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This is why I'm interested. It means jobs Whereas all these facts are overwhelming army, and Moscow continued to export for American workers. It could mean a more evidence that Russian Communist imperial- grain and other foodstuffs to the outside favorable balance of payments. In fact it ism continues to threaten human dignity, world. Barring all Western observers may be just what we need. And this means freedom, and democracy leaving no room for that a good deal of our outflowing of gold compromise: Now, therefore, be it

from Ukraine, the Communists vehecould be stopped. If these things are im Resolved, That we, the members of the

mently denied the existence of a famine portant, I see no reason why we can't em Ukrainian-American community gathered at and refused all offers of aid from the bark upon selling our technology to those the National Guard Armory in Chicago on International Red Cross. Late in 1932, people who want to participate in a broadly Sunday, October 13, 1963, do hereby: Ukraine was opened to selected newsmen based space program.

1. Condemn the famine of 1932–33 in and American and foreign newspapers Ukraine as the greatest crime known to man; were filled with stories outlining all of 2. Appeal to the free nations of the world,

the brutal details of the mass starvation. The 30th Anniversary of the Artificial especially the United States of America, to

Although estimates vary, reliable sources use whatever means are available to force

Moscow to abolish all forced labor camps, and Famine in Ukraine, 1932-33

have placed the number of those who to cease the practice of mass deportation perished in the famine at between 6 and

which are both directed against the vital 7 million. EXTENSION OF REMARKS

interests of Ukraine; OF

3. Demand that the Soviet Government HON. EDWARD J. DERWINSKI

immediately withdraw all of its occupation

forces, dissolve the puppet Ukrainian regime, Address at Parkersburg, W. Va., by OF ILLINOIS

and permit free elections under the jurisdic-
tion of the United Nations;

Hon. Thomas P. Gill

4. Appeal to the United States to introduce
Friday, November 8, 1963
the problem of Russian colonialism in the

EXTENSION OF REMARKS Mr. DERWINSKI. Mr. Speaker, his- United Nations and the problem of Russian

OF tory clearly refutes the arguments which genocide in Ukraine (1932–33) International

Court in Hague. the administration may offer for its de

HON. KEN HECHLER sire to embrace the Soviet Union and In addition, Mr. Speaker, may I briefly

OF WEST VIRGINIA other satellite countries in a spirit of recount the history of the Ukraine fam

IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES coexistence. ine so that the full import of Soviet

Friday, November 8, 1963 As a reminder of historic Communist treachery may be realized. treachery, I submit resolutions adopted Ukraine, with a population of approxi Mr. HECHLER. Mr. Speaker, on Noby the Ukrainian-American Committee mately 45 million inhabitants, boasts one vember 2, the featured speaker at the at its rally on October 13, in Chicago, of the richest agricultural areas in all of Fourth Congressional District seminar commemorating the 30th anniversary of Europe. Between 1909 and 1913, Ukraine in Parkersburg, W. Va., was the gentlethe Artificial Famine in Ukraine, 1932– accounted for 20 percent of Europe's man from Hawaii, THOMAS

P. GILL, and 33: grain supply.

under unanimous consent I include the RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED BY THE UKRAINIAN During the Russian Revolution of text of Congressman GILL’s excellent,

AMERICAN RALLY COMMEMORATING THE 30TH 1917, Ukraine, along with a number of analytical address:
ANNIVERSARY OF THE ARTIFICIAL FAMINE IN other non-Russian nations within the

Your good Congressman, KEN HECHLER, UKRAINE, 1932–33, CHICAGO, ILL., OCTOBER Russian Empire, declared its independ- may come to regret the wide license he gave 13, 1963 ence, an act which resulted in the es

me this evening. I have interpreted his The Communist empire of the Moscow tablishment of the Ukrainian National instructions broadly, but I hope not vaguely. dictators came into being, grew, spread, Republic. Unable to sustain itself I am going to try to give you a small report gained power, existed and continues to exist against the overwhelming odds of Ger- on the progress

of Democracy recently in this by terror, genocide, and injustice, violating God's Commandments and trampling the man and Polish interference, Denekin's country—and we will spell it with a big D.

I don't really think I could get away with rights of man, enslaving, subjugating and White Russian army, two Bolshevik in

vague talk in West Virginia. vasions, a poorly equipped army, disease, I know I would be in trouble. In my State,

In Hawaii, destroying entire nations.

Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev-different names and economic chaos, Ukraine succumbed people call vague political bombast but the same rule-different persons but all to the third and final Communist on "muumuu speech,” meaning, of course, that pledged to the same methods of merciless slaught of 1920.

it covers everything but reveals very little. dictatorship, an uninterrupted chain of

At first the Bolsheviks proceeded with Seriously, it is good to talk to Democrats crimes against mankind, based on relentless caution in their takeover of Ukraine, about our party and to talk as specifically physical terror and mass murder.

We know that our party is no Recalling these facts and

hoping to win the Ukrainian population as we can. Whereas in the years 1932 and 1933 during over to the Communist cause. When as workers, of State and National issues sets

its . the great famine, over 6 million Ukrainians Ukrainian resistance continued, how the measure for the party leaders. Your needlessly perished; and

ever, the Communists decided to resort ability to distinguish a fact from a phony Whereas the Famine was deliberately cre to extreme measures to bring Ukraine to has a remarkable

effect on the quality of your ated by the Moscow-directed regime to per- heel.

elected officials. manently suppress Ukrainian nationalism

Between 1929 and 1932, 500,000 farms I would like to reemphasize this point-it and Ukraine's right and desire for self-determination; and

were confiscated, 212 million Ukrainians is central to what we have to say tonight: cated all privately owned properties and ported to other regions of the Soviet squarely with them on the basis of facts is,

Whereas Moscow's rulers forcibly confis- were driven from their homes and trans- A political party that defines the issues, recjailed countless thousands of Ukrainians who empire, and another million Ukrainians in my mind, the only kind of political party refused to submit to the dictates of colonial were packed off to Siberian slave labor worth having. expediency; and camps.

A political party needs "heart," and our Whereas during the 30-year period since the famine, Russia was directly responsible

On August 2, 1932, Moscow issued an party has kept its sense of concern for human for the death of thousands of Ukrainians at edict ordering Ukrainian peasants to values; but a party also needs a “head," and Vinnitsa, thousands of Poles in the Katyn turn over all of their crops to Moscow's this is not always as easy to maintain. This

essential combination of "heart" and "head" Forest, thousands of Hungarians in Buda- food collectors. Resistance to the edict pest, and countless East Germans in Berlin, brought about forced food collections, ing of confidence in us as Democrats. We not

is what gives the people of this Nation a feelall of whom were the unwilling victims of the isolation of entire areas by armed only want to do what is best for the average the Muscovite regime; and

troops who prevented anyone from leav- man; we also know how to do it. Whereas the world still remains indifferent ing or entering, and the actual destructo the menace of Russian Communist im- tion by bombardment of villages where and the "head" in three areas of great im

Let's talk for a moment about the "heart" perialism which threatens to enslave the free

resistance was strongest. The result was portance to all of us today: the economic world; and Whereas this indifference has cost the mass starvation.

progress, the growth of education and trainUnited States thousands of American lives in

Ironically, Ukraine's grain elevators ing, and the opportunities that must exist Korea, Laos, and Vietnam; and

remained full, protected by the Soviet for us and our children.

When we talk economics, heads usually This myth is rapidly being built into an stantial tax cut, to stir the roots of the pribegin to bob; it is hard to brighten the dis- issue for the next campaign. Government vate economy. This is an expression of faith mal science.

finance is so complicated that few under in a free economic system far deeper than Let me approach this by first talking about stand it.

any given by the recent Republican adminissome current American folklore-some myths Here the Republican Party has fallen into tration. to which both parties are prone.

the tempting trap of baiting ignorance with In short, we are saying that new purchasFirst, some Democratic myths.

fear. They would shout black and white ing power, freed by the tax cut, will surge As Democrats, we are inclined to worship solutions for black and white problems when through the marketplace and give us the at the altar of "ever increasing production.” the real world shows little but gray.

new jobs and production we need. It sometimes seems we consider increased The Republicans tell us that an unbalanced However, we should be aware of two counproduction of goods and services as a virtue budget is always evil; that the national debt ter movements to this administration atin itself.

will crush our children; that all this means tempt to move the economy. The congresWe may be getting lost in a myth. inflation which will rob our old age.

sional opponents of the tax-cut approach Shouldn't we question both the

side effects is poppycock and the brighter of them know have tried to cripple it by cutting deep into of production and the real value of the goods it. However, they will try to sell this line spending. There

is also the danger that produced? and we must know the answers.

segments of the economy, particularly those We can agree that our gross national prod The mere fact that we unbalance a Fed

areas where prices are capable of being "manuct, now soaring to the $600 billion mark eral budget either by a tax cut, or by care

aged,” will try to sop up the new purchasing annually, must continue to rise. It should ful spending programs, or a combination of

power with price increases rather than with rise at a faster rate if we are to continue both, in order to jolt the private economy

more production. to increase the creature comforts of our into greater productivity, doesn't mean that

