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Publications Commission, a private enter to what extent it was all play acting. But development and exploitation of the prise operation which compiles and edits knowing the image consciousness of the lands and waters of our Nation. This various historical papers.

brothers Kennedy, it's safe to assume that is because the decisions are often made In the past this organization has relied the final, edited product achieved what they on private donations to finance its operation. wanted it to. And that they intended that

on an economic basis, and it is difficult Now that it has been given Federal money it would.

to ascribe dollar value to the intangible one can feel reasonably certain, as always As an exercise in the sacrifice of essential benefits derived by people from the rechappens when the Federal Government gives Presidential privacy to showmanship, the reational and esthetic enjoyment of funds to someone or something, that they precedent was bad enough. As an indica wildlife, not to mention the vital ecologwill have some control as to what this orga tion of possible new dimensions in news

ical role played by wild animals of all nization does. management, it's downright appalling.

kinds in maintaining the health of the I guess it never ends—they are not satis

land. fied with managing the news. Now they want to manage history.

There is one area, however, in which PREDATORS CONSTITUTE AN IM the policies and practices of the Fish and Mr. Speaker, the distinguished gentle

PORTANT AND VALUABLE PART Wildlife Service are hopelessly behind man from Illinois deserves the support


the times. This is

is not necessarily and praise of every American who values

strange, because Government policies freedom of speech and freedom of the

Mr. BOGGS. Mr. Speaker, I ask

often lag behind scientific discoveries press. My congratulations to our dis- unanimous consent that the gentleman and the evolution of social values. I retinguished colleague.

from Michigan [Mr. DINGELL] may ex fer to the predator control program tend his remarks at this point in the

presently carried out by the Bureau of RECORD and include extraneous matter. Sport Fisheries and Wildlife. This pro

The SPEAKER. Is there objection gram has been permitted to grow beTHE WHITE HOUSE IN SHOW to the request of the gentleman from

yond the bounds of any demonstrable BUSINESS Louisiana?

need largely by default, because it has Mr. REIFEL. Mr. Speaker, I ask There was no objection.

not been publicly challenged nor careunanimous consent that the gentleman

Mr. DINGELL. Mr. Speaker, the fully examined by the Congress. At from California [Mr. LIPSCOMB] may ex

large carnivorous mammals commonly present there are more than 600 Govtend his remarks at this point in the

called predators constitute an important ernment trappers in the Western States RECORD and include extraneous matter. and valuable part of our wildlife herit engaged in widespread poisoning and The SPEAKER. Is there objection

I speak of such animals as the other indiscriminate methods. Such to the request of the gentleman from mountain lion; the wolf and its smaller methods tend to decimate whole popuSouth Dakota?

cousin, the coyote; the bears, the lynx, lations of predators, encourage the exThere was no objection.

and the bobcat. Some of these magnifi- plosion of rodents and other pest aniMr. LIPSCOMB. Mr. Speaker, about cent animals are almost gone due to the mals, and adversely affect other valuable the best that can be said about the “in- civilization of the wilderness habitat species. timate glimpse” into what goes on in upon which they depend and to needless No one questions that depredations on the Office of the Chief Executive which persecution that resulted from a mis- domestic livestock do occur, but it has recently was given the Nation's television understanding of their role in nature. also been demonstrated that such depreviewers by the President is that it was

The true wolf is virtually gone in all dations can be most effectively prein questionable taste.

the States except Alaska. The mountain vented by selective methods which elimThe “show,” purportedly to portray the lion, or “cougar,” and the grizzly bear inate the individual predators that are President and his brother, the Attorney are now so rare as to require nearly com doing the damage, and not by indiscrimGeneral, in the actual process of reach- plete protection if they are to be kept inate, mass-control methods. ing an important decision, I believe de among America's living wildlife. For I have today introduced a bill to estabmeaned the high office of the presidency. tunately some of these large carnivores, lish an up-to-date Federal policy with

Aside from that, this exercise ir show- as important to science and human cul- respect to the conservation and control manship at the White House was patent- ture in North America as the lion and of the predatory mammals, and to conly a brandnew vehicle for use by this the leopard are in Africa, still survive in vert the existing program gradually to administration in its broad program of

some of the national parks and forests a more effective and more economical news management. That the “show” of the West where good management system that would utilize a few highly also was devised to advance the politi- practices should be able to keep them. trained specialists to instruct and assist cal fortunes of the administration, how

The coyote and the bobcat are quite the ranchers in eliminating the guilty ever subtly, goes without saying.

widely distributed and are in no danger “rogue" animals in cases where depredaA pertinent editorial entitled: "No of extirpation except perhaps in parts of tions actually occur. Such a system has Business in Show Business” appeared in their native range. These animals not been tried and proven on a statewide the October 24 issue of the New York only play an important ecological role in basis in Missouri and Kansas and on a Herald Tribune. Under leave to extend helping keep the prolific rodents in check, local basis in other areas. my remarks in the RECORD, I include the but they also have high recreational My bill, not unimportantly, would save editorial at this point:

value, providing sport for many hunters some $2 million in Federal appropriawho like to pursue them.

