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Johnson, Gene C. Connell, James P. B., ent upon Thee. Bring us together into Mr. LIBONATI. Mr. Speaker, at a Smith, Stanley R. Jr.

an everlasting bond, regardless of color, recent luncheon in honor of Sigfrido Saenz, Ramiro Rindfleisch, Jon A.

race, or creed so that we may best work Ciccotti, eminent Italian journalist and Morgan, Harcourt A., Stanford, George R.

editor of Il Nuova Stampa news agency, III

Weathers, Paul s., Jr. for the welfare of all mankind. Morris, Robert S., Jr. Cone, Daniel B.

Hasten the day when the millennial the versatile Congressman JOHN DENT, of Freeman, Jay A. Skellenger, James R. hope of universal peace will prevail Pennsylvania, officiated. The CongressTingley, Lew E. Hyatt, Wayne R. throughout the world with justice and men in attendance were as follows, JoBraman, George H., Jr. Correro, Philip 0. freedom for all people. Amen.

SEPH P. ADDABBO, of New York; SILVIO O. Shuter, David V.A. Losik, Francis A.

CONTE, of Massachusetts; EMILIO Q. DADWeber, Edward M. Gardner, Joseph E.

DARIO, of Connecticut; DOMINICK V. DANKelly, Glenn D., Jr. Gosnell, Kenneth B.

THE JOURNAL Walters, James R. F. Brown, Dwight E.

IELS, of New Jersey; ROLAND V. LIBONATI, Lennartz, Francis J., Schrader, Daniel W. The Journal of the proceedings of

of Illinois; JOSEPH G. MINISH, of New IV Fox, Jon I.

Friday, November 8, 1963, was read and Jersey; and GEORGE P. MILLER, of CaliByrne, Thomas E. Bottom, Earle D., Jr. approyed.

fornia. Brennan, John V. Kiely, Denis J., Jr.

A number of Congressmen particiLyons, Perry D., Jr. Geis, Royall W.

pated in the informal discussion after Wirkus, Faustin E., Jr.Wolk, Charles J., Jr.

MESSAGE FROM THE SENATE his interesting talk about Italy's political Carnes, Robert A. Chapla, Daniel B.

Jenkins, Hulen F. King, Robert F.

A message from the Senate by Mr.

problems in setting up a government. Parker, Larry E. Daniel, Ray A.

McGown, one of its clerks, announced Mr. Ciccotti, as honored guest of the McRoberts, James C. Bearce, Larned V.

that the Senate had passed without American Institute of Free Labor DeMenning, Frederick H., Fernandez, Angelo amendment a bill of the House of the

velopment, sponsored by the U.S. GoyJr. Burdelski, Vincent R. following title:

ernment, explained in detail the purposes Rucksdashel, Rex N. Griggs, George R.

and accomplishments of the organization Hill, Telford J., Jr.

H.R. 5244. An act to modify the project in South America.
Etcho, Leonard L.
Wiederhold, Basil K. Dorsey, James J. on the Mississippi River at Muscatine, Iowa,
Sisson, Winfield W.

He commented that the proposed
Gregor, Robert C. to permit the use of certain property for
Creal, Donald S., Jr. public park purposes.

formation of a coalition government beLowe, Robert E. Bledsoe, Leard B., Jr.

tween the Socialist Party with the ChrisJohnson, Robert E.

The message also announced that the tian Democrats and two lesser parties Clark, Arthur L. Chambers, Francis X., Gardner, Robert B.

Senate had passed bills of the following rests upon the solution of several grave Jr. Meibaum, Gilbert R.

titles, in which the concurrence of the problems. Kappelman, Charles McMinn, Wilbur C., Jr. House is requested: W.

The Socialist Party has for 16 years Eshelman, William P.

S. 2032. An act to authorize a study of Lawson, Ralph D., Jr. De Iuliis, William E.

opposed the Christian Democrats. At methods of helping to provide financial as their recent convention, the delegates The following-named officers of the Marine sistance to victims of future flood disasters; Corps for permanent appointment to the

voted by a 278,324 to 190,492-57.4 perand grade of captain, subject to qualification S. 2079. An act to provide for the striking cent-majority to support their party therefor as provided by law:

of three different medals in commemoration leader Pietro Nenni's position to join Kelley, Philip S., Jr. Wall, Caleb N. of the Federal Hall National Memorial, Castle

the coalition under certain agreementsBoudreaux, Sidney J., Tebow, William J. Clinton National Monument, and Statue of namely to continue their communist Jr.

Rausch, Robert C. Liberty National Monument-American Mu- connections in the field of trade unions Albright, Howard E. Washington, Joel seum of Immigration in New York City, N.Y. and other levels incidental to their acTucker, G.B. Simon, Francis

tivities. They held to their opposition Smith, Ellis F. Wescott, William J.

to the U.S. proposed multilateral nuOvelgonne, Walter E. Toler, Albert E.

