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Mr. President, I was about to say that Mr. President, when I say the point lieve it would make his amendment a prominent high citizen of the Argen- was made against my amendment in stronger. What the Senator has been tine was in my office this morning com- the position paper of the Agency for saying about the failure of some of the menting upon the colloquy that the Sen- International Development, which in- recipients of our foreign aid to adhere ator from Iowa (Mr. HICKENLOOPER) and sisted that an American presence is de- to the guidelines which the Clay comI conducted on the floor of the Senate sirable in new nations, I point out that mittee laid down is quite true. I do not as we laid the foundation for the legis- it is the kind of justification made by believe that the interest rate matter is lative record on the meaning of the AID that leads me to the conclusion that

AID that leads me to the conclusion that pertinent to the argument the Senator Hickenlooper amendment and the addi- foreign aid has become an end in itself,

foreign aid has become an end in itself, from Oregon has made. The main thrust tions to it that are in the bill this year and that much of it continues only be of his amendment has nothing to do as the bill came from committee. In cause it is becoming a self-perpetuating with interest. So I wonder if the Senthe course of that colloquy the Senator bureaucracy.

ator from Oregon would agree with this from Iowa [Mr. HICKENLOOPER) said: I wish the Senate could have heard observation and possibly consider modi

It is claimed by the present Government the discussions in the Foreign Relations fication of his amendment? of the Argentine that these contracts that Committee on the part of various mem Mr. MORSE. I shall take the matwere entered into by the predecessor govern bers of the committee as to what they ter under advisement and consider it ment under the direction of President Fron think about a bureaucracy that has in a conversation with the Senator durdizi are illegal because they were not ap

grown up in the administration of for ing a later quorum call. proved by the Congress.

eign aid. I wish Senators could have Mr. MILLER. I thank the Senator. I said to the prominent citizen of Ar- heard some of the stirring speeches on Mr. MORSE. The United States has gentina:

both sides of the table. I see the Sen a "presence" anywhere that it has an Is there any basis in fact for that argu- ator from Missouri [Mr. SYMINGTON] embassy, or even a consulate. Ecoment? chuckling. He knows whereof I speak. nomic or military aid is not a requisite

to let other nations know of our existHe laughed, but he laughed scornfully, The rafters shook when it was pointed to think that anyone in Argentina would out-and an AID administrator and an ence. make such an argument. He said:

official were present that they were My amendment would limit to 50 the

overstaffed. One member of the com number of nations that could receive aid Senator, there is no basis in fact whatso- mittee—and I paraphrase it accuratelyever for that claim, because the Argentinian told about some trips he had taken in mittee—and I paraphrase it accurately, at any one time after June 30, 1965.

Its other objective is to set forth the Congress passed a law authorizing their oil agency to enter into just such contracts, various parts of the world, and he was standards that recipients of future aid and, as the oil agency, to do whatever was

shocked by the oversupply of manpower must meet. In my opinion, these objecnecessary to develop the oil industry of the that he found in place after place. tives should be met before aid is extended Argentine, and to join in whatever arrange We are dealing with bureaucracy that to other countries for any reason. I do ments must be made with foreign investors needs to be cut down to size. That is not propose to differentiate between milfor an exploration of the oil facilities and why we need a reorientation of the en itary and economic aid in laying down the oilfields.

tire foreign aid program, a reorientation criteria for its extension. He added:

which would include an analysis of the The "position paper" of AID opposes Senator, the same kind of law applies to manpower needs of AID. I would rather that principle. It declares that some the operations of the railroads in Argentina have the AID money going into a proj nations are of military importance to and to other industries in regard to which ect that is so economically sound that the United States and should receive aid they have special commissions for regula- it will help the poor living within its for that reason alone. tion and control, just as you have an Inter- economic shadows than I would have it These are the areas in which we have, state Commerce Commission which is given going into the salaries, the per diems, over a period of years, allowed ourselves certain powers.

and the expenses of unnecessary AID almost literally to be blackmailed into I cannot cite the law, though I have personnel.

endless and fruitless foreign aid. Any asked to have it checked so that it may Mr. MILLER. Mr. President, will the nation which receives aid from us for be before the subcommittee of which I Senator yield?

military reasons has far more to lose am chairman when it next meets. The The PRESIDING OFFICER


than the United States if Communist Subcommittee on Latin American Af- RIBICOFF in the chair). Does the Sena aggression occurs, against it, or threatfairs does not intend to drop all interest tor from Oregon yield to the Senator ens it internally. Why should not that in what is going on in Argentina in re- from Iowa?

