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article by Mr. Charles Keely of the Cop A "supreme command" for Latin American dealing with means to counter the Castro ley News Service not only substantiates guerrillas has been set up in Cuba by the offensive.

Yet, day by day the Cuban-trained terrorthe findings of the subcommittee but Soviet Ministry of Defense, according to exreveals that Communist subversion in ile intelligence sources. Its headquarters ists nibble away at this false front of anti

are in Santiago de Cuba where guerrilla op Castro hemispheric unity. the Latin American area is being stepped erations throughout the hemisphere are “These wolves in sheep's clothing are the up. Mr. Keely's articles follow: masterminded and coordinated.

greatest danger ever to threaten the country," COMMUNISM IN LATIN AMERICA

Enrique Lister, another Spaniard, runs explained Colombian President Guillermo

the Minas del Frio subversion school in Leon Valencia on September 25. (By Charles Keely)

Oriente Province. Lister, a graduate of the On October 2 Radio Havana warned the (First of three articles)

Soviet's Fruntze Military Academy, is as Nicaraguan Government "to take care.” WASHINGTON.-A year ago Russia took one sisted by former Guatemalan President Col. Broadcasting from Cuba, a woman identified step backward and withdrew missiles from Jacobo Arbenz.

as Blanca Sandino, daughter of the late NicCuba. Since then, the Communists have At the Julio Antonio Mella School near araguan rebel bandit, regularly incites taken a dozen important steps forward to- Havana, Communists are training Latin la Nicaraguans to rebel and join pro-Castro ward their goal of a Red takeover of Latin bor leaders. Military personnel receive in- guerrillas whom she says already are operAmerica.

struction at the El Cortijo School in Pinar ating in the country. The steps are documented. They reveal

del Rio, the Citizens Committee for a Free The Cuban Student Directorate in Exile that Premier Fidel Castro's Cuba is a cuba reports. The San Lorenzo School in claims that 100 instructors, trained in Cuba, launching pad for subversion of the West Oriente specializes in guerrilla training. have organized a Colombian guerrilla force ern Hemisphere.

Subversion centers are spread across the of more than 1,600, broken into 13 groups in Today, 10 schools of guerrilla warfare and island.

5 territorial areas. subversion are operating at full capacity in

Tony Varona, former Cuban foreign minisCuba. Last year, according to Central In


ter and leader of the Cuban Revolutionary telligence Agency Director John McCone,

(By Charles Keely)

Council, told Congress that the international 1,500 Latin Americans received such training

Communist movement is enlisting volunteers in Cuba. More schools are being built.

(Second of three articles)

in all 19 Latin countries. The objective, he Intelligence sources estimate 20,000 secret WASHINGTON.-Cuban Maj. Maximo Can- said, is to build a people's army of 400,000 Red agents can be trained this year in ales left San Julien Air Base in Cuba with men, 100,000 women, and 200,000 reserves to Cuba's subversion centers.

five Venezuelan terrorists trained in Pre defend Cuba in the event of aggression. In essence, McCone told Congress last mier Fidel Castro's guerrilla warfare schools, February, "Castro tells revolutionaries and flew over the San Andres Islands off the * * * 'Come to Cuba; we will pay your coast of Panama.

COMMUNISM IN LATIN AMERICA way, we will train you in underground orThe men parachuted into the water and

(By Charles Keely) ganization techniques, in guerrilla warfare, were picked up by a small fishing boat which

(Last of three articles) in sabotage and in terrorism. We will see took them to Maracaibo, Venezuela. Later that you get back to your homeland.'”

WASHINGTON.-On September 12, Cubanthey joined a guerrilla force of the proTravel bans have not hurt Cuba's subver

war trained Colombian rebels kidnaped wealthy Castro FALN organization to wage war

against President Romulo Betancourt. Cattleman German Mejia Duque and held sion school attendance, an Organization of American States security committee reports.

him for $250,000 ransom.
Subversion has replaced sugar as Cuba's
top export.

During the 6 days he spent in the insur"Despite limited means of transportation to Cuba today," the OAS said, “trips to that receiving training in Cuba today are being

Many of the thousands of Latin Americans gents' camp before his rescue by army troops,

receiving training in Cuba today are being Mejia said a Cuban plane flew over the area country have been increasing in number

parachuted back into their homelands. and dropped weapons, propaganda and other during the current year."

Others return to Mexico in “shrimp boats,” material to Premier Fidel Castro's look-alike Many of the students reach Cuba by slipand then go home.

guerrilla leader Federico Arango Fonnegra. ping across the British Honduran border in

According to Central Intelligence Agency The bearded Arango told Mejia that Castro to Mexico, the Cuban Student Directorate Director John McCone, Fidel Castro tells recently had sent him $20,000 with a warn(DRE) has revealed. From islands off the these trained subversives, "We will keep in ing that this would be the last financial Yucatan Peninsula, they are taken in small touch with you, give you propaganda sup

support he would get if his terrorists did not boats to a sea rendezvous with Castro's port, send you propaganda materials *

accomplish a decisive operation against the "fishing fleet." secret communications methods, and per

Government. The Latins are then taken to the port of haps funds and specialized demolition

