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extend her remarks at this point in the Federal sewage treatent grants can be such purpose by the Governor (or Governors RECORD and include extraneous matter. an important tool for shaping a better in the case of interstate planning) as being

The SPEAKER. Is there objection metropolitan community. However, the in conformity with the comprehensive plan to the request of the gentleman from Federal aid program does not provide developed or in process of development for

such metropolitan area.” South Dakota?

sufficient incentives for more economical There was no objection.

and comprehensive waste disposal develMrs. DWYER. Mr. Speaker, as a com- opment in metropolitan areas. Federal panion measure to H.R. 9078, I have also policy should actively promote the devel

TRADE WITH SOVIETS introduced a bill, H.R. 9080, to amend opment of sewage treatment systems on Mr. REIFEL. Mr. Speaker, I ask the Water Pollution Control Act, as a scale consistent with sound investment unanimous consent that the gentleman amended, to increase the ceiling on and planning practices.

from Minnesota [Mr. QUIE] may extend grants for the construction of necessary

At the present time there is no require- his remarks at this point in the RECORD sewage treatment works and to provide ment, either legislative or administra- and include extraneous matter. financial incentives for constructing tive, that grants in metropolitan areas

The SPEAKER. Is there objection projects which conform to comprehen- be denied to crisis-oriented, shortsight- to the request of the gentleman from sive plans.

ed, and uneconomical solutions to pollu- South Dakota? This bill, too, was first proposed by tion abatement. As an incentive to more

There was no objection. the Advisory Commission on Intergov- economical and coordinated waste dis

Mr. QUIE. Mr. Speaker, I wish to call ernmental Relations in its report, “Inter- posal development, this bill would au- the attention of the House to a newsgovernmental Responsibilities for Water thorize an additional 10 percent grant

paper dispatch from London, dated NoSupply and Sewage Disposal in Metro- to be made for those projects that are politan Areas." The report recommends certified by an official State, regional, vember 13 edition of the Washington

vember 12, which appeared in the NoFederal, State, and local action to obtain or metropolitan planning agency as be

Post. more satisfactory water supply and sew- ing in conformity with an areawide plan age disposal services in urban areas. of development. of development. This would be an eco

The headline states, that a NATO H.R. 9080, together with H.R. 9078, nomical investment both for the Federal meeting is set to discuss trade with the

Soviets. The dispatch goes on to say that would carry out major commission rec Government and the communities conommendations at the Federal level in this cerned because a single larger facility Allied leaders of the NATO nations have important intergovernmental effort to can usually be constructed at a lesser called a meeting in Paris for early next assure our people adequate supplies of cost than several smaller ones. Similar week—the week of November 17—to seek clean water in the years ahead. The incentives or, more commonly, legisla- a settlement of their differences over

East-West trade policies. Commission's leadership in this regard tive requirements, are now provided in has been most encouraging. the Federal open space, mass transpor

Americans cannot help but be cheered

It is especially First, let me point out that the Com- tation and urban renewal programs of by this announcement. mission concluded against recommend the Housing and Home Finance Agency, good news to a group of us here on the ing the establishment at this time of any and the loan and grant programs of the Republican side of the aisle, who called

on the President of the United States new general program of Federal grants- Area Redevelopment Administration. in-aid for water supply and distribution I believe that this legislation would back on October 4, urging him to call comparable to the existing sewage treat- greatly assist Federal and State officials such a meeting. ment grant program. It reached this responsible for implementing the Fed

I would like to enter in the RECORD the conclusion because local communities eral grant program for sewage plant statement which the Republican House must provide water to survive and do not treatment construction, in promoting task force on NATO unity, a subcomneed Federal stimulation to act in this areawide planning and the development mittee of the Republican House policy field. However, sewage disposal is quite of economical sewage treatment facili- committee, sent to the President on another matter. The Commission found ties.

October 4: that the current Federal program of Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent STATEMENT ASKING THE PRESIDENT OF THE

UNITED STATES TO CALL A TOP-LEVEL NATO grants for sewage treatment construc- that the text of the bill be printed in the

MEETING ON ECONOMIC UNITY tion has provided a significant incentive RECORD at this point. for increased investment at the local

The recent Canadian-Russian wheat deal

H.R. 9080 level and has spurred rather than stified A bill to amend the Federal Water Pollution deal point up the need for greater NATO

and a possible United States-Russian wheat State and local initiative. However, it Control Act, as amended, to increase grants unity. Both deals developed on a bilateral concluded that the Federal grant pro for construction of municipal sewage treat

basis and apparently without due regard to gram does not provide adequate incen ment works and provide financial incen

their broad implications on free world setive for more economical and compre

tives for construction projects conforming curity. hensive sewage treatment facilities in

to comprehensive plans

The Communists use trade as a weapon in metropolitan areas.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of the cold war, not merely in the commercial As presently authorized, a grant for a

