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the canal was purely a defense artery, but "The United States," the former Presi- [From the Washington Post, Nov. 1, 1963] now that it has become a commercial enter- dent said, "is, in addition to our partner, our

UGLY AMERICANS prise there is no justification for a powerful inseparable ally in hemisphere security in nation to profit from this country's biggest the specific understanding that the Panama

(By Rowland Evans and Robert Novak) natural resource: its geographical position, Canal and the Panamanian people gain in

PANAMA CITY.-If anti-American sentiment Dr. Fabrega declared.

importance as strategic-political objectives in Panama ever reaches the point where it He cautioned, however, that the treaty for Havana and the Kremlin.”

menaces the Panama Canal, Communist question should not be a banner for agita The statement concluded: "Face to face propaganda would be only partly to blame. tion on the Panama or United States side. As against the dark forces of reaction, whether The real culprits would be some strange much harm to the cause of good relations is extremist or oligarchial, the Panameñista American policies and the unknown ugly đone by Panamanians who call for immediate Party and Dr. Arnulfo Arias at the forefront Americans who shaped them. nationalization of the waterway, he said, as as the legitmate spokesman for the ideals By the count of one U.S. diplomat, 99 out by Canal Zone residents who argue that Pan of the disillusioned majority of citizens, pre of every 100 Panamanians believe U.S. canal ama is not entitled to benefits from the canal pare to wage the decisive battle.”

policy is grossly unfair. Given that beginbecause had the United States not built the The "decisive battle,” of course, is the ning, a competent demagog could somewaterway this country would still be ridden 1964 presidential election.

day build animosity to the danger point. by yellow fever.

Actually, Panamanians have displayed reBut Dr. Fabrega insisted that the longer [From the Panama American, Oct. 10, 1963] markable self-restraint so far, considering the revision issue is put off the bigger the risk NEW TREATY BEFORE HARMONY-FABREGA

the way Uncle Sam forgets about the Alliance that "grave situations" will develop which

Former Foreign Minister Dr. Octavio

for Progress and reverts to big city imperialmay not be subject to settlement, as in 1959, Fabrega said last night the complete re

ism here. except by force. vision of the 1903 treaty is the only solution

Why? Mainly because of inordinate influMeanwhile, Dr. Arias, in his first formal to differences between Panama and the

ence wielded by some civilian employees of campaign statement, said that PanamaUnited States.

the canal, who must be ranked among the United States relations should not be the

Speaking before a joint meeting of the

ugliest Americans anywhere. subject of "street demagoguery or electoral the Rotary and Lions Clubs, the former

The trouble stems from the 1903 treaty opportunity." treaty negotiator warned that the longer the

that gave the United States the 10-mile-wide He added: “It is a most grave mistake, for revision issue is put off, the greater the risk

Canal Zone under terms so favorable that it the Panamanian Nation, for the American that "grave situations" will develop which

seemed a triumph of Yankee trading compaHemisphere, and even for the West, for the may not be subject to settlement, except by

rable to the purchase of Manhattan Island. canal affairs and its feasible good-faith soluforce.

In fact, it is no such thing. The Panations be unscrupulously turned into carnival

Fabrega told his audience there are four manian Government of 1903, newly indebanners. All the more so, when those who basic points involved in the revision of the

pendent from Colombia after a revolution are so acting seek not to be patriotically true canal treaty:

engineered by Teddy Roosevelt, was under to Panama, but to submerge in the canal

A once-and-for-all definition of the scope

Washington's thumb. It's understandable waters the accumulation of ineptitudes, of authority, power and control of the

that Panamanians want substantial treaty grafts, and squanderings of moneys during United States in the Canal Zone, which has

revision, 4 years sadly wasted away. Four years of become so Americanized that the United

Their biggest complaint concerns money. unfulfilled pledges; of successive and evident States treats it as part of its territory.

In view of nearly $60 million revenue profailures which have crowned, both on the

Elimination of the prepetuity feature of

duced by the Canal Zone last year and the national and the international planes, the the canal concession.

U.S. defense installations jammed into the record of the present administration."

Fair distribution of the canal benefits,

Canal Zone, Panama's $1,930,000 annual Arias said political groups which have no which might involve an increase in the tran

share of canal tolls is chicken feed. Panapopular support "do not hesitate to take re sit tolls.

manians rightly regard their country's course to the overused canal argument, try The return to Panama of lands and waters unique geographical position as its one great ing in vain to put on the present Panama- within the Canal Zone which have proved national resource and resent getting shortNorth American contractual relationships the unnecessary for the operation of the water

changed for it. blame for responsibilities which are wholly way.

Questions of prestige are more subtle. Alattributable to the present administration." Fabrega saw justification in Panama's though a sovereign country seldom signs perHe warned that this “anti-Yankee" cam- position in regard to the 1903 treaty re

petual agreements, the 1903 treaty gives paign opens the door to subversive agents vision question, pointing out that condi away the Canal Zone forever. Panamainians of Castro communism and Soviet impe- tions which led to that treaty have now want a token time limit, perhaps 50 or even rialism. changed radically.