Let's move from the economy to the second people. such a deficit is bad. And it doesn't have to

great area in which we, as Democrats, should However, let's watch that we don't just mean inflation. In fact, it may be the sensi

show "head" as well as “heart.” This is believe in “production for production's sake." ble way to speed up the economy, increase

education. One aspect of our special myth is that Government income, and thus prevent an

There are few educators in the Nation toproduction is always good, regardless of side almost permanent deficit.

day who deny the crushing burden that has effects. We need more and better roads; but

The fact that the national debt is over

fallen on our school systems. In some forwhere the roads begin to cover our fertile

tunate States, with thriving economies and $300 billion today is no cause for panic, or fields with concrete and tear the hearts out

good tax systems, they come closer to meetfor ill-founded anxiety about our grandof our cities, we should pause and think.

children. Our national debt is not a mort- ing the need. In many States, the educaWe need more cars and appliances; but do we need them in tremendous profusion gage which will be foreclosed at a given day tional needs have long since run away from

local resources. unless we pay it back in toto. It is a great engineered to go out of operating order as mass of different obligations owed by all of

The majority of the people of this Nation, well as fashion every few years? Need all us to all of us. Our credit to ourselves, in

and a vast majority of the educators admit those appliances when some money could go to better schools? We need new factories, a real sense, depends on our confidence in the need for Federal aid to education.

As Democrats, our hearts tell us that there our ability to meet the payments as they new jobs, new products; but in the process of building, working, and producing, is it

come due. The key measure of our ability can be no greater legacy than the trained wise to poison our rivers and the air around

as a nation to carry debt, like that of an minds of our children; and our heads tell individual, is our earning power.

us the same thing. Today, a high school us? We need the coal in the ground and the trees that grow on it; but in gathering

In 1946, our publicly held national debt diploma is next to useless as job insurance.

To have less than a high school education is these riches, should we destroy the hills, was about equal to the value of goods and

to court disaster; to have more is to have a streams, and fertile countryside?

services we produced each year; since then fighting chance at a decent future. To some, these are ethical questions. I our debt has risen about 12 percent; but

This Democratic administration has prosuggest they are both ethical and practical.

our income has risen much more and now Certainly, it is not right to willfully destroy our debt equals only about half our annual posed a number of far-reaching education

bills. Strangely enough, this supposedly and waste the bounty that nature has given

At this point, let's borrow a leaf from the corded as having done more for education

slow and fumbling Congress may well be reus. But there are also some very practical reasons. The more we pollute our rivers, the Republicans and talk Government finance in than any other in our generation. more we must spend for drinking water. The household terms. Suppose you, individu

The President's education package will not more we destroy our mountains and fields, ally, in 1946 had debts totaling $5000 and the more it costs us to support the people an annual income of $5000; suppose today emerge intact, but many of the parts may who used to live off their bounty. The more

come out better than submitted. The conyou have debts of $6000 but your income ference committees are working on a farwe poison our air and mar our cities, the

has risen to $12,000. Are you better off today reaching, job-oriented vocational education more they repel our children and people from or in 1946?

bill, and on an improved measure to aid uniother areas who might want to work and

In a very crude sense, this is what has hap- versities. Aid to medical education, both spend their money with us.

pened to our country's debt and income since for students and structures, has passed. An Production is good; increasing production the Second World War.

improved library services act waits in the is necessary. But some production may be So much for myths; what about answers? wings. Impact aid and the NDEA will probuseless; some may destroy far more than it If we are to be a responsible party, we must ably be continued this year and improved the gives. Let's distinguish the fact from the not only distinguish the problems from the next. We have reported out of committee a myth.

folklore, but we must also provide answers. strong new manpower training act, and it Another aspect of the myth of production Not the one line, grade school type answers waits its turn. for production's sake is well known to the that some would peddle today, but complex, I am particularly glad to report our progpeople of West Virginia. You certainly

certainly sophisticated answers that meet the needs ress in education because I know of the deep know that an overall increase in national of a difficult civilization.

interest here of your congressman, Mr. productivity doesn't necessarily help all of What are some of them?

