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forced them aboard the vessels, and re ganda agency. And, in November 1962, a The six revolutions that have taken turned them to an uncertain fate in plot to disrupt oil installations in New place in Latin America since the disasthe country from which they had fled. Jersey led to the expulsion of two Cuban

Jersey led to the expulsion of two Cuban ter of the Bay of Pigs emphasize an imIn October,


American-owned diplomats accredited to the United Na- portant fact. The weakness that places freighter, the J. Louis, was attacked by tions.

a government at the mercy of a few miliCuban planes in international waters It is unnecessary to recount in detail tary leaders may place it at the mercy of between Cuba and Florida.

here the campaign of violent subver a few Communists. A small well-orgaThese incidents are cited because they sive activity inspired by Cuba which has nized band of Communists might have have occurred close to the United States. touched every nation in this hemisphere engineered the coup d'etat as speedily as They constitute only a minor part of an and has led most of the nations of Latin did a small organized band of military unremitting campaign of subversion and America to break off diplomatic relations leaders. terrorism which communism is carrying with the Castro Government.

There is need for more effective action on in this hemisphere. By such tactics At the Punta del Este Conference of against the specific forms of subversion the Communists hope to bring to power January 1962, the Orangization of Amer- and terrorism which the Castroites emother Castros in other Latin American ican States established a Special Con- ploy. But the only fully effective way to States.

sultative Committee on Security Against put an end to Castro's subversion is by THE IMPORTANCE OF CUBA

the Subversive Activities of International getting rid of Castro. The subversive activity of communism

Communism. This Committee has issued The recommendations which follow in Latin America antedates the accession valuable factual reports and offered rec- have this as their aim. of Castro to power. Eleven years before ommendations for actions which have

RECOMMENDED ACTIONS he marched into Havana, Castro himself not in general been effectively imple

First. The United States must return participated in the "bogotazo"--the up

mented. Indeed, on July 3, 1963, five to the Monroe Doctrine. rising in Bogotá designed to disrupt the Latin American States failed to vote in

The first step in the formulation of Inter-American Conference at Bogotá

the OAS for recommendations to curb policy is determination of the objective. in 1948. Undoubtedly Communist sub

travel to Cuba and better coordinate the The Communist government of Cuba exversion in the Americas would continue security measures of individual countries.

security measures of individual countries. ists in defiance of the historic policy of if the Castro regime were replaced by an

Cuba feeds the fires of subversion the United States barring intervention anti-Communist government.

throughout Latin America in three prin- by extrahemispheric powers in the afNevertheless a Communist Cuba is of cipal ways: training agents, providing fairs of the Republics of the Americas. rucial importance to Moscow as a ba. propaganda, and supplying funds.

At Caracas in 1954 the members of the for a campaign of subversive activity in The OAS Committee has reported OAS endorsed this policy. Until the Latin America.

that “at least 1,500 persons from the President and the Congress reaffirm the Cuba is important because of its loca other American Republics traveled to Monroe Doctrine and make it clear that tion, because it is Latin, but most of all Cuba during 1962” for instruction in the a Communist government will not be tolCuba is important because it is a symbol use of arms and explosives, sabotage, erated in this hemisphere, there will be of success. Communists in other Latin guerrilla warfare, as well as in propa- a continuation of the indecision and inAmerican countries have only to look at ganda techniques and Marxist-Leninist action on the part of the United States, Cuba to know that their cause can tri doctrine. The faculty of schools of this which confuses our friends and emboldumph, that they will be protected by type, the committee found, includes Rus- ens our enemies to push further into the Khrushchev, and that all the huffing and sians, Chinese, and Czechoslovaks in ad- Americas. puffing that the United States is pre dition to Latin Americans. The results Second. The United States must give pared to engage in will not blow their of the training can be seen almost daily high priority to the task of defeating house down.

in the dispatches from Venezuela, Co- communism in Latin America and must A special committee designated by the lombia, and other American Republics. provide vigorous leadership in this task. Organization of American States to Books, newspapers, pamphlets, and The Kennedy administration has study the problem of Communist sub radio transmit a steady flow of propa- placed the most urgent of Latin Ameriversion in the hemisphere reported on ganda from Cuba. The Cuban news can problems far down the list of its June 4, 1963:

agency, Prensa Latina, is perhaps the pressing concerns. Failure to assign Undoubtedly, Cuba now constitutes the

most important vehicle for the dissemi- high priority to the problem of commuregional center for subversive action by in nation of the Communist message to the nism in Latin America has resulted in ternational communism in America.