tions annually. This is money which NO BUSINESS IN SHOW BUSINESS

There was a time when the destruc- could well be devoted to constructive There's a time and place, the old saw goes,

tion of predators was thought to be a conservation measures. for everything. The President's Office, when he and his top aids are reaching a crucial

way to wild game abundance, but this I am pleased to note that Secretary of and politically charged decision, is not the idea has been thoroughly exploded by the Interior Udall, who is always alert time and not the place for television modern wildlife research. It is now to conservation opportunities and incameras.

recognized that natural predation ac variably in step with the times, has asked As entertainment, ABC-TV'S “Crisis: Be tually plays a beneficial role in main a committee of leading wildlife scientists hind a Presidential Commitment,” finally taining the health of such species as the to review the predator and rodent conaired this week, wasn't bad. But the Presi

deer, rabbits, and the game birds, weed- trol program as carried on in the Bureau dent has no business in show business, particularly when he's engaged in the sup

ing the diseased and the unfit from the of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife. The posedly private deliberations essential to the

game populations. The more progres- study panel is headed by the distinresponsible exercise of Executive authority. sive of the State game departments have guished Dr. A. Starker Leopold of the

Does any one for a moment suppose that now abandoned predator-control prac- University of California. Its other memthe participants in these events—the plan tices as needless and wasteful.

bers are Dr. Ira N. Gabrielson, president ning and execution of the Government's I believe no Member of Congress has of the Wildlife Management Institute; moves in last June's showdown with Ala

worked harder than I have in support of Mr. Thomas Kimball, executive director, bama's Governor Wallace-were unaffected

the conservation programs of the U.S. the National Wildlife Federation; Dr. by the cameras, installed by prearrangement in both the President's and the Attorney Fish and Wildlife Service. Wildlife is Clarence Cottam, director of the Welder General's offices?

an invaluable natural resource that all Wildlife Foundation of Sinton, Tex., The public, supposedly given an intimate too often comes out on the short end in and Dr. Stanley Cain, head of the Conglimpse of Executive action, will never know the never-ending competition for the servation Department of the University

of Michigan. Secretary Udall could not disposable personal income over the past 15 years ago. At that time imported Eurohave selected a more capable group, and years you get a line with a decided curvature, pean cars were capturing an increasing share

of the U.S. market. I doubt if a Presidential I am looking forward eagerly to their indicating that rising incomes are not trans

proclamation at that time, calling for Amerreport.

lated proportionally into gasoline consump-

icans to buy domestic-made cars would have

5. There seems to be a stagnant home- had any appreciable effect. Certainly the BALANCE-OF-PAYMENTS PROBLEM bound segment of our adult population-ap Detroit automakers did not call for such

action. What they did do was to improve AS IT AFFECTS TOURISM

proximately 50 percent—which does not

vacation away from home and, in fact, does the product. They made both an economy Mr. BOGGS. Mr. Speaker, I ask not venture as far as 200 miles from home line for the mass market and a luxury line, unanimous consent that the gentleman by any mode of transportation, for any rea including most of the refinements of the from Florida [Mr. PEPPER] may extend son, during the course of a year.

European models, for the high-income mar


6. Most of the famous old resorts and his remarks at this point in the RECORD

tourist destination areas have taken on a Through product improvement the autoand include extraneous matter. The SPEAKER. Is there objection Alsop has described them as “garish, brassy, decided honky-tonk appearance. Stewart

makers recaptured their straying customers.

This is the path I believe our travel industo the request of the gentleman from neon-lit, billboard-ridden, slummish, littered, try should be following, and I believe it is Louisiana? tasteless, and above all, messy places."

time for both government and industry to There was no objection.

other commentator has observed that we have determine the proper roles each should play. Mr. PEPPER. Mr. Speaker, I should reached a point where "what is good for the It is suggested that the President would be like to commend to your attention and to vacation business is bad for the vacationer.” better served if he would call on the travel the attention of the other Members of the travel market are hard to understand in a

These discouraging trends in the domestic industry, the Congress and the executive

branch of the Government to set about imHouse an excellent paper

having to do country which is providing rapid increases in proving our domestic travel destination areas with the balance-of-payments deficit available leisure time and is at an alltime

so that they could compete in appeal with problem as it affects tourism, which was high in personal income, discretionary spend

any place in the world. Our resorts need delivered at Miami Beach on October 18 ing power, and liquid savings.

facilities available in enough diversity of when our Advisory Subcommittee on The purpose of my remarks today is to price ranges to suit all income segments of

our population, Tourism of the House Banking and Cur- suggest that there are vast areas in research,

Where will we find the leadership in the rency Committee held a conference at the economic analysis, resort area planning, and in needed legislative action which deserve

travel industry to finance the research and Carillon Hotel. the attention of both the Congress and the

prototype development which could lead the The statement was prepared by Somer- Executive offices of our Federal Government.

way toward improved travel destination set R. Waters, of Child and Waters, Inc., By the same token, the State governments

areas? Who will profit most from increased in New York, which in the past has been and the major travel-serving industries have

travel caused by the creation of new, excitmost helpful to the U.S. Travel Agency an even greater responsibility to take steps ing places to go, and things to see?