HECHLER, and your Governor, Mr. Barron. us. We do have what the economists darkly We spoke of the need to conserve our re One tough educational problem we will call structural unemployment. The pockets sources and the face of our land. The Ken- not crack this year is the basic one of Federal of despair exist in many parts of this country; nedy administration, under the direct stew aid for primary and secondary schools. The there are many communities that suffer pov- ardship of Interior Secretary Udall, has great dispute over support to private and erty in the midst of general plenty.

moved strongly to encourage conservation, parochial schools has created a legislative This dark star holds a special place in our to develop new recreation areas for our teem- impasse. On this issue, we should all ponder. economic sky today. Whether we be em- ing cities, to clean our rivers and skies. The third and last area I want to briefly ployers or workers, we cannot either ignore This Democratic administration has not mention is opportunity—not for some but automation, or try to lock arms to prevent been hypnotized by the myth of production for all. it. We may want our children to live and for the sake of production. It has moved Opportunity is the gateway to the future. work nearby, but we can't deny the fact of a against the soft spots in our economy with But in our country, opportunity must be for mobile labor supply. We may think we have the ARA, with accelerated public works, with all, not for just some. Our heads tell us learned our trade, but new jobs need new manpower retraining, and with broader edu that every man or woman is entitled to make skills which, in turn, demand new training. cation programs. These laws and programs the best of his or her native talents and

While we are still discussing myths, let's have also served to channel our country's energies. Our heads tell us that to deny oplook at one with a particular Republican money into more essential types of produc- portunity to some creates an economic and stamp. This is the myth that surrounds the tion, such as the building of community social drag on the rest. great goddess of the ever balanced Federal facilities basic to future growth.

Our heads tell us that the basic law of this budget. As the myth would have it, the As a general stimulus to the economy, the land holds all men are created equal and that handmaidens to this goddess are the twin President has taken the rather daring step of this should apply regardless of the color horrors, deficits and inflation.

proposing a planned deficit, through a sub- of our skin. Our hearts should tell us this,

too, for it is right, but here our hearts are when large numbers of our children cannot long. Men come and go, and they change. often silent.

share in the benefits only because they were The sparkling crusader of yesterday may I do not intend to speak at length on born with different pigment in their skin. flounder in the bog of privilege or apathy civil rights-enough is being said everywhere The promise of America is the promise for tomorrow. today. However, I think it is a fact that in all. As Democrats, in our heads and in our I hope, as Democrats, that we will conthis year of 1963, there is no more crucial hearts, we must know this.

tinue to have the “heart” to know the right, problem in this country than the brother There is a place for philosophy in a politi and the "head" to make it so. If we believe hood of man. The leading elements of our cal party. A party is not just to win elec in the basic reasonableness of man, we can party must continue to stay in the front of tions. A party is to form issues, to teach, give the voters a clear picture of the probthe drive for equality of opportunity for all and to lead. The political party should be lems of our time. Further, we can give them Americans.

more important than the men and women humane and rational answers to those probIt will mean little to raise living stand in it.

lems. We must say what we can do, and ards and production when one out of 10 of It is true that in most areas we need at deliver. our people is denied the right to fully par tractive candidates to win elections, but I As loyal party people, there is no greater ticipate. It serves us little to improve educa think it is fair to say that a political party service than this; as Americans, today, we tion, and tax all our people to pay for it, based only on personality cannot survive for cannot do less.


(See the remarks of Mr. Boggs when he inBUSINESS

troduced the above bill, which appear under

a separate heading.) TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1963 On request of Mr. MANSFIELD, and by

By Mr. BEALL: unanimous consent, it was ordered that S. 2300. A bill to strengthen the Motor (Legislative day of Tuesday, October 22, there be a morning hour, with statements

there be a morning hour, with statements Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act of the Dis1963) limited to 3 minutes.

trict of Columbia; and The Senate met at 12 o'clock meridian,

S. 2301. A bill to amend the Fire and Cas

ualty Act of the District of Columbia to on the expiration of the recess, and was

COMMITTEE MEETINGS DURING provide for the financial protection of cercalled to order by the President pro


tain persons suffering injury as a result of tempore.

the operation of a motor vehicle by uninRev. V. Allen Gaines, pastor, Chamber On request of Mr. FULBRIGHT, and by sured motorists; to the Committee on the layne Baptist Church, Richmond, Va., unanimous consent, the Subcommittee District of Columbia. vffered the following prayer: on Public Lands of the Committee on

By Mr. BIBLE (by request):
Interior and Insular Affairs was author-

S. 2302. A bill relating to the employment Our Father, we acknowledge once ized to meet during the session of the

of minors in the District of Columbia; to more that in Thee we live and move and

the Committee on the District of Columbia. Senate today. have our being, and that Thou art closer

On request of Mr. MCCLELLAN, and by than breathing and nearer than hands unanimous consent, the Permanent Sub

RESOLUTION and feet.

committee on Investigations of the Com- ADDITIONAL EXPENDITURES FOR Lord, we are dependent on Thee, so

mittee on Government Operations was COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS come down and sit beside us, to give us

authorized to meet during the session of courage in place of discouragement, and

Mr. HAYDEN, from the Committee the Senate this afternoon. lift us up from the doom of despair and

on Appropriations, reported an original the doldrums of disappointment, to rec

resolution (s. Res. 225) authorizing adognize Thy grace, mercy, and love. Lead ADDITIONAL EXPENDITURES FOR

ADDITIONAL EXPENDITURES FOR ditional expenditures by the Committee us to make wise use of our time, so that COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIA- on Appropriations; which, under the as Thou wilt bless America, we may be

TIONS_REPORT OF A COMMIT- rule, was referred to the Committee on come stronger in Thee.

