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a view to establishing two points: First, own constitutions and statutes are obliga Convinced that the autonomous foundawhether this assembly was lawfully con- tory, in the first place.

tions of this diocese, its church and school voked and therefore legal; second, whether (d) By the provision of article 20 of the communities and other religious institutions, the aforementioned decisions of the holy constitution of the diocese, it has been pro which have been built up by the endeavors assembly of bishops and the holy synod are vided that the diocesan bishop convoke the of delegates participating in previous naconstitutional and legal in the light of the national church assemblies "* * * into ses tional church assemblies, are indispensable legal status of our diocese and the provi- sion each third year in the month of Septem- to the future work and normal development sions of its constitution, respectively. ber, on the day which the bishop determines." of this diocese;

With regard to these matters, this Na Thus, with respect to this 10th National Fully aware of the fact that, upon the tional Church Assembly affirms the following Church Assembly, there is the incontestable participants of this assembly, rests the diffiunchallengeable facts: (a) The status of fact that His Grace, Bishop Dionisije, in cult task of preserving the freedom, demothe Serbian Orthodox diocese for the United accordance with the decision of the diocesan cratic institutions and rights of our fellow States and Canada rests on autonomy, em council of February 7, and the diocesan ad church members, as well as their national bodied in its constitution of 1927 and the ministrative board of February 17, 1963, by traditions and customs so that those beliefs amendments to this constitution, the last his decree No. 178, dated April 17, 1963, con and values that godless communism has of which was approved by the holy synod voking this national church assembly to be sought to destroy may be brought back to the in 1939, in accordance with the constitu- held on the days of October 15, 16, and 17, family hearth; tion of the Serbian Orthodox patriarchate 1963. What this signifies is that this as Considering that, in the best interests of of 1931. Our diocese's specific legal status sembly was convoked before the decisions of the continued existence and undisturbed deand relationship toward the patriarchate is the holy assembly of bishops and the holy velopment of our diocese as a whole, and of completely different from the status and synod were issued. Therefore, even if their our church and school communities as its relationship of other dioceses in Yugoslav decisions were constitutional and lawful the parts, a determined struggle must be waged territory. This conclusion is clearly demon- validity of the convocation of the national as a sine qua non condition, to make the strable from the fact that the provisions of church assembly cannot be questioned. Communist infiltration of our diocese imarticle 13 of the said constitution deal ex However, because of the emergency situa possible; and considering that this would also pressly wtih this diocese while article 12 tion created by the said decisions of the holy be in harmony with the welfare of the United deals with the status of others.

assembly of bishops and the holy synod and States and Canada, the following resolution (b) Imbued with the Serbian spirit and in order to avoid the grave consequences to is unanimously adopted: the traditions of St. Sava, the Serbian the interests and welfare of the diocese in 1. The assembly considers as unlawful, unpioneers on this continent established their herent in these decisions-our diocesan constitutional, null and void, and refuses to places of Worship in this country with the council, by its decision of June 6, 1963, acted recognize the decisions of the holy assembly twofold desire to preserve the unity of the

to advance the date on which the assembly of bishops and the holy synod of the Sermother church while simultaneously safe was to be held. It is clear, therefore, that bian Orthodox Church, communicated to this guarding their rights to govern themselves this decision of the plenary session of our

10th National Church Assembly, regarding and to enact indigenous rules and regula. diocesan council did not serve to convoke the three-way division of the Serbian Orthotions, essential for the normal life and de a new national church assembly, but simply dox diocese for the United States and Canvelopment of their religious institutions. To changed the time of the previously lawfully ada; the suspension and interdiction from this end, their representatives met in the convoked National Church Assembly. sacerdotal duties of His Grace, the Right National Church Assembly of 1927, sover For these reasons, this 10th national Reverend Bishop Dionisije, as the diocesan eignly and with all the rights of a constitu- church assembly has unanimously estab- bishop for the United States and Canada; tional assembly, to adopt the constitution lished that it has been lawfully convoked the nomination of three new bishops—the of our diocese, which they thereafter sub and that it is completely legal according to Very Reverend Stevan Lastavica, the Revmitted to the Holy Assembly of Bishops the constitution of this diocese.