mass audience in Central and South reluctance to exercise the leadership THE TACTICS OF COMMUNIST SUBVERSION IN America.

which most other American Republics LATIN AMERICA

The subversive activities carried on by have been seeking from the United Communist Cuba has made no secret Communists demand expenditures which States. of its objective in Latin America. On are substantial in comparison with those It is now almost 2 months since the July 26, 1963, Castro called for revolu of non-Communist political groups in the American Ambassador to the OAS retion throughout the hemisphere. Ar countries concerned. The OAS Commit- signed, and there is still no word from mando Hart, Castro's Minister of Edu tee reported:

the White House about a successor. The cation, declared:

It is the present Cuban Government that last Ambassador was not an experienced In Latin America the conquest of revolu is responsible for providing, directly or indi- diplomat nor was he equipped with any tionary power has to be achieved-at least rectly, a large part of the funds received by special knowledge of Latin America. It in a great number of countries through class the Communist parties in the other American

was commonly recognized that his posistruggle carried to the level of armed insur Republics.

tion with the OAS was in the nature of rection by the proletariat and peasant classes. THE DANGER OF COMMUNIST SUBVERSION

an interim appointment until he could Thelma King, Castro's principal agent If additional non-Communist nations run again for the governorship of his in Panama, has said:

in this hemisphere succumb to commu- State, a post which he had sought unThere is one goal: To take over power, nism, the transition probably will be successfully 4 years ago. either by elections or by force; but it must made in the classic tradition in Latin The Kennedy administration has not be taken over.

America—through subversive

subversive activity pushed for united action against the Barely 2 months after taking power, culminating in a swift palace revolution Communist threat in this hemisphere. Castro began a series of armed forays early some morning. It is unlikely that Except at the time of the crisis of Octoagainst the countries of the Caribbean, Castro would be so foolhardy as to ber 1962—when the OAS unanimously including the island of Salt Key in the launch a full-scale invasion by his supported the blockade of Cuba—the British Bahamas. After the failure of troops against any of his neighbors. The

troops against any of his neighbors. The United States has not shown leadership. these initial probes, Castro's tactics peril that Latin American governments At Punta del Este in 1962, the delegachanged from invasion to a combination face is subversion from within, inspired tions of Central America had to stiffen of propaganda and internal terrorism. and supported from Cuba.

the backbone of the spokesmen of the Even in the United States, such activity In at least half a dozen Latin Ameri- United States in support of a strong has been carried on. The Fair Play for can countries, unstable governments anti-Communist statement. For want Cuba Committee has been the propa- present a tempting target to Castro. of interest on the part of the United

States, the OAS has never followed up a the direction of subversion in the nation The Jagan government, which came to resolution of the Punta del Este Con- in which it is located.

power with the support of a minority ference calling for a study of means of None of the foregoing recommenda-. of the electorate, is now a trouble spot curbing trade in nonstrategic items be- tions would affect relations between under some kind of control by the United tween Cuba and other nations of the Cuba and the Communist bloc although Kingdom. As an independent state, it hemisphere.

adoption of them would make the sup- would be a serious danger to its neighIn order to arrive at a consistent and port of Cuba more costly for the bloc bors. We welcome the recent decision of effective policy, our Government must countries.

the United Kingdom to delay independput the task of defeating communism We regret the failure of President ence until British Guinea has a governin Latin America near the top of for. Kennedy to hold fast to his decision to ment representative of a majority of its eign policy objectives. Otherwise, rea blockade Cuba until on-site inspection of people. sons will always be found to do nothing the island to verify the removal of mis Seventh. The United States should about Castro.

siles was secured. We do not, however, continue to assist other American ReIn the policy adopted to defeat com possess enough information to decide publics to achieve the economic progress munism, the United States should act whether a blockade of any kind should and political stability that undergird in cooperation with as much of the com- be reinstituted at this time. If any sig- freedom. munity of American Republics as possi- nificant flow of troops or military equip This committee recognizes the need for ble. This Nation cannot permit what is ment is moving to Cuba from Com- drastic reform throughout Latin Amercalled public opinion in some other na munist bloc nations, we would favor the ica in order to provide a bulwark against tion to exercise a veto over a course of imposition of a partial blockade to turn communism or other forms of dictatorpolicy that is clearly needed for security back such shipments. In this, as in the ship. Mass poverty and ignorance and freedom in the hemisphere. But,

But, other steps we recommend, we prefer create an instability which the demato the extent possible, the policy should joint action by a number of American gog can readily exploit. be the joint policy of the free American nations to unilateral action by the United We recognize a relation between social Republics, and not the unilateral policy States.

and economic progress in Latin Amerof the United States. The principal

Fourth. The United States and other ica and the defeat of communism. The obstacle to fixing on a joint policy not

American Republics should withdraw most important reform in our estimation the unwillingness of other Latin Ameri- recognition of the Castro government is the establishment of universal educan states to participate, but the in and recognize a provisional government cation in Latin America. But a program ability or unwillingness of the Kennedy to lead the Cuban people to freedom. of social and economic reform will not administration to lead.