99 years. By then, the canal probably would "We say responsibly," Dr. Arias declared, Emphasizing that the canal was no longer

be abandoned. "that with the resources available from the a military adjunct but now a commercial The State Department would gladly grant stipulations of the treaty in force with the enterprise, Fabrega declared it might have such concessions except for anti-Panama United States over the Canal Zone-although been justified to ask Panama to sacrifice sentiment in Congress. For instance, conthis does not imply permanent acceptance itself for the sake of the common defense gressional opposition scuttled a modest conon our part of the present status–Panama while the canal was purely a defense artery. cession to let Panama handle its own canal has been in a magnificent position to face But now that it has become a commercial freight. and resolve most of its chronic national and enterprise, he said, there is no justification This congressional intransigence is the social problems. Conversely, these problems for a powerful nation to profit from handiwork of the Zonians: U.S. residents of have become considerably more acute since Panama's biggest natural resource-its geo the Canal Zone, all canal employees, who 1951, although, once in a while, the admin- graphical position.

operate one of Washington's most effective istrations in power have resorted to the The former Foreign Minister cautioned lobbies by playing on justifiable congresfamiliar argument of monetary demands to that the treaty issue should not be used sional fears about this vital waterway's sethe White House” (1951 was the year in as a banner for agitation on either the curity. which Dr. Arias was overthrown for the Panama or United States side.

Moreover, the Zonians themselves are second time).

As much harm, he warned, is done to the bad-will ambassadors, more irritating to Dr. Arias' statement said the Panamanian cause of good relations by Panamanians who Panamanians than official U.S. policy. At his people are fed up with "the canal tale." call for immediate nationalization on the worst, the Zonian brags about not under

"From 1951 on,” he said, "there has been waterway, as by Canal Zone residents who standing a word of Spanish and not crossing a lack of overall vision of our problems as claim that Panama is not entitled to bene into the Republic of Panama for years on fatherland, as nation, and as state. The fits from the canal because the country end. ruling groups have waged against the United would still be wracked with yellow fever if That's not all. A U.S. employee of the States and Zonians in general resentments the United States had not built the canal. canal receives 25 percent more pay than a which often are justified, but which not al Fabrega, who was one of the Panama Panamanian in the same job. Because of ways are justly or patriotically set forth. representatives during negotiations carried security, such high-paying jobs as canal * * * Our future progress will depend on the out recently by a joint Republic of Panama pilot ($19,000 a year) are limited to U.S. rational development of our great productive United States commission on points of dis citizens, and a U.S. employee gets 10 days possibilities, beginning with what the canal satisfaction between the two countries, more vacation annually than a Panamanian. and our geographic position provide for us blamed the lack of success of the negotiators Apart from Canal problems, there's plenty economically." on the "bureaucratic clique" of the U.S. State

to worry about here. Panama has Latin Arias declared that President Kennedy's Department.

America's typical headaches-shantytown new Alliance for Progress policy is incompat Fabrega, who said the "clique" was located slums (called Hollywood in Panama City), ible with the previous forms of concessions in on the fourth floor of State Department an undeveloped interior, a ruling oligarchy perpetuity which still prevail in some aspects where Latin American policy is handled, wrapped up in moneymaking and petty poliof Panama-United States relationships over charged it was more powerful than the tics. Topping this off is dependence on one the canal. White House and Congress.

"crop”--the canal.

Furthermore, Communists recently won morial, to be executed by Leo Mol, Ukrainian life either in penal exile or under strict police student elections at the University of Pana born sculptor.

supervision. ma and Communist-infiltrated labor unions

In a speech at the groundbreaking cereare causing trouble on the banana planta [From the Washington (D.C.) Star, Sept. 22, mony, Senator THOMAS J. DODD, Democrat, of tions. U.S. Intelligence sources estimate


Connecticut, said that Shevchenko "belongs that 200 trained Reds have slipped in from PARK IN DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DEDICATED TO to all mankind. * We honor him as a Cuba. If they ever launch a concentrated


fighter for freedom and as a champion of terror campaign, Panama's 3,000-man nation

Fourteen thousand square feet of Wash

all the persecuted and oppressed.” DODD al guard would be hard put to contain it. ington soil were dedicated yesterday to the

added that Shevchenko is regarded by his memory of Taras Shevchenko, Ukrainian

people with "something of the special rev

erence that we in America reserve for Thomas THE NEED OF A SHEVCHENKO poet and 19th century fighter for freedom. FREEDOM SECTION IN THE LI

The tiny park at 22d, 23d, and P Streets

Jefferson and George Washington."
NW., set aside by Congress as a memorial to

DODD was one of four Senators, five ConBRARY OF CONGRESS the Ukrainian patriot, was dedicated in cere

gressmen, and one former Congressman who

received Shevchenko Freedom Awards from Mr. MATSUNAGA. Mr. Speaker, I monies attended by some 2,000 persons.

The ceremonies were conducted in English

the Shevchenko Memorial Committee of ask unanimous consent that the gentle

America at a banquet after the ceremony. and Ukrainian. man from New York [Mr. DULSKI) may

Despite the sounds of an occasional accent,

Representative JOHN LESINSKI, Democrat, extend his remarks at this point in the the audience was typically American in dress, of Michigan, another award recipient, said RECORD and include extraneous matter. in language and in outlook, but for two

that Shevchenko was "the greatest Ukrainian The SPEAKER. Is there objection pretty girls in Ukrainian.

of his day," and Representative MICHAEL A. to the request of the gentleman from “This statue,” said Dr. Lev E. Dobriansky,

FEIGHAN, Democrat, of Ohio, noted that the Hawaii?

professor of Soviet economics at Georgetown poet “shared as well as sensed the sufferings There was no objection.