nation meet the self-help standards met gard to oil contracts. We owe it to Sen Mr. MORSE. I yield.

by any other nation? ators to see that a report is made in the Mr. MILLER. I agree with a great Furthermore, we should not forget near future as to what the facts are in deal of what the Senator from Oregon that many of the nations into which we regard to what is going on there in con- has said. However, in looking over the are pouring aid far in excess of the milnection with oil contracts.

amendment by the Senator from Oregon, itary requirements and what the naWe will do the same thing in regard I note that at the bottom of page 2 there tion's economy can support, would be to Chile in respect to her discriminatory is a provision relating to the amount of a liability if we got into a war with Rustax policies.

interest which shall be charged. We sia, assuming we might use troops, anyI cite those situations only because have considered amendments relating to way, which I seriously doubt, because they bear upon my argument that we interest rates on at least two occasions the next war will be a nucelar war and have reached the point where the whole during the course of the consideration of one of a relatively few hours' duration. foreign aid program must be reoriented. this bill. I know there are arguments In addition to our own war effort, we That is why my amendment proposes to for the interest rate provisions which the would have to subsidize their troops and bring it to an end at the end of fiscal Senator has in the amendment, but these their entire war effort, in addition to our 1965. That would give us time to pre arguments have been made before in own. It would be much better to spend pare the new program for foreign aid, the course of consideration of the

the money we are now spending on the the new guidelines, and the new condi- amendments specifically relating to the bloated military organizations in these tions that would have to be fulfilled in interest rate.

countries for economic expansion of the contracts that would apply under the I am persuaded that the reasons country, to help the economic well-benew foreign aid program. I know it will against those amendments are stronger

against those amendments are stronger ing of the people. As that program exnot be easy. It is all a question of judg- than the reasons for-namely, that we pands, in a few years they should be able ment. But I believe that those of us are in a competitive situation, in some to support an adequate military defense who are fighting for the kind of foreign cases, so far as our prestige is con program of their own. aid that would flow from the amend- cerned, vis-a-vis the Soviet Union in the In fact, if we do not set self-help ment which I have offered if the amend- matter of charging interest; and, second,

matter of charging interest; and, second, standards for them, they are more likely ment were adopted are the ones who are that we are trying to get out of the grant to be lost to us than if we do. for the strongest and best type of foreign area and more into the loan area.

That is why my amendment would reaid that we can have in the future. I wonder if the Senator from Oregon quire each applicant for any kind of fuThat is the kind of foreign aid that we would consider dropping the interest ture aid to show us that it is engaged in ought to have.

provision from his amendment. I be continuous self-help measures; that it

has taken appropriate steps to assure applied for in bona fide fashion, and

to the Congress on review of the local curthat its own private capital resources when the applicant can show us that he

rency, military budget support program for

country X. are being utilized at home; that it will is meeting the prescribed standards.

Our review disclosed weaknesses in conencourage local free enterprise; that it I am discussing this amendment be

trols by U.S. agencies over military budget has taken appropriate steps to bring cause if the administration does take

support funds, together with deficiencies in about reform in such fields as tax and seriously what has been said and done the administration of these funds by land reform, to enable its people to share on this floor in the last 3 weeks, these country X and as a consequence funds proin the fruits of development; that the are some of the principles that it should vided by the United States to country X were project for which economic aid is re- embody in a new foreign aid program. not effectively utilized. quested will contribute to the economic The Comptroller General of the United At the completion of our review, we or social development of the country; States is our agent. The Office of the

brought the deficiencies disclosed to the at

tention of the Secretary of Defense, tothat it is promoting personal freedom Comptroller General of the United States

gether with our proposal that the U.S. and self-government; and, finally, that gets its authority from the Congress to

control the expenditure of military budget it is maintaining only those military serve the Congress. The Comptroller support funds by releasing such funds to forces needed to maintain an elected General of the United States is the con country X for individual projects which had government in office, or to deter threat- gressional watchdog of expenditures of been mutually agreed upon by country X ened external Communist aggression. supposedly appropriated funds.

and the United States rather than by reThese standards would, of course, ex I pay high tribute to the Comptroller leasing funds in support of a total budget. clude some nations already dealt with by General of the United States. He is one