Although the United States broke dip- be enough in itself to cope with the imAmbassador Gonzalo J. Facio, Chair- lomatic relations with Castro under the mediate danger. Reform at best will man of the Council of the Organization Eisenhower administration, it still rec- come slowly. The threat is here and of American States, made this point on legitimate Government of Cuba. This nist government will anywhere be in

now. The danger is not that a CommuFebruary 24, 1963:

recognition should be ended in order stalled by voluntary action of a majority The OAS cannot have a definite policy to make possible the recognition of a pro- of the people but that it will be imposed without knowing what the policy of the United States is. visional government.

by force by a minority. And so, while

Cuba must be freed by Cubans, not by we support efforts to improve social and Third. The United States must make Americans. The fragmented and un economic conditions, we cannot regard a maximum effort toward complete isola- coordinated efforts of dozens of resist- them as the answer to Castro. tion of Communist Cuba.

ance groups within Cuba and of exile Because of policies adopted under the groups without are wasteful and less Eisenhower administration some strain than fully effective. Consequently, unihas been placed on Castro's economy by fication of activity under the leadership

LEAVE OF ABSENCE a reduction of trade with the United of a provisional government is essential. By unanimous consent, leave of abStates and other free world nations. When Cuba becomes free, this govern- sence was granted to Mr. CELLER (at the Much more should be done.

ment should be succeeded by one freely request of Mr. ADDABBO), for Thursday, Fifty percent of the ships that travel chosen by the Cuban people.

November 7, 1963, on account of illness. to Cuba are free world ships. In 1962 Fifth. A coordinated campaign of Cuba still obtained 20 percent of its im- guerrilla warfare and sabotage launched ports from free world nations. This by Cubans from within and from out

SPECIAL ORDERS GRANTED committee repeats the recommendations side Cuba should be undertaken with the made in an earlier report that aid be support of the United States and other By unanimous consent, permission to denied to nations trading with Cuba and American Republics.

address the House, following the legisthat all vessels of any nation that permits It is possible that discontent within lative program and any special orders any of its ships to engage in Cuban trade Cuba will mount to a point at which heretofore entered, was granted to: be barred from U.S. ports.

Castro can be overthrown as Batista was Mr. SAYLOR, for 45 minutes, today, to A ruling of the Comptroller General overthrown without even a forcible revise and extend his remarks and inmakes it clear that the administration push.

clude extraneous matter and tables. has flagrantly violated the Foreign Aid If, as seems more likely, the hope of Mr. BATTIN, for 30 minutes, today. Appropriations Act of 1963 in extending the great majority of Cubans for freeaid to at least some of the nations whose dom can be realized only by fighting for ships are transporting goods between the it, the United States should help in plan

EXTENSION OF REMARKS Soviet Union and Cuba. We call on the ning, organizing, supplying, and otheradministration to observe the law. wise supporting the effort of free Cubans.

By unanimous consent, permission to In addition to trade, travel between The vulnerability of Castro to the kind extend remarks in the CONGRESSIONAL Cuba and the free world should be cut of sabotage which he supports in other RECORD, or to revise and extend remarks, off. The interruption of travel between Latin American nations is obvious. To

was granted to:

Mr. ROOSEVELT. Cuba and states of this hemisphere would cite one example, the destruction of the

(The following Member (at the reseriously cripple subversive activity in three major oil refineries in Cuba would Latin America by stopping the training speedily produce complete

chaos quest of Mr. REIFEL) and to include exof terrorists in Cuba. throughout the island.

traneous matter:) A determined attempt should be made Sixth. The United States and other

Mr. WESTLAND. by the United States and the other na American Republics cannot permit

(The following Members (at the retions which have broken diplomatic ties British Guiana to achieve independence quest of Mr. TUTEN) and to include exwith the Castro government to lead the under a Communist government.