Last year the public spent $20 billion for in its efforts to stimulate more foreign which will strengthen this complex, frag

new and used cars, $15 billion for gas and tourist dollars to the United States to mented, economic giant we call the travel in

oil, $3.7 billion for tires, tubes, and auto acdustry. offset the balance-of-payments deficit.

I would suggest that product research in

cessories. A total of $59 billion was spent STATEMENT OF SOMERSET R. WATERS, CHILD & this travel industry has been even more

for all passenger transportation of which 86 WATERS, INC., NEW YORK, TO THE TRAVEL neglected than market research. Perhaps percent could be attributed to private autoADVISORY SUBCOMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE product improvement through better re

mobile travel. BANKING AND CURRENCY COMMITTEE, OCTO search and development is our most imme

If each U.S. automobile were driven an BER 17, 1963 diate need. We know that to increase travel

average of just 3 additional miles per day The best definition I have heard for our sales the ultimate aim must be traveler or during 1964 it would mean an increase of travel industry appeared in an economic revisitor satisfaction. We know that a satis

approximately 10 percent in the miles driven port published by the Federal Reserve Bank fied customer is in himself our best promo per year by the average car. This would of Philadelphia: "Travel and vacation is an tional asset. He influences his friends. He

mean an increase in spending of at least $3 industry unlike any other. It conforms to shows his photographs and movies. He re

billion for automobile transportation alone no one pattern or mold. The industry pro turns again for repeat visits.

and I may be underestimating by as much duces both goods and services but not a pre

How can we use the tools of research and

as a billion. Additional billions would be scribed formula. The establishments catereconomic planning to devise new, interest

spent for goods and services purchased as ing to vacationers often cater also to people ing, pleasant destination areas which will part of this additional travel.

Clearly the automotive, tire, and oil innot on vacation. The origin of the industry appeal to the present-day travel market and is hard to pinpoint but its growth has been yet be economically feasible to construct and dustries have a major stake in the travel prodigious. The industry is easy to identify, to maintain?

business. They have another great advanhard to define and is statistically slippery.

We know that an exciting new travel desti

tage in their organizations which enables

them to operate at the community level The industry is confined to no one place, no nation, designed to meet the desires of the one class of clients, no one type of services. modern tourist will create new travel.

through a network of oil marketers and auto

mobile dealers. It is easy to enter, easy to leave. It is proud Disneyland, which did not exist a few years of its accomplishments but not always sure ago, now attracts more visitors than Niagara

Another great factor in the domestic travel it wants to be an industry.” Falls or our most popular national park.

industry is the State government. Many Because we all view the domestic travel Las Vegas has certainly changed the econ

States get more than 30 percent of their tax

revenue from retail firms and individuals in industry from such entirely different points omy of the entire State of Nevada. of view, it is hard to stand back and think

Florida has a record to be proud of, fol

the travel-serving businesses. Some States about basic problems and trends which affect lowing its rather recent discovery that tour get considerably more. It has been said that the entire industry. There are few trends,

ism could be sold on a year-round basis. almost any tourist business which brings however, which seem to be obvious enough

Williamsburg has had a great impact on out-of-town visitors into a community is to be accepted by most observers of this

the economy of the tidewater area of Vir- profitable to the community and profitable invisible sleeping giant we call the travel inginia.

to the State. The difficult thing to find is a dustry:

In the western part of New York State we local tourist business which is also profitable 1. Total travel within the United States

still have remnants of a great Seneca-Iro to its owner. seems to be expanding at a much slower

quois Indian culture. Studies are now be The third major beneficiary of the domesrate than travel to foreign destinations. (I ing made as to the feasibility of an Indian tic travel business is the Federal Governwould estimate that during the past 10 years

destination area done with all the quality ment. Not only does it derive substantial international travel has increased at a rate

and cultural depth of Williamsburg, where tax revenue from retail firms, manufacturing at least double that of domestic travel.)

travelers could spend several days learning and producing companies, and individuals in 2. A few States such as Florida and Hawaii

about America's great Indian heritage. Such the travel-serving businesses, but the soluhave shown rates of travel growth equal to foreign visitors who seem to have a para destination would have great appeal to tion of two of its major current problems

involves improvement in the product ofthat of international travel. 3. The flow of Americans traveling abroad

ticular interest in observing our Indian cul fered by our domestic travel industry. ture.

