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of sending more volunteers to the coun The other reason was that the pro ice programs. The Executive requested tries where the program is already in grams in different countries required authority to use Peace Corps funds to operation rather than pioneering in new volunteers with specialized backgrounds

volunteers with specialized backgrounds finance the International Peace Corps countries.

in many instances, such as, teachers of Secretariat and to assist other nations All of the evidence available to the science and persons with agricultural in organizing and operating peace corps committee indicates that the Peace Corps training. It was more difficult to recruit of their own. The committee was volunteers are rendering useful services people of this kind than some others, but firmly opposed to the use of Peace Corps to the countries where they are working, the rate of recruitment was adjusted to funds in this manner. that they are well liked, and that more the availability of the required skills The committee recognized, however, are desired.

rather than filling up the organization that there are a number of countries in Another question that many of us had with whatever kinds of volunteers hap

with whatever kinds of volunteers hap- the world, particularly those in Europe, in mind when the Peace Corps was pro- pened to be most readily available. whose citizens are possessed of skills posed initially was whether or not an

As a result of this delay, the Peace which would be of great value to the adequate supply of volunteers would be Corps returned $3,870,000 to the Treasury

Corps returned $3,870,000 to the Treasury less developed countries and were willavailable. Again, the record speaks for at the end of the last fiscal year.

at the end of the last fiscal year. The ing to volunteer to serve in these counitself. evidence indicates that the Peace Corps

tries under arrangements similar to There are three times as many appli- has been prudent in its handling of the those of our own Peace Corps. We becants today as there were a year ago. taxpayers' money. It has not recruited taxpayers' money. It has not recruited lieve that it was desirable for the

United States to encourage these counOnly one applicant in seven actually be- volunteers as fast as possible within the comes an oversea volunteer. Neverthe- limit of the funds available and has re tries to develop voluntary service proless, there is no indication that the sup- turned money to the Treasury rather grams of this kind and to give them the

than obligate ply of volunteers will fail to keep pace

it for low priority

benefit of the knowledge and skills

which we had derived as a result of our with the demand in the foreseeable requirements. future.

It was the feeling of the committee own experience with the Peace Corps.

Section 8 of the bill prohibits the conThe bill authorizes $102 million for that this conscientious use of funds by fiscal 1964. The appropriation for fiscal the Peace Corps deserved commendation the Peace Corps deserved commendation tribution of Peace Corps funds to any

international organization or to any 1963 was $59 million, of which $3,870,000 and encouragement. We, therefore, ap

country. It authorizes, however, the was returned to the Treasury. The orig- proved the entire amount requested in inal request made by the Executive was the belief that should the Peace Corps Peace Corps to provide knowledge and

skills to countries, or international orgafor $108 million, which was reduced to during fiscal 1964 find it impossible or $102 million last October at the time of undesirable to expand up to the level of

undesirable to expand up to the level of nizations, within a limit of expenditures the committee's hearings on the Peace 11,300 volunteers as programed, the un

of $300,000 for fiscal year 1964. The needed funds would be conserved and

knowledge and skills which may be proCorps legislation, The decision as to how much money returned to the Treasury.

vided are limited to the selection, train

The reason why the Peace Corps has ing and programing of volunteer manshould be voted for the Peace Corps is

decided to build the number of volun power. basically a decision as to how many Peace

Mr. Chairman, the Peace Corps is a Corps volunteers should be sent overseas. teers above the 9,000 or 10,000 level conIt costs $9,000 a year to train, transport, templated last year is the increased de- remarkably successful operation which and maintain a volunteer. The read- mand for volunteers from the countries deserves our continuing support. There justment allowance of $75 a month

of Latin America and from Africa. In have been no significant criticisms of its which each volunteer gets upon his reboth these areas, the lack of teachers operations to date.

There appear to be some who have turn to the United States after comple- and of skilled technicians is particularly tion of his service is only a small part of serious. These countries need teachers, misgivings about the future of the Peace the annual cost. The largest cost items nurses, tractor mechanics, surveyors, and Corps, who fear that it may become too are for training, transportation and liv- other technicians who are ready to work big and too bureaucratic in its opera

tions. ing allowances while stationed abroad.

at their specialties.

