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strong enforcement of antiobscenity program for the annihilation of the smut that might well be copied by others in statutes. program:

resisting the siren song of subsidy. They These Michigan citizens realize that First. Create a healthy home life and are on record with consistent opposition there are unscrupulous Americans who encourage good reading habits.

to Government programs affecting other would sell out the youth of our Nation Second. Keep your eyes open for areas of agriculture like those for feed for their own personal gain,

salacious material-report offenses to grains and wheat-and on record against Realizing the immensity of the porno- police.

the shift of land from row crops to new graphic problem, the Metropolitan De Third. Back your local police depart uses, like grazing. troit Council on Better Youth Literature ment when it tries to enforce the ob But now the growers and feeders of has announced plans for Better Litera- scenity statutes.

beef want Government interference with ture for Youth Week throughout the Fourth. Support realistic penalties and a law they have treasured ever since State of Michigan from November 10 strict local ordinances.

they chased sheepherders down the old to 16.

Fifth. If you receive salacious material, Chisholm Trail—the law of supply and During this week, public attention will report it to the Post Office Department demand. They want the Government to be focused on the menace of salacious because the Department has to have a reduce the supply of processed beef in material. Parents will be asked to en- complaint before it can initiate action order to increase demand for what obcourage their children to read better against the filth merchants who are using viously is an oversupply of fed beef. literature. first-class mail privileges.

We are not, it appears importing As the father of five children, I fully It is my hope that this positive action filets or sirloin steaks or pot roasts from sympathize with the efforts and strong will be undertaken by all Americans. abroad for the Nation's dinner tables determination of these Michigan parents, Total cooperation is necessary if we are and outdoor grills. What we are buying and other interested adults, to win the to wipe out this menace to society. from abroad in increasing volume is the battle against smutty propagators of The youth of our Nation must be pre- type of beef that goes into processed filth.

pared to operate the country's schools, meats, like frankfurters—and these imBut the problem does not stop at the businesses, government, and other insti- ports are related in substantial degree to Michigan State line. Vice experts op- tutions with a moral understanding and the fact that we do not produce a suffierate nationwide and on a full-time a high sense of decency. We must rein- cient supply of that type of beef here at basis. They seek to demoralize the force the high principles of our society home to meet the demand. youth of our country and subject the through good literature, and we must I can by no stretch of imagination pose high standards of our society to con- advocate tasteful, educational, and cul- as an expert on production distribution, tempt and ridicule.

tural reading habits for all Americans. feeding, slicing and sale of beef. If I The amazing part of this whole situa I salute the men and women in Michi- qualify at all as a beef expert it is at the tion is that many parents are often gan who are responsible for "Better household budget and taste levels, as a apathetic or unaware of this deplorable Literature for Youth Week” because, buyer and consumer. This is a classicondition. While they sit at home lec- through their positive action, the public fication held by the majority of my felturing their young sons and daughters will become aware of the horrors of por- low citizens. on the advantages of high moral stand- nography.

It is in behalf of the millions of houseards, the "smut men" creep up to their

wives who seek to give their families doorsteps and leave their vile garbage

varied and nutritious diets within the in the family mailbox.


framework of often-limited budgets I Recently, there has been a tremendous


express the hope that before any adincrease in the sale of pornographic ma Mr. ROSENTHAL. Mr. Speaker, I ask ministrative or legislative action is taken terial. Literature, marked "for adults unanimous consent to extend my re- to limit the total supply of beef in our only", is being purchased by our teen- marks at this point in the RECORD. markets, the impact of such action upon agers, indicating a breakdown in home The SPEAKER. Is there objection our consumers will be given thorough life and an inadequate environment. to the request of the gentleman from study. This squalid material glorifies crime and New York?

The "let-'em-eat-cake" philosophy exrebellion. It is no coincidence that the There was no objection.

pressed by some representatives of the crime rate and the sale of pornographic Mr. ROSENTHAL. Mr. Speaker, beef cattle industry—those who contend material are rising together—and at an there has been much discussion of late consumers will turn to more steaks and alarming rate.

concerning the freedom from Federal roasts if there is a cut in the supply The problem can be solved in three controls of many of the products of our and a boost in the price of processed ways: First, a strong interest on the part agricultural economy, the highlight of beef-does not impress me. The family of parents; second, strong legislation, such discussion being the allegation that on a used-car budget does not buy a and third, strong enforcement.

in particular the livestock industry has new Cadillac just because there are no I would like to commend the many been the most successful of all farming second-hand cars available at reasoncivic groups and citizens who are working to remain "free from Government con- able prices. to protect the moral welfare of American trol and subsidy."

