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with their 1961 insurance dividend and a surance policy. This dividend is an extra The PRESIDENT,
copy of the notice disabled veterans re- one being paid in 1961, and represents your The White House,
ceived with their first increased compen- share of gains and sayings in the insurance Washington, D.C.
sation check following enactment of a

DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: I would appreciate

VETERANS' ADMINISTRATION. having a memorial certificate honoring the bill by the 87th Congress, not by the President. I would also like to include to date.

Always keep your choice of beneficiary up memory of:

Please printthe news story from the Knoxville Jour

(First name) (Initial) (Last name) nal of November 2, 1963:

Please mail the certificate to me at the Presidential memorial certificate program


following address: Unit cost of processing:

The VA is paying ahead of schedule the Please print.-

1961 dividend on Government life insurance

(Your name) Certificate --

. 085

as part of the President's program for adClipboard insert_

vancing the economy. These advance pay-

(Number) (Street) Envelope

.0136 ments are made on the assumption that your
premiums will continue to be paid for the

. 1426 remainder of your policy year. If pre-

(Zone) (State) Unit cost total.---Salary costs of 8.4 employees annually:

miums are not so paid, this dividend will Minimum for 1 GS-5---

4, 565

constitute a partial overpayment which will Minimum for 1 GS-4---4, 110 become an indebtness against your insurance.

[From the Knoxville Journal, Nov. 2, 1963]

VETERANS' ADMINISTRATION. Minimum for 6.4 GS-3 at $3,820



Several Knoxvillians complained yesterday

Total annual salary costs--- 33, 123

of President Kennedy seeking votes by enTotal costs fiscal year 1963 (187,

President Kennedy has signed a law in- closing advertisements in checks mailed to 318 certificates were proc

creasing service-connected compensation survivors of war veterans by the Veterans' essed and mailed):

rates for disabled veterans. The increase is Administration in franked envelopes. 187,318 multiplied by $.1426 per included in the enclosed check. This check

The vote solicitation comes in the form unit equals total processing also includes a retroactive payment equal to

of a letter offering the next of kin a "Presicost----$26, 711.55 a 3-month increase as provided by the new

dential Memorial Certificate" over the sigProcessing cost-

26, 711. 55 law unless special action is necessary. In niture of J. S. Gleason, Jr., Administrator of Salary cost--33, 123.00 that case you will get your adjustment check

Veterans' Affairs.
in the near future.

The letter states: “We in the Veterans'
Total cost of program
The table on the back of this notice shows

Administration help in the President's produring fiscal year

some of the new wartime rates. Compensa- gram by identifying next of kin eligible to 1963--59, 834.55 tion based on peacetime service is paid on

receive the certificate.” It came in checks approximately 80 percent of the amounts for widows and children of war veterans Let me point out, Mr. Speaker, that this cost estimate is based upon the ac

which arrived in Knoxville Thursday and

Friday. tual cost of the certificate and its processing. It does not include the cost of

Degree of disability Old rate of New rate of

The vote soliciting apparently went out in payment payment 1

checks mailed throughout the United States. the 1.2-million solicitations being mailed

A Chattanooga lawyer, Joe M. Parker, said during the current fiscal year.

10 percent.



one of his clients, a veteran's widow reThe United States of America honors the 20 percent.


38 ceived one yesterday. memory of

30 percent.



He accused Kennedy of trying “to exhume 40 percent.


77 This certificate is awarded by a grateful

50 percent 2



the memory of deceased veterans in an atnation in recognition of devoted 'and self- 60 percent 2



tempt to solicit votes of surviving widows less consecration to the service of mankind 70 percent 2


149 and orphans."

160 80 percent 2

170 in the Armed Forces of the United States.

The letter offered the memorial certificate 90 percent 2


100 percent 2



if the next of kin should complete the enPresident of the United States.

closed form and mail it to the President. 1 The amount payable for all checks received after the This is undoubtedly an absolute low in THE 1961 SPECIAL DIVIDEND 1st one.

an attempt to influence votes,” Parker said. The enclosed check or statement is a

* Veterans disabled 50 percent or more may receive an It used to be $2, a pint of whisky, or a cigar.

additional allowance for dependents. The law does not special dividend on your Government life inchange the amounts paid for dependents.

Now it's an autograph."


concern for the future our children's MEDAL IN COMMEMORATION OF children will inherit from our blundering 150TH ANNIVERSARY OF INDIANA

hands. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1963


So, with contrite hearts, amid relent(Legislative day of Tuesday, October 22, less duties, we pause in the midst of toil- ter conferring with the distinguished

Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, af1963) The Senate met at 12 o'clock meridian, the pillars of Thy almightiness.

frailties and to lean our weakness against concurrence of the Senate, I ask unani

frailties and to lean our weakness against minority leader, and I hope with the on the expiration of the recess, and was

mous consent that the Senate proceed called to order by the President pro tem- who came to bring life abundant to all House bill 3488; and Calendar No. 608,

We ask it in the name of the Holy One to the consideration of Calendar No. 607, pore.

the earth. Amen. The Chaplain, Rev. Frederick Brown

House bill 7193. Harris, D.D., offered the following prayer:

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. CalO Thou God of grace and mercy, who


endar No. 607 will be stated by title.