erend Archimandrite Dr. Firmilijan Ocokoland the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Regarding the above-cited decisions of the jich, and the Reverend Archimandrite patriarchate in Belgrade for sanction. In holy assembly of bishops and the holy synod, Gregory Udicki; This way, a two-sided legal act came into this National Church Assembly has estab 2. The assembly emphatically demands being, according to article 15 of which the lished that, through these decisions, the that the holy assembly of bishops and the National Church Assembly not only became constitution of this diocese was abrogated holy synod revoke all the above-mentioned the highest legislative and regulatory body, in its entirety; that they annul all the rights decisions concerning our diocese, the Right but also the only one authorized to enact of the faithful of this diocese; and that they Reverend Bishop Dionisije, and the appointand adopt changes and amendments to the have caused the faithful of this diocese to ment of the above-mentioned clergy to the constitution of the diocese regarding its experience the greatest offense and disgrace newly designed bishoprics, and it further deterritorial jurisdiction and internal orga that can be inflicted on free men. Particu- mands that the same three Bishops be withnization. Therefore, with respect to the larly, each Serb in the free world knows that drawn from the territory of this diocese. legal process through which the constitution His Grace, Bishop Dionisije, has indebted the 3. The assembly adopts the rule that the of our diocese came into being, any attempt Serbian people to him by laboring inde- future relationship of this Serbian Orthodox to change the territorial jurisdiction or legal fatigably for 23 years to advance and diocese for the United States of America status which has not been adopted by the strengthen the Serbian Orthodox Church in and Canada toward the Serbian Orthodox National Church Assembly as the legislative the free world, by working ceaselessly for mother church in Yugoslavia shall be broadand governing body of the diocese represents Serbian unity, and by his uncompromising ly autonomous, in which it shall be united not only a violation of its autonomy and struggle against communism and the blood- spiritually and liturgically but not subject indivisibility but also constitutes an indirect thirsty Ustaskis. These are the particularly to any canonical-hierarchal relationship. revocation of the entire constitution.

compelling reasons why the holy assembly Such unity should connect this diocese to (c) The Serbian Orthodox diocese for the of bishops and the holy synod must assure the mother church until full freedom of conUnited States and Canada conformed its

His Grace, Bishop Dionisije, the right to an duct and decision is restored to the Serbian above-described legal status and relationship unrestricted defense against the alleged ac Orthodox Church in Yugoslavia, which state to the patriarchate in accordance with the cusations, according to the spirit and the of affairs can be expected only after liberaprovisions of the law on the Serbian Ortho letter of the provisions of the Constitution tion from the Communist yoke. dox Church of 1930, and the constitution and Church Criminal Procedure.

4. The assembly requests that His Holiness, of the Serbian Orthodox patriarchate of 1931,

Taking all the above said into considera Patriarch German, the assembly of bishops respectively. Consequently, the only such tion-the 10th Diocesan National Church and the holy synod do not take any discipliconstitutional provisions in church legisla- Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese nary measures against the clergymen attendtion enacted by the Kingdom of Yugoslavia for the United States and Canada, attended ing this National Church Assembly who, in which are obligatory to our church are those

by 193 fully pledged delegates, 25 of whom accordance with this assembly, do not recogenacted before April 6, 1941, under the con are the presidents of their church and school nize the aforementioned decisions of the dition that they do not contradict the consti communities and 26 of whom are clergymen, holy assembly of bishops and the holy synod, tutional and statutory provisions of the jointly representing the entire membership since such disciplinary measures will cause United States of America and Canada, re

of 44 church and school communities from further tensions and division among the spectively. Furthermore, any provisions en

this diocese; in the presence of representa faithful of this continent. acted by the present regime in Yugoslavia

tives of a great number of national, politi 5. The assembly resolves that for the prescannot be binding regardless of the fact that

cal, cultural, and charitable organizations, ent, until the relationship between this

as well as the minority membership repre diocese and the mother church will not be they may be obligatory for the Serbian

sentatives of three additional church and Orthodox Church in the old country. For

regulated, no decrees, decisions, or orders of school communities and representatives of one cannot overlook the fact, as the holy

the holy assembly of bishops and the holy assembly of bishops and the synod usually communities in Europe, Africa, and South the total membership of church and school synod will be accepted, since these shall not

be recognized as binding for this diocese and do, that the overwhelming majority of the America, who attended as guests;

its organs. faithful of this diocese consist of free citi Desirous of preserving the unity and 6. The assembly repeats the request, made zens of the United States of America and strength of the only Serbian Orthodox Dio- in the resolutions of the National Church Canada for whom the provisions of their cese in the free world;

Assemblies of 1956 and 1960 in accordance

with the ancient customs of the Serbian The question is on agreeing to the Robertson Talmadge Young, N. Dak. Orthodox Church, that, in case of the death amendment of the Senator from Louisi


Thurmond Young, Ohio or incapacity of the diocesan bishop, or in

Williams, Del.

Yarborough case of need, it shall be authorized to elect ana to the Mansfield-Dirksen amend- Symington three candidates, one of whom the holy ments to the committee amendment in

NAYS-43 assembly will acknowledge as diocesan the nature of a substitute. The yeas and


Monroney bishop or auxiliary to the diocesan bishop. nays have been ordered, and the clerk Anderson Hartke

Morton 7. The assembly decided to wait 60 days will call the roll.



Hickenlooper Muskie from the time that a copy of this resolution The legislative clerk called the roll.


Nelson shall be posted by registered mail, return Mr. RIBICOFF (after having voted in Boggs

Humphrey Neuberger receipt requested, in an envelope addressed the affirmative). Mr. President, on this Carlson


Pell to His Holiness, for His Holiness, the Holy


Saltonstall Clark

Assembly of Bishops, and the holy synod to vote I have a live pair with the Senator


Smathers accept requests 1, 2, 3, and 4 of this resolu- from Rhode Island [Mr. PASTORE). If Cooper

he were present and voting, he would Dirksen Mansfield tion.