LEGISLATIVE APPROPRIATIONS Criger, Frank R. Anderson, Leland G.

clear force, but approved NATO parBILL, 1964

ticipation. Mr. STEED. Mr. Speaker, I ask At the previous convention 5 months unanimous consent that the managers ago he failed to gain party approval and

so their leader Nenni is cautious not to midnight tonight to file a conference further disturb the attitude of the hard TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1963

report on H.R. 6868, a bill making ap- core members—carristi—who made up

propriations for the legislative branch his opposition at the convention. The House met at 12 o'clock noon. for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1964, The other member parties to the coali

tion are confronted with similar probRabbi Maynard C. Hyman, Congrega- and for other purposes. tion Tifereth Zvi, Utica, N.Y., offered the

The SPEAKER. Is there objection to lems: following prayer:

the request of the gentleman from Okla Aldo Moro's Christian Democratshoma?

260 deputies—Guiseppi Saragat's Social Our Father in Heaven, Creator of the There was no objection.

Democrats-33 deputies and Oranzo universe, on this third day of the week

Reale's Liberal Republicans-6 depuwe are reminded of Thy divine words

ties-Moro's rightwing is threatening recorded in the first chapter of the Book PERMISSION TO FILE A REPORT to split away from the Christian Demoof Genesis. Twice was the third day of creation singled out and blessed with of the Committee on Rules, I ask unani

Mr. SISK. Mr. Speaker, by direction crats because of the outrageous demands

of the Socialists—Cabinet posts-Forthe words, "And God saw that it was good.” mous consent to have until midnight to- eign Affairs, Defense and Interior—with

Nenni as Vice Premier. That day we are told merited such night to file a certain report.

A combination of parties to the right This

fornia ? teaches us the divine lesson that true

There was no objection.

same philosophy would at best be a goodness and creativity can only come

weak one. about when the elements of unity and

The after affects in case this combipeace shall reign supreme.


nation establishes a strong government May the Almighty prosper the hands

in Italy-for the next 5 years—will have of our Speaker and the Members of


a definite effect on other European naCongress who carry on Thy great work Mr. LIBONATI. Mr. Speaker, I ask tions confronted with the same probdeliberating for the purpose of beneficial unanimous consent to extend my remarks lems—a left-center government in creativity and in the interest of unity at this point in the RECORD and include France, West Germany, and Britain and peace. extraneous matter.

could follow the Italian experiment. Bless, O Heavenly Father, all the peo The SPEAKER. Is there objection The United States is alert to the senple of our country. In our relations with to the request of the gentleman from sitive situation of its strongest ally-subone another, may we ever remember that Illinois?

ject to pressures of the Socialist docwe are all Thy children equally depend There was no objection.


HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES on the part of the House may have until

distinction because it represented not the request of the gentleman from Cali- to form a government with the Conserv

Yet to court failure of any agreement Horn can understand. In too often bloody ates, "stem from the American labor movewith the Socialists may result in a fa- reaction to the oppression of centuries, thou ment.”

In March 1962, Mr. Beirne asked Serafino scistic government of extremists lost to sands of these other Americans have in the

past narrowed their social philosophy to the the established democratic principles of idea that, in order to improve its lot, labor ecutive director. As Latin American repre

Romualdi if he could take on the job of exthe Republic, against NATO, Atlantic must destroy capital. Dictators-Argentina's sentative of the AFL since 1946, and as a Alliance and the multilateral nuclear Juan Peron was one ofthe gaudier examples- key figure in the organization of the antiforce—MFL-in accord with their basic were quick to exploit this mass feeling Communist Inter-American Confederation goals for neutralism and pacificism. through the technique of nationalization. of Labor-Now more often known as ORIT

Of the internal problems facing Italy, Invariably, production went down. Every- Mr. Romualdi had a close working knowlthe most important is inflation-food one's return fell off, purchasing power shrank, edge of the field and its human resources.

living standards leveled off, and inflation bil A big boost came when $250,000 in Federal prices up 40 percent in the last 2 years— lowed over the land.

support was obtained from AID under the also the positive trend toward neutralism

"With George Meany and the American Alianza para el Progreso. For the fiscal year in world affairs.