Representatives of the United States of manner common among businessmen. They single project may not exceed 30 per- clause (2) of subsection (b) of section 6 of America in Congress assembled, That (a) use trade to divide and conquer, create dis

sension among the free nations, make incent of the reasonable construction cost the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 dividual nations dependent and therefore or $600,000, whichever is less. In the U.S.C. 466) is amended by striking out vulnerable, as well as to fill their own stratecase of a joint project in which several “$600,000,” and inserting in lieu thereof gic shortages. communities participate, the ceiling is "$1,000,000,".

In order to deal effectively with this prob$2,400,000. These ceiling limitations are (b) The second proviso in clause (2) of lem and with similar problems in the future, unrealistic when applied to the consid- subsection (b) of such section 6 is amended we urge that the authority of NATO be inerably greater expenditures which com- by striking out “$2,400,000,” and inserting in creased so that it would have the responsi

lieu thereof "$4,000,000,". munities in larger urban areas must bear

bility and the authority to strengthen and in installing necessary treatment works. ing at the end thereof the following new

(c) Section 6 is further amended by add- develop free competitive practices in world

commerce and to resist any monopolistic In application, these grants approximate subsection:

state-dominated trade warfare of the Comas little or less than 10 percent of the

“(8) Notwithstanding any other provisions munists. costs involved, and thus they fail to of this section, the Secretary may increase NATO is united in moral purpose. It must achieve what is at once a primary and the amount of a grant by 10 per centum for

also be united in economic power. necessary objective in efforts to control any project which has been certified to him Article II of the original NATO treaty water pollution. The bill, which I intro- by an official State, metropolitan, or regional states that the NATO countries will “seek to duce today, would bring these amounts planning agency empowered under State or eliminate conflict in their international ecomore in line with the equities and pur- local laws or interstate compact to perform nomic policies and will encourage economic

collaboration between any or all of them.” poses involved by increasing a single metropolitan or regional planning for a project grant maximum to $1 million metropolitan area which has been defined by Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson

the Bureau of the Budget as a standard was the author of this important provision. and a joint project meeting the needs metropolitan statistical area and within We urge the President to issue a call for of a number of communities to a grant which the assistance is to be used, or other an immediate top-level NATO conference to maximum of $4 million.

agency or instrumentality designated for give considerations to these proposals.

Mr. Speaker, nowhere does the article Mr. Speaker, there are two portions of This was done after the commercial banks in the Washington Post state whether this dispatch to which I would like to refused to take the risk required under the

agency's normal practice. the call for this meeting in Paris next call special attention. week was issued by the President, or if The first is the proposed trip of Mr. Mr. Speaker, may I suggest that what it came from some other Allied leaders. Ball to Great Britain to “seek a greater we are proposing to do is to extend 100However, it is certainly in the spirit of formalization of a gentleman's agree- percent credit to a dead-beat governthe statement which our Republican ment now in force, under which Britain's ment that may steal the whole granary? subcommittee issued back on October 4, Export Credit Guarantee Department It seems strange to me to be extending and it is good news to us.

refuses to insure credits of more than 5 such preferential credit to a nation However, there are some portions of years, except in unusual circumstances.” which has disdainfully refused to pay us the November 13 article in the Wash To this point should be added for con- back the lend-lease aid we granted it ington Post which are not so encourag- sideration the further statement that nearly a quarter century ago, and which ing. Some recent events, especially re the British Department has felt justified is also today far in arrears in its paygarding the proposed sale of U.S. sur- in extending credits to 7 years, because ments to the United Nations. plus wheat to the Soviet Union, are also the United States has done so. And, we Mr. Speaker, this Export-Import Bank discouraging.

should take into consideration the state- credit means that: I now offer for the RECORD the full ment:

First. If the Hungarians, or the Rustext of the Washington Post article, so

Ball is also expected to seek an assurance sians if these special credits are extended that we may proceed from this point to that the British will not sidestep this gen- to the Soviets as Mr. Burke says is exdiscuss putting our own house in order tleman's agreement by allowing the Guaran- pected, should default, it will be the U.S. before attempting to assume a role of tee Department to arrange what are known

taxpayer, through the Export-Import leadership at this up-coming meeting as special financial guarantees for big Iron

Bank's funds, who will pick up the bill. of NATO Allies: Curtain orders.