I repeat: If the Government is to seyouth. Parents in Michigan and other Mr. Speaker, while the livestock in- riously study action in relationship to States are asking police, legislators, and dustry has been free of control, the rec- restriction of imports, let the study injudges: "why should I not be protected ord does not show it free of subsidy. clude the effect such action would have in the right to keep filth and poison from And, if that industry has historically on our Nation's consumers. the hands of my children?”

been opposed to Government help, it is Frankly, I have not shared the beef Many Detroiters remember the father currently in the process of rewriting his- cattle industry's opposition to, or fear whose little 6-year-old daughter was tory, because it is asking for Govern- of, a cooperative role for Government in assaulted and slain by a man. Greatly ment help. Growers and feeders of beef agriculture or in any other area where bereaved, he said, “I can't blame the man cattle are petitioning the legislative and Government can help people reach as much as the society which produced administrative branches of Federal Gov- worthwhile objectives they cannot him. It's a society that allows its young ernment for a supply management-price achieve alone. people to read and distribute the worse support program. They would achieve At the same time, I have not been sort of pornography."

it through governmental action in cut- able to accept without question the Thank God there are concerned citi- ting back imports of beef.

claim made by many outspoken reprezens-concerned about the vagueness of For many years cattlemen have been sentatives of cattlegrowers and feeders our statutes, the lack of strict enforce- held up as shining examples, by them that they have been able to get along ment, the apathy of the American public. selves and others, as the undefeated just wonderfully up to now without any

They are calling for personal and com- champions in the area of resisting as- Government help. munity action.

sistance from the Federal Government. Under the Federal program now known American parents should respond to The cattlemen have cited their virility as the agricultural conservation prothis appeal by following this five-point and versatility and courage as virtues gram the taxpayers of the United States,

since 1936, have invested more than $5 will benefit in terms of more and better Thus we have created and sustained billion in soil and water conservation foods—foods that are free of many new nations, many of whom criticize and practices on privately owned farms and health hazards faced by earlier genera- condemn us and vote against us in world ranches. Around 60 percent of this tions of Americans. But these State and forums. total, or better than $3 billion, has gone Federal expenditures have brought eco Our foreign aid foreign policy has been into financing conservation practices nomic advantages to beef producers, too, singularly unsuccessful except in isolated applicable to livestock farms and and as such represent Government help. instances of such rarity and relative imranches.

Along with the interests of producers portance as to make them hard to recall. I realize conservation has achieved a and consumers, I believe our national Neither political party must bear the status in our society comparable to posture in relationship to foreign trade blame alone, for they are equally responmotherhood, childhood and together- in agricultural products should get a sible for this one-track-mind foreign ness—and I have no objection to such hard look before action is taken to re policy. The present administration is status for conservation. It is, indeed, strict imports.

continuing the policies of the Eisenhower a good thing. And I know that farmers How would we look waging a "chicken administration which adopted those of and ranchers match from their own war" with the Common Market for free- the Truman administration. pockets most of the subsidies they receive dom in trade that will permit greater The countless disillusionments and from the Federal Treasury for carrying exports of one farm product while con- failures of foreign aid have been recited out soil and water conservation practices. ducting a "cow war” with other nations in recent debates. There is no need to reNeither do I need to be told these prac- aimed at limiting trade in another farm peat them now. But we shall have antices are an investment in the Nation's product. Maybe a reconciliation can other chance to call a halt to this anemic future, guaranteeing well-maintained be achieved proving to everyone's satis- foreign policy when the conference renatural resources and food production faction that what is good for the wish- port on the foreign aid bill comes to the potential for our great-great-grand- bone is bad for the T-bone and, in order House, and I sincerely hope that we kill children.

to avoid achieving a ridiculous picture it for good. But let us face it, with the hope that of our trade aims, I certainly hope so. Foreign aid foreign policy has got to cattlemen will start facing it, too: There We need a vigorous, profitable beef go if the United States is to achieve iniare immediate benefits from this type of cattle industry in the United States and tiative and leadership in world affairs. Federal subsidy in terms of more profit- if Government has to lend a hand to I am, of course, aware that our Conable production. And I think it would meet that need I am for Government stitution grants to the President virtually be nice if the cattlemen would say help.

sole responsibility in the conduct of forthanks to the taxpayers for $3 billion I am in favor of a fair and full hear- eign affairs. The Senate has very liminstead of saying they neither receive ing of the industry's case for Govern- ited “advise and consent” authority and nor want Government help. ment help in the beef import area.

the House holds the purse strings, howWhat have taxpayers done to make a I only want our consumers to have a ever loosely. better life for people and for cows on hearing, too, along with those who value But it seems to me that in our free farms and ranches?

