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area, however, will have to be the sub A tabulation, which I ask permission trol fire, insects, and disease may be ject of further legislation in the future. to have appear in the CONGRESSIONAL taken subject to conditions deemed deThe bill provides that and I quote: RECORD, following this description of the sirable by the appropriate secretary.

No Federal lands shall be designated as bill, shows the acreage in the wilder Second. Any activity, including pros"wilderness areas” except as provided for in ness, wild, and canoe areas that the bill pecting, for gathering information about this Act or by a subsequent Act.

proposes to designate as wilderness and mineral or other resources in national Section 3(c) makes a provision for also national forest primitive areas to forest wilderness areas is permitted in a wilderness within national park system be reviewed for permanent protection as manner compatible with preserving the areas and national wildlife refuges and wilderness, and areas of the national wilderness environment. Furthermore, ranges that is like that made with regard park system and national wildlife ref- the Secretary of the Interior is directed to primitive areas.

uges and ranges containing roadless to develop and conduct in consultation

areas to be reviewed for preservation as The Secretary of the Interior in this

with the Secretary of Agriculture a surinstance is to review the roadless porwilderness, with gross acreages.

vey by the Bureau of Mines and the Geotions comprising 5,000 or more acres in

Section 3(d) requires the Secretary of logical Survey to determine the mineral

the Interior or of Agriculture, before values present in these areas and to make the parks and refuges and report his recommendations to the President. submitting recommendations to the the results available and submit them to

the President and Congress. The President is to advise the House President regarding an area, to give pub

Mining and prospecting as at present and the Senate of his recommendations. lic notice in the Federal Register and

An area will be given wilderness pro- the local press, hold public hearings, and may, of course, continue within the primtection on a permanent basis only if and invite the Governor, county officials, and itive area in the status quo administrawhen Congress so provides. The areas

Federal agencies concerned to submit tion of these areas which this bill will are to be administered in status quo until their views. Any views submitted must provide pending the review of these areas Congress has acted on a Presidential recbe included with any recommendations already thus provided.

This is, indeed, a concession to those ommendation or until Congress has de regarding the area to the President and termined otherwise. to Congress.

who have opposed earlier wilderness bills

Section 3(e) provides that any bound for reasons related to mining. It seems National park and refuge lands, unlike

to me to be a reasonable one and an exthose in national forests, have already ary changes to be made in the future been removed from commodity produc

are to be subjected to public notice and ample of the interest that proponents of tion, and particular portions are not at hearings, recommended to the President wilderness legislation have in reaching present specifically designated for wil- be effective only when acted on by Conwith maps and descriptions, and are to an agreement.

Those special provisions in section derness preservation. Within the parks

4(d) (2) are in further consideration of there are certain needs for roads for visi- gress as in the establishment of areas. tors and for administrative purposes and


certain criticisms. They make it posfor accommodations for visitors in park Section 4 deals with the use of wilder

sible to obtain information on the reareas and for facilities and developments ness areas.

sources, including minerals, within wilfor visitors in parks and for wildlife pur Section 4(a) makes plain in a declara

derness areas.

Third. Within wilderness areas in the poses in refuges. Except for these needs, tion and also with specific references

national forests, the President may auhowever, the park and refuge lands are that this legislation is to be within and

thorize prospecting, mining, exploration available, without apparent conflict, for supplemental to and not in interference preservation as wilderness if this proves with the purposes for which the national

for and production of oil and gas, estabdesirable on review. forests, parks, and refuges have been

lishment and maintenance of reservoirs,

water conservation works, transmission The National Park Service, in response established and the legislation so provid

lines, and other facilities needed in the to the new national emphasis on wilder- ing. This subsection includes the pro

public interest. Also, grazing of liveness preservation and as a part of its vision that all accommodations and in- public interest.

stock shall be permitted to continue in "master planning," has already in recent stallations in parks and monuments are

national-forest areas where it is an esyears set up a pilot program to identify to be incident to the conservation and

tablished practice, subject to such rethe areas of actual wilderness in two or use of the areas in their natural con

strictions and regulations as the Secrethree parks in each region, outside the dition.

Section 4(b) provides that, except as Washington, D.C., area. Preliminary da

tary deems necessary.

Fourth. Various acts applicable to ta, I understand, are available now for Big otherwise provided in the legislation,

the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Bend, Glacier, Grand Canyon, Olympic, each agency administering an area desigRocky Mountain, Sequoia, Zion, Mount nated as wilderness shall be responsible Minnesota are to continue to be appli

cable to the area and are not modified by McKinley, and Isle Royale National for preserving the wilderness character

this act. Parks. A start has already been made. of the area and shall administer the area Until such reviews and studies are for its other purposes in such a way as

Fifth. Commercial services are per

mitted as necessary in realizing the recplanned for all the years with at least also to preserve its wilderness character. preliminary surveys, however, it is not The wilderness areas are to be devoted,