University,” will be a symbol of their early of his countrymen under the oppressive yoke Mr. DULSKI. Mr. Speaker, on Sep- twenties selling souvenir buttons, conversed of Russian imperialism." tember 21, 1963, historic ground-break- easily in freedom for the Ukraine and all the captive nations.”

[From the Buffalo (N.Y.) Evening News, ing ceremonies were held in the Capital He told briefly of the life of Shevchenko,

Sept. 17, 1963) of our Nation for the Shevchenko me- who died in 1861 at the age of 47 after a life

DULSKI TO ADDRESS DINNER HONORING morial statue which will be unveiled next in which he was a serf, a soldier, a prisoner

UKRAINIAN POET May 30. These ceremonies were un- of the Russians and only briefly a free man. WASHINGTON, September 17.-Representaprecedented both in attendance and per

The decision by Congress to provide space tive DULSKI, of Buffalo, will be main speaker formance. Close to 3,000 Americans of for yet another statue in an over-statued city at a banquet here Saturday in connection diverse backgrounds participated in the ing to information provided by the public

with ground breaking for the memorial ing to information provided by the public statue to Taras Shevchenko, the Ukrainian groundbreaking at the Shevchenko site relations firm which represents the Shev- poet and freedom fighter. on P and 23d Streets NW. Washington chenko Memorial Committee of America, Inc. Erection of the statue in Washington was had not seen such a ground breaking for The Russians, according to the firm, have authorized by Congress in 1960 and Amerdecades.

attempted to claim the poet and his writing icans of Ukrainian descent have raised over MEMORABLE EVENT REPORTED WIDELY

for their own purposes-hailing him as a $250,000 to cover the costs. Sculptor of the Bolshevik who died before his time.

statue is Leo Mol, native of Ukraine who Along with other Members of Con

However, the speakers at yesterday's cere now resides in Winnipeg, Canada, gress, it was my privilege to participate monies made clear that in their opinion Between 2,000 and 3,000 Americans of in this unforgettable ceremony. The Shevchenko had drawn his inspiration from Ukrainian descent from throughout the banquet which followed the ground- the ideal of the West and particularly the United States are expected to take part in breaking ceremony overflowed in attend- ideals of the American Revolution.

the ground breaking and later attend the ance and cultural presentation. The

Last night some 700 persons of Ukrainian banquet. 1,000 people who attended the function descent attended a banquet in the May Mr. Shevchenko was born in 1814 in serf

flower Hotel in which Shevchenko freedom dom, gained freedom and risked prison and at the Mayflower Hotel witnessed rendi

awards were presented to 4 U.S. Senators, 5 exile to fight for individual liberty from tions in honor of Taras Shevchenko that Representatives and 1 former Representative. serfdom and for Ukrainian independence also were impressively new and inspira Recipients of the awards were Senators from Russian imperialist rule. He died in tional. The entire memorable event was Dodd, Democrat, of Connecticut; Javits and 1861. reported widely, and as part of my re Keating, Republicans, of New York; and marks, I ask that the following indica- Scott, Republican, of Pennsylvania; Repre [From the Buffalo (N.Y.) Evening News, tive reports in the New York Times, Sep- Feighan,

Democrat, of Ohio; Jones, Democrat, sentatives Dulski, Democrat, of New York;

Sept. 19, 1963] tember 21; the Washington Sunday Star,

DULSKI TO RECEIVE UKRAINIAN AWARD of Missouri; Lesinski, Democrat, of Michigan; September 22; the Washington Post,

WASHINGTON, September 19.-Representaand Madden, Democrat, of Indiana; and for- tive DULSKI, of Buffalo, and Senators JAVITS September 20, 22; and the Buffalo Eve

mer Representative Alvin Bentley, Republic and KEATING, of New York, are among nine ning News, September 17, 19, 23, be can of Michigan.

Members of Congress who will be honored by printed here:

Americans of Ukrainian descent on Saturday. [From the New York Times, Sept. 21, 1963]

[From the Washington (D.C.) Post, Sept. 20, Mr. DULSKI is main speaker at the banquet U.S. PAYING TRIBUTE TO UKRAINIAN HERO


in connection with the ground breaking for WASHINGTON, September 20.-A Ukrainian

William Shust, who did so well by "The the memorial statue here to the Ukrainian poet and national hero, hailed by Moscow

Egg" at Arena Stage, will join Philadelphia's poet and national hero, Taras Shevchenko.

Kobzar Choir for Saturday night's Ukrainian The legislators will be presented Shevchenas a prototype of Communism, will be honored by United States officials tomorrow as ground breaking of the Shevchenko Me- Shevchenko Memorial Committee and the

Congress Committee's banquet following ko Freedom Awards given jointly by the an Eastern European freedom fighter.

Ukrainian Congress Committee of America. Congressmen, Government officials, and morial, 22d and P Streets NW. more than 2,000 Americans of Ukrainian [From the Washington (D.C.) Post, Sept. 22,

[From the Buffalo (N.Y.) Evening News, descent will attend groundbreaking cere

1963) monies for a $250,000 memorial to Taras

Sept. 23, 1963] Shevchenko, who died in 1861.


DULSKI PROPOSES LIBRARY IN HONOR OF The ceremonies are expected to produce a More than 2,000 Americans of Ukrainian

UKRAINIAN POET sharp reaction in the Soviet press. Moscow descent gathered yesterday at ground-break

WASHINGTON, September 23.-Representahas been fighting with Washington over ing ceremonies for the construction of a tive DULSKI, of Buffalo, has urged that a Shevchenko's memory.