Let me remind you that when a Peace All volunteers are given 6 to 8 weeks of

I urge you to judge the Peace Corps

on its record. Just as the fears that language training, as well as other prep- Corps volunteer is stationed in a foreign aration for their assignments. Most of country, he is not working on something many of us had at the beginning have this training is carried out at various called a Peace Corps project; he is proved to be groundless, I think the universities in the United States and in working at some operation being carried fears that are expressed about the fu

ture of the Peace Corps will also prove Puerto Rico. The administrative costs on, directed and financed by the Govern

groundless. of the program decrease as the number ment or some other entity in the coun

The administration of the Peace Corps of volunteers becomes larger. It is esti- try where he is located. If he is a teach

has been careful of the taxpayers' money mated that in fiscal 1964 administrative er, he works as a teacher in a school expenses will amount to only 19 percent under the direction of the education au- and has held its rate of expansion withof the total cost.

thorities which run the school along with in realistic limits.

on a There is every reason to believe that The Executive has requested $102 mil- highway project, he works under the lo

the record in fiscal 1964 will be as good lion for fiscal 1964 in order to build up to cal highway authorities as a surveyor or

as the record for fiscal 1963 has been. a level of 11,300 volunteers by August, engineer, or in whatever capacity his

At the end of fiscal 1964 we will all have 1964. There are approximately 7,000 skill permits. In hospitals and health an opportunity to evaluate what has volunteers overseas at the present time: centers, Peace Corps volunteers are

been done and to consider what should

be done in the future. The Peace Corps goal as being 10,000 volunteers which serving as nurses and technicians along with local people.

today, however, has shown itself worthy would cost approximately $90 million a

The need for people with the skills of our support, and I urge the approval year to maintain. When the appro

of this bill. priation last year was reduced to $59 possessed by Peace Corps volunteers in

the less developed countries is self-evi Mr. GIBBONS. Mr. Chairman, will million, the Peace Corps reduced its dent. The record shows that the Peace

the gentleman yield? planned level to 9,000 volunteers. Dur- Corps has been remarkably successful in

Mr. MORGAN. I yield to the gentleing fiscal 1963 this level was not at

man from Florida [Mr. GIBBONS). tained, and in August only 6,600 volun- helping to meet this need.

I will not discuss in detail the 16 Mr. GIBBONS. I wish to address my teers were on board. This

This delay in amendments to the basic Peace Corps questions, Mr. Chairman, to title III. building up the organization was due to Act which the bill contains. Each of Do you have a copy of it over there? two factors:

them is described in the committee re First of all, let me say in preface to First, it was decided to increase the port, which I commend to your atten my questions that I believe in the Peace length of the training period in order tion.

Corps and I think it is doing a fine job that more training in languages could I would like to say a word, however, in meeting the requirements that are be given. This slowed down the rate of about section 8 of the bill which deals outlined here, but I am worried about increase.

with encouragement of voluntary sery the words "or areas" on line 24, page 5,

and line 1 of the next page-"or areas." opportunity to visit a leprosarium out- gram was first set up. Certainly we Does the committee mean by that those side that city. There are about 2,500 should not hold down the proposed exare foreign countries or foreign areas, patients in this particular leprosarium pansion simply because they did not meet or domestic areas?

There have been three Peace Corps vol- their goals last June 30. Mr. MORGAN. No. Those are for- unteers in that establishment. On the Mr. Chairman, I do not believe that the eign countries, foreign areas.

day of our visit, two volunteers had al- Director of the Peace Corps, in testimony Mr. GIBBONS. There is no intention ready returned home and there was only before the Committee on Foreign Affairs, on the part of the committee to allow one young lady left there. Her name, I admitted that the only way in which the any of this $300,000 to be spent for the might add, is Miss Sadie Stout, of Ar- proposed expansion could be made would establishment of a so-called Domestic kansas City, Kans. She impressed us all be by lowering the standards of selection. Peace Corps or National Service Corps? very deeply with her intelligence and Quite the contrary. My feeling was that

Mr. MORGAN. Absolutely not. her devotion to the job she was doing. he suggested that the applications were Mr. GIBBONS. Thank you.