The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. A bill (H.R. revealest Thyself in all that is true and On request of Mr. MANSFIELD, and by pure and lovely, we beseech Thee so to unanimous consent, the reading of the 3488) to provide for the striking of med

als in commemoration of the 150th annicleanse our hearts of all that defiles that Journal of the proceedings of Wednesthey may be fitting audience chambers day, November 6, 1963, was dispensed versary of the statehood of the State of for Thy presence, for Thou hast told us with.

Indiana. that it is only the pure in heart who shall

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Is see God.

there objection to the request for the

TRANSACTION OF ROUTINE We come with anxious burdens on our

present consideration of this bill?

BUSINESS minds and hearts for our Nation and the

There being no objection, the bill (H.R. world, with haunting fears spoiling the On request of Mr. MANSFIELD, and by 3488) to provide for the striking of music of what could be a fair earth, but unanimous consent, it was ordered that medals in commemoration of the 150th which is being cursed by an uneasy peace there be a morning hour, with state- anniversary of the statehood of the State which is, itself, war. We come with deep ments limited to 3 minutes.

of Indiana was considered, ordered to a

third reading, was read the third time, in the RECORD an excerpt from the re- By Mr. RANDOLPH, from the Committee and passed.

port (No. 631), explaining the purposes on Public Works, without amendment: Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I of the bill.

H.R. 5244. An act to modify the project on ask unanimous consent to have printed There being no objection, the excerpt

the Mississippi River at Muscatine, Iowa, to

permit the use of certain property for pubin the RECORD an excerpt from the re- was ordered to be printed in the RECORD,

lic park purposes (Rept. No. 636); and port (No. 630), explaining the purposes as follows:

H.R. 6001. An act to authorize the conof the bill.

The Committee on Banking and Currency, veyance to the Waukegan Port District, IlThere being no objection, the excerpt to whom was referred the bill (H.R. 7193) linois, of certain real property of the United was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, to provide for the striking of medals in com- States (Rept. No. 637). as follows: memoration of the 50th anniversary of the

By Mr. RANDOLPH, from the Committee

on Public Works, with amendments: The Committee on Banking and Currency, founding of the first union health center in

the United States by the International to whom was referred the bill (H.R. 3488)

S. Res. 217. Resolution to authorize a study Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, having

of a national system of scenic highways to provide for the striking of medals in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the considered the same, report favorably there

(Rept. No. 635).

By Mr. MUSKIE, from the Committee on statehood of the State of Indiana, having on without amendment and recommend that

Public Works, without amendment: considered the same, report favorably thereon the bill do pass. without amendment and recommend that

H.R. 7193 would authorize and direct the

S. 432. A bill to accelerate, extend, and the bill do pass.

Secretary of the Treasury to strike and fur- strengthen the Federal air pollution control The bill authorizes and directs the Treas

nish to the International Ladies' Garment program (Rept. No. 638); and
Workers' Union an appropriate silver medal,

By Mr. MUSKIE, from the Committee on ury Department to manufacture for, and to

Public Works without amendment: sell to, an official agency of the State of Inand not more than 2,000 copies in bronze,

H.R. 6518. An act to improve, strengthen, diana, the Indiana Sesquicentennial Comat not less than the estimated cost of manu

and accelerate programs for the prevention mission, not more than 100,000 national facture, including labor, materials, dies, use


and abatement of air pollution.
medals, at not less than the estimated cost of machinery, and overhead expenses.
of manufacture, including labor, materials, curity satisfactory to the Director of the
dies, use of machinery, and overhead ex-

Mint would have to be provided to indemnify
the United States for the full payment of

EXECUTIVE REPORT OF A penses. Security satisfactory to the Director

COMMITTEE of the Mint must be furnished to indemnify all costs in connection with the issuance of the United States for the full payment of the medals.

As in executive session, such cost. The medals shall be made and

The medals would bear suitable emblems,

The following favorable report of a delivered in quantities of not less than 2,000, devices, and inscriptions to be determined by and no medals shall be made after December the International Ladies' Garment Workers'

nomination was submitted: 31, 1966. Upon authorization from the Union, subject to the approval of the Sec- By Mr. ROBERTSON, from the Committee

on Banking and Currency: Indiana Sesquicentennial Commission, the retary of the Treasury. The medals would Secretary of the Treasury shall coin and sell

be delivered in quantities of not less than J. Dewey Daane, of Virginia, to be a memto the public duplicates of the medals at

1,000, and no medals could be made after ber of the Board of Governors of the Federal cost (including labor). December 31, 1965.