$250,000 memorial to Taras Shevchenko, a Taras Shevchenko library be established at A statue of the poet stands in the city 19th century Ukrainian poet and freedom the Library of Congress as an additional tribof Kiev in the Ukraine. Moscow holds that fighter.

ute to the Ukrainian poet and national hero. Shevchenko was a foe of imperialism and a The memorial, which will consist of a 14

Mr. DULSKI made his proposal as he adBolshevik before his time. foot statue of Shevchenko by Leo Mol, a

dressed a banquet here Saturday in connecIn the United States, however, he is por Ukrainian-born sculptor, will be located on

tion with ground breaking ceremonies for trayed as a 19th-century fighter against Rus a plaza in a small triangular park bounded

the Shevchenko memorial statue, authorized sian tyranny. by 22d, 23d, and P Streets NW.

by Congress in 1960. Americans of Ukrainian In 1960 Congress held hearings on Shey Schevchenko, who was born in 1814, spent descent have raised more than $250,000 to chenko's life and works, and authorized the only 9 of the 47 years of his life in freedom.

finance the memorial. use of land for the memorial. Freed from serfdom in 1838, he was arrested

RICH AMERICAN CONTRIBUTION Donations from Americans of Ukrainian 9 years later for being a member of a radical These events and the forthcoming undescent defrayed the cost of erecting the me- political society and spent the rest of his veiling of Shevchenko's statue represent


a rich contribution to our American eration only with the overthrow of the knowledge and understanding of the autocracy, and for this the union of all of powerful forces for freedom in Eastern Russia's progressive forces was necessary. Europe and thus for the world. Our (Yevgeni Kiriliuk, U.S.S.R. magazine, Janu

ary 1961, Soviet Embassy, Washington, D.C.) leaders, such as President Kennedy,

The peoples of the Soviet Union, and with former President Eisenhower, Members them all progressive mankind, are getting of Congress, and numerous other officials ready for a worthy observance of the immorhave in various ways acknowledged this tal memory of the genius lover of freedom. contribution on the part of 212 million

* *

* But our enemies are not asleep. The Americans of Ukrainian background. American imperialists, relying on those docThe contribution brilliantly reflects the

ile servants * * * the Ukrainian nationalinterests of all Americans who seek the the 100th anniversary for the monstrous,

ists * * * are planning to take advantage of liberation and freedom not only of

not only of disgusting, and provocative purpose of slanUkraine but of all the captive nations. dering the homeland of Shevchenko, Soviet Calculated slurs against the constructive Ukraine, and our people with a flood of antiefforts of imagined minorities and tiny Soviet insults, provocations, muck, lies, and groups are expressions of arrogant distortions. ignorance for which there is no room in

The nationalist scribes, of the breed of our tradition.

Zaitsev, Dontsov, and Dobriansky, are dis

playing an extraordinary adroitness in the THE COUNTERPART OF IGNORANCE IN THE

matter of falsifying Shevchenko, and the U.S.S.R.

blasphemous distortion of his works, atArrogant ignorance by a few in this tempting to present our great poet as some country as concerns the freedom stature kind of advocate of the modern "American and universal significance of Shevchen- way of life.” ko has its ready counterpart in the dis

This is the purpose of the brochure, “Eutortions that have poured out of the So- rope's Freedom Fighter: Taras Shevchenko,

1814–61," published as official matter of the viet Union since the 86th Congress took

U.S. Congress. the initiative on on this vital project.

The peoples of the world will firmly slap There can be no doubt that we success the dirty hands of the American politicians fully blunted the propaganda scheme of and nationalist Judases who are trying to Moscow to exploit the Shevchenko sym- besmirch the bright acme of pure human bol for its own colonial ends. For the spirit, the spirit of truth and freedom, the edification of some, I request that these spirit of goodness and anger, the spirit of samples be printed at this point in the generosity and eternity, the spirit, image,

and word of Shevchenko. A great role in RECORD:

this noble act of defending the temple of The American-German forgers of the mankind for the bourgeois speculators works of Shevchenko and their hirelings, and blasphemers will be played by Soviet the Ukrainian bourgeois nationalists, are writers and literary experts. This is a fight, trying to prove the allegation that the great together with Shevchenko, against man-hatUkrainian poet was a nationalist who con ing ideology of imperialism and nationalism. demned the union of Ukraine with Russia his is a fight which also exposes the deceit and denounced Bohdan Khmelnytsky. and falsehood of all talk of peaceful coexistThis is a shameless lie and a dirty slander ence of two ideologies. (Mykola Bazhan, on the ardent champion of friendship be Literaturna Ukraina, Apr. 16, 1963, Kiev.) tween the two brotherly nations.


Ukrainian bourgeois nationalists, who are kept by the imperialists of the United States, are trying to prove that

Mr. Speaker, at the ground-breaking Shevchenko allegedly wished to see Ukraine event and after, many addresses and after the pattern of the United States. To articles have been presented on the prove this, they cite his poem, “Yurodyvy,” meaning of this project for us Americans ("God's Fool") in which the poet wrote:

in the current, titanic struggle with So"Ah, you miserable

viet Russian imperiocolonialism. At this And cursed crew, when will you breathe time I should like to append as part of your last?

my remarks those made by our distinWhen shall we get ourselves a Washing- guished colleague, the Honorable JOHN ton

LESINSKI, on the occasion of the ShevTo promulgate his new and righteous law?

chenko ground-breaking ceremony. Mr. But some day we shall surely find the man!"