The wilderness areas are to be devoted, reational or other purposes of the areas, possible to know precisely the acreage with the exceptions specified in the legwith the exceptions specified in the leg- such as provision of horses and guide

service to wilderness visitors by persons available for wilderness preservation in islation, to the public purposes of rethe national parks and monuments. creational, scenic, scientific, educational headquartered and conducting their

business operations outside the wilderRoads and accommodations are esti- conservation, and historical use, and the mated at present to occupy less than use is to be in harmony, both in kind and ness area, or taking of pictures or ob

serving and recording of scientific data 10 percent of the approximate 22 million degree, with the wilderness environment acres in the entire national park sys and its preservation.

for pay. tem. It can accordingly be estimated Section 4(c) prohibits certain uses ex

Sixth. Nothing in the legislation, it is that the national park wilderness to be cept as specifically provided elsewhere in explicitly provided, is to constitute an preserved will be chosen out of about the act. These prohibited uses are those express or implied claim or denial on the 20 million acres as proposed in this bill. inconsistent with wilderness preservainconsistent with wilderness preserva- part of the Federal Government as to

exemption from State water laws. Much of the area of wildlife refuges tion, such as commercial enterprises, mo

Seventh. Hunting and fishing are peris of maximum benefit for its wildlife tor vehicles and motorized equipment, purposes only when developed with in- roads, and structures and installations. mitted in national forest wilderness

areas to the extent not incompatible stallations, including impoundments, for The minimum required for administraexample, that disqualify an area as wil- tion is permitted and so are emergency with wilderness preservation. Nothing derness. The portions to be recommend measures for health and safety.

is to be construed, however, as affecting ed after review can thus not be fore Section 4(d) makes a series of seven

State jurisdiction or responsibility as to

fish and wildlife. cast precisely, but they will be chosen special provisions: out of some 23 refuges and ranges total First. Aircraft and motorboats may

5 ing nearly 25 million acres and known continue to be used where they are al Section 5 deals with State and private to include wilderness.

ready established, and measures to con lands within wilderness areas.


Section 5(a) provides that where State this purpose there is hereby established a Wilderness areas designated by the wilderinholdings exist in wilderness areas, the National Wilderness Preservation System to ness bill (H.R. 9070), being the present

national forest State shall be afforded access, or shall be be composed of federally owned areas desig

wilderness, wild, and

canoe areas, with gross acreages given Federal lands in exchange of equal nated by Congress as "wilderness areas,” and

these shall be administered for the use and value. It provides that where a State enjoyment of the American people in such

NATIONAL FOREST WILDERNESS AREAS surrenders mineral rights in such an ex

Gross acreage manner as will leave them unimpaired for change, the Federal Government may do future use and enjoyment as wilderness, and

Anaconda-Pintlar, Mont

159, 086 so also.

950, 000 so as to provide for the protection of these Bob Marshall, Mont--

383, 300 Section 5(b) assures private owners of areas, the preservation of their wilderness Bridger, Wyo---

220, 280 lands within national forest areas the in- character, and for the gathering and dissemi- Eagle Cap, Oreg--nation of information regarding their use

Gila, N. Mex...

438, 626 gress and egress customarily enjoyed.

Glacier Peak, Wash---

458, 505 Section 5(c) authorizes the Secretary and enjoyment as wilderness.

Marble Mountain, Calif.

214, 543 of the Interior and the Secretary of Ag Section 6(a) says:

Mazatzal, Ariz.--

205, 346 riculture to acquire private landholdings Except as otherwise provided in this act, Minarets, Calif..

109, 500 within wilderness areas, subject to the nothing in this act shall be interpreted as

North Absaroka, Wyo--

359, 700 concurrence of the owner and approval interfering with the purposes stated in the

Pecos, N. Mex...

165, 000 of necessary appropriations by the Con- establishment of, or pertaining to, any park, gress. monument, or other unit of the national Selway-Bitterroot, Idaho--

989, 179 6 park system, or any national forest, wildlife Selway-Bitterroot, Mont

254, 480 Section 6 authorizes the acceptance of except that each agency administering any refuge, game range, or other area involved,


1, 243, 659 gifts, bequests, and contributions.

area designated as wilderness shall be responSection 6(a) authorizes the Secretary sible for preserving the wilderness character

South Absaroka, Wyo---

506, 300 of the Interior and the Secretary of Agri- of the area and shall so administer such area

Superstition, Ariz.

140 culture to accept gifts of land for preser- for such other purposes for which it may Teton, Wyo.--

563, 500

Three Sisters, Oreg-vation as wilderness, subject to regula- have been established as also to preserve its

196, 708 wilderness character. Except as otherwise

Yolla-Bolly-Middle Eel, Calif.. 111, 091 tions in accordance with agreements incident to the gift or bequest which are provided in this act, the wilderness areas consistent with the policy of the legisla- recreational, scenic, scientific, educational, shall be devoted to the public purposes of

Total gross acreage, wil-
derness areas---

6, 409, 284 tion.

conservation, and historical use. Subject to Section 6(b) authorizes the Secretary the provisions of this act, all such use shall Caribou, Calif..

