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Have we waited all these years in the cold get rid of our wheat surplus, and I am the price of war with Mexico, Senator John war for this weak spot only to now rush in

all for doing those things. But there is C. Calhoun warned us that we were reaching to fill it without demanding anything in return except the price of the wheat itself? something more important and that is for “forbidden fruit” by conquest.

When Treasury Secretary McAdoo in Wildoes not the Kennedy administration de- lowing article in the Iron Age of October American ships in the Atlantic trade and

son's administration arranged to insure If the deal is to be consummated why the great moral issue involved. The folmand concessions such as the withdrawal of 17, 1963, tells the full story:

thereby insure profit, it was another exRussian troops from Cuba or the destruction THE WHEAT SALE: MORE THAN MEETS THE ample of taking the fast dollar and ignoring of the Berlin wall? Furthermore, if we sell


the consequences. wheat to Russia, there will be no logical rea

Let's get this wheat sale to the Com

There are, alas, too many such examples son why we should not sell it to Red China munists straight. It is not a humanitarian

from American history when the money and to Castro in Cuba. gesture. It is not an accommodation for

seemed more important than the principle I hear someone say, “We have not a friend. It is nothing but a coldblooded War, along with our seizure of the Panama

and the long-range outcome. The Mexican recognized Red China.” Unless I miss business deal—to save storage space. the signs of the time we are drifting payers will cough up at least 60 cents a

Only storage space will be saved. The tax

Canal zone, is still proof positive in Latin

America that we are imperialists and the that way. It is being advocated in many bushel on the wheat going to the Russkies. reputation will not die, because our enemies high places. I read in the paper today Saps like us always cough up at least 55 or

will not let it die. where Red China was short of grain. 60 cents a bushei subsidy for wheat. But

The lucrative arms trade of 1914-17 The article said the President was wait- this time it goes to the Russians-not to brought profits of $13 billion, as estimated

by John Dos Passos in his book called "Mr. ing for a request from the Red Chinese. starving these or those.

Wilson's War.” But the disastrous conseI do not know how reliable that news

Now that we have that straight, where

do we stop? Mr. Khrushchev told us he paper story is, but I am a bit appre

quences of our entering that European war hensive in that once we engage in the So their economy is all shot to hell and we

are still being spun out. would bury us, economically, not militarily.

What will be the consequences of the sale of wheat and grains to the Com- are bailing them out with wheat.

wheat deal? There is a good deal of ready munists, we have thrown the door wide

Part of this selling is because other na

evidence to show what happens whenever the open and we are defeating the very pur- tions are doing it too. So what? They al

Western World has been beguiled by moneypose of our position in the cold war. ways have. And they have sold to Red making into selling useful goods to the so

viet Union. Mr. Speaker, Russia is either our China. Why don't we sell to Red China? Is

Testifying to a Senate subcommittee in friend or she is our enemy. We either there any difference between the communism of Russia and Red China?

1961, the Library of Congress authority on have a cold war or we do not have a cold

You bet your boots there is little differ

Russian economy, Joseph Anthony Gwyer, war. If we do not have a cold war whyence between what the Red Chinese and the

gave this summary of the prewar buildup we are we spending over half of our budget Red Russians think. Maybe they are at supplied in the Lenin-Stalin period: for national defense if it is not to save each other's throat, temporarily. But when

"In the early 1920's, by granting mineral the world from communism? it comes to selling wheat, shouldn't we sell

concessions, the Soviets obtained from the Mr. TEAGUE of California. Mr. to the Chinese, too?

United States and from other countries, key Speaker, will the gentleman yield?

It was not too long ago that millions of types of industrial equipment, plus trucks Mr. HOEVEN. I yield to the gentle- brokers, were crying to the high heavens

and tractors for their agriculture * Americans, including the farmers, and wheat

French manufacturers shared with Ameriman from California. about the Russians. What has changed

cans the credit of helping the Soviet Union Mr. TEAGUE of California. It seems since then? Nothing, we think.

build its airpower. to me the point the gentleman has just The Russians and the rest of the Com

“The Italians provided the Soviets with so well made has not been set forth in mies around the world are out to get us.

Fiat cars, airplane engines, dockyard equip

ment and ships. Germany, to a large extent, the public discussion on this matter as As far as the gold or the dollars we get for often as it should be. the wheat, it won't help our trade deficit

became responsible for building up the Soviet much.

machine tool industry. The first Soviet I think we can all agree that Soviet

Besides, we could wipe out a lot of the

watch factory began functioning with the Russia is not proposing to buy wheat trade deficit if we cut out the international

machinery purchased from

purchased from the United from us to help our wheat farmers or to pork barrel for those who do not need it,

States.” help our gold situation. There must be and haven't needed it for years.