LESINSKI was responsible for the publica

tion of House Document No. 445In these words Shevchenko contrasted the

"Europe's Freedom Fighter, Taras Shevreactionary, rotten, autocratic order of serfdom with the political order defended by

chenko, 1814-61"-a valuable documenGeorge Washington. Today all the righteous tary biography of Ukraine's poet laureate laws in the United States have been buried;

and national hero. Also, I request that there exists a reign of the most highhanded immediately thereafter the moving reactionary social forces, a ruthless enslave- article written by Dr. Frederick Brown ment of the workers, and racial and national Harris under its original title "Wanted discrimination. The American reactionaries

Another Washington" be printed as part and their hirelings, the Ukrainian bourgeois of my remarks. nationalists, will never succeed in turning

of my remarks. Dr. Harris' perceptive the poet-revolutionary into a partisan of

article appeared in the October 13 issue the American bourgeois order. (D. Os

of the Sunday Star and in other papers: trianyn, Komunist Ukrainy, Feb. 2, 1961, REMARKS BY HONORABLE JOHN LESINSKI, U.S. Kiev.)

REPRESENTATIVE FROM MICHIGAN, The clear meaning of his (Shevchenko's) GROUND-BREAKING CEREMONIES poems has been distorted by Ukrainian bour SHEVCHENKO MEMORIAL STATUE, SATURDAY, geois nationalists in order to make Shev SEPTEMBER 21, 1963 chenko out to be an enemy of Russia rather

Ladies and gentlemen, I deem it an honor than of Russian autocracy. The poet drew a

and a privilege to join with you this afterclear distinction between the two Russias noon in saluting Europe's freedom fighter, one reactionary, the other progressive and Taras Shevchenko. revolutionary. He never joined the nation It was also my privilege to participate in alists, thoroughly cognizant of the fact that obtaining approval of the U.S. Congress of the Ukrainian people could win national lib the resolution authorizing the placing of

Shevchenko's statue in this great city of Washington toward which the world today looks as the symbol of freedom and democracy. .

Taras Shevchenko was the greatest Ukrainian in his day, and one of the most famous in modern history of the Ukrainian people. He was distinguished as a man of letters, an eminent poet, and a fervent patriot of unblemished character. But more than that, he was a voice crying for freedom from the dark depths of slavery and serfdom. During his lifetime, the Ukrainian people were almost as severely oppressed by the Czarist Russian regime as they are today under the Russian Communists in the Kremlin. Today, as 45 million Ukrainians enslaved by the Russian Communists work unceasingly to obtain their freedom, they look to Taras Shevchenko as the symbol of true liberty and take inspiration and incentive from his life and works.

As we pay tribute to Shevchenko today, we remind the people of the Ukraine that we have not forgotten their unfortunate plight. And in so doing, we give hope and comfort to the people in the other captive nations who suffer the same fate of enslavement by Communist masters. While the winds of the cold war seemingly are becoming warm, we must constantly remember these unfortunate people and not let ourselves be deluded by empty promises and false hopes. As I mentioned during the observances of the Captive Nations Week, if the Kremlin masters truly seek peace in the world let them give the people of the Ukraine and the other captive nations their freedom to live under governments of their choice.

Tyranny and oppression can never still the desire for liberty nor can they silence a ringing voice of freedom, for so long as that desire for human liberty, a better life and the brotherhood of man remains alive and strong in the hearts of free people throughout the world, such voices will be heard through the years, as has been Shevchenko's. So that in dedicating this monument to Shevchenko, we give added volume to the voice of freedom.

I am pleased to have been able to participate with you this afternoon honoring this great patriot. [From the Washington (D.C.) Star, Oct. 13,

1963) SPIRES OF THE SPIRIT-ANOTHER WASHINGTON (By Dr. Frederick Brown Harris, Chaplain of

the U.S. Senate) An outstanding Ukrainian poet who was a contemporary of Abraham Lincoln published a want ad that resounds across a hundred years. He died just after the man who saved the Union entered the White House to face black days. His name is Taras Shevchenko. His was, and is, the enduring voice of his valiant land in its agelong struggle for freedom. During his lifetime, most of which was spent in the slavery of serfdom, the Ukraine was bound by the shackles of Czarist tyranny. Shevchenko, in his inspired poetry, helped mightily to keep alive the dream of an independent Ukraine.

With volcanic anger, defying the Russian handcuffs, his eyes were riveted with hope upon the American rebels who had revolted against the unjust exactions of a royal master and by their victory inspired all who longed to breathe free. Against her oppressors Taras Shevchenko poured hot words that still roll like molten lava. Recalling hopefully what the rebellion under the calm leader from Mount Vernon had brought to pass, he cried out'Ah, you miserable and cursed crew,

