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Helicopters: six Sikorsky S-55 Checkasaw, which existed under Juan Bosch, to be Fighters, interdicters: 35 DH Vampire four Bell 47, two Sud Djinn, France.

suspended. Now note the second sen(ex-RCAF), Britain; 30 North American


tence: F-51D Mustang, 15 Republic F-47 Thunder

Fighters, indicters: Republic F447 Thunbolt.

A government announcement said the derbolt, 25 North American F-51 Mustangs. Bombers, patrollers: North American B-25

measures were taken to prevent Communists

Bombers, patrollers: few Boeing B-29, Mitchell, DH Mosquito 6, Britain; Convair

from subverting public order.

Transports: Douglas C-47, Beech C-45. PBY-5A Catalina.

Trainers, support: North American T-6

Always, the usurpers claim they come Transports: Curtiss C-46 Commando,

Texan, Fairchild PT-19 Cornell, Vultee PT- in to fight communism; but within the Beech C-45 Expediter, Aero L-26 Commander, 13A Valiant.

past few days other dispatches told how DHC L-20 Beaver.

Other types: few Lockheed P-38.

on taking over the junta had jailed Helicopters: Few Bell 47. Trainers, support: Beech T-11 Kansan,


Communists, expelled them, and driven Vultee BT-13A Valiant, Boeing PT-17 Kay Bombers, patrollers: Convair PBY-5A Cata

them from the Dominican Republic, so det, North American T-6 Texan. lina.

that presumably, that country was free Other types: Cessna 170, Boeing B-17 Transports: Beech C-45 Expediter, two of Communists. Yet now the GovernFortress (ASR), Bristol Beaufighter 10, Douglas C-47.

ment of the Dominican Republic has Canada.

Transports on order: FMA built, Paris, suspended freedom of speech and freeECUADOR (AND GALAPAGOS ISLAND) France.

dom of assembly, in order allegedly to

Trainers, support: Stearman PT-17, North prevent Communists from subverting Fighter, interdicters: 16 Gloster Meteor

American T-6 Texan, Fairchild PT-19 Cor- public order. The truth, of course, is that PR-9, Britain Republican F-4.

nell. Bombers, patrollers: six English Electric

Other types: six Piper L4A.

it was done to prevent the people from Canberra B-6, Britain.

voicing their opposition to the military Transports: Douglas C-47 Dakota, Beech

Navy planes

takeover and its brutal tactics of vioC-45 Expediter.

Helicopters: four Bell 47.

lence, imprisonment, and suppression. Trainers, support: Fairchild PT-19 Cornell,


This is what we can expect in every North American AT-6 Texan.

Fighters, interdicters: one squadron Lock- such military takeover. Such takeovers EL SALVADOR

heed F-80, few North American F-51D. lead to oppression and to the suppresFighters, interdicters: Goodyear FC-1D, Bombers, patrollers: one squadron North sion of all freedoms. They are not govsix Chance Vought F4U-5 Corsair. American B-25J Mitchell.

ernments that the United States, under Transports: Four Douglas C-47.

Transports: Few Douglas C-47, six Curtiss Trainers, support: 10 Beech T-11 Kansan, C–46, one DH (C) L-20 Beaver, Canada.

any circumstances, should recognize. Fairchild T-19 Cornell, 10 North American Trainers, support: 6 Lockheed T-33Q, 12

I notice that yesterday Great Britain T-6 Texan, few Vultee BT-13A Valiant, 3 DH Chipmunk, Fairchild PT-26 Cornell, recognized the Dominican Republic, and Beech T-34A Mentor.

Beech T-11B Kansan, North American T-6 that such recognition was followed by


recognition by other countries. That

Navy planes Fighters, interdicters: Republic F-47 Thun

should not cause us to weaken. I think derbolt, North American F-51 Mustang.

Fighters, strike: six Grumman F6F-5 Hell- it is probably because of the fact that Transports: Douglas C-47 Dakota. cat.

we recognized Yemen almost simul-
Bombers, patrollers: eight Grumman TBM- taneously with Nasser's invasion. Nas-
Trainers, support: North American T-6
Texan, Vultee BT-13 Valiant, Beech T-11

1C Avenger, few Martin PBM-5.


ser has kept his troops in Yemen for 14

support: Kansan, Stearman PT-17. Other types: Hiller 360.

OS2U-3 Kingfisher, Australia; North Ameri- months, at a total cost of $170 million,

can SNJ-4, Fairchild PT-23A, Fairchild PT- in a war of aggression which we are, in HAITI 26-A, Grumman J4F-1.

effect, subsidizing with AID funds. Fighters, interdicters: North American

The British have not recognized the

VENEZUELA 51-D Mustang. Transports: One Boeing 307 (VIP), two

Fighters, interdicters: 22 North American Government of Yemen, a government Beech C-45 Expediter, three Cessna C-78, few

F-86F Sabre, Republic F-47 Thunderbolt, 22 which would not last for a moment if
DH Venom F-4, 20 DH Vampire FB3/5.