consistency in our foreign trade policies. society and under our form of governIn the period 1936-62 taxpayers have To this I would add the hope the cat- ment it behooves every Member of the helped construct 207,000 wells for live- tlemen will, in the days ahead, demon- House and every Member of the Senate, stock water on farms and ranches at a strate a little more understanding, a lit and private citizens as well, to apply cost of $76,423,000. They have helped tle more compassion, as they look at the themselves and their best thinking to construct 1,414,000 reservoirs for live- requests of other groups for Federal aid, national problems of major importance. stock water at a cost of $254,744,000. and show a little more appreciation for The development of new foreign policy They have helped pipe livestock water the contributions they have received for our country is not merely important; over distances totaling 49,095,000 linear from State and Federal taxpayers. it is imperative. We cannot continue feet at a cost of $12,737,000.

indefinitely to drift down the shallow There are other practices on privately

stream of foreign aid foreign policy, owned lands in which costs have been FOREIGN AID AND FOREIGN POLICY without permanently and perhaps fashared by the Federal Treasury over the Mr. ABERNETHY. Mr. Speaker, I tally damaging our future. 1936–62 period, such as $50,949,000 worth ask unanimous consent to address the

Mr. Speaker, my proposal is twofold: of improvement of cover on rangeland House for 1 minute.

First. Phase out foreign aid at the end and $4,076,000 worth of tillage operations The SPEAKER. Is there objection of this fiscal year, June 30, 1964. on pasture and range and $2,547,000 to the request of the gentleman from

Second. In the meantime, put our best worth of stocktrail construction running Mississippi?

minds and best efforts to work toward 40,649,000 linear feet.

There was no objection.

developing a new, imaginative foreign Since the establishment of the U.S. Mr. ABERNETHY. Mr. Speaker, if a policy aimed at regaining American iniDepartment of Agriculture and the var- student had to sum up U.S. foreign policy tiative and leadership in world affairs. ious State departments of agriculture, from the year 1945 through today, he billions of dollars in tax funds have been could research his assignment by merely expended in research and action pro- reading the records of our so-called for OUR WATER RESOURCES IN THE grams related to eradication and cure eign aid program.

NATIONAL DEFENSE of livestock diseases and in research Our foreign policy has been foreign aid

Mr. PEPPER. Mr. Speaker, I ask leading to increasing the efficiency, and and foreign aid has been foreign policy. unanimous consent to extend 'my reprofits, of livestock producers.

Occasionally, we have been temporarily marks at this point in the RECORD and The 1964 budget proposal of the U.S. diverted by a brushfire crisis which, as include an address. Department of Agriculture called for likely as not, was ignited or at least

The SPEAKER. Is there objection more than $18

million to finance research fanned by foreign aid itself. But the one to the request of the gentleman from in animal husbandry and animal diseases constant factor in U.S. foreign policy Florida? and parasites, and another $34 million during all these years is foreign aid.

There was no objection. for animal disease control and eradica In underwriting this policy the Ameri

Mr. PEPPER. Mr. Speaker, a very tion.

can Government has given away our able address covering the whole subject Not long ago taxpayers put $15 million rapidly depleting natural resources and of our water resources in the national into the construction of the world's best our priceless and irreplaceable human defense was delivered by an outstanding animal disease laboratory at Ames, Iowa. productivity to the tune of $120 billion. student on the subject of waterways in Naturally, the livestock industry could

Thus we have clumsily tried to reward the country, the Honorable Henry Holnot have done these things for itself – our friends.

land Buckman, of Florida, president of such research and action programs are

Thus we have sought to placate our the National Rivers and Harbors Conlogical, worthwhile responsibilities of enemies.

gress. State and Federal Governments. Fur Thus we have attempted to influence I think it would be highly profitable thermore, consumers have benefited and neutrals.

for my colleagues in the Congress to read

this very informative and interesting ad- continue to be submission rather than The committee consisted of three engineers, dress. destruction.

a former chairman of the House Committee

This organization has been well named on Rivers and Harbors, and a retired adOUR WATER RESOURCES IN THE NATIONAL

the “Inland Empire Waterways Association." miral of the U.S. Navy. After 2 years of DEFENSE

I say "has been" because the great area of study, the committee found the plans feasi(An address delivered before the 30th Annual which your membership is representative is ble and advisable, and sent its report to : Convention of the Inland Empire Water- no longer "inland" in the strategic sense of Congress. This is House Document 446, 84th ways Association at Portland, Oreg., Nov. the word. The Polaris-firing type of sub Congress, 2d session. I commend it to 5, 1963, by Henry Holland Buckman, presi- marine has moved you as near the coast as your attention. And yet, I am bound to say dent, the National Rivers and Harbors any of the seaside towns of Washington and that I would not have signed that report Congress)