When will you breathe your last? When shall we get ourselves a Washington To promulgate his new and righteous

lawBut, some day we shall surely find the






Had the brave heart in the middle of the with a meaning just the opposite. The As to the second question, it is actually 19th century who penned those eloquent statue will point to the greatest historic amusing to compare this editorial with the words known that in the middle of the 20th hoax of all times as the Red regime flays the one on "Poetic Injustice" that appeared in century even greater slavery than he had almost-dead body of Western colonialism your September 23 issue. In the latter, the envisioned would fall upon his valiant land, while it plots to take over the world in the 3-week experts start out in this vein: as the ruthless Kremlin masters of deceit vastest and vilest colonial empire ever con "We yield to no one in our esteem for the squeezed out for their own gain the very ceived. The statue will tell the truth re Ukraine and that country's poet and hero, life blood of his noble people, who can doubt garding Soviet colonialism which makes its Taras Shevchenko.” They even admit that that Shevchenko would turn in burning pious denunciations of the often-benevolent "we have never read a line of Mr. Sheywrath upon the modern descendants of Western brand give an air of utter unreality chenko's verse.” Three weeks later the Genghis Khan? Who can doubt that he to the United Nations. The lines of this reader is fed the supposedly studied and would hurl at the most sinister conspiracy monument, erected to one in whose heart quite absurd conclusion that a "statue of against human decency ever to plot for the the love of freedom flamed in an enslaved Shevchenko would be a monument to disdomination of the planet the phrase he land, will go out to all the earth as millions unity and recrimination among Americans.” coined so long ago— “You miserable and come reverently to a spot henceforth for Earlier, Shevchenko was a "country's poet cursed crew.” And, who can question that ever sacred to lift a prayer that this torn and and hero”; now, he's "the pet of a small he would hail the one free world power which tortured world may be delivered from the minority.” With such capricious thinking, has pledged its moral and material might abomination of abominations. Its unveiling one can well imagine the abusive interprethat instead of bestriding the earth, the time this coming May will be the signal for a tations they've formed by references to his will come on God's calendar when the march on Washington by tens of thousands poetry out of historical context. Shevchenko Ukraine prophecy will come to pass and the who, loving freedom and hating tyranny, and scholars in the United States and Canada vile tyranny will breathe its last-an iney remembering their honored poet's ardent have devoted lifetimes to the historic works itable day when the anguished query, "When hope for another Washington, will cry with of this immortal freedom fighter; your shall we get ourselves a Washington ?” will be glad and grateful hearts-Shevchenko, we are writers, with brazen self-contradiction, have answered as it becomes clear to all the earth here.

rendered their expert judgment-all disthat the Red tide is not the wave of the


tilled in 3 weeks. future.

The Shevchenko statue will in every If there is anything "offensive in various A pledge already broadcast around the

respect be a tower of progressive knowl- ways” to the intelligence of our American planet, that the flame of Shevchenko's faith will be kept blazing, is about to be reiterated

edge for many of our citizens; it will be people and to their unity against the Soviet in the form of a statue in Washington, Capa monument against ignorance regard- sible editorializing. Your fictitious points

Russian threat, it is this brand of irresponital of the free world. In this city splendid ing the U.S.S.R., Soviet Russian imperio

on some "errant private passion” of certain a prominent site has been assigned for that colonialism, the patriotic freedom forces

colonialism, the patriotic freedom forces Americans, the “misguided and careless purpose by the United States. It is a grassy of Eastern Europe, and the universal im- reception" by Congress, and other specimens plot, appropriately in close proximity to the portance of the poet, Shevchenko. One of groundless rhetoric not only violate availworshipful tower and spire of a stately

newspaper has recently demonstrated in able facts but have been openly exploded Christian church. There will rise in the months just ahead the sculptured likeness its erratic editorials a profound lack of while your editorial writers slept these past

3 years. knowledge concerning this all-important of this fiery patriot of freedom. Costing

Solid reasons for the statue are more than a quarter of a million dollars it is subject. Furthermore, it has acutely clearly set forth and explained in House

which was circulated to be a gift of prophetic faith by Ukrainian limited the publication of replies to its throughout the country and inspired worthy Americans. The 86th Congress acted in the abusive charges. Representative of re contributions for the statue from Americans spirit of George Washington when it gave the plies to these editorials is the one sub- of all backgrounds. What did you do with green light for this project in spite of the

mitted by Dr. Lev E. Dobriansky, of your copy 2 years ago? bitter denunciation of today's despots, who have the unbelievable audacity to suggest leted in parts and which I quote in full

Georgetown University, which was de On how to fight communism, the record that if the Ukrainian poet were living today

leted in parts and which I quote in full of your notions is scarcely an enviable one. he would join the marauders who mowed as follows:

Taking just the two issues mentioned here, down the innocents in the streets of Buda

OCTOBER 19, 1963.

it is most revealing how, in fact, your propest. LETTER TO THE EDITOR OF THE WASHINGTON

tests have coincided with Moscow's. The POST:

reasons, of course, are different. Moscow is At the recent groundbreaking ceremony

I trust you will afford me the same fair

fearful of any outside support given to the 2,000 people crowded the available open-air

powerful force of nationalism among its space to listen rapturously as some of the

opportunity of replying to your October 18 poet's winged words were recited and prayers editorial on "The Shevchenko Affair" as you you've been too blind to understand this.

captive non-Russian nations in the U.S.S.R.; offered, and messages brought by American

did in July 1959, concerning an editorial on leaders of the Ukrainian cause, representathe Captive Nations Week resolution. Your

Thank God we have countless Americans tives of the national churches whose fires of opposition then was based on a medley of

who do. As just one among numerous exfaith are kept burning in millions of lives in factual inaccuracies; bearing the same trait, amples, you might profit from reading Dr. this land of the free and also by educators your present opposition to the Shevchenko Frederick Brown Harris' recent column in and U.S. Government officials. The joyous statue sounds almost desperately vindictive

the October 13 Sunday Star, wherein he burden of all the utterances of that high and, to say the least, is unbecoming to an

states: "For the years to come this statue hour was a Jubilate that here was to be organ of your reputation.

will be an altar of intercession for the emanerected a spire of the spirit tall enough to be