Colombian Interior Minister Aurelio CaLa Coloma, in Cuba's Pinar del Rio Proy equipment."

macho Rueda said Castro is openly intervenince, and transported to the different train Venezuela, says McCone, is Castro's “No. 1" ing in Colombia by “sending arms and money ing camps. Others fly or sail into Cuba from target and FALN's sabotage "is the work of from Cuba to the bandits and the offering Communist countries.

experts (using) advanced types of explo- of scholarships to Colombian students to Castro's clumsy and unsuccessful efforts sives."

study guerrilla warfare and terrorist techto invade and subvert neighboring Carib McCone told Representative ARMISTEAD

niques in Havana.” bean countries during his first 9 months in SELDEN'S, Democrat, of Alabama, Foreign Af

Twelve tons of Communist propaganda is power have been given professional guid- fairs Subcommittee on Latin America that discovered monthly by Panama's customs ance by trained “technicians” from the So- more than 200 Venezuelans received training

more than 200 Venezuelans received training authorities, according to Centeral Intelliviet bloc. in Cuba in 1962. He said the number is

gence Agency Director John McCone. AnThe State Department's Sterling Cottrell increasing this year.

other 10 tons comes into Costa Rica. says that Reds from satellite nations today The 1,500 Latin Americans who were

"Castro is strengthening his position" in outnumber Russians in Cuba. Cottreli, trained in Cuba last year, according to Mc

the wake of last October's missile crisis, says Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Latin Cone, took courses ranging from 4 weeks to Costa Rican President Francisco Orlich. America, told Congress August 13 that a year.

"I expect continuous, increased attempts at "Czechs, Rumanians, Bulgarians, and others" They include "intensive training in sabo

agitation here." are in Cuba to train Latin Americans in the tage, espionage, or psychological warfare."

Former Guatemalan President Miguel Ydiarts of modern guerrilla warfare and sub No country in the Western Hemisphere is goras Fuentes charged last February that version. The threat to the United States of immune to the cancer of Castro-inspired ter since late 1959 Russian submarines have Soviet troops in Cuba is secondary to the rorism. On November 17, 1962, the Federal been reaching the Central American Pacific use of the island as a base to export revolu- Bureau of Investigation in New York City and Atlantic coasts to unload men and tion, said Cottrell. smashed a Castro-Communist plot to launch

arms. “Today the Cuban effort is far more so

a series of terrorist attacks on department Cuba has clearly become an open floodphisticated, more covert, and more deadily,” stores. The FBI reported that members of gate for a torrent of terrorists. They flood CIA's McCone explained. "In its profes

Cuba's United Nations delegation were a politically parched Latin America, sowing sional tradecraft it shows guidance and training "a corps of Cuban Communists in seeds of subversion. training by experienced Communist advis the use of explosives.”

When Castro can't finance them, they turn ers from the Soviet bloc including veteran The United States and its Latin neighbors to other sources of income. Spanish Communists."

have met the Communist challenge with Peruvian guerrillas, teamed with "ordiOne Spanish Communist, Gen. Alberto limited success.

nary criminals,” robbed a Lima bank last Bayo, created the "Revolutionary Comman The Selden subcommittee recommended to year of $100,000 and split the loot 50–50, MCdos for Latin America" (CRAL) to train President Kennedy that the United States Cone told a congressional subcommittee seyLatins to instigate insurrections against "should be prepared to act with military eral months ago. their governments. To strengthen CRAL, force” to help any nation in danger of being Venezuelan pro-Castro terrorists robbed DRE claims, Soviet Col. Jarslav Valensky in overthrown by Communist subversive ag a bank last February of $25,000. stituted an International Military Command gression.

“The principle that guerrillas must be to control the widespread net of Commu The Organization of American States self-sustaining his obviously been applied to nist front groups in Latin America.

(OAS) has passed numerous resolutions finances,” McCone explained.

But he added that there are also involved ment has been refusing permission to

A funeral above all provides an environbank transfers by which Cuban money even students to visit Cuba.

ment where loving friends and relatives can tually reaches Latin American Communistfront groups. - It was not my purpose then, nor is it give the help needed to face the future with

strength and courage. One such example was outlined here sev- now, to defend the abuses which uneral weeks ago by British Guianese Sen. Anne doubtedly exist in the funeral business. The above-referred-to editorial in the Jardim, who revealed documents showing the These same abuses can be charged to New York Times indicated that Jessica transfer of $1 million from Russia through many American businesses. In fact, ev Mitford's association with Communist Cuba to Prime Minister Cheddi Jagan, the ery time I buy a new automobile I am activities was in the dim and distant Communists' best friend in South America. persuaded to include some extras which past. Let us look at the record. Jessica Castro sounded the keynote for Cuban sub

are very nice, but not absolutely neces- Mitford, also known as Decca Treuhaft, version on July 26, 1960. "We promise to continue making Cuba

sary. Some of these extras cost more was identified as a member of the Comthe example that can convert the Cordillera

than the average funeral, but I did not munist Party in hearings before the of the Andes into the Sierra Maestra of the have to buy them. My real purpose for Committee on Un-American Activities, American continent,” he said.