Did all this lead to peaceful "coexistence"? some reason. There must be some rea The fact that the President had a public

Or did it advance Lenin's plan to "get up

on our feet and then defeat (capitalism) son which the Russians themselves deem relations conference (press conference to

economically"? important enough so that they have you) a la radio, television, etc., has nothing proposed a wheat deal. to do with selling wheat to the Reds.

Likewise, during and after World War IIQuestions were answered for the admin

up to about 1947—the United States poured Now, there are many people of good istration's benefit, in view of millions upon not only war supplies but a billion dollars faith and good intentions who believe we millions. And why not, with an election

worth of industrial tools into the Soviet should sell wheat to Russia. I am not coming up?

Union, as Mr. Gwyer told the Senate subone of them. I have been opposed to the Let's make up our minds. Are we part

committee. No doubt, this contribution

helped to make possible the Soviet sputnik deal from the start. But it seems to ners with Khrushchev or are we not?

triumph of 1957. me, certainly abundantly clear, if we are

I also set out the following news story And now, to Russia, has come another to sell wheat to Russia we must insist by Holmes Alexander which appeared in time "to bribe capitalism with extra profit.” upon something in return more than dol- the Sioux City Journal of October 23, A crisis has occurred in Soviet industry and lars or gold. There must be some con1963:

agriculture, requiring outside help. It is help cession or something given on the part PART OF LENIN'S GOAL? THE WHEAT DEAL:

we would never give, as we give foreign aid, of Russia in perhaps the matter of the

for the frank purpose of uplifting another HISTORY'S WARNING

nation's economy. removal of troops from Cuba, tearing

(By Holmes Alexander) down the Berlin wall, or some other

No, we are doing it for very wrong rea

Nobody at President Kennedy's recent sons—to unload our wheat surpluses and to point on which we have differences of press conference, when he announced the get gold. If, like the greedy monkey, we find opinion.

wheat deal with Russia, had the nerve or the ourselves captured, with a clutched fist Mr. Speaker, I compliment the gen- handy knowledge to ask his comment on this around the bait, history will have to write tleman from Iowa [Mr. HOEVEN] for very pertinent statement by Lenin:

that Lenin warned us—but that President making this point so well, and I think "It is necessary,” Lenin said December 21, Kennedy did not. we should continue to make it.

1920, "to bribe capitalism with extra profit

and we will get the basics (equipMr. HOEVEN. I thank the gentleman

Mr. OLIVER P. BOLTON. Mr. Speakfor his kind remarks.

ment) with the aid of which we will er, will the gentleman yield ?

strengthen ourselves, will finally get up on Mr. HOEVEN. I yield to the gentleIf we sell wheat to our potential enemies, our feet and then defeat it (capitalism] man from Ohio. we may have the satisfaction of getting the economically."

Mr. OLIVER P. BOLTON. I want to gold and the dollars in payment, but we How the President would have explained compliment the gentleman on the statemost certainly will be surrendering princi- our willingness to fall into this well-marked ment he has made. The gentleman has ples in our fight against world communism. trap, I do not know-for there is no rational indicated that we were going to receive The administration only mentions cal answer which the history-minded Presi- gold

gold for these farm commodities. I material considerations—the greed for dent could have given. When it was con- have been trying for several days to asgold; we want the money, we want to templated in the 1840's to annex Texas at certain from the Export-Import Bank

* *

the truth or falsehood of a well-sub- So all we have to do is to have Russia may include Mr. Harriman's outstandstantiated rumor that I get. It is my agree that the wall won't be repaired,

agree that the wall won't be repaired, ing address following my remarks in the understanding, at least from people in and that doesn't seem much of a con- RECORD. that field, that the Export-Import Bank cession to ask when it is compared The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. is now considering a loan to Hungary against keeping the Russian bellies full LIBONATI). Is there objection to the rewhich would permit Hungary to pur- during the coming winter.

quest of the gentleman from North Dachase corn with our money when they There are many other concessions I kota? are in our debt already and, as a mat- might cite all in sarcasm, but not one There was no objection. ter of fact, behind in their payments on expresses the degree of disgust I have for Mr. SHORT. I call particular attenthat debt.

this sale. I think it is extremely un- tion to several paragraphs which refer Has the gentleman any information fortunate that we are apparently selling to specific statements made to Mr. Harrialong that line?

out on a moral issue and being led in man by Soviet leaders reiterating their Mr. HOEVEN. I have read some of that sellout by the present administra- adherence to Communist principles and the newspaper reports relating to the tion. In other times when backbones to the fact that they intend to pursue facts the gentleman is giving us. It is were stiffer, this transaction could have their aim of Communist world dominaeven suggested that as a part of our ac- been labeled "treason."

tion. commodation policy we should lend Mr. SHORT. Mr. Speaker, will the I would also call attention to some money to Russia so she could buy our gentleman yield?

references to Communist policy in referwheat. I do not know whether the ad Mr. HOEVEN. I yield to the gentle

ence to freedom of religion. ministration wants to go that far or not. man from North Dakota.