traneous matter:) five holdout nations to follow their ex There is grave danger to the hemi Mr. ROONEY of New York. ample. The principal function of a Cu- sphere in a British Guiana ruled by the Mr. MORRISON. ban Embassy is to serve as a center for Communist regime of Cheddi Jagan. Mr. Boggs.

for printing and reference to the proper

niversary of the founding of St. Louis; to the

Committee on Banking and Currency. Mr. BURLESON, from the Committee calendar, as follows:

By Mr. COLLIER: on House Administration, reported that Mr. MURRAY: Committee on Post Office

H.R. 9077. A bill to amend title I-Tariff that committee had examined and found and Civil Service. H.R. 7381. A bill to sim

Schedules of the United States, of the Tariff truly enrolled a bill of the House of plify, modernize, and consolidate the laws

Act of 1930, as amended by the Tariff Clasthe following title, which was thereupon relating to the employment of civilians in


sification Act of 1962 to correct certain insigned by the Speaker: cerning the civilian employment of retired

equities in the classification and duty proH.R. 1989. An act to authorize the govern- members of the uniformed services, and for

vided for certain aluminum products, telement of the Virgin Islands to issue general other purposes; with amendment (Rept. No.

vision picture tubes, and for other purposes; obligation bonds.

Referred to the Committee of the

to the Committee on Ways and Means. Whole House on the State of the Union.

By Mrs. DWYER: Mr. ROGERS of Texas: Committee on In H.R. 9078. A bill to amend the National BILLS PRESENTED TO THE terior and Insular Affairs. H.R. 8135. A bill

Housing Act with respect to water and PRESIDENT

to provide for the establishment and admin sewerage facilities and mortgage insurance Mr. BURLESON, from the Committee

istration of public recreational facilities at for land development; to the Committee on

the Sanford Reservoir area, Canadian River on House Administration, reported that project, Texas, and for other purposes; with

Banking and Currency.

H.R. 9079. A bill declaring October 12 to be that committee did on this day present amendment (Rept. No. 891). Referred to the a legal holiday; to the Committee on the to the President, for his approval, bills Committee of the Whole House on the State Judiciary. of the House of the following titles: of the Union.

H.R. 9080. A bill to amend the Federal H.R. 7405. An act to amend the Bretton

Mr. MORGAN: Committee on Foreign Af Water Pollution Control Act, as amended, to

fairs. H.R. 9009. A bill to amend further Woods Agreements Act to authorize the U.S.

increase grants for construction of municipal Governor of the International Bank for Re

the Peace Corps Act, as amended; without sewage treatment works and provide financial construction and Development to vote for an

amendment (Rept. No. 892). Referred to incentives for construction projects conincrease in the Bank's authorized capital

the Committee of the Whole House on the forming to comprehensive plans; to the Comstock; and State of the Union.

mittee on Public Works. H.R. 8821. An act to revise the provisions Mr. ZABLOCKI: Committee on Foreign

By Mr. VANIK: of law relating to the methods by which

Affairs. Report of the Special Study Misamounts made available to the States pursion to Southeast Asia (Oct. 3–19, 1963);

H.R. 9081. A bill to amend the Federal

Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in order to suant to the Temporary Unemployment without amendment (Rept. No. 893). ReCompensation Act of 1958 and title XII of ferred to the Committee of the Whole House

protect the public health by preventing mis

use of barbiturates, amphetamine, and certhe Social Security Act are to be restored to on the State of the Union.

tain other dangerous drugs; to the Committhe Treasury.

tee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce.


H.R. 9082. A bill to clarify the RenegotiaMr. TUTEN. Mr. Speaker, I move Under clause 4 of rule XXII, public

tion Act of 1951 with respect to its prethat the House do now adjourn.

bills and resolutions were introduced

and emptive effect; to the Committee on Ways

and Means. The motion was agreed to; according severally referred as follows:

By Mr. SAYLOR: ly (at 5 o'clock and 15 minutes p.m.) the


H.R. 9083. A bill to amend chapter 15 of House adjourned until tomorrow, Fri H.R. 9069. A bill to amend section 201 of the

title 38, United States Code, to revise the day, November 8, 1963, at 12 o'clock Antidumping Act, 1921, with respect to the

Antidumping Act, 1921, with respect to the pension program for World War I, World noon. determination of injury or threatened injury

War II, and Korean conflict veterans, and for to an industry in the United States; to the

other purposes; to the Committee on VetCommittee on Ways and Means. EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS,

erans' Affairs.