my original remarks was that I felt that as follows: He has restated this goal on countless when CBS in its so-called documentary, By Dickson P. Hill, an undercover agent of occasions, with the full blessing of Moscow "The Great American Funeral," was go the Federal Bureau of Investigation during and Peiping.

ing to bring an identified Communist his membership in the Communist Party Intelligence sources say Castro's subver- into several million American homes, the (1944-49), “Investigation of Communist Ac, sive pipeline to Latin America today is his public was entitled to know the identity tivities in the San Francisco Area, part 2,” growing "fishing fleet." of the author in order to evaluate the

December 2, 1953, page 3227. With the help of the Japanese, Castro has

By Dr. Jack (Beverly Mikell) Patten, a built an estimated 169 fishing vessels, though subject matter. Surely, if I wrote a book former member of the Communist Party Hurricane Flora reportedly sunk 39. These on the theory of relativity, the public

(1936-40 and 1946-48), "Hearings Held in vessels carry their subversive cargoes be- would be entitled to know that I am San Francisco, Calif., June 18–21, 1957, part tween Cuba and Latin America.

neither a physicist nor a mathematician, 1,” June 10, 1957, page 1168. An Organization of American States (OAS) and that slight credence should be given By Dorothy M. Jeffers, an undercover agent security committee has reported that this to me in this field.

of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during Communist advance in the Western Hemisphere is due mainly to the lack of informa

At this point, Mr. Speaker, I should her membership in the Communist Party

(1943-52), "Hearings Held in San Francisco, mention that the rumor was broadcast Calif., June 18-21, 1957, part II,” June 21, tion regarding its true aims. Col. Jose Luis Cruz Salazar, Guatemalan throughout the Nation that I or my fam

1957, page 1295. politician and soldier, told Congress February ily owned an interest in the Fair Haven 27 that the Communist menace is not specu- Cemetery at Santa Ana, Calif. I wish

Her stint before the California Senate lation.

to emphatically state that neither I nor Fact-Finding Committee on Un-Ameri"It is a reality, and we must open our eyes any of my family now has nor ever had can Activities was related in my previous to it,” he said.

any financial interest in any cemetery remarks, and appears on pages 260–262 of whatsoever. I assume this rumor started that committee's report to the 1953

because I was a trustee of Orange County regular California Legislature. THE CASE AGAINST JESSICA MIT Cemetery District No. 1, a public, munici

We are told that leading clergymen FORD, HER SUPPORTERS AND AD- pal, tax-supported district, organized to of all faiths endorse the so-called exposé. MIRERS

take over and restore two abandoned That may be true, but do not forget that

cemeteries in which hundreds of Califor- many of our leaders of all faiths are The SPEAKER. Under

previous order nia pioneers were buried. I was a trustee, collectivists and most of them oppose the of the House, the gentleman from California [Mr. Utt) is recognized for 45 appointed by the Orange County Board

appointed by the Orange County Board House Committee on Un-American Acof Supervisors, over a period of 20 years,

tivities, so they are running true to form. minutes. and served without salary or expenses.

It is interesting to note, Mr. Speaker, Mr. UTT. Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my known as Decca Treuhaft, continue to re

The apologists for Jessica Mitford, also

that one of these leaders who appeared

on the CBS program, “The Great Ameriremarks and include extraneous matter. mind the public that she wrote a "smash

can Funeral," Rev. Stephen Fritchman, The SPEAKER. Is there objection

has been cited by the Committee on Unto the request of the gentleman from ing hit,” even though she makes the ex

American Activities for his Communistception appear to be the rule. May I say, California ? There was no objection.

Mr. Speaker, that there was another front affiliations and, of course, he took Mr. UTT. A few weeks ago I inserted name was Karl Marx, whose works today man was also a contributor to the Comauthor who wrote a smashing hit. His the fifth amendment. Again, I say,

"strange bedfellows." Reverend Fritchsome remarks in the CONGRESSIONAL REC- rank second only to the Bible in annual ORD with reference to Jessica Mitfordsales. The burden of his book was an

munist People's World of September daily CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, October 15, attack on the capitalistic free enterprise

7, 1963. 1963. These remarks brought forth system and on religion, but today no one

The commercial sponsor for the CBS a hail of condemnation from the lethal left which quickly sprang to her

but Communists and Socialists rise to his colossal, “The Great American Funeral," defense with all kinds of maudlin

apolo- Way of Death” is likewise a two-pronged America, which is engaged in selling in

defense. The burden of “The American was the Travelers' Insurance Co. of gies. I was not surprised to see the editorial in the New York Times of Octo

attack: First, against the free enterprise surance for all contingencies, including ber 21, 1963, which indicated that no

capitalistic system enjoyed by Ameri- death. It must have grated the Travelone without congressional immunity

cans; second, against the funeral service ers' agents to watch the door-to-door would dare make such a statement. The

which is basically a religious service, for salesmen castigated. There is no busi

those who have an immutable belief in ness in America that engages more statements which I made have been pubthe immortality of the soul.

heavily in telephone solicitation and lished in many periodicals which do not

As Rev. Dr. Edgar N. Jackson, a Meth

door-to-door selling than do the various have congressional immunity, so that odist minister, of Mamaroneck, N.Y., capitalistic free enterprise system is de

insurance companies of America. If the dodge is pure hogwash.

said: In assessing the New York Times, it

stroyed in America, its demise is being should be remembered that it was most

A funeral faces the reality of death. It

gratuitously aided by the American busidoes not avoid it. laudatory in its praises of Communist

ness community which sponsors such Castro, and one of its reporters, Herbert religious needs of the bereaved may be

A funeral provides a setting wherein the

programs. Matthews, was most instrumental in satisfied.

