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Nevertheless, I am convinced time and the If they—the Russians and the Red Chi Fulfillment of that destiny must become unchangeable aspirations of the common nese want to bury each other that is their and remain the goal of all civilized men. man in the captive, non-Russian nations business and certainly not ours. will yet make Shevchenko, a prophet among If Peiping seeks to recover Chinese terri

Mr. Speaker, the Achilles heel of the his people.

tories from Imperial Russia, that is none of Soviet Union and its Communist empire The signs are many that imperial Russia our business.

is the nationalism that is still mainwill soon again be forced to meet powerful If Peiping seeks allies among the Commu- tained by the captive peoples. This is currents of change within and without her nist regimes of central-east Europe in an ef- true in the Ukraine and in other parts empire.

fort to break up the Russian superrace prae- of the Soviet Union, in which they are If we look calmly and objectively at the tices within the international conspiracy- held in similar captivity, and in the satroots of the dispute between Moscow and that is likewise none of our business.

ellite nations of Eastern Europe. Peiping we will discover that alleged dis The Communist Dictator Tito has finally agreements over Marxist theory are nothing pried his entry into the United States and As an American of Polish extraction, but a camouflage for the real issue.

will soon be, I regret to say, an unofficial I am aware of the historic clashes that The real issue is Chinese nationalism ver guest of our Government.

have marred Polish-Ukrainian relations, sus Russian chauvinism within the ranks There is well-founded feeling that the real but have noted the consistent erosion of of the international conspiracy. purpose of Tito's mission is to convince our

tensions between Polish and Ukrainian Peiping is openly charging Moscow with President that the United States should side

groups. They recognize that although "great power chauvinism" by which they with the Russians in their growing conflict

differences have separated them in the mean Russian chauvinism and imperialism. with the Red Chinese.

In reply the Russians are charging Peiping Tito will advocate a nonaggression pact be- past and might still exist, they are far with inciting “racism” by which they mean tween NATO and the Warsaw Pact nations overshadowed by the common enemy of nationalism.

in order to free Russian imperial hands to their people communism. This same Moreover, it is an old Russian trick to meet problems of the empire in the Far East. principle holds true for other historic brand anyone who exposes Russian superrace And, incidentally, he will be looking for tensions where the common good—the practices as a “racist." another handout for himself.

restoration of freedom in the face But Peiping is as accurate today in its A Russian propaganda campaign has been of Communist tyranny-overshadows charges on Russian chauvinism and im underway in the United States and in much perialism as Lenin was 40 years ago in his of the free world based upon a so-called points of conflict that are minor in comdeathbed prophecy on this issue. yellow peril.

parison. This struggle within the international con The objective of that propaganda is to The Ukraine represents the largest spiracy between Chinese nationalism and spread fear that a new Genghis Khan has single anti-Communist nationalistic force Russian imperialism has its geopolitical arisen in the East and that soon his hordes within the present boundaries of the Socounterpart in the central east European will be sweeping the entire world.

viet Union, and congressional support area of the Russian Empire.

It is all too obvious the Russians expect of the monument to Shevchenko repreThe captive non-Russian nations through to generate sufficient false fears in the West sents a psychopolitical blow against the out that vast area are under siege of the

to make their proposed nonaggression pact Soviet Union and its insidious propaganspirit of nationalism, that is, the spirit of an easy choice between two evils. national independence.

We must never forget that it is the Rus

da operation. None of them are able, on their own, to sians who are the full inheritors of the It is my hope that the editors of the regain their national independence. That despotic system of Genghis Khan and that Washington Post will carefully reapwas the prime lesson learned from the Hun they have preserved that heritage intact for praise the situation, take into account garian freedom revolution of 1956. 500 years.

the completely involved issue, and give A symphony of revolutionary actions by The Chinese people were the victims of all of the captive nations would, however, Genghis Khan-their ancient and advanced support to congressional action authorbring down the Russian Empire into a state civilization was a prize coveted by all the izing the Shevchenko statue. of total collapse.

khans who ruled from Ulan Bator. That was the second or afterthought les

Moreover, the Chinese people sought for son of the Hungarian freedom revolution.

centuries to live at peace with their neigh UNEMPLOYMENT IN EASTERN It is certain that the pressures of Chinese bors, but after Russian ideology gained a

KENTUCKY nationalism in the Far East have added en

beachhead in Peiping, the Chinese engaged couragement and strength to the forces of in organized aggression.