We were also impressed by the respect coming in in such volume, as the chairMr. FRELINGHUYSEN. Mr. Chair- in which she and her covolunteers were man of the full committee has pointed man, I yield myself 10 minutes.

held by those who worked with them. out, that we would be able to maintain, Mr. Chairman, the chairman of the It was our understanding that this and even improve, our standards and still Committee on Foreign Affairs has given American effort, small as it was in num- meet the goals. us a good indication of what is pro- bers, had made a very substantial im Furthermore, I think it should be posed in this bill, H.R. 9009. I rise in pact on the Malaysians themselves. The pointed out that the experience in the support of this legislation. I only wish volunteers had encouraged the Malaysian last fiscal year should be an indication of I could answer all of the questions which people to join in working at this insti- what may lie ahead, if we should allow have already been asked of me since I tution. When we discuss this program, this authorization. The Peace Corps decame on the floor.

therefore, we need to keep in mind the liberately did not expand its roster to the I would like to begin by a brief com- very real amount of good it does.

full 9,000 authorized. Consequently, just ment with respect to the remarks of the The chairman has indicated that this under $4 million which was available to gentleman from Missouri about the ade- program has been slow to develop and the Peace Corps was not utilized. quacy of the hearings. It so happened that a great effort has been made to re If it should not reach its goal of 11,300 that I was in southeast Asia at the time, cruit volunteers with care and to give volunteers in this current fiscal year, I so I was not actually a participant in them adequate training. Recently the think we could reasonably anticipate that those hearings. I would agree with him training program has been lengthened. some of the money available to the prothat committee hearings should be as There has been increased emphasis on gram would not be utilized. substantial as possible. It might well learning the language of the areas to Mr. Chairman, we would be very unhave been advisable to seek out, for their which the volunteers will go. In varie charitable and illogical if we should conopinions and advice, some of the private ous ways, I think it is fair to say, the clude that because the money is available organizations which are interested in the Peace Corps has learned by experience. they are inevitably going to expend it. same area of effort as the Peace Corps. It has significantly improved the recruit Therefore, I do hope that we will think And yet my impression is that there is ment and selection of individuals.

twice before we support a major cut of more than enough room for all of the Mr. Chairman, there is going to be a the kind which I understand is contemprivate efforts now underway as well as major discussion about the rate at which plated. The amount of the proposed the Peace Corps itself. So far as I know, the Peace Corps should expand. Ques

the Peace Corps should expand. Ques- cut, I might add, was not spelled out in there is harmony between the private and tions will be asked also about its capac the letter which was circulated to some the governmental efforts.

ity to expand as quickly as would be of the membership. The needs are so enormous that we do possible if this full authorization of $102 Mr. SNYDER. Mr. Chairman, will the not need to worry about possible over- million should be approved.

gentleman yield? lapping of efforts, or a diminution or lack I do not suppose any of us can tell

Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. I would be of interest on the part of private organi- with any positiveness how quickly a glad to yield to the gentleman from zations because of the activities of the quality establishment can be recruited. Kentucky. Peace Corps. However, I would think it would be the

Mr. SNYDER. I have several quesIt seems to me important that we rec- path of wisdom for us to approve the tions that I would like to ask the gentleognize that this program is one of the authorization recommended by the full man from New Jersey. least expensive, and probably one of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

A recent publication quotes one Dougmost productive, ways in which we can Mr. Chairman, I have in front of me las Kiker, who signs the mail as Chief demonstrate our interest in the prob- a letter which has been circulated to of the Public Information Division of lems of other people.

some of the membership of the House, the Peace Corps, as saying this is in The gentleman from Missouri criti- signed by four members of the Commit regard to sending Peace Corps volunteers cized this program as a “holy cow,” as not tee on Foreign Affairs, which claims that to Indonesia to help Sukarno who is a being a person-to-person program but the Peace Corps has had consistent dif

known Communist-the following: one which involves government with gov- ficulty in obtaining the number of vol You can be sure we're not going to send ernment. In answer to that contention, unteers scheduled, and by the admission any flag-wavers over there, any kids with the I would like to point out that any pri- of its Director, can only do so by lower Declaration of Independence' tattooed on

their chests. All our people will be acceptvate effort, missionary or otherwise, can ing the standards of selection, which is only operate within a foreign country not contemplated.

able to Sukarno. with the permission of that government. I have indicated that I was not here I wrote to Mr. Kiker and asked him In some cases missionaries have been for the hearings, but my reading of the about this. He wrote back the followforced to leave certain countries. The hearings would not support such a con ing: Ford Foundation, as I recall, was obliged tention.