It might be well, Mr. Speaker, at this working with our State Department en

A funeral provides faith to sustain spirit.

time, to examine another book of Jessivoys in establishing the Communist Cas

A funeral helps free one from guilt or self

ca Mitford, "Daughters and Rebels," tro government, and even last week Cascondemnation.

which is an autobiography, in which she tro praised Herbert Matthews of the

A funeral helps express one's feelings.

refers to her father, who was an outNew York Times, who is now visiting

A funeral directs one beyond the death of standing British citizen, as the missing Cuba with his wife. I am wondering a loved one to the responsibilities of life. link between ape and homo sapiens. how Matthews got his passport validated A funeral, in a personal way, helps one She also admits that she was a shopto visit Cuba, while the State Depart face a crisis with dignity and courage. lifter, a "bill jumper,” and that she


bought volumes of Communist literature cisco Chronicle or even the Oceanside British-born and bred, Mrs. Treuhaft arand "rigged up some homemade hammer (Calif.) Blade Tribune, or the El Cajon rived in the United States in 1939 following and sickle flags.” This book was written (Calif.) Valley News, all of which mim

a youthful elopement to Spain with Esmond in 1960. As late as 1963, she was invited icked each other, nor was I surprised to Romilly, a nephew of Winston Churchill,

who had fought with the pro-Communist to be a special guest at the 25th anni find that the Democratic Committee of

forces in the Spanish Civil War. versary celebration of the Communist Escondido, Calif., bought space to have Mrs. Treuhaft is the sister of Nancy MitPeople's World in San Francisco. This the editorial in the New York Times ford, acid-tongued novelist always severely is according to People's World-the printed in the Escondido Times Advocate critical of the United States; Unity Freeman January 19, 1963, issue. Whether she as an advertisement. Of course, as ex Mitford, Hitler's onetime “Nordic Goddess”; attended or not, I do not know.

pected, the Communist People's World, Lady Diana Mosley, wife of Sir Oswald MosIn her book, "Daughters and Rebels," Saturday, November 2, 1963, leveled a

ley, England's leading Fascist; Pamela Mittypical attack upon me quoting liberally and Deborah Mitford, wife of the Duke of

ford, wife of a distinguished British scientist; on page 12 in referring to her governesses, she says: from the New York Times. I was sur

Devonshire. She was soon followed by Miss Bunting,

prised to find so many solid newspapers Mrs. Treuhaft's penchant for doing the whose main contribution to our education

in the country such as the Orange unexpected-plus her kinship—have won her was to teach a little mild shoplifting * * * (Calif.) Daily News and the Daily Pilot several treatments in Bay Area supplements, Miss Bunting in her governessy beige coat (Costa Mesa, Calif.), and others, arising where her interest in leftwing politics has and gloves, Boud (Jessica's sister) and I in to the defense of this woman who has been viewed as frivolous unconventionality matching panama straw hats, would strut done more to destroy the soul of Amer

at most. Interpreting her elopement with haughtily past the deferential salespeople ica than almost anyone else, and I am

Romilly as a defiance of her rightwing backto seek the safety of Fuller's Tea Room,

ground, the San Francisco Examiner of wondering if, after they have the facts as where we would gleefully take stock of the

February 19, 1961, declared, "The two selfday's haul over cups of steaming hot chocpresented here, they will continue to

avowed Communists continued their fight olate. place her on a pedestal.

against the uppercrust society from which

When Jessica Mitford Romilly Treu- they had fled.” In referring to her father on page 29, haft was questioned about my remarks she writes:

REBELLIOUS DAUGHTERS in the RECORD, she dismissed them airily

Mrs. Treuhaft's service to the Communist I developed the theory that he was a with the remark that it was nothing but movement does, in fact, seem to be motivated throwback to an earlier state of mankind, a a “red herring.” Where have I heard by the same kind of rebellion her other five missing link between the apes and homo that before? As I recall, a former Presi- sisters had demonstrated in the opposite posapiens (man).

dent used that phrase concerning the litical direction. "Daughters and Rebels,” On page 68 she speaks of her enthu charges brought against persons both in Mrs. Treuhaft's autobiography published in siasm for communism: and out of the Federal Government, who 1960, dissects the rebellious daughters and

their indomitable drives. Even iron CommuIn fact, this declaration was something

were later convicted as spies, Commumore than a mere automatic taking of op

nist Party discipline, commented one of her nists and traitors.