McCarthy Sparkman If His Holiness, the Patriarch, the holy vote nay”; if I were at liberty to vote,

Douglas McGovern Williams, N.J. assembly of bishops, and the holy synod do I would vote "yea.” I therefore with Fulbright McIntyre not accept these requests within the said draw my vote.


Metcalf period of time, then this National Church Mr. MAGNUSON (after having voted

NOT VOTING-17 Assembly shall look to other solutions for all in the affirmative). Mr. President, I Bennett Javits

Prouty questions which concern the future conduct


Jordan, Idaho Ribicoff of affairs of this Serbian Orthodox diocese have a live pair with the Senator from

Eastland Magnuson Stennis for the United States and Canada. Michigan [Mr. McNAMARA). If he were

Edmondson McGee


McNamara For this purpose, today's session of the present and voting, he would vote nay”; Engle


Goldwater Pastore National Church Assembly is adjourned and if I were at liberty to vote, I would vote shall continue its work on November 12, 13, "yea." I therefore withdraw my vote. So Mr. ELLENDER'S amendment to the and 14, 1963, at the St. Sava Monastery at Mr. HUMPHREY. I announce that Mansfield-Dirksen amendments to the Libertyville, Ill., with the same delegates the Senator from Mississippi (Mr. EAST- committee amendment in the nature of and presidency. However, in case of emergency, the presidency of this National Church LAND], the Senator from Oklahoma (Mr. a substitute

was rejected.

Mr. FULBRIGHT. Mr. President, I Assembly shall be obligated to advance the EDMONDSON), the Senator from Wyoming date of continuation of this National Church [Mr. McGEE], the Senator from Michi- move to reconsider the vote by which Assembly. In any event, the diocesan bishop, gan [Mr. McNAMARA), the Senator from the amendment was rejected. the Right Reverend Dionisije, in all the Rhode Island (Mr. PASTORE), the Sen Mr. DIRKSEN. Mr. President, I rights of his See, shall continue the unre ator from Mississippi (Mr. STENNIS], and move to lay that motion on the table. stricted conduct of the affairs of his diocese the Senator from Tennessee [Mr. WAL Mr. ELLENDER. On the motion to in association with all other diocesan au

TERS] are absent on official business. table I ask for the yeas and nays. thorities and organs.

I also announce that the Senator from

The yeas and nays were ordered. 8. The assembly shall take due cognizance

Mr. DOUGLAS, Mr. President, a parof the repeated statements of His Grace, California (Mr. ENGLE] is absent because Bishop Dionisije, that he is prepared to de- of illness.

liamentary inquiry. fend himself against any accusation which On this vote, the Senator from Okla


PRESIDING OFFICER. The has been submitted or shall be submitted homa [Mr. EDMONDSON] is paired with Senator will state it. against him dealing with alleged violations the Senator from Wyoming (Mr. Mc Mr. DOUGLAS. Will the Presiding in the conduct of his duties as diocesan GEE]. If present and voting, the Sen Officer state the motion that is now bishop. 9. The assembly declares that it will not and the Senator from Wyoming would

ator from Oklahoma would vote “yea," before the Senate? recognize as legal any other National Church

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Assembly or any diocesan authority, which vote “nay."

question is on agreeing to the motion to shall be held or shall act on the territory of

I further announce that, if present table the motion to reconsider the vote this diocese, if it has been established by the and voting, the Senator from Mississippi by which the amendment of the Senator three new bishops forcibly imposed on the [Mr. EASTLAND], the Senator from Mis- from Louisiana [Mr. ELLENDER] was refaithful of certain parts of this diocese. sissippi [Mr. STENNIS] would each vote jected. 10. The assembly pledges itself to God, to "yea.

On this question the yeas and nays St. Sava, and to mother church and

Mr. KUCHEL. the Serbian people, that it shall do every- the Senator from Vermont (Mr. PROUTY] the roll.

I announce that have been ordered, and the clerk will call thing in its best conscience and knowledge is absent on official business. to defend the freedom, interests, and welfare

The legislative clerk called the roll. of its Serbian Orthodox diocese for the

The Senator from New Hampshire

Mr. RIBICOFF. On this vote I have United States and Canada and through it,

[Mr. COTTON), the Senator from Arizona a live pair with the Senator from Rhode the welfare of the mother church, the Ser [Mr. GOLDWATER), the Senator from Ida

Island [Mr. PASTORE]. If he were bian Orthodox Church in our native country. ho (Mr. JORDAN), and the Senator from present and voting, he would vote "yea”;

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Texas [Mr. TOWER] are necessarily ab- if I were at liberty to vote, I would vote question is on agreeing to the amend- sent.

“nay." I withhold my vote. ment of the Senator from Louisiana [Mr.