Oregon. There is not a square mile of your had I then known of the subsequent devel“What would this city be without the tributary basins in Wyoming, Montana, opment of the modern submarine. For it river?” The question might be fairly asked Idaho, Washington, or Oregon that is not an has now become a debatable question of Portland, of Jacksonville, of St. Louis, easy target for a Polaris-type missile fired whether, in a future world war, cargo surof London, or of most of the larger cities

from a submarine hundreds of miles out in face vessels will be able to reach either end of the world. But, as a matter of fact, so

the Pacific. However, such craft could not of canal, regardless of whether or not it can far as the historical record goes, it was first consistently operate against this area were be kept open. You may recall that during asked with respect to the city of Babylon on

they not driven by nuclear power. And here the period of German ascendancy in North the Euphrates. The time was the year 539

there is revealed an early demonstration of Africa during World War II, the British were before Christ, and the man who asked the

the indirect use of nuclear power to subdue never able to get a supply ship within hunquestion was the Persian conqueror of Meso rather than to destroy an enemy. Its im dreds of miles of the northern end of the potamia, Cyrus the Great.

plications as to the place of seapower in Suez Canal. Until the defeat of Rommel, His chief of staff had just assured him

world politics are far reaching. Its implica- they could not supply Crete without staggerthat the fortifications of the city were such

tions for the policy of your organization are ing losses to their convoys. In some cases that they could not be stormed, and had hardly less so. No longer can you prudently these ran to more than 90 percent. dwelt at some length on the tremendous re

allot to ocean water resources a secondary The record of World War II in America sources which the regent, Belshazzar, had place in your programs. Upon the ability of shows that 40 percent of all supply to the at his command within the walls; men and

you and all of us to effectively use this re Pacific Coast States had to move via Panaarmament, and supplies sufficient to with

source for defense can well depend our ma, the railroads having reached the limit

survival. stand an indefinite siege.

of their capacity on hauling the remaining “And yet,” said Cyrus, “What would this

Let me digress briefly to set forth some of 60 percent. In the East, at the beginning of city be without the river?” And he set his

the salient facts with respect to the meaning the war 90 percent of the petroleum for the conquering troops in motion, and arriving the most reliable authorities report Russia as

of the nuclear-powered submarine. Today, Atlantic States supply was moving (as it at a point some distance upstream from

does today) by tanker via the ocean route Babylon, he directed his engineers to exhaving operable upward of 450 submarines between Cuba and Florida. When this move

ment was almost immediately denied us by cavate for the river a bypass channel around including an unknown number which are the city. Then the river flowed around and

driven by nuclear power. Our own fleet is enemy submarines, as much of this tonnage

reported to be inferior in numbers, although as possible had to be moved overland, and away from the city instead of through it as formerly. And within a matter of days

we have no reason to believe that our nu we did without the rest to the serious detri

clear-powered craft are not equal or superior ment of the civilian war effort even with the Babylon surrendered without fighting, and thus passed forever from history as the

to those of the Russians. At the period of

At the period of help of rationing. mightiest city of western Asia.

You in the Pacific coast area are threattheir greatest strength in World War II, the

Germans were able to keep on patrol less ened also with a supply crisis through the I have recited this bit of history in order

than 150 submarines. These had an average cutting of your rail connections with the to invite your attention to the essentiality cruising period of no more than a few weeks, midcontinent. There are only six junction of the full development and use of our water

and an average underwater speed of less than points between the Canadian and Mexican resources with a view to their employment

15 knots. Contrast this with the modern in defense, the pragmatic recognition of nuclear-powered submarine with a cruising

borders through which must pass the entire

rail traffic to and from the west coast. All which has been too long delayed.

period of many months and an underwater of these are within easy range of PolarisYour convention this year is dedicated speed of 30 knots or more. And yet the com type submarine attack from far out in the to the theme: “Thirty Years of Leadership.”

paratively inferior German U-boat came so Pacific. The closure of the Panama Canal or And well may it be. The leadership of this

near to winning the Second World War that the inability of surface cargo vessels to reach organization and its sister groups in the

the issue hung in the balance for some time. that waterway would create a critical situaNorthwest has set a shining mark for the

In the short space of 90 days after Pearl tion in your area. The concurrent rupture rest of the United States. With your support Harbor it sank substantially our entire mersuch men as Herb West, Marshall Dana, and chant fleet in the gulf-Atlantic lanes, some

of the greater part of those rail junctions

could mean disaster. a host of others have made your accomplish- 167 tankers and cargo vessels. This forced I think I have dwelt sufficiently upon this ments in the basins of the Columbia and the coastwise traffic overland, all but crip matter of transportation to warrant my inthe Snake enviable throughout the land. pled our railroads, and imposed petroleum viting your very serious consideration of a Today, by your leave, I summon that rationing throughout the East.

policy which will recognize the necessity for splendid leadership to new endeavor the

Since that time our Navy has devised new (a) the fullest practicable development of planned relation of the use and conservation and improved weapons and tactics for com our inland waterways for navigation, and (b) of our water resources to the defense of our bating the submarine. But no informed a more comprehensive and accelerated effort country.