readers, cannot confine a “mad Mitford" for posite sides to Boud: the little I knew about Mr. Speaker, in my opening remarks

very long. the Fascists repelled me—their racism, super I said that the charge of congressional In bay area Communist circles, for example, militarism, brutality. I took out a sub immunity was hogwash, and as further Mrs. Treuhaft has always carefully associated scription to the Daily Worker, bought vol evidence of this, I ask unanimous con with communism's upper crust. And despite umes of Communist literature and litera

sent to include herewith an article ap her ability to subordinate herself to such ture that supposed to be Communist pearing in Tocsin, August 28, 1963, short-term party goals as “police brutality” sickle flags. printed at Berkeley, Calif. This is only drives, Mrs. Treuhaft's statements have never

been known to include endorsement of one of several magazine articles carrying “workers solidarity” or similar Communist She refers to her first husband, Essimilar charges.

propaganda pillars. mond Romilly, on page 98 as follows:

WRITER JESSICA MITFORD EQUALS COMMUNIST A literate and amusing writer, she has Esmond's abrupt conversion to Communist


aimed her talent for satire at even such ideas had come about in a way very similar Simon and Schuster has just published a

sacrosanct Communist techniques as the use to my own. new book by Oakland resident, Jessica Mit of language as a weapon in the class struggle

(see "Fun and Games” story, this issue). On page 190 she expresses her lack of ford of 6411 Regent Street, entitled "The

American Way of Death,” a clever attempt to knowledge of economics by stating:

After Romilly was killed in World War II, bury capitalist America's funeral customs. Mrs. Treuhaft met and married Robert TreuNo one had ever explained to me that

Absent from the superficially plausible haft while both were employees of the Office you had to pay for electricity; and lights, case which the author makes in her sharply of Price Administration. At about the same electric heaters stoves blazed away night satirical lampoon are biographical data

about time, she became secretary of San Francisco and day at Rotherhithe Street. When the Miss Mitford which could place the book's Local 221 of the United Federal Workers of enormous bill first arrived we thought brief

thesis in new perspective for the unwary America, a Communist-dominated union. ly of contesting it in court on the grounds

reader. that electricity is an act of God—an element,

LABOR SCHOOL OFFICIAL For Writer Jessica Mitford is also Decca like fire, earth, and air; but legal friends Treuhaft, wife of Oakland Communist law

In 1944 she assumed the post of financial assured us this would get us nowhere. It yer Robert E. Treuhaft and herself an often

director for the now defunct Communist was unthinkable that we should pay, so we identified Communist Party member. It is as

California Labor School at its Oakland moved out of the Rotherhithe Street house

branch. Decca Treuhaft that the writer has perto a furnished room near the Marble Arch. formed her service for the Communist Party.

Lending their home for various CommuOn page 207 she writes:

Despite the book's innocent air of indig- nist benefits during the years that followed, nation at the purported crass commercial

the Treuhafts hosted an annual all-night One evening at dinner, after they had him

ism of American funerals and the author's party in August 1949, according to the Peoon the ropes, I was emboldened by this un- proposal

for “grassroots” type remedies,

Mrs. ple's World of August 23. familiar relationship between old and young freuhaft is no newcomer to the role of op

Most of Mrs. Treuhaft's efforts during the to ask, "But surely, Mr. Meyer, you're not ponent of American institutions.

1950's were devoted to promoting the East in favor of capitalism, are you?”

As executive secretary of the subversive

Bay Civil Rights Congress. She and her subAgain, referring to her first husband, East Bay Civil Rights Congress in the 1950's,

ordinates in the group won “special praise she kept local law enforcement agencies busy

from Albert J. Lima (northern California on page 280 she says: with assorted cases of "police brutality" and

chairman of the Communist Party) for their His [Esmond's] brand of socialism was un“racial discrimination”-all pivoting on well

fight against the Smith Act," the November cluttered by fine Christian sentiments, for

oiled Communist propaganda machinery and 23, 1951, People's World declared. like Boud he was a gifted hater, although fully exploited by the People's World.

When the CRC championed Oaklander unlike her he directed his venom against

One of the seemingly innocuous solutions Jerry Newson in a murder case in 1951, Mrs. the enemies of humanity, peace and free

Mrs. Treuhaft proposes for the funeral prob Treuhaft even induced her 6-year-old son dom.

lem is organization of local memorial asso Nicholas, now deceased, to sell tickets for a This, Mr. Speaker, is the woman being ciations which would provide low-cost Newson benefit.

The young child-whom defended by the so-called liberals while burials. Two such associations in southern the Treuhafts had christened with the they denounced me for attempting to and northern California (reported in Tocsin, middle name of Tito, according to the Labor

March 6 and May 1, 1963) have strong com- Herald—was arrested for selling tickets. expose her.

munist and leftwing backing. They are the Together with their son Benjamin and I said that I was not surprised at the Bay Area Funeral Society of Berkeley and the daughter Constancia, the Treuhafts visted New York Times or even the San Fran- Los Angeles Funeral Society.