The Senator from Utah [Mr. BEN

Mr. BREWSTER. On this vote I have ELLENDER] to the amendments offered by NETT) and the Senator from New York a live pair with the Senator from Michithe Senator from Montana [Mr. MANS

[Mr. JAVITS) are absent on official busi- gan [Mr. McNAMARA). If he were here, FIELD], for himself and other Senators, ness.

he would vote "yea"; if I were at liberty to the committee amendment in the na

If present and voting, the Senator to vote, I would vote “nay.” I withhold ture of a substitute. from Utah (Mr. BENNETT), the Senator

my vote. Mr. ELLENDER. Mr. President, have from Arizona [Mr. GOLDWATER), the Sen Mr. LONG of Missouri. On this vote the yeas and nays been ordered?

ator from Idaho (Mr. JORDAN), and the I have a live pair with the Senator from The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Texas (Mr. TOWER] would

Wyoming [Mr. McGEE). If he were yeas and nays have been ordered. each vote "yea."

present, he would vote "yea"; if I were Mr. ELLENDER. Mr. President, I sug

The result was announced-yeas 40, at liberty to vote, I would vote "nay." I gest the absence of a quorum. nays 43, as follows:

withhold my vote. The PRESIDING OFFICER.

[No. 207 Leg.]

Mr. HUMPHREY. I announce that clerk will call the roll.


the Senator from Mississippi (Mr. EASTThe legislative clerk proceeded to call Allott

Ellender Long, Mo.

LAND], the Senator from Oklahoma (Mr.

Long, La. the roll.

EDMONDSON), the Senator from Wyoming Brewster Fong


[Mr. McGEE), the Senator from MichiMr. ELLENDER. Mr. President, I ask Burdick Gruening Mechem unanimous consent that the order for Byrd, W.Va.


gan [Mr. McNAMARA), the Senator from

Rhode Island [Mr. PASTORE), the Senathe quorum call be rescinded.


tor from Mississippi (Mr. STENNIS), and The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without


Johnston Pearson
Jordan, N.C. Proxmire

Senator from Tennessee [Mr. objection, it is so ordered. Dominick Lausche Randolph

WALTERS] are absent on official business. CIX -1329


I also announce that the Senator from The PRESIDING OFFICER. The

PENDING BILL (H.R. 7885) California [Mr. ENGLE] is absent be- amendment will be modified accordingly The pending bill proposes no change in cause of illness. as requested.

section 202. I further announce that, if present and Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, I now a.sk

MANSFIELD AMENDMENT voting, the Senator from Mississippi (Mr. that my amendment, as thus modified, Inserts in the bill the following amendEASTLAND], the Senator from Oklahoma be read.

ment to section 202: [Mr. EDMONDSON), and the Senator from The PRESIDING OFFICER. The "(b) Section 202 of the Foreign Assistance Mississippi [Mr. STENNIS), would each modified amendment will be stated. Act of 1961, as amended, is amended by strikvote “nay.

The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. On page 1, in ing out 'for each of the next four succeedMr. KUCHEL. I announce that the lines 7 to 9 of the Mansfield-Dirksen ing fiscal years,' and inserting 'for the fiscal Senators from Vermont (Mr. AIKEN and amendments, as amended, it is proposed 1964, and '$1,500,000,000 for each of the next

year 1963, $975,000,000 for the fiscal year Mr. PROUTY] are absent on official busi- to strike out "$975,000,000 for the fiscal

two succeeding fiscal years,'." ness. year 1964, and $975,000,000 for each of

The effect of this amendment would be to The Senator from New Hampshire the next two succeeding fiscal years," reduce from $1,500,000,000 to $975,000,000 the [Mr. COTTON), the Senator from Arizona and insert in lieu thereof “and $950,000,- authorization for 1964, and to leave un[Mr. GOLDWATER), the Senator from 000 for the fiscal year 1964,".

changed the authorization ($1,500,000,000) Idaho (Mr. JORDAN], and the Senator The PRESIDING OFFICER. The for 1965 and 1966. from Texas (Mr. TOWER] are necessarily question is on agreeing to this amend

HOLLAND AMENDMENT TO MANSFIELD absent. ment to the Mansfield-Dirksen amend

AMENDMENT The Senator from Utah (Mr. BENNETT] ments, as amended, to the committee

On line 8 of Mansfield amendment strike and the Senator from New York [Mr. amendment.

out “$1,500,000,000" and insert "$975,000,000". JAVITS) are absent on official business. Mr. MORSE. On this question, I ask The effect of this amendment is to reduce If present and voting, the Senator for the yeas and nays.

the authorizations for 1965 and 1966 from from Utah (Mr. BENNETT), the Senator

$1,500,000,000 to $975,000,000.