Second. The U.S. Government is BALL VISITS ERHARD-NATO MEETING SET ON The second major point of this dis- ready and willing to take a credit risk SOVIET TRADING

patch to which I call your attention is that private bankers in the United LONDON, November 12.-Allied leaders have the statement:

States refuse to take. called a meeting in Paris early next week to

The American move at this time is under Third. We have already granted prefseek a settlement of their differences over

stood here to be inspired by the fear that erential treatment to the Soviets, exEast-West trade policies, authoritative dip

America's allies in Western Europe may use lomatic sources said today.

actly the thing that Mr. Ball is going the American-Russian grain deal as an exThe United States wants to unify the

to London to try to prevent the British West's credit terms in dealing with the

cuse for stepping up their own trade with
the Soviet Union.

from doing. Soviet bloc. Some allies fear such a move

Fourth. We are extending to the will lead to a loss of sales to the Communist Mr. Speaker, it is obvious that the

Communist government of Hungary, nations.

vacuum of leadership which has devel- and perhaps will extend to Russia, 100 The meeting, scheduled for next Monday, oped in the area of foreign policy under percent credit guarantees, while we will will be held within the framework of the the Kennedy administration has set up North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which

extend only 50 percent guarantees to has been keeping an eye on trade with the a guideline for policy in dealing with our

our allies. Communist bloc. allies that can be summed up in the old

Mr. Speaker, I think my point is clear Under Secretary of State George Ball, now cliche: "Do as we say, not as we do."

in this regard, and I will not belabor it in West Germany on his tour of European Here we are, faced with the prospect further, except to refer the Members capitals for preliminary interallied trade of the Under Secretary of State of the

of the House to the excellent speech, talks, was expected to attend the Paris United States, visiting a foreign capital meeting.

given on the floor of the Senate on Noto urge a long-standing ally not to ex, vember 12, by the distinguished Senator MEETS WITH ERHARD Ball met today with Chancellor Ludwig which we are, ourselves, about to extend

tend the "special financial guarantees” from South Dakota, Mr. MUNDT, which Erhard. He will travel to London this week,

appears on pages 21573 to 21576 of the where he is expected to ask the British to to the enemies of the free world. This

CONGRESSIONAL RECORD. In it he exrefrain from granting excessively favorable

does not seem to me to be a very trust- plores several matters regarding our sale credit facilities to the Russians.

worthy and equitable manner of dealing Specifically, he is expected to seek greater with our allies, nor of meeting the

threat of wheat to the Soviet Union

and exten

sion to them of unusual credit arrangeformalization of a "gentleman's agreement” of international communism. now in force, under which Britain's Export

ments, in much depth and with excellent

To illustrate my point, I refer you to Credits Guarantee Department refuses to

insight. insure credits of more than 5 years, except November 11, under the byline of Mr. an article in the Washington Post of

Among other things, Mr. MUNDT says: in unusual circumstances.

I do not know what our free world friends The Department already has felt justified Vincent J. Burke. in extending the limit to 7 years in the case

Mr. Burke says:

think about a proposal that has now become of aircraft exports, after learning that the

a fact, whereby we are now selling American

The Federal Government has decided to surplus grains to the Communists at a American Export-Import Bank has agreed underwrite all the credit risks for American cheaper delivered price than that at which to extend 7 years' credit to purchasers of banks engaged in financing sale of $6 million American aircraft.

we are selling it to our friends in the free Ball is also expected to seek an assurance worth of surplus U.S. corn to Communist

world. Hungary. that the British will not sidestep this gen

It is expected that similar credit guarantleman's agreement by allowing the Guaran

I shall now move on to the second tee Department to arrange what are known million sale of wheat to the Soviet Union.

tees will be extended to the pending $250 point of the Washington Post dispatch as special financial guarantees for big Iron

of November 13, which I called to special Curtain orders.

These guarantees, writes Mr. Burke, consideration that it is now feared by NONE YET GRANTED

will be extended by the U.S. Export the administration that our allies may For the last 2 years the Department has Import Bank, a governmental agency use our wheat deal with the Russians to given financial guarantees to private banks roughly paralleling the British Export

roughly paralleling the British Export justify stepped-up trading of their own that have lent money to exporters to finance Credits Guarantee Department.

with the Soviet bloc. large capital goods orders. It says that no Says Mr. Burke:

It seems strange to me that these fears such financial guarantees have yet been granted for Iron Curtain orders.