Hungary in the late 1950's and wrote a lauda

tory account of “life under socialism” for the Soviet empire. We are facing a agonizingly that the administration, the People's World, February 17, 1957. critical stage in the cold war at which despite its talk about the success of the IDENTIFIED AS RED

this Government must not be found Alliance for Progress, is almost comAn Independent-Progressive Party voter in wanting in its determination to save not pletely adrift in its Latin American pol1952 and 1955, Mrs. Treuhaft was identified only our own people but the people of icy. It is being buffeted about by politias a branch and county functionary of the Latin America and the Caribbean from cal forces in our neighbor countries Communist Party by Dickson Hill at Decem- the totalitarian policies of a power-mad which it neither foresaw nor knows how ber 1953 hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities and as a party group of opportunists who would fasten to influence. member by Dr. Jack Patten, June 19, 1957.

their concepts of atheistic materialistic Since this administration took over She was also identified at 1956 Subversive dictatorship upon the unsuspecting the White House in 1961, there seems to Activities Control Board hearings on the people of the world. While those who have been some fatality which has California Labor School by former Commu- are a part of this international con- turned every one of its Latin American nists William Michael Foard, who said Mrs. spiracy cry "peace" and "brotherhood of moves into blundering and bitter failTreuhaft was an officer at San Francisco man," and by corruption of words cla

The most ghastly of these, of headquarters of the Communist Party, 942 only to want to save the world from eco- course, has been the Bay of Pigs fiasco Mrs. Treuhaft at a countywide meeting of nomic chaos and nuclear holocaust, let in Cuba, followed by the incredible the Communist Party at Garibaldi Hall; it be clear that they do not and indeed pledge of no invasion to Castro after the Sylvia G. Hill, who knew her during the early cannot talk about freedom. Nowhere in missile crisis of 1962. But while the most portion of Mrs. Hill's role as an undercover the world have the people by free elec- glaring example of the failure of the poliCommunist for the FBI; Dorothy M. Jeffers, tions chosen a Communist ballot and cies of this administration in Latin who identified Mrs. Treuhaft as a party likewise nowhere in the world where America because it is so obvious, Cuba functionary; Timothy Evans, who said she Communist tyranny has fastened itself is not an isolated indication of failure. was a member of his section in Alameda County; George William Smith, who identi- upon the people have the people been the same forcible-feeble approach-tofied her as present at an officers meeting in offered a free choice to repudiate it. day a threat, tomorrow a cringe-has Oakland.

Those who are outright, active sup- characterized our policy in practically Fired from the San Francisco Chronicle porters of the Communist conspiracy every Latin American situation. At the staff after 3 months' work there in 1956, have twisted truth to serve their malevo- end of 242 years of repeated and unMrs. Treuhaft nevertheless continued active lent purposes. They have drawn a false broken bungling in this hemisphere, this as a journalist. Her justification of the San picture of themselves as saviors of hu- administration stands before the world Francisco Communist-led riots against the manity. And in this upside-down pic- an abject and pathetic object of confuHouse Un-American Activities Committee in 1960 was featured by the Nation magazine. ture, they have depicted the God-fearing sion and retreat.

and decent men and women as “war In the case of the Dominican Republic, DISINHERITED, BUT When the second Lord Redesdale of Great mongers” and greedy “capitalists” and there was not the slightest excuse for the Britain, Mrs. Treuhaft's father, died in March "right-wing extremists.” Of course, this Kennedy administration to put its un1958, he cut his Communist daughter from is patently untrue.

qualified support behind the Juan Bosch his will. Through a legal fluke, however, It is because I believe that our future regime. Throughout the 7 months of Mrs. Treuhaft received as a bequest Inch as a free nation is tied up intimately with Bosch's rule, Washington seemed to deKenneth, an island in the Hebrides and site the interests of our traditional and wel- liberately blind itself to Dominican realiof the family's ancestral castle.

come friends in the other Americas; it ties. The administration sent to the The press reported then that she had

is because I believe that our aid to the Dominican Republic as Ambassador a broken with her father, more than 20 years people in Latin America who have be- magazine writer, John Bartlow. Martin, and that her father hated “leftwingers.” come pawns on the chessboard of inter- who was undoubtedly well intentioned, Mr. Treuhaft, born in New York of Hungar- national communism, must be directed to but whose apparent sole claim to diploian Jewish parents, ascribed her father's ac- the end that they can be spared the fate matic appointment was the fact that he tion to anti-Semitism.

of the unfortunate people of other cap- had been a ghostwriter for Adlai StevenMrs. Treuhaft's more recent Communist tive nations the Soviets so blatantly son. Upon Mr. Martin's advice, Washactivity has included picketing with the local would have the world believe have been ington accepted Juan Bosch as the best clemency for the condemned atom spy, dur liberated; it is because the future of our bet for the United States in the Dominiing the March 1962 visit to Berkeley of Presi- culture and civilization with the empha- can Republic. Even after he was redent Kennedy; and a guest-of-honor role at sis on the worth of individuals, the dig- called, following the military coup, the People's World silver anniversary last nity of man, the sense of divine direc- Martin returned to Washington to deJanuary 26 in San Francisco.

tion, is seriously threatened by the fend Bosch, although he made it clear A giant East Bay benefit staged by the inroads the Communist conspiracy has that he had only been following instrucBerkeley Friends of Highlander, February 9, made in our hemisphere; it is because I tions. Nor did Mr. Martin attach imwas arranged in part by Mrs. Treuhaft (Toc- believe a forthright presentation of all portance to a fact which was commonly Communist-backed Highlander Research and points of view are necessary if we are not known in the Dominican Republic—that Education Center of Knoxville, Tenn. to find ourselves overrun by the con