source will dismiss the tremendous threat to produce practicable nuclear powered unWe have stumbled across the threshold posed by the Russian submarine fleet, espe derwater and aircraft cargo carriers. of a new age of mankind. The faint shadows cially as it is increasingly brought up-to Of equal and even more basic importance outlined on the photographic plates of date by nuclear-powered replacements. We to our defense is, of course, the development Madam Curie by that small bottle of ura cannot prudently overlook the possibility of our water resources to meet wartime denium salt 50 years ago have spread and dark that eventually surface craft, both battle mands arising from biological and industrial ened the entire world, and "we see through and cargo, can become obsolete. Such an needs. The obvious fact of the need for a glass, darkly.” The unlocking of the atom eventuality is not at all unlikely. Until the adequate water to sustain animal and vegehas definitely conditioned the future of the advent of the nuclear-powered cargo-carry table life requires no comment beyond the race, and possibly its end. But the instinct ing submarine or the nuclear-powered cargo reminder that the concentration of pollufor self-preservation may yet prevent the carrying airplane, the supply of a large over tion in our surface waters from both industerminal nuclear war. And while this pos- sea expeditionary force may become im trial and organic waste is increasing faster sibility exists, it behooves us to consider the possible. We can move men overseas on a than the existing supply of available potainevitable continuation of recurrent war and limited scale by airlift, but we cannot sup ble water. We must reverse this trend bethe effect of atomic power upon such warfare. ply 200 divisions in Europe or Asia by fuel fore too long a time, or see a definite weak

Outside of scientific and military circles, powered planes. If and when large-scale ening of our defense potential. our people have focused their attention al- occupation becomes impossible, the attack Less evident, but equally real is the nemost exclusively on that potentiality of will take the exclusive form of bombing, cessity for increasing our capability to supatomic power to devastate great areas and and this will lead inevitably to the nuclear ply increased amounts of water for power populations. The military men and the en debacle. Thus transport may be the key to generation and industrial use in wartime. gineers, however, while giving that aspect of survival.

The manufacture of woodpulp and the the new energy source its full share of recog Nine years ago the National Rivers and chemical industries are only two examples nition, are very much alive to the funda- Harbors Congress constituted a special com of users of enormous amounts of water. A mental changes in the nature of warfare and mittee to study the feasibility and advisa single industrial plant can in many cases the meaning of strategy which are even now bility of plans for converting the Panama require as much clean water as a city of nascent in our first attempts to harness these Canal to a sea-level waterway in order to re a million inhabitants. Aside from water forces of hitherto undreamed of magnitude. move the possibility of its closure by enemy

move the possibility of its closure by enemy used by industry for heat exchange, indusIt is just possible that the object of war may action against the locks or the Gatun Dam. trial use ordinarily results in significant

pollution. In general, the largest industrial We must know not only how far, but the whole world is under God, literally, the users of water are the basic industries. With where to.

whole universe is under God. But God is the advent of war their requirements expand I wish to emphasize that I am not sug not only above the country, he is within it. almost overnight.

gesting nor do I propose to suggest any He is within the people, government people, Finally, there is the essential need for change whatever in the powers, duties or and the public too. This Nation was startreserve storage of water sufficient to meet functions of the Corps of Engineers or the ed with God as a basis. It was started for defense requirements for hydroelectric pow

Bureau of Reclamation both of which are freedom of religion, not freedom from relier in wartime. On the face of available sta doing splendid work. But they are not and gion. God was and is the foundation of tistics our situation in this respect appears

cannot be appropriately vested with the au this country, but if it gets to the point where to be fairly good. But this aspect is mis

thority needed in this instance. The exist people stop worshiping God, and eventually leading. Currently the country is generat- ing organization of the Military Establish forget about Him, the foundation will start ing per month a grand total of approximately ment indicates that this authority and this to crumble and the country will go kaput. 81 billion kilowatt-hours including both responsibility should be lodged in the Office Then communism will seep in and replace public and privately owned plants, both fuel of the Secretary of Defense.

the old foundation, then take over the Govand water power. Of this total about 1542 The National Rivers and Harbors Congress ernment and then pow, we're a Communist billion, or 1912 percent is hydroelectric pow proposes to make an earnest effort to in country and then communism will take over er. Under normal conditions of rainfall our spire legislation designed to constructively the world. combined storage represents an output ca

achieve the objectives I have indicated. These people who don't believe in God pability of about 20 percent in excess of this. It is my hope that your organization will have stood up and said what they wanted However, this is not a comprehensive view. do likewise.

to. Now I think the people who do believe The current capability of our reservoirs is

But we shall not succeed if we fail to

in God should stand up and fight against computed on the basis of normal rainfall. keep uppermost in our thoughts those far

these other people. I'm saying what I beThe demand is computed on the basis of the

more precious resources of the spirit which lieve and I hope many more people stand up current operating hours of the consumer

are our heritage. We must not forget that and say what they believe. plants. The advent of a world war would courage and sacrifice often go hand in hand.