The Office of the Assistant Secretary of De

fense for International Security Affairs inthe Senate, such as Indonesia and Egypt. of the most courageous, one of the most

formed us, in reply to our proposal, that A most important objective of my able, one of the most dedicated public specific project support would be impractical amendment is very difficult to achieve. servants in all our Government. The because of the increased administrative workIt is to put aid on the basis of other na- Comptroller General, Mr. Campbell, de load and other considerations. tions seeking it from us, instead of our serves a vote of gratitude from every The identification of all funds contributed forcing it on other nations. American taxpayer.

to country X on a specific project basis could The general conclusion that can be I have on my desk a pile of the Comp

entail an increase in the volume of admin

istrative work. However, we believe that the drawn from all the reports by the Comp- troller General's spot check reports on

more important military projects warrant troller General-I shall talk about those the administration of the AID program specific identification to insure that funcmomentarily—is that the waste and in- around the world.

around the world. They are not pleas tions and items essential to the maintenance, efficiencies he has uncovered are due to ant reading, for I engage in no under readiness, and support of costly U.S.-furaid programs too large and too complex statement when I say that any jury that

nished facilities and equipment are perfor recipient nations to absorb and han

read them could not bring back any other formed or provided. We also believe that dle properly. I wish to repeat that sen verdict than that the reports of the

such identification of projects would in

crease U.S. control of military budget support tence, Mr. President, because it is a vital Comptroller General of the United States

funds. sentence. It deals with the huge stack show that hundreds and hundreds of

We are, therefore, recommending to the of Comptroller General reports that I millions of dollars of the American tax

Secretary of Defense that efforts be made to have on my desk, finding one kind of in- payers' money have been wasted over identify the more important projects essenefficiency, waste, mismanagement and the years on the foreign aid program. tial to the overall MAP objectives in counmishandling of aid after another, in The administration does not like to try X and that appropriate portions of the country after country. hear anyone criticize the foreign aid pro

budget estimates and military budget supThe general conclusion that can be gram for waste. It is easy to say, as

port fund releases be based on such projects. drawn from all the reports by the Comp- many apologists for the program have

We are also recommending that project im

plementation be subject to careful surveiltroller General is that the waste and in- been heard to say, “You cannot have a lance and that involved portions of U.S. efficiencies he has uncovered are due to program involving billions of dollars that funds be withdrawn when evidence exists aid programs too large and too complex the foreign aid program involves without that either agreed-upon projects are not for recipient nations to absorb and han a considerable amount of waste." But being undertaken or earmarked funds are dle properly. This is especially true of we do not have to have that kind of being used for nonapproved purposes. his reports on military aid and support- waste. We do not have to have waste In fairness to the State Department, ing assistance. A reading of these re to that degree.

in fairness to AID, and in fairness to ports leaves the clear impression that A good many of these reports are clas- the Pentagon Building, it should be said much of the aid in these categories is the sified, but Members of this body can that in many instances in which the result of what Americans want them to obtain any one of them in the Foreign Comptroller General has pointed out a have, not what they are able to use ef- Relations Committee room, and read it. shocking waste and inefficiency in the fectively. And the inquiries undertaken Senators at least should sample them administration of foreign aid and has by the Comptroller General are purely before they vote against my amendment, made

made recommendations-mostly proof the "spot check” nature. They are for I offer this pile of Comptroller Gen- cedural recommendations—the by no means a complete or thorough re- eral's reports dealing with the shocking Department and the AID officials and

State view of economic or military aid.

waste in the administration of foreign the Pentagon Building have cooperated. It is my judgment that if the Comp- aid over the years, both economic and They should, of course. . They are not troller General had not engaged in a military, as the best argument for the deserving of any special credit for that. "spot check” investigation of foreign aid, adoption of my amendment.

In fact, they are deserving of a good but had conducted, instead, a thorough Wipe the slate clean at the end of deal of criticism for the fact that they investigation of foreign aid everywhere fiscal 1965. Start it all over under terms, let the inefficiencies and the waste dein the world, all of the four desks in front conditions, restrictions, and application velop, and that the Comptroller General of me would be piled high with reports requirements that will give the Ameri- of the United States, as a watchdog, was showing the shocking waste, inefficiency, can taxpayers the assurance that what required to go into the various countries and mishandling of foreign aid.

the Comptroller General has found over and "show up” the State Department, Let the RECORD show that this pile of and over and over again in countries and the Pentagon, and the AID organireports of the Comptroller General is 2 all over the world will not be likely to zation for the waste. feet high. This is not all of them. happen again.