Nasser were to withdraw his troops. Douglas C-47.

Bombers, patrollers: North American B Yemen and that area are very imporTrainers, support: One Beech T-11 Kan

25J Mitchell; six English Electric Canberra tant to Britain, because of its interests san, three Stearman PT-17, three Fairchild

B24, Britain; eight English Electric Canberra in the adjoining country of Aden, a BritT-19 Cornell, two North American T-6 Texan,

B8, Britain. three Vultee BT-13A Valiant.

ish protectorate, and for other reasons.

Transports: Douglas C-47 Dakota, 9 Beech Other types: Piper L-4A.

D18s, Vickers Sea Otter, Britain; Douglas

C- for our prompt recognition of the new

The British are probably repaying us HONDURAS

54; few Helio Courier, 18 Fairchild C-123B Fighters, interdicters:

Yemen regime in a part of the world Provider.

Lockheed P-38 Lightning, Bell P-63 Kingcobra, Republic Trainers, support: Beech T-11 Kansan, 1 where our interest is not so great as BritF-47 Thunderbolt, North American F-51

ain's. DH Vampire T-55, North American T-6 Mustang.

Texan, 14 Beech T-34 Mentor, 2 English Mr. President, I ask unanimous conTransports: Douglas C-47 Dakota, Beech Electric Canberra T-4, Britain; on order-5 sent to have printed at this point in the C-45 Expediter. Vampire T-55.

RECORD an editorial entitled "Failure in Trainers, support: Vultee BT-13A Valiant, Other types: Grumman SA-16 Albatross, Yemen," published in this morning's Stearman PT-17, North American T-6 Texan, one MS Paris.

Washington Post. It properly chalBeech AT-11 Kansan.

Helicopters: Sikorsky S-61, two Bell 476, lenges our support of Nasser and his

one Sud Alouette II, France; on order-six MEXICO

aggressions. Sikorsky S-56. Fighters, interdicters: 34 DH Vampire 52,

There being no objection, the edito6 Republic F-47D Thunderbolt, Canada.

Mr. GRUENING. Mr. President, in rial was ordered to be printed in the
Bombers, patrollers: two Douglas A-24 connection with the takeover of the RECORD, as follows:
Dauntless, North American B-25 Mitchell. Dominican Republic, I call attention to

Transports: Beech C-45 Expediter, Douglas an interesting article entitled “Domini-
C-47 Dakota, few Helio Courier, two Fokker

President Kennedy showed restraint in can Republic Bans Public Meetings,” discussing the tangled affairs of the repubF-27 (VIP), Netherlands.

which is a special dispatch from Reuters, lic (or the kingdom) of Yemen. He is still Trainers, support: 30 Lockheed T-33, Beech AT-11 Kansan, Beech AT-7-F2, Fair: published in the Washington Post of to- hopeful that Egypt and Saudi Arabia can child PT-19, Stearman PT-17, Vultee BT-13A day. The article, originating at Santo bilaterally agree to end intervention in the

internal affairs of a country in the midst Valiant, 15 North American AT-6 Texan, Domingo, reads:

of a civil war. What he didn't say is that 2 DH Vampire T-55, Canada; 30 North The Dominican Republic

this country's policy in Yemen has failed, American T-28A, few Beech T-34. Helicopters: one Hiller E4 (VIP), three

and that the chief reason for the failure has

"Republic" is a euphemism; it should Hiller 12E.

been Egypt's refusal to honor its promise to be “the Dominican military junta"

pull out 28,000 troops.
Navy planes
today suspended all public meetings, demon-

Secretary General U Thant was franker. Bombers, patrollers: Convair PBY-5A strations, and picketing for 30 days.

On November 4, the United Nations will reCatalina.

move its 200-man observer mission, leaving

In other words, it does not take long only a token civilian presence in Yemen. Transports, support, other types: Stinson L-5E, Sikorsky VS20–1 Kingfisher (reconnais- for the freedom of speech, the freedom Significantly, Mr. Thant's brief report states sance), Grumman J2F-6.

of assembly, and the freedom of press, that during the time the U.N. observer team

was in Yemen "there were no signs of Saudi which I referred, entitled "Dominican seen a steadily declining standard of living Arabian military assistance or heavy weap- Republic Bans Public Meetings."

to the present level where, for the average ons in royalist areas visited by the observers."

There being no objection, the article person, a month's salary is enough for 5 days.