19, 080 of the Interior and the Secretary of Ag- be in harmony, both in kind and degree, with

Chiricahua, Ariz.

18, 000 riculture to accept contributions and the wilderness environment and with its Cucamonga, Calif----

9, 022 gifts to be used to further the purposes of preservation.

Diamond Peak, Oreg

35, 440 the legislation and makes such gifts for

Dome Land, Calif---

62,500 Less than 15 million national-forest Galiuro, Ariz.. public purposes subject to the usual de- acres out of a 186-million total, much Gates of the Mountains, Mont

55, 000

28, 562 duction for purposes of income, estate, less than 20 million acres in the national Gearhart Mountain, Oreg---- 18, 709 and gift taxes in accordance with the park system, and far less than 25 mil

Goat Rocks, Wash.-

82, 680 provisions of the Federal Revenue Code lion in wildlife refuges will be involved

Great Gulf, N.H.----

5, 400 of 1954. less than some 2 percent of the Nation's Jarbidge, Nev---

Hoover, Calif..

42, 800 7

64, 827 land and water area.

Kalmiopsis, OregSection 7 provides for an annual joint

78, 850 As the Senate Committee on Interior LaGarita, Colo---

49, 000 report to Congress by the Secretaries of and Insular Affairs noted in its April Linville Gorge, N.C---

7, 655 Agriculture and the Interior on the status 3, 1963, report No. 109, on the Senate Maroon Bells-Snowmass, Colo- 66, 280 of the wilderness system, with any rec- act s. 4, which in this respect is like this

Mokelumne, Calif.--

50, 400 ommendations they wish to make.

Mount Adams, Wash----revised bill:


Mount Hood, Oreg---

14, 160 No cost is involved since all of the areas Mount Washington, Oreg-

46, 655 The principal features of this wilder- are Federal lands, all areas are to continue Mount Zirkel-Dome Peak, Colo.. 53, 400 ness bill (H.R. 9070) may be outlined in to be administered by the agency presently Mountain Lakes, Oreg--

23, 071 summary as follows: in control of them, and no new bureau or Rawah, Colo---

26, 797 It establishes by congressional positive agency is involved.

San Gorgonio, Calif..

34, 718 action a national policy for wilderness There are simply prescribed, by stat- San Pedro Parks, N. Mex.--

San Jacinto, Calif..

21, 955 preservation.

41, 132 ute, as that report points out, the stand- Sierra Ancha, Ariz --

20, 850 It establishes a program by means of ards and criteria for the management Strawberry Mountain, Oreg--- 33, 653 which such a wilderness preservation of a relatively few areas to assure their Thousand Lakes, Calif...

16, 335 policy can be realized. protection “as natural sites for the cul- West Elk, Colo---

62, 000 It adapts this program to existing land tural, inspirational, recreational, and Wheeler Peak, N. Mex---

6, 051 uses, by applying it to areas that can scientific values which only such areas White Mountain, N. Mex.--

28, 230 continue to serve their present purposes can provide." while still being preserved as wilderness.


Total gross acreage, wild It recognizes the economic and com


1, 165, 523 mercial needs for commodity and other

Such a measure as here proposed,

benefiting from the criticisms and suguses that may be in conflict with wilder

NATIONAL FOREST BOUNDARY WATERS ness preservation and provides for reagestions of our esteemed colleagues, in

CANOE AREA sonable and special consideration of

cluding the chairmen of our Committee
on Interior and Insular Affairs and its Little Indian

Superior Division, Minnesota--- 887, 739 these needs. Subcommittee on Public Lands, and in

Sioux Division, Two key portions of the bill may be


104, 908 quote

corporating the basic objectives of those Caribou Division, Minnesota---to represent its purpose and its

42, 205 approach.

of us who have long been advocating a Section 2(a) says: wilderness bill, can provide us the op

Total gross acreage, boundportunity for consensus and effective

ary waters canoe area.--- 1,034, 852 To assure that an increasing population,

agreement-a consummation much to be accompanied by expanding settlement and growing mechanization, does not occupy and

desired. I am happy to participate in SUMMARY, NATIONAL FOREST WILmodify all areas within the United States such a result of our long concern with

DERNESS, WILD, AND CANOE AREAS and its possessions, leaving no lands desig such legislation,

Wilderness areas (17) --

6, 409, 284 nated for preservation and protection in their I ask to have appended at this point Boundary waters canoe area (1) -- 1, 034, 852

Wild areas (32)-----

1, 165, 523 natural condition, it is hereby declared to be a tabulation of the areas involved, as the policy of the Congress of the United States to secure for the American people of referred to earlier, and finally the full

Total gross acreage in 50 present and future generations the benefits text of the proposed new wilderness

areas designated by the of an enduring resource of wilderness. For bill-H.R. 9070.

wilderness bill.-

8, 609, 659


National forest primitive areas to be re- National forest primitive areas to be re National forest primitive areas to be re

viewed for permanent protection as wilder viewed for permanent protection as wilder viewed for permanent protection as wilderness and areas of the national park system ness and areas of the national park system ness and areas of the national park system and national wildlife ranges and refuges and national wildlife ranges and refuges and national wildlife ranges and refuges containing roadless areas to be reviewed containing roadless areas to be reviewed containing roadless areas to be reviewed for preservation as wilderness, with gross for preservation as wilderness, with gross for preservation as wilderness, with gross acreages acreages-Continued


Gross acreage


Absaroka, Mont..