Our belief is that the volunteers would be to leave Burma because it was no longer We all know that the goal of 9,000 a continuing source of controversy if they considered acceptable to the Government volunteers by the end of the last fiscal

went to all these countries with the proof that country. year was not achieved. That this was

fessed duty of "preaching" the democratic On the other hand, how can we truth- the case, I believe, should be a source

free-enterprise system to the local citizens. fully say that the Peace Corps does not of congratulations rather than a source My question would be this: What sysrepresent a person-to-person effort? I of concern. The goal was not reached tem does the testimony indicate they are say this because our trip to Asia took us because the Peace Corps was deeply de "preaching” to these people? both to Malaysia, where we have a pro- termined to maintain the quality of those Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. In answer gram involving 260 Peace Corps volun- they did select.

to the gentleman, I did not see the refteers, and to the Philippines, where we Mr. Chairman, I do not think we erence to which the gentleman refers have one of our more substantial pro- should now decide that we should make until a few minutes ago, so I have not grams, involving 474 individuals. On our it impossible to go ahead with the pro- been able to check the facts. My feeltrip to Kuala Lumpur, capital of Ma- posed expansion. This is an expansion ing is the Peace Corps volunteers are not laysia, part of our study mission had the which has been anticipated since the pro

which has been anticipated since the pro- primarily engaged in political activity

of any kind. In my opinion it would be maximum of 125 volunteers to work with Mr. MORGAN. Mr. Chairman, I yield inadvisable for them to do that.

the United Nations and its specialized 10 minutes to the gentleman from WisThe gentleman has suggested that the agencies such as the Food and Agricul- consin (Mr. ZABLOCKI]. Peace Corps volunteers being sent to In- ture Organization. There is no increase Mr. ZABLOCKI. Mr. Chairman, as aldonesia are being sent to help Sukarno. recommended in this bill.

ready has been outlined by the very able I think that is an unfair way to put it. Mr. SNYDER. Am I also correct in and distinguished chairman of the ForThere are approximately 17 volunteers my assumption that Peace Corps train- eign Affairs Committee, the gentleman in Indonesia. As far as I know they are ees are trained for approximately 4 from Pennsylvania [Mr. MORGAN] and experts in physical education. To what months, during which time they are by the gentleman from New Jersey [Mr. extent, and in what way, the develop- supposed to learn the language and cus MCDOWELL), the Peace Corpsmen have, ment of the capacities of young Indo- toms of the country they are going to? indeed, proven themselves. The charge nesians in the field of physical education Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. There is a that the Peace Corps has almost no would be helping Sukarno is a question. very intensive instructional program in record of accomplishment, as stated in I would not think that the so-called the language of the country to which the minority report to this bill, is comleadership of Sukarno would be in any they are going, including a training pe- pletely in error. way affected by those 17 volunteers. I riod of up to 120 days. I think that is

I rise in support of H.R. 9009, a bill to think this is an unfortunate description the normal length of the training pro amend further the Peace Corps Act, as of why they are being sent to that gram.

amended. I, like the gentleman from country.

Mr. SNYDER. I have been told that

I have been told that New Jersey, was not at the hearings. We Mr. SNYDER. Mr. Kiker's letter to me a Peace Corps staff officer by the name happened to be in southeast Asia on a in effect indicates it is the custom to of John Cort draws $10,645 a year, and congressional study mission of which I send Peace Corps volunteers that are ac- it cost $13,150 to send him and his fam

was chairman. We were in southeast ceptable to the leadership of the country. ily to his station, is that correct?

Asia to assess the military, political, and If they are acceptable to Sukarno and Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. Again I have they are not over there to preach, as he no specific information about the case to bright spots in the picture was the study

economic situation there. One of the says, “the democratic free enterprise which the gentleman refers. As I under mission's observation of the fine work system to local citizens." He says that

He says that stood from the facts available to him, being done by the American Peace Corps. if they did they would be put out. this family was composed of nine chil

As the gentleman from New Jersey Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. The gentle- dren. If this big a family was sent to man is not arguing, I hope, that we the Philippines I would think it would Selangor near Kuala Lumpur, in Malay

has stated, we visited the leprosarium in could expect to send volunteers to coun- cost that much. However, I would not sia. One could not help but feel a real tries that are not willing to accept them, attempt to argue with the gentleman

sense of pride in these Americans toiling whether or not they are going to preach about the validity of those figures.

far from their homes and loved ones, not when they get there, or whether the Mr. SNYDER. These questions come

in the big cities but in the hinterland. group is a governmental or private from a constituent of mine in a letter. group. There has to be clearance by the That is why I would like to get the an

Right on the boundary between Malay

sia and Thailand was a single Peace authorities in the countries to which swer. This constituent indicates that Corps girl working not only in the field the volunteers go in order to have them wheaton College and Berea College, of nursing but also at giving the people get there. One of the surest ways to have which happens to be in Kentucky, are them ousted as soon as they get there is not acceptable to the Peace Corps be

of her region the real image of what

America stands for. for them to preach the overthrow of the cause they are "too religiously orient

Besides the volunteeers in the leproexisting government of that country. ed.” She quotes from a publication It would be well to keep out of the po- known as Christianity Today, issue of sarium, there are others employed in the litical problems of the kind the gentle- December 21, 1962. Does the gentleman district hospitals in Malaysia, in rural man is describing. know whether that is correct or not?

health centers, in yaws and tuberculosis Mr. MORGAN. Mr. Chairman, will Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. Again, I am

control programs, or engaged in child the gentleman yield? not a regular reader of Christianity and infant care.