This Government is continuously trying to This confirms the suspicion that Egypt was ordered to be printed in the RECORD,

find a scapegoat in order to keep the peowill not pull out, no matter what the United as follows:

ple's mind off of their starving condition. States or the United Nations may do or feel. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC BANS PUBLIC MEETINGS The only thing this "President”. Mr. Nasser is evidently determined to continue propping up the republican regime, ican Republic today suspended all public about President Sukarno

SANTO DOMINGO, October 31.—The Domin

The writer of the letter is talking though the financial drain on Egypt is for- meetings, demonstrations, and picketing for midable. At the same time, Mr. Nasser has 30 days.

is concerned about is himself, his concucome to the help of President Ben Bella in

A Government announcement said the

bines, and in making world trips. How many Algeria's border dispute with Morocco. Certainly Egypt is entitled to wage an aggresmeasures were taken to prevent Communists

world trips has "President” Sukarno taken? from subverting public order,

Who has paid for the expenses of these sive, expansionist campaign. But should the United States continue to provide the

Police said a conspiracy was discovered trips? Recently this country received two economic aid that helps in this campaign?

aimed at the overthrow of the 3-man junta large "loans." One was to stabilize the IndoIt is time to take a hard look at our wishful set up when President Juan Bosch was over

nesian economy (what happened to this thrown by a military coup last month. policy of giving Mr. Nasser the benefit of

money?) and one to purchase spare parts Details of the conspiracy were said to have

and raw materials which this country soreevery doubt.

been revealed by air force officer Lt. Col. ly needed. Two days after receiving the last Mr. GRUENING. The situations in Danilo Simo. He was arrested, with another

loan, “President” Sukarno ordered two Conthe Dominican Republic and the Middle air force officer, Col. Guarien Cabrera, in vairs from the United States and then deEast are not unrelated. In both cases, dustrialist Soto Bermudez, and the former parted on another world tour.

Let me tell you about the program of they have witnessed the rise of military Santiago prosecutor, Ambiorix Diaz.

Police were also seeking former Gen. Pedro which I am a part. The director of the nadictatorships. In the case of the Middle Rafel Santiago Rodriguez Echavarria.

tional malaria eradication program is a miliEast, the United States has been respon

tary colonelsible for repeatedly saving Nasser, first

Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, without

Again, the writer of the letter is talkfrom an overthrow which would have losing my right to the floor, I ask unanitaken place 6 years ago if we had not mous consent that I be permitted to ing about the Indonesian dictator intervened. We saved him from extinc- yield to the distinguished junior Senator who has vowed “not to die a poor man”

and believe me he certainly won't. There tion and put him back into power. We from Colorado. have helped him ever since. The United


have been approximately 16 U.S. purchased

vehicles which have been sold by Indonesians States is not without responsibility in the objection,

it is so ordered.

(without approval of AID). Supplies and aggressive war that he is now waging and

Mr. DOMINICK. Mr. President, I

other vehicles have been moved to the outer has waged for 14 months in Yemen at a have some information which I think islands. The U.S. Government is not oblicost of about $170 million, while we have would be of interest to the Senate. It gated to purchase supplies and vehicles for

the outer islands. A dollar claim has been been pouring into Egypt a somewhat has come directly from Indonesia.

presented to the Indonesian Government for larger number of dollars. He has broken

Before speaking about the informa

these items but, as far as I know, nothing his promises to us to withdraw his tion, I ask unanimous consent that my

has been paid to the U.S. Government. At troops. He is now sending his troops to name be added as a cosponsor of the

the end of calendar year 1962, 6 million tabAlgeria. amendent submitted by the Senator from

lets of chloroquine (a malaria drug) were Today the Government of Morocco is Wisconsin (Mr. PROXMIRE], which would missing. It is assumed that these tablets severing relations with the United Arab eliminate all aid to the Republic of In were sold (or given) to the army for their in

vasion of west New Guinea. The United Republic, which is Nasser's Egypt, be donesia.


States was forced to fly emergency drugs into cause he has also sent troops to Algeria

Indonesia from Manila. Although we (AID) to help the Algerians fight Morocco. In objection, it is so ordered.

insist that the vehicles which were purother words, Nasser is making war in sev

Mr. DOMINICK. Mr. President, in chased for the malaria program are to be eral countries, threatening it in others, order to present to the Senate the rea used only for official business they are, in keeping the Middle East in a ferment, sons for my action in this regard, per- fact, used at least as much for unofficial and is able to do so because we continue haps the Senate would be interested to business. Although our agreement with the

Indonesian Government is that the United to send him several hundreds of millions know of a letter I have received from