I urge the Members of the House to Mr. LATTA. Mr. Speaker, will the Mr. SHORT. I thank the distin read in the RECORD on tomorrow the gentleman yield?

guished ranking member of the House speech made by the distinguished exMr. HOEVEN. I yield to the gentleI yield to the gentle- Committee on Agriculture for yielding

Committee on Agriculture for yielding Governor of New York, who is now an man from Ohio. to me. I want to commend him for tak

Under Secretary of State. This speech Mr. LATTA. In answer to the ques- ing the time to bring to the attention of as contained in a press release issued by tion propounded by the gentleman from the House some of the realities on this

the Department of State is as follows: Ohio [Mr. BOLTON), may I advise the proposition of selling wheat to Commu

“The limited Nuclear Test Ban Agreement House I have been informed on inquirynist Russia or any Communist nation,

reached with the Soviet Union this summer of the Export-Import Bank that this for that matter.

is a step in the direction of reducing the loan has been made on the Hungarian I think one of the important facets danger of nuclear disaster,” W. Averell Harpurchase for $6.4 million worth of corn, of this whole operation has been the fact riman, Under Secretary of State for Political that we are guaranteeing that loan with that I believe the American people are Affairs, said tonight. "But we must not take

it as a signal that we can drop our guard our taxpayers' dollars in the Export- tending to look upon all of the Com

or reduce our vigilance. It may be that our Import Bank to the extent of $6.4 mil. munist nations at this time as being a lion. The loan was made by one bank in little bit more friendly. In fact, perhaps

competition with the Communists in the little bit more friendly. In fact, perhaps political and economic fields will become New York City.

a lot more friendly than they have been more intense, not less.” Mr. BEERMANN. Mr. Speaker, will in the past.

The Under Secretary spoke at the award the gentleman yield?

May I say that I was one of those dinner of the American Jewish Congress at Mr. HOEVEN. I yield to the gentle

I yield to the gentle who raised some question and expressed the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. man from Nebraska. some opposition as to the merits of sell- Governor Harriman received the congress

Stephen S. Wise Award for Advancing Human Mr. BEERMANN. Mr. Speaker, I ing wheat to Russia when this proposi

Freedom. would like to commend my colleague tion was first publicized. I did this be

"It is most important for us to keep in from Iowa for his comprehensive inter- cause I felt that many American people

mind what this agreement is, and what it pretation of the wheat sale situation, were coming to the conclusion that Rus is not,” Governor Harriman said. “It is a and perhaps expand upon one point he sia was on the verge of becoming a more first step in the direction of bringing the made; that one in reference to conces- friendly country. As I pointed out at destructive power of nuclear weapons under sions the United States might win if it is the time, Russia had done nothing even rational control. It will sharply reduce the

danger to health from radioactive fallout going to pursue this sale. at the time of our agreeing to the test

for all mankind. We hope it will lead to Not that I condone the sale; I firmly ban treaty positively evidencing her

other steps forward-in the direction of believe it is morally wrong that we make good faith. She could have removed

ending the danger of war by miscalculation it. But if the administration is bent cause for tension between the United or surprise attack and, eventually, of halting upon pursuing it and willing to negotiate States and Russia by such action as re and then reducing the upward spiral of comevery point in relation to it, then it only moving her troops from Cuba or taking petition in the arms race.” seems sensible that we win some con down the Berlin wall, or probably even

"But we should make no mistake about cessions. extending a greater degree of freedom it being a step into the millenium. Chair

man Khrushchev has told me that there Therefore, sarcastically speaking, I to some of the captive nations. No such

can be no coexistence in ideology; that conwas wondering whether it might be apdemonstration of the desire for friend

flict goes on. Mr. Gromyko confirmed this propriate to ask Russia to give us free ship was ever made and has not been

in his recent speech at the United Nations access to Berlin. I know we have the made to this day.

when he said there could be no compromise right to free access but, unfortunately, We had some reason to believe that in ideology. the Russians do not seem to know it. after we signed the test ban treaty they

“The Soviet leaders remain devoted ComTherefore, we are treated to a series of might reciprocate by making some posi

munists, pledged to pursue their aim of a humiliating instances wherein American tive evidence of their desire for friend

Communist world by every means at their

disposal-propaganda, subversion and sotroops are forced to wait hours until ship and move in the direction of elimi

called wars of liberation. That does not Russian guards decide to let them pass. nating tension. They have not done

mean, however, that there may not be areas I am wondering if we cannot insist, in this.

of common interest where agreements are the sale agreement, that someone speak As we consider the matter of selling possible. The nuclear test ban is one such to the Russian border guards and tell wheat to Russia I think we should keep

area; we hope there will be others. them it is naughty to stop American in mind that we are not dealing with a