The SPEAKER. Under previous order nationalism in the captive European na

Hence, the only meaningful nonaggression of the House, the gentleman from Kentions.

pacts possible in this situation are pacts be- tucky [Mr. PERKINS] is recognized for Some of the Communist regimes in the tween the Red Moskals and the people of

30 minutes. captive European nations recognize this real

every captive nation within the Russian

Mr. PERKINS. Mr. Speaker, I would ity of life and are beginning to respond to these pressures by trying to shake off their

These pacts should be exchanged for the like today to report to my colleagues on assigned role of subservient tools of Moscow.

freedom and national independence of each the status of conditions in eastern Ken

and all of those captive nations. While it must be recognized that those

tucky and specifically the Seventh Conregimes are thus taking out life insurance into only by free and independent govern

Such pacts with Moscow could be entered gressional District which I am privileged against the coming political storm. This

to represent. ments empowered to guarantee that their must not distract from an objective evalua

From time to time in considering spepeople would not attack the Russians if they tion of the growing power of nationalism in became engaged in a conflict with the Red cific legislation which I have advocated those countries. Chinese.

or sponsored, I have called my colleagues' Desperation politics makes for strange bed

Those are the only kind of nonaggression attention to the grave economic plight fellows, particularly when a well identified pacts the United States should take an in- of many eastern Kentucky counties common enemy is involved.

terest in-and no others. Should Peiping decide on action to recover

which have suffered high unemployment

Those are the only kind of nonaggression rates ranging from 10 percent to as high ancient Chinese territory annexed by the pacts that can further the cause of peace Russian czars in the past, this would con- worthy of the name.

as 50 percent for 10 or more years.

І front the Russians with an insolvable

That is the only kind of peaceful coexist

bring these matters to the attention of problem.

ence the United States should be advocating the U.S. House of Representatives at this If Moscow moves its elite guard Russian and supporting throughout the world. time because I have gotten the imprestroops to the Far East in the numbers re The poet patriot whom we honor here to- sion from some Members that there is quired to meet the Red Chinese threat, this night raised this question in one of his most a belief that the Area Redevelopment Act would present the captive European part of famous poems: "When will we receive our and the accelerated public works protheir empire with an open invitation to a Washington, with a new and righteous law." symphony of revolts.

That question remains unanswered for over

gram are the complete and sole solution Moscow does not have enough dependable 40 million Ukrainians who now inhabit the

to unemployment problems in the Nation. military force at its command to meet this land of Shevchenko.

While these programs have been of great double-barreled geopolitical challenge.

But hundreds of millions of other non value to many of the communities in my It has often been said that 90 million Russian people behind the Iron Curtain district, it must be kept in mind that Russians cannot long hold control over their would welcome an answer to that burning eastern Kentucky and other portions of vast Eurasian Empire-stretching from the question.

the Appalachian Mountain region in the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

Our world is sick of tyranny and human words of the President are “one of the The proof of that observation is now in slavery. the making.

The nature of man deserves a destiny most severely distressed areas of the NaThese facts urge in the strongest possible which accords to all the fullness of freedom tion.” Breathitt County, Ky., for exlanguage that the United States stay out of and human dignity, without which mankind ample, in 1961 had an unemployment rate the dispute between Peiping and Moscow. will soon cease to exist.

of 44.9 percent.

Most of my colleagues are familiar In this connection the Corps of En- renewal program, and other Federal prowith the serious problem of an unem- gineers has scheduled a public hearing grams. One program which could be ployment rate of 6 percent, but it is diffi- in Pike County for November 22 as a of tremendous value in eastern Kentucky cult to imagine or convey in words the final step in the preparation of its flood which has been tried out in numerous despondency and the great human need control report on the Big Sandy. The States as a result of enabling amendthat is found in an area where half of corps will invite discussion on proposals ments to the Social Security Act of 1962, the work force is unemployed. I might to construct other Big Sandy reservoirs. is the program to aid families with deobserve at this point that no finer citi- For example, Yatesville, in Lawrence pendent children in the case of children zens can be found in the United States County, the Paint Creek Reservoir in of unemployed parents. This legislation than those in Breathitt and the other Johnson County, and Haysi on the Rus- permits the development of community counties in my district. In World War I sell Fork in southwest Virginia. I am work and training programs enabling the not a single man had to be drafted from hopeful that the Corps of Engineers will parent who is unemployed to receive Breathitt County because the volunteers find favorable economic cost-benefits wages from work on projects designed more than adequately filled all quotas. ratios on all of these reservoirs as well to upgrade his old skills or furnish him These are proud, intelligent, and re as endorse local flood control protection with new ones. For example, under this sourceful people who would scorn relief projects for Rockcastle Creek in Martin program of work relief, a forestry project for hard work if it had been or were County, Ky., on the Tug Fork, South could be initiated, a project to build rural in sight, but the effect of long-sustained Williamson in Pike County to protect roads or pave a highway, clean up our and extremely high unemployment is a the UMWA Hospital, on Pond Creek also streams that are now polluted, widen dreadful social malady which can under- in Pike County, on the Right Fork of and deepen stream banks to protect commine all of the activities of a community. Beaver Creek above Martin in Floyd munities from flooding, flood control It reduces, and virtually eliminates in County, on Beaver Creek both above and works, public buildings, and projects of many instances, the ability of local gov- below Martin in Floyd County, a local

this type.