States will furnish the vehicles and the Indoof dollars every year which, though in- Djakarta, Indonesia, dated October 13,

nesian Government will furnish replacement tended to help Egypt's economy, in effect 1963. It was written by an employee of

tires, the United States immediately shipped helps finance his military ventures. We the AID Administration. Because I have

in new tires when the Indonesian Governdo not send our money there for that not been able to communicate with the ment failed to live up to their side of this purpose, of course, but rather to help writer of the letter, I shall not give his bargain. Recently there is a shortage of Egypt's ill-nourished, ill-housed, and ill. name in this speech. name in this speech. However, I have 6,000 tons of DDT (at 35 cents a pound=$4.2

million). The U.S. Government has purclothed population. Nevertheless, Nas written to him and asked permission to

chased enough jeep spare parts to fill a large ser takes that money and spends an al- place the entire letter in the RECORD at a

warehouse in Djakarta. Now the Indomost equivalent amount on making war later date. later date. At this time, I believe it is

nesians refuse to allow the U.S. AID vehicle in other countries. pertinent to read excerpts from the let

maintenance specialist into this warehouse I trust that the amendment which I ter, to give an idea of what is happening (no doubt they are selling these spare parts submitted yesterday, together with sev

to our AID program in the eyes of an AID also). Jeep station wagons were imported eral cosponsors, the purpose of which is agent who was working on the spot and for all U.S. AID field technicians. To date

only four technicians have received their to deny any assistance to those who wage knows what is taking place in that coun

stationwagon-the Indonesians refuse aggressive warfare, as is Nasser, will be try. He writes:

turn over the remaining two vehicles to adopted when it is called up in the


AID. Three Chevy II's were ordered for the Senate.

October 13, 1963. chief AID malaria representative and two of Mr. MORSE. I join with the Senator DEAR SIR: I am writing this as a U.S. tax his subordinates. The military colonel took in his amendment. I again commend payer and, if it were not for the fact that

two of the vehicles and released only one to him for the able fight he is making

the regulations covering absentee ballots in AID. When U.S. AID finally got a chief

the State of Colorado preclude my doing so, against this most unfortunate bill. I

malaria representative who would at least a voter. The following are a few comments try to control the corrupt colonel, the colonel hope that in due course of time the I would like to make concerning the foreign told the U.S. mission director that he could amendment of the Senator from Alaska policy of the United States in general and not work with such a man-consequently will be adopted by the Senate.

this policy as it pertains in particular to In the American was removed. This, of course, Mr. GRUENING. There are several donesia. I am a U.S. AID technician work gives the colonel the green light for anything amendments. ing in the Indonesian malaria eradication he wishes to do. This colonel made a speech

that, since the malaria eradication program Mr. MORSE. I refer to the one about program. I have lived in south-central Java which the Senator has just spoken, for 312 years.

was a command of the president, it was a

The Indonesian Government is "run" by a part of the military and therefore all forMr. GRUENING. Mr. President, I group of juveniles who are not in the least

group of juveniles who are not in the least eigners working in this program were spies. ask unanimous consent to have printed bit concerned about the welfare of the peo Since this speech our working relationships at this point in the RECORD the article to ple which they supposedly represent. I have with the Indonesians have steadily worsened.

The letter continues. As I have said, swollen with trivial details of obscure trans- tremely ignorant, but, in addition, he is as soon as I obtain permission, I shall actions arising from unheard-of projects in

the type of journalist who uses malicious have the entire letter printed in the unknown countries. On the contrary, the

motivations to malign the Senate and present attack on the aid program comes RECORD.

deceive the American people, because from WAYNE MORSE, a Senate veteran of 19 Mr. President, in view of such direct years, equipped with the gift of tongue, noted

his article is a chain of falsifications statements from people who are active in for doughty fights on behalf of lonely causes,

and distortions. Apparently Mr. Kraft the aid program in Indonesia about the and serious with a vengeance. “We are thinks the foreign aid bill is not imfact that the program not only is not starting,” he said in launching his attack portant enough to warrant more than doing any good within the context of this week, “one of the most historic debates 3 hours' debate. He seems to believe what we are trying to do in the process in the history of my time in the Senate."

that Senators should not fulfill their

The issues Senator MORSE has raised in the of giving aid, but, in fact, is doing noth

responsibilities to present the facts conaid debate are as lofty as his rhetoric. With ing but increasing increasing the power and something approaching genius, he

cerning it and the amendments which tyranny of Sukarno—who, incidentally, dredged up all the underlying uncertainties,

are for the purpose of correcting the was given the royal treatment when he

ambiguities, and inconsistencies implicit in waste, abuse, and inefficiency. He was in Washington within the last the aid program, and traditionally dear to makes pretty clear his opinion that any year—it seems to me that we are not ful makers of great debates.