RONNY SWIFT. very greatly increase this demand, probably We must not permit our yearning for peace BRIDGEWATER. by more than 25 percent. The increase

to weaken our determination to fight to dewould be limited only by the labor, material

fend our country and our kind. We shall do and power available. Plants normally workwell to bear in mind those words of Gari

WAS DIEM MURDERED? ing one shift would, so far as practicable go

baldi to his faltering troops when asked to two- or three-shift operation. With our what he could promise them. He answered

Mr. MACGREGOR. Mr. Speaker, I ask reserve storage wiped out, any widespread

"I promise you long marches, hunger and unanimous consent that the gentleman decrease in normal rainfall would corre

cold, battle, sudden death-and liberty." from New York [Mr. BARRY] may extend spondingly reduce our overall production ca

his remarks at this point in the RECORD pacity. We should have more reservoirs.

and include extraneous matter. In view of all of the foregoing, it may as- IMPORTANCE OF SCHOOL PRAYER The SPEAKER. Is there objection tonish many of you to learn that in the


to the request of the gentleman from executive branch of our Government the law

Minnesota? has created no agency charged with the re

Mr. MACGREGOR. Mr. Speaker, I ask

There was no objection. sponsibility of determining and regularly unanimous consent that the gentleman reporting to Congress the probable wartime from Massachusetts [Mr. KEITH] may

Mr. BARRY. Mr. Speaker, on Sepneed for facilities for transportation, water extend his remarks at this point in the

tember 28, 1963, the Saturday Evening supply or hydroelectric power in addition RECORD and include extraneous matter.

Post carried an article entitled, “The to those now existing or planned. In other

Edge of Chaos" by Stanley Karnow. words, these chinks in our armor are of

The SPEAKER. Is there objection

This article was an excellent review of ficially nobody's business. We have a numto the request of the gentleman from

the political situation obtaining in South ber of agencies and departmental bureaus Minnesota?

Vietnam prior to the coup against Ngo whose responsibility it is to plan for the There was no objection.

Dinh Diem. most efficient wartime use of facilities now in Mr. KEITH. Mr. Speaker, we hear a existence. But that responsibility does not great deal today about juvenile delin

On page 36 of this issue of the Saturextend to the duty of recommending to

day Evening Post appears the headline, quency, about young people without a Congress additional facilities in the fields

"Some Generals Talk of Killing Diem To here under discussion. And we cannot purpose in life, and about irresponsible,

Save Nation.” One paragraph of this reasonably expect any bureau or agency uncaring youth. We hear far too little

article is especially pertinent, I quote: to move beyond the bounds of its prescribed of that very large and responsible group functions. of youngsters who do indeed care and

The rise to power of the feared and de

tested Ngo Dinh Nhu helped to crystallize the There is a difference between defense who are committed to assuming leaderplanning and defense preparation. We ship positions in a great free country. I

many military elements that have long

plotted against the government. Until now should have a permanent, legally instituted would like to call Ronny Swift's letter to they have hesitated to act, because they Office in the Department of Defense whose the editor of the Boston Herald to the

lacked cohesion, because they were uncerduty it will be to initiate and submit regularly to Congress through the Secretary in

attention of my colleagues. Ronny is tain of getting U.S. benediction and because formation and recommendations with re

they feared the Communists would profit only 13 years old but he speaks with the

from a coup.

There are several generals spect to provision for such transportation, authority of a national tradition and for

among these potential insurgents, and they hydroelectric power and other water re a very large number of American citizens

even include men close to Diem's family. sources, conservation and development facile who are determined to keep this Nation "But you've known Diem and the Nhus for ities the creation of which that Office may “under God.”

years," I asked one of them. "How could have determined to have significant value in the national defense. Nothing can be ac


you kill them in cold blood?” My friend

shrugged sadly. “We must choose between complished without a definite objective. We To the EDITOR OF THE HERALD:

a few people and a nation." must know not only what legislative provi You must look into the future. The Susions are needed, but the practicability of preme Court decision about not saying pray From the foregoing it may be seen that their application. We are under no delusion ers in school isn't hurting much now, but in the Saturday Evening Post had reason to as to the difficulties to be overcome. We the future kids will think that prayer isn't

believe in September that Ngo Ninh Diem must know not only how far we have to go, a part of everyday life-but it is. Then

might be killed by his own military. Acbut whither we are going. they'll feel that God isn't a part of everyday

cordingly, South Vietnamese statements In my hometown of Jacksonville there life. Then they'll get to the point where

to the effect that President Diem was is told a story of an old colored man who they won't go to church. They'll stop wor

murdered while resisting arrest do not was a witness in an automobile accident shiping God and that's when communism case.

necessarily hold water. I commend the The lawyer conducting his examina will start preaching its filth and lies. They'll tion asked him:

start with the people who don't care about Saturday Evening Post article to my col"Can you read?”