Reserve System. The medals would carry suitable emblems,

Amendments to the original proposal devices, and inscriptions to be determined

(H.R. 6014, S. 1449) were recommended by by the Indiana Sesquicentennial Commission, the Treasury and have been incorporated in

BILLS INTRODUCED subject to the approval of the Secretary of the clean bill reported to and passed by the

Bills were introduced, read the first the Treasury. The medals shall be of such

House of Representatives. Subject to these size and of such metals as shall be deteramendments, the Treasury expressed no op

time, and, by unanimous consent, the

second time, and referred as follows: mined by the Secretary of the Treasury in position to the bill. consultation with the Indiana SesquicenThe significance of the event which these

By Mr. THURMOND: tennial Commission,

medals would commemorate are set forth in S. 2294. A bill to amend the provisions of H.R. 3488 and a number of companion bills

letters from the sponsor of the Senate com- the United States Code with respect to the were the subject of hearings before a sub

panion bill, S. 1449, Senator HUBERT H. HUM- jurisdiction of courts of appeals of the committee of the House Banking and Cur

PHREY, and from the Secretary of Labor, United States to review orders of adminisrency Committee at which Representative

which are printed below as part of this trative officers and agencies, and for other WILLIAM G. BRAY, Representative DONALD C. report.

purposes; to the Committee on the JudiciBRUCE, Representative WINFIELD K. DENTON,

ary. and Representative RICHARD L. ROUDEBUSH

By Mr. EDMONDSON: testified in support of this legislation. H.R.


S. 2295. A bill to provide for the sale by 3488 was reported on September 25, 1963 (H.

the Secretary of the Army of certain lands

The PRESIDENT pro tempore laid beRept. 766, 88th Cong.), and it passed the

in the Fort Gibson Reservoir, in Oklahoma, House of Representatives on October 7, 1963. fore the Senate a letter in the nature of

subject to flowage easements and other resH.R. 3488 was considered by the Subcommit

a petition, signed by Howard Hillier, of ervations; to the Committee on Public tee on Financial Institutions on October 30, Dafter, Mich., transmitting articles


By Mr. YARBOROUGH: 1963, and by the full committee on October from the U.S. News & World Report, 31, 1963, and it was ordered reported without and Newsweek, which relate to a prior

S. 2296. A bill to provide for the establishobjection.

ment of the Guadalupe Mountains National petition from him on October 28, 1963,

Park, in the State of Texas; to the Commitpraying for a redress of grievances, tee on Interior and Insular Affairs.

which was referred to the Committee on (See the remarks of Mr. YARBOROUGH when MEDAL IN COMMEMORATION OF the Judiciary.

he introduced the above bill, which appear 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF FIRST



The following reports of committees MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK IN The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Is were submitted:

WEST TEXAS there objection to the request of the By Mr. ROBERTSON, from the Committee Mr. YARBOROUGH. Mr. President, Senator from Montana for the present on Banking and Currency, with amend

I introduce, for appropriate reference, a consideration of Calendar No. 608, House ments:

bill to provide for the establishment of bill 7193?

S. 2079. A bill to provide for the striking

of three different medals in commemoration There being no objection, the bill

the Guadalupe Mountains National Park of the Federal Hall National Memorial, Cas

in Texas. (H.R. 7193) to provide for the striking tle Clinton National Monument, and Statue

Information has reached me that the of medals in commemoration of the 50th of Liberty National Monument American National Parks Advisory Board, in a anniversary of the founding of the first Museum of Immigration in New York City, meeting at the Big Bend National Park union health center in the United States N.Y. (Rept. No. 633).

in Texas this week has recommended the by the International Ladies' Garment By Mr. WILLIAMS of New Jersey, from Workers' Union was considered, ordered the committee on Banking and CurrencyNational Park in Texas.

creation of the Guadalupe Mountains to a third reading, was read the third

without amendment:
S. 2032. A bill to authorize a study of

While I have often advocated this natime, and passed. methods of helping to provide financial as

tional park in public statements on the Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I sistance to victims of future flood disasters floor of the Senate and in Texas, I have. ask unanimous consent to have printed (Rept. No. 634).

not previously introduced a bill for its

creation, because no national park should The editorials, resolutions, and letters
be created unless approved by the Ad- are as follows:
visory Board. The approval by the Ad-

[From the Dallas Morning News, May 19, visory Board on Wednesday, November 6,

1963] clears the way for this bill.

GUADALUPE MOUNTAINS-ROAD LEADS TO This Guadalupe Mountains National

BEAUTY Park area is in the Trans-Pecos portion

(By Frank X. Tolbert) of West Texas, in Hudspeth and Culber


CULBERSON son Counties, adjacent to the New Mex

COUNTY.-A new road being paved through ico boundary on the 32d parallel. It is the wilds of central Culberson County will 100 miles east of El Paso and 55 miles put the Guadalupe Mountains, Texas highest southwest of Carlsbad, N. Mex., and ground, on an almost direct series of paved about 30 miles from the Carlsbad Cav- highways between Midland-Odessa and El

Paso, or between Dallas and El Paso. erns. It includes the greater part of the

PreGuadalupe Mountain Range that lies in

viously, if you wanted to include the spectac

ular Guadalupes on your journey westward Texas.

to El Paso, you had to make a wide swing The park would contain about 70,000

up in New Mexico, by way of Carlsbad Naacres of land and ranges in elevation tional Caverns Park. Or you had to detour from 3,700 to 8,750 feet above sea level. off Highway 80, driving due north for about

The park includes areas of grassland, 65 miles from Van Horn, Culberson County, shrubs, and also heavy timber including

over State Highway 54. pine, maple, fir, oak, and pecan, and is

On the new roadway, which will save at watered by springs and wells.

least 50 miles on your trip to the Guadalupes,

about 18 miles have been paved recently west The park has an abundant wildlife in

of the town of Orla, which is near the Pecos cluding blacktail deer, mountain elk,

River and the New Mexico border in Reeves bear, and maybe a few Texas mountain County. This extension out of Orla is styled sheep.