Senator who seeks to do so can only be filling the philosophy or the purpose of

He has, for example, pointed out that for a dupe of someone else. the aid program.

eign aid has fostered “antifreedom forces”
and "permitted oligarchies to dig in.” That writings of yellow journalists; and I

Long ago I became accustomed to the I believe it is time for some of those

poses the question of how aid can be shaped countries to learn that the United States to achieve desirable political results. And

suppose I should thank them, because is not a bag full of honey, into which all that is a nice question.

their techniques bring me thousands of they have to do is poke a stick and suck He has pointed out that the aid program votes in my State, for the people know out as much of the honey as they want, is spread too thinly over too many countries. there is no basis for the falsifications in and use it in any way they wish. They That raises the question of how to cut off the press generally in regard to me. must learn that we send our missions to going projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America,

I rise to the defense of the southern and the Middle East without provoking an them for specific purposes; and that un

Members of the Senate, for I know that outburst of anti-American feeling. That, less they aid in the fulfillment of those

neither the Senator from Alabama (Mr. too, is a nice question. purposes, we will cut off our aid.

He has pointed out that more aid should

SPARKMAN) nor the Senator from ArkanTherefore, I believe the Proxmire be expended and administered on a multi

sas (Mr. FULBRIGHT]—both Southernamendment, which specifically would cut lateral basis. That raises the question of ersis against foreign aid. On the conoff our aid to Indonesia, should be

how to induce the Europeans to pony up a trary, they are ardent supporters of the agreed to.

larger share. That, too, is a nice question. bill, and it is not true that I have been

He has asserted that Congress must not Again I thank the Senator from Ore

assured that any agreement of that sort vote large sums on the basis of "an act of gon for yielding to me.

has been entered into by southern faith" in the Executive. That raises the Mr. MORSE. I thank the Senator question of how a hundred men, with vary

Senators. from Colorado. He has contributed in ing degrees of information and little staff However, the ignorant writer of this

article did not check the previous voting a valuable way to the record being made assistance, can draw up complex and de

records on the foreign aid bill. He has with respect to the shocking inefficiencies tailed programs of great magnitude and imand waste in connection with the foreign portance. And that, too, is a nice question. unjustifiably maligned southern Senaaid program and the necessity for the nate, so late in the Senate session, to have

tors, because among them there are two adoption of amendment after amend

definite points of view as there are such a searching probe of such fundamental ment before the bill is passed. While questions? Why is it not simple to over

among all groups of Senators: some the Foreign Relations Committee was ride the two-score amendments Senator favor foreign aid, and some oppose forconsidering the bill I proposed a 25-per- MORSE has put forward in order to rewrite eign aid. Southern Senators, like the cent reduction in the funds designated

the aid bill on the Senate floor? Why does rest of us, have been split in the past, and for Indonesia. That was before the

not the aid bill go through the Senate as the will be split, again, this year on the

defense bill went through—in a matter of subject of foreign aid; some of them will recent aggressiveness displayed by In

3 hours? donesia toward Malaysia and before the

vote for the foreign aid bill and some

The answers lie with the Southern Demorelations of that country's purchases of crats. Last week, in a secret caucus, they

of them will vote against it. jet airlines. I think now that aid to decided to support Senator MORSE's effort to

But, Mr. President, shocking yellow Indonesia should be cut far more than rewrite the foreign aid bill on the floor of journalism of this type fails to live up to 25 percent.

the Senate. And why? Not because they the responsibilities of a free press, for a Mr. President, before I proceed to

love Senator MORSE; but because they see in free press has the obligation to print

him a possible dupe. discuss my motion to recommit the bill,

the truth, not lies; and to inform the

Plainly, the southerners are now delaying American people, I ask unanimous consent to have printed everything in the Senate, the better to wage

American people, not deceive them. in the Record an article entitled

“Great war on the coming civil rights legislation. However, I think this record of journalDebate on Foreign Aid-Dixie Backing Their hope is that by slowing down all busi

istic malfeasance should be put today of MORSE Move Viewed as part of Anti- ness, by prolonging all debate, they will put into the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD; and Civil-Rights Drive." The article was off the civil rights issue to the point where

that is why I have done so. I say from written by Joseph Kraft.

the North and the Negroes, tired and frus the floor to Mr. Kraft that I cannot

trated, lose heart. Or failing that, the There being no objection, the article

imagine anything about which I would southerners hope to arrange matters so that was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, foreign aid and the tax bill collide with civil

care less than to have his views about as follows:

me or, for that matter, about anything rights on the Senate floor—thus creating the GREAT DEBATE ON FOREIGN AID-DIXIE BACK conditions for an orgy of trading in which

at all. ING OF MORSE MOVE VIEWED AS PART OF anything could happen.

