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in the world and show their willingness to and soon, through contacts the two vol- ments that the Corps has carried out give, in living. American? Of course, it is. unteers had established, these villagers abroad. We have heard of improved Mr. Chairman, I would add just one more

had a thriving business and were in fact farms, schools, roads, health conditions, word. As the gentleman from Michigan indicated, there were indeed 10 crusades that exporting their wares to this country. water, and sanitation facilities overseas. failed of full or final accomplishment. I The Communists cannot fight that kind And I think it is only proper that we emknow that. I also know that 20 centuries, of example. In fact they do not know phasize these splendid accomplishments, as he said, have passed since the words first what to do.

for they have truly enabled other nawere spoken: “Peace on earth, good will to The Communists first reacted to the tions to see this country in a new light, ward men.” But despite all the failures, presence of Peace Corps volunteers by as one that not only talks about being a Mr. Chairman, the truth and hope remain- railing about them at every opportunity. “good neighbor” but, more importantly, the dream of peace on earth and good will to The volunteers were called CIA spies, acts as a good neighbor in assisting other men still exists. The crusades are still going and undercover military men. These countries when they call on us for aid. on.

It means much to me in this day and gen- young Americans were harassed by the But I would like to place my emphasis eration that young people still have a dream; Communists in many areas of Latin on another aspect of the Peace Corps that American young people still have a will- America. But the volunteers did not accomplishments, in addition to the acingness to sacrifice; and that we, in this back down They continued to work knowledged good it has done abroad. I country, have a chance to go out and pro- with the people. Such good will was es- would like to commend the Corps for its claim our true selves to a world that sees us tablished, that every time the Commu- inspiring example of the vitality, imagionly as spending dollars for projects and

nists criticized the Peace Corps volun- nation, and spirit of the young American guns; that sees us building up for ourselves

teers they were in danger of incurring volunteers. This is the part of the Peace a reputation for materialism that will be hard to dispel. As I say, Mr. Chairman, it the wrath of local villagers.

Corps story that pleases and impresses means much to me that we have now a

Mr. Chairman, this is the kind of pro- me so greatly. All of us in Congress chance to go out and say, "Here is something gram that makes the Communists look know the time and effort we spend in new--here is what we really are." Let us foolish. They cannot duplicate it be- programs to aid our youth, the bills to say it to the world--and say it to ourselves. cause only a free society can make it fight juvenile delinquency, prevent For all of that is involved in the Peace work. They cannot criticize it too much school dropouts, provide job training, Corps.

any more, because the local inhabitants and other assistance. I recognize the This was the answer, Mr. Chairman, of believe in the volunteers. Finally the value and need for such programs, and a great Republican Congresswoman to Communist lies look ridiculous when a

have always supported legislation of this some of her fellow Republicans who op- Peace Corps volunteer succeeds in show- nature. But today, in considering the posed the Peace Corps in 1961, the same ing his hosts how to help themselves.

Peace Corps program, it is like a breath members of her party who still oppose the

This is the way to fight the Commu- of fresh air, and a heartening reassurPeace Corps. The words of the Honor- nists, and the people who are doing such ance of the fine quality of our people, able Marguerite Stitt Church spoken in a great service for their country deserve both young and old, who have made this well over 2 years ago are as current every bit of support we can give them. such a good record as volunteers in the today as they were then.

This is no time to cut back the Peace Corps. I think it is most encouraging The Peace Corps is America in her Corps. Their effect should be heightened. to note that this year there are three highest and noblest expression. I have And this is exactly what Mr. Shriver and times as many

times as many applicants for Peace the faith that the pending bill will be his staff intend to do. They are asking Corps work overseas as there were last passed by an overwhelming majority and for more money to double the number of year, and many of them are young peoin the exact form reported out by the Peace Corps volunteers in Latin America. ple, in spite of the fact that a great Foreign Affairs Committee, with just two They want to put 5,000 of these Ameri- number of available posts are “hardship” dissenting votes.

cans into that area. One American, Mr. in terms of health, housing, social, and Mr. MORGAN. Mr. Chairman, I Chairman, who lives in a Latin American recreational benefits. This volunteer yield such time as he may desire to the village is well worth our investment in spirit for hard work truly makes me gentleman from Illinois [Mr. GRAY). him. No effort to make developing na- proud of our young people and our older

Mr. GRAY. Mr. Chairman, I am in- tions self-sufficient has been quite so suc- volunteers, and it reafirms my faith in terested in seeing the United States end cessful.

the pioneer spirit of our people. It is some of its foolishness in Latin America Let us not give Castro the key to every heartening to know that the pioneer and get down to some hard-core busi- door in Latin America. The Peace Corps spirit in America is not confined to teleness. Castro and the Communists are volunteers are slamming the door in his vision presentations of days gone by working very hard in that area. They face.

when our country was young, but is still are blanketing the villages and towns of I strongly urge the passage of this leg- very much alive in the spirit of our peothe region with agents who have in fact islation today and commend my dis- ple of today. begun to twist the minds of local resi- tinguished friend and chairman of the Mr. Chairman, I would like to see this dents.