Actually, it is customary for the Export- should be so late in coming. For the Thus Ball's action appears designed to antee one-half of the short-term credit ex

Import Bank, a Government agency, to guar announcement of the deal was, in the guard against possible future action of this

first place, a reversal of what was askind in support of a big jump in exports to tended by private commercial banks on sale

sumed to be the U.S. policy, that is, to the Soviet Union. of big shipments of American goods abroad.

attempt to limit exports from the free The American move at this time is underThe agency's chief purpose is to promote

world to the Iron Curtain.. stood here to be inspired by the fear that foreign sale of American products. America's allies in Western Europe may use

Departing from its usual 50-50 practice,

On September 30, on the floor of this the American-Russian grain deal as an the Export-Import Bank has agreed to guar

House, I said that the United States excuse for stepping up their own trade with antee all the short-term credit extended by needs to clearly state its trade policy the Soviet Union.”

banks to finance the sale of corn to Hungary. toward the Soviets. I pointed out that

"any expansion of trade with the Com that the Soviets will strike in conven All of this, Mr. Speaker, must leave a munist nations must be based on a rea tional means and feel free world re- strange impression of us in the minds of sonable assumption that it is to our best sources might be better used to build a our NATO Allies, who have been asked interests in winning the cold war," and nuclear force.

to trust us implicitly for 15 years, but that "it is not enough to merely expand For, as Arthur Krock of the New York in whom we show no similar trust. It trade with the Soviet Union in a vague Times pointed out on October 15:

seems that our recent policies have been hope unsubstantiated by fact that it will

The Soviet ballistic missile system aimed

aimed at weakening our allies and their relieve tension."

at Western Europe is substantially increas- trust in us and thus weakening ourI suggested that a complete revalua

ing each year. The Soviet Union from time selves. tion of our trade policy with the Com to time has found it convenient to threaten Mr. Speaker, there is nobody who munist bloc be undertaken and that we use of these missiles in an attempt to gain would be happier than my colleagues of be sure that the sale of every commodity political objectives. The bombardment forces the Republican House task force on to the Soviets is aimed at strengthening,

directly under NATO command are for the NATO unity, and myself, to see somenot weakening, ourselves and the free

most part composed of manned aircraft thing tangible and constructive emerge

which are becoming obsolete. Six years ago world.

the United States offered to cooperate in the from the meeting of NATO alliance partThus, I am greatly heartened by news

ballistic missile field with its NATO allies. ners next week in Paris. of the NATO trade meeting to take place The offer has only been partially fulfilled in Something tangible and constructive in Paris, but we must be consistent in the sale to the British of Polaris missiles to the peace and freedom of the free what we say and what we do.

and the supply of Thor and Jupiters to Tur- world and the world as a whole will Bear in mind, in light of these U.S.

key and Italy. These latter have been phased be achieved, if out of that Conference credit concessions to the Communists, out because of obsolescence.

comes a realization throughout the the words of the President of the United Mr. Norris again, reports in the Octo- Western World that trade is an economic States on October 10 when he announced ber 2 issue of the Washington Post: weapon in the cold war which the Comthe possible sale of wheat to the Soviet

Behind top Pentagon plans to cut back munists wield successfully as a heavy Union.

the Navy's aircraft carrier program are some club and which we should recognize as President Kennedy said it would be little known military factors—which under an equally potent weapon in our hands. sold "by private dealers for American current political realities make some reduc But I must seriously question how dollars or gold, either cash on delivery or tion in the U.S. Fleet inevitable.

much good can come out of the NATO normal commercial terms."

Mr. Norris writes that a cutback in Conference if the United States goes into Now, only a matter of a few weeks

U.S. Navy forces is anticipated because the negotiations still laboring under the later, we see newspaper reports of a Gov

Polaris submarines and Minuteman misconception that we can demand one ernment agency ready to guarantee 100

ICBM's have now increased our striking thing of our Allies and do the opposite percent credit for the Communists.

power, making even the present level of ourselves. We must accept our NATO That, too, Mr. Speaker, is a reversal of

our surface-fleet strength unnecessary. Allies as equal partners in the defense avowed policy.

Consider, Mr. Speaker, that again, in and preservation of freedom in the West, During the past 3 years we have conthe military field, we are telling our

or face further rebuffs and growing dissistently told our NATO Allies one thing NATO allies to do one thing and then are and done another. Let me mention just doing, for ourselves, another.