Such wages could be matched ernments to finance the repair or the flood control project for Meta on Johns

as assistance payments are matched maintenance of schools, roads, streets, Creek in Pike County.

under the standards set by the State sewers, and water systems-much less These are but a few of the local flood agency. The implementation of this construct new ones.

control projects and reservoirs under program in eastern Kentucky will require Many of these communities now lack consideration by the corps which are legislation by the State. basic community facilities, lack modern essential to the future economic growth The Federal aid highway program and streets and roads, public buildings, parks, and prosperity of the Big Sandy area. I

and prosperity of the Big Sandy area. I the Area Redevelopment Act have made recreational facilities, and flood control. am hopeful that we will be able to per a substantial contribution to the financUnder these circumstances the develop- suade the Corps of Engineers to developing of eastern Kentucky Mountain Parkment of local industry or the attraction other local flood-control projects in the way, a modern superhighway, initiated of expanding newly developed industry is Big Sandy Basin. For example, they by Governor Combs, which is an example a hopeless cause. should deepen and widen Blackberry

of the type of access road construction Federally aided public works pro- Creek in Pike County and construct up necessary for the proper development of grams-for example, Federal Aid to Aid to stream reservoirs above Williamson on

eastern Kentucky. In addition to the Highways Act, Water Pollution Control the Tug Fork.

Mountain Parkway development, highAct, impacted areas legislation-worthy A similar situation is developing in the ways are desperately needed to connect as these programs are, do not fully reach upper Licking River where the corps has the upper Big Sandy and Kentucky River these communities. Because of the cri- under study flood protection for the com communities with the Ashland-Greenupteria for Federal assistance under these munity of Salyersville and where the

munity of Salyersville and where the Huntington-Ironton industrial complex. programs roads, sewage treatment facili- Cave Run Reservoir is in the advanced

Cave Run Reservoir is in the advanced Additional modern east-west and northties, and schools are built where the stages of preconstruction planning. south routes are essential for the region. traffic is the heaviest where the wealth Looking at the Kentucky River Basin, There is an immediate need for the is the greatest, thus generating more it is essential that the Carrs Fork Res

it is essential that the Carrs Fork Res- completion of the 70-mile stretch of I-64 traffic and accentuating the disparity of ervoir be constructed at the earliest pos a point 10 miles west of Ashland to just the underdeveloped areas. Flood con- sible date. Planning funds now in the east of Mount Sterling, the completion trol projects are a good example of this. President's budget assure progress to

President's budget assure progress to- of which will furnish eastern Kentucky Under criteria employed by the Corps ward this target. Additional flood pro

ward this target. Additional flood pro- with an interstate connection to Louisof Engineers, dams and reservoirs are tection for the community of Hazard,

tection for the community of Hazard, ville, Ky., on the west, and Charleston, constructed where there are the greatest Ky., seems to require an additional W. Va., on the east. The Grayson Resconcentrations of development and reservoir above Hazard which the corps

reservoir above Hazard which the corps ervoir construction, due to start within wealth. In the Appalachian region, by has under study as well as the Walkers

has under study as well as the Walkers the year, requires the relocation of seythe nature of the formula employed by Creek Reservoir which is extremely im

Creek Reservoir which is extremely im- eral miles of S-7 and this would be an the Corps of Engineers, economic cost portant to the communities of Beatty

portant to the communities of Beatty- ideal time to build a modern highway ratios are going to be lower than else- ville and Jackson. The Grayson Reser

ville and Jackson. The Grayson Reser- connecting the Mountain Parkway from where-depriving this region of essential voir obtains a construction start for this a point between Campton and Salyersflood protection. For the first time in fiscal year. This reservoir is extremely

fiscal year. This reservoir is extremely ville through West Liberty and Sandy many years, I am pleased to say we are important to the entire Carter-Greenup

important to the entire Carter-Greenup- Hook to I-64, between Grayson and Carmaking headway on flood control and Elliott County area of eastern Kentucky

Elliott County area of eastern Kentucky ter Caves with an eventual extension water resource development for eastern and in connection with this project as on to U.S. 23 along the Ohio River. In Kentucky although much remains to be well as soil and water conservation and

well as soil and water conservation and addition U.S. 119 in Kentucky and West done. Surveys now in progress on the natural resources development a great Virginia, U.S. 23, and U.S. 460 in Ken

tribute should be given to the distin- tucky, Ky. 80, and other feeder roads and the Licking River Basins will pave guished Representative from Ohio, the

guished Representative from Ohio, the should be brought up to modern standthe way for additional flood control proj- Honorable MIKE KIRWAN, who has fought ards. ects and reservoirs which are essential to long and hard for the preservation of our Both in connection with flood control, the sound economic development of the Nation's natural resources and the con