The yeas and nays were ordered. from Idaho (Mr. JORDAN], and the Sena Mr. MORSE. Mr. President. I ask

MORSE AMENDMENT TO MANSFIELD tor from Texas (Mr. TOWER] would each unanimous consent to have printed in

AMENDMENT vote “nay.” the RECORD a brief statement in support

On page 1, lines 7 to 9, strike out "$975,On this vote, the Senator from Ver- of my amendment and a statement pre

000,000 for the fiscal year 1964, and $1,500,mont (Mr. AIKEN] is paired with the pared by the Legislative Counsel as to

000,000 for each of the next two succeeding Senator from Arizona (Mr. GOLDWATER). the effect of the amendment, and other

fiscal years," and insert in lieu thereof "and

$950,000,000 for the fiscal year 1964." If present and voting, the Senator from amendments, upon the Development

The effect of this amendment would be to Vermont would vote "yea," and the Sena Loan Fund.

make the 1964 authorization $950,000,000 (intor from Arizona would vote “nay."

There being no objection, the state- stead of $975,000,000 as proposed by the The result was announced-yeas 42, ments were ordered to be printed in the Mansfield amendment), and eliminate ennays 39, as follows: RECORD, as follows:

tirely the authorizations for 1965 and 1966. [No. 208 Leg.]


MENTS-DEVELOPMENT LOAN FUND very quickly summarize my amendment Anderson Hart


My amendment has the effect of reducing to the Mansfield amendments: In my Bartlett Hartke

Monroney this year's authorization to $950 million, and opinion the previous vote—which finally

Hickenlooper MOSS
repealing the existing authorization for the

was decided after numerous changes, Boggs Holland Muskie next 2 fiscal years.

plus the perfectly proper work of the Carlson Humphrey Nelson Senators will recall that the report of the

leadership in turning defeat into victory Case Inouye

Neuberger Senate Foreign Relations Committee was
severely critical of the foreign aid program.

by getting pairs and vote changes-tells Cooper Kennedy Saltonstall

It noted that it had rejected an amendment quite a story; it makes perfectly clear Dirksen Kuchel Scott terminating all existing foreign aid pro

that the foreign aid program, in the Dodd

Mansfield Smathers
McCarthy Smith

grams at the close of fiscal year 1965 because form in which it is before the Senate, is
Fulbright McGovern Sparkman it expected the administration to submit an not a popular program and that many
McIntyre Williams, N.J. entirely new program for fiscal year 1965.

people know and recognize the fact that NAYS-39 Yet we know that there was already au

it should be drastically modified; and in Allott Hill Pearson thorized $1.5 billion for both fiscal year 1965

my opinion the people will see to it that Bible Hruska Proxmire and 1966. How likely is it that with an au

it is modified. Burdick Jackson

Randolph thorization of $1.5 billion already on the Byrd, Va. Johnston Robertson books, any administration would make a The effect of my pending amendment Býrd, W. Va. Jordan, N.C. Russell

serious effort to revise and reduce the aid to the Mansfield amendments is to cut Cannon Lausche Simpson program for 1965 and 1966?

$25 million from the $975 million and Church

Long, La. Symington

Nor would it make much difference if there

to make perfectly clear that the adminDominick McClellan Thurmond were an authorization of $975 million on the

istration will have to come before the Ellender Mechem Williams, Del. books. The Senate has just made it $975

congressional committees in 1965 and Ervin Miller

Yarborough million by adopting the Holland amendment.
Young, N. Dak.

1966 tabula rasa. There will not be any

Leaving any authorization for 1965 and Gruening Mundt

Young, Ohio

1966 will further minimize the fainthearted continuation of the $975 million; ConNOT VOTING–19

appeal of the Foreign Relations Committee gress will deal with the problem as a new Aiken Goldwater Prouty

for submission of a foreign aid bill next year authorization in 1965 and 1966. My Bennett Javits Ribicoff

that will be as the committee put it, “re amendment repeals all authorization for Brewster Jordan, Idaho Stennis vamped in major respects."

development loans beyond fiscal 1964. I Cotton

Long, Mo. Tower Eastland McGee Walters

believe Congress should do so, for that Edmondson McNamara

would be psychologically beneficial and Engle Pastore STATEMENT PREPARED BY THE LEGISLATIVE

would say to the American people that

COUNSEL So Mr. DIRKSEN'S motion to lay on the

we are willing to vote, for 1965 and 1966,

EXISTING LAW OF 1961 table was agreed to.

whatever sound foreign aid program the

"SEC. 202. Authorization: (a) There is Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, to the

administration at that time can prove is Mansfield amendment, as amended, I call hereby authorized to be appropriated to the

needed, but we are not going to give the President for the purposes of this title up my amendment No. 303. Before I $1,200,000,000 for the fiscal year 1962 and

administration any advantage by startask that it be read, I wish to make two $1,500,000,000 for each of the next four suc

ing with a presumption in favor of an modifications in it: In line 2-in view of ceeding fiscal years, which sums shall remain authorization of $975 million. Instead, the adoption of the Holland amend available until expended: Provided, That

we shall start with the blackboard erased ment—the figure “$1,500,000,000” should any unappropriated portion of the amount clean, and will say to the administration, read "$975,000,000"; in addition, on line authorized to be appropriated for any such “Write on the blackboard the figures for 4, the figure "$900,000,000” should read

fiscal year may be appropriated in any sub- foreign aid that you can justify. Come

sequent fiscal year during the above period "$950,000,000”.

in addition to the amount otherwise author- in with the new and revamped program I ask that the amendment be modified ized to be appropriated for such subsequent for fiscal 1965 which the Foreign Relaaccordingly. fiscal year.”

tions Committee has asked for, and with

the sum you believe should be expended I also announce that the Senator from Javits

McNamara Stennis California (Mr. ENGLE] is absent because

Jordan, Idaho Pastore under it.”