Two questions immediately arise after cipation of all the captive nations. * * * seen by the whole world. reading this misleading piece. One, why this

This statue will publish the fact that AmerFor the years to come this statue will be

editorial at this time? Second, how expert ica is well aware that the U.S.S.R. is not a an altar of intercession for the emancipa

have your writers become on this project in nation, but a colonial empire claiming sovtion of all the captive nations. It will be the span of 3 weeks? The factual answers

ereignty over non-Russians numbering more to these questions are sufficient to indicate

millions than there are Russians * * *.” an impressive proclamation that America writes across the present fetters which now the degree of editorial irresponsibility re

The statue is obviously not for those who keep the nations of Europe from their own

flected in this self-indicting performance. would appease Moscow by burying or disright of self-determination, the stern judg

It is very easy to pontificate and hide be torting truths which are essential to our ment, "temporary status." This statue will

hind juggled words after a given event. But own national interest. In its wisdom Conpublish the fact that America is well aware

where were your sheltered writers these past gress has recognized this; let us hope that that the U.S.S.R. is not a nation, but a co

3 years while the subject was widely reported in time and beyond consistent error you lonial empire claiming sovereignty over non

and discussed in this country and in the will, too. Russians numbering more millions than Soviet Union? The New York Herald Trib

LEV E. DOBRIANSKY, there are Russians, including the Ukraine, une, the Evening Star, the Chicago Tribune,

RESOLUTION FOR A SHEVCHENKO FREEDOM an area greater than Poland and Yugoslavia and many other papers satisfactorily covered

LIBRARY combined. Today's attempt at accommo

the subject in 1960; and, as in the case of the dation with the free world and the lessening riod of 7 months the organs of Moscow and and intense interest in the works of

Captive Nations Week resolution, for a pe Mr. Speaker, in view of the growing of tensions, can never erase the memory of atrocities heaped upon this land after the

puppet Kiev registered a malicious opposi- Shevchenko and the universal signifiBolsheviks rudely stopped the jubilant ringtion similar to yours now. In fact, it appears

cance of the poet himself, we can pering of liberty bells following the revolution

that your own writers don't bother to read of 1917.

the Post itself. Reports on the project and form a most valuable educational servThis significant addition to the monu

the open congressional hearing were pub- ice in the national interest by estabments of this monumental city, where every

lished on April 2 and September 14, 1960; lishing in the Library of Congress a thing is in view of all America, will be a wit

March 7, 1961; October 18 and 26, 1962. section to be known as the Shevchenko ness to the Republic's refusal to be deceived then? If the element of dictated pressure has Where were your interest and comments

Freedom Library. This section would by the double talk of Communist jargon as characterized anything, it certainly has this contain all the essential works devoted it prostitutes even words to say one thing contradictory editorial.

to the struggles and aspirations of

Shevchenko's Ukraine and other cap Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep- action; and two of Mrs. Saunders' grandsons, tive non-Russian nations for freedom resentatives of the United States of America Don Saunders, age 10, and Greg Casto, age and independence. Such a concenin Congress assembled, That a section in the 812.

Admiral Ramage, you as a winner of the trated library would greatly satisfy and Library of Congress be established and appro

priately designated as the Shevchenko Free Medal of Honor know personally better than advance the interest and knowledge of

dom Library. This library section shall con most of us the true meaning of the words all Americans who have been inspired tain all the works written by Taras Shev “duty” and “sacrifice.” You know full well by what has developed since Congress chenko, both in the original and translations, the risks it takes to serve in line of duty on authorized the statue in 1960; it would and all volumes related to his immortal con a submarine. be a treasure of literary riches that base tributions and contents therein. The estab The year 1963 is the centennial year of the President's own observation on

lishment of this section shall be effected with West Virginia's admittance to the Union.

the expert cooperation of the Shevchenko We in West Virginia know and appreciate Shevchenko:

Scientific Society. Appropriations shall be also the meaning of the word sacrifice, beHis work is a noble part of our historical

made for the accomplishment of these pur cause West Virginia is up at the top of the heritage. poses.

list when it comes to war volunteers and

men who have been killed and wounded in For these purposes and in our national

wars in defense of the United States of interest-which is the interest of world

America. freedom-I submit this joint resolution A TRIBUTE TO AMERICAN SUBMA

Mrs. Saunders is a true West Virginian who to establish a section to be known as the


understands dedicated service, and who has Shevchenko Freedom Library in the

Mr. HECHLER. Mr. Speaker, I ask

captured the spirit of the men who served Library of Congress:

on the submarine Thresher. She has with unanimous consent to extend my re

the loving effort of many hours of work H.J. RES. marks at this point in the RECORD and

crocheted this American flag, inspired by the Whereas in March 1961, President Ken- include extraneous matter.

news of the dedicated sacrifice of the men on nedy declared: "I am pleased to add my The SPEAKER. Is there objection the Thresher. There was a prayer in every voice to those honoring the great Ukrainian to the request of the gentleman from stitch of this crocheted flag. Poet Taras Shevchenko. We honor him for West Virginia?

Admiral Ramage, I am honored to present his rich contribution to the culture not only

There was no objection.

to you Mrs. Ollie Saunders, of Huntington of Ukraine, which he loved so well and de

Mr. HECHLER. scribed so eloquently, but of the world. His

and Verdunville, W. Va.