Our international balance-of-payments is increasing at a more rapid rate than the

President Kennedy has recently issued a difficulties, resulting in a continuing outflow of foreign visitors to the United States. call to all Americans to travel in the United flow of gold can be attributed to a wide va

4. Total domestic consumption of oil (an States in 1964. His proclamation was moti riety of causes, but unfortunately the rapid index of domestic transportation) from 1935 vated by the need for the United States to increase in the number of Americans travelto 1955 increased at a fairly steady rate of attain a better balance between outgoing ing abroad puts the spotlight on the soabout 6 percent per year. Since 1955 this American tourists and incoming foreign called travel gap. This present gap of $1.4 rate of increase has dropped to 2.6 percent visitors.

billion (the difference between what our per year. Looking at this another way if The situation is not unlike that of the tourists spend abroad and what foreign touryou plot motor gasoline consumption against American automobile manufacturers a few ists spend in this country) continues to

widen. Part of the solution to this problem automotive interests in this country were service and retail firms which feel no reis (1) to make the United States such an about to form a National Travel Council sponsibility for travel development. These appealing destination that it will attract which would include a research and planning beneficiaries seldom share in the cost of hordes of foreign visitors, and (2) to improve staff and which in turn would be in a posi such essentials as promotion, maintenance our domestic destination areas so that more tion to provide guidance to local grassroots of attractive surroundings, celebrations, fesfuture U.S. travelers will visit within the travel councils at the community level. tivals, cultural attractions, and other enUnited States. We should also recognize Such a development, if properly organized deavors which are so necessary for the purthe fact that the United States can afford a and financed, would certainly be an historic pose of lengthening the travel season. substantial travel gap and that these tour development of great significance.

7. Unlike foreign travel, the travel agent ist expenditures provide the dollars which At the same time we need in our Federal can derive only a minimum reward for sellare used by other nations to buy the export and State Governments, centralized tourist ing domestic travel. Most agents spend the products of our farms and factories,

departments with the responsibility for en major share of their time selling foreign In addition to product improvement there couraging the improvement of our travel tours. is, of course, the large task of promoting and destination areas as a source of great poten

WHAT ACTION CAN THIS COUNTRY PROPERLY selling our product and pricing it to meet tial in future economic development.

TAKE TO START A TREND TOWARD IMPROVED the needs of the available market. For ex If you go to Washington today for the

TRAVEL DESTINATION AREAS? ample: the present advertising and promo- purpose of discussing the problem of im

1. The ultimate solution must be develtion budget available to the Commerce De- proving our domestic travel plant it is im

oped at the local community level. The partment's U.S. Travel Service, for attracting possible to find any one agency involved in more foreign visitors to our country, is piti- what Saturday Review's William Patterson

organization and education of the local fully inadequate for the task it now faces. calls “The Big Picture.” There is a de

travel community requires leadership. As

mentioned earlier, the oil and automotive The legislative ceiling of $4.7 million on the partment to promote foreign travel to this

industries, together with the State and FedU.S. Travel Service budget should be raised country, another department to encourage to a more realistic level. outdoor recreation. The Agriculture De

eral Governments, seem to be in the best The other major Government problem is partment is encouraging farmers to build

position to provide this leadership.

2. We need research and economic studies the continuing high rate of the unemployed campsites. Interior is helping Indian reserin the United States. As mentioned earlier, vations to create tourist attractions. ARA

to provide the statistical data needed to make a service industry such as travel provides the is lending money for tourist development in

the travel industry visible. Until we can exact type of employment which meets the distressed areas. Interior

provide the evidence, the travel industry will

has national present needs. Most of the jobs in the parks and agriculture, national forests. The

remain an invisible sleeping giant. We need

basic data for the community level and for domestic travel-serving industries are such Commerce Department establishes transpor

the Federal level. We need travel expendithat unskilled and semiskilled personnel can tation policy and so do a number of inde

tures within the subject area and expendibe easily trained for the work. These are the pendent agencies. We badly need some cen

tures of visitors to the area. We need the people who are being displaced by automa- tral coordinating body which can at least tion. think about the overali state of our domestic proportion of total retail and service trade

within the area attributable to travel. Also When our grandfathers were young, the travel industry. It should focus on travel pioneering and leadership in developing our and tourism as well as outdoor recreation, employment attributable to travel, and the

the number of firms serving travelers, the great resorts was assumed by the railroad in- If such an agency had only a research and terests. planning function and provided a central

contribution of travel service and transport

to tax revenues at county, State, and Federal For example, here in the East the railroads point where industry, Federal Government,

levels. and various tycoons who made their for and State governments could meet to dis

3. The most important requirement for a tunes from railroad land speculations, played cuss their common travel problems, much

successful destination area is a long season. major roles in developing Atlantic City, could be accomplished.