NATO allies to do one thing and then are unity among the members of the At

At the lantic Community. a few more cases. very moment we are considering cutting

The NATO Economic Conference in The Washington Post, of October 20,

back our own land forces in Europe out Paris should be used to work out a muprinted a news analysis written by Staff

of the necessity of the drain on our gold tually acceptable program for all the Reporter John G. Norris. Mr. Norris

supply, we are chastising our NATO members of NATO, and not be used said, in part:

allies for failure to build up their land merely as a sounding board from which Pentagon leaders have decided to seek a

forces. At the very time we were urg- we attempt to manipulate our Allies. showdown with America's principal allies on ing our allies to accept an expensive Mr. Speaker, I call on the adminisa long-stalemated split over fundamental NATO strategy. ... For although often over

surface-vessel fleet of 25 vessels, we were tration to examine its position and to

considering reducing our own surface realize, as it goes into these vital Paris looked among the other issues dividing Western Powers, NATO has been split over milifleet.

discussions, that we must be willing, tary strategy ever since the Kennedy admin The reason we can consider such moves ready, and able to honor our obligations istration proposed two major changes in 1961. for ourselves is because we have in- to our Allies, to make no more demands One is called the forward strategy and the creased our nuclear long-range striking on them than what we are willing to other the graduated strategy.

force. It is the same type of striking impose on ourselves and to realize that Mr. Norris goes on to explain that “for- force our allies in NATO desire to obtain the Communists are still our enemies. ward strategy” is the idea of building up It is the same type of striking force we They have amply demonstrated that troops to meet any Soviet attack in West promised our allies 6 years ago, but which

promised our allies 6 years ago, but which fact on the Berlin autobahn, in Cuba, Germany, where they could fight a "for we have made no attempt during the in Vietnam, and through subversive acward battle"-presumably in Soviet sat past 3 years, to deliver.

tivities in South America. ellite territory. The “graduated re

A rebuff came from our NATO Allies Let this meeting in Paris be the besponse" means that we would meet con last week at the meeting of the NATO ginning point of a new era of NATO ventional force with conventional force Parliamentarians' Conference. That unity and cooperation. Let the lines as far as possible and withhold use of Conference handed down its opinion that

Conference handed down its opinion that again be drawn clearly between friend tactical nuclear weapons until required

a mixed-man surface fleet of NATO nu and foe and let our policies be again by the course of war.

clear vessels, such as urged by the United clearly defined with the end of strengthWe have held this position almost States, is "militarily wasteful.”

ening our Allies and winning the cold alone. Our allies did not think that At the same time we have been telling Communist aggression would necessarily our NATO Allies to “do as we say and not be confined to ground warfare—conven as we do,” we have been entering into IMPORTATION OF MEATS INTO THE tional warfare. Our allies of NATO felt bilateral agreements with the Soviet

UNITED STATES a sharing of nuclear power necessary to Union which are equally harmful to meet aggression from the East. NATO unity.

Mr. REIFEL. Mr. Speaker, I ask The fact is that the United States is We have entered into the hot-line unanimous consent that the gentleman now forced to consider reducing its huge agreement with Soviet Russia, which en

from Iowa [Mr. BROMWELL] may exland forces overseas, because of the in tirely excludes our NATO Allies. We tend his remarks at this point in the creasing expense of maintaining a huge have negotiated the nuclear test ban RECORD. military machine in West Germany. treaty, which excluded all other NATO The SPEAKER. Is there objection Our NATO Allies have not completely members except Great Britain, from the

members except Great Britain, from the to the request of the gentleman from fulfilled their earlier commitments to negotiations. We have now reversed our South Dakota? maintain these huge land armies. This avowed policy and entered into the wheat There was no objection. has not been only because of the expense, deal and other trade negotiations with Mr. BROMWELL. Mr. Speaker, the but also because they are not convinced Communist satellites.

report in this morning's press of an in

vestigation of a connection between Bob- from that as a Member of Congress, and ter price increases. He did, however, issue an by Baker and an American-owned pack- that I own no stocks, bonds, or other oblique warning about so-called adminis

tered price increases. The American public ing plant in Haiti again dramatizes the securities.

would have little sympathy, he said, for arbiacute need for this body to direct its at

trary price increases in the face of still higher tention to the question of importation of


sales and profits resulting from a tax cut. meats into the United States. The re

“We have had several direct indications port discloses that before 1961 Haiti had Mr. REIFEL. Mr. Speaker, I ask from major industrial executives * * *. not exported meat to the United States unanimous consent that the gentleman Heller continued, “that they expect a tax cut or Puerto Rico. There was not even a from New York [Mr. BARRY] may ex to bring about volume increases and unitmodern slaughterhouse in Haiti prior to tend his remarks at this point in the cost reductions that will make it easier to 1959. In fiscal year 1962, United States RECORD and include extraneous matter.

hold current prices or even reduce them."

In another hearing, International Business and Puerto Rican imports from Haiti The SPEAKER. Is there objection

Machines Corp. Chairman Thomas J. Watwere 1,609,886 pounds and in 1963 there to the request of the gentleman from son, Jr., told the Senate Subcommittee on were 2,703,968 pounds from that source. South Dakota?