I wish to read one more sample of the I know it is difficult to write into the Mr. President, the Comptroller Genlaw a requirement that all aid requests eral's letters of transmittal read, in in

reports of the Comptroller General: be initiated by the recipient, and not by stance after instance, as follows, and I

DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN: Enclosed for the use us. Administrators tell us now that all shall have to delete, for classification port to the Congress on excessive costs in

of your committee are 20 copies of our rerequests come from the recipient. But purposes, anything that is classified. curred for rehabilitating to original appearthere are endless ways whereby our AID This is a letter he wrote on January 8

ance and serviceability military equipment and military people tell them what to ask 1963. I can go through this file and donated to foreign nations under the milifor. We tell them what to want, in ef. read similar letters as he filed report tary assistance, Department of Defense. fect, and they ask for it. after report:

Our examinations disclose that the miliNonetheless, I believe that future aid DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN: Enclosed for the use tary departments spend millions of dollars should only be considered when it is of your committee are 20 copies of our report each year to rehabilitate materiel, given to

foreign nations as grant aid under the mili- criticism. What have you done to end reforms and to meet the kind of objectary assistance program, to higher standards the waste of millions of dollars? I do tions that the Comptroller General of of serviceability and appearance than similar

not intend to support your policies for the United States has reported he has materiel furnished to U.S. forces overseas.

foreign aid, but I do intend to support found honeycombed in foreign aid. That is a devastating criticism. That

you if you will come forward with a re Thus, in this letter, the Comptroller is a shocking criticism of inexcusable formed foreign aid program.”

General continued: waste on the part of the Pentagon Build

He may not know it, but he will dis

With respect to aircraft, the Department of ing. We should not have to have a cover that the American people want an

the Air Force subsequently issued an inwatchdog Comptroller General call at

answer to the question I have asked. struction which significantly relaxes the untention to that waste, which ran into The President seems to be concerned reasonably stringent criteria previously apmillions of dollars. about legislative interference in Ameri

plied by the military departments in rehabilI continue: can foreign policy. "I don't understand,"

itating aircraft for the military assistance These additional costs are directly at- he said in his press conference, "why program. The Department of Defense agreed

also that overzealous application of "like tributable to a Department of Defense we're suddenly so fatigued.”

new” appearance criteria had been responsimemorandum issued in March 1957—

Who is fatigued? We are not tired of

ble for unwarranted costs and in December Away back to 1957. This is a 1963 re working for a good foreign-aid program. 1962 revised its policy substantially in conport. It has been going on since 1957. Let me tell the President, though, that formance with our proposals. The military

departments are now issuing implementing The high standards set by the military we are sick and tired of the waste in for

directives which, if properly complied with, departments to implement the defense pol- eign aid which the Comptroller General

should curtail the extra costs incurred preicy have caused excessive work which has of the United States has discovered and

paring materiel for the grant aid military been very costly and, in some cases clearly reported to Congress.

assistance program. uneconomical. In our opinion, there is nor The President said: “We spent $21/2 mally no justifiable reason for expending the billion on the atomic energy program, $5

Mr. President, I cannot read the speextra effort and substantial additional costs billion on space.” If he means to as

cific findings of the Comptroller Gento dress up otherwise serviceable materiel, ready for issue to our own forces, to look like sume that we agree with his spending eral in connection with some of our

NATO allies without believing that we new for the military assistance program.

that much money, he could not be more We propose that, except in special circum mistaken. That includes his moon proj- have been guilty of great waste in the stances, materiel given as grant aid under ect. Some needed savings should be program over there. Not the least of the the military assistance program be over made on behalf of the American tax

offenders has been France. I say most hauled, packed, and inspected to the same

payers in connection with these pro respectfully to my President: "Instead of general standards of serviceability and ap

grams. He again engages in the old trying to have passed a bill for $4,500 pearance as those established for U.S. forces

non sequitur, that he is the one who will million, you would have been much betoverseas. be blamed. He asks, "What is going to

ter off if you had accompanied your bill Do Senators know where it ought to be happen if the situation in Laos worsens?

with requests for legislative approval for done? In the United States, not over Are we going to blame the Senate or am

some major changes in foreign aid policy seas. If we are to do it, let us give Amer. I to be blamed?”

and the administration of foreign aid." icans jobs. Much of this has been done

That is a complete non sequitur. What

When we were confronted with witoverseas at expensive labor costs. All does blame have to do with it? Nothing. nesses from the State Department, witthe talk about high labor costs in the We will all get the blame, I say to the nesses from the Pentagon, and witnesses United States that is heard can be an- President, if we do not do a better job of