H.R. 9070. A bill to establish a National

H.J. Res. 799. Joint resolution providing Under clause 2 of rule XXIV, execu- Wilderness Preservation System for the per

for the erection of a memorial statute to the tive communications were taken from the manent good of the whole people, and for

late Dr. Robert H. Goddard, the father of Speaker's table and referred as follows:

other purposes; to the Committee on Interior
and Insular Affairs.

American rocketry; to the Committee on 1357. A letter from the Secretary of the

Science and Astronautics. Treasury, transmitting a draft of a proposed

By Mr. BROYHILL of Virginia:

By Mr. BRAY: bill entitled "A bill to require the inspec

H.R. 9071. A bill to correct certain inequi

H.J. Res. 800. Joint resolution to establish tion of certain towing vessels"; to the Com. ties with respect to the compensation of mittee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. Government employees in positions incor

the World War I Commemorative Commis

sion; to the Committee on the Judiciary. 1358. A letter from the Chairman, the rectly classified under the Classification Act Board of Foreign Scholarships, Department of 1949; to the Committee on Post Office and

H.J. Res. 801. Joint resolution authorizing of State, transmitting the first report of Civil Service.

the continued shipment of the drug Krethe Board of Foreign Scholarships, pursuant


biozen in interstate commerce in order to into Public Law 87–256; to the Committee on H.R. 9072. A bill to provide for the estab

sure the continued availability of such drug Foreign Affairs. lishment of a Commission on the Improve

for the treatment of patients now being 1359. A letter from the Secretary, Depart- ment of St. Elizabeths Hospital; to the Com

treated with such drug and for terminal ment of Health, Education, and Welfare, mittee on Education and Labor.

cancer patients; to the Committee on Intertransmitting a report covering personal By Mr. LANKFORD:

state and Foreign Commerce. property received by State surplus property H.R. 9073. A bill to permit certain lands

By Mr. BOB WILSON: agencies for distribution to public health in Prince Georges County, Md., granted to

H. Con. Res. 234. Concurrent resolution to and educational institutions and civil defense organizations for the period July 1,

the State of Maryland for National Guard request the President of the United States through September 30, 1963, pursuant to the

purposes to be used for civil defense pur to urge certain actions in behalf of Lithuania, Federal Property and Administrative Sery

poses; to the Committee on Banking and Estonia, and Latvia; to the Committee on ices Act of 1949, as amended; to the ComCurrency.

Foreign Affairs. mittee on Government Operations.

By Mr. PUCINSKI: 1360. A letter from the Secretary of the H.R. 9074. A bill to provide for the estabTreasury, transmitting a report of opera lishment of the Indiana Dunes National tions by Federal departments and establish- Lakeshore, and for other purposes; to the

PRIVATE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS ments in connection with the bonding of Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs.

Under clause 1 of rule XXII, private officers and employees for the fiscal year

bills and resolutions were introduced ended June 30, 1963, pursuant to the act of

August 9, 1955 (6 U.S.C. 14); to the Com H.R. 9075. A bill to reduce the maximum

and severally referred as follows: mittee on Post Office and Civil Service. workweek under the Fair Labor Standards

By Mr. BARRETT: Act of 1938, as amended, to 35 hours, and for H.R. 9084. A bill for the relief of Emanuel REPORTS OF COMMITTEES ON PUB- tion and Labor. other purposes; to the Committee on Educa G. Topakas; to the Committee on the Ju



By Mr. BROYHILL of Virginia: Under clause 2 of rule XIII, reports of H.R. 9076. A bill to provide for the striking H.R. 9085. A bill to authorize the Secrecommittees were delivered to the Clerk of medals in commemoration of the 200th an tary of the Interior to convey certain real

CIX -1350

property of the United States; to the Com-
mittee on Interior and Insular Affairs.

H.R. 9086. A bill for the relief of Snehlata
Mahendrakumar Mehta; to the Committee
on the Judiciary.

H.R. 9087. A bill for the relief of Vin-
cenzo Zocco; to the Committee on the Ju-

H.R. 9088. A bill for the relief of Leonie
Louise Brocks; to the Committee on the


H.R. 9089. A bill for the relief of Miss H.R. 9093. A bill for the relief of Mrs.
Franca Baglini; to the Committee on the Agavni Hamamciyan; to the Committee on

the Judiciary.
H.R. 9090. A bill for the relief of Mrs.
Audrey Rossmann; to the Committee on the


Under clause 1 of rule XXII,
By Mrs. KELLY:

438. The SPEAKER presented a petition of
H.R. 9091. A bill for the relief of Gerald Henry Stoner, General Delivery, Worland,
Berman; to the Committee on the Judiciary. Wyo., requesting correction of the incorrect
By Mr. ROONEY of New York:

spelling of Representative McLOSKEY in the H.R. 9092. A bill for the relief of Santo CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, which was referred to Lipani; to the Committee on the Judiciary. the Committee on House Administration.