Foreign Affairs Committee, the gentle- legislation approved and the program But there is one thing they did not man from Pennsylvania [Mr. MORGAN] of the Peace Corps expanded, until every reckon with. They did not expect that and the members of his committee oversea plea for for assistance can be young Americans, Peace Corps volun- for their great work in this and other met, and every dedicated, qualified teers, would be in the same villages and fields of our foreign affairs.

American volunteer can be utilized. towns. They did not know that these Mr. HALPERN. Mr. Chairman, I rise Each step in that direction, I believe, is Americans would be in the fields with in enthusiastic support for this legis- desirable and proper, and thus the bill the villagers showing them that man can lation, H.R. 9009, authorizing funds for before us is worthy of our approval. do things for himself. Proving that the an expanded program for the Peace Let our critics take note, and let our schemes and promises of the Commu- Corps in fiscal 1964. I am privileged Communist adversaries pay heed. No nists are empty when one can learn to and proud to have been an early sup- one is going to "bury us” and, indeed, our grow corn as a cash crop.

porter of the Peace Corps, and to be a adversaries will find it difficult to even As one example, in a small Peruvian stanch advocate of its purposes, aims, keep pace with us when we have the village the people were disillusioned. and programs. I sincerely urge my col- imagination, courage, energy, and spirit They were poverty stricken and very leagues to resoundly approve the legis- so amply displayed by our Peace Corps much willing to listen to local Commu lation before the House today, not only volunteers. nist leaders, but two young Peace Corps in recognition of the difficult job remain Accordingly, Mr. Chairman, I would volunteers moved into the area as part ing to be done in the future by the Corps, like to see us approve this program with of a community development program. but also as a vote of confidence for the optimism, for it has proved itself a great They observed the natives weaving blan- outstanding work this young agency has benefit to our Nation in the difficult kets for their own use. No one had already achieved in contributing toward world conditions that we face today. thought of selling these crafts on a re- the improvement of world social and This. Peace Corps program is small in tail basis, and the volunteers, products economic conditions and in the laying of comparison to many that come before of the free enterprise system, suggested a foundation for world peace.

this body, yet it is big in past accomit. They helped the local people to mar Mr. Chairman, we have been hear- plishments and future goals. Let us by ket a few blankets in the nearest city, ing today about the notable accomplish- our affirmative vote today express our


approval of these past accomplishments, of the Peace Corps during its relatively Mr. REIFEL. Mr. Chairman, I ask and our confidence in an even more ef short span of over 2 years of life must go unanimous consent that the gentleman fective and far-reaching Peace Corps in to Sargent Shriver, the energetic and en from Texas [Mr. ALGER] may extend his the future.

thusiastic Director of the Peace Corps. remarks at this point in the RECORD. Mr. MATSUNAGA. Mr. Chairman, I Mr. Dickson wrote of Director Shriver in The CHAIRMAN. Is there objection ask unanimous consent that the gentle the Times of London:

to the request of the gentleman from man from Massachusetts [Mr. BOLAND]

The Peace Corps may be a Government South Dakota? may extend his remarks at this point agency, but it is Mr. Sargent Shriver's strong There was no objection. in the RECORD and include extraneous personality, in a way an extension of the Mr. ALGER. Mr. Chairman, insuffimatter.

President's, that inspires and dominates the cient information is no basis for almost The CHAIRMAN. Is there objection

organization, unvitiated by considerations of doubling the Peace Corps funds. No pubto the request of the gentleman from what is administratively convenient.

lic witnesses but one-and only adminHawaii?

Mr. Chairman, I think that the Peace istrators boasting of the program's sucThere was no objection.