Institute for Free Labor Development.” Mr. 1963, Government aid has risen to $350,000. There is little choice for any other Romualdi continued, "I reject the idea that Meanwhile, the Institute hopes to raise course-upon failure to effect a coali- labor must destroy capital. We want to $250,000 from labor unions and an equal tion government-another election would believe that if we succeed in educating a new amount from private sources, which would

double their 1962 contributions. Chase mean an increase of perhaps 2 million generation of labor leaders, they will accept votes to the left. The last election ac

the basic philosophy of the American labor Mellen, Jr., widely experienced in the bankcounted for 7,700,000 votes—25 percent sectors of the economy for the broadest and movement-that we cooperate with other ing world, has taken over the drive for con

tributions from the nonlabor, nonpublic secof those cast-3 million hard core move

at the same time most equitable develop tor. This includes foundations, corporations, ment protest votes. Four million Social- ment of the country.”

and individuals. ists of which 142 million were core Com George Meany, president both of the com But apart from financial backing, the munists.

bined AFL-CIO and of the young institute, Institute on January 18, 1962, received perThe 8 parties among 10 of major

10 of major has followed the latter's progress closely, haps its greatest psychological impetus-a importance

letter from President Kennedy to J. Peter comprising

and in speeches he has stressed its responthe Italian

sibilities to the very concepts of freedom and Grace, the institute's board chairman. Chamber of Deputies and their number democracy: “Democracy is impossible with An independent private organization are as follows:

out free and strong trade unions. My close composed of North and Latin American labor Communists ---


association with the institute since its for and business leaders, such as the Institute," Social Democrats---


mation convinces me that this is a realistic the President wrote, “should be able to proChristian Democrats.


way to help the trade unions in Latin Ameri vide much needed assistance in training Monarchists--

can insure the growth of democracy

leaders and workers for socially responsible Republicans


Freedom is not something you go to sleep participation in the development of their Liberals.

39 on; it's something that you fight to preserve. countries. I wish every success to your Neo-Fascists.


It's something that ties you to your neigh- organization.”

bors. Your own freedom is not secure if

your neighbor is not free.”
The American Institute for Free Labor

Conceived by a labor leader deeply moved THE ORIGINAL IDEA

by what his own eyes had seen in Peru, Development as developed in an article

The institute stemmed from a very per backed by the head of the merged American by Milton Bracker follows:

sonal experience. The man involved was labor federation, welcomed by industrialists THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR FREE LABOR

Joseph A. Beirne, since 1947 president of and businessmen, the Institute looks toward DEVELOPMENT

the Communications Workers of America, its most active year. A group of Brazilians (By Milton Bracker)

and for 5 years before that, head of its pre begun classes late in January. A second

decessor. In 1957, Beirne was flying over the course is planned for mid-May, with parA private team of labor and management, cordillera en route from Santiago to Buenos ticipants both from the English-speaking working with U.S. Government approval and Aires. His oxygen supply was working faulti Caribbean area and Spanish-speaking counsupport, has brought into being a long-range ly; it was an uncomfortable flight. But tries. A third course is planned for Septemproject to educate and train Latin American somehow, the inhospitable Andean masses ber, with the total number of trainees in the labor union leaders and workers in the high- below-and sometimes above, on both sides, est traditions of democracy—the American

1963 Washington program reaching about made him think of the misery of thousands 100. The board of trustees of the Institute Institute for Free Labor Development. Con of those who for centuries had tried to eke last December unanimously approved a proceived in 1957, and taking its present form sustenance from the great western spine of posal for supplementary training in Gerin 1961, the institute this year will bring 100 South America and some of its slopes. He many, Italy, and Israel. During this year, trainees in three groups to this country. It remembered particularly seeing children in the Institute also is contemplating opening hopes also to provide supplementary train the barren fields around Cuzco, and others

new training centers in Brazil and Argening in Germany, Italy, and Israel for about sleeping huddled together with adults in the tina, to be run along the lines of the centers 30 of its "graduates" and to expand its slums of Lima.

already in operation in Venezuela, Ecuador, corollary program in Latin America.

"I suddenly realized that this would never and Colombia, with financial aid from local THE GOAL

be cleared up,” Mr. Beirne recalled recently institutions. The institute's goal is not restricted to the in Washington, "unless it could be put in

THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: SERAFINO ROMUALDI negative one of keeping communism out of a

the minds of these people to change their hemisphere that has observed only too well in outlook, their view of the world.”

Mr. Romualdi, a former Italian Social Cuba what can happen within the Americas.

In one word, this meant education. Re

Democrat now in his 63d year, was born near

His It is rather to revise a persistent but obsolete turning to this country, Mr. Beirne and his Perugia, Italy on November 18, 1900.

father had preceded him to this country, image among large sections of the swelling union invited 16 Latin American communiLatin American population-the image of cations workers for a 3-months' stay. They

settling in Scranton, Pa. Serafino-every

one calls him by his first name—reached the wolf and the lamb, with management spent it taking training courses at the Complaying the wolf. munications Workers' Educational Center,

Chicago in 1923 and obtained a job as a

linotyper on an Italian-language paper. In The truer relationship, as visualized by the

also known as the Front Royal, Va., Institute.
After the visitors got home, they were assist-

May of that year, he was invited to address executive director of the institute-who

Italian workers in Milwaukee. The city had knows intimately the people and the main ed financially for 9 months by the Postal,

a Socialist mayor and Serafino anticipated languages of 19 of the 20 countries—is that Telephone, and Telegraph International.

the same kind of fervid meeting he had of a pair of oxen, equally strong, pulling Most of the graduates are still in the labor the plow.” Serafino Romualdi, the son of an movement, and some are professionals. The

often experienced in his homeland.