Nation's natural resources and the con- highway construction, and public works communities involved. At the present struction of water resources development construction-a massive national protime we have under construction in the projects which will be of lasting benefit gram is essential for eastern Kentucky upper Big Sandy River, the North Fork of to our country.

and the Appalachian region-a program Pound Reservoir, the John Flanagan, and

As I have said, existing programs have that does not depend upon economic the Fishtrap Reservoir. The comple- been of assistance—the accelerated pub benefit-cost ratios for the construction tion of these reservoirs will enable people lic works program, the Area Redevelop

lic works program, the Area Redevelop- of needed public works—a program in Pike County and other Big Sandy com- ment Act, the food stamp plan, the regu which recognizes the inability of the lomunities to plan and develop economic lar Federal aid highway program, in cal government to finance roads and enterprises and make investments in the cluding the construction of Interstate other public works and permits 100-perarea that were not possible under the Highway 64, the Water Pollution Control cent Federal cost participation-a proconstant threat of floods.

Act, the Public Housing Act, the urban gram which is concentrated in a short CIX-1374

period of time so as to make flood control Yemen, until they cease their prepara [Mr. HALPERN] is recognized for 5 minand good access over modern highways tions for aggression against Israel in- utes. a reality in the immediate future. cluding the hiring of German ex-Nazis Mr. HALPERN. Mr. Speaker, a dele

I am very hopeful that we will be able to build rockets, and until they cease gation described by the Soviet Embassy to get the administration's Appalachian such new aggression as intervention of here as “the most representative delegalegislative program through the Congress the last few days on the Algerian side in tion of public figures in the history of during this coming year. In the mean the fighting against Morocco.

Soviet-American relations" has arrived time this Congress should approve the The American people must not and I in Washington. One of these so-called request of President Kennedy to appro- hope will not subsidize such threats to representative public figures is Aron Verpriate the remaining $45 million under peace by the United Arab Republic. I gelis, who has seen sent by the Kremthe Accelerated Public Works Act already call upon the President of the United lin to try to obscure the truth about the authorized. Likewise, I am hopeful that states to implement the provisions of mounting crescendo of Soviet anti-Semithe Congress will again extend the ac the Foreign Aid Act and cut off all aid tis celerated public works program for an to the United Arab Republic. It would Aware that this Congress and the other year in order that we may con be absurd and against our national secu American people are concerned about struct modern highways in eastern Ken- rity interest to give Nasser another dime. Soviet harassment of the Russian Jewish tucky, sanitation projects, water sys


population, the Soviet authorities have tems, public buildings, and other needed The press review broadcast by Cairo Do sent their operative, Vergelis who calls public works which will be of immediate mestic Service in Arabic, 0600 G.m.t., Novem himself a Jewish poet and who is the assistance to the whole of eastern Ken ber 11, 1963, carried three articles denounc puppet who edits the Soviet Union's only tucky as well as the remainder of the ing the U.S. Senate restrictions on foreign Yiddish-language magazine, Sovetish Nation that have this unfortunate unem

aid. Al-Jumhuriyah deals with what it calls Heimland, a blatant propaganda in

the Zionist inclinations of certain Senators ployment rate.

strument which operates against true and politicians who are always ready to be

Jewish interests. tray America for the sake of Israel, and

Mr. Speaker, this Nation should know TERMINATION OF AID TO THE asserts that these inclinations harm America

more than any other country. UNITED ARAB REPUBLIC

the hypocrisy of Vergelis' depiction of Writing on the same subject, Al-Jumhuri

himself as a Jewish literary personage The SPEAKER. Under previous order yah Editor Nasir ad-Din an-Nashashibi said concerned about the fate of Jewry when of the House, the gentleman from New that if America believes that peoples' dig he is actually a Communist Party hack York [Mr. HALPERN] is recognized for 10 nity and freedom can be sold and bought assigned to cover up by propaganda minutes. according to their need for aid and loans

smokescreen the rising tide of Soviet and that if the United States views itself as Mr. HALPERN. Mr. Speaker, I ask

anti-Semitism. He is a disgrace to the unanimous consent to extend my rethe only rich and great country in the world

faith of his fathers and I hope he deand as a result believes that all other counmarks at this point in the RECORD and tries are subject to its whims, then let it

ceives no one. include extraneous matter.

pursue the “mad policy formulated by a Another member of the group, Boris The SPEAKER. Is there objection number of U.S. Senators who have sold their Polevoy, a writer of Jewish birth, has beto the request of the gentleman from names, country, and fame to the devil.” trayed his own people by flagrantly misNew York?

representing the truth about the perseCAIRO SUSPECTS MOTIVE OF U.S. SENATORS There was no objection.