Employment and Manpower that passage of The swift rise of meat imports in the

There was no objection.

the tax bill would help to reduce jobless rolls. past 3 years to a point where imported Mr. BARRY. Mr. Speaker, in today's He also suggested possible shortening of beef now represents 10 percent of U.S. Washington Post on page 1 there is an the workweek-a measure opposed by the ad

ministration and almost all businessmen-as beef consumption, the elevation of tar- article entitled "Economy Pledge Called

well as the strengthening of area redevelopiffs on pork and pork products by the Unattainable by RIBICOFF." The article

ment and manpower retraining programs, Common Market nations, the depressed refers to the distinguished gentleman

earlier social security retirement benefits state of the American livestock industry from Connecticut and his questioning of

and worker relocation allowances. and the subsidization of feed grain pro- Mr. Walter_W. Heller, Chairman of the

It is good to note that Mr. Heller now duction in the United States are ele Council of Economic Advisers.

considers puritan ethics as something he ments of a problem swiftly becoming In general, the gentleman from Con

can live with. Personally, I agree with critical to'a vast productive and still necticut attacked New Frontier spending uncontrolled segment of American agri- as being too high. Such remarks, com

the gentleman from Connecticut, I would culture. ing from a Democratic Senator, can

rather be a puritan than a heller.

The distinguished Senator from ConWith the facts as they are it is most hardly be called partisan politics. I com

necticut deserves credit for putting coundifficult to believe that any case at all mend this article to my colleagues as

try above party. can be made for the importation of Hai- another instance of managed news. I tian beef whether the authority for such quote: transactions was obtained through the ECONOMY PLEDGE CALLED UNATTAINABLE BY intervention of Baker or someone less



(By Frank C. Porter) The time is long past for close atten Senator ABRAHAM A. RIBICOFF, Democrat, of Mr. REIFEL. Mr. Speaker, I ask tion to this matter by the House.

Connecticut, said yesterday the administra- unanimous consent that the gentleman tion is "painting itself into a corner” by from Ohio [Mr. DEVINE] may extend his making economy pledges it may not be able

remarks at this point in the RECORD and to keep. PUBLIC ACCOUNTING BY MEMBERS

include extraneous matter. RIBICOFF, former Secretary of Health, Edu

The SPEAKER. Is there objection OF CONGRESS

cation, and Welfare, who supports the White Mr. REIFEL.

to the request of the gentleman from House on most matters, said Government Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that the gentleman ing passage of President Kennedy's $11.1 witnesses have been less than candid in urg- South Dakota?

There was no objection. from Maine [Mr. TUPPER] may extend billion tax cut program before the Senate Mr. DEVINE. Mr. Speaker, last week his remarks at this point in the RECORD. Finance Committee.

my colleague from Kansas [Mr. DOLE) The SPEAKER. Is there objection

In offering assurances that Government made some interesting disclosures conto the request of the gentleman from spending will be held down, RIBICOFF said, cerning

the political aspects of the proSouth Dakota ? these administration officials “are playing

gram of the Veterans' Administration to There was no objection,

right into the hands” of Chairman HARRY F.
BYRD, Democrat, of Virginia, and other com-

place the President's name in the homes Mr. TUPPER. Mr. Speaker, we hear mittee members critical of the tax bill.

of all deceased veterans of all wars. and read a great deal these days of the BYRD has consistently held that taxes Last August I had received a number need for a statute requiring Members of should not be cut until the budget is bal of complaints from irate families of deCongress to give a public accounting of anced.

ceased veterans—some of whom had been sources of outside income as well as a

RIBICOFF's remarks came during question

gone 15 to 20 years—concerning the prolist of securities owned by them. ing of Walter W. Heller, Chairman of the

gram. I made inquiry through the I am inclined to believe that we should advocate of tax cuts to spur economic growth Council of Economic Advisers and an early

Comptroller General

General of the United do this individually without compulsion and reduce unemployment.

States and received most revealing inWhile in most other walks of life this Heller disputed RIBICOFF's contention that

formation, as follows: would be strictly a private matter, Mem- the administration is offering the tax bill COMPTROLLER GENERAL OF THE bers of Congress have a unique relation as a panacea or economic cure-all. He said

UNITED STATES, ship with those they represent, probably he supports a "balanced program” of which

Washington, D.C., October 31, 1963. like no other. This relationship would the tax measure is only a part.

The Honorable SAMUEL L. DEVINE, seem to carry with it an obligation to be Byrd, Senator John J. Williams, Republican,

Under a barrage of hostile questioning by House of Representatives. entirely frank about outside financial of Delaware, and Senator Wallace F. Ben

DEAR MR. DEVINE: Further reference is interests, if any.

made to your letter of August 31, 1963, renett, Republican, of Utah, Heller stoutly questing information on the cost and date The Congress—as an institution of maintained his thesis that the Federal budg of initiation of the Veterans' Administration Government depends upon the respect et can be balanced best through expansion program for providing certificates honoring of the American people. They must be of aggregate demand by tax cuts even if it the memory of deceased members of the confident in the knowledge that indimeans further temporary deficits.