“Instead, it was like a club," he smiled. Italian cobbler, feels that this is a picture project seemed to have borne fruit.

"There was nothing to indicate that the peothat can be grasped instantly by the Boliy

Mr. Beirne was pleased but regarded it as

ple were expecting a Socialist revolution, as ians, Paraguayans, Ecuadorans, and Hona “drop in the bucket.” Looking to an ex

was being preached to the people in Eudurans with whom he has dealt for more than panded program, in August 1960 he obtained

rope. From that moment began my study 16 years. "And the oxen must be equally the approval of the AFL-CIO council—and a

of American society and of the American strong, and under the guidance of public $20,000 appropriation.

Revolution, the true American Revolution.” opinion," he holds. "Only in that way can


In 1928, he became acquainted with the they do a maximum job and share a maxi In May 1961, foundation status was estab philosophy of Matthew Woll, long vice presimum yield.”

lished, and that October, the American Insti dent of the AFL, and often under bitter atSuch a metaphor might be less acceptable tute for Free Labor Development came into tack for his willingness to cooperate with in the United States. But it is something being. It has a labor-management base, management. that tin and wool and quebracho and sugar but its "initiative and major responsibility," Serafino, who had regarded Woll as an inand oil workers from the Caribbean to Cape as its prospectus dated January 1963 reiter tellectual stimulant, said, "I wanted to find

out why Woll was attacked. And this was on the President's foreign aid bill, the care which team they are playing on, assummy first practical exposure to the AFL issue is still very much alive and we shall ing that they are willing to play on any philosophy of accepting the free enterprise no doubt have another opportunity to team, Mr. Khrushchev can't

even feed his agement when it was a question of promot- fact that the Senate is not likely to con

. consider it. This, of course, is due to the

eign aid load for size? ing the good and welfare of the Nation."

To sum up, we think the American people, He joined David Dubinsky's International cur with the House bill and a conference

as far as foreign aid is concerned, have just Ladies Garment Workers Union in 1933—and will be necessary, and following that, about had it. And we haven't the slightest ever since has regarded the ILGWU as his consideration of the conference report doubt that it is this more than anything else "alma mater.” by the full House.

which underlies the attitude of CongressCircling back over the course of his own

The House very wisely reduced the ad an attitude which the President either can't intellectual and philosophical development,

or won't understand. he reverts often to the image of the paired ministration's request from $4.4 to

This Congress, of course, will pass a foreign oxen in Latin America. It is the image to $3.5 billion, and for this small token

aid bill. But the appropriation will be which he is dedicated as he plans and strives I believe the American taxpayers are

sharply cut back. And it should be. The to make the American Institute for Free grateful. We might have acted even

88th Congress will go down in history (with Labor Development a major influence more wisely and the taxpayers would applause) if it begins the quick phasing out throughout the Western Hemisphere.

have been even more grateful, had we re of foreign aid. And we do not believe that The biography of Sigfrido Ciccotti is duced it further. In my opinion, it ought the rest of the world, without the Yankee

dollar, will go either to pot or to the a reflection of his importance in the to be terminated altogether.

Communists. fields of activity that he has followed Over the past 17 years we have exas a pattern of his life.

pended some $120 billions for foreign aid.

This huge dollar figure, we must remem-
ber, is but a measurement of our Nation's

Sigfrido Ciccotti, eminent Italian Journals natural resources and our people's pro-
ist and editor of the Nuova Stampa news

Mr. ASHMORE. Mr. Speaker, I ask agency, will arrive in the United States on ductivity which has been disposed of in

unanimous consent to address the House October 31 for a 3-week visit as a guest of this manner. Some 100 nations, in- for 1 minute and to revise and extend my the American Institute for Free Labor De- cluding several Communist or Com

remarks. velopment.

munist-dominated nations, are more or Mr. Ciccotti will lecture at the institute less permanently on Uncle Sam's dole.

The SPEAKER. Is there objection on November 1 and 2. He will also speak

It is a fact that the keystone of our

to the request of the gentleman from to various groups in Newark, Del.; New foreign policy for all the years since the

South Carolina? York, New Haven, and Boston, and cover the close of World War II has been foreign

There was no objection. AFL-CIO convention for a number of Italian labor publications. aid. This, I would remind you, is nothing

Mr. ASHMORE. Mr. Speaker, on June Mr. Ciccotti was born in Trieste in 1903. more than a secondhand version of the 25, 1963, I introduced H.R. 7252 in the He joined the Socialist Youth Organization old, discredited “dollar diplomacy." House of Representatives. The bill was in 1918.