I turn now to the pending issue. In ANTI-CIVIL RIGHTS DRIVE

In these circumstances, the right thing to my opinion, in fairness to the leader

do is clear. In the interests of civil rights, ship of the Senate, it should have an op(By Joseph Kraft)

the debate on aid ought to be abandoned. portunity this afternoon to vote-for the The Senate is now giving a convincing

And the lesson it teaches ought not to be demonstration of the proposition that search

first time-on a motion to recommit the forgotten. What look like great debates are ing discussion of basic issues is entertained at all times to be regarded with great sus

bill to the committee. I point out that, only as a screen to cover up foul purposes. picion. When the Senate allows its time to

from the parliamentary standpoint, such The current debate on foreign aid may seem be taken up with hard and interesting ques

a motion can be made on another octo promise a thorough exploration of a diff

tions, it is not in the hope of finding an casion, too, although I hope it will not cult matter. But in fact, it can endure only

swers. It is in the hope of stimulating be necessary to make it on another ocas a stalking horse for the southern position

alarms and excursions around conundrums casion, because I hope the Senate has on civil rights.

which have no answers. To be sure, the aid discussion has all the

learned by now that if ever there was a earmarks of being the real thing—a great

Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, a read- bill which had reached the floor of the debate in the grand tradition. The chief ing of the articles will show that not Senate which ought to be returned to the protagonist is


nitpicking 'PASSMAN, only is the writer of the article ex committee, this is it.

The Senator from Tennessee [Mr. authorization bill reaches the Appropri- set of standards, a set of guidelines, a GORE], in a brilliant and eloquent speech ations Committee of both Houses. We set of restrictions, a set of conditions that last night, made an unanswerable case, ought to try to iron out in advance, to will have to be met by countries that in my judgment, in support of returning the maximum extent possible, the great apply for foreign aid, and a limit of 50 the bill to the committee, for he pointed differences of opinion that have devel- countries that may receive aid at any out that the so-called compromise Mans- oped in Congress over the foreign aid one time. field amendment-and much will be said program.

If Senators would go into the history about it before it is voted on, at some The other day I said and I repeat of the foreign aid program they would time in the future-is, in itself, tacit ad it today—that I do not question to the be surprised to see in how many inmission that the bill should be returned slightest degree the sincerity, the good stances the United States in effect has to the committee, because we find that faith, and the dedication of Senators who practically forced foreign aid upon some the compromise amendment deals with favor the bill. But neither is there any countries. In effect, foreign aid has money figures in the bill. The amend- question about the sincerity and the ded- practically been crammed down their ment has been offered on the floor of the ication of those who are opposed to the governmental throats. In my judgment, Senate without any consultation with

bill. We believe that the bill is not foreign aid ought to be granted only on the Foreign Relations Committee. The in the best interests of our country. the basis of an application made by an Senator from Tennessee [Mr. GORE] de

The next point I wish to make in these applicant country, and that country scribed that as cavalier treatment. That brief remarks is that, in my judgment, ought to be required to meet standards, is a very apt description. In my judg- the Mansfield amendment clearly in ef- conditions, and guidelines that will give ment, the full Foreign Relations Com- fect, supports a motion to recommit. If the American people a better assurance mittee was entitled to be called into we are to consider the proposal of the of an efficient, nonwasteful, and consession, for consideration of the proposed Mansfield amendment, the Senate ought structive foreign aid program than the compromise amendment, before it was

to have the advantage, at least, of the record shows the present program has brought to the floor of the Senate.

committee's judgment, through commit- revealed for a good many years. Here, again, Mr. President, I am com

tee action of the Foreign Relations Com What did the committee do? It repletely impersonal and professional; I

mittee. I do not care how it is described, jected the Morse amendment. do not reflect on anyone in a personal

in effect the Mansfield amendment is an Language is contained in the commitway. I express great disappointment

end play around the Foreign Relations tee report that in effect tells the adminthat such a meeting of the committee was

Committee. It is a bypassing of the istration, “You had better take note. not held. Before the amendment was Foreign Relations Committee.

You had better recognize the situation brought to the floor of the Senate, a

The Senate has a standing committee before it is too late.” In effect, the commeeting of the Foreign Relations Com

called the Foreign Relations Committee mittee said to the administration, "We mittee should have been held, and at the

to handle substantive legislation on for- may not be able to hold the line next meeting the amendment should have

eign policy. Before the vote on the year. If you do not do something about been discussed. In view of the debate

Mansfield amendment, each Senator the faults that we tell you in the report which now has been in progress in the

should wish to know what the official exist in the foreign aid program, we may Senate for several days, I believe it un

formal position of the Foreign Relations not be able to stop a Morse amendment Committee is on the amendment.

in another year.” fortunate that the Foreign Relations Committee has not been called into ses

The report which the committee made They have no assurance that they will

to the Senate was not a signed report. stop it this year, for judging from what sion to consider the parliamentary situation which confronts the Senate.