64, 000 Agua Tibia, Calif.


Gross acreage
26, 760
Beartooth, Mont---

230, 000
Yellowstone, Idaho..
31, 488

Gross acreage Black Range, N. Mex.

169, 984
Yellowstone, Mont--

151, 068 Aleutian Islands, Alaska_-
Yellowstone, Wyo---

2, 720, 235 2,039, 217 Bogoslof, Alaska (an island)

390 Blue Range, Ariz.181, 566

Aransas, Tex---

47, 261 Blue Range, N. Mex.-

36, 598

2, 221, 773
Cape Romain, S.C.-

34, 716 Delta, La--

48, 834 Total.--218, 164 Yosemite, Calif..

760,951 Kodiak, Alaska--

1,815, 000 Zion, Utah. 147, 035 Moosehorn, Maine

22, 565 Cabinet Mountains, Mont-.. 90,000

Nunivak, Alaska--

1, 109, 384 Cloud Peak, Wyo--

137, 000
Acreage in National Parks. 13, 541, 962 Okefenokee, Ga..

330, 973 Desolation Valley, Calif.

41, 383

Red Rock Lakes Migratory Wa-
Devil Canyon-Bear Canyon,
Theodore Roosevelt, N. Dak----- 70, 374

terfowl Refuge, Mont----

39, 943 Calif-35, 267

Seney, Mich---

95, 531 Emigrant Basin, Calif

98, 043

Sheldon National Antelope Ref-
Flat Tops, Colo.-

117, 800
uge, Nev.---

34, 131 Gila, N. Mex.--. 132, 788 Cape Hatteras, N.C.

28, 500
Wichita Mountains, Okla----

59, 019 Glacier, Wyo---

177,000 Gore Range-Eagle Nest, Colou 61, 275 NATIONAL MONUMENTS CONTAIN

Acreage in national wild-
High Sierra, Calif.--

393, 945

life refuges--

6, 357, 982 High Uintas, Utah.

240, 717

Idaho, Idaho..

1, 232, 744

Mission Mountains, Mont---

75, 500

Arches, Utah. Mount Baldy, Ariz.-


34, 250 7, 400

Badlands, S. Dak. Mount Jefferson, Oreg


111, 530
86, 700
Black Canyon of the Gunnison,

North Cascade, Wash..

801, 000

13, 548

REFUGES AND RANGES Pine Mountain, Ariz.--

17,500 Popo Agie, Wyo---

Capitol Reef, Utah -

39, 173 National forest primitive areas 70, 000

Channel Islands, Calif. Salmon River Breaks, Idaho.--

18. 167 (36)-217, 185

6, 121, 812 Salmon Trinity Alps, Calif.

Chiricahua, Ariz---285, 756

10, 646 San Juan, Colo..

Craters of the Moon, Idaho.-

48, 184 National parks (28) 240,000

13, 541, 962 Colorado, Colo.--

17, 693 San Rafael, Calif.. 74, 990

National monuments (18)------ 8,721, 500 Sawtooth, Idaho..

National memorial park (1)---- 70, 374 200, 942 Death Valley, Calif.-South Warner, Calif..

1, 792, 520 National seashore 70, 682

recreation Spanish Peaks, Mont

Death Valley, Nev--

115, 240 50,000

area (1)-

28, 500 Stratified, Wyo..

202, 000

1,907, 760
Sycamore Canyon, Ariz.
47, 230

Gross acreage in national Uncompahgre, Colo.. 69, 253

park system.

22, 362, 336 Dinosaur, Colo---Upper Rio Grande, Colo56, 600

152, 259

Dinosaur, Utah --Ventana, Calif_ 857

53, 038 National wildlife ranges (10)--- 18,483, 878 Wilson Mountains, Colo----27, 347

National wildlife refuges (13) --- 6, 357, 982 Total--

205, 297 Total acreage in national

Gross acreage in national
Glacier Bay, Alaska_

2, 274, 595
6, 121,812
forest "primitive areas"--

wildlife refuges and
Grand Canyon, Ariz.-


24, 841, 860 Joshua Tree, Calif


Katmai, Alaska..

2, 697, 590

Total gross acreage (107 OF WILDERNESS, WITH TOTAL

Lava Beds, Calif.

46, 239
areas) --


Organ Pipe Cactus, Ariz.