Ranch Road 652. A few months and about The scenery is magnificent; the cli- 25 miles more paying will be required to mate is wonderful. This will make a gem

connect Ranch Road 652 with Ranch Road of a national park.

1108, about 5 miles from where U.S. High

ways 62 and 180 (between El Paso and CarlsTexas has two national parks, the

bad, N. Mex.) cross the Texas-New Mexico Big Bend and the Padre Island Seashore border. And at this point you will be just a area. The Guadalupe Mountains Na- few miles east of the 8,751-foot-high tional Park will complete the trilogy, and Guadalupes. give Texas and the Nation three great

This writer went out from Orla one day parks within Texas, truly national in

last week in a 4-wheel-drive Jeep to inspect area, scope, interest, availability, and

the new road into the Guadalupes. At the uniqueness.

end of the 18 miles of pavement there were

some very discouraging “road closed legends” Robert E. Lee, stationed in Texas just on barricades. Managed to talk myself before the Civil War, in answer to a beyond these obstacles. And I found that statement by a subordinate officer that the only reason the road is closed in fair no one would settle west Texas, looked

weather is that the workmen don't want to out across the plains of Texas and said,

be pestered with a lot of dust-raising traffic. "I hear the footsteps of the coming mil

The broad, hard-packed caliche lanes being

readied for the paving were no challenge for lions.”

the mighty Jeep. In fact, I could have drivMr. President, the vision of Robert E. en through there on a bicycle, although there Lee has come to pass. And now, in ad- would have been some hard pulls on a bike dition to millions of settlers, many more

during the passage through the Rustler millions than that will come in the fu

Hills, a series of limestone-capped, dometure to view the beauties of this new

shaped and very barren elevations on the way.

From 50 miles or more to the eastward you great national park, the Guadalupe

can see the great, barren walls of the Mountains National Park.

Guadalupes. You have to be very close to Congressman-at-Large JOE POOL, of see that the mountains are topped off with Texas, has been very much interested in fairly heavy stands of timber, these inthis park, and has worked diligently on

cluding ponderosa pine and Douglas fir. You this matter.

would never guess, though, by looking at I first visited this beautiful area in

the forbidding sides of the mountains that

there are beautiful, wooded, and watered 1929. For 34 years I have admired its

canyons within the inner folds of the great beauty. Having lived in El Paso Guadalupes. for 312 years as a young lawyer, I be- My first stop in the mountains was at came interested in seeing this great nat- Old Frijole, once a town and post office, but ural treasure preserved for future gen

now the limestone headquarters of J. C. erations.

Hunter Jr.'s Guadalupe Mountain Ranch. I ask unanimous consent to have print

There, Hunter's ranch manager, Noel Kin

caid, was getting ready for the visit of about ed at this point in the RECORD various

60 outdoor editors and writers from newspaeditorials, resolutions, and letters sup

pers and magazines and for other guests who porting the bill.

were coming here for a weekend inspection The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The of the Guadalupes. bill will be received and appropriately Hunter has his ranch, which includes referred; and, without objection, the edi- much of the Guadalupe range, up for sale. torials and resolutions will be printed at

And there have been proposals that the

Hunter Ranch be made into a national or this point in the RECORD.

State park. The bill (S. 2296) to provide for the

The outdoor writers came here last weekestablishment of the Guadalupe Moun

end for horseback and muleback inspections tains National Park, in the State of

of the spectacular property which may beTexas, introduced by Mr. YARBOROUGH, come a public playground. was received, read twice by its title, and "Them writers will be pestering me for referred to the Committee on Interior stories about "The Treasure of the Guadaand Insular Affairs.

lupes,'” said Noel Kincaid, an athletic fel

low of 38 who has lived in these mountains all his life and loves them well.

Noel said that the mischiefmakers who've done most to build up those “Treasure of the Guadalupes” stories have been Gen. Lew Wallace, the author of "Ben Hur," and J. Frank Dobie, the author of "Coronado's Children.”

When he was the Governor of New Mexico Territory in Billy the Kid times (1878–81), General Wallace said he was poking around the Spanish archives in Santa Fe and he found records that there were rich gold deposits in the Guadalupes, only the way to the mines had been lost through some 17th century acts of carelessness.

Frank Dobie, who hit a best-seller lode with

his book, Coronado's Children," quoted the Apache chief, Geronimo, as saying that the richest gold mines in the Western World lay hidden in the Guadalupes.