Corps has been a success and has ac cess. Yet little specific data is given. Mr. BOLAND. Mr. Chairman, I rise complished much by helping the peoples Basically, these efforts should be in in support of H.R. 9009, authorizing $102 of underdeveloped countries meet their the private sector, not Government. million to finance the operation of the need for trained manpower, and by pro- Evidently, few of the Peace Corps proPeace Corps during fiscal year 1964. moting a better understanding of the ponents recognize that private help The opponents of this legislation claim American people, and the objectives of through missionary and educational efthey are uncertain of the accomplish American foreign policy. And I feel that forts is one thing and Government proments of the Peace Corps, but they are Director Sargent Shriver is to be com grams are another. Government effort acutely aware that it is a burgeoning mended for these successes. I do not at best becomes socialism; private help bureaucracy. I do not know what they agree with the critics of the Peace Corps is not. Government-to-government help want as proof of proof of accomplishments. and I do not think that this legislation

and I do not think that this legislation is socialistic in implementation. Neither Newspapers throughout the United to authorize $102 million is excessive and can government extend charity. Charity States and throughout the world have unwarranted.

is private, person to person, not by govendorsed the Peace Corps and praised Mr. MATSUNAGA. Mr. Chairman, I ernment aid. its members for their zeal, idealism, and ask unanimous consent that the gentle The do-gooders, of course, have let accomplishments. I have inserted many man from Tennessee [Mr. FULTON] may their enthusiasm run away with their of these editorials in the RECORD for my extend his remarks at this point in the judgment. How much Peace Corps aid colleagues to read, over the last 2 years. RECORD.

is going to Socialist countries, to counOne of the outstanding and most glow

The CHAIRMAN. Is there objection

Is there objection tries that subjugate their people; as exing tributes to Peace Corps achievements

to the request of the gentleman from ample, to those countries where there is was printed in the respected Times of Hawaii?

no religious freedom; also freedom of London on the first anniversary of the

There was no objection.

speech, assembly, and press. Or are we Peace Corps. The article was by Alec

Mr. FULTON of Tennessee. Mr.

not to question those with stars in their Dickson, founder of the Voluntary SeryChairman, I rise in support of the Peace

eyes over their visualized goals? ice Overseas, who traced the ideological Corps for one reason—it is giving the

Where are those who know of the sucthrust of the Peace Corps back to the taxpayers their money's worth.

cess of missionary and other private British hopes of Carlyle and Ruskin a

For example, four Peace Corps volun

efforts? Why are we denied this inforcentury ago, and to the self-sacrificing teers from my hometown of Nashville are

mation? The Committee on Foreign examples of the late Dr. Tom Dooley in serving as Peace Corps teachers in Africa

Affairs is ill prepared to give us the data southeast Asia, and the adventurous and

we need. and Latin America. They get $75 a courageous "Crossroads Africa" operation under the dynamic Negro pastor, Dr. month which is part of a readjustment

The material in report and hearings James H. Robinson.

allowance, and a small living allowance. does not give us the data we need—what Mr. Chairman, it seems to me that one

I do not think their services can be dupli- the cost is by country, by workers, and of the measures of success of the Peace

cated at that price anywhere in the the projects involved, the successes and Corps is that the countries in which the world. Moreover, all four are teachers

the failure. All we have are glowing rePeace Corps is in operation have re

and there is a better than even chance, ports by those running the program. according to a Peace Corps survey, that

Too much of the taxpayers' money has quested more volunteers, and additional countries are seeking Peace Corps assist

they will return to Nashville and enter gone into publicizing the Peace Corps. the teaching profession. I consider that

I commend the members who subance. Also, the number of qualified ap

mitted the minority views. Their a bargain. plicants is larger than ever, even though the standards have been raised, and

Some of our finest young men and charges have not been rebutted; namely, there have been no incidents which have

women have gone to the far corners of first, uncertainty of accomplishment and made the conduct of our foreign policy the earth in the service of their country.

the burgeoning bureaucracy; second, the more difficult. In the short period that I think they deserve every bit of support self-praise without solid accomplishhas elapsed since its beginning, the Peace

we are able to offer them. It is one thing ment; third, overly ambitious target Corps has already made a significant to cut back on programs that have not projects; and, fourth, excessive authori

zation of money. contribution to the attainment of U.S.

worked out as intended, but here some foreign policy objectives. very talented Americans have gone out,

Finally, I cannot agree that Congress Mr. Chairman, as the Peace Corps opmany times under very difficult condi

can sensibly approve such a program

with so little actual information. For my eration has expanded and the number of tions, to offer a living example of our volunteers has increased, the portion of way of life. They have done just that.

way of life. They have done just that. part, the Peace Corps was and is an unthe Peace Corps costs devoted to adminThey have impressed people around the

warranted intrusion into areas properly istration has declined.

of the private sector. I hold such activThis does not

world with the dynamic possibilities of point to a burgeoning bureaucracy. Redemocracy and the free enterprise sys

ity is unconstitutional, unnecessary, and member there have been three times as tem. I think we should emphasize this self-defeating. We encourage Governmany applicants this past year as a year kind of effort. For a long time we have

ment planning, welfare statism, socialago for Peace Corps volunteers. If the searched for the means to show develop- ism, and godless materialism, all at the

expense of capitalism and basic U.S. spirlevel of funds requested in this bill, $102 ing nations throughout the world the in

itual and moral values. million, is made available for fiscal 1964, herent advantages of our way of life.