It was a report that was passed upon by many Senators have said to me and,

members of the committee as a whole. judging from the nationwide and voluYesterday, I said to the majority lead

I do not know how many members of minous support that I have received for er [Mr. MANSFIELD], who is a member of the committee ever saw the report be- my amendment, it may very well be that the Foreign Relations Committee, "I be

fore it came to the floor of the Senate before the educational debate is over, lieve that Senators who are in support of

I talked with many members of the com the Morse amendment will be adopted the bill should move that it be recom

mittee who said that they had not seen this year. If it is not, it should be. mitted. They owe that much to the ad

it, and they were as surprised as I was What the committee in effect is sayministration and to the Senate. I be- and as was the Senator from Missouri ing to the administration is, “You had lieve that we who serve on that com

[Mr. SYMINGTON), who expressed his better take note of this proposal and remittee should closet ourselves again to surprise on the floor of the Senate to- vise the foreign aid program before the consider this bill, but not under instruc- day, when they read the committee re- end of fiscal 1965." tions from the Senate, other than the port.

If I ever saw an example of legislageneral instruction which my motion contains. We ought to closet ourselves meaning my motion to recommit, be- obligation of Congress, and not of the

The committee report supports in tive buckpassing, that is it. It is the together and consult not only among our

cause the committee report sets forth administration, to pass proposed foreign selves and with our Senate leadership, many of the major objections that we aid legislation in such form and subbut with administration leaders down- are making to the foreign aid bill. Yet, ject to such conditions, restrictions and town, too."

in spite of those objections, the report guidelines as to protect the American We owe it to the President of the recommends that the bill be passed. taxpayer.

That is our checking duty. United States to call before the Foreign That is a peculiar way to legislate. The The situation is even much worse than Relations Committee, the Secretary of committee has a clear obligation, if all the committee has set forth in its reState, the Secretary of Defense, the head the weaknesses in the foreign aid pro- port; but even if the situation as deof AID, and the leading administrators gram which the report sets forth exist, scribed in the report is the full coverage of the Government who are dealing with to report a bill that would correct the of the need for reform and the justificathe administration of the program of weaknesses.

tion for reform, Congress has the duty foreign aid. We ought to obtain their

I have submitted an amendment that of doing it now and not saying to the advice.

I am satisfied bothers a good many of executive branch of the Government. Let us not kid ourselves—and I suggest the proponents of the foreign aid bill. “You do our job for us.” that there be a stop order to kidding the They find it a little hot to handle. They Let us take a look at our past exAmerican people—about foreign aid. find it a little difficult to go back home perience with regard to the program. The administration knows that its for- and explain to their constituents that This is not the first time that the adeign aid bill is in serious trouble in the they are opposed to ending all foreign ministration has been warned that Senate. The Mansfield amendment is aid at the end of fiscal 1965, which would something should be done. The records the confession and admission of it. It give ample time to phase out existing of the Foreign Relations Committee for will be confronted with more serious obligations except some long-term obli- years are replete with warnings, suptrouble when it goes to conference and gations that ought to be modified, any- plications, and pleas with the adminisis finally passed. It will be confronted way, and start foreign aid all over again, tration, whatever the administration with additional serious trouble when the but on the basis of a new program, a may have been at the time, Republican

or Democrat, to do something about for amendment and that it should be they give consideration, in consultation eign aid, and to do something about elim- adopted. If it is agreed to, I have no with the administration, to what course inating the waste, the inefficiencies, and doubt that the administration will move of action should be followed, and that the instances of corruption that have rapidly to see to it that the reforms

rapidly to see to it that the reforms members of the committee, in formal arisen in connection with the program called for by the amendment are brought committee meeting, be given an opporin certain places in the world. about.

tunity to discuss and suggest modificaWe have made this plea over and over I believe that the amendment we are tions of the Mansfield amendment. again. This procedure has always sup urging—and the amendments called for Every member of the committee is enplied some with the excuse to go home by implication in the criticisms of the titled to that treatment, that privilege, and say, "We know these criticisms Foreign Relations Committee report it and that opportunity. exist, and there is merit in many of self—would greatly strengthen the dip I can only say—and if one wishes not them, but let us tell you what we did. lomatic hands of this Government in to believe it, there is nothing I can do We made it very clear to the State De- negotiations with foreign governments about it—that I know what my own partment and to the Pentagon, and we in respect to foreign aid.

motivation is, and I can bespeak my own poured it on AID. We sent our messages Let us consider Europe, for example. motivation. to the White House, and they had better I give my opinion, and I impute it to I offer this motion in a friendly, codo something about it.” It is the old no one else. My opinion is that if the operative spirit, with no rancor, no perwolf, wolf,” cry. It is "passing the Senate adopts some of the amendments sonal criticism, but with a plea and buck" by the committee, and, if the we shall offer in the days ahead in re prayer on my lips that the motion be Senate supports it, by the Senate. spect to aid to Europe, the Senate will adopted by the Senate, so that there will

I refuse to believe that Senators who perform one of the greatest services for be consultations in the Committee on take the time to study the facts we are the administration in the field of diplo Foreign Relations and consultations and laboriously trying to put in the RECORD matic negotiations that could be per conferences with representatives of the will do so. formed.