Other volunteers in Malaysia are Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. I yield to the Today. gentleman from Pennsylvania.

Mr. MORGAN. Mr. Chairman, will teachers, 4-H project leaders, and rural

development workers. Among the latter Mr. MORGAN. I want to inform the the gentleman yield? gentleman from Kentucky that each


I yield to occupation group are architects in charge

of school construction, heavy equipment Peace Corps volunteer is given a hand- the gentleman from Pennsylvania.

operators, and surveyors engaged in road book as a guide for his conduct.

Mr. MORGAN. Let me make the rec-

construction, foresters and soil analysts should like to read one of the paragraphs ord clear on this point. There is no which appears on page 46 in the hear- ground to the accusation of religious who are mapping the forests to provide ings. The Director of the Peace Corps, discrimination by the Peace Corps in the information necessary for land-use plan

ning. Mr. Shriver, put in this quotation from selection of training institutions. As a

The Malaysia press has been almost the handbook, and I think that will an- matter of fact, in addition to Georgeswer the question.

town and Notre Dame, the Peace Corps unanimously complimentary on the sub

has trained at Oberlin, Chicago, Berea, ject of the Peace Corps. Its Government It reads as follows:

and Springfield Colleges, all of which is among those which have requested We hope you will represent the best in have various Protestant affiliations.

more volunteers—and is willing to conyour country with honesty and with dignity,

In addition, a Peace Corps official who tribute to their upkeep. and that you will explain American princi

Right now, for example, the Malaysian ples and problems to the honest doubter is an ordained Baptist minister, will be and the curious. You are likely to be most busy making the annual address at Government provides 70 percent of voleffective if you speak from your personal be- Wheaton College tomorrow.

unteer housing and basic furnishings. liefs and experience. Bear in mind, how Mr. SNYDER. I thank both gentle. They also supply uniforms for nurses, ever, that the Peace Corps purpose is serv men.

transportation on work assignments, ice. Your equipment does not include a

Mr. JOHANSEN. Mr. Chairman, will medical care and general equipment on soapbox. Answer detractors through hard the gentleman yield?

the same basis as that provided for work and accomplishment, not in political


I yield to Malaysian civil servants. debate (pp. 16–17). the gentleman from Michigan.

The reputation of the Peace Corps was Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. I thank the

Mr. JOHANSEN. In view of the high in the Philippines which we also gentleman. chairman's reference to the instructions visited.

visited. There we were told of the many Mr. SNYDER. Am I correct in my be- for the Peace Corps members not to take accomplishments of the 474 volunteers lief that about 125 volunteers are set soapboxes along, I wonder if they can working throughout the Philippine Isaside for the United Nations to strength- give assurance that in countries such as lands. Most of this group were teachen the U.N.; is that correct?

Sukarno's the hosts are admonished not ers, working in 350 rural elementary Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN.

to have soapboxes to expound their schools, high schools, normal schools and thority is in the legislation now for a ideologies.


The impact of these young people on been toward attaining tighter and higher funds requested have been approved by the Philippine education has been notable. requirements for more technically quali

committee in the belief that they will be

used prudently. According to Philippine officials, the vol- fied volunteers. unteers are making important progress As the result of 2 years experience and Mr. Chairman, not only do I feel the in giving the average Filipino a better continuous research into what makes a argument that I have described is unwise, education and, consequently, a better good Peace Corps volunteer, selection I also feel that it is unwarranted. There chance in life.

procedures and criteria have improved. is every indication that the Peace Corps As an expression of the high regard This improvement is reflected in the will have 11,300 well-qualified volunteers in which the Peace Corps is held in the quality of the young men and women we on board by the end of next summer. Philippines and elsewhere throughout are sending abroad as representatives of The American people are continuing to Asia, its volunteers working in the Far our Nation.

respond to the challenge of the Peace East and the Pacific were given the 1963 No, Mr. Chairman, I have no fear that Corps—and they are responding in everRamon Magsaysay Award for Interna- with the passage of this bill, the Peace increasing numbers—4,338 applications tional Understanding. This award is Corps will abandon its hard scrabble, were received last month, compared with known as the Asian Nobel Prize.

pioneer stance to wander down the prim- 2,342 for October 1962. In fact, yesterIs this not an instance of evidence of rose lane of bureaucratic bigness.

day no less than 537 people applied for accomplishment in fact?