One of Dobie's best chapters recited the story of Old Ben Sublett, an Odessa, Tex., character in the late 1880's and early 1890's, who would often slip off in the direction of the Guadalupes and then return with gold nuggets. Sublett claimed he'd found a fabulous mine, but the secret of its location, assuming there really was a mine, died with him in 1892. Until recent years, Old Ben's son, Ross Sublett, often appeared in the Guadalupes, searching for papa's treasure trove.

In recent years, the most persistent searcher for the lost Guadalupe Mine has been a fellow with a Santa Claus beard, Ben Watson, who claims to be more than 100 years old. Also, the 1963 prospector talks like Old Ben Sublett. Last year, Ben Watson told me: “I know where the Sublett Mine is but I'm not a-telling. The world ain't ready for that mine". Sublett also frequently expressed doubt of the world's readiness for his discovery.

Last week when I called at Ben Watson's little cement house near the base of the peak, he wasn't at home. And I was told at Pine Springs, at the head of Guadalupe Pass, that Watson had retired from prospecting and is living in Big Spring.

Old Ben Sublett and Old Ben Watson appreciated the real treasures of the Guadalupes, I think, more than any gold they may have carried out. These treasures include McKittrick Canyon, certainly one of the loveliest canyons in the Southwest, and the main place where the outdoor writers had their convention over the weekend.

Wallace Pratt, a prominent geologist, has already donated 6,000 acres of Lower McKittrick Canyon to the National Park Service, and this acreage is now an extension of Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Upper McKittrick Canyon is much more beautiful. As Pratt phrased it, J. C. Hunter has "by personal sacrifice and self-denial managed to keep this lovely canyon in its original state. Hunter has not grazed his livestock in McKittrick Canyon although it is the best watered portion of his ranch. The present owner of Upper McKittrick Canyon (Hunter) is not a wealthy man. I believe he would-as I have done—make a gift of his part of the canyon to the public, if his financial resources permitted him to do so. And yet here is a worthy cause for public-spirited Texans. The Guadalupe Mountains have repeatedly and authoritatively been pronounced unique on the North American Continent. Shall we not resolve to make these precious land forms and wildlife habitats into a public sanctuary?.

McKittrick is a narrow gorge which Pratt, once chief geologist for Humble, believes may have been originally one of the Carlsbad Caverns, only the roof fell in. It has sheer walls of from 1,000 to 1,700 feet. And, for 4 miles of the canyon, there is a nameless but delightful mountain stream, stocked with rainbow trout. The canyon is heavily planted in pine, fir, oak, cedar, willow, juni- descending scale, and mockingbirds echo ing some of the most spectacular scenery in per, manzanita trees, and other interesting them.

Texas—have been visited by members of a botany.

Where cloudbursts and winds have hol- Park Service field survey party whose findThe canyon and the approaches to it are lowed wide overhangs in the walls over cen- ings will be analyzed by specialists in the populated by hundreds of big, black-tail deer, turies, constant seepage deposits delicate Service. very bold fellows since the national park was buds of white limestone on moss, and maid- There is a strong hope for a favorable deciput on Pratt's old ranch. (J. C. Hunter ney- enhair fern fringes the crevices. Yellow sion. The high, forested region the park er allows any hunting in the upper canyon.) columbine and blue lupine grow in the sunny would include contains Guadalupe Park, And on the tops of the Guadalupes is a herd places along the stream.

which rises to 8,751 feet to form the highest of about 250 elk, the only elk in the wild Emerald-green June bugs buzz in the trees. point in the State, and the jagged eminence state in Texas. And these are hunted only And Chinese-red dragonflies flirt with death called El Capitan. after surveys made by the State game com- over the pools where rainbow trout-the only The situation of the area permits easy acmission show that the elk are increasing too ones in Texas-glide between sunlight and cessibility for visitors at the closely neighfast for their range to support them. shadow.

boring Carlsbad Caverns National Park in I've lived here all my life, and I've never To get to the big timber country high in New Mexico, and good highway facilities confound any gold mine," said Noel Kincaid. the mountains, it's best to go horseback. nect both to the more distant Big Bend "But I've sure found some things to be

Noel Kincaid, foreman of the Hunter ranch, area. treasured.”

leads the way up Bear Canyon from his head- Establishment of a national park in the quarters just off U.S. 180.

Guadalupe Mountains thus would complete

Bear Canyon is on the southern face of a group of three great national parks in the [From the Abilene Reporter-News, July 4, the range. It rises in a rocky surface dotted same areas, all linked and each distinct in its 1963)

with scrub spruce, mescal, sotol and ma- characteristics. STEP BACK INTO TIME IN EL CAPITAN'S drones.

It would be a loss to future generations SHADOW

The trail switches nearly 3,000 feet up if the present opportunity, which may be

a 70° slope, where your horse needs a goat's unique, to acquire such an addition to the (By Robert H. Johnson, Jr.) feet in the shale.