“One year ago, in Cuba, Mr. Khrushchev

learned that nuclear threats could not suctroop convoys; and if they do not let the friendly nation. Neither are we dealing

ceed against a powerful and determined Americans pass, we will never let Mr. with a country which has any intention United States. President Kennedy, through Khrushchev see Disneyland. of becoming friendly. If there is any

his courage and wisdom, forced Mr. KhruWe might also point out that the Ber- need for clarification of the fact that shchev to withdraw his offensive nuclear mislin wall violates the spirit, if not the let- Russia still clings to the Communist siles from Cuba. And it is doubtful that ter of World War II agreements, so ideology and is not about to temper her

the Soviet leader wants to repeat this exwould Russia please quit restoring it? I adherence, this proof was offered in a

perience. am sure the wall will eventually be torn speech delivered on October 27 by the

"This, I am convinced, was one of the rea

sons Chairman Khrushchev decided to go down since East Germans simply can- Honorable W. Averell Harriman at the through with the test ban treaty. He not stand having their view of their less Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. Mr. wanted to reduce the risk of nuclear war fortunate capitalistic neighbors blocked. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that I which would destroy all the Soviets had built

in Russia. Second, he undoubtedly hoped nist Party's Central Committee, only 1 is of entire situation. I commend it to you, that a reduction of world tensions would Jewish descent and only 1 Jew is a senior and I compliment the senior Senator permit him to make good on some of his commander of the Soviet armed forces. It is from Connecticut for his very factual long overdue promises to his own people for difficult, if not impossible, for a Jew to play a better life. Finally, in his deepening strug a significant role in political or military af- and statesmanlike speech. It should gle with the Chinese Communists for leader fairs. But the Soviet state has no hesita- make everyone stop, look, and listen. ship of the world Communist movement, he tion about harnessing Jewish technical skills I yield to the gentleman from Kansas saw that he could use the test ban agree- and scientific genius for its chosen purposes. [Mr. DOLE). ment to isolate Peiping in world opinion. Though Jews represent only 1 percent of the

Mr. DOLE. I thank my colleague for As expected, the Chinese Reds turned down Soviet population, they make up more than

yielding. this agreement which has met with the over 9 percent of that country's scientific workwhelming support of most of mankind. This

I might point out, first of all, that I ers. supports the Soviet claim that whereas they “During my last visit to Moscow, I raised am privileged to represent the largest would communize the world without nu the question of religion with Mr. Khru wheat producing district in America. Of clear war, Peiping's reckless plans would end shchev, prompted by his son-in-law's audi course, our farmers are interested in disin nuclear disaster. ence with the Pope. The Soviet leader re

posing of their commodities. They have “The chilling experience of their Cuban plied that he is an atheist in an atheist gov

been asked by Secretary Freeman, as he adventure and now their position in the bat ernment. He closed the door to any thought travels around rural America after his tle with Peiping has moved Moscow's leaders that the Soviet Government might alter its away from their former rocket-rattling antireligious policies.

travels around Communist Russia and course-in the Middle East and elsewhere. “I know that all of you are particularly other Communist bloc countries, whether But we can count on their attempting to concerned, as I am, with the plight of the or not they wish to sell their wheat, and, gain their ends in all parts of the non-Com Jewish community in the Soviet Union. A needless to say, many hands go up bemunist world by every other means—includ- distinguished group of Americans met here in cause the farmer, of course, wants to sell ing support of armed subversion where it New York 2 weeks ago at the Conference on his wheat. I do believe, however, they seems to promise success. the Status of Soviet Jews. After full dis

should be given the entire story. It is “This is only one reason why our programs cussion, they adopted an appeal of conscience of military and economic assistance may now for the Jews of the Soviet Union. That ap- hard to justify fighting communism be more essential than ever. This is a time peal and its specific recommendations should with the one hand and feeding comfor us to do more and to do it better. If be heartily endorsed. This action by persons munism with the other and I make spewe retreat from our efforts to help under of different races and religions was in the cific reference to the 130 Americans who developed nations to achieve their aspira- best tradition of American concern over dis- have died fighting in Vietnam. In the tions in freedom, we can be sure that the crimination and religious persecution wher

recent book by J. Edgar Hoover, “A Communists will take advantage of every ever they occur. weakness.