330, 874

H.R. 9070 Acadia, Maine--41, 634 Saguaro, Ariz --

63, 284 Big Bend, Tex---

708, 221
White Sands, N. Mex..

146, 535

A bill to establish a National Wilderness Bryce Canyon, Utah. 36, 010

Preservation System for the permanent Carlsbad Caverns, N. Mex.--

49, 448
Acreage in National Monu-

good of the whole people, and for other Crater Lake, Oreg

160, 290

8,721, 500 purposes
Everglades, Fla..
1, 400, 533


SECTION 1. This Act may be cited as the Grand Canyon, Ariz--673, 575 TAINING AREAS OF WILDERNESS,

"Wilderness Act." Grand Teton, Wyo----310, 350 WITH TOTAL GROSS ACREAGE OF

WILDERNESS SYSTEM ESTABLISHED EACH RANGE Great Smoky Mountains, N.C.- 275, 332 Arctic National Wildlife Range,

Statement of policy Great Smoky Mountains, Tenn. 236, 346



SEC. 2. (a) In order to assure that an inCabeza Prieta Game Range, Ariz. 860, 000 creasing population, accompanied by expandTotal.--

511, 678
Charles Sheldon Antelope Range,

ing settlement and growing mechanization, Nev---

543, 898 does not occupy and modify all areas within Haleakala, Hawaii..

26, 403
Clarence Rhode National Wildlife

the United States and its possessions, leaving Hawaii, Hawaii.. 220, 345

1, 890,000 Range, Alaska--

no lands designated for preservation and proIsle Royale, Mich---539, 339

tection in their natural condition, it is hereKings Canyon, Calif..

Desert Game Range, Nev---- 2, 188, 415 454, 650

by declared to be the policy of the Congress Lassen Volcanic, Calif.

Fort Peck Game Range, Mont- 950, 827 105, 922

to secure for the American people of present Mammoth Cave, Ky---

51, 354
Izembek National Wildlife Range,

and future generations the benefits of an Mesa Verde, Colo--

51, 334

415, 000

enduring resource of wilderness. For this Mount McKinley, Alaska

1,939, 493
Kenai National Moose Range,

purpose there is hereby established a NaMount Rainier, Wash241, 782 Alaska--

2,057, 197 tional Wilderness Preservation System to be Olympic, Wash 896, 599 Kofa Game Range, Ariz.--

660, 000

composed of federally owned areas desigPetrified Forest, Ariz_--94, 161 Montana National Bison Range,

nated by Congress as "wilderness areas," and Rocky Mountain, Colo---260, 018 Mont

18, 541 these shall be administered for the use and Sequoia, Calif.--. 386, 551

enjoyment of the American people in such Shenandoah, Va-----

211, 325
Acreage in national wild-

manner as will leave them unimpaired for Wind Cave, S. Dak.--

28, 059
life ranges---

18, 483, 878 future use and enjoyment as wilderness, and

so as to provide for the protection of these


areas, the preservation of their wilderness boundaries, recommending the elimination section (d) of this section. The proposed character, and for the gathering and dissemi- and declassification as "primitive” of any modification or adjustment shall then be nation of information regarding their use portions not predominantly of wilderness recommended_with map and description and enjoyment as wilderness; and no Fed- value, and recommending the addition of any thereof to the President. The President shall eral lands shall be designated as "wilderness contiguous area of national forest lands advise the United States Senate and the areas” except as provided for in this Act or predominantly of wilderness value. Each House of Representatives of his recommendaby a subsequent Act.

such recommendation of the President shall tions with respect to such modification or Definition of wilderness

become effective only if so provided by an adjustment and such recommendations shall

Act of Congress, and each such primitive become effective only in the same manner as (b) A wilderness, in contrast with those

area shall continue to be administered by provided for in subsections (b) and (c) of areas where man and his own works dom

the Secretary of Agriculture as on the date this section. inate the landscape, is hereby recognized as an area where the earth and its community ommendation of the President regarding the of this Act until Congress has acted on a rec

USE OF WILDERNESS AREAS of life are untrammeled by man, where man area, as provided in this subsection, or until

SEC. 4. (a) The purposes of this Act are himself is a visitor who does not remain. Congress has determined otherwise.

hereby declared to be within and suppleAn area of wilderness is further defined to

mental to the purposes for which national mean in this Act an area of undeveloped ments of this subsection the Secretary of the

(c) In accordance with the time require

forests and units of the national park and Federal land retaining its primeval character Interior shall review all roadless portions

national wildlife refuge systems are estaband influence, without permanent improve comprising 5,000 or more contiguous acres of

lished and administered and ments or human habitation, which is pro- parks, monuments, and other units of the

(1) Nothing in this Act shall be deemed tected and managed so as to preserve its

to be in interference with the purpose for natural conditions and which (1) generally or roadless islands within, wildlife refuges forth in the Act of June 4, 1897 (30 Stat. National Park System, and such portions of,

which national forests are established as set appears to have been affected primarily by the forces of nature, with the imprint of and game ranges under the jurisdiction of