Walters Mr. President, by means of this amend of illness.

So Mr. MORSE's amendment (No. 303), ment to the Mansfield amendments, as I further announce that, if present and amended, the Senate has an opportunity voting, the Senator from Arizona [Mr. voting, the Senator from Arizona (Mr. as modified, to the Mansfield-Dirksen

amendments, was agreed to. to save the taxpayers $25 million-by re- HAYDEN] would vote anay."

Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, I move ducing the present figure of $975 million On this vote, the Senator from Misto $950 million and also to guarantee sissippi (Mr. EASTLAND) is paired with the sissippi [Mr. EASTLAND) is paired with the to reconsider the vote by which the

amendment was agreed to. that there will not be a continuation of Senator from Wyoming [Mr. McGEE).

Mr. WILLIAMS of Delaware. Mr. the authorization for 1965 and 1966. If present and voting, the Senator from Hence, foreign aid will be considered Mississippi would vote “yea,” and the President, I move to lay that motion on

the table. tabula rasa when the administration Senator from Wyoming would vote

The motion to lay on the table was submits its proposed program for 1965 “nay.

agreed to. and 1966.

On this vote, the Senator from Okla

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The homa [Mr. EDMONDSON) is paired with Mansfield-Dirksen amendments to the Mr. FULBRIGHT. Mr. President, the pending amendment of the Senator from the Senator from Michigan [Mr. Mc

committee amendment is open to furOregon to the Mansfield-Dirksen amend- NAMARA). If present and voting, the Sen

ther amendment. ments, as amended, would reduce the au ator from Oklahoma would vote "yea," and the Senator from Michigan would call up my amendment No. 301, and ask

Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, I thorization which has been made by means of the Holland amendment to the vote “nay.”

that it be stated. Mansfield amendments. The pending On this vote, the Senator from Mis

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Morse amendment would not necessarily sissippi (Mr. STENNIS] is paired with the

amendment of the Senator from Minneresult in any saving this year, because Senator from Rhode Island [Mr. Pas

sota will be stated. the pending bill is only an authorization TORE). If present and voting, the Sena

The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. On page 2, in bill, and the appropriation has never, to tor from Mississippi would vote "yea," my knowledge, been in the same amount and the Senator from Rhode Island and the Senator from Rhode Island the Mansfield-Dirksen amendments, it is

proposed to strike out lines 2 through 11, as the authorization. would vote “nay."

as follows: In view of the Senate's vote on the El

Mr. KUCHEL. I announce that the lender amendment-which called for $50 Senators from Vermont (Mr. AIKEN and

(1) Strike out "for use beginning in each

of the fiscal years 1963 through 1966, not to million more than the pending Morse Mr. PROUTY] are absent on official busi

exceed $600,000,000 for each such fiscal year” amendment does for this fiscal year-I ness.

and insert "for use beginning in the fiscal think the pending amendment is an ex

The Senator from New Hampshire year 1963 not to exceed $600,000,000, for use ample of cheese paring. Furthermore, if

[Mr. COTTON], the Senator from Arizona beginning in the fiscal year 1964 not to exwe must vote on every one of the various [Mr. GOLDWATER), the Senator from ceed $525,000,000, and for use beginning in amendments which call for changes in Idaho (Mr. JORDAN), and the Senator each of the fiscal years 1965 and 1966 not to the amount of $25 million or $50 million from Texas [Mr. TOWER] are necessarily exceed $600,000,000”. or less, we shall be here all winter. absent.

On page 38, line 13, strike out “(3)” In addition, the Holland amendment

The Senator from Utah [Mr. BEN- and insert “(2)”. to the Mansfield-Dirksen amendments NETT) and the Senator from New York On page 40, lines 9 and 10, strike out was agreed to unanimously only a couple [Mr. JAVITS) are absent on official busi “ '$300,000,000' and" and "and '$175,of hours ago, and I thought it was perness.

000,000', respectively". fectly acceptable to the Senate.


The pair of the Senator from Vermont Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, I pending Morse amendment would strike

[Mr. AIKEN] has been previously an- wish to take a few moments on the out the Holland amendment; it would nounced.

amendment. This particular amendpare down the currently applicable fig

If present and voting, the Senator ment would modify the Mansfield-Dirkure in the Mansfield amendment by $25

from Utah [Mr. BENNETT), the Senator sen amendments cosponsored by other million.

from Arizona [Mr. GOLDWATER), the Senators in this manner: it would reTherefore, Mr. President, I hope the

Senator from Idaho [Mr. JORDAN), and store to the Alliance for Progress the Senate will reject this amendment.

the Senator from Texas [Mr, TOWER) amount recommended by the committee, The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. KENwould each vote "yea."

which amount was reduced in the "powNEDY in the chair). The question is on

The result was announced-yeas 42, erhouse” amendment by $125 million. agreeing to the Morse amendment No. nays 40, as follows:

That fund would be restored to the Al303, as modified, to the Mansfield-Dirk

[No. 209 Leg.]

liance for Progress. sen amendments, as amended, to the


The President's contingency fund, committee amendment.