Rather, I have every confidence that the Peace Corps. Director Shriver, who received the the Peace Corps, under the able leader Mr. Chairman, I think these figures I award on behalf of the volunteers in a ship of Director Shriver and his staff, have just mentioned are a fine tribute to ceremony in Manila last August, has will continue the fine record of achieve- the American people. They also demoncalled it, and I quote “The finest tribute ment which has been compiled in the strate that the Peace Corps is going full the Peace Corps volunteers have re

first 2 years of the program's existence. steam ahead and will meet its goals. In ceived."

History will call the Peace Corps one setting its goals for this year, the Peace More than that, however, it is the best of the finest products of American ge- Corps has taken into account its shortpossible advertisement for the United nius. We cannot abandon that genius fall of last year. It has reduced its goal States and the American way of life. now.

from 13,000 to 11,300 volunteers and, Through their collective efforts, the Two years ago, when this body passed consequently, reduced its request for Peace Corps volunteers are showing the the original Peace Corps Act, we were funds from $108 to $102 million. I think world what Americans are really like. directly instrumental in putting Amer we should give this fine organization a

The accomplishments of the Peace ica's best foot forward. Now, Mr. Chair- vote of confidence; I think we should Corps have been recognized by most of man, the time has come to take another adopt the majority recommendation of those who originally opposed the crea- step. Therefore, I very strongly recom- the House Foreign Affairs Committee and tion of the program. Yet there are in- mend that the bill be passed as it has vote the Peace Corps the $102 million dividuals who oppose the modest expan- been recommended out of our commit- that it has asked for. sion of the program included in the legistee.

Mr. Chairman, I feel that this is one lation now before this body.

Mrs. FRANCES P. BOLTON. Mr. of the strongest arms of our foreign Their opposition, they say, is based on

Chairman, I yield 5 minutes to the gen- policy. I have traveled in Africa, in the the fear that the Peace Corps will grow tleman from

Massachusetts [Mr. Far East, and in the Middle East. I have too big, too cumbersome, too bureau CONTE].

seen the members of the Peace Corps out cratic. I share their concern about this Mr. CONTE. Mr. Chairman, the in the jungles around the world. I have eventuality, but I do not fear that it will Peace Corps has since its inception seen these areas where they have 98 peroccur with the modest expansion pro- shown most careful restraint in the ex cent illiteracy. And if it were not for a vided in the pending legislation.

penditure of the U.S. taxpayers' money. member of the Peace Corps, living out in Let us fear that the Peace Corps is too Last year alone, the Peace Corps re their jungles in a tent or in a hut, or in a big when the number of volunteers be

turned to the Treasury $3.9 million of little trailer, along with another member gins to approximate the number of re unused funds. Let me make clear that of the Peace Corps, educating these chilquests for volunteers.

the Peace Corps could easily have ex dren—if it were not for these members, We know that this is far from the pended this amount, like some other

pended this amount, like some other such education would not be available to case now. Although the Peace Corps agencies of Government have in the these poor, unfortunate people out in the now has volunteers at work in 46 coun- past, but chose not to. I want to state farflung jungles of the world. I have tries, some 20 more countries have had to that to turn this commendable practice seen areas where they had to travel for be turned down in their requests for into an argument against authorizing all miles and miles and miles, over dirt roads, corpsmen.

of the funds requested by the Peace or on the back of a donkey, or water bufIn many of the countries in which the Corps for fiscal year 1964 is both unwise falo without finding a nurse or a doctor Peace Corps is working, the Governments and unwarranted.

to care for the ills of these poor people have repeatedly asked that additional

It is unwise, Mr. Chairman, because we afflicted with malaria, yaws, dysentery, or volunteers be sent. None of us need to want to encourage all Government any one of the many other tropical be reminded of the work that remains agencies to show the type of restraint diseases. to be done in the underdeveloped and that the Peace Corps has demonstrated.

I have seen 4-H members now in the emerging countries of the world.