“The Government of the United States op- Study of Communism,” he pointed out "In the continuing ideological struggle poses the loss of basic freedoms wherever it that we cannot isolate one Communist with the Communists, the field of religion may occur-whether by the Jews or other country from another Communist counis one of the more important areas of deep religious groups in the Soviet Union, by ra- try. We are dealing with an internadifference. From the time that Lenin said cial or national minorities in any part of the tional Communist conspiracy whether we that 'Religion is the opium of the people, world. The difficulty is in doing something like it or not. We talk about peaceful to the present day, the effort of the Com effective to alleviate their trials. As you coexistence—we all want peace and good munists to stamp out religious sentiments know, the Soviets are resentful of official ap- will but certainly cannot have it as long and practices has been vigorous and un proaches on matters which they consider to relenting. Back in 1927, Stalin told an be within their domestic jurisdiction. We

as we travel a one-way street. Just American labor delegation: 'The Party can do raise these matters informally whenever what has Russia done to relax world not be neutral towards religion and it does there is an appropriate opportunity.

tension? conduct anti-religious propaganda against "We are working constantly to reunite On this basis, 10 of us from wheat all and every religious prejudice because it families of American citizens and to bring producing districts sent a telegram to stands for science * * * it will continue to close relatives to this country. Mr. Khru- President Kennedy on September 30 and carry on propaganda against these

shchev has indicated he wanted to see this prejudices."

another telegram on the very day that problem settled and there has been some “When I went to Moscow in 1941, I argued progress. As a result, approximately 800 So

he approved the sale on October 8, 1963. the question of freedom of religion with

viet citizens have been permitted to join We are still waiting for a reply. Stalin as important to our mutual under- 'their relatives in this country and quite a The telegrams of September 30 and standing in the war effort. The only result few of them were Jews. Our efforts in this October 8 are as follows: I could identify was the release shortly after regard extend to all the countries of Eastern ward by the Soviet Minister for Information Europe, not to the Soviet Union alone. We

SEPTEMBER 30, 1963. of a long propaganda statement on the

The Honorable JOHN F. KENNEDY, are making progress and we hope more will guarantee of religious freedom in the Soviet be made in the months ahead.

President of the United States, Constitution.

The White House,

"At the United Nations, we have called "I need not remind this group that despite

Washington, D.C. attention to persecution wherever it occurs. this and other elaborate denials by the Soviet

Recognizing the great interest in and sigAs a result of our initiative, the U.N.'s ComGovernment, there is still suppression of and mission on Human Rights has agreed to ac

nificance of the current proposal to sell U.S. discrimination against all religious groups cept and to use in its periodic reports infor

wheat to the Soviet Union, we desire clarifiin the Soviet Union. And undoubtedly the

cation of pertinent details concerning such a mation supplied by nongovernmental orgaheaviest burden of this attack has been

transaction and the probable ramifications nizations. This kind of exposure of the facts borne by the Jews. to the spotlight of world opinion is often

should you make an affirmative decision. “The list of Jewish writers, scholars, and more effective in producing useful results

Have any representatives of the Soviet artists who died in concentration camps or

Union or other Communist nations recently than formal protests in government-to-govat the hands of the secret police in Stalin's ernment communications.

contacted our Government, either directly

President Kenfinal years is a long one. And in the closing nedy, in his recent speech at the United Na

or indirectly, with reference to purchase of days of the ruthless dictator's rule, the tions, condemned the closing of synagogues

wheat or other U.S. agricultural commodinotorious doctors' plot was the clear signal

ties? If so, in what quantity and upon what as one of the violations of human rights. of a planned new wave of terror against the

terms and for what price?

“But you can be certain," Governor HarJews. "After Stalin's death, there was some reriman concluded, "that if it seems likely

Has the long-range effect of such a transacthat a more direct approach will serve use

tion on our foreign policy been considered? laxation. But the respite was brief. Slowly,

What will be our policy toward Red China, ful ends and ease the situation of even a few steadily, new pressures were exerted against of our fellow men, our Government will make

North Korea, North Vietnam, and Cuba in the Jews. One after another, synagogues it. Meanwhile, the relentless exposure of the

the event any of these nations should herehave been closed throughout the Soviet

after offer gold or dollars for wheat or other Union until only a few are left.

real facts by groups such as this will conEven the

U.S. farm commodities? tinue to serve the cause of freedom and of baking of matzohs for the Passover has been justice.”

In the event of a United States-Russian prohibited and the last kosher meat market

wheat transaction, what diplomatic pressures in Moscow has been closed. Nor is the Mr. HOEVEN. I am glad the gentle could our Government apply to free world prejudice solely on religious grounds. A person of Jewish descent who may have broken Harriman's speech. man made reference to Ambassador nations wishing to step up trade with Cuba

or other Communist nations? Will such completely with his religious tradition must

sales to Russia impair the present policy of

May I also call the attention of the still carry the nationality designation ‘Jew'

containment in Cuba? in his identity card. House to a very fine speech made in the

Another vital factor in your decision in“In 1957, the last Jew was removed from other body on November 4 by the senior volves the current and projected status of the Presidium, the ruling body of the Soviet Senator from Connecticut (Mr. Dodd]. the world wheat market. Secretary Freeman Union. Of the 175 members of the Commu- It is one of the finest exposes of this has pointed out that Soviet Russia canceled

many of its export commitments and that to their enemies. Do not give wheat to a that there is no humanitarian aspect to outside the United States there are but a regime for which they refuse to work. this problem that we are dealing with; few substantial sources of wheat in the


that in addition to opportunity of the world. In view of Soviet and European

Chairman, Federation of Hungarian

Russians to meet their commitments to shortages, therefore, there appears a serious