Gruening Proxmire

which was increased by $125 million, On this question, the yeas and nays

Anderson Hruska

Randolph would be reduced by this amendment Jackson

Ribicoff have been ordered; and the clerk will call Bible


$125 million. Basically, in view of the

Robertson the roll. Brewster Jordan, N.C. Russell

recent action of the Senate in adopting The legislative clerk proceeded to call


the Morse amendment, the amendment Byrd, Va. Long, Mo. Simpson the roll.

would leave the reductions in the DeByrd, W. Va. Magnuson Symington Mr. DOMINICK (when his name was

McClellan Talmadge

velopment Loan Fund and the Military Church

Mechem called). On this vote I have a pair with

Thurmond Assistance Fund as recommended by the
Williams, Del.

Mansfield-Dirksen amendments as modthe senior Senator from Vermont (Mr. Ellender Morse

AIKEN). If he were present and voting,

Young, N. Dak.

ified by the Morse amendment, which

Young, Ohio he would vote nay." If I were at liberty

would be approximately $410 million, I

NAYS—40 to vote, I would vote "yea." Therefore I

believe, and it would restore the $125 Bartlett withhold my vote.

Hickenlooper Monroney

million to the Alliance for Progress. Bayh Hill

The rollcall was concluded.

Mr. KEATING. Mr. President, will

Mr. HUMPHREY. I announce that case


the Senator yield?

Mr. HUMPHREY. I yield. the Senator from Mississippi [Mr. EAST Clark

Keating Neuberger

Mr. KEATING. Would it be fair to LAND], the Senator from Oklahoma [Mr. Cooper

Kennedy Pell

EDMONDSON], the Senator from Arizona


characterize this amendment as the
Long, La. Smathers

"little powerhouse" amendment? [Mr. HAYDEN], the Senator from Wyo- Douglas Mansfield Smith

Fulbright ming [Mr. McGEE], the Senator from


Mr. HUMPHREY. It would be fair


McGovern Williams, N.J. to characterize it as a fair amendment. Michigan [Mr. McNAMARA), the Senator Hart


Mr. KEATING. I wondered. from Rhode Island [Mr. PASTORE), the Hartke


Mr. HUMPHREY. It is a reasonable Senator from Mississippi (Mr. STENNIS),


amendment, that would keep our comand the Senator from Tennessee (Mr.


Dominick Engle
Eastland Goldwater

mitment under the Alliance for ProgWALTERS] are absent on official business. Cotton

Edmondson Hayden

ress. I repeat, it would leave intact all

of the reductions which have been voted. tingency fund. He would also have what money for the program agreed to by ConIt would in no way modify the total ag- we call flexibility with respect to a cer gress in the Alliance for Progress. I am gregate sum of the reductions. It would tain percentage of the total authorized hopeful that Senators will realize that merely take the sum of $125 million from and appropriated funds in each category. we should support this proposal. the contingency fund, as recommended Mr. ELLENDER. Mr. President, will I shall let the Senator from Louisiana in the Mansfield-Dirksen amendments, the Senator yield?

argue the merits of his case. I indicated and add that sum to the Alliance for Mr. HUMPHREY. I yield to the Sen- that the amount spent last year was less Progress, so that the contingency fund ator from Louisiana.

than recommended for this year. amount and the Alliance for Progress Mr. ELLENDER. I am in accord with Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, I should amount would be as recommended by the views expressed by the Senator from announce that many of us were not aware the Senate Committee on Foreign Rela Minnesota in regard to the Alliance for that the Senator's amendment was going tions.

Progress funds. In my judgment, the to be considered next. It is a very imLet me say to those who are strong ad amount should be left intact.

amount should be left intact. My only portant amendment. vocates of the reduction in amounts in disagreement with the Senator is that As the Senator knows, I am entirely in this program that the total amount of the amount of the contingency fund sympathy with the overall objectives; reduction would remain as presently should be decreased to $100 million. I but the amendment raises the question of voted and as pending in the Mansfield- expect to call up my amendment No. 299, the entire Alliance for Progress program; Dirksen amendments as modified by the Mr. President

and the Alliance for Progress program, Morse amendment.