cution of those Russian Jewish writers Mr. HALPERN. Mr. Speaker, I know

(Samir Karam commentary)

and artists who suffered for their devothat Members of this House and the Sen

The U.S. Senate has issued a decision ban tion to Judaism and freedom. ate will be surprised to hear that they ning U.S. aid to any state which carries out

I might add, Mr. Speaker, that responare actually Israel agents who have sold the United States or any state receiving U.S. or prepares any military operations against

sible observers have found elements of their names, country, and fame to the

aid. In this form, the decision is suscep- suspicion in the role of Vergelis in the devil because they supported provisions tible to debate, scrutiny, and refutation. Soviet persecution and even liquidation in the foreign assistance bill to terminate However, it is more liable to questions be of Jewish writers and artists. aid to the United Arab Republic. That

That cause it has been accompanied by statements Mr. Speaker, I favor cultural exis the allegation made against Members from some U.S. Senators and newspapers in

changes but I feel that the "exchange" of Congress by the Government radio dicating that it is directed against the Unit

should be real and authentic. A distined Arab Republic. Naturally, it is underservice of the United Arab Republic.

stood that what this means is the United guished American professor of political The Cairo Domestic Service, broadArab Republic attitude toward Israel, the

science, Dr. Frederick Barghoorn, of casting on transmission facilities which archenemy of our nationalism.

Yale University, has been thrown incomthe American taxpayer helped provide,

municado into a Soviet jail. I agree speaks of Members of Congress and says Certainly, none of the U.S. Senators who with the President and the State Dethat “dishonest personal interests alone drafted this decision or supported it can find partment that we should cancel new culare the main incentive for their behavior a logical reply to any of these questions. tural exchange negotiations. I also feel and tricks." Nor do we doubt that those who led the

the State Department is correct in askThe Egyptian Government, speaking campaign of defending Israel and attacking ing American institutions to refuse a with the authority of President Nasser, Senate are agents whose voices were bought forum to such frauds at Vergelis. I am said that Senators who voted last week by the influence of Zionist funds in the glad to see that Georgetown University for the amendment on Egyptian aid were United States. This same influence had

has today canceled his apparance on paid "agents” whose voices and votes earlier bought the votes which enabled them its campus and I hope this gesture will were bought by some international to enter the U.S. Senate. The group of Sen- impress on the Soviet Union the desire Zionist conspiracy.

ators who disregard their country's interna of the American public for decency by If there had been any doubt in my

tional interests and the legitimate right of the Soviet Government—whether in its

an entire people to work for the restoration treatment of our professors or its own mind of the reckless totalitarianism and

of their land and for international underwild irresponsibility of the Nasser re

citizens of Jewish faith. standing among the peoples of the various gime, the broadcasts by Cairo resolve any

areas—this group cannot have any principles. question. I am including them in the Dishonest personal interests alone are the

LEAVE OF ABSENCE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD for the guidance main incentive for their behavior and tricks. of Members.

The Israeli agents—members of the U.S. By unanimous consent, leave of abMr. Speaker, it is unnecessary for us

Senate—have forgotten that their plotting sence was granted to: to attempt to answer this calumny from against the Arab national issues and inter

Mr. ST GERMAIN (at the request of Mr. ests cannot change the Arab national aims, ALBERT), for today, on account of perCairo. The reasons why we must sever

foremost of which is the wresting of the Palaid to the United Arab Republic speak estinians' right and the destruction of Israel.

sonal business (birth). for themselves. We should cut off all

Mr. KARTH (at the request of Mr. WAGaid and keep it cut off until the Egyp

GONNER), for today, on account of official tians stop diverting their own resources


business (Science and Astronautics Comfor purchase of Soviet arms, until they The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. mittee). abide with the United Nations agreement LIBONATI). Under previous order of the Mr. WEAVER (at the request of Mr. to withdraw their aggressive forces from House, the gentleman from New York WAGGONNER), for today, on account of

official business (Science and Astro


and for other purposes; with amendment nautics Committee).

(Rept. No. 900). Referred to the Committee Mr. GIBBONS for Monday, November that the House do now adjourn.

Mr. GIBBONS. Mr, Speaker, I move

of the Whole House on the State of the

Union. 18, on account of business in district.

The motion was agreed to; accordingly Mr. SHEPPARD: Committee on Appropria

(at 4 o'clock and 32 minutes p.m.), under tions. H.R. 9139. A bill making appropriaSPECIAL ORDERS GRANTED its previous order, the House adjourned tions for military construction for the Deuntil Monday, November 18, 1963, at 12

partment of Defense for the fiscal year By unanimous consent, permission to o'clock noon.

ending June 30, 1964, and for other puraddress the House, following the legisla

poses; without amendment (Rept. No. 901). tive program and any special orders

Referred to the Committee of Whole House

on the State of the Union. heretofore entered, was granted to:


ETC. day, November 18.