Rules and Administration,

TEE Bless here Thy servants, our Senators,

(See the above resolution printed in

Mr. HAYDEN, from the Committee on full when reported by Mr. HAYDEN, O Lord, with good health, wisdom, and

Appropriations, reported an original resprotection; and bless their families, too.

which appears under the heading "ReWe wait upon Thee for continued rule, was referred

to the Committee on

olution (S. Res. 225); which, under the port of a Committee.") answers, and make this our prayer in

Rules and Administration, as follows: Jesus' name. Amen.

ESTABLISHMENT OF A COMMISSION Resolved, That the Committee on Appro

priations hereby is authorized to expend
from the contingent fund of the Senate,


during the Eighty-eighth Congress, $10,000, Mr. BOGGS. Mr. President, I intro

in addition to the amounts, and for the duce, for appropriate reference, a bill On request of Mr. MANSFIELD, and by

same purposes, specified in section 134(a) of unanimous consent, the reading of the

to establish a Commission on National the Legislative Reorganization Act, apJournal of the proceedings of Friday, proved August 2, 1946, and S. Res. 128, agreed

Agricultural Policy. to May 9, 1963. November 8, 1963, was dispensed with.

Harvesttime is over once again, and again American farms have produced

huge amounts of food and fiber, more

EXECUTIVE REPORT OF A than we need for consumption and exMESSAGES FROM THE PRESIDENT


port. It is fitting we do mark the end Messages in writing from the Presi As in executive session,

of harvest by celebrating Thanksgiving dent of the United States submitting The following favorable report of a

Day. Yet this outpouring, as we all nominations were communicated to the nomination was submitted:

realize, is both a blessing and a problem. Senate by Mr. Miller, one of his secre

Solving the problem of overproducBy Mr. BEALL, from the Committee on

tion has occupied the attention of Sectaries.

Philip Elman, of Maryland, to be a Federal

retaries of Agriculture and the Congress Trade Commissioner.

for the past 30 years, except for the EXECUTIVE MESSAGES REFERRED

war periods. I do not have to add that

the problem is still with us, in some As in executive session,


ways more baffling than ever. The PRESIDENT pro tempore laid be

Bills were introduced, read the first The Senate has recently considered fore the Senate messages from the Presi

time, and, by unanimous consent, the dairy legislation which its sponsors hope dent of the United States submitting second time, and referred as follows:

will ease the surplus problem. In the sundry nominations, which were referred


legislative background now are the to the appropriate committees.

S. 2299. A bill to establish a Commission problems, among others, of surplus wheat (For nominations this day received,

on National Agricultural Policy; to the and surplus cotton. Instead of confining see the end of Senate proceedings.) Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. ourselves to these individual problems,

however, we should consider the broad now up for consideration, I might add, is Commission's efforts founder on partisan picture, the relation of all the parts a little more than $6 billion.

politics. which make up the agricultural whole. This huge increase in cost comes at a There is a danger in appointing a comThat is what my bill proposes.

time when the number of farms and farm mission and thereby assuming that the It is ironic that in a world where more population is dropping drastically. The problem is half solved. I make no such than half the population goes to bed number of American farm units hit an assumption. Naming the members of at night hungry that our great Nation alltime peak of 6.8 million in 1935. the Commission is a necessary first step, should be plagued with the problem of Since then the number has declined to but then will come months of hard work, too much food. But that is the case. about 3.7 million and there are forecasts culminating finally, I hope, in solid rec

Not only do we have more food than that in another decade or two the num ommendations for legislative and adwe need, but we also carry the burden ber will be only a little more than i ministrative action. Unless this first of billions of dollars spent to keep down million. When this Nation came into step is taken, however, unless we get production and keep the farm economy being, about 90 percent of its population some overall policy by which we can healthy at the same time.

lived on farms. Now the percentage is gage the separate agricultural issues Farmers have taken advantage of re- about 7 percent, and the percentage will which come up, we will continue to stumsearch and increased their crop yields surely go lower.