The CHAIRMAN. If there are no it is estimated that only 19.9 percent, or

The Peace Corps is doing just that in a $20,300,000, will be used for administramanner that has exceeded all expecta

further requests for time, the Clerk will tions. tion and the remainder will go to support

read the bill for amendment.

The Clerk read as follows: volunteers. Last year, fiscal 1963, 28 per

Mr. Chairman, I, for one, want more of cent of the funds available were utilized the same. I think this is the reason that

Be it enacted by the Senate and House

of Representatives of the United States of for administration. the Gallup and Harris polls both show

America in Congress assembled, That secFinally, Mr. Chairman, much of the three out of four Americans enthusias

tion 3(b) of the Peace Corps Act, as credit for the success and achievements tically supporting the Peace Corps. amended, which authorizes appropriations to

carry out the purposes of that Act, is weeks to 10 to 12 weeks, and it is going 3. Vehicles.

$750 amended by striking out “1963" and "$63,- to take more time to train members of

4. Housing---

1, 240 750,000” and substituting "1964" and "$102,the Peace Corps.

5. Medical kit --

25 000,000", respectively.

6. Personal supplies--

25 The second reason I want to advance AMENDMENT OFFERED BY MR. THOMSON

7. Oversea orientation ---

100 to you is another one given to us by Mr. OF WISCONSIN

8. Readjustment allowance.. 1, 638 Shriver, that they have been unable to

9. Settling-in allowance

125 Mr. THOMSON of Wisconsin. Mr. find, there has been a shortage of avail 10. Living allowance..

2,625 Chairman, I offer an amendment. able people with certain skills in high 11. Leave allowance..

273 The Clerk read as follows: demand overseas. Mr. Shriver wants to 12. Clothing allowance

200 Amendment offered by Mr. THOMSON of have the finest kind of Peace Corps and

13. In-country travel..

225 Wisconsin: On the first page, beginning in create the best image possible overseas.

14. Medical care.-

315 line 6, strike out "$102,000,000" and insert So he is searching for these people in

15. Medical evacuation/emergency in lieu thereof "$81,000,000".


210 mathematics, in science, in agriculture, Mr. THOMSON of Wisconsin. Mr. and in other scarce skills that are so


10, 024 Chairman, to be consistent with the badly wanted in these areas that we are Total direct cost for 2 years Members who have addressed this body proposing to serve throughout the world.

of service--

-- 13, 336 today, I should preface my remarks by So without regard to the praise that has

So, Mr. Chairman, we know that there saying I rise in enthusiastic support of been

lavished here this afternoon on this is no idea of anybody doing anything an amendment to reduce the dollar organization, I think that simple pru- wrong in connection with the use of any amount of the authorization in this bill, dence in finance dictates that we au

of these moneys. and with equal sincerity to the enthu thorize no more than reasonably will be

As a matter of fact, the minority views needed or used by the Peace Corps. claim that there are no accomplishments siasm with which it is presented.

As everyone has pointed out, the only Sure, they say they will return it, but witness before the committee was the I think proper fiscal policies and prac

complishments are by public relations, Director of the Peace Corps. He is a tices require that this body use a sen- that we have no evidence of accomplishreal sharp, polished, enthusiastic, suave sible approach, that we do not throw

ment in fact. and articulate individual for his cause. the bars down and open the floodgates

What accomplishments can we exHe has done a magnificent job in selling for everything that is asked.

hibit? the Peace Corps. You have heard this

Mr. FARBSTEIN. Mr. Chairman, I

Do you want us to tell how many puafternoon all the accolades and eulogies rise in opposition to the amendment. about this Peace Corps program without Mr. Chairman, I have listened at- pils are being educated in these various

countries? taking the time to look at what it is tentively to the debate this afternoon costing the American people. and I have read the minority views. So

Do you want us to tell how many rows When it began it cost $3 million, with far I have heard no serious objection to of corn have been planted in various

countries? a Presidential directive. Next year it

the Peace Corps. The only suggestion cost $30 million. The next year the au

made here is perhaps we are authorizing Do you want us to tell you how many thorization was $63 million with $59

a little more than what we should. Let children have been taught farming or million appropriated. This year the us see whether that is so or not.

how to build or to do various other things request is for $108 million.