Neither of our political parties has had subsequently referred to the Committee In 1921, he joined the Italian Socialist

a new idea in foreign policy in all these on Public Works and views were requestParty and became a reporter for the daily years. This is a sad commentary on the

ed from the Architect of the Capitol conIl Paese. When the Fascists closed Il intellectual productivity of our political

cerning the requirements of the bill Paese, Mr. Ciccotti joined the staff of the Socialist Party's Avanti. During this peparties.

which are to inscribe the words, "In God riod he also studied at the University of

So far as I can detect, the only origi- We Trust” above the bench of the SuRome.

nality that has been shown by our for preme Court in gold letters of sufficient His early career was devoted to strong op- eign policy experts, under the past three

size to make the words legible throughposition to fascism. He was arrested repeat- administrations, has been in finding new

out the courtroom. The Architect has edly and twice wounded by Fascist gunfire. and ingenious ways to spend foreign aid charge of the structural and mechanical In 1926, he was sentenced to 5 years' con

money. Foreign policy has become truly care of the Supreme Court Building subfinement on the island of Lampedusa, where bipartisan; neither party has had a new ject to the approval of the Chief Justice his continued efforts caused him in 1927 to be idea in 20 years.

of the United States. Upon request for indicted for attempted armed insurrection against the Fascist government. After wait

Mr. Speaker, the Washington Sunday

the views of the Chief Justice, the Archiing 10 months in the Ucciardone jail at Star of November 10 carried an editorial

tect of the Capitol received a letter dated Palermo, Mr. Ciccotti was acquitted, but con which I believe truly reflects the present October 28, 1963, and signed by Chief tinued to be confined on the islands of Ustica thinking and temper of the American

Justice Warren. I quote from that letand Ponza. The Fascists granted him parole people in this regard. It follows:

ter: in 1929, whereupon he escaped to France and


After consulting with all the members of went to Argentina the following year. He returned to Italy in 1946.

the Court, I advise you that I would not President Kennedy, in accepting a distin

approve the bills or the inscription referred to In January 1947, Mr. Ciccotti left the guished service award from a Protestant

therein. Italian Socialist Party in protest against the

group, got in the following plug for his forpro-Communist policy of the Nenni leader

The Supreme Court Building and pareign aid program: "I think the American people are willing to

ticularly the courtroom were designed by ship. He joined Giuseppe Saragat in founding the Democratic Socialist Party, and was shoulder this burden. * * * Some say they

outstanding architects and were decorated

with an eye to beauty and symmetry conappointed to the editorial staff of the party's are tiring of this task, or tired of world proborgan Giustizia. He also served as a mem

sistent with the purpose for which the lems, or tired of hearing those who receive

building was to be devoted. our aid disagree with our diplomacy. But ber of the party's central and executive com

It is believed mittees. what kind of spirit is that? Are we tired of

that ornamentation other than that proAs editor of Nuova Stampa, Mr. Ciccotti is living in a free world? Do we expect to make

vided in the original plans would detract a regular contributor to a number of magait over in our own image? Are we going to

from the total concept of the building. On quit now because there are problems not yet zines, including Giustizia, the Italian lan

other occasions, people have suggested patrisolved?"

otic and religious inscriptions for the courtguage organ of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU), and the

The implication here is that the American

room, but it has always been the view of the New Leader. people (who have been lugging the foreign

members of our Court then sitting that no aid load for 17 years) are ready, willing, and

changes in the decor of the courtroom should happy to keep on lugging it. Some other

be made. This has been true regardless of TIRED OF IT ALL President, 17 years in the future, may be say

the significance of the language or its releing pretty much the same thing. But we

vance to patriotic or religious sentiment. I Mr. ABERNETHY. Mr. Speaker, I dissent.

believe that the suggestion contained in ask unanimous consent to address the

It is our belief that the American people,

these bills should be no exception to our House for 1 minute and include extrane or most of them, are sick and tired of "for

previous views. ous matter.

eign aid.” They are fed up with doling out Mr. Speaker, the language and tone of The SPEAKER. Is there objection billions in American tax dollars to people

this letter indicate much more than a to the request of the gentleman from who couldn't care less about what we in this

concern for “beauty and symmetry." Mississippi?

country like to speak of as "the American
way of life.” They are bored to tears with

The tone is most indicative that the SuThere was no objection. the threadbare argument that the Commu

preme Court would be made painfully Mr. ABERNETHY. Mr. Speaker, al- nists will take over the world unless we pay aware of the fact that there is an authough the House acted some time ago the bills for countries which don't know or thority higher than that of the Supreme

Court of these United States. I realize CONGRESSMAN HALLECK AND THE BACKPEDALING ON COMMUNIST that to some few people in this country


SALE TERMS any such idea is almost tantamount to treason. But when we reach the point

Mr. FINDLEY. Mr. Speaker, I ask Mr. FINDLEY. Mr. Speaker, I ask where we must choose between "beauty unanimous consent to extend my remarks unanimous consent to extend my remarks

at this point in the RECORD and include and symmetry, and the simple recog- at this point in the RECORD. nition of God, then the choice must in The SPEAKER. Is there objection extraneous matter.