ble around in the dark. to the point where one American farmer More than crop production is out of Underscoring the need for action feeds 26 of his fellow citizens. Without balance, however. Three percent of all quickly is the fast-moving international our high farm productivity and conse the farms in the country produce more situation. The wheat deal with Russia quent low food cost, the rest of our econ- food and fibers than the bottom 78 per- is one example. Our farmers have more omy would have grown much more slow- cent combined. This diversity adds to or less been insulated against the ups and ly. To farmers we owe not only our the problem of devising a farm policy downs of world agricultural markets durgood and inexpensive food, but to a large which will treat all segments of agri- ing the past quarter century by the U.S. degree our opportunity for progress in culture fairly.

Treasury and its subsidy payments. business and industry.

Unless we do take a long and objec- Maintaining this insulation will be inBut the farmer, unfortunately, has not tive look at American agriculture, we creasingly difficult under the pressures been able to keep economic pace with face the continuing prospect of first one of free trade and competition for marhis urban neighbor. As high productiv- crop, then another, being considered in kets. ity has reduced farm prices, the farmer fragmentary fashion by the Congress. Mr. President, I ask unanimous conhas had to produce larger crops just The relation between the crops will be sent that the section of my bill dealing to stay even. He does not control his ignored or overlooked and the huge drain with the duties of the Commission be market. His best hedge against lower on the Treasury will continue. If this printed at this point in the RECORD. prices and consequent lower income piecemeal process had generally The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The usually appears to be a bigger crop. As strengthened farming, even at great ex- bill will be received and appropriately he and other farmers make these indi- pense, that would be something in its referred; and, without objection, the vidual decisions, however, the resulting favor. But it appears that the big farms section of the bill referred to will be increase in production adds up to over- get bigger, and the small farms get printed at this point in the RECORD. supply. Complicating the situation, no smaller, and in today's agriculture we The bill (s. 2299) to establish a Commatter how well intentioned, are the arti- can almost substitute "rich" for "big" mission on National Agricultural Policy, ficial crop prices based on subsidies. The and "poor” for “small.”

introduced by Mr. Boggs, was received, farmer looks more to the U.S. Depart It is commonplace today to say that we read twice by its title, and referred to ment of Agriculture and congressional live in a time of revolution, but we do. the Committee on Agriculture and Forcommittees on agriculture than to the And this revolution exists in agriculture. estry. marketplace in planning his crop pro Not to recognize this sweeping change as The section of the bill is as follows: gram. a revolution, and to act accordingly, is

DUTIES OF THE COMMISSION The farm legislation we enact, I am foolhardy. Worse, it may be economi SEC. 4. (a) The Commission shall make a afraid, is on a year-to-year basis with no cally disastrous.

comprehensive study and investigation of firm expectation that it is leading to a My proposal, as outlined in the find any and all matters relating to the agricullong-range solution of our difficulties. ing and purpose of the bill I am intro- tural industry of this country with a view There is an uneasy feeling among many ducing, is to provide “for the establish

to formulating recommendations for a genCongressmen, I am sure, as farm legisla- ment of a Commission, composed of

eral agricultural policy for the future which

will best serve the interests of farmer, contion comes up and is passed or rejected. leaders from public and private life, to That uneasy feeling is based on a lack study, investigate, and evaluate the prob- agricultural policy pursuant to this Act, the

sumer, and Nation. In formulating any of an overall policy against which to lems and trends of agriculture in the Commission shall give special consideration measure the new proposal. It is like United States, with a view toward rec to the following: trying to fit pieces into a picture puzzle ommending an overall national policy (1) How the Federal Government can best without having any idea of what the pic- for agriculture, a policy which will help serve the interests of the Nation in the field ture looks like. agriculture prosper for the good of both

of agriculture. This country desperately needs a broad farmer and consumer, and for the good effectively utilized, particularly in regard to

(2) How agricultural research may be more and comprehensive policy for the good of the Nation as a whole in domestic finding new and improved uses of agriculof farmers, for the good of consumers and international commerce."

tural products. and taxpayers, and for the good of U.S. I realize that this is a huge job, but

(3) How the United States can increase economic and political relations in inter- I can think of no better way of approach and expand its exports of agricultural prodnational affairs. It is foolish to con

It is foolish to con- ing it than by the creation of a Hoover ucts. tinue with the patchwork policy we now type commission. This Commission will (4) How the problem of unemployed farmhave. It is to costly in wasted food and need a topflight staff, and because of the

ers and farmworkers can be solved in the money and effort. variety and complexity of its assign

wake of continued modernization and mech

anization of farming. The cost of trying to balance the farm ment, will probably have to break down