The Tax Cut

thorized, would add up to more than $2 the Republican National Finance Combillion.

mittee: I hope the Congress and the President will EXTENSION OF REMARKS

NOVEMBER 7, 1963. hold down Government spending in the next REPUBLICAN NATIONAL FINANCE COMMITTEE, OF

2 years and that we can spend less than we Washington, D.C.

take in. You can be sure I'll help. I hope HON. JACK WESTLAND

GENTLEMEN: Having been the recipient of you will too.

your Kennedy retirement fund letter, I feel OF WASHINGTON Sincerely yours,

it proper to respond even though I am not IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

Congressman JACK WESTLAND.

contributing to your fund.

One of the problems of the Republican Thursday, November 7, 1963


National Committee is that it wastes money; Mr. WESTLAND. Mr. Speaker, the

(By Helen Westland)

e.g., sending a letter for contributions to proposed tax cut is a matter of interest Washington, D.C., is well known as a city

Mrs. Roosevelt and me. I have been told to the people of my district. For this of conventions. This past week we have had that you are receiving many serious replies

from citizens informing you that they bereason I have made the proposal the sub- around 8,000 bankers attending the American Bankers Convention, including my older

lieved the Kennedys were financially secure ject of my October newsletter. brother, Mr. John F. Geis, senior vice presi

and did not need a retirement fund. I am Therefore, Mr. Speaker, under leave dent of the First Security National Bank of

not surprised by this reaction from some to extend my remarks I include my Beaumont, Tex. He took time during the

Republicans, for I realize there is a political newsletter, as well as the paragraphs en convention to play golf, once at Columbia requirement which is lacking among some of titled "As I See It" in the RECORD: Country Club and once at Burning Tree

my Republican friends, and that is a sense THE TAX CUT Club. At Columbia he was honored by being

of humor. given the use of former Vice President Finally, I believe your letter to be false In your replies to my annual question- Nixon's locker and at Burning Tree former advertising because it carries the implicanaire, 47 percent of you said we should cut President Eisenhower's locker. This is what tion that the so-called retirement fund will taxes only if spending is reduced, 39 percent he had to say: "It was rather interesting to

result in President Kennedy's retirement, said we should balance the budget and reme to note that in Nixon's locker all I found

and I am sure that the Securities and Exduce the national debt, and 14 percent said

was a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, and in Eisen change Commission would never allow a pubto cut taxes regardless of a deficit. hower's locker there was a little book titled

lic offer on any investment which has so Well, the House of Representatives has "How To Play Golf.”

little chance of success as this one. Perdone the latter—but not with my vote.

Also during the banker's convention, we

haps my Republican friends will forgive me We have passed a tax cut bill (300 pages) met Mr. Bentley Hahn, brother-in-law of a

also if, in this instance, I am happy that it in the amount of $10 billion with almost a banker and a career officer in the U.S. Post

is the Republican National Committee which built-in guarantee of a deficit of $9 billion Office Department. He was introduced as

is defrauding the Republicans. for each of the next 2 years. the originator of the ZIP code, which he says

Incidentally, I've been awaiting a declaraNow maybe it makes good economic sense

will save the Government $15 million in the tion of policy from the committee that it to some people to reduce income and at the long run. This caused comment by a banker

vigorously opposes the crackpots who want same time to increase spending, with the who had just become the grandfather of a

to impeach Earl Warren as Chief Justice. idea of achieving prosperity—but, not to me.

little girl. The parents picked out a name I think it's the quickest way to bankruptcy.

Yours for fairplay, for a boy, so the grandfather wrote her a

JAMES ROOSEVELT. I've written to you before about the loss

letter giving her a number, until she got of our gold, the loss of confidence in the dol

a name. He also gave her his ZIP code numlar among foreign creditors and have indi

ber, and said he wanted her to remember cated the steps I thought necessary to correct this situation. Spending money we

that she came from a highly respected. In the Sad Passing of James K. (Jim) haven't got for things we don't need isn't original ZIP code family.

Lindsey, Louisiana Loses a Great one of them. I believe that taxes are too high. I be

Athlete and Distinguished Citizen lieve they should be reduced, but I also believe Government spending must be reduced Republican National Committee

EXTENSION OF REMARKS or at least held in check, at the same time.