President, if we do not do a better job of from AID, with no substantial recomswered by taking a look at some of the protecting the interests of the American

mendations for reform of their policy, reports, to see how we have been paying taxpayer by bringing to an end the it was the old "coverup” game on the through the nose overseas. I am grate- shocking waste which

shocking waste which the foot-high part of witness after witness. It was ful that we have a Comptroller General series of reports from the Comptroller

series of reports from the Comptroller necessary to drag out of them by sowho has the courage to lay it on the line, General shows is occurring in foreign

General shows is occurring in foreign called cross-examining, fishing expedias he has in critical report after critical aid.

tions what they ought to have volunreport. He goes on to say:

The President ought to be much less teered, if they had intended to act in The Department of Defense agreed that, concerned about who is going to be good faith with the committee. We were with the exception of aircraft, the same gen- blamed, and much more concerned about

blamed, and much more concerned about placed in the position of being very suseral standards of serviceability should be proceeding to bring about the necessary

picious of what they were up to. applied for military assistance program rereforms in the foreign aid program that

The trouble they got into with their cipients as for U.S. forces overseas.

will protect the American taxpayer, than foreign aid bill is due to themselves, beMr. President, it took them from 1957 to send to Congress, as he did, a bill call cause if they and the President had sent until the Comptroller General caught up ing for approximately $4,500 million,

ing for approximately $4,500 million, to Congress a bill that proposed prowith them in 1963, to reach that remark- without having written into it the safe

cedural changes and reforms that would able conclusion.

guards that we have been fighting for in have given greater protection to the If we do not keep a check on military this historic debate, in order to bring American taxpayer, they would not have aid, the military taxpayer dollars will be about reforms in foreign aid.

got into the hot water they got into and squandered by the millions, as the The news report also stated that the they are not out of the bath, either. Comptroller General reports show.

President said it is no coincidence that The spigot is not turned off, for they are No agency of Government has so little the three past Presidents, and their op going to get scalded even more when they concern for the taxpayer dollar as the ponents in election campaigns, "All rec reach the appropriation stage. They are Pentagon. They are wastrels. They are ognize the importance of this program.” going to get scalded even more when the apparently working on the theory that

We all recognize the importance of the people get through with them. the more they waste the more they will program. It is so important that it ought

Mr. LAUSCHE. Mr. President, will get. I am glad we have a Comptroller to be reformed.

Comptroller to be reformed. We recognize that it is the Senator from Oregon yield with the General who dares to file with the Con so important that it ought to be changed understanding that he will not lose the gress disclosures of waste and inefficiency in the interest of the taxpayer. The floor? in the foreign aid program. Yet there President leaves himself open to the

Mr. MORSE. I yield with that underare many who want to do a "snow job" charge that apparently what we ought standing. on it. I say respectfully that the Presi- to do is to make the same mistakes that

Mr. LAUSCHE. Mr. President, I send dent can make his speech in New York foreign aid has been making in the past.

to the desk an amendment which, if City and he can make his criticisms as

There was more wrath than logic in the he did in the press conference this morn- President's press conference this morn

adopted, would allow the granting of

favored nation rights to the Yugoslav ing, of those of us who are opposed to ing, for his attempted defense of his forforeign aid, but he must be made to an eign aid bill fell flat, because it did not

eign aid bill fell flat, because it did not Government for a period of 2 years. swer to the American people for the meet the objections which have been

meet the objections which have been During those 2 years, observations would shocking waste in foreign aid about raised in the Senate. He did not meet be made to determine whether the which he has done nothing.

a single one of them. I am sure the peo- Yugoslav Communist Government is I say to the President: “Give me an ple will be very much interested to see willing to make any efforts to settle the answer to the Comptroller General's what he is willing to do to bring about

what he is willing to do to bring about claims of United States cl çizens for prop

erties confiscated by the Yugoslav Gov. provided by the United States * *

provided by the United States * * * were found by the Comptroller General. And ernment. not effectively utilized.

so we can show, down the list. The amendment is simple. Favored Mr. President, it is a daily experience I close by saying that I am glad we nation rights would be extended to the for a lawyer to invite a client to his of

for a lawyer to invite a client to his of- have a Comptroller General who is such Yugoslav Government for 2 years. Witt. fice, after a previous interview, and to an able watchdog; and I am glad he has in that time, it would be expected that say to the client, “You know, John, I the courage to point out the deficiencies the Yugoslav Government would show a went into your case, and I found a good and waste in our foreign aid programs. purpose to settle claims of American many things about it that you did not tell

I am only sorry that this year the Prescitizens for pensions taken away, prop me about when we first conferred about ident sent the Congress a foreign aid bill erties confiscated, and other valuable your case."

which failed to contain reform procerights denied.