Bosch was a confirmed anti-American. Called before the California Senate Fact- spiracy, posing under another name, Bosch's first act as President was to finding Committee on Un-American Activi entering the back window, that I take go to Switzerland and contract for a ties in September 1951, Mrs. Treuhaft re the floor today to present what I have $150 million loan from a Swiss consorfused to answer all questions about her gleaned from serious study and many tium at 674 percent interest, rather than affiliations in the bay area on grounds that

conversations with various thinking peo- obtain available financing from U.S. her answers might tend to incriminate her. ple from Latin America.

agencies which reportedly would have Her refusal evoked laughter when, after declining a question about the Communist

I give this point of view because I given him a three-quarters of 1 percent Civil Rights Congress, she similarly refused believe the time is late and unless we

rate. to acknowledge membership in even the break the information barrier created by

Pan American Headlines, published by Berkeley Tennis Club.

managed news which is succeeding in the Committee on Pan American Policy, its efforts to camouflage facts, distort gave this account of the deal:

truth, and withhold information needed In early January 1963, before he was WE HAVE BEEN SOLD A BILL OF

to make a true assessment of conditions sworn in as President, Bosch announced that GOODS IN LATIN AMERICA and circumstances as they are, we may

he was going to take a trip to Europe to find ourselves victims of the very con

get aid for the nation's economy. Bosch The SPEAKER. Under previous order

selected three men: Diego Bordas, Pedro of the House, the gentleman from Wisspiracy against which we are led to

Juan Laboy, Mario Diez. consin (Mr. SCHADEBERG), is recognized

believe we have been waging a cold war. Bosch disclosed that he was going to secure for 60 minutes.

In view of recent developments in the a large loan to finance the fantastic program Mr. SCHADEBERG. Mr. Speaker, Dominican Republic, it is evident that of public improvements which he had promLatin America is of vital importance to the Kennedy administration has again ised in his campaign. At the time, he was the future security of the United States muffed the ball in Latin America. The with the money which he needed at a nomi.

advised that Washington would supply him in her struggle, along with her neighbors military coups in the Dominican Repub

military coups in the Dominican Repub- nal rate of interest of three-quarters of 1 to the south, against the colonialism of lic and in Honduras have revealed percent. Bosch told his associates that he

didn't want American money because he foreigners to have arrived in Costa Rica.” mingo and restore him to the Presidency, did not want the United States to have any Ulate revealed that Volman "handles backed by American bayonets. Another hold on him. This chauvinistic gesture

enormous sums of money, from an un learned Senator bluntly proposed that silenced his home critics who were mystified revealed source, collects a large month- the OAS should set a police force to stop by his insistence on getting European aid.

Bosch and his trio journeyed to Switzer- ly income, and travels every month future military uprisings in Latin Amerland where Mario Diez had arranged a meet- to different countries in the Caribbean ica. Think of it-an OAS army to dicing with a Swiss consortium. The consor area.”

tate to the 20 autonomous and proud tium granted a loan of $150 million. The When Bosch was running for Presi- Latin American nations what kind of interest rate which Bosch accepted on this dent, Volman appeared in the Dominican government they should be permitted to loan was 6.25 percent. Which means that Republic and attached himself to Bosch. have. And in Santo Domingo itself, the Dominican Republic was obligated to

He apparently acquired a strange Spencer M. King, whom Ambassador pay in excess interest $8 million more, per annum, than it would have paid to the pro

ascendancy over Bosch's mind. When Martin had left behind as U.S. Chargé posed Arerican lender.

the new President was inaugurated, he d'Affaires, showed his lapse from reality But there was worse to follow.

installed Volman as his adviser on Wash- by telling Manuel Tavares Espaillat, It came to light that Bosch borrowed from ington relations. Volman

Volman convinced Member of the Junta, that the United the consortium an advance of $15 million, him, truthfully or untruthfully as it may

him, truthfully or untruthfully as it may States wanted them to place Juan Casagiving notes for the amount. Shortly after be, that he had great influence with novas Garrido in the Presidency in ward, these notes made their appearance in Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., and Mc- Bosch's place, as the price for recognithe money markets of various countries, as

George Bundy, who have advised the tion. Casanovas was a henchman of the head of the consortium tried to discount them. Some of them were discounted

President on Latin American policy. Bosch and at that very time was under by the General Electric Co. of London.