Mr. Speaker, the work is a noble part of our historical heri

Mrs. OLLIE (MARTHA) SAUNDERS. Admiral Chief of Naval Operations conference

Ramage, I present to you this 50-star Amertage"; and room in the Pentagon this morning was

ican flag in commemoration of the 129 brave Whereas in March 1963, the President paid the scene of a very moving and impres men who lost their lives on the submarine fitting tribute to the world-renowned Shev sive ceremony.

Thresher and all who have lost their lives at chenko Scientific Society in these words: Several weeks ago I received a letter sea, and also on behalf of all the men now in “My congratulations on the 90th anniversary from Mrs. Ollie (Martha) Saunders, of

the U.S. Navy who are helping preserve peace of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, and on

in the world. your sustained program for support for dis- Huntington and Verdunville, W. Va., de

Vice Adm. LAWSON P. RAMAGE. Mrs. Sauntinguished scholarship. Among your mem- scribing her feelings on watching the

ders, on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy, bers have been some of the great names in newscasts of the loss of the submarine

and most especially the families of the men learning to whom the world owes an incal- Thresher. Mrs. Saunders was impelled on the Thresher and all others in the Navy, culable debt. May you continue to extend to do something to honor the memory of we express our heartfelt appreciation for this the frontiers of human knowledge in the the men lost on the Thresher, and also wonderful flag. We appreciate the time, the years ahead"; and

to pay tribute to all others who had sacri effort, and your prayers which have all gone Whereas in September 1960, President Ei

into the crocheting of this flag. senhower approved and signed a resolution ficed their lives at sea. She started to

It is a great honor to have assembled here of Congress providing for the establishment hand-crochet a huge American flag.

today many outstanding submarine officers of a lasting memorial to Shevchenko's works When the flag was completed, she

of the Navy. This flag which you have prein behalf of world freedom and justice; and brought it to Washington to present it sented to us will be placed in a special sec

Whereas, with understanding and vision, to the Navy to honor the memory of these tion devoted to the Thresher in the Naval the Eighty-sixth Congress of the United brave men.

History Display Center at the Navy Yard. It States honored this outstanding freedom

This morning, Mrs. Saunders, accom will stand there as a tribute to those great light by authorizing the erection of a Shey

and gallant men who have gone down to the chenko statue on public grounds in the Dis- panied by members of her family, pre

sea in ships and on ships. trict of Columbia; and sented her crocheted flag, and it was re

All of us in the Navy will ever value this Whereas the initiative of Congress success- ceived by Vice Adm. Lawson P. Ramage, fully nullified the exploitation of Shevchenko Deputy Chief of Naval Operations in

as a symbol of the love, affection, and abiding

faith which we hold for our brave men of as an historic symbol by both Moscow and Charge of Fleet Operations and Readi the Navy. its colonial puppets, and the vehement at

ness. tacks of the latter against these farseeing

Under unanimous consent, Mr. Speakacts have clearly proven the wisdom of the United States Government in properly claim

er, I ask that the substance of the re THE PRESIDENTIAL MEMORIAL ing Shevchenko as a towering beacon in the marks delivered at this ceremony be

CERTIFICATE march of freedom; and printed in the RECORD:

Mr. LIBONATI. Mr. Speaker, I ask Whereas for our times and struggles the Representative KEN HECHLER. Admiral unanimous consent to extend my reuniversal significance of this revered poet Ramage, and distinguished guests, as a marks at this point in the RECORD and and national hero was permanently estab- Member of the House of Representatives, I lished in a galaxy punctuated by other lu

include extraneous matter. take great pride in presenting to you Mrs. minaries of freedom, such as his contempo- Ollie Saunders, of Huntington and Verdun

The SPEAKER. Is there objection raries Abraham Lincoln, the Italian Mazzini, ville, W. Va.

to the request of the gentleman from the Pole Mickiewicz, the Hungarian Petöfi Mrs. Saunders is the wife of Rev. Illinois? and others from different nations and soils; Ollie Saunders, of the Verdunville Baptist There was no objection. and

Church, who would be here with us today Mr. LIBONATI. Mr. Speaker, again Whereas for our time and beyond the su were it not for the fact that he is in the I rise, as earlier this year, to respond preme importance of Shevchenko's works hospital in Logan. rests in his early and heroic opposition to Here assembled are many members of the

to the murmurs of criticism which I have traditional Russian imperio-colonialism and Saunders family, gathered to share in com

heard in recent weeks, aimed at the in his courageous advocacy of the freedom of memorating those

dedicated men who served present President of the United Statesall captive nations in the Russian Empire, our country on the submarine Thresher. a disabled veteran of World War II—who including the freedom of Jews and all peoples with us today is Mrs. Saunders' son, Homer it is claimed is trying to reap political in bondage of suppression and slavery; and Saunders, of Huntington, W. Va., who advantage not only from his status as a

Whereas our expanding American interest served in the U.S. Navy in World War II; veteran but also in sending to the family, in the classic contributions of Shevchenko Mrs. J. W. Casto, of Covington, Va., a daugh

a next of kin of a deceased veteran and their universal import can only receive ter of Mrs. Saunders who worked for the full educational satisfaction by an acces Navy during World War II; Mr. Carl Little, the Presidential Memorial Certificate. sible concentration of his voluminous works Mrs. Saunders' son-in-law, who works in It is fitting that I reiterate the stateand all related studies at a facility of na- Huntington, W. Va., had four brothers in ments given in my earlier address and tional convenience: Now, therefore, be it the U.S. Navy, two of whom were killed in include also such comment upon recent

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