Nation's recreation lands were allowed to PINE SPRINGS,

TEX.—The Guadalupe At the crest, a rolling green forest spreads pass. The population is increasing rapidly, Mountains turn a forbidding face on travel- over the ridges and an area called the bowl. and already the existing recreational areas ers hurrying past in the desert glare. But

Ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, and oak tower are being crowded. It is important, in any it is only a front—shielding a green high- together. This is the land of the elk-like the case, that such scenic regions as the Guadaland wilderness of canyon and forest. Elk, trout the only ones in Texas—and wild lupes be preserved against the ruination of deer and turkey wander there, and trout dart turkey.

haphazard development, and preservation in a cold, clear stream.

A little farther up is the rocky summit of can best be accomplished by the National The National Park Service now owns a Pine Top Mountain, 8,362 feet high. From Park Service. small part of this area. It is looking into

there you can see the hazy blue line of the the possibilities of acquiring another 60,000

Davis Mountains, nearly 100 miles to the [From the Dell Valley Review, Dell City, acres so that the interior beauty of the southeast. You can look down on the

Tex., July 18, 1963) Guadalupes can be seen by anybody.

majesty of El Capitan. Guadalupe Peak's The new park would take in Texas most

GUADALUPE AREA DESERVES PARK STATUS summit seems at eye level. And you can famous natural landmark, El Capitan, and pick up rocks that show clearly in fossil

In the western part of Texas are the the State's highest point, Guadalupe Peak. remains how eons ago tiny sea animals died

Guadalupe Mountains and McKittrick CanThe Guadalupes are a wedge-shaped range and gradually built up this limestone mass

yon, one of the few remaining wilderness stretching from southern New Mexico to a that once was part of the Capitan Reef of

areas of the United States. point in west Texas about 100 miles east of the Permian Sea.

This area is spectacular in beauty, rangEl Paso and 40 miles southwest of Carlsbad,

Mescalero Apaches lived in the Guadalupes ing from exposed barren rock of the Capitan N. Mex.

when the Spaniards came to this country. Reef to the lush greenery tucked away in El Capitan is the southernmost point of Both Apache and Spaniard handed down

McKittrick Canyon, which supports Texas the range. Its sheer limestone walls rise legends of gold in the Guadalupes.

only trout stream that sparkles 4 to 5 miles awesomely from the foothills to a height of

Passengers on the Butterfield stage specu

before seeping into the ground. The Guada8,078 feet. Behind it several peaks tower

lated about treasure as they watched El lupe range also has the only wild Rocky higher, and Guadalupe Peak reaches 8,751 Capitan sit before them mile after dusty

Mountain elk in the State of Texas along with feet. mile.

wild turkey flocks and many other game This high country now is part of Guada


And in the 1800's, an old prospector called lupe Mountain Ranch, 71,790 acres of desert Ben Sublett may have found it. He used to

A movement is underway for the area, and mountain owned by J. C. Hunter, Jr. go into the mountains and take big nuggets

which adjoins Carlsbad Caverns National of Abilene, an independent oilman whose back to Odessa. The secret died with Sub

Park on the south at the State line of New father bought the ranch in 1924. lett in 1892. And the only sign of him left

Mexico, to be incorporated into the national Over the years, the Hunter family has in the mountains is his initials, WCS, carved

park system. A proposal by U.S. Representaprotected the wilderness as a game and vegetation preserve.

tive JOE POOL, of Dallas, Congressman at into an alligator juniper, now scoured nearly smooth by wind and sand.

Large from Texas, would establish some 50,Wallace Pratt, a geologist often called the

Nobody since Sublett has found the lost

000 acres as Guadalupe Mountain National father of Humble Oil's geology department, gold. But there may be another treasure of

Park. has a ranch near the Hunters. In March the Guadalupes for Americans today-camp

This area would include McKittrick Can1961, he gave about 6,000 acres of it to the ing, riding, and hiking in these hidden

yon as well as Guadalupe Peak, highest point National Park Service. wilds.

in Texas at 8,751 feet elevation, and El The Park Service has a ranger stationed to

Capitan, a landmark visible for more than protect this relatively small area from harm.

50 miles across the salt flats below. The

[From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The public is not admitted now.

July 7, 1963]

land is owned by J. C. Hunter, Jr., of Abilene, The additional 60,000 acres would come

Tex., and is part of his 71,790-acre ranch. from the Hunter ranch. Pratt's former land


The proposed park already has a start adjoins Hunter's in McKittrick Canyon.

An increase of nearly a fourth in visits to since Wallace Pratt, celebrated father of From the Hunter family lodge, the can- the Big Bend National Park suggests the Humble Oil & Refining Geological Departyon cuts into the east side of the Guada- growing attraction of the rugged beauty of ment, donated almost 6,000 acres to the Nalupes.