Of course, Mr. President, when caught dures which would bring to an end many I commend the Senator from Oregon with that, John will admit it.

of the inefficiencies in our foreign aid. for his great fight in this matter. I have As we read these reports, we find that I am sorry that the argument on behalf not agreed with him on all issues, but that is about the experience the Comp- of its continuation is made in these prehis fight has been productive.

troller General seems to have had. When cincts, and is supported by the State DeThe PRESIDING OFFICER. The he catches them, they confess it, and partment and by other administration amendment will be received and will lie then they assure him that they will do spokesmen who want to give the Presion the table.

something about it. The apologists try dent more and more unchecked power. Mr. MORSE. I appreciate the Sen to whitewash them; they say, "What

I am also sorry about the argument ator's statement.

Senator MORSE says is true, but they are the President himself engaged inMr. President, before I turn to the next doing something about it.” However, I namely, that, after all, Congress is letter from the Comptroller General, point out that these are only spot checks, interfering in foreign policy. Congress there are some amusing things in these and these reports relate only to the in- cannot interfere in foreign policy; anyreports. We do not want to laugh at stances in which the Comptroller Gen- one who ever attended a high school civtragedy; but the reports contain items eral has caught them.

ics class should know that. Congress both amusing and tragic. One of the re I wish to make very clear, for my own cannot interfere in foreign policy–in the ports shows that AID ought to have in it protection, that when the Official Re sense that the President and his supportan agricultural adviser; or, at least, it porters of Debates of the Senate exam

ers have been arguing in opposition to ought to advise with the Department of ine any of these letters, to obtain any of those of us who are asking for specific Agriculture.

the excerpts I have read from them, authority, item by item, for the expendiThe AID administration sent a large inasmuch as the documents are classi- ture of our foreign aid funds—so long as number of hay balers, costing better fied, the Official Reporters will stand Congress carries out its trust and obligathan $2,000 apiece, to a desert country. in the same position as members of the tion responsibilities under the ConstituThe Comptroller General found them committee staff, and that I shall not

tion. there 2 or 3 years later, ruined by rust, stand to be censured for allowing the

If the President wants the money, he never used, because there was no hay to Official Reporters to make that use of the

must send to Congress a bill which will cut. Imagine that. It will be pretty hard documents. However, if I am in error justify the uses to which he wishes to for anyone to justify that action on any as to that, I want the Official Reporters put the money. grounds. But it is not a singular exam- to leave the letters alone, and to rely on ple.

We have already made a great mistake their notes. The sad part is that we have rammed

in giving the President as much un

Mr. President, my point is that when down the economy of country after coun the Comptroller General catches these

checked power as we have given him in

connection with the use of the contintry hundreds of millions of dollars worth instances of waste and inefficiency, these of equipment for which they have no use countries then post haste, go through the

gency fund. The Senate made a great at all. That is why such practices ought formality of pretending to adopt proce

mistake when, once again, it surrendered to be ended, as my amendment pro- dures which in the future will put an end

its checking power over the President, posed to do, at the end of fiscal 1965. A to some of the wasteful and inefficient and gave him some additional unchecked fresh start should be made, with a clean procedures. However, these are only

power to spend U.S. taxpayers' money as slate. I would write at the top of that spot-check findings. What about the which a constitutional government has

he sees fit in the case of a country in slate, for everybody connected with AID many places in the world where the to read: “Your first duty: Protect the Comptroller General has not made such been overthrown by a military, Fascist American taxpayer.” That should be spot checks? The same old waste of the junta. The President should be required

to obtain formal approval by Congress the new motto of foreign aid: “Your first money of the U.S. taxpayers and the duty: Protect the American taxpayer.” same old inefficiency continue. In the

for any such authority, before the money The foreign aid program as now admin- speech which the President made last

can be spent. istered does not protect the American Friday night in New York City, I did not

NO DISCRETION GIVEN OR ASKED ON AID CUTOFF taxpayer, but-and I repeat the naughty hear him urge cessation of putting the

WHERE U.S. BUSINESS IS INFRINGED word at which the press takes some um- American money down such sinkholes. It is a sad fact that the discretion brage-it “rooks” him. It is a program The President made an emotional ap- sought by the President, and given him to "rook" the American taxpayer.