When, in midsummer, a situation arose in investigation by the new government on Others were offered to the Lock Joint Pipe which strong elements began to demand the charge of complicity in some misCo., but were refused.

that Ambassador Martin be replaced, appropriations of money of Bosch's adTo this day, despite the repeated demand Volman informed Bosch that he had ministration, How could any clearof the nonradical Dominican press, Bosch phoned the White House to one of the thinking American diplomat imagine and Borda have not made an accounting of President's closest advisers and had that a Dominican public which had the $15 million.

saved Martin's job. Bosch believed him. exiled Bosch would accept another DoYet we decided to throw the prestige It is true that Bosch carefully main- minican revolutionary party hack in his of the United States behind the Bosch tained a pose of noncommunism during place? government.

his Presidency. So, also, did Castro dur Perhaps the best statement of the If Ambassador Martin had listened ing the first year of

ing the first year of his rule in Cuba situation which confronted the Dominto the responsible people in the Domini

But actions speak louder than words. ican people when they expelled Bosch can Republic, instead of those in the The OAS has received a document, was given by Brig. Gen. Miguel Atila narrow leftist circle, he would have prepared by Ambassador J. T. Bonilla Luna Perez, chief of the Dominican Air known that a great part of the Domini Atiles, revealing that Dr. Miguel Angel Forces. General Luna said: can population had already stamped Dominguez Guerra, Bosch's Minister of No one wished to dethrone the government Bosch unreliable from the standpoint of the Interior and head of the national of Juan Bosch. It would have never hapdemocracy and of individual as well as police, was a “blatant" Castroite and a pened had Mr. Bosch been true to his renational progress. He would have known member of the Partido Socialista Popu- sponsibilities of maintaining democratic of the rampant corruption which was lar, a Communist front. Other top offi- principles and preserving internal peace.

Such internal peace was menaced by the corroding away the confidence of the cials in the Bosch regime whom Dr.

advance (which no one doubted) of Marxpeople. He could have listened to such Bonilla Atiles named as known Commu

ism-Leninism, under the protective cloak of men as Rafael Bonilla Aybar who was

nists or Communist sympathizers were: a pro-Communist government which did not daily reporting the exposé of Bosch's

Luis del Rosairo Ceballos, Minister of take any preventive measures against it. misdeeds over the radio and in his paper,

Public Works; Miguel Angel Valazques This Marxist-Leninist advance became a La Prensa Libre, to a large and growing Mainardi, Secretary of the Senate; Diego

Mainardi, Secretary of the Senate; Diego deadly menace to the traditions of a people audience. He would have talked to such Bordas, Minister of Industry; Julio Mar

who are fundamentally democratic and a man as Don Jose Mejia who had suf

Christian. There was something else which tinez, director of the Government TV

caused our intervention, and that was the fered unspeakable wrongs under Trujil- radio station; Ramon Alberto Ferreras

constant violation of the Constitution of the lo and who had returned enthusiastically Manual, executive in the Government Republic, and the imminent enactment of a to the Republic when Bosch was elected, radio network.

series of laws of typical communistic intent. to cooperate with the new President. Is it to be wondered at, that the re

Yes, we have certainly goofed in the What he saw under Bosch, however, dissponsible people of the Dominican Re

Dominican Republic. And we will goof enchanted him so completely that he

public felt the shadow of Castro falling again, and even more dangerously, unbegan pouring out a stream of slashing over their nation under the rule of such

less we quickly ask ourselves what is attacks upon the regime in the press and a President?

really the matter with our Latin Amerradio. The final weeks of Bosch saw

With such unmistakable portents sig- ican policies. Santo Domingo ringing with the voices naling Bosch's certain collapse, Wash If the Dominican Republic, as Cuba, of these and many other disillusioned ington indulged itself in its usual game stood isolated as a failure in the adminformer supporters. Apparently Ambasof wishful thinking. Less than 3 weeks

istration's policy, the incident would be sador Martin didn't hear them. Nor before the coup, the New York Times deplorable enough. But unfortunately did he understand the significance of the published a eulogistic article, hailing

published a eulogistic article, hailing the Dominican Republic does not stand July episode when the leaders of the Bosch as "a reformer with a mission” alone. The Bosch regime was merely military warned Bosch that he must and declaring that “the Bosch regime one of the arches of the whole structure mend his ways and clean house, or they had the anxious blessings of the Kennedy of U.S.-imposed "left liberal” govwould turn against him. The adminis administration.” So, once again the ernments which, it seems quite evitration in Washington was walking present administration had been per

dent to me, the present administration around in such a fogbank that only about

suaded by its left-minded entourage to is trying to set up in the Americas. That 2 weeks before Bosch's fall it induced go all out for a Communist-coddling it was an important arch is measured the Alliance for Progress to offer Bosch regime whose misgovernment was so by the infuriated outcry which has arisa multimillion dollar dam project in the glaring that its own subjects were turn en from the Washington salesmen of hope of beefing up his popularity. ing from it in disgust.

that policy since the Dominican people There was also the questionable Sasha

But the most disturbing phase of the rejected Bosch. Volman situation. Volman, originally a Bosch deposition was the wailing and It is high time we reexamine this polprotege of Norman Thomas and the New gnashing of teeth which suddenly com icy which is failing so dismally in the York Socialists, had been pursuing a menced at the other side of the Capitol Americas. covert and mysterious game in Central when the news reached Washington. The strategy was defined by Adolf A. America for several years. Former Presi- One distinguished Senator actually pro

One distinguished Senator actually pro- Berle, Jr., in 1957 in his book "Tides of dent Otilio Ulate of Costa Rica described posed that the U.S. Armed Forces should Crisis” when he wrote that it was unimVolman as “one of the most dangerous forcibly take Bosch back to Santo Do portant whether a nation lives under a

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