Under clause 2 of rule XXIV, execu PUBLIC BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS Mr. DENT, for 30 minutes, on Monday, tive communications were taken from Under clause 4 of rule XXII, public November 18.

the Speaker's table and referred as bills and resolutions were introduced and Mr. PERKINS, for 30 minutes, today. follows:

severally referred as follows: Mr. HALPERN (at the request of Mr. 1366. A communication from the Presi

By Mr. BAKER: MACGREGOR), for 10 minutes, and to re

dent of the United States, transmitting an H.R. 9120. A bill to amend Title I–Tariff vise and extend his remarks and include amendment to the budget for the fiscal year Schedules of the United States, of the Tariff extraneous matter. 1964 in the amount of $45 million for public

Act of 1930, as amended by the Tariff ClasMr. HALPERN, for 5 minutes, today. works acceleration (H. Doc. No. 173); to the sification Act of 1962, to correct certain in

Committee on Appropriations and ordered equities in the classification and duty proto be printed.

vided for certain aluminum products and EXTENSION OF REMARKS

1367. A letter from the Acting Adminis television picture tubes; to the Committee By unanimous consent, permission to trator, National Aeronautics and Space Ad

on Ways and Means.
ministration, transmitting a report to the
extend remarks in the CONGRESSIONAL

Committee on Science and Astronautics of
RECORD, or to revise and extend remarks, the House of Representatives pursuant to

H.R. 9121. A bill to require the inspection

of certain towing vessels; to the Committee was granted to:

section 3 of the National Aeronautics and on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. Mrs. SULLIVAN and to include extrane- Space Administration Authorization Act for

H.R. 9122. A bill to authorize the transfer ous matter while in Committee of the the fiscal year 1963 (76 Stat. 382, 383); to

of certain Canal Zone prisoners to the cusWhole on H.R. 8864. the Committee on Science and Astronautics.

tody of the Attorney General; to the ComMrs. SULLIVAN and to include extrane

1368. A letter from the Deputy Assistant

mittee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. ous matter. Secretary of Defense, transmitting the report

By Mr. CLEVELAND: of Federal contributions program-equipment Mr. CURTIS to include extraneous mat- and facilities for the quarter ending Septem

H.R. 9123. A bill to amend the Internal ter in his remarks on H.R. 8864.

Revenue Code of 1954 to provide a 20-perber 30, 1963, pursuant to the Federal Civil

cent credit against the individual income tax Mr. ALGER to include extraneous mat- Defense Act of 1950, as amended; to the Com

for certain educational expenses incurred at ter in his remarks on H.R. 8864. mittee on Armed Services.

a institution of higher education; to the Mr. Mills the remarks he made in eral of the United States, transmitting a re

1369. A letter from the Comptroller Gen

Committee on Ways and Means. Committee today and to include tables port on unnecessary costs incurred by leas

By Mr. HÉBERT: and extraneous matter. ing, rather than purchasing, electronic data

H.R. 9124. A bill to amend title 10, United (The following Members (at the re- processing equipment at White Sands Missile

States Code, to vitalize the Reserve Officers' quest of Mr. MACGREGOR) and to include Range, N. Mex., by the Department of the Training Corps programs of the Army, Navy, extraneous matter:)

Army; to the Committee on Government and Air Force, and for other purposes; to the Mr. FINDLEY.

Committee on Armed Services.
1370. A letter from the Secretary of Com-

Mr. MARTIN of Nebraska.
merce, relative to providing war risk insur-

H.R. 9125. A bill to amend Title I—Tariff Mrs. DWYER in two instances. ance and certain marine and liability in

Schedules of the United States, of the Tariff Mr. ASHBROOK. surance for the American public, and upon

Act of 1930, as amended by the Tariff Clas

sification Act of 1962, to correct certain in(The following Members (at the re- request for any department or agency of the

United States for the period as of Septemquest of Mr. GIBBONS) and to include

equities in the classification and duty prober 30, 1963, pursuant to the Merchant Maextraneous matter:)

vided for certain aluminum products and rine Act of 1936, as amended; to the Com

television picture tubes; to the Committee Mr. MURPHY of New York. mittee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries.

on Ways and Means.
Mr. ROGERS of Florida.
1371. A letter from the Chairman, Federal

By Mr. ROGERS of Florida:
Maritime Commission, transmitting a draft

H.R. 9126. A bill to amend title II of the
of a proposed bill entitled "A bill to amend Social Security Act to increase the amount
BILLS PRESENTED TO THE the provisions of section 15 of the Shipping of outside earnings permitted each year with-
Act, 1916, to provide for the exemption of

out deductions from benefits thereunder; certain terminal leases from penalties"; to

to the Committee on Ways and Means. Mr. BURLESON, from the Committee the Committee on Merchant Marine and By Mr. ST. ONGE: on House Administration, reported that Fisheries.