Former Political Prisoners. question whether our Nation could export NEW YORK.

the Soviet bloc nations, as well as Cuba any more wheat to Russia than to the free

and Red China and particularly East

I would like to ask one question, Mr. world. If this be so, exporting wheat to

Germany, this would give an opportuniHOEVEN. Mr. Freeman spent 30 days in free world countries would seem an obvious

ty to the Soviets to stockpile these prodchoice. Russia and other Communist countries.

ucts, for some unknown reason, because Will transshipment from Russia to Cuba

He came back apparently feeling that they have not stated what reason they of any U.S. wheat purchased, or its by technology had advanced in Russia and might want to stockpile grain. But we products be permitted ? that Russians were gaining in agricul

can be certain that it would not be a Finally, we trust the legal aspects of such ture. There was not one single bit of a sale to Russia—such as the Johnson Act

reason consistent with the best interests evidence he knew anything about a crop on export credits, the Webb-Pomerene Act

of our Nation. This is bad politics for failure. Do you know why the top man on export assistance, Public Law 480 which

the United States of America, good world in U.S. agriculture did not recognize this politics and internal politics for Mr. prohibits soft currency sales, barter, and Government-supported dollar sales to Russia, crop failure?

Khrushchev, and we should certainly and the Latta amendment to the Agricul

Mr. HOEVEN. I am glad the gentle- call the whole deal off. tural Act of 1961 expressing congressional man made reference to that particular

Mr. Speaker, the proposed subsidized policy against a subsidized sale to Russia- subject and I want to make an observa

sale of wheat to the Soviet Union, as it will be full considered.

tion. It is regrettable that so many peoAs representatives of wheat-producing ple in this country do not really under- istration, is not in the best interests of

has been reported so far by the adminareas, we shall appreciate answers to the questions raised. Without specific informastand that we are in a cold war with the istration, is not in the best interests of

our Nation or of the free world. tion, it is difficult for us and the many Communists. Many well-meaning peo

The proposal has never been described farmers we represent to make a proper ple say we have to feed the hungry. I appraisal. am for feeding hungry people too, but

as having any humanitarian aspects, BOB DOLE, AL QUIE, DON SHORT, GARNER

and no suggestion has been made that that is entirely beside the point. I chal

the Soviet Union is facing a famine or SHRIVER, JOE SKUBITZ, BOB ELLSWORTH, lenge anybody to point out to me wherein

that any Russian people are on the verge DON BROTZMAN, CATHERINE MAY, BEN in the President's report sent to Congress REIFEL, ODIN LANGEN.

of starvation.
in which he justified the wheat sale, he
gave one humanitarian reason for such

Accordingly, we have no right to assale. Everything he mentioned related

sume that Russia needs the wheat for OCTOBER 8, 1963. to saving money, to doing away with

its own domestic needs, unless it is The Honorable JOHN F. KENNEDY,

storage costs, to bettering our balance- seeking to acquire a large quantity of President of the United States,

of-payments situation, to increasing the wheat as a stockpile for some future, The White House,

unknown purpose. income of farmers, et cetera. But, not

It is much more Washington, D.C.

Since reports indicate an announcement one single word about feeding the hungry likely that the Kremlin wants to acquire will be made during your press conference

our wheat in order to export wheat to mouths of starving people. I am receiv

its satellite nations or, indeed, even to this afternoon concerning sale of wheat and ing a few letters from well-meaning folks possibly other grains to Russia and its satel who kind of chide me for not wanting Red China or Cuba. lites, we again respectfully request your to feed hungry people. But that is not If, then, the Soviet Union desires to position relative to the questions posed in the issue at all. It is not claimed by our purchase our wheat for the purpose of our telegram of September 30. All Ameri Government that the wheat is needed stockpiling or for export to other nacans want assurance the sale of wheat, or any to relieve the hungry in Russia. There tions, it is certainly appropriate to askother commodity, to Russia or its satellites is no famine in Russia and people are

in the first instance-upon what theory will not endanger the life of one American, here or abroad. not starving there. Secretary Freeman

a sale of wheat to the Soviet Union may

be justified under any circumstance, or BOB DOLE, AL QUIE, DON SHORT, GARNER upon his return from Russia had a press

SHRIVER, JOE SKUBITZ, BOB ELLSWORTH, conference and it is reported he said that at any price. I have not heard anyone DON BROTZMAN, CATHERINE MAY, BEN he saw no evidence of hunger. He is

He is deny that the Soviet Union continues REIFEL, ODIN LANGEN.

also reported to have said that the Rus- to be the enemy of our Nation and of Mr. Speaker, time does not permit me

sians were able to feed themselves. our democratic system of government.