Armed Forces. vidual Members vote in accordance with

While he's in favor of "prudence in Gov The program was initiated by the Vetwhat they deem is best for their district, ductions in Federal spending equivalent to

ernment expenditures,” Heller explained, re erans' Administration as a result of a sugState, and Nation, and without regard to

gestion made by Mr. Benjamin B. Belfer, the tax cut would cancel out the stimulative secretary-treasurer of the Minneapolis Joint any conflicting personal interest. If a effect of the program.

Veterans' Council. As part of its implemenmajority of the people of this country

This brought a left-handed compliment tation of the program, the Veterans' Admincame to believe otherwise no matter from BYRD. "You are the first Government istration designed a suitable certificate which how erroneous their conclusion might witness to be frank enough to say you don't was later approved by the President. Under be our system of government would be

want to decrease expenditures," the chair the broad eligibility requirements established threatened.

man told Heller. “You actually want to in by the Veterans' Administration, the next of

crease them.” For the record, I take this opportu

kin, relatives, or friends of deceased veterans

Heller said he saw little inflationary danger of the Armed Forces with records of honornity to state that my income is solely either in the tax program or in recent scat able service may obtain memorial certificates.

The first certificates were issued in March The certificate enclosed with your letter the United States has cause to arrest a 1962 and were in memory of those veterans of August 31, 1963, is returned herewith. Soviet citizen on charges of spying, the whose deaths were reported to the Veterans'

Sincerely yours,

Soviet Ambassador is permitted to comAdministration in March 1962. Since April


municate with such a person under 1962 the Veterans' Administration procedures

Comptroller General have provided for certificates to be auto

of the United States.

American arrest and a bill of particulars matically issued to eligible next of kin, upon

is immediately presented to a U.S. Comreceipt of notification of the death of a vet

missioner during the arraignment. eran. Notices of such deaths are normally

It is not my intention to dictate to the received in one of the Veterans' Administra


Soviet Union how it is to operate its tion regional offices which identifies the next


internal affairs, but certainly we are not of kin from the veterans' records and notifies

The SPEAKER. Under previous or- asking too much when we demand that the Veterans' Administration central office.

In April 1963, the Veterans’ Administration der of the House, the gentleman from American citizens arrested in the Soviet expanded the program to include veterans Illinois [Mr. PUCINSKI] is recognized for Union must be advised forthwith of the of World War I, World War II, the Korean 10 minutes.

charges on which they are held. conflict, and peacetime veterans who died Mr. PUCINSKI. Mr. Speaker, the I think that every effort should be prior to March 1962. The Veterans' Admin American people in general and the made to let the American Ambassador istration arranges to notify the next of kin academic community in our own coun in Moscow meet with Professor Bargby having the Treasury Department insert

try in particular and throughout the free hoorn right now before the Soviets sucan appropriate letter of explanation and an

world were shocked to learn yesterday ceed in breaking down his will and applyapplication for a certificate with the com

that the Soviet Union has arrested Prof. ing the devlish technique of forcing him pensation and pension checks mailed to dependents of deceased veterans. Such let- Frederick Charles Barghoorn on a into a false confession. ters and applications have already been charge of spying. mailed to about 434,000 next of kin residing It is my hope that this Congress will in 11 States. The Veterans' Administration not sit idly by and watch this scandalous

STATES RIGHTS plans to mail an additional 841,000 applica- conduct by the Soviet Union with im The SPEAKER. Under previous ortions, during the period October 1963 through punity.

der of the House, the gentleman from April 1964, to those next of kin residing in

There is no question in my mind that Indiana [Mr. BRUCE] is recognized for other States and the District of Columbia. From March 1962 to September 30, 1963,

the arrest of Yale University Professor 60 minutes. 478,635 memorial certificates were issued Barghoorn, who was visiting the Soviet Mr. BRUCE. Mr. Speaker, on No250,820 were issued in memory of those vet Union as a scholar to assemble material vember 9 of this year, the Honorable erans whose deaths have been reported since for his new book, is nothing more than GENE SNYDER, of Kentucky, addressed March 1962 and 227,815 were issued in mem- Soviet retaliation to our Nation's long- the Governmental Affairs School of the ory of those veterans whose deaths occurred overdue move yesterday to restrict the Indiana Junior Chamber of Commerce prior to March 1962 when applications were travel of Communist officials from So- at Madison, Ind. Because of the imporreceived from the next of kin under the ex- viet satellite nations in the

tance of his remarks, I wish to make his panded program. The cost of issuing memoStates.