You heard earlier in the debate that that it is the purpose of the Peace Corps I think it is correct to say that this

recruitment has been a little bit difficult to do? is one of the fastest burgeoning bureauc

because they were seeking to recruit sen No, Mr. Chairman, I have not heard racies in the Government. True, it is iors from the various colleges. But that anything at all in opposition to the Peace only 2.4 percent of what is being spent is now being changed and they are seek- Corps. I do not believe, in view of the on foreign aid. Even with that 2.4 per

ing to recruit men in the third year of history of the Peace Corps in turning cent it is acknowledged to be the

college. Therefore, it is anticipated

it is anticipated back unused moneys that they have restrongest part of the foreign policy of there will be a greater number of men ceived, that we should in any way seek this administration.

and women who will join the Peace to restrict them in their effort to develop

Corps. But why do I say $81 million is ade

a good image of America. This has been quate and all that is justified?. It is this is an expanding program. I do not written by a distinguished Catholic prel

Remember this is a young program. best explained in the letter which was simply this. There is no possibility of more than 9,000 Peace Corps volunteers think in view of the accolades we have ate and read by the distinguished being enrolled in the next fiscal year.

heard here this afternoon that it is our gentleman from Massachusetts [Mr. One-half of the fiscal year has already intention to restrict it any more than O'NEILL). absolutely necessary

It seems to me that this is something gone. The appropriation will not be available. Six months of the year have

If we had any evidence at all that we can be proud of, and something that

there was any misappropriation or mis we can throw our chests out about. We gone,

Another thing I waited and listened use of funds, then I could understand can thus show that by this people-tofor in this debate, the last speaker men- cutting down the authorization that has people program we are creating an image tioned the fact that many of the Peace been requested. But we have not heard of America that is certainly a wonderful Corps members are now finishing their anything of that kind at all. There was image. If anything, it seems to me that tour of duty. If you will look on page 3 only one suggestion—that $9,000 was be- we ought to grant them all that they of the testimony, the Director tells us ing spent for bureaucracy.

want and even more rather than restrict that before next January 1 there will be

I suggest to the gentleman who said them in connection with this authoriza

tion. 700 members of the Peace Corps who something about the sum of $9,000 per

AMENDMENT OFFERED BY MR. GROSS will have completed their tour of duty, recruit being spent for bureaucracy that and during 1964 there will be 3,000 more

he look at page 18 of the hearings and Mr. GROSS. Mr. Chairman, I offer members who will be completing their there he will see a list of the various a substitute amendment. tour of duty. I say to you that just items for which this $9,000 is authorized The Clerk read as follows: replacing these 3,700 members of the in this instance and subsequently ap

Amendment offered by Mr. Gross as a Peace Corps will be a better average of propriated.

substitute for the amendment offered by Mr. enrollment than has been made so far

The average cost for a recruit is as THOMSON of Wisconsin: On page 1, strike in the history of this infant organization. follows:

out lines 6 and 7, and insert in lieu thereof They are not going to reach 9,000 mem

Average cost per volunteer

the following: "substituting '1964'.” bers, to say nothing about 11,300 mem- Postselection:

Mr. GROSS. Mr. Chairman, my bers.

1. Transportation:

amendment would simply bring this bill Again quoting the Director, they have

United States--

back into financial perspective. It would increased, they have doubled the amount

International --

1, 200

provide for the authorization given to the of language training and raised the

Travel allowance---

33 "Home leave" allowance--- 60

Peace Corps last year—$63,750,000. standard of language acceptance. They 2. Project equipment and sup

Someone referred to the fast expanhave extended the time from 8 to 10


sion of this organization. In 1960, 3

short years ago, Congress appropriated Mr. GALLAGHER. Yes. They also a billion dollars, or better yet, when will $10,000 for the Peace Corps. In 1961, go to Africa.

the committee thoroughly and objecthe Peace Corps was allocated $1,620,000. Mr. GROSS. And they go through tively study the actual progress of this In fiscal 1962, $30 million and last year Rome, do they not?

program? Popularity of a program, the Congress appropriated $59 million. Mr. DOLE. What about the recruit- based on a massive public relations effort Yet, we are asked here today to authorize ers? I know last year there were stories does an injustice to Peace Corps mem$102 million-when the spending last about Norman Snead receiving $75 a day. bers and the general public. year was $55,130,000 out of a $59 million It never transpired, but is there any extra Mr. MORGAN. Mr. Chairman, will appropriation.

payment for well-known recruiters in the gentleman yield for a brief question? Now what has the Peace Corps been this program?