11), and the Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield the Secretary of the Interior on the effective man's works substantially unnoticeable; (2) date of this Act and shall report to the

Act of June 12, 1960 (74 Stat. 215). has outstanding opportunities for solitude President his recommendations as to the

(2) Nothing in this Act shall modify the or a primitive and unconfined type of rec

restrictions and provisions of the Shipsteadsuitability of each such portion for continued reation; (3) has at least five thousand acres preservation as wilderness. Within three

Nolan Act, Public Law 539, Seventy-first of land and is of sufficient size as to make years after the enactment of this Act with

Congress, July 10, 1930 (46 Stat. 1020), the practicable its preservation and use in an regard to half the total number of such

Thye-Blatnik Act, Public Law 733, Eightieth unimpaired condition; and (4) may also conareas and within two additional years with

Congress, June 22, 1948 (62 Stat. 568), and tain ecological, geological, or other features

the Humphrey-Thye-Blatnik-Andresen Act, of scientific, educational, scenic, or historical regard to the remaining such areas, the President shall advise the United States Senate

Public Law 607, Eighty-fourth Congress, value. For the purposes of this Act wilderand the House of Representatives of his rec

June 22, 1956 (70 Stat. 326), as applying to ness shall include the areas provided for in ommendations with respect to the designa

the Superior National Forest or the regulathis Act and such other areas as shall be

tions of the Secretary of Agriculture. tion as wilderness of each such portion for designated in accordance with its provisions. which review has been completed, together

(3) The designation of any area of any NATIONAL WILDERNESS PRESERVATION SYSTEM with maps and definitions of boundaries. park, monument, or other unit of the naExtent of system Each such recommendation shall become

tional park system as a wilderness area pur

suant to this Act shall in no manner lower SEC. 3. (a) All areas within the national effective only if so provided by an Act of forests classified on the effective date of this Congress, and each such portion shall con

the standards evolved for the use and preserAct by the Secretary of Agriculture or the tinue to be administered by the Secretary of

vation of such park, monument, or other Chief of the Forest Service as "wilderness," the Interior as roadless until Congress has

unit of the national park system in accord"wild," or "canoe' are hereby designated acted on a recommendation of the President

ance with the Act of August 25, 1916, the

statutory authority under which the area as wilderness areas. The Secretary of Ag- regarding the area, as provided in this subriculture shall

section, or until Congress has determined was created, or any other Act of Congress (1) Within one year after the effective otherwise.

which might pertain to or affect such area, date of the Act, file a map and legal de

(d) (1) The Secretary of Agriculture and

including, but not limited to, the Act of scription of each wilderness area with the the Secretary of the Interior shall, prior to

June 8, 1906 (34 Stat. 225; 16 U.S.C. 432 Interior and Insular Affairs Committees of submitting any recommendations to the

et seq.); section 3(2) of the Federal Power the U.S. Senate and the House of ReprePresident with respect to the suitability of

Act (16 U.S.C. 796 (2); and the Act of August sentatives, and such descriptions shall have any area for preservation as wilderness

21, 1935 (49 Stat. 666; 16 U.S.C. 461 et seq.). the same force and effect as if included in

(A) give such public notice of the proposed

All accommodations and installations within this Act: Provided, however, That correcaction as they deem appropriate, including

any national park or monument shall, furtion of clerical and typographical errors in publication in the Federal Register and in a

thermore, be incident to the conservation such legal descriptions and maps may be newspaper having general circulation in the

and use and enjoyment of the scenery and made. area or areas in the vicinity of the affected

the natural and historical objects and flora (2) Maintain, available to the public, recland;

and fauna of the park or monument in its ords pertaining to said wilderness areas, in

natural condition.

(B) hold a public hearing or hearings at cluding maps and legal descriptions, copies a location or locations convenient to the area

(b) Except as otherwise provided in this of regulations governing them, copies of

affected. The hearings shall be announced Act, each agency administering any area public notices of, and reports submitted to through such means as the respective Sec

designated as wilderness shall be responsible Congress regarding pending additions, elimretaries involved deem appropriate, including

for preserving the wilderness character of inations, or modifications. Maps, legal de notices in the Federal Register and in news

the area and shall so administer such area scriptions, and regulations pertaining to wil papers of general circulation in the area:

for such other purposes for which it may

have been established as also to preserve its derness areas within their respective juris. Provided, That if the lands involved are lo

wilderness character. Except as otherwise dictions also shall be available to the public cated in more than one State, at least one in the offices of regional foresters, national hearing shall be held in each State in which provided in this Act, wilderness areas shall forest supervisors, and forest rangers. a portion of the land lies;

be devoted to the public purposes of recrea(b) In accordance with the time require (C) at least thirty days before the date of tional, scenic, scientific, educational, conments of this subsection, the Secretary of a hearing advise the Governor of each State servation, and historical use. Subject to the Agriculture shall review each area in the na and the governing board of each county, or

provisions of this Act, all such use shall be tional forests classified on the effective date in Alaska the borough, in which the lands

in harmony, both in kind and degree, with of this Act by the Secretary of Agriculture or are located, and Federal Departments and

the wilderness environment and with its the Chief of the Forest Service as "primitive” agencies concerned, and invite such officials preservation. as to its suitability for preservation and shall and Federal agencies to submit their views