Adding a few months to the season can have Saratoga, Newport, Bar Harbor, Palm Beach,

WHY HAS AMERICA DEVELOPED SO MANY IN a remarkable effect on the profits of the Hot Springs, the Poconos, the Catskills, and


travel-serving firms. There are a number Niagara Falls. The Canadian railroads built a chain of major hotels across Canada. The

Although conditions in various sections of of ways to accomplish this which are familiar European railroads followed the same pattern our country are so diverse that it is hard to all who have observed the programs of on the other side of the Atlantic.

to offer many generalizations, the following the more successful tourist destination areas.

reasons apply to the majority of our tourist I would suggest that one of the most promisWith the change from the railroad to the destination areas:

ing and rewarding future programs, inprivately owned car for major means of

1. At the local level the travel industry volving State and Federal Government suptransportation, the travel industry lost the services of a large strongly financed industry in the oil business, the automobile business, is invisible. Local entrepreneurs may be port would be in activities which will

increase the length of the season in selected interested in providing new and exciting destination areas tailored to suit the needs of business, the retail shop business, but few the restaurant business, the motel or hotel travel destination areas.

4. We must preserve and even exaggerate a broad spectrum of travelers.

people admit to being in the travel business. our regional differences. We must preserve The new automobile traveler was entirely

2. At the community level there is no and cherish the unique cultural heritages of different from the railroad passenger. He was strong local organization or public consensus

each region. We must restore some of the mobile. Instead of remaining for weeks in a which focuses on the benefits to be gained pageantry to our American life. Well consingle place he roamed over the countryside by developing and maintaining an attractive ceived and enforced zoning in both rural and like a gypsy. If the weather was bad he

totally integrated destination product. urban areas, preservation of unique natural failed to show up. If he disliked his destina

3. The short, 2- or 3-month tourist season

or manmade attractions, use of trees, tion he could easily return home. The car

in most areas is insufficient to justify in flowers, ponds and fountains, shrubs for inmade it possible to own a vacation home in vestment in top-quality facilities. Because

creased beauty, all are important. a resort area and do most of his traveling be

of the short tourist season the individual 5. Weekend or year-round homes can do tween his two homes.

entrepreneur may be able to make a small much to improve the economy of resort areas With no one to take the leadership in profit by investing in cheap construction, if properly controlled and zoned. The $40 planning our travel destination areas the keeping his service at a minimum, charging billion interstate highway program is radinew resorts often appeared as a confused high prices, and using the most highly vis cally changing the time-relationship between honky-tonk collection of motels, neon-lit

ible neon signs or billboards to catch the urban areas and resort destinations. An drive-in restaurants, souvenir shops, and eye of the passing motorist.

apartment in the city and a home in a resort various catch-penny attractions.

4. If we are to have successful high-qual area is now within the reach of a large This does not have to happen. Research, ity destination areas, a way must be found segment of our population. planning, and zoning can create resort areas to attract visitors for at least a 7-month 6. We need to use a larger share of State which will meet modern needs and compete season.

and Federal tax funds, derived from travel with the best that can be offered by other 5. Local real estate developers in resort activity, for the improvement of facilities countries.

areas within 3 hours driving time of major which cannot be provided on an economiUrban renewal projects can restore older urban centers find a ready market for week- cally feasible basis by private industry. We areas to their original charm and unique end homes. These developers buy up all of should also use tax incentive devices and low character and give them a real reason for the waterfront property or property with interest long-term loans to encourage more existence.

particularly attractive views of interesting private firms to provide needed tourist faciliBut first we need in industry and in Gov- surroundings. They then squeeze as many

ties. ernment some focal point for the direction homesites as possible into the best loca 7. State legislative action on the Monday and execution of the research and planning. tions, with the end result that the original holiday plan is long overdue. We need to know the proper roles to be charm of the area is destroyed.

8. The love of a vacation at bargain prices played by both industry and Government. 6. Because of the invisible nature of the is one of the most powerful motivating fac

From time to time in the past few years travel business, most of the tourist income tors. Hundreds of thousands of Americans there have been rumors that the oil and flows into the hands of a wide variety of make large transportation expenditures to

cross the Atlantic Ocean to taste the luxury copy of McGuffey's Fifth Reader which from New York [Mr. KEOGH] may exand good service found in Spain at remark- recently came to my attention contained tend his remarks at this point in the ney to Hong Kong to spend a few days shop- excerpts from the works of great Ameri- RECORD and include extraneous matter.