Mr. HUMPHREY. Does not the Sena in its totality, needs to be discussed first, Mr. CHURCH. Mr. President, will the tor understand that the amendment I before we start voting on any amendSenator yield?

have offered would also reduce the con ment, because a series of amendments Mr. HUMPHREY. I am glad to yield. tingency fund to $175 million?

will be offered to the amendment if we Mr. CHURCH. Is it not true that if Mr. ELLENDER. I understand that cannot reach an agreement in the cloakthe cut of $125 million for the Alliance but I wish to make it $100 million. I rooms with regard to rewording the for Progress is sustained by the Senate, wish the Senate to listen. I wish the amendment. that will have a crippling effect upon Senate to know that the President now One of the items we shall want to the Alliance for Progress for the coming has almost a billion dollars which he can consider has just been mentioned, year. The evidence indicates that this transfer from one appropriation item to namely, military aid to Latin America; is the only program which we can rely another, in order to take care of situa- whether or not we should reduce further upon in the hope of bringing Latin tions like Lebanon and other places in military aid, and add the savings to the America away from its long tradition of the world, and that of the contingency Alliance for Progress economic aid. feudalism and dictatorship?

fund provided for the President last year, Then there is the question of the conMr. HUMPHREY. I feel that that is $100 million some odd, only $34 million tingency fund. I say most respectfully correct. I believe the testimony before was used. I have a lot of data to prove to the Senator from Minnesota that this the committee would bear that out. that this fund will not suffer at all if amendment will call for such detailed Mr. CHURCH. Would not the Sen- reduced to the $100 million.

discussion of so many items of the Alator also agree that in dealing with the Mr. HUMPHREY. Would the Sena- liance for Progress program that, if we problems which face us in the Western tor from Louisiana withhold his amend- are willing to start it now, we could not Hemisphere, there is probably no more ment for just one moment? I gather, finish it tonight in time for a vote. But hopeful new development in the entire under the parliamentary situation, it we will discuss it tonight, and finish disfield of foreign aid than the Alliance for would be an amendment to the amend- cussing it tomorrow; and if we have not Progress, addressed to the real problems, ment I have offered on behalf of myself, arrived at an adjustment of the differthe real seedbeds of communism in this the Senator from South Dakota [Mr. ences with the Senator from Minnesota, hemisphere? If there is one part of the McGOVERN], and the Senator from Mas we shall offer some amendments. program that ought not to be cut, it is sacuhsetts [Mr. KENNEDY).

Mr. RUSSELL. Mr. President, will the Alliance for Progress.

To repeat quickly what I am attempt- the Senator yield? Mr. HUMPHREY. The Senator from ing to do in this amendment, this would Mr. HUMPHREY. I yield to the SenIdaho is eminently correct. To the ad- restore the Senate Foreign Relations ator from Georgia. vocates of reductions in this overall for Committee's original recommendation of Mr. RUSSELL. Is there anything in eign aid program, I only add that the $650 million for the Alliance for Progress, the act which would prevent the PresiHouse made serious cuts in the Alliance and $175 million for the contingency dent from transferring funds from the for Progress-down to $450 million fund. It would not alter the total reduc- contingency fund to the Alliance for which I believe really jeopardized the tion recommended by the so-called Progress? effort that we have already made in Mansfield-Dirksen amendments, as now Mr. HUMPHREY. No. Latin America. Unless we restore these modified by the amendment of the Sena Mr. RUSSELL. The Senator has emfunds in the authorization bill, when we tor from Oregon (Mr. MORSE). This re- phasized repeatedly the importance the come from conference we will find our duction would remain the same, at about President attaches to the Alliance for selves in such a position that the invest- $410 million.

Progress program. If the President ments already made in the Alliance for The Alliance for Progress program has thinks that this program is so important, Progress will be jeopardized as to effec- been repeatedly given top priority by he can transfer funds from the contiveness.

President Kennedy who has, time after tingency fund and it is not necessary to Needless to say, we still have to go time, described this area as the most upset the amendment offered by the through the appropriation process, which critical area in the world for U.S. foreign leadership or has the leadership abanwill result in a reduced amount. I am I am policy.

doned this phase of their amendment? very hopeful we will not alter the effort The restoration of the committee fig Mr. DIRKSEN. Oh, Mr. President, if that was made in committee to assist the ure would mean a final figure for the I may interrupt, the leadership has not Alliance for Progress at a reasonable Alliance for Progress, this year, after abandoned it. The reason why Tom level. So far as the President's contin- a conference with the House and after Scott, from the staff, sat in the confergency fund is concerned, $175 million consideration of appropriations, about ence was that we were selecting figures. was the amount recommended by the the same as the final figure for last year, Transferability is provided for. We committee, after careful examination. which was $525 million, even if we are thought this arrangement should not be That is more than was used last year quite optimistic in the estimate. It might disturbed. out of the President's contingency fund. even be less. The committee carefully I do not think the amendment of the There is an additional $300 million avail. considered the contingency fund and Senator from Minnesota should be able to the President under the so-called reduced it because $117 million of the adopted. military assistance, $300 million of emer- $260 million for last year went unspent. Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, the gency funds that can be taken from the The committee figure of $175 million is reason I offered the amendment is that Department of Defense appropriation. substantially higher than the total it is my understanding, with respect to That is reimbursable under law. So this amount of $143 million spent last year. funds available from the contingency would not cripple the President. It The committee's action supports the fund that those funds are not permitted would leave him a $475 million con idea that the AID agency must use this to be used for items which had been cut

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