Mr. GROSS. I yield. doing in the way of spending since the Mr. GROSS. I do not know about Mr. MORGAN. Mr. Chairman, I beginning of the new fiscal year on that, but I know they had a swimming have heard a lot of praise here, but July 1, 1963?

coach hired on a consultant basis very very little specific criticism. If there For the 4 months up to October 31, conveniently during the months he was is anybody who knows anything bad 1963, it has been obligating at the rate of not employed at Alabama University.

not employed at Alabama University. about the Peace Corps, here is the place approximately $19.5 million. This simply He was teaching Peace Corps members

He was teaching Peace Corps members to say it. If there are unfavorable facts means they have been obligating under how to swim in Puerto Rico although

how to swim in Puerto Rico although to be cited they should be brought out the continuing resolution at a rate of they already had a swimming coach on and discussed. some $5 million a month. On a basis of the permanent Peace Corps payroll.

Mr. GROSS. All right, I want to offer 12 months that is $60 million. As the Mr. GALLAGHER. Will the gentle a little of that criticism here and now. gentleman from Wisconsin pointed out man yield further?

I cannot for the life of me understand in behalf of his amendment, 6 months Mr. GROSS. I will yield to the gentle- why we have a single member of the of this fiscal year will have gone by be man, but do not take quite all my time. Peace Corps in Indonesia to help Dictafore this bill is signed, and whatever Mr. GALLAGHER. No. I will take tor Sukarno. I cannot understand why appropriation is made to implement it. just about 2 seconds.

the Peace Corps is in four British terriSix months of this fiscal year will have The CHAIRMAN. The time of the tories around the world. Why are we passed into history. Yet you ask here gentleman from Iowa has expired.

supplying Peace Corps representatives today for $102 million. How in the world Mr. GROSS. Mr. Chairman, I ask and paying them to help the British? can the Peace Corps possibly spend $102 unanimous consent to proceed for 5 addi- Presumably they have their own Peace million in 6 months? How can it spend tional minutes.

Corps; if they do not, they ought to have even $80 million or $81 million, as the Mr. MORGAN. Mr. Chairman, I am one. What are we doing in British terThomson resolution would authorize? not going to object to the request of the ritory? Why is the Peace Corps in There is nothing in the RECORD that gentleman from Iowa, but if there are Ghana with one of its largest continshows they could possibly do this, be any further requests, I will be con gents? Ghana is ruled by Nkrumah, a cause, I say again, they are obligating strained to object.

Communist-loving dictator. I have no today at the rate of less than $5 million The CHAIRMAN. Without objection,

Without objection, words that would properly describe that a month.

the gentleman from Iowa is granted 5 tyrant. Mr. DOLE. Mr. Chairman, will the additional minutes.

Mrs. FRANCES P. BOLTON. Mr. gentleman yield?

There was no objection.

Chairman, will the gentleman yield? Mr. GROSS. Yes. I yield to the gen Mr. GALLAGHER. Mr. Chairman, Mr. GROSS. Not at this time. His tleman. will the gentleman yield?

newspapers are constantly branding the Mr. DOLE. Are there any countries Mr. GROSS. I yield to the gentleman. Peace Corps members as spies and subwhich have accepted Peace Corps mem Mr. GALLAGHER. Since the gentle versives. What business have we with bers not now receiving foreign aid? Do man is making these charges by innu any Peace Corp members in Ghana until you know of any such country not receiv- endo, I think it would be incumbent on that situation is straightened out? ing foreign aid, or for that matter do him to produce the proof, if he has any, The Peace Corps does not need all of you know of any country, period, not at this time about these Peace Corpsmen this money. Let them take the Peace receiving foreign aid? purchasing automobiles.

Corps out of countries and put them into Mr. GROSS. I do not know of any Mr. GROSS. The gentleman from countries, if this program must be concountry either way.

Kansas did not say they did; he asked tinued, which have governments that Mr. DOLE. When Peace Corps men the question.

are representative of the people. come home, are they permitted to pur Mr. DOLE. I did not say they did. There is also a Government-financed chase foreign cars to bring back to our Mr. GALLAGHER. The innuendo was drive in this country to provide jobs for country?

they are profiting by their travels, and members of the Peace Corps when they Mr. GROSS. I suppose if Members I think the United States is profiting by

I think the United States is profiting by return. I have yet to hear of any drive of Congress can purchase foreign cars it as well as the participating countries to provide jobs for volunteers in the while on foreign junkets, they can. I and not them.