administration. I am proud to say that the material we The administration then would be in Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, cerhave been putting in the RECORD has a position to say, "After all, under our tain remarks were made on the floor of been the result of very careful research. constitutional system, this is the law. As the Senate yesterday relative to the I am grateful for the dedication of the President of the United States”—or Sec amendment offered by the Senator from Foreign Relations Committee staff mem retary of State, or Secretary of De Montana-and I stress the “Senator bers who have helped us, of the research fense-"it happens to be my obligation from Montana"-joined by the Senator ers in the Government agencies who to follow the law."

from Illinois (Mr. DIRKSEN), the Senahave helped us, and also of our own I hope Senators will look upon our tor from Iowa [Mr. HICKENLOOPER), the senatorial staffs. The instruction they criticism of the bill and our amendments Senator from Arkansas [Mr. FULBRIGHT), have received from us always has been, from the standpoint of the effect that the Senator from Alabama [Mr. SPARK"Do not give us anything that is not their adoption would have on strength MAN], and the Senator from Vermont factual. Do not give us anything that ening the hand of the President of the [Mr. AIKEN). cannot be documented."

United States, the Secretary of State, The leadership in this body has never We have a solemn trust. We owe it the Secretary of Defense, the Director of claimed any special rights or privileges. to the Senate to satisfy ourselves, before AID, and all the others who are involved. But it does insist that the leadership has we make a criticism or present an argu But be that as it may, I am satisfied the same rights as every other Member ment, that we can stand on it. I believe

I believe that the administration in its heart is of the Senate; and while I hold the title that many Senators are so close to the not opposed to every one of my amend of majority leader, I am also a Senator heat of this debate that they do not yet ments. Quite to the contrary. The ad from the State of Montana and have as fully realize what has been going into ministration would like some language much right as any other Senator to inthe CONGRESSIONAL RECORD for the past changes in them, perhaps. The State troduce a resolution or offer an amendseveral days. I speak with some pride, Department sent down a redraft of one ment. although my part has been really mini of my major amendments yesterday. There are a number of amendments at mal compared to the contributions that State Department officials wish to con the desk introduced by Senators from other Senators have been making to the sult with me further in regard to it; and various States. debate. I am very proud of the record I shall consult with them early next About 40 amendments were introduced that has been put into the CONGRESSION week.

to this bill before the leadership uttered AL RECORD in opposition to the bill and in I cite this, Mr. President, because I a word of substance in connection thereopposition to the recommendations of the am satisfied that at the other end of the with. Each one of these amendments, in Foreign Relations Committee.

avenue there would be a great relief if effect, differed with the majority judgThere are many more reasons that I the Congress fulfilled its legislative re ment of the Committee on Foreign Recould give which I believe amply justify sponsibilities and duties in connection lations. There were no protests against my motion, but I reemphasize this rea with the foreign aid bill. Even if that the introduction of these amendments. son: I believe we owe it not only to Sen were not true, it would not relieve us of Each one was recognized as being fully ators, but also to the administration, to those responsibilities; because in my within the rights of the Senator introgive Senators and the administration a judgment the facts are overwhelmingly ducing it. Indeed, members of the Comsecond look at the bill.

against the bill, which necessarily should mittee on Foreign Relations, themselves, Leaders of the administration who be amended in the public interest. introduced amendments to alter the bill have consulted with me would be the first Therefore, for the reasons I have just as reported from committee. Was there to admit that there is a great need for given, and for many other reasons I have any talk, Mr. President, of disrespect for many reforms in the foreign aid pro- presented during the week in speech the committee in these actions? Indeed, gram. after speech, I now move that the bill,

there was not. I have another conclusion. It would

It would H.R. 7885, to amend further the Foreign The leadership waited 4 days for acbe helpful to the administration in dip- Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, and tion to begin on consideration of these lomatic relations with other govern for other purposes, be recommitted to 40-odd amendments. ments if we did the job of adopting the Committee on Foreign Relations with But aside from the distinguished Senamendments that would deal not only instructions to report the bill back to ator from Oregon (Mr. MORSE), the diswith money reductions in this bill but the Senate no later than November 8.

the Senate no later than November 8. tinguished Senator from Alaska [Mr. also with policy.

All we are saying to the committee is: GRUENING), the distinguished Senator I quickly add that that does not cover “Receive it once again for further dis from Arkansas [Mr. FULBRIGHT), the the Morse amendment, which would

would cussion and consultation.” We are not distinguished Senator from New York bring to an end foreign aid by the end sending it back with instructions to do [Mr. JAVITS), and a very few others, litof fiscal year 1965. I consulted with no anything by way of changing the bill. tle was done to get this bill moving. It high-level authority of this administra We are only pleading that members of waited for some sign of eagerness or even tion who agrees with that. I am satis the Foreign Relations Committee apply willingness to begin debate. It waited fied that the amendment is a sound their minds to the bill once more, that for Senators to express a deep interest

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