God and they'll work on them. Then com leagues, because it suggests that the “Well suh,” answered the old man, “I kin on other people and then this Nation will fall,

munism will be stronger and they'll work shooting of President Diem was preand I caint.”


In the pledge of allegiance it says: “One "What do you mean by that?”

nation, under God." The two words "under "Well suh, hit's like dis. When I drive God” have been added fairly recently, but

THE WAR IN VIETNAM my mule along de road and come to one o' now some people are talking about taking dese signs de road department puts up, I them out. Why should we take them out?

Mr. MACGREGOR. Mr. Speaker, I ask kin read how fur, but I caint read whar For one thing, we just added them.

unanimous consent that the gentleman to."

another thing, this Nation is under God, from Kansas [Mr. SHRIVER] may extend

his remarks at this point in the RECORD Joe was a first sergeant and planned to Mr. BOW. Mr. Speaker, I insert at and include extraneous matter.

retire in 5 years. After 20 years in the sery this point in the RECORD a news story The SPEAKER. Is there objection ice, he hoped to return to his home here.

carried on the Scripps-Howard newswire to the request of the gentleman from Friday from Washington, D.C., informed his yesterday. It involves an interesting Minnesota? parents of his death.

campaign fundraising party to be held There was no objection.

Joe was the 75th American to die in combat in this city tonight and about which Mr. SHRIVER. Mr. Speaker, this week in South Vietnam, where he had been the the Honorable OLIVER P. BOLTON has Americans paid special homage to the past 2 years.

made previous comment relating to a veterans who fought so valiantly in all

He died in the desolate Darlac Plateau, potential conflict of interest involving a of the wars in which the United States 170 miles northeast of Saigon, around the

member of the President's Cabinet: world from his Kansas homeland. has been engaged to preserve our heri

Joe was born July 24, 1931, in Canton.

WASHINGTON, November 13.-Labor Secretage of freedom. His family moved to the country and he

tary W. Willard Wirtz conceded today his Since the triumph over fascism in the started school in Roxbury. He attended high name has been used in mail urging lobbymid-1940's our Nation has been involved school in Gypsum and Canton.

ists who do business with his Department in what is called the cold war with Joe wanted to join the Army. He en

to attend a $100-a-head fundraising party listed at 17, before he finished high school,

for a Democratic Senator. international communism. However, in and was sent to Camp Pope in Louisiana

Wirtz said invitations to the party for certain parts of the world it is not a for basic training.

Senator HARRISON A. "PETE” WILLIAMS, JR., cold war, it is really a hot war.

Joe saw a lot of country in 15 years.

of New Jersey, went to “25 to 40 persons Although a state of war has not been

"I can't remember all the places he has

connected with trade associations" in Washdeclared, Americans are being fired upon. been,” his sister, Mrs. Max Ek, McPherson,

ington. Americans have been killed or wounded said. “But he was in Germany a long time.

These invitations were mailed out without and some are missing. Americans are He spent 3 years there once. He was in the his knowledge, Wirtz said. dying in such far-off places as Vietnam Korean conflict."

He declined comment on a followup letand Korea to protect our way of life

While Joe was in Korea, he was awarded

ter asking the lobbyists to attend the party the Bronze Star. The honor came to him

because “Pete needs your help, needs it from those who would bury us. for saving a man's life. He "brought a man

badly-and needs it now. On November 8, 1963, 1st Sgt. William

back to safety under fire,” his sister added. I hope you will let us have the pleasure Joseph Everhart, the 32-year-old son of

But Joe never wrote much about his ac

of telling Bill Wirtz that you will be able Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Everhart, of Can tivities.

to join him on the 14th,” the letter says. ton, Kans., which is in my congressional "He was not the type of person to write

This letter is signed by John H. Sharon, district, died of wounds suffered under home about anything like Korea. He didn't

an attorney in the law firm of Clark Cliffire from a hidden Communist machine worry the folks with details,” Mrs. Ek said. ford, who is prominent in national Demo

cratic circles. gun nest near the Cambodian border of After Korea, Joe went back to Germany

for awhile. He returned to the States until Vietnam.