can and British poets and statesmen, and The SPEAKER. Is there objection ping. It is not the total cost of the trip that counts but the feeling that for a short time also excerpts from the Bible, as well as to the request of the gentleman from one can enjoy a life of luxury with good articles on the Bible, one of which is Louisiana? service at a bargain price. Can we discover entitled "The Bible the Best of Classics.” There was no objection. any way to make this possible in America? Governor Connally's reference to this Mr. KEOGH. Mr. Speaker, on SaturFlorida does this in certain seasons, Las school text of a bygone day and his con

day evening, November 2, 1963, our disVegas can offer reasonable prices in attrac

cern with public education and morality tinguished colleague, Representative tive surroundings because of its gambling

are indicative of his knowledge and deep JAMES J. DELANEY, of New York, received earnings. If we were writers of science fiction we might conceive of some new econom

understanding of the American people the 1963 Charles Carroll Award. This ic invention which would permit inhabitants and of our great and precious historical new and high honor which has come to of our east coast to buy anything on the heritage. The editorial by Mr. E. S. JIM DELANEY is fitting recognition of his west coast at half price and vice versa. This James, editor of the Baptist Standard, many years of dedicated service to his would be sure to start a transcontinental is as follows:

country, to the people of the Ninth Contraffic boom. To summarize these rather rambling reGOVERNOR CONNALLY AND OUR MORAL STATUS

gressional District whom he represents marks it seems to me we have a vast unex

Regardless of one's religious or political

so capably, and to his church. An outaffiliation he should be grateful that the ploited economic potential in our domestic

standing Catholic layman, Representatravel market. To tap this potential we need

chief administrative officer in Texas is deeply tive DELANEY has been an active and dea much greater effort in research planning,

concerned about the moral decline of this voted worker in many humanitarian and leadership from both industry and goy generation. In addressing the Grand Chap causes and has been a leader in the unernment, directed toward product improve ter of Texas, Order of Eastern Star, Gov. ending pursuit of justice and equality for ment. By "product" I mean our domestic John Connally discussed our moral status

all. travel destination areas. and urged that the public schools set aside

I am pleased to join in this tribute to One of the major problems facing travel in a period each day for the teaching of simple dustry is to find ways to make our travel morality. He recalled that in an earlier

day my good friend and to include the folindustry more visible statistically at the the McGuffey Readers used by students may lowing press release issued in conneccommunity level, the State level, and the not have been sophisticated but that they tion with the award: Federal level. With proper understanding

did leave some lasting moral impressions The Honorable JAMES J. DELANEY, U.S. Repof the economic power of the travel indus- that could be used today.

resentative to Congress, Democrat, from the try, it should be possible to organize its vari Two weeks earlier this editor spent almost Ninth District, New York, member of the ous segments so that we can systematically an hour with him at his request. The entire executive committee and director, respecstudy and develop the type of product which time was devoted to an examination of this tively, of the New York World's Fair, has will have a far greater appeal to the public problem and what can be done about it.

been designated as the recipient of the 1963 than now exists. We also need much new Earlier that day he had met with a number Charles Carroll Award. The announcestudy to define the proper role of Govern of ministers and business and professional ment was made on the anniversary of the ment in assisting in the developmnt of our men and laid on them the burden he feels

birth of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, outtravel industry.

for the moral uplift of the entire State. We standing American Catholic layman and With a better domestic travel product, and imagine every man who talked with him

signer of the Declaration of Independence, resulting increased travel, we will be in a that day felt as we did that this man is by Anthony P. Cognata, faithful navigator position to provide jobs for a large portion deeply and definitely concerned about what of the Charles Carroll General Assembly, of the unemployed, attract an increasing is happening to our youths and their elders. fourth degree Knights of Columbus. number of foreign visitors as a step toward The Standard agrees with him that our The Charles Carroll Award is presented to improving our balance-of-payments position. scientific progress will avail little if we lose

Congressman DELANEY as best typifying the and improve the economies of many sections sight of spiritual values. The Nation is sur example of Charles Carroll in the service of of the United States where farming and man rounded on every side by Communists who church, country, and community. The presufacturing industries are not practical an have vowed to destroy the American system entation will take place at the annual fourth swers to the problem of underdevelopment. of government and economics. Governor degree ball to be held in the main ballroom

A travel subcommittee of the House Bank Connally reminded the women that spiritual of the Henry Hudson Hotel, Saturday eveing and Currency Committee could render corruption will make this or any nation an ning, November 2, 1963. a most valuable service to this Nation by easy prey for them. History verifies this

THE RECIPIENT providing one of the missing links in our statement. One has but to look back at the present travel structure-an official congres ancient records of Greece and Rome to know

A native New Yorker, Congressman DEsional instrument for the collection of in that immorality heralds national destruc LANEY attended Bryant High School and St. formation on which new legislation of a nec tion. Americans who fought in two world John's University, School of Law, where he essary and desirable nature can be based. wars came back to say that France's im received his bachelor of laws degree in 1931. morality prepared the way for the German

In June of this year his alma mater beinvasion. Every nation that forgets God and

stowed upon him the degree of doctor of TEXAS GOV. JOHN CONNALLY'S the decencies of life paves the road to its laws, honoris causa, “because he has been

"useful to himself, to his neighbors, and to SPEECH COMMENTED ON BY

own downfall. The Governor has thrown out
the challenge. Surely the Lord's people will

the public' for more than three decades and EDITOR OF BAPTIST STANDARD respond and do something about it. Can

in an admirable manner." He is married Mr. BOGGS. Mr. Speaker, I ask any Christian be narrow enough to charge and has a son, a graduate of Providence unanimous consent that the gentleman this to politics?