address available to all the Members rial certificates during this period was about $160,000, or an average cost of 33.5 cents for Mr. Speaker, we cannot view the so by insertion in the RECORD. each certificate.

called thaw in American-Soviet relations The address follows: For the remainder of fiscal year 1964, an with any confidence when the Soviets ADDRESS BY THE HONORABLE GENE SNYDER, OF estimated 627,000 memorial certificates will violate the basic precepts of civilized be KENTUCKY, BEFORE GOVERNMENTAL be issued, of which about 437,000 will be in havior by arresting American citizens AFFAIRS COMMITTEE OF THE INDIANA JUNIOR memory of veterans who died prior to March like Professor Barghoorn.

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, AT MADISON, IND., 1962. The cost of the program for the re

As a member of the House Committee

NOVEMBER 9, 1963 mainder of the fiscal year is estimated at

I appreciate the honor that is mine by your about $138,000, or about 22 cents for each on Education and Labor, I have today incertificate.

asking me to come and speak to you today. troduced a resolution which would sus

I am particularly interested in the subject Memorial certificates are issued honoring pend all cultural exchange programs be

which you have chosen for this meeting the memory of deceased veterans who served tween the United States and the Soviet

and which you have directed me to attempt during wartime and peacetime. Since the Union forthwith if the Soviet Union does

to discuss to some extent. The subject of number of individuals who will serve in the not either release Professor Barghoorn “States rights” which you have chosen for Armed Forces in the future is not known, by Monday or spell out a bill of particu- your discussion topic for this meeting—is a the total number of memorial certificates lars for his alleged violations and give subject which means a lot of things to a that will be issued cannot be determined: him immediately the right to consult lot of people. For example, to our Negro However, on the basis of the number of

friends the issue of States rights connotes veterans who have served in the Armed Forces with the American Ambassador in Mos

segregation. I do not share this thinking, during wartime, the Veterans' Administra- cow. tion predicts about 19 million veteran deaths

and, of course, the best that I can do today Professor Barghoorn has been closely

is to try to discuss with you as best I can from fiscal year 1965 through 2010. Assum- associated with the cultural exchange what States rights means to me. ing that the program will be continued until program as a member of the National

During my short political career, I have the end of fiscal year 2010 and that memorial Executive Committee of the Inter-Uni- been called upon to speak many times and certificates will be issued, about $4.2 million versity Committee on Travel Grants. on many of these occasions I have touched will be expended to honor these wartime

It is my hope the Soviet Union will upon this issue of States rights but I do not veterans.

believe that I have ever been called upon The above costs have been estimated on not force Congress to act on this reso

to discuss this as a sole issue and so as I the basis of information supplied by the lution because there are many fine as

attempt to do so today, I ask for your indulVeterans Administration and include the pects in the cultural exchange program

gence with me, for, in this respect, this concost of printing, supplies, and postage and which offer hope for a better understand

stitutes a new experience for me. the salaries for clerical personnel to type and ing between our two nations. For in A little less than 200 years ago, our Foundprocess the certificates. The costs do not stance, I saw the Moscow Circus a few ing Fathers formed a government. This was include the cost of special typewriters days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. But perhaps the only Revolution in all history about $7,000 or other costs which are not I, for one, do not intend to sit idly by that did not exchange one set of rules for

another. Our Founding Fathers formed a ary cost of high-level agency personnel and while the Soviet Union talks out of both

government and they bound it with a Conthe cost of office space, searching the vet- sides of its mouth.

stitution and I might say incidentally they erans' records for next-of-kin information, The arrest of Professor Barghoorn is intended that the Constitution was to be a and certain processing involving automatic symbolic in that it threatens every single watchdog over man's freedoms—not a cow data processing equipment.

American who would go to the Soviet to be milked. The several sovereign States No specific appropriations have been made Union for whatever may be the reason.

then existing decided that it was for their to defray the cost of the memorial certificate I think the time has come when we here

best interest that they should form a comprogram. Expenditures to carry out this in Congress should serve notice on the

pact, or a contract together, delegating some program are being made from funds appro

of the powers that then existed within each priated by the Congress to the Veterans Ad- Soviet Union that if we are to deal with

of the sovereign States to a Federal or cenministration for general operating expenses Soviet officials, they must adopt a code

tral authority, which would be for the mufor fiscal years 1962, 1963, and 1964 (75 Stat. of ethics which befits civilized behavior. tual best interest of all of the several States. 357, 76 Stat. 732, and 77 Stat. 74).

It is an established fact that whenever In this connection, they delegated to this


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