peal; but unless he supports necessary by Congress, to cut off aid under certain Here is another letter:

reforms, his arguments fall of their own circumstances does not include the givOur reviews disclose that large quantities weight, for they have no underpinnings. ing of our aid where there has been of equipment delivered to countries X, Y, However, when we even suggest that confiscation of the property of an Ameriand Z will become defective largely as a re one or another of these countries does can business firm or unfair treatment sult of maintenance and supply deficien- not deserve our aid, Senators bob up all of an American business firm. It is a cies.

about the Senate Chamber and plead for sad fact that we do not hold an elected And that much of the equipment is be- a continuation of our aid to that coun government in a Latin American country ing rebuilt by the U.S. Army logistical try. But they should examine the re in the same high regard in which we hold depots in Japan. Why not in the United port of the Comptroller General. If the Standard Oil Co. The President has States? Why not put unemployed they do, they will understand why he no discretion under existing law, nor American workers to work? But that says U.S. military aid should be cut. under the pending bill, to cut off our aid kind of foreign aid, for the use and ben Here is a report on another one-a to a country which confiscates the propefit of our own country, might be an un- dictatorship country which never should erty of a U.S. business firm or otherwise pardonable, unforgivable sin.

have been given any aid by us, in the discriminates against a U.S. business In one letter, the Comptroller General first place. The bases we have there are firm. Congress has said in those cases stated:

not worth that much; no military base that the President “shall” terminate aid.

in the world is worth enough to cause Our review disclosed weaknesses in con

The Hickenlooper amendments, which trols by United States agencies over military us to spend the money of the U.S. tax- I support, do not allow any presidential budget support funds, together with de

payers to support fascism. There is a discretion in such cases; instead, under ficiencies in the administration of these great deal of waste in connection with those amendments and in such circumfunds * * * and as a consequence funds our program in that country—as is stances the President must then cut off

U.S. aid. Powerful American business thrown the government of a free people. tion

thrown the government of a free people. tion of a constitutional government. lobbies were able to have that provision What a paradox. What irony. What When overthrown, they have a right to included, and they were entitled to it. inexcusable inconsistency. We are not turn to the great democracy to the north But the lobby of the people was whipped through with it. The Senate has worked and count on it not to aid the Fascist in the Senate, in the course of this de- its will this afternoon. It has the right forces that overthrew their constitubate; the people's lobby took a beating, to work its will.

tionalism. because when it came to protecting the But I tell Senators that I am sure the Mr. President, we have not heard the interest of the U.S. taxpayers, the American people will work their will, and end of the issue. The issue will arise Senate was perfectly willing to vote their will will be against the majority across the country in the months ahead, to give the President unchecked discre- of the Senate. Of that I am certain, for unless the administration makes perfecttionary power. That was a shameful the American people have no intention ly clear that it has no intention of exermistake.

of turning their rights over to the exer cising such discretion. Mr. President, we are told that the cise of arbitrary discretion on the part of What a sad message to go out to the preservation of constitutionalism in the any President, present or future, for the world that we in Congress do not have countries of Latin America and else- Office of the Presidency should never be as much determination to refuse aid to where in the world must be subject to so clothed. We are moving a long way illegal governments and aggressor govthe exercise of executive discretion. from the system of constitutional repre ernments as we have to refuse aid to

I am not speaking about an individual sentative Government that our forefa countries that discriminate against President. I am speaking about the thers set up when the Republic was born. American business in Latin America. Presidency. The best way to lose Latin These basic abstract principles of free- Until we do, our foreign aid will be a America is to give to the President of dom put into application determine mockery. Until we do something about the United States arbitrary discretion whether or not we are to remain free the foot-high pile of adverse reports We can judge the future only by the past. men and women. No crisis, no claim of from the Comptroller General of the An Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. emergency, can justify giving to any United States, showing the waste of Martin, showed the hand of the present President at any time, under any circum- many millions of dollars in the adminadministration in the very unfortunate stances, the kind of unchecked discre- istration of foreign aid, we cannot jusarticle which he wrote for publication in tionary power that a majority of the tify the bill that the Senate is about to the New York Herald Tribune. In that Senate gave to the President of the vote upon. I hope that it will be voted article he indicated very clearly to those United States this afternoon. The Amer on tonight. who can read that after the storm blows ican people must take note of it. They I shall vote against it. I shall forever over, this administration will recognize must work their will in opposition to be proud that my descendants will never and give aid to military juntas in the such a trend in the American Govern- read that while I was in the Senate I Dominican Republic and in Honduras in ment. I am only pleading that we limit voted for such a bill as will be brought both of which countries free government the President in connection with the aid- to a final vote, I hope, tonight. was destroyed.