H.R. 9127. A bill to amend the Federal that committee did on November 13,

1372. A letter from the Secretary of the Water Pollution Control Act, as amended, 1963, present to the President, for his apArmy, transmitting an unfavorable report

to establish the Federal Water Pollution proval, bills of the House of the follow- Engineers, Department of the Army, together dated September 4, 1963, from the Chief of

Control Administration, to provide grants

for research and development, to increase ing titles:

with accompanying papers and an illustra- grants for construction of municipal sewage H.R. 2073. An act to authorize the Secre- tion, on a letter report on the Bon Secour

treatment works, to authorize the issuance tary of the Interior to convey certain sub- River, Ala., pursuant to section 107 of the

of regulations to aid in preventing, conmerged lands to the governments of Guam, 1960 River and Harbor Act; to the Committee trolling, and abating pollution of interstate the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa, and on Public Works.

waters, and for other purposes; to the Comfor other purposes;

mittee on Public Works. H.R. 3488. An act to provide for the strik

By Mr. SCHWEIKER: ing of medals in commemoration of the 150th REPORTS OF COMMITTEES ON PUB H.R. 9128. A bill to provide an elected anniversary of the statehood of the State LIC BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS mayor, city council, and nonvoting Delegate of Indiana;

Under clause 2 of rule XIII, reports of trict of Columbia, and for other purposes;

to the House of Representatives for the DisH.R. 5244. An act to modify the project committees were delivered to the Clerk on the Mississippi River at Muscatine, Iowa,

to the Committee on the District of Columto permit the use of certain property for pub- for printing and reference to the proper bia. lic park purposes; and calendar, as follows:

By Mr. STAEBLER: H.R. 7193. An act to provide for the strik Mr. ASPINALL: Committee on Interior and H.R. 9129. A bill to establish a Great ing of medals in commemoration of the Insular Affairs. H.R. 3846. A bill to establish Lakes Resource Development Commission to 50th anniversary of the founding of the a land and water conservation fund to assist promote the development of the regions confirst union health center in the United States the States and Federal agencies in meeting tiguous to the Great Lakes in the States by the International Ladies' Garment Work- present and future outdoor recreation de- bordering on the Great Lakes; to the Comers' Union,

mands and needs of the American people, mittee on Public Works.


of the Ervin amendment; to the Committee The message also announced that the H.R. 9130. A bill to require the inspection on Education and Labor.

House had passed a bill (H.R. 9009) to of certain towing vessels; to the Committee 452. Also, petition of Henry Stoner, Gen

amend further the Peace Corps Act, as on Merchant Marine and Fisheries.

eral Delivery, Worland, Wyo., requesting that By Mr. TALCOTT:

a set of books or volumes be printed showing amended, in which it requested the conH.R. 9131. A bill to amend title 38 of the all laws of the United States now in force; currence of the Senate. United States Code with respect to the basis to the Committee on the Judiciary. on which certain dependency and indemnity

HOUSE BILL REFERRED compensation will be computed; to the Committee on Veterans Affairs.

The bill (H.R. 9009) to amend further By Mr. TEAGUE of Texas (by re


the Peace Corps Act, as amended, was quest) :

read twice by its title and referred to the H.R. 9132. A bill to amend section 107 of title 38, United States Code, to provide that

Committee on Foreign Relations.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1963 the benefits authorized therein shall be at a rate in pesos as is equivalent to $0.50 for

(Legislative day of Tuesday,

TRANSACTION OF ROUTINE each dollar authorized, and for other pur

October 22, 1963)

BUSINESS poses; to the Committee on Veterans' Affairs.

The Senate met at 12 o'clock meridian, By Mr. ASPINALL:

On request of Mr. MANSFIELD, and by H.R. 9133. A bill to authorize the disposi

on the expiration of the recess, and was unanimous consent, it was ordered that tion of certain property at Hot Springs Na

called to order by the President pro tem- there be a morning hour, with statetional Park, in the State of Arkansas, and pore.

ments limited to 3 minutes. for other purposes; to the Committee on Rev. C. Hoke Sewell, D.D., pastor, First Interior and Insular Affairs. Methodist Church, College Park, Ga.,

COMMITTEE MEETING DURING By Mr. STRATTON: offered the following prayer:

SENATE SESSION H.R. 9134. A bill to amend the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 with