It is clear that the Peace Corps could Peace Corps working in a school feeding This is particularly true with respect have met its last year's goal of 9,000 vol- program-irrigation work, animal husto Central and South America where a unteers if it had chosen to do so and bandry-helping and teaching the downcontinentwide effort against hunger, thus could have expended those $4 mil- trodden how to produce crops to sustain ignorance and poverty are underway. lion, for the Peace Corps received over

themselves from starvation. Most of the additional Peace Corps men 32,000 applications last year, which is

I have seen members of the Peace will be sent to assist our neighbors of far more than enough to create a 9,000- Corps working in a project of self-help Latin America.

man Peace Corps. But the Peace Corps community development in Africa, laying Let us fear that the Peace Corps is too voluntarily chose to raise even higher its out roads, building bridges and culverts, big when administrative costs begin to selection standards. It also chose to try schools, and water systems. surge upward.

to fulfill requests of countries overseas Mr. Chairman, I hope this honorable Thus far, as we have seen and has al- for certain hard-to-find skills rather body will vote this authorization bill in ready been stated, the opposite is true. than send over persons with difficult full today. The ratio of administrative expenses to skills which were not specifically re

Mr. MORGAN. Mr. Chairman, I yield the cost of the Peace Corps programs has quested. Thus I certainly want to add 1 minute to the gentleman from Calidecreased.

my support to the statement made by fornia [Mr. LEGGETT). Let us fear that the Peace Corps has the House Foreign Affairs Committee in Mr. LEGGETT. Mr. Chairman, it is grown too big when the quality of the their majority report that:

with a sense of amazement that I have volunteers lags.

The restraint that has characterized the been sitting here listening to a debate As we know, this has not happened. administration [of the Peace Corps) should

as to whether we should cut from the Rather, the trend in the Peace Corps has be encouraged. The full amount of the Peace Corps budget request a figure

amounting to some 10 or 20 percent of now before us? In answering that ques

In answering that ques- 1 percent of that 10 percent will be the total.

tion to ourselves we should ask why has finally selected. I am firmly convinced that the Peace the Peace Corps not fulfilled its past Mr. Chairman, these are statistics Corps is achieving, with a striking degree commitment that they had made, of re which have been compiled not by a parof success, the goals which were estab- cruiting some 9,000 members by August tisan individual or group. Indeed, the lished for it. And I believe that they of this year. What is the reason for figures were prepared by the former have worked toward those goals wisely this? I think if we examine carefully Comptroller of the General Services Adand responsibly, never sacrificing quality into the matter we will find that the

into the matter we will find that the ministration, Mr. Max Medley, who was for the sake of quantity. Every indica- Peace Corps raised the criteria for the

Peace Corps raised the criteria for the the Comptroller of the GSA during the tion available to us seems to support me selection of their people.

Eisenhower administration. He is the in those convictions.

In other words, they specifically have man who is now statistical adviser to the If any Member of this House believes changed from a training requirement of Peace Corps. He has made the estimate that the Peace Corps has failed or that 140 hours in languages to 280 hours of that the Peace Corps will have 65,000 it is destined to fail in the coming year, training in languages. This has, in ef- volunteer applications of which they I would be delighted to discuss with him fect, resulted in a slowing-down influ- expect to recruit approximately 10 perwhether it should continue to exist at all. ence on their recruitment. For this ac cent. But I cannot understand what is to be tion, I think they should be commended. Mr. Chairman, I think we should supgained by the saving of 10 or 20 percent I do not believe that we in the Congress port the Peace Corps in this instance, of the Peace Corps request at the cost should be in a position of penalizing and vote the authorization that was overof crippling that agency during the com

them for having tightened up and im- whelmingly approved by the Committee ing year, and perhaps permanently. proved the criteria and quality of the on Foreign Affairs.

I have heard nothing so far which sup- members of the Peace Corps as they go Mr. MORGAN. Mr. Chairman, I yield ports the assertion that $85 million is a about getting into this occupation. 1 minute to the gentleman from Hawaii more suitable level of authorization for

Now, Mr. Chairman, in the minority [Mr. MATSUNAGA). the Peace Corps than $102 or $50 or $2 report they say that they heard only

Mr. MATSUNAGA. Mr. Chairman, I million. Until we have an indication from Sargent Shriver who is the head of rise in support of H.R. 9009. that some portion of their request is in the Peace Corps, in rather salutary terms. Mr. Chairman, one of the greatest deed marginal—that some can be spared The minority report says that "against things that has come out of the Kenand some cannot-I maintain that we

these accomplishments, by public rela- nedy administration is the Peace Corps. should give them the full amount or tions, we have almost no evidence of ac

Several years ago, when Dr. Dana nothing at all. On the basis of the Peace complishment in fact."