Russia wants this wheat so it can meet A majority of the Republican memto point out other very fine statements, its grain export commitments to the bers of the House Agriculture Commitbut I call your attention to one in a letter to the editor under the heading "Peas

satellite nations. That is why she wants tee has denounced this proposed trade ants Can Defeat Communism” by Bela this wheat. This will permit her to de- with the enemy as morally wrong, and

has stated that this wheat deal will deFabian, chairman, Federation of Hun- vote her money and energies to national garian Former Political Prisoners,

defense and the buildup of her vast stroy our position of moral leadership The matter referred to is as follows: military resources.

military resources. Wheat sales are im in the world.

portant to the Soviets primarily for po A most remarkable aspect of the deal PEASANTS CAN DEFEAT COMMUNISM

litical reasons and not for any humani- which is said to have been negotiated is To the HERALD TRIBUNE: tarian reasons whatsoever.

that it indicates no negotiations, whatBetween the two world wars Hungary ex

Mr. DOLE. Mr. Speaker, I ask unan ever. The Russians are buying our ported 5 million tons of wheat a year, as

imous consent to revise and extend my wheat at the world price—the price at well as cattle, poultry, butter and fruit. Today, Hungary depends on imported wheat. remarks and include extraneous matter. which we sell wheat to our allies and Why? The peasants will not work for a The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there friends throughout the world. Conseregime that took their land by force and objection to the request of the gentleman quently, the Soviet Union is suddenly exforced them into collectives. They want from Kansas?

alted to the role of "most favored naback their land and freedom.

There was no objection.

tion,” under this deal. This means The 1956 revolt showed that armed uprisings cannot defeat communism without the

Mr. MCCLORY. Mr. Speaker, will the the Soviet Union under this wheat deal support of the West. But in Hungary, as in gentleman yield?

enjoys the preferred status of purchasother oppressed countries, the peasants have

Mr. HOEVEN. I yield.

ing a large quantity of our surplus found that by not working they can force Mr. MCCLORY. Mr. Speaker, I thank wheat at a price 56 cents lower than the regime to its knees. Peasant resistance

the gentleman for yielding and want to wheat can be purchased by domestic does not ask for outside intervention in its

compliment him on the very fine state- buyers. This reduced price results from fight for freedom. It hopes to lick the Communists by itself.

ment he has made this afternoon, and the contribution by American taxpayers The Hungarian, as well as the Bulgarian, also I would like to associate myself with to the extent of the 56-cent differential. Czechoslovak and Romanian, peasants ask his remarks. Also I would like to com As the gentleman from Iowa (Mr. only one thing of the West: do not give aid pliment him for bringing out the fact HOEVEN), the distinguished ranking mi

nority member of the House Committee negotiations with regard to any other tural failures in Red utopia and that the on Agriculture, declared earlier in re- subject which today stands between our Russians had a surplus of gold ready marks on the floor of this House: We Nation and the Soviet Union. The to be put on the barrelhead for our are not upset when we learn that the Berlin wall, the troops in Cuba, the har- wheat. No one raised a question whethBritish housewife is able to purchase assment of our troop convoys serving er the Russian gold was hot-which it bread at a lower price than the American Berlin, and other subjects might appro- is, having been produced mainly by the housewife, because of the lower price of priately be arbitrated if we are to serve toil of slave labor- because we need gold American grown wheat per bushel in the great internal and political needs of to improve our balance of payments. England than in the United States. But the Soviet leadership. But none of these Russian gold, hot or cold, for our wheat the American housewife and the U.S. subjects are said to have been resolved. looked like and was presented as a sound taxpayer will not sit still while the Sec Indeed, the arrogant effrontery of the business deal. Public protests were retary of Agriculture, Mr. Freeman, Communists with regard to our troop raised, but the ring of gold drowned negotiates a sale of wheat to the Soviet movements along the road to Berlin ap them out. Union, which may enable the Russian pears to have been deliberately stepped After the lure of gold was fully estabhousewife to buy her loaf of bread man up. This is as if to remind us that in lished, authority for negotiating the deal ufactured from American grown wheat deed the Khrushchev promise to bury us was given to a combine of private U.S. at a price lower than she, the American will be made good and that, meanwhile, grain operators. When the haggling housewife, has to pay.

we must subsidize those who would de process with the Russians began, a series If I understand the dilemma which troy

troy us, and keep them strong and of significant leaks came out of the haghas arisen with regard to cotton-and I healthy while we await our day with gling room.

It soon became clear that the Russians believe I do—a subsidy of cotton is de- destiny as Khrushchev has planned it. sired for the domestic textile manufac

The wheat deal, as it stands now, is expected to get wheat subsidized by the turer because the foreign textile manu

good world politics for Khrushchev and American taxpayers. That is, the Rus

his cohorts. facturer purchasing cotton at a figure

In addition, purchasing sian offer was well below the normal lower than the domestic manufacturer wheat at a reduced and subsidized price market price for wheat and represented

a price about 60 cents per bushel less has to pay is able to compete unfairly is a very attractive financial deal for the Soviets.

than the actual cost of the wheat, the 60 with our American manufacturers.