The SPEAKER. Is there objection evitably be, God. The fact that a Chap- to the request of the gentleman from

to the request of the gentleman from lain has been chosen for both Houses of Illinois ?

Illinois ? Congress suggests that a majority of the

There was no objection.

Mr. FINDLEY. Mr. Speaker, a mempeople's representatives approve of the

There was no objection.

Mr. FINDLEY. Mr. Speaker, the adrecognition of God and the need to wor- ber of the other body who represents ship Him. This is also endorsed by the the State of Georgia, yesterday launched ministration is doing a fancy job of backfact that the phrase “In God We Trust” a verbal attack upon the distinguished pedaling on policies for selling grain to

the Communist bloc countries. appears above your very chair, Mr. minority leader, the gentleman from In

On October 11, the Department of Speaker, and likewise above the door fac- diana [Mr. HALLECK), accusing him of ing the President of the Senate. The being used by the President and the At- Commerce bulletin announced that all phrase appears on our coins, and recog- torney General in behalf of what the subsidized and price supported commodnition is given the Deity in the Pledge of Georgia Senator termed a socialistic civil ities would have to be shipped in U.S.

bottoms. It even spelled this out, listing Allegiance to our flag, much to the dis- rights bill. may of an atheistic minority of our popu In a way, I am glad the Senator spoke corn, grain sorghums, and closed with

the familiar "etc.” lation. Our religious heritage demands with such unrestrained feeling. It gives

On October 18, the Department of that we choose this simple acknowledg- me the welcome opportunity to rise in bement of the Supreme Being. Archi- half of the leader of my party, the gen- cleverly buried in the third paragraph

Commerce issued another bulletin and tectural beauty is inconsequential when tleman from Indiana (Mr. HALLECK). compared to the fundamental expression Support of civil rights legislation is the real meat of the statement. It said of trust in our Creator. We have no nothing new for Republicans. It all be wheat and flour would have to be shipped cause to worship architectural symmetry gan with Abraham Lincoln, and the ef- modities. Of course this opened the gate

in U.S. bottoms, but exempted other comor to appease atheists and superintel - fort has been constant ever since.

wide enough to let through the corn sale lectuals. Moreover, there is no logic Lincoln did not free the slaves to win to Hungary. whatsoever in the flimsy claim that these votes. He did it because it was right. four words of enduring faith would mar

Last Friday the Commerce Depart

The gentleman from Indiana, CHARLES ment announced that export licenses the abstract beauty of the walls of the HALLECK, did not cooperate in prying a would be issued for wheat sales to ComSupreme Court Building.

civil rights bill from the Judiciary Com- munist bloc nations, provided that half The time has arrived to make a de- mittee in order to win votes. No one can the shipment was in U.S. bottoms. This cision: Shall we affirm our faith in God wisely play politics with an issue as fun

wisely play politics with an issue as fun- means that half the shipments can be in by inscribing this divine phrase above damental, as seething, as complex, and foreign bottoms, and the other half in the bench of the Supreme Court, or shall awesome as civil rights. Not even a U.S. bottoms, with the interesting qualifiwe shun God aside? It is inconceivable Solomon could figure the political angles cation “if available.” that any Member of the Senate, House with assurance.

Backpedaling has also occurred in the of Representatives, or other high officials

The gentleman from Indiana [Mr. financing of grain sales to the Commuof this country could object to the in HALLECK], acted in behalf of civil rights nist bloc. The administration insisted scription of this simple phrase upon any because to do so was right. He acted it would have no part in Government-topublic building of our Government.

in the great tradition of Lincoln, and Government agreements, and no Govthe party leadership that followed.

ernment credit. Any sales would be Civil rights a socialistic trend? If so, handled and financed through the pri"IN GOD WE TRUST"

the dictionaries and history books are vate trade. Mr. SMITH of Virginia. Mr. Speaker, outdated and must be rewritten.

How the administration is engaged in I ask unanimous consent to address the If there is one single burden which backpedaling through

through the financing house for 1 minute and to revise and our Federal Government must properly problems is recounted in this article by extend my remarks.

shoulder, it is the cause of equal justice, Eliot Janeway, appearing on the finanThe SPEAKER. Is there objection

the exaltation of the individual citizen, cial page of yesterday's Washington Eveto the request of the gentleman from

regardless of race, creed, or station in ning Star: Virginia?

life, and the protection of his rights and SOVIET WHEAT DEAL OR NOT, NEGOTIATIONS

liberties. There was no objection.

This burden was shouldered the mo-
Mr. SMITH of Virginia. Mr. Speaker,

(By Eliot Janeway)
ment our great republic was born. It
the gentleman from South Carolina (Mr.