Army or Navy or Marine Corps. Why do not know. I cannot answer the gen

Mr. DOLE. If that is the inference spend money on a drive to provide jobs tleman's question as to whether they can the gentleman draws, it is his privilege; for members of the Peace Corps when import Mercedes-Benz automobiles or

however, I am only seeking information. they come home when we do not do this not. Members of Congress who have With reference to the Peace Corps gen for members of the armed services ? taken trips abroad and bought automo

erally, let us not forget we have troops What makes members of the Peace biles ought to be able to answer.

all over the world and could properly Corps such special characters? Mr. GALLAGHER. Mr. Chairman,

refer to our young men and women in Mr. GALLAGHER. Mr. Chairman, will the gentleman yield? The places the Armed Forces as the heart of our will the gentleman yield? where these people go do not manufac- Peace Corps. Certainly they also do Mr. GROSS. I yield. ture cars. In fact, they manufacture good in the world, but it is often over Mr. GALLAGHER. I think there is a nothing.

looked. It is difficult to find out any recruiting office in most of the cities of Mr. DOLE. They may have an oppor

thing except the public relations type the country. tunity on the way to or from to buy for material as set out in the second an Mr. GROSS. Are they supplying diseign automobiles.

nual report to Congress. This is the type charged servicemen, who were volunteers Mr. GROSS. They go through Paris They go through Paris booklet we use in running for reelection.

booklet we use in running for reelection in the armed services, with jobs? Can and London, do they not, to and from

It contains everything good about the they go there to get jobs? You are settheir assignments?

Peace Corps and little else. It is simply ting up a machinery in this country to Mr. GALLAGHER. No, they do not.

campaign-type document. Almost make sure that every returning Peace Mr. GROSS. Where do they go?

every time you turn on the radio some Corpsite who has served only 2 years Mr. GALLAGHER. They go to Ni body is singing praises about the Peace will be helped to get a job. geria and Libya and Peru and Bolivia. Corps. Nearly every time you pick up a Mr. GALLAGHER. I think these peo

Mr. GROSS. And they also go to paper, there is a glorified story about the ple have rendered a great service, and Africa.

Peace Corps. When will the cost reach when they return to the United States,

with the experience that they have, they I have also been impressed with the Administrative expenses for the first are qualified for a job.

specific trends within this general pic- quarter of fiscal year 1963 were $4.5 milMr. GROSS. Why do we not have a ture. On June 30, 1962, there was one lion, roughly the same as for the last campaign to provide jobs for the volun Peace Corps staff member to every four quarter of fiscal year 1964. teers in the military services, when they volunteers. One year later, there was These are not just numbers. As of return home?

one Peace Corps staff member to every June 30, the Peace Corps had a total Mr. GALLAGHER. We have. I in seven volunteers. And the Peace Corps' of 1,110 employees—755 of these were troduced a cold war Peace Corps bill to estimates for June 30, 1964, anticipate in Washington and 32 at its training site take care of that. a ratio of 1 staff member to every 10 in Puerto Rico.

in Puerto Rico. By September 30, the Mr. GROSS. Can the gentleman tell volunteers. I doubt whether any other number of employees in Washington had me where you have such a service; a agency can match that record of increas- been cut by more than a hundred to special setup to provide jobs to armed ing efficiency in administration.

647, a decline of nearly 15 percent. The services volunteers after their discharge? Just in case anyone thinks that these number of employees in Puerto Rico had Mr. GALLAGHER. Every city helps comparisons are all the result of statis

comparisons are all the result of statis- been reduced by nearly 25 percent. returning veterans to get jobs. tical gamesmanship, let me call your at

Overseas, the story is similar. The Mr. GROSS. Why not send the Peace tention to one simple fact: The size of number of foreign employees-clerks, Corps to the employment offices? Why

the Peace Corps staff has declined, in accountants and the like-declined from a priority for them over a young man

absolute as well as in relative terms, in 158 to 141. The number of American who has volunteered to fight and die for recent months.

staff rose slightly from 165 to 199. This his country?

The Peace Corps has selected and increase, however, represents arrival Mr. GALLAGHER. We are trying to trained over 7,000 Americans for service

overseas of employees whose employkeep down unemployment.

to their country and now supports their ment commitments had been made durMr. JOHANSEN. Mr. Chairman, will activities in 46 nations around the world. ing the last half of fiscal year 1963 in the gentleman yield?

The global scope of its operations and anticipation of the arrival overseas at Mr. GROSS. I yield to the gentleman. the many problems which face an agency the end of summer training of the addi

Mr. JOHANSEN. Can the gentleman which is without precedent in the u.s. tional volunteers the costs of whose say whether there was any information Government have made its task doubly entry into training were authorized and provided the committee that if the full formidable. formidable. Yet the Peace Corps chose appropriated last year.

