me that ECA was soundly conceived as an

I wrote this 14 years ago: funds that we were to furnish and use

integral part of an overall peace program and their own discretion as to how they were has been as efficiently administered as so

As a means of curtailing ECA expendito be spent, and that discretion, of countries could hope to be.

vast a program in a large number of foreign tures, I would recommend that ECA make no

Our primary more loans, referring those who wish to borcourse, included full credit to the poli- objective of stemming the onrushing tide of row to the World Bank or the Export-Import ticians in power in each nation for the communism has been achieved.

Bank. We can't expect any European nation money being spent, but no credit what

The people of Western Europe now have, to go to the World Bank for 412 percent ever among the rank and file of the peo- in an amount sufficient for a sustained ef- money if we set up an agency to lend it at ple of the recipient nations for our un fort, the three essentials of life—food, cloth- 21/2 percent and possibly with a tacit underprecedented generosity.

ing, and shelter. Their productive capacity

Their productive capacity standing that it will never be repaid.

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