Prohibition of certain uses report his findings to the President. Within on the proposed action at the hearing or by

(c) Except as specifically provided for in three years after the enactment of this Act no later than thirty days following the date

this Act and subject to any existing private with regard to half of the total number of of the hearing.

rights, there shall be no commercial entersuch areas, and within two additional years (d) (2) Any views submitted to the ap- prise within wilderness areas designated by with regard to the remaining such areas, the propriate Secretary under the provisions of or in accordance with this Act, no permanent President shall advise the United States Sen (1) of this subsection with respect to any road, nor shall there be any use of motor ate and House of Representatives of his rec area shall be included with any recommenda vehicles, motorized equipment, or motorommendations with respect to the designa

tions to the President and to Congress with boats, or landing of aircraft, nor any other tion as "wilderness" or declassification as respect to such area.

mechanical transport or delivery of persons “primitive" of each area on which review (e) Any modification or adjustment of or supplies, nor any temporary road, nor any has been completed, together with maps and boundaries of any wilderness area shall be structure or installation, in excess of the definition of boundaries: Provided, That the recommended by the appropriate Secretary minimum required for the administration President may, as a part of his recommenda- after public notice of such proposal and pub- of the area for the purposes of this Act, intions, propose alteration of the existing lic hearing or hearings as provided in sub- cluding such measures as may be required

in emergencies involving the health and ties of the several States with respect to pointed by the House Republican policy safety of persons within such areas. wildlife and fish in wilderness areas.

committee early this year to make a Special provisions

STATE AND PRIVATE LANDS WITHIN WILDERNESS continuing study of one of our most seri(d) The following special provisions are


ous foreign policy problems, has authorhereby made:

Sec. 5. (a) In any case where State-owned ized me to issue a comprehensive report. (1) Within wilderness areas designated land is completely surrounded by lands I have the honor to serve as chairman by this Act the use of aircraft or motor designated as wilderness, such State shall of this special committee along with the boats, where these uses have already become be given either (1) such rights as may be establis' ed, may be permitted to continue necessary to assure adequate access to such

following members: Representative WILsubject to such restrictions as the Secretary State-owned land by such State and its suc

LIAM C. CRAMER, of Florida; Representaof Agriculture or the Secretary of the Inter cessors in interest, or (2) vacant, unreserved,

tive E. Ross ADAIR, of Indiana; Repreior deems desirable. In addition, such mea and unappropriated mineral or nonmineral

sentative JOHN M. ASHBROOK, of Ohio; sures may be taken as may be necessary in lands in the same State, not exceeding the Representative EDWARD J. DERWINSKI, of the control of fire, insects, and diseases, value of the surrounded land, in exchange Illinois; Representative SAMUEL L. DEsubject to such conditions as the appropriate for the surrounded land: Provided, however,

VINE, of Ohio; Representative DURWARD Secretary deems desirable. That the United States shall not transfer to

G. HALL, of Missouri; Representative (2) Nothing in this Act shall prevent with State any mineral interests unless the State in national forest wilderness areas any activ relinquishes or causes to be relinquished to

CLARK MACGREGOR, of Minnesota; and ity, including prospecting, for the purpose the United States the mineral interest in Representative GARNER E. SHRIVER, of of gathering information about mineral or the surrounded land.

Kansas. other resources, if such activity is carried (b) In any case where privately owned

This committee has issued four earlier on in a manner compatible with the preser- lands, valid mining claims, or other valid statements. Its present report contains vation of the wilderness environment. Fur occupancies are wholly within a designated seven policy recommendations which the thermore, in accordance with such program national forest wilderness area, the Secre- members of the special committee beas the Secretary of the Interior shall develop tary of Agriculture shall, by reasonable reg. lieve to be essential for the security of and conduct in consultation with the Sec ulations consistent with the preservation of

this Nation and of our Latin American retary of Agriculture, such areas shall be the area as wilderness, permit ingress and surveyed on a planned, recurring basis con egress to such surrounded areas by means

neighbors. sistent with the concept of wilderness pres which have been or are being customarily SPECIAL SUBCOMMITTEE ON CUBA AND SUBVERervation by the Geological Survey and the enjoyed with respect to other such areas SION IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE Bureau of Mines to determine the mineral similarly situated.