NEW YORK.-Sometimes a deal which ASHMORE] has just disclosed a very re

has been carried proudly and properly doesn't come off can make more history than markable situation. He introduced a bill,

through the years by all Republican one which does. Witness the busted deal leaders.

over Britain's application to join the Coma very simple bill; just to put "In God We Trust" on the frieze in the Supreme The Senator inadvertently did the Na- mon Market. tion a great service in his bitter attack the result of which we either will or will not

Washingtons' negotiation with Moscow, as Court chamber, just as we have it in the House, just as we have it in the Senon the House minority.

manage to unload most of our grain surplus, ate, just as it is the motto of this Nation.

He exploded in plain view of everyone could be another case in point. Whether The Supreme Court says, No, you shall

the myth that Southern Democrats and the deal is finally made or not, the negotinot put "In God We Trust" on the frieze Republicans are joined in a coalition.

ations looks like a milestone in the economic in the Supreme Court chamber.

If it ever existed in the past, it cer- history of the East-West competition. This

will be true no matter how large or small-or Mr. Speaker, where are we going? We tainly has not in my 3 years in the House.

sustained—any eventual grain movement have a bill pending. I hope that this The so-called conservative coalition is a

across the Iron Curtain may be. House will rise up in its wrath and deconvenient facade which Democrats from

The reason is that the grain negotiations mand the passage of that bill, at least

the South have used effectively to get have precipitated a direct government-tothe opportunity to vote upon it in the reelected. I can count the truly con

government bargaining confrontation in House. I had always been under the servative Democrats in the House on the

three major marketplaces the actual grain impression that the Federal buildings fingers of one hand.

markets, the money market and the marine belonged to the people of the United If the Senator's vitriol serves to inform freight market. There's no other way to do States. Or do they belong to the Chief Southern voters that the conservative

business with the Russians—if that is what Justice? That question can be decided coalition is really the phoniest of pho- ment-to-government basis.

we mean to do than on a direct govern

Not even the in this House and in the other body. nies, then it will indeed have been a

nies, then it will indeed have been a largest corporations can bargain as equals Let us do it.

strange but wondrous contribution. with the Soviet Government when it's an CIX-1361

anxious buyer; and certainly, no private An Associated Press report from Westing favors and using influence and yachts grain dealers can hope to.

Berlin attributes this comment to Mr. for the purpose that is the cause of the President Kennedy's first move toward the Keith Funston, president of the New trouble.” bargaining table in the grain negotiations York Stock Exchange, one of the 20-odd Korthdidn't recognize this fact of life. He tried to finesse a direct government-to-government businessmen accorded two interviews

Says Reston confrontation. Instead, he made an attempt with Khrushchev: to route the Russian bid or the American What shocked me most about the meet

wasn't crooked; he was morally insensitive offer—whichever the history books end up ing [with Khrushchev] was the complete

and stupid, but the President insists Korth calling it through the private U.S. grain disregard for facts. I went away with a

wasn't fired, which raises the question: Why

not? export trade.

sense of frustration. How do you deal with This gambit didn't work. Mr. Kennedy people who lie to you and to whom facts

The “Bobby Baker" casequickly found that the alternative to letting mean nothing.

Says Restonthe deal drop was to put the Government all the way into it—as a direct participant.

I have no intention of being critical illustrates the same casual attitude toward By this time the publicity had got out of of Mr. Funston, particularly since he charges of improper conduct. hand, and the buildup was too big to let the now says that we must "resolve not to

The Times article follows: opportunity go.

give them the Russians-an inch anySo now our Government is trying to trade where.” I suspect that he has been

WASHINGTON.-October 31.-There is a out at least a preliminary deal in direct barno more naive about doing business with evidence that either the White House or the

mess in Washington again, and very little gaining with the Russian Government. So

the Communists than a great many oth- Congress is going to do very much to clean it far two important obstacles have had to be

er Americans and American businessfaced. The nut which has to be cracked first is men.

The improprieties of Secretary of the Navy the high cost of American shipping: It is Nevertheless, one cannot help wonder- Korth in carrying on his private business on ironic that hard, market-oriented Soviet bar- ing where these Americans have been Navy stationery and on his official yacht are gaining has focused on the uneconomic con for the last 40 years or so.

widely condemned in the Capital, but he will sequences of U.S. labor practices. The prob

Back in 1920, Secretary of State Bain

be given an honorable farewell by the top lem still waiting in the wings is credit: How bridge Colby

rejected proposals for dip

admirals of the Navy when he leaves tomoris the U.S. Government to underwrite terms

row. And he leaves with the assurances and to Moscow with an election year coming up?lomatic recognition of Soviet Russia on

even praises of the President himself. Of these two obstacles, the touchiest one the grounds that:

This is the man who wrote to his former on our side of the bargaining table is the one The existing regime in Russia is based

and future associate, G. E. Homstrom, at the we haven't yet faced up to—that of Govern upon the negation of every principle of