OF When this bill was up for consideration we tried to do just that. We offered a pro

HON. JAMES H. MORRISON posal which would require the President to EXTENSION OF REMARKS

OF LOUISIANA assure the Congress that Government spending would be held to $97 billion this year

IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES and $98 billion next year. It seemed to me HON. JAMES ROOSEVELT

Thursday, November 7, 1963 this would leave plenty of room for all neces

OF CALIFORNIA sities and in no way could be called a "fru

Mr. MORRISON. Mr. Speaker, the gal" or "austere" budget. But, when this IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES State of Louisiana is saddened by the proposal come to a vote there were 199 "for”

Thursday, November 7, 1963

loss of a great athlete and one of our and 226 "against."

old time “greats” in baseball, in the passSure, a letter from the President was read Mr. ROOSEVELT. Mr. Speaker, it is ing of James K. (Jim) Lindsey, age 64, which stated he was all for economy and sincerely hoped my friends and col a native of Greensburg who played major would hold down spending, but at the same

leagues on the other side of the aisle will league baseball for years and pitched for time this letter was being read, the President on his “nonpolitical” tour of the West accept in the spirit of fun intended the the St. Louis Cardinals in two world's sewas suggesting new programs which, if au- following letter I have just forwarded to ries. His baseball career included service


with the Cardinals during the days of the Humanely, handsomely, the home and hos creased by the Sino-Soviet bloc in the famous "Gashouse Gang" and Dizzy pital provides comfortable, qualified, and

cold war. Certainly, the Kremlin leadDean, when Lindsey pitched several inncompassionate care for its aged and sick

ers now have recognized that there occupants. ings in two different games in the 1930

would be no victor in a full-scale nu

The head of this institution, its president, world's series against Connie Mack's club, is my friend Mr. Morris Masin, the man we

clear war-that the devastation unPhiladelphia. Before his retirement

honor this evening upon the occasion of his leashed on mankind would annihilate from baseball, he also pitched for the 50th anniversary in the United States. millions of people on both sides of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Morris Masin is a patriot in the Haym Iron Curtain, and communism could not Pirates.

Salomon tradition. A man of works, not of possibly advance amidst the resulting Since his retirement from baseball, 13 words. Good works. Works of loving kind

ashes. ness and service to his fellow man. years ago, he worked as farm manager

I am particularly wary about any alfor the East Louisiana State Hospital a city of scholars and scholarship. At the

Morris Masin was born in Vilna, Poland,

legations or protestations of good intenand he was a member of the Jackson

age of 15 Morris came to the United States tions which might be made by the KremMethodist Church.

of America and became a toolworker in the lin. Now is the time we should be ever He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Car brass industry. Diligence and dedication to alert and ever ready to provide new safelotta Matthews Lindsey, one daughter, his work were the tools that made him first guards for our people and those of the four sisters, and two brothers, three a foreman, then a production manager. It free world. grandchildren, and several nieces and was not many years before he established

Thus, I would like to see our country nephews. his own company, the United States Brass

adopt stronger counterthrusts to the James K. (Jim) Lindsey will be greatly

Turning Co., Inc., manufacturing brass

goods. Today he employs over 400 people nonmilitary tactics employed by the missed but long remembered in the in his thriving enterprise on Wythe Avenue,

Sino-Soviet agents. One thing I believe hearts of all America's baseball fans

Brooklyn. I am proud, indeed, to have this we can and should do to counter Soviet and enthusiasts and his name will be factory in my congressional district.

and Red Chinese propaganda, and to deheld high in baseball history and hall Morris Masin is proud of his adopted coun feat the infiltration, subversion and esof fame.

try and of the business he built with his pionage of their agents, particularly in Jim played the game of both life and

very own hands. But he is even prouder the developing nations, is to establish a baseball with a great determination to

of his home and hospital—the Haym Salo- Freedom Academy to train both veteran win at both—and he succeeded.

mon Home and Hospital for the Aged where
old folks can spend their sunset days in

Government employees and private citidignity and pleasantness and peace.

zens in all manner of nonmilitary, ecoPermit me to say that brassworker Morris nomic and psychological counterat

Masin, spiritual grandson of Haym Salomon, tack against communism. A bipartisan Fiftieth Anniversary in the United States has proven himself “top brass.”

group of Congressmen in both the House of Mr. Morris Masin, President of will no doubt wear for many, many years. He manufactures articles of brass that and the Senate are sponsoring legislation

to establish this Academy as a new weapHaym Salomon Home and Hospital for But he also manufactures

good deeds, which

on in the cold war arsenal of the United will live on forever. the Aged The Haym Salomon Home and Hospital