The party will be held Thursday night at

the Sheraton Carlton Hotel. Wirtz is offihe was sent to Vietnam, "a little over 2 years Sergeant Everhart was an Army vet

cially listed as host but the invitations reeran of 15 years. He had earned the Joe's last letter came 2 weeks ago. It was

quest that checks for $100 per person be Bronze Star fighting the Communists in like all the rest—he was more interested in

made out to the "Washington Friends of

HARRISON A. WILLIAMS, JR.,” of which Sharon Korea. He saw service in Germany, and Canton, Kans., than in worrying his family about conflict in Vietnam.

is listed as chairman. had been in Vietnam over 2 years.

The most things he did write home about

The affair first received publicity 2 weeks He is exemplary of American military were about the family. He wrote often, con

ago when Representative OLIVER P. BOLTON, men who throughout our history have sidering where he was, Mrs. Ek said.

Republican, of Ohio, denounced it as "a new made the supreme sacrifice to guarantee

Joe's whereabouts were a constant worry

low” in fund-raising tactics. freedom and liberty. Lest we forget, the to his parents, Mrs. Ek admitted, but Mr.

At that time, however, Sharon insisted war in Vietnam is very much a hot

the invitation list had and Mrs. Everhart never said much about

been carefully war. The Department of Defense, as their concern.

screened to remove lobbyists, representatives “We talked about Joe an awfully lot at

of trade associations and any other persons of November 4, 1963, listed 77 Americans home. But when he was home, we didn't

whose activities might involve either Wirtz dead, 360 wounded or injured, and 5

Because talk about Korea or the service.

or WILLIAMS in potential conflicts of interest. missing. he would rather not."

It has now been learned, however, that the Mr. Speaker, we have a solemn re

Mrs. Ek doesn't recall ever having Joe

invitation and followup letter went to a sponsibility, and a huge debt, to these home for Christmas since he enlisted. “We

number of persons whose business dealings men—and to all those who are on the had Christmas early about 5 years ago, so

could be affected both by the Secretary and front lines in the fight against commu he could be with us before he went back.”

the Senator. nism. Let us think of these Americans

The ministers of two Canton churches, Among the recipients, informed sources

the First Methodist and the Canton Chris said, were representatives of the National and their personal commitments to the

Association of Real Estate Boards, the Nacause of freedom when our leaders sit tian, delivered the telegram Friday night to the family.

tional Association of Home Builders, the down with the Communists to talk of

Joe's family-he wasn't married-mostly National Housing Conference, the American peace and relaxing tensions. Let us re

lived in McPherson County. There are three Trucking Association, the Association of member Communist tactics in Vietnam brothers, Lawrence D., Canton, Charles R., American Railroads, Esso Research (a diviand Korea and Berlin and Cuba. Let Herington, and Richard, McPherson. He has sion of Humble Oil Co.) and a group known us remember the common objectives of two sisters, Mrs. Ek and Mrs. Adam Opat,

as “Keep America Beautiful” which is conalso of McPherson.

cerned with conservation. international communism when we consider trade expansion and foreign aid

The telegram told them of Joe's death. Just how their names got on the list re

“We received no contact as to what arrange mains something of a mystery. to Communist-led or Communist-ori

ment will be made,” Mrs. Ek said Sunday. If Walter Gardner, Jr., administrative assistented lands.

possible, we'll bring the body back here for ant to Senator WILLIAMS, said there was "abUnder the leave to extend my remarks burial.

solutely no effort” to include lobbyists or in the RECORD, I include an article writ Joe had only 5 years before he could re trade association representatives when the ten by Sue Gilmore, a staff writer for the tire with 20 years. Last we knew he was original invitation list was made up. Wichita Eagle, which vividly illustrates going to come back here to live,” Mrs. Ek “The effort went the other way,” Gardner

added. the unselfish devotion to duty and the

said. “Every reasonable effort was made to

eliminate them. In fact, we eliminated a lot American way of life practiced by Ser

of WILLIAMS' friends because somebody geant Everhart:


thought they might be so classified.” DEATH IN COMBAT ENDS HOPE OF SOLDIER'S


Among those eliminated was Robert G. RETURN HOME

Mr. MACGREGOR. Mr. Speaker, I ask (Bobby) Baker, former Senate majority secre(By Sue Gilmore)

unanimous consent that the gentleman tary whose business affairs are now under CANTON.-Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Everhart from Ohio [Mr. Bow] may extend his

investigation, Gardner said. didn't expect their son home for Christmas. remarks at this point in the RECORD and

Sharon could not be reached for comment. He hadn't spent Christmas Day with them include extraneous matter.

The invitations which went out under since he joined the Army 15 years ago.

Wirtz's name list J. Edward Day, former PostWilliam Joseph Everhart, 32, died Friday

The SPEAKER. Is there objection master General, as treasurer of the “Friends under fire from a hidden Communist ma

to the request of the gentleman from of WILLIAMS.” chinegun nest near the Cambodian border Minnesota?

Some sources have reported that Wirtz is of Vietnam.

There was no objection.

angry over the incident and considers that he

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