Continental National Bank of Fort Worth ment-underwritten credit for the Russians. honor and good faith.

about his plans to "have a little party And, make no mistake about it, any credit

aboard the Sequoia (the Navy Secretary's terms extended to the Russians will have to

Mr. Colby also charged that leaders of official yacht) primarily for my Texas friends. be Government-underwritten, not merely be

that regime "have frequently and openly "I am just wondering,” Secretary Korth's cause the risk is too big for the grain trade to boasted that they are willing to sign letter of August 13, 1962, continued carry but because the banks know that Rus agreements and undertaking with foreign "whether you and some of my other friends sia is too big a risk for them to carry. No matter how you slice it, the problem intention of observing such undertaking." powers while not having the slightest at the Continental may be coming through;

likewise if you have some extra good cusgets back to the government-to-government

tomers that it would be nice to have."

Furthermore, Lenin long ago declared relationship. Credit for Moscow is an obvious hot potato for any administration at any

KENNEDY'S BLESSING that "promises are like piecrust, made to time, and hotter than usual for this one

This and much more evidence of misuse of be broken,” and Stalin said that "words now. are one thing, actions another. Sincere

the Secretary of the Navy's office came to

the attention of the Congress, and shortly Just because the issue of credit terms looms diplomacy is no more possible than dry

thereafter Korth resigned, but the President as so tough for us, it's surprising that we water or iron wood." have been so quick to offer concessions on

took the line today that the Secretary had

I am reminded of an oft-repeated not acted improperly and, while vaguely rethe shipping issue, where the market is going

comment of a former distinguished col- gretting his letter-writing praised his Navy our way. The Russians have shown them

Secretary's contribution to the Nation's selves to be great respecters of authority of league of ours, Dr. Walter Judd, of Minthe market; and, the world over, the market nesota. He has frequently pointed out security. for shipping is on the rise. that Americans can learn more about

The "Bobby Baker” case illustrates the Thus, during the short period since the Soviet Russia and international commu

same casual attitude toward charges of imSoviets have turned grain buyers and since nism by a half day's visit to the library secretary to the Democratic majority in the

proper conduct. Ever since Baker, former the Russians have forced the Chinese to

than by a trip to Moscow. charter ships on their own, the asking price

Senate, resigned after charges that he was

Evidently Mr. Funston has learned using his position to amass a private fortune for liberty ships in London has doubled; and the reserve of dry cargo tramps not in use the hard way.

on the side, this city has been full of ugly has fallen to just 2 percent.

Incidentally, the answer to Mr. Funs rumors about illicit relations between Baker's The more grain the Soviets buy outside the ton's question, born of his current dis girl friends and prominent Senators and United States, the higher freight rates out- illusionment, “How do you deal with

officials in the administration. side the United States will rise; and the less people who lie to you?” is very simple.

Every vigilant newspaper office in Washuneconomic the cost of U.S. shipping will be

ington has a list of names of those implicated

You do not. come. This is where we should sit tight and

with Baker and his lobbying friends and his take advantage of the chance to bargain

girls. And the gossip feeds on itself to such from strength.

an extent that it has already poisoned the CLEAN UP WASHINGTON MESS

atmosphere of the whole Government. Mr. GROSS. Mr. Speaker, I ask The only way to deal with this kind of

unanimous consent to address the House material, much of it deeply disturbing and HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THE for 1 minute and to revise and extend my

a lot more of it probably malicious trash, is COMMUNISTS?

to investigate it thoroughly, objectively, and remarks.

in private. Mr. JOHANSEN. Mr. Speaker, I ask The SPEAKER. Is there objection

This may yet be done. It is in the hands unanimous consent to address the House to the request of the gentleman from of the Senate Committee on Rules and Adfor 1 minute and to revise and extend my Iowa?

ministration, but that committee is operremarks.

There was no objection.

ating under a Senate resolution which inThe SPEAKER. Is there objection Mr. GROSS. Mr. Speaker, in the

structs it to look into the conduct only of to the request of the gentleman from November 1, 1963, issue of the New York

Senate employees and former employees (not Michigan? Times, Mr. James Reston, Washington side legal counsel for both the Democratic

Senators), and it is refusing to provide outThere was no objection.

correspondent for that newspaper, writes majority and the Republican minority of Mr. JOHANSEN. Mr. Speaker, since a searching article on the “resignation” the committee. I spoke critically last week of the pil- of Secretary of the Navy Fred Korth and

LACK OF CONFIDENCE grimage of the American businessmen to the “Bobby” Baker case.

The result is that there is absolutely no the Kremlin, I think I should call to the Reston points to "the loose system in

confidence here that the Rules Committee attention of the House a revealing sequel Washington that encourages personal will really investigate their own Senate colto that yisit.

improprieties. It is the system of trad- leagues or that the permanent Senate em

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