Mr. Chairman, this record of restraint appropriation including the increase in to meet its challenges with imagination volved is granted, what will be the in and dedication rather than to rely on is typical of the way the Peace Corps is crease in the number of employees at the dubious technique of a large staff administered. I think it demonstrates the higher levels in the agency?

fully that the Peace Corps merits the supported by a fat budget. The CHAIRMAN. The time of the The Director of the Peace Corps is a whelming number of the Members of

confidence and respect which an overgentleman from Iowa [Mr. GROSS] has businessman, and I am delighted that he

businessman, and I am delighted that he this body have for it. expired. is running his agency according to sound

Mrs. FRANCES P. BOLTON. Mr. Mr. GALLAGHER. Mr. Chairman, I

business principles. Under his direction Chairman, will the gentleman yield? rise in opposition to the amendment. the Peace Corps is serving as a shining

Mr. GALLAGHER. I yield to the genIn so doing, and in response to a crit- example of efficient operation at mini

tlewoman from Ohio. icism that was made earlier, I would mum cost.

Mrs. FRANCES P. BOLTON. I think like to include in the RECORD the factual I want to refute the argument that it is interesting to note that the number side of certain allegations about volun the Peace Corps has improperly ex

of American staff members rose slightly teers purchasing foreign cars cheaply. panded since June 30, 1963, during the 165 to 199, but the number of foreign The Peace Corps volunteers do not get period it has been operating under con

employees fell from 158 to 141. the $75 per month until they return to tinuing resolutions.

They do eliminate staffing when it is the United States.

For fiscal year 1963 $59 million was not needed. Mr. Shriver wisely urged that the pay appropriated for the Peace Corps. Be

Mr. GALLAGHER. I thank the genbe withheld so that they could not bring tween $43 and $44 million of this amount

tween $43 and $44 million of this amount tlewoman for bringing out that very back a lot of purchases. They do how

was available for program expenses, the important point. ever bring back an experience that will operating portion of the Peace Corps'

Mr. HAYS. Mr. Chairman, will the enrich our country. budget.

gentleman yield? Mr. Chairman, I have heard it alleged Under the continuing resolutions the Mr. GALLAGHER. I yield to the genthat the Peace Corps is just one more Peace Corps may obligate funds at a rate tleman from Ohio. mushrooming administrative superstruc- for operations not in excess of the cur Mr. HAYS. I think the gentleman ture in the executive branch. As a long- rent rate.

probably ought to make a point which term supporter of the Peace Corps, I As of the end of the first quarter of is that Mr. Shriver in his testimony to must admit that I, too, was concerned fiscal year 1964, the Peace Corps had the committee stated that the Peace about the possibility that it would be obligated only $10.7 million for program Corps does not ship cars overseas or recome a victim of that disease which expenses.

turn them. That point should be made plagues so many agenciesburgeoning As of October 30, this had risen to in response to the question which was bureaucracy. As a result, I have $13.3 million.

previously raised. watched its administrative development If the Peace Corps continued to oper Mr. GALLAGHER. Yes; that is right. closely, and I am pleased to be able to ate under continuing resolutions for the I thank the gentleman for bringing that point out that exactly the opposite ap rest of fiscal year 1964 and to obligate point out. I think it answers the inpears to be the case.

funds at the rate indicated by the above nuendo that has been made about these The Peace Corps has done an out- figures, it would end up at the end of dedicated Americans, that they may have standing job of controlling its adminis fiscal year 1964 having obligated about some hidden motive for volunteering trative development and restricting $40 million for operations, which is $3 their services and their lives in doing a what growth there has been to essential or $4 million less than first, what was service that could materially affect their areas. A few historical examples should appropriated for this purpose for fiscal lives by exposing themselves to disease show what I mean. In fiscal year 1962, year 1963; and, second, what the con and living with poverty in the diseasesome 33.3 percent of the Peace Corps' tinuing resolutions would authorize. ridden villages throughout the world. total obligations were for administrative During the last quarter of fiscal year Mr. Chairman, I would like to say this costs. In fiscal year 1963, this figure 1963, the Peace Corps obligated for oper about what the Peace Corps does: Last was reduced to 28 percent. And in the ations almost $16 million of program month a mayor in a city of South Amercurrent fiscal year, administrative ex funds. The actual figure is $15.7 million. ica who had never been to his capital penses constitute less than 20 percent of Thus, its $10.7 million of program obli- before, came down through the mounthe total Peace Corps budget. This does gations for the first quarter of fiscal year

gations for the first quarter of fiscal year tains with a petition signed by over 400 not strike me as an example of mush 1964 is about 30 percent less than its rate people saying that he heard from another rooming administrative costs.

for the last quarter of fiscal year 1963. villager that an American volunteer

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