ing of Fascist juntas in Latin America as I have offered my second to last I wish to warn the President of the we limit the President in connection with amendment. I hope the Senate will vote United States that when he does that what he can do in respect to Standard for it. It gives Senators an opportunity and I think the plan is afoot to do it, Oil, Texaco, Kennecott Copper, and any to bring to an end the present type of unless the American people make clear other American corporation in Latin

foreign aid at the end of fiscal year 1965. to him that he had better not try—he America. The President has no discre We can wipe the slate clean and start will pull the diplomatic rug out from tion under the Hickenlooper amend over, with a new foreign aid bill limited under some of our best friends in Latin ments, of which I am proud to be one to 50 countries, under application reAmerica. I placed some of their state- of the most ardent supporters, when it quirements meeting terms and condiments in the RECORD earlier this after- comes to foreign aid in connection with tions that we lay down. The terms and noon. He will threaten Bolivia. He will those countries. Foreign aid stops, and conditions will be fair and equitable for threaten Venezuela. He will threaten the President can do nothing about it. countries to meet, in order to receive Costa Rica. He will threaten one free But the Senate has one rule for Texaco, many millions of dollars from the Amergovernment after another in Latin Standard Oil, Kennecott, and the rest of ican taxpayer. America if he does not stop recognizing the American businesses in Latin Amer I say to the majority leader that I am and giving support to governments over- ica, and a different rule for the people going to urge, and do all I can to obtain, thrown by military Fascist juntas and who have elected a constitutional demo- a yea-and-nay vote on my amendment. destroying free democratic governments cratic government in a Latin American

Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, in in those countries. country which has been overthrown by a

view of the unusual situation, I ask unanI say to the American people, "Keep fascist military junta.

imous consent that there be a yea-andyour eyes on the President of the United We let the President continue, at his nay vote. States, now that the Senate proposes discretion, to pour millions of American Mr. MILLER. Mr. President, will the to clothe him with arbitrary discretion taxpayer dollars into a government Senator from Montana yield to me bein regard to recognizing and support- which has murdered constitutional gov- fore the yeas and nays are ordered? I ing governments that overthrow free ernment.

should like to ask the Senator from governments in Latin America."

I have seen ironies and have witnessed Oregon if he will modify his amendment. It is unfortunate that we follow one inconsistencies for 19 years in the Sen

Mr. MANSFIELD. If the Senator rule for the protection of American busi- ate, but that one takes the cake. That from Iowa will allow me, in the position nesses in Latin America, and a different is about the worst. Not even the Presi- I hold, to make a unanimous-consent rule for the protection of free govern- dent asked for it. Our President was request, which is an unusual one, I ask ments in Latin America. I wish we perfectly willing to accept a check, for unanimous consent that the yeas and would have the same rules for both. I the language I offered came from down- nays be ordered on the Morse amendwant the Kennecott Copper Co. in town. The State Department was per- ment. Chile protected. We laid the foundaWe laid the founda- fectly willing to take the check. I would

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without tion in our colloquy with the Senator have made it a stronger check. I would objection, it is so ordered. from Iowa (Mr. HICKENLOOPER) yester- have made it an affirmative action by the Mr. MILLER. Mr. President, I desire day afternoon for protecting them. The Congress rather than an opportunity for to make sure that the modification on President has no discretion in that situ- a negative action. But at least I would the Morse amendment will not require ation. The President could do nothing have had a check under the administra

a further unanimous-consent request to set aside the Hickenlooper amend- tion's own language.

from the Senator from Montana. ment in regard to the protection of What is good enough for Standard Oil, I merely wish to ask the Senator from American businesses in Latin America, Kennecott, Texaco, and any other Amer Oregon if he is willing to take out that or anywhere else in the world. But in ican concern in Latin America, so far as portion of his amendment to which I the case of Fascist juntas, we give him I am concerned, is good enough for the have already referred. discretion. We can set aside the rights people in countries that are willing to The PRESIDING OFFICER. Unaniof freedom in Latin America in those stand on the side of freedom and en- mous consent is necessary to modify the countries where a Fascist junta has over- gage in democratic processes in the elec- amendment.

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