(5) How agricultural education can be economy with subsidy payments con- its work into separate study areas.

improved in light of the increasing complextinues much too high. For the 20-year In order to assure this survey being as ity of farming. period between 1932 and 1951 the total complete and objective as possible my bill (6) What services and functions of the cost of subsidies to stabilize farm pro- provides for a 12-member commission, Federal Government relating to agriculture, duction was $6.8 billion. As high as this with the President, the President of the which are carried out under existing law, figure is, however, it is dwarfed by what Senate, and the Speaker of the House should be expanded, curtailed, modified, or happened during the next 10 years. The each appointing two members from Gov

eliminated. cost to taxpayers from 1952–61 totaled ernment and two from private life. In

(7) How agriculture is related, directly

and indirectly, to the domestic economy, $22.1 billion, or approximately $2.2 bil- addition, not more than six members are

national defense, and international relations lion a year. This includes a cost of $5.2 to be from the same political party of the United States, and what adjustments billion for fiscal 1961 alone. And the Strengthening American agriculture is might be made to improve these relationtotal Department of Agriculture budget too important to the Nation to have the ships.

(8) How the marketing of farm products tinguished senior Senator from South There being no objection, the ancan be improved to give a better return to

Carolina (Mr. JOHNSTON] be added as a nouncement was ordered to be printed the producer.

sponsor of S. 1847, the Capitol pages' in the RECORD, as follows: (9) How the Nation's land resources can be residence bill.

William B. Walsh, M.D., director of Project most effectively utilized in order to insure a continued abundance of food and fiber.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. With Hope, will receive the first Thanksgiving (b) The Commission shall, not later than out objection, it is so ordered.

Award conferred by Clarke College to an June 30, 1965, submit to the President and

American “whose service to the country and to the Congress a final report setting forth

its citizens merits distinction.” the results of its study and investigation and


Commemorating the centennial of the its recommendations. The Commission may


first national Thanksgiving proclamation by from time to time submit to the President

Abraham Lincoln, the award is a simple open such earlier reports as the President may unanimous consent that the name of the

Mr. PROXMIRE. Mr. President, I ask figure, designed by the college art departrequest or as the Commission deems appro

ment and cast in bronze, symbolizing hope priate. The final report of the Commission senior Senator from Pennsylvania [Mr. and gratitude. may propose such legislative and adminis- CLARK] be added as a cosponsor of my The Honorable Win G. Knoch, judge of the trative actions as in its judgment are neces- Senate Resolution 224, which is the re

U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago, member of sary to carry out its recommendations. solution favoring the adoption by the

the Clarke lay advisory board and chairman

of the Thanksgiving Award committee, obleadership of the two Houses of a sched

serves that “the aim of the award is to reRECONSIDERATION OF SENATE ule looking to expeditious consideration focus attention on the true meaning of

RESOLUTION 217, TO AUTHORIZE of the business during the next session Thanksgiving-faith and freedom in the New STUDY OF NATIONAL SYSTEM OF of Congress.

World—without abandoning the traditional

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. With trimmings of food and football.” SCENIC HIGHWAYS out objection, it is so ordered.

Announcing Dr. Walsh as the first recipient Mr. FULBRIGHT. Mr. President, I

of the award, Sister Mary Benedict, B.V.M., ask unanimous consent that the Senate

Clarke president, said that the presentation reconsider the action it took last Friday PROCUREMENT OF CERTAIN SERV

will be made at a special Thanksgiving con

vocation at the college, November 26. The in adopting Senate Resolution 217; and


COMMERCIAL SUP- tribute to “this man whose life reveals an I ask that the resolution be referred to

PLIERS ADDITIONAL COSPON awareness of the blessings of freedom, opthe Rules Committee, for consideration


portunity, and dignity insured by the Conof the dollar amount contained in section

stitution of the United States," Sister Mary 4.

Under authority of the order of the Benedict believes, will achieve in a special I request this action so that the Rules Senate of October 30, 1963, the names manner one of the aims of the women's colCommittee may have a chance to con of Mr. CASE, Mr. COOPER, Mr. JAVITS, Mr. lege: “to alert students to their potential for

influencing world situations and transmitsider the moneys to be spent from the KEATING, Mr. MORTON, Mr. PROUTY, Mr.

ting spiritual and esthetic values.” Senate contingent fund, a matter over SALTONSTALL, and Mr. Scott were added

William Bertalan Walsh, born in Brooklyn, which the Rules Committee has juris as additional cosponsors of the bill (S.