Farnsworth of Harvard University reCorps performance during the past 212

Now, Mr. Chairman, I do not know of searched into the question of why our years, I am sure that we would not be another committee in Congress that has young men and women were turning to making a mistake in giving them the full been furnished more information about crime and delinquency, he came up with amount.

an activity of Government than we have this conclusion: that our young men and There are, of course, those among our in the Committee on Foreign Affairs with women today are afflicted with one grave membership who consistently look at the respect to the Peace Corps.

illness, a lack of purpose in living. negative side and project America's fu

Mr. Chairman, I hold in my hand three

Mr. Chairman, the Peace Corps has ture into the depths of communistic volumes, "The Story of the Peace Corps given to our youth, and even to our atheism. Two months ago the Birch publica- member of the Committee on Foreign AfVolunteers,” and it was furnished every elders, a new purpose in living.

I may sound more like a minister than tions called it defeat for capitalism and fairs. It has a long index. Under the

a Congressman when I say this, but what appeasement for the United States to index it reads “What We Were Told To greater purpose in life can we instill in sell wheat behind the Iron Curtain, un- Do" under the first heading. The next our youth than to serve one's fellow man, American to limit our armaments in any heading is “What We Achieved." The regardless of race, color, or creed, toway and arm ourselves to the teeth. It is significant that yesterday's issue Go and What It Would Cost.” next heading is “Where We Propose To ward the end of peace?

This is what the Peace Corps has done. of U.S. News & World Report concluded

Now, Mr. Chairman, under each of

Besides, Mr. Chairman, the Peace in a major editorial that the Soviets had those headings it is broken down so that Corps is the best and cheapest investup in space and now want to trade with anyone who really wanted to dig deeply ment that this country has ever made into the Peace Corps would have ade

in international good will. us.

Moreover, dollar for dollar, this exquate information at hand. That is only U.S. News fails to recognize that the volume I. In volume II it goes into the penditure has proven more effective in existing Democratic administration is

geographic areas of the world and tells selling American democracy abroad than the responsible entity that has convinced the story of what has happened in each anything else we have ever done. The

United States has spent many billions do not speak for the United States—they

area of the world. can trust us both in trade and space. statement in the minority views is in- forces abroad for the sole purpose of

So, Mr. Chairman, I submit that the direct expenditures in maintaining U.S.

of dollars in military assistance and in The Peace Corps is assisting in promot- correct because, certainly, there has been ing this international understanding.

our own national security, to guard Mrs. FRANCES P. BOLTON. Mr. ample information that has been sup

against the further territorial expansion Chairman, I yield 5 minutes to the plied.

of communism. In South Vietnam, gentleman from New York (Mr. BARRY].

Mr. Chairman, yesterday in the mail alone, we are spending a million and a Mr. BARRY. . Mr. Chairman, if there the Peace Corps received over 6,000 half dollars a day. was one bill that has seemed to capture pieces of mail in 1 day. In conclusion,

The Peace Corps budget asked of Conthe imagination of the entire Nation, if Mr. Chairman, let me point out that the gress this year is puny in comparison. not the entire world, it was the bill that method of recruiting volunteers has been No money appropriated by this body was was put before us some 3 years ago when substantially changed. During the last

ever spent for a better purpose, or with we first passed the Peace Corps bill

. I 3 years, they have been going to college greater efficiency in terms of the results do not think since I have been in Concampuses in the spring of the year in

obtained. gress that I have been identified with a

The order to attract the graduates.

Last year the Peace Corps operated in more popular issue than the Peace Corps. Peace Corps this year have changed that

46 different countries. The demand for I understand that later in the debate because they find most seniors have made U.S. Peace Corps volunteers far outstrips there will be an effort made to cut back up their minds as to where they are go

the supply. At the beginning of this fisthe Peace Corps from the amount re

ing to work prior to that time. So, they cal year, there were 4,393 volunteers quested in this bill.

are beginning in the fall of this year serving overseas and 2,161 in training. What are the reasons we should be ask- to go out and now anticipate that of the Of these, 2,238 are in Africa or preparing as to why the Peace Corps should 650,000 graduates of the colleges next ing to be assigned there. There are 2,194 not be given the room to move which year about 10 percent of them will be in Latin America, 1,272 in the Far East, the committee has suggested in the bill interested in the Peace Corps and that and 850 in the Near East-south Asia re

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