Far West Texas for vacationing Americans. tional Park Service. This land is under suA rough foot trail disappears among lime- In the first half of this year the huge park pervision of Carlsbad National Park and adstone boulders. Maple, oak, wild cherry, ash, counted 53,390 visitors, compared with 42,- joining Hunter Ranch. It includes part of walnut, ponderosa pine and alligator juniper 995 in the first half of 1962. Most significant McKittrick Canyon, but the most spectacular trees—so called because of their rough bark of the park's spell perhaps is a 91-percent stretch of the canyon is on the Hunter grow on either side of McKittrick Creek and increase in campers. The park's climate per- property. along the canyon walls. Madrones spread mits it to remain open and operating Visitors exclaimed that the beauty is unsmooth, salmon-colored limbs ending in throughout the year.

surpassed by Yosemite and other national clusters of deep green leaves. Sotol and mes- The interest shown in the Big Bend by parks which they have visited. The fabulous cal grow among the trees.

vacationers is a strong argument in favor scenery is expected to be found only in the Cliffs rise straight up, as much as 2,000 of Federal acquisition of additional avail- northern New Mexico, Colorado, and other feet above the canyon floor.

able acreage in the Guadalupe Mountains of Rocky Mountain areas. It is a rough hike up the canyon.

Texas northward from the Big Bend and just The true beauty of McKittrick and the The limestone walls and boulders, the under the New Mexico State line for creation Guadalupes is hidden from travelers along towering trees and the sentinellike mescal- of a new national park.

Highway 180. In driving from Carlsbad to or century plant-all create an impression Six thousand acres in this region already El Paso, only El Capitan and the background of rugged, enduring grandeur.

belong to the National Park Service. Exten- of mountains are noticeable. Yet there is fragile beauty, too. Swifts sive adjoining ranch lands belonging to J. C. Only guests of Hunter are allowed on the dart above you. Canyon wrens whistle their Hunter, Jr., of Abilene—72,000 acres contain- property, primarily because the owner doesn't want the wilderness destroyed. He A stage route was established through the the Texas Congressional Delegation, the wants to conserve the area for the American area in 1858 and McKittrick Canyon is said Secretary of the Interior, members of the Napublic and is willing to sell the natural to have been a holding area for stageline tional Park Advisory Committee, the Diwonder to the Government. McKittrick horses.

rector of the National Parks Service, the Canyon has never been grazed and remains However, in recent years only a small por- Governor of the State of Texas and the Texas just as it was during the time of the tion of the Guadalupe Mountains has been Parks and Wildlife Commission. Apaches. exploited. Hunter and Noel Kincaid have

E. H. DANNER, The drive to make the Guadalupe Moun- operated a goat-raising enterprise in the

President. tain area a part of the national park sys- western part of the area. They also have a

FRED H. HUSBANDS, tem is gaining more and more interest and herd of cattle. But they have refrained from

Executive Vice President. stands an excellent chance to become a part grazing McKittrick Canyon, where rainbow of the system. trout lurk in spring-fed streams, deer and

THE TEXAS FEDERATION wild turkey abound, and a bear can occasion

OF WOMEN'S CLUBS, [From the Winkler County News, Aug. 15, ally be seen.

Abilene, Tex., October 2, 1963. 1963]

Elk and deer are thick on the lofty moun- Hon. RALPH YARBOROUGH, SECLUDED SECTION MAKING ITS DEBUT tains, where the ponderosa and limber pine U.S. Senate,

flourish. Douglas-fir are also scattered Washington, D.C. (By Leland Boyd)

throughout the McKittrick Canyon area, as DEAR SENATOR YARBOROUGH: We are enclosA 108-section area of west Texas that has

well as the bark-shedding manzanita (mad- ing a copy of a resolution concerning estabexisted in virtual seclusion for thousands of

rone) tree. Cactuses scrub juniper, and lishment of a park in the Guadalupe Mounyears is making its debut among the virgin other trees usually found in the highlands tains, adopted by the board of the Texas beauties of the United States,

of New Mexico and Colorado form the bulk Federation of Women's Clubs on September The area is the vast Guadalupe Mountain of the vegetation.

30. region. Except for a few wandering pros- Elk, introduced to the area in 1929, have

Sincerely, pectors, explorers, and aviators the region multiplied and the first hunting season on

EUDORA HAWKINS, has escaped the eyes and destructive elethe animal is scheduled this fall. Thirty

Resolutions Chairman. ments that accompanied the exploitation of

permits will be issued by the Texas Game most of this country's land area. and Fish Commission for the area.

RESOLUTION, GUADALUPE MOUNTAINS PARK Located in sparsely populated Culberson

Some of the more unique formations are County, the area contains Texas' highest

Whereas the Guadalupe Mountains, with the natural land bridge found up McKittrick El Capitan and Guadalupe Peaks, highest peak, 8,751-foot Guadalupe Peak, and other

Canyon, Lover's Leap Ledge, Turtle Rock, and features that place the area well into the

points east of the Rockies, and McKittrick, other unnamed indentures and outcroppings Bear and other canyons, offer natural scecaliber of national park material. of the area's limestone cliffs and mountains.

nery of great variety, and of beauty, majesty Indeed, a move is now underway to secure The few visitors who have cast an eye on national park designation for a large por

and grandeur indescribable and unparalleled the numerous creations of nature come away tion of the area.

in Texas and probably in the Nation; and impressed with its spectacular view, certain Present owner of the area is J. C. Hunter,