States. for the Aged is not the only humanitarian

One of the finest Catholic archdioceinstitution of which he is the outstanding san newspapers in our Nation—the EXTENSION OF REMARKS

benefactor. At the Jewish Chronic Disease Clarion Herald which serves the people OF

Hospital in Brooklyn, he has endowed the of the city of New Orleans and 10 other HON. JOHN J. ROONEY

“Bessie and Morris Pavillion,” a four story parishes in south Louisiana-has pub

research institute where valuable contribu- lished a recent article of mine on the OF NEW YORK

tions to medical science are already being Freedom Academy in its issue of October IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

When Morris Masin lost his only son,

10. I ask unanimous consent to insert Thursday, November 7, 1963 Irying, in 1944, killed in the service of our

this article in the RECORD, Mr. Speaker. Mr. ROONEY of New York.

The article follows:

country, the father's grief took a constructive

humanitarian form. He built a trade school CONGRESSMAN WARNS OF APATHY IN WAKE OF Speaker, on Sunday evening last, Noin Israel in the name of his son.

NUCLEAR TEST TREATY vember 3, 1963, I had the distinct pleas

For half a century this modest man has ure and high honor of addressing over a dedicated himself to the service of others,

(By Congressman HALE BOGGS) thousand charitably minded people who regardless of race, religion or national origin.

WASHINGTON.-With its constitutional auare vitally interested in and who were This evening we dedicate to him. For this is thority and responsibility to render advice

This in attendance at the annual dinner the spirit that made our Nation great. and consent on all proposed treaties with dance of the Haym Salomon Home for is the spirit of America.

other nations, the U.S. Senate has ratified May Morris Masin continue to serve Amer

by overwhelming majority the nuclear test the Aged at the Grand Ballroom of the ica and his fellow men for another half

ban treaty to prohibit the testing of nuclear Hotel Commodore in New York City. century.

weapons in the atmosphere, in outer space, Under the permission heretofore

and under water. granted me by unanimous consent of the

This is an historic, positive step-albeit a House I include my remarks made on

small one along an arduous journey-tothis occasion:

ward safeguarding the world from the horCongressman Warns of Apathy in Wake rors of nuclear devastation. To date, more Chairman Lou Berkley, Mr. Harry Haber,

of Nuclear Test Treaty

than 100 countries have signed this impormy respected friend Rabbi Isadore Gruen,

tant treaty, and all Americans, I know, hope comptroller of the city of New York, the

that its acceptance will prove to be permaHonorable Abraham D. Beame, the borough


nent, and that it will lead toward further president of the Borough of Brooklyn, the

concrete steps for achieving and maintainHonorable Abe Stark, distinguished mem

ing world peace. bers of the judiciary, Miss Claire (Miss Haym


However, I believe that this positive action Salomon) Fox, members of the family of the


to prevent a nuclear holocaust should, at late Louis Blumenstock, ladies and gentle

the same time, engender from our Governmen, almost 200 years ago, a Polish immi


ment and our people new and renewed efgrant advanced $658,007.43 to finance our

Thursday, November 7, 1963

forts to provide further safeguards, and war of independence. As you know, subse

counterthrusts, too, against the nonmiliquently the Revolutionary War was won. But

Mr. BOGGS. Mr. Speaker, I am con tary threat of the Sino-Soviet Communist as you may not know, Haym Salomon, finan vinced that our ratification of the test bloc. cier-philanthropist, died penniless and · ban treaty does not mean that we can Why do I suggest that America needs a proud of it.

afford to drop our guard against the renewed effort to counterattack the nonToday, in fitting memorial to him, the continuing efforts of the Soviet Union

military offensive of the Soviet and Red Haym Salomon Home and Hospital for the and Communist China to "bury us" by

Chinese governments—an offensive designed Aged at 2300 Cropsey Avenue rises six stories

to drug men's minds and imprison them in high in Brooklyn, facing the Atlantic Ocean. any and every means available. It is

the Communist orbit? This $242 million institution, completed in imperative at this time, Mr. Speaker,

The leaders in the Kremlin today are the fall of 1958, represents a heart-warming that the United States provide new safe

cognizant of the superior military strength victory in a different type of war—the war guards to counter the incessant nonmili of the United States and its allies, and also against a solitary and anguished old age. tary thrusts which I believe will be in of the sweeping potential of the nuclear


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