One year has passed since the Cuban values, if any, that may be present; and the (c) Subject to the appropriation of funds results of such surveys shall be made avail by Congress, the Secretary of Agriculture missile crisis. At this time 1 year ago able to the public and submitted to the and the Secretary of the Interior are au

the momentary firmness of the Kennedy President and Congress.

thorized to acquire privately owned land administration was dissolving as at least (3) Within wilderness areas in the na within the perimeter of any area designated some Soviet missiles and medium-range tional forests designated by this Act, (1) as wilderness if (1) the owner concurs in bombers were withdrawn from Cuba. the President may, within a specific area such acquisition or (2) the acquisition is Administration spokesmen unleased a and in accordance with such regulations as specifically authorized by Congress.

barrage of propaganda heavy with selfhe may deem desirable, authorize prospecting

GIFTS, BEQUESTS, AND CONTRIBUTIONS congratulation and the assertion of the for water resources, the establishment and

SEC. 6 (a) The Secretary of Agriculture "inherent right of government to lie” in maintenance of reservoirs, water-conservation works, power projects, transmission

and the Secretary of the Interior may accept time of crisis. And then the adminislines, and other facilities needed in the pub- gifts or bequests of land within or adjacent tration proceeded to sweep Cuban affairs lic interest, including the road construction

to wilderness areas under their respective under the rug. and maintenance essential to development jurisdictions for preservation as wilderness,

Now there is a danger that some halfand use thereof, upon his determination that

and such land shall, on acceptance, become such use or uses in the specific area will bet

part of the wilderness area. Regulations measure such as a reduction of Soviet ter serve the interests of the United States

with regard to any such land may be in troop strength in Cuba or the transforand the people thereof than will its denial;

accordance with such agreements, consistent mation of Castro into a Latin Tito will and (2) the grazing of livestock, where

with the policy of this Act, as are made at be accepted by the administration as a established prior to the effective date of this

the time of such gift, or such conditions, satisfactory solution of the Cuban probAct, shall be permitted to continue subject cluded in, and accepted with, such bequest. consistent with such policy, as may be in

lem. to such reasonable regulations as are deemed

The aim of the policy of the United necessary by the Secretary of Agriculture.

(b) The Secretary of the Interior and the (4) Other provisions of this Act to the conSecretary of Agriculture are each authorized

States must be nothing less than the trary notwithstanding, the management of

to accept private contributions and gifts to establishment of freedom in Cuba. This the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, formerly

be used to further the purposes of this Act. precludes a Communist regime there. designated as the Superior, Little Indian Any such contributions or gifts shall, for

SOME EVENTS OF THE PAST YEAR Sioux, and Caribou roadless areas, in the

purposes of Federal income, estate, and gift
taxes, be considered a contribution or gift

While the Kennedy administration has Superior National Forest, Minnesota, shall to or for the use of the United States for

been busy curbing attacks on Castro's be in accordance with regulations established by the Secretary of Agriculture in accord

an exclusively public purpose, and may be Cuba by Cuban exiles, Castro has spent ance with the general purpose of maintain

deducted as such under the provisions of the past year spreading sabotage and ing, without unnecessary restrictions on

the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, subject destruction throughout Latin America. other uses, including that of timber, the contained therein. to all applicable limitations and restrictions

In February 1963, Castro's Mig'sprimitive character of the area, particularly

which the administration regards as dein the vicinity of lakes, streams, and por


fensive equipment-attacked an untages: Provided, That nothing in this Act SEC. 7. At the opening of each session of armed U.S. shrimp boat. shall preclude the continuance within the Congress, the Secretaries of Agriculture and

In March, Castro's defensive aircraft area of any already established use of motor Interior shall jointly report to the President

fired on the United States ship The boats.

for transmission to Congress on the status (5) Commercial services may be performed of the wilderness system, including a list

Floridian as it made its way from San within the wilderness areas designated by and descriptions of the areas in the system, Juan to Miami. this Act to the extent necessary for activi- regulations in effect, and other pertinent In March, Castro's forces were reties which are proper for realizing the recre information, together with any recommen- ported by two eyewitness exiles to have ational or other wilderness purposes of the dations they may care to make.

invaded the British island of Cay Sal areas.

and to have kidnapped from there eight (6) Nothing in this Act shall constitute an

people. express or implied claim or denial on the part

STUDY OF FOREIGN POLICY of the Federal Government as to exemp


In August, two patrol boats and a helition from State water laws.

copter from Cuba invaded a small island

The SPEAKER. Under previous order (7) To the extent that it is not incom

in the British Bahamas and kidnapped patible with wilderness preservation, the of the House, the gentleman from Mon- 19 hapless Cubans who had sought Secretary of Agriculture shall, in national tana [Mr. BATTIN] is recognized for 30 refuge from Castro's tyranny. Jet forest wilderness areas designated by this minutes.

fighters of the U.S. Navy and a Act, permit hunting and fishing: Provided, Mr. BATTIN. Mr. Speaker, the Spe- patrol plane of the Coast Guard That nothing in this Act shall be construed cial Subcommittee on Cuba and Subver- hovered overhead for 2 hours as Casas affecting the jurisdiction or responsibili- sion in the Western Hemisphere, ap- tro's forces rounded up the refugees,

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