Whereas an entire wilderness area, aboundthat the area has merit enough to b pre- ing in such wildlife as black bear, elk, deer, of Abilene. The property has been in the

served for the public to examine. Hunter family since the early 1920's and in

mountain sheep, turkey and rainbow trout;

Thoughts of selling off small parceis of with lofty mountains, towering cliffs and the care of the west Texas family it has been land for lodges, cabins and the like have not trails leading to awe-inspiring vistas; with preserved in its natural state.

interested Hunter, although it is generally spring-fed streams and vegetation not found Hunter has placed the property up for agreed that such a scheme would bring in sale—but with reservations.

elsewhere in Texas * * * has heretofore been more money. Hunter openly declares his first protected by its owners as a game and vegetaHe wishes to see the area he has known desire is to keep the property intact and since boyhood preserved for the enjoyment

tion preserve; and open for all America to view and enjoy.

Whereas more than 70,000 acres lying in of future generations. He has turned from selling the property to individuals for the

immediate proximity to Carlsbad Caverns present time, regardless of several offers in WEST TEXAS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE,

National Park and Lincoln National Forest in the amount he seeks—$1.5 million.

Abilene, Tex., October 1, 1963.

New Mexico and to 6,000 acres in Texas given Support for the area as a park is developHon. RALPH W. YARBOROUGH,

to the National Park Service by Wallace Pratt, ing from chamber of commerce representa- U.S. Senate, Senate Office Building, Wash

and in lesser proximity to the Fort Davis tives in Texas and New Mexico, and elected ington, D.C.

National Monument and the Big Bend Naofficials and civic groups in both States. Dear SENATOR YARBOROUGH: I believe you

tional Park, is now available to be added to The national park system in January was would be interested in a resolution that was

the Nation's park system: Now, therefore,

be it authorized to make a survey of the area by adopted by the Board of Directors of the a bill introduced by Representative JOE POOL, West Texas Chamber of Commerce meeting

Resolved, that the board of directors of the Congressman at Large from Texas. The in regular session on September 26, 1963.

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, meetstudy has not yet been made public.

This resolution was adopted only after

ing in Austin on September 30, 1963, exAdvantages of having the area designated a thorough study and recommendation by presses its concern that this area shall be as a national park include its proximity to the Tourist Development Committee of the preserved for the enjoyment of present and the famed Carlsbad Caverns, and the fact West Texas Chamber of Commerce.

future generations, and urges its develop

ment as a national park. that the National Park Service has under Copy of the resolution is enclosed. protection a 6,000-acre tract immediately

Yours very truly, east of the area.


RESOLUTION ADOPTED SUPPORTING GUADALUPE The 6,000 acres were donated to the Park

Manager, Tourist Department.


On this day, July 29, 1963, on motion of Part of McKittrick Canyon is in the grant

Commissioner Telles, seconded by CommisPratt gave the Park Service.

The Park

sioner Mays, it is ordered by the court that Service has not developed the area, explain


the following resolution be adopted in suping it is relatively small and doing more than

Whereas the Guadalupe Mountain area port of the Guadalupe Mountain area as a giving protection at this time is unfeasible. in Culberson and Hudspeth Counties, Tex. national park. Pratt has commented, "If the public is to

is now under study as a suitable and desir- Whereas the Guadalupe Mountain Ranch enjoy anything like a full measure of the able park site; and

is located in the west Texas sun country; grandeur and scenic beauty of McKittrick Whereas a subcommittee of the Tourist and Canyon and the surrounding Guadalupe Development Committee of the West Texas Whereas said area is most fitting and suitMountains, the limits of the new national Chamber of Commerce personally visited able for a park site because of its outstandpark must be extended to include these pri- and inspected the area on July 12-14, 1963; ing natural beauty; and vately owned lands (Hunter's property). On

Whereas the creation of such a park site them is situated not only the most spectac- • Whereas this subcommittee made its re- would constitute a boon for all west Texas ular stretch of McKittrick itself, but also port and presented a resolution, covering and especially for El Paso County; and historic Guadalupe Peak."

all the virtues and attributes of the area Whereas the Commissioners' Court of El Among the first persons to gaze upon the now under study, which was adopted unani- Paso County, Tex., wholeheartedly endorses area were Mescalero Apaches. Remains in mously in a called meeting of the Tourist and supports the program announced by caves and on canyon walls indicate their Development Committee held in Big Spring, Governor Connally to encourage tourism in presence in early times before the white Tex., on August 13, 1963: Now, therefore, Texas; and man. Smoked walls, some pottery and pic- be it

Whereas the Commissioners' Court of El ture writing that has not been deciphered Resolved, That the directors of the West Paso County, Tex., desires to officially entestify to their activity there.

Texas Chamber of Commerce, in regular dorse said area as a park site: Now, thereLater the Spaniards approached the Guad- meeting, September 26, 1963, do support the fore, be it alupe Mountain area in the 1500's and a studies looking toward the designation of Resolved, On the 29th day of July A.D. U.S. military expedition did a little exploring the said Guadalupe area as a park site; and 1963, by the El Paso County Commissioners' in 1849.

order copies of this resolution forwarded to Court that it go on record as actively and

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