N.Y., 1920, is a graduate of St. John's Unidiction. I also ask that the other amend- 2268) to amend section 7 of the act of

2268) to amend section 7 of the act of versity, N.Y., and Georgetown Medical School, ments agreed to by the Senate remain May 21, 1920, to require the procurement Washington, D.C. Serving as a medical offiundisturbed.

of certain services from commercial sup cer aboard a destroyer in the Pacific during The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Is pliers when economy will result from World War II, Dr. Walsh observed the lack

of medical facilities in the area. there objection? such procurement, and for other pur

When, in 1958, President Dwight D. EisenMr. MORSE. Mr. President, will the poses, introduced by Mr. KUCHEL on

hower invited Dr. Walsh to initiate a project Senator from Arkansas explain this October 30, 1963.

aimed at international good will and underitem?

standing through personal contacts, Dr. Mr. FULBRIGHT. The resolution

Walsh submitted a plan for the world's first was submitted by the Senator from NOTICE OF RECEIPT OF NOMINA

peacetime hospital ship. A reconverted Michigan (Mr. HART]; it has to do with

TIONS BY COMMITTEE ON FOR 15,000-ton Navy hospital ship became the a survey of the recreational needs of the EIGN RELATIONS

SS Hope (Health Opportunities for People

Everywhere). country.

Mr. FULBRIGHT. Mr. President, as Privately outfitted at $3.5 million and Section 4 reads as follows:

chairman of the Committee on Foreign equipped with 60 doctors, dentists, nurses, The expenses of the committee, under this Relations, I desire to announce that on and technicians, the white hospital ship was resolution, which shall not exceed $20,000, November 8 the Senate received the

invited to stop at 11 ports of call in 1961, all shall be paid from the contingent fund of nomination of Dr. Herbert Scoville, Jr.,

in the vicinity of South Vietnam and Inthe Senate upon vouchers approved by the of Connecticut, to be an Assistant Direc

donesia. The ship's personnel performed chairman of the committee.

1,200 major operations, treated 36,000 pator of the U.S. Arms Control and Dis

tients, gave more than 100 lectures, and disIt has been pointed out that the resolu- armament Agency, and today the Senate tributed 8,000 books and 86,000 pounds of tion has not been referred to the Com- received the nomination of Benson E. L. medical supplies. mittee on Rules and Administration, Timmons III, of Florida, to be Ambas

The Ss Hope was stationed at Trujillo, which has jurisdiction over the contin- sador to Haiti.

Peru, from May 1962 to June 1963, and 25 of gent fund.

In accordance with the committee

the personnel remained behind to assist the Mr. MORSE. That is the only part rule, these pending nominations may not

University of Trujillo Medical School in op

erating a new regional hospital. of the resolution which would be re be considered prior to the expiration of In addition to his work as president of ferred to the Rules Committee, is it? 6 days of their receipt in the Senate. Project Hope and of the People-to-People Mr. FULBRIGHT. Yes; and I have

Health Foundation, Dr. Walsh, an internist asked that the other parts of the resolu

and heart specialist, is an Assistant Profestion remain undisturbed.

THANKSGIVING AWARD BY CLARKE sor of Internal Medicine at Georgetown UniThe PRESIDENT pro tempore. Is COLLEGE TO DR. WILLIAM B.

versity. He is married and the father of there objection to the request of the

three sons.

WALSH Senator from Arkansas that the Senate reconsider its vote by which Senate Res

Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, Sisolution 217 as amended, was adopted, ter Mary Benedict, B.V.M., president of ter Mary Benedict, B.V.M., president of JOHN KRSUL, SHERIFF OF CASCADE

COUNTY, MONT. and that the resolution be referred to Clarke College, has written to inform me the Committee on Rules and Adminis

that Dr. William B. Walsh, a director of Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, tration, for its consideration of the dol- Project Hope, will be the recipient of the during the visit of the President to Monlar amount contained in section 4? first Thanksgiving_Award conferred by tana, 100,000 people turned out to welWithout objection, it is so ordered.

Clarke College, in Dubuque, Iowa. This come him in Great Falls, Mont. The is one of the outstanding women's col- man in charge of the arrangements for

leges in the Nation, and it has a long President Kennedy's visit there is an CAPITOL PAGES' RESIDENCE BILL- honorable and prestigious history. old friend of mine, Sheriff John Krsul, ADDITIONAL COSPONSOR

I ask unanimous consent that the an- sheriff of Cascade County. Sheriff Krsul Mr. YARBOROUGH. I ask unani- nouncement of the award be printed at did a magnificent job; it was obvious mous consent that the name of the dis- this point in the RECORD.

that his planning for this welcome was

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