College now attending Georgetown Univerfrom Texas [Mr. PATMAN] may extend We cannot imagine any child of God re


Member of the law firm of Danahy & his remarks at this point in the RECORD fusing to put his shoulder to the load that and include extraneous matter. the level of our moral and spiritual life may

Delaney, the recipient was also assistant be lifted above the muck and mire where

district attorney of Queens County from 1936 The SPEAKER. Is there objection so many Texans now live. With the help

to 1944. In the latter year he was elected to the request of the gentleman from now offered by the Governor and some other

to the 79th Congress, was reelected to the Louisiana?

leaders of state we can bring back to Texas 81st, and has served continuously ever since. There was no objection.

a type of textbook and public school cur He is presently third ranking member of the Mr. PATMAN, Mr. Speaker, an edi- riculum that will produce a proper balance Committee on Rules of the House of Reptorial in the October 16, 1963, issue of between knowing things and doing right. If resentatives and has distinguished himself the Baptist Standard discussed a recent the homes and the churches, God may help we will add to this the right influence in

by his investigation of the use of chemicals

in foods and cosmetics. His efforts resulted speech made by Gov. John Connally, of Texas, to the Grand Chapter of Texas, is goodbye to American democracy. us save our State and Nation. Otherwise, it in the enactment of the food additive law

of 1958, for which he was given the HumaniOrder of Eastern Star. The Governor's

tarian Award by the National Health Federaaddress was concerned with the moral

tion. status of our citizens, and he referred to

Congressman DELANEY serves on the board the McGuffey's Readers

used by Ameri- HON. JAMES J. DELANEY RECEIVES of governors of the National Democratic Club, can public school students as textbooks


is a member of the Civil Center Club of

Brooklyn, Queens County Bar Association, in the earlier generations. In this con Mr. BOGGS. Mr. Speaker, I ask Capitol Hill First Friday Club, Lincoln Counnection, I would like to point out that a unanimous consent that the gentleman cil No. 312 of the Knights of Columbus, and

Queensboro Lodge No. 878 of the Benevolent tached for the interest and consideration prise and of the rights and freedoms of all & Protective Order of Elks. of the Members:

citizens. He has been honored by the Steuben So

NOVEMBER 4, 1963. For these reasons, the National Restaurant ciety for outstanding work in legislation and Mr. IRA H. NUNN,

Association is opposed to the public accomhas been the recipient of the Disabled Veter: Washington Counsel

, National Restaurant modations and the Fair Employment Pracans' and AHEPA Awards. In February of

Association, Washington, D.C.

tices Commission provisions of the bill, H.R. this year he received a special award from DEAR MR. NÙNN: Thank you very much 7152, as amended. the Catholic Youth Organization for his for your letter of November 1, 1963, relating

Respectfully yours, "unwavering pursuit of the principles of the policy position taken by the board of

IRA H. NUNN, justice on behalf of American youth.” directors of the National Restaurant Asso

Washington Counsel. In recognizing the Honorable JAMES J.

ciation in opposition to titles II and VII of DELANEY, the Charles Carroll Assembly pays the omnibus civil rights bill. tribute to an exemplary and dedicated Amer

The association holds that it has no desire ican Catholic layman. to impede or restrain the rights of any citi

PROGRAM IN APPRENTICESHIP Submitted by: zen. It further advocates that progress in


equal rights be left to voluntary cooperation
Publicity Chairman.

Mr. BOGGS. Mr. Speaker, I ask FLUSHING, N.Y.

on the local level. Presumably this means
that the association foresees progress in equal unanimous consent that the gentleman
job opportunity and access to public accom-

from California [Mr. ROOSEVELT] may modations without regard to race on the

extend his remarks at this point in the CIVIL RIGHTS

local level. I am afraid that I don't foresee RECORD and include extraneous matter.

such progress within any acceptable period The SPEAKER. Is there objection Mr. BOGGS. Mr. Speaker, I ask of time in such places as, for example, Mis to the request of the gentleman from unanimous consent that the gentleman sissippi and Alabama. Also, in numerous

Louisiana ? from California [Mr. ROOSEVELT] may

areas of the North discrimination in employ

ment is manifest and progress slow. extend his remarks at this point in the

There was no objection. RECORD and include extraneous matter. them as peaceful, judicial process to secure