Eternal God, our gracious Heavenly

On request of Mr. MANSFIELD, and by respect to the procedure for amending or

Father, we thank Thee for this land of unanimous consent, the Internal Security ders; to the Committee on Agriculture. By Mr. SHEPPARD:

ours. We thank Thee for the opportuni- Subcommittee of the Judiciary CommitH.R. 9139. A bill making appropriations ties it offers us and for the hope it holds tee was authorized to meet during the

session of the Senate today. for military construction for the Department up to the entire world. We recognize of Defense for the fiscal year ending June that we need Thy help. We turn our 30, 1964, and for other purposes. minds and hearts unto Thee for strength


for this day. We are trusting Thee for Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I H.J. Res. 802. Joint resolution proposing an

guidance. Our responsibilities make it amendment to the Constitution of the

move that the Senate proceed to the United States; to the Committee on the

necessary that we be strong. We ask consideration of executive business, to Judiciary.

that the Holy Spirit help us provide lead- consider the nominations on the ExecuBy Mr. ROONEY of Pennsylvania: ership, that we may serve Thee and our tive Calendar. H.J. Res. 803. Joint resolution proposing fellow men to the very best of our The motion was agreed to; and the an amendment to the Constitution of the knowledge and ability. May Thy spirit Senate proceeded to the consideration of United States; to the Committee on the help us to act wisely. Help us, O God, executive business. Judiciary.

that we may always do what is right. By Mr. KUNKEL:

May our actions be in the best interests H. Con. Res. 237. Concurrent resolution

EXECUTIVE MESSAGES REFERRED providing for the printing of additional

of all who depend upon us for leadership copies of certain opinions of the Supreme at home and around the world.

The PRESIDENT pro tempore laid beCourt of the United States in cases involving O God, help us to give ourselves to the fore the Senate messages from the Presithe offering of prayers and reading from the

highest we know. Help us to keep dent of the United States submitting Bible in public schools; to the Committee

humble and at the same time be strong sundry nominations, which were referred on House Administration. enough to give our all in Christian sery

to the Committee on the Judiciary. By Mr. BUCKLEY:

ice. H. Res. 566. Resolution to provide for the

(For nominations this day received, see further expenses of the studies, investiga We pray in the Master's name. Amen. the end of Senate proceedings.) tions, and inquiries authorized by House Resolution 56; to the Committee on House





unanimous consent, the reading of the from the Committee on Armed Services,

Journal of the proceedings of Wednes- I report favorably the nominations of Under clause 1 of rule XXII, private day, November 13, 1963, was dispensed

day, November 13, 1963, was dispensed seven rear admirals for permanent apbills and resolutions were introduced and with. severally referred as follows:

pointment in the Naval Reserve, two

temporary promotions to the grade of By Mr. ADDABBO: H.R. 9135. A bill for the relief of Salvatore MESSAGES FROM THE PRESIDENT

rear admiral in the Naval Reserve, one LoIacono; to the Committee on the Judiciary. Messages in writing from the President permanent appointment to the grade of By Mr. HOLLAND:

of the United States submitting nomina- major general in the Marine Corps ReH.R. 9136. A bill for the relief of Maria tions were communicated to the Senate to the grade of brigadier general in the

serve, and two permanent appointments Giurlani; to the Committee on the Judiciary.

by Mr. Miller, one of his secretaries. By Mr. MORGAN:

Marine Corps Reserye. I ask that these H.R. 9137. A bill for the relief of Carina

nominations be placed on the Executive Barthow; to the Committee on the Judiciary.


Calendar. By Mr. POWELL: H.R. 9138. A bill for the relief of Gerardo A message from the House of Repre- nominations will be placed on the Execu

The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The Rubino; to the Committee on the Judiciary. sentatives, by Mr. Hackney, one of its

tive Calendar. reading clerks, announced that the

The nominations are as follows:

House had disagreed to the amendments
of the Senate to the bill (H.R. 6754)

Harry R. Canaday, and sundry other offiUnder clause 1 of rule XXII, petitions making appropriations for the Depart

cers, for permanent promotion to the Naval and papers were land on the Clerk's desk

Reserve; ment of Agriculture and related agencies and referred as follows:

Richard D. Adams and Edward H. Gessner, for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1964, for temporary promotion in the Naval Re451. By the SPEAKER: Petition of Rev. and for other purposes; agreed to the serve; and Forrest L. Knapp, general secretary, Massa

conference asked by the Senate on the Walter A. Churchill, Richard A. Evans, and chusetts Council of Churches, Boston, Mass.,

disagreeing votes of the two Houses Robert B. Bell, for permanent appointment relative to expressing opposition to legis

in the Marine Corps Reserve. lation making public funds available,

thereon, and that Mr. WHITTEN, Mr. whether by grants or loans, to sectarian in

NATCHER, Mr. CANNON, Mr. HORAN, and Mr. ERVIN. Mr. President, from the stitutions for the construction of facilities,

Mr. MICHEL were appointed managers on Committee on Armed Services, I report and supporting, in any event, the substance the part of the House at the conference. favorably the nominations of 25 flag and

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