But, as it stands today, the wheat deal cents per bushel difference being the U.S. Is it not possible that the Soviet Union is poor politics for our Nation. It is Government subsidy-which in reality is might likewise place us in a similar posi- politically unwise in the eyes of the world the subsidy provided by the American tion with regard to wheat? Certainly, and, if I may say so, it is politically unif our American wheat is converted into wise for the administration in the eyes

taxpayers. No doubt the Russians fig

ured that since the American taxpayers flour or wheat products in the Soviet of the citizens of the Nation.

had been maneuvered into subsidizing Union—from wheat which they purchase

Perhaps we can learn one important the Tito and Gomulka regimes, it was at 56 cents a bushel cheaper than domestic millers must pay—we may find that whenever they discover that they lesson from the Soviet leaders; namely, worth a try on their part.

The next disagreement to leak out of that we are buying cereals, cookies, have made a bad deal—they call the the haggling room was that the Ruscakes, and other manufactured wheat whole deal off.

sians refused to use U.S. vessels to transproducts from the Soviet bloc nations at

That is my suggestion to Mr. Kennedy port the golden wheat, a fixed condition prices which will make it impossible for and Mr. Freeman.

required by U.S. law. Their argument our domestic manufacturers to compete

Mr. HUTCHINSON. Mr. Speaker, was that they could get cheaper rates on pricewise. will the gentleman yield?

non-U.S.-flag ships. Apparently the But, the administration has stated that

Mr. HOEVEN. I yield to the gentle Russians intend to ignore President KenPresident Kennedy wishes to impose a man.

nedy's promise that the deal would prorestriction against Soviet reexportation

Mr. HUTCHINSON. Mr. Speaker, I duce “added income and employment to of American grain to Soviet bloc nations simply want to make this observation: I American shipping, longshoremen, railand to Red China and Cuba. However,

am sure the gentleman will agree with road workers as well as grain traders and it should be pointed out that even though

me that the people in the United States farmers.” There is an escape clause in these restrictions were observed there have the idea that if we can get gold U.S. law with regard to use of U.S. veswould be nothing to prevent the Soviet for this wheat that that will be the quid sels, limiting use to "when available." Union from consuming the American pro quo. Would not the gentleman agree No doubt the Russians will produce a wheat-itself—and then exporting So- with me, however, that we will in effect plan in which American vessels will not viet-grown wheat to the satellites and be shortchanged so far as the gold is con- be available. Soviet bloc nations, plus Red China and cerned to the extent of the subsidy which These events were followed by news Castro's Cuba.

we are giving to the Russians? We are that if we did not bow to Russian hagI am informed that, last year, the So- going to get less gold for the wheat due gling, they would turn to other nations viet Union exported approximately 7.8 to the fact that they are going to buy of the free world to make their wheat million tons of grain of which wheat on the world market whereas our econ- purchases. Someone should have asked constituted 4.7 million tons. East Ger

omy has to purchase the wheat on our them to whom they could turn for the many was the largest consumer, with domestic market.

volume of wheat they need to survive. Czechoslovakia, Poland, Brazil, and Cuba Mr. HOEVEN. I tried to point that Canada and Australia, the other great also receiving large shipments from the out. The gentleman is exactly correct. wheat producers, have already sold their Soviet Union.

Mr. FEIGHAN. Mr. Speaker, will the surplus to Red China and the Russians. It would seem most important to the gentleman yield?

There is no other wheat surplus in the political success of Khrushchey that this Mr. HOEVEN. I yield to the gentle world able to meet the Russian needs. dependence of the Soviet bloc nations on man from Ohio.

But here again Russian threats have a the Soviet Union should continue. The

Mr. FEIGHAN. Mr. Speaker, the is way of influencing too many people. Soviet Union's stock would certainly sue of selling U.S. wheat to the Rus These events were capped with hints plummet if Khrushchev could not deliver sians has passed through so many con

that the Russians would seek a loan from wheat, and if the inherent weakness of tradictory stages and conflicting reports the United States in order to cover the the Communist system should be brought that the whole matter has reached the cost of our wheat. Someone forgot to home-through actual food shortages- proportions of an Odyssey—with the real ask what happened to all that Russian to the rank-and-file citizens of the So- issues lost in the wanderings up and surplus gold that was supposed to be on viet bloc nations. down a well marked Russian trail.

the barrelhead for our wheat. Not only does there appear to be no The first public notice of a possible Finally, President Kennedy announced negotiation with regard to the price at sale of wheat to the Russians played the a few days ago that negotiations during which the Soviets might purchase our line that the Russians were in desperate the immediate days ahead would reveal wheat, there appears likewise to be no need due to another round of agricul- whether we will succeed in selling our

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