What are the true alternatives? I see Mr. ROOSEVELT. Mr. Speaker, re

cently I received a copy and analysis of The SPEAKER. Is there objection the inalienable right to be treated with dig a joint survey of the District of Columto the request of the gentleman from nity or more demonstrations in the streets bia apprentices by color and trade transLouisiana ? with the concomitant violence of the extrem

mitted to me by Malcolm C. MacKinnon, There was no objection. ists as a repressed minority seeks to redress

acting chairman, District of Columbia Mr. ROOSEVELT. Mr. Speaker, re grievances. cently I received a letter from Ira H. Certainly no one wishes to see the power Apprenticeship Council. The survey was Nunn, Washington counsel for the Na of the Federal Government increase merely conducted jointly by the District of Coltional Restaurant Association, stating to leave the situation in a vacuum created for its own sake. But is not the alternative umbia Apprenticeship Council and the

Commissioners' Council on Human Rethat organization's position with regard by a lack of local leadership in many areas? lations to determine the extent of racial to two titles of the omnibus civil rights What will happen within those vacuums? integration within local apprenticeship bill. What sacrifice of human rights or human

programs and to establish a factual The Restaurant Association has life? Far better to protect human rights foundation for determination regarding adopted a strong policy of opposition to and the life and property of all involved by a clear and immediate delineation of lawful

progress in this area. title II, the public accommodations sec

For the interest and consideration of tion, and to title VII, the section which behavior. Such is the purpose of H.R. 7152,

the Members I am attaching this corincluding titles II and VII. establishes a Fair Employment Practices

Thank you again for writing to me to in- respondence and my reply thereto to Commission."

form me of your association's views on this these remarks. Mr. Speaker, I replied to Mr. Nunn, very vital proposed legislation.

I wish to emphasize that this survey as representative of the association, tak All best wishes. ing issue with the organization's position

Sincerely yours,

terminated officially on July 1, 1963.

JAMES ROOSEVELT, regarding these specific provisions. I be

Subsequently changes in the total num

Chairman. lieve that the policy stand of the organ

ber and the number of Negroes involved

in these apprenticeship programs have ization is precipitate and unwise. The


occurred. Where such changes indicate stand of the organization is not against

Washington, D.C., November 1, 1963.

a serious attempt to abolish racially equal opportunity, but rather asserts The Honorable JAMES ROOSEVELT,

discriminatory practices, the changes are that progress can only be made on the U.S. House of Representatives,

to be commended. Where no serious local level. In fact, the association Washington, D.C. claims to have achieved widespread suc DEAR CONGRESSMAN ROOSEVELT: On Sep- attempts to implement a genuinely noncess in voluntary integration. This posi

tember 23,

1963, the board of directors of the discriminatory policy have been made, tive position is to be commended. Cer

National Restaurant Association met and the persons responsible had better give tainly voluntary action is preferential to

adopted a strong policy of opposition to title this a second thought.

II, the public accommodations section of A situation which perpetuates the coerced action.

H.R. 7152 (amended), and to title VII, the gross imbalance in group participation However, the position of the organiza section which establishes a Fair Employment which is manifested by the District of tion, notwithstanding their claims of Practices Commission. These proposals proprogress, ignore the realities of the day. vide an unprecedented and undesirable ex- Columbia apprenticeship programs is of

In an area in If peaceful, lawful procedures are not tension of Federal control over private the utmost seriousness.

business. established which will allow for redress

which more than 50 percent of the popu

The National Restaurant Association has lation is Negro an 11.7 percent rate of of grievances, other forms of protest will no desire to impede or restrain the rights of Negro participation cannot continue, multiply.

any citizen. On the contrary, it is the asso- Further, organized labor cannot afford Since the association, with admirable ciation's firm belief that the realization of to continue to be outpaced by unorgawisdom, recognizes the validity of the these rights will come only through volunclaims for equal treatment, would it not tary cooperation on the local level. Indeed, nized labor in the process of removing be judicious to support a procedure de through a policy of encouraging voluntary racial barriers. Progress must be made

integration, the National Restaurant Assoveloped to secure that goal with mini

and this cannot continue to be token ciation has rapidly achieved widespread suc progress. mum turmoil in the streets? cess in this area.

NOVEMBER 1, 1963. I recommend to the association a re The public accommodations features of Mr. MALCOLM C. MACKINNON, reading of this legislation with an the bill and the establishment of the Fair Acting Chairman, emphasis upon the procedures provided Employment Practices Commission provide District of Columbia for securing the rights to equal access no meaningful guarantee of constitutional Apprenticeship Council, to public accommodations and equal em

rights. Instead, by subjecting private busi- Washington, D.C.

ness to unnecessary harassment and by en DEAR MR. MACKINNON: Thank you very ployment opportunity. Reconsider the

abling the Federal Government to exert more much for transmitting to me a copy of the choice and reevaluate the conclusion.

control over individual rights and over prie joint survey of District of Columbia apprenThe letter of the National Restaurant vate business, the proposals, if enacted, can tices by color and trade through July 1, Association and my reply thereto are at- only result in the diminution of free enter- 1963.

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