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consider the amendment, other than the purpose of our Government to make ment there is no purpose to permit an this afternoon, after he mentioned it. a loan for the establishment of a gov administrator to look far into the fu

Mr. MILLER. I thank the distin- ernmentally owned steel plant in that ture to find a private business which guished Senator from Arkansas for his country at a time when privately owned might some day provide such goods or comments and for his gracious consent enterprise was operating at below capac services. The purpose of the amendto take the amendment to conference. ity in the production of steel. Myment is as follows: If there is a reason

The Committee on Foreign Relations amendment provided that no assistance able assurance that a private business had no opportunity to consider this shall be granted by the U.S. Govern- will within a reasonable time provide problem, because it has been only in the ment to a recipient country for the pur- such goods or services, the Administrapast few days that the proposed budget pose of establishing a socialistically oper- tor may then provide assistance. of the Food and Agriculture Organiza- ated industry to compete with private Mr. DODD. Mr. President, will the tion for the next biennium has been pub- industry in that country.

Senator from Iowa yield? lished. It was not until that happened I say, with the greatest emphasis, that The PRESIDING OFFICER

(Mr. that the problem of what to do about I have an implicit and unyielding belief INOUYE). Does the Senator from Iowa the dollar limitation was presented. in the correctness of the principle that yield to the Senator from Connecticut. That is the purpose of my amendment. we are making a grievous mistake by Mr. MILLER. I yield. I trust there will be no difficulty with lending and granting money to estab Mr. DODD. I assume that we are trythe amendment in conference.

lish socialistically operated industries ing to legislate for present purposes and The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. within the boundaries of the countries present businesses; is that correct? INOUYE in the chair). The question is we benefit.

Mr. MILLER. We are trying to do so; on agreeing to the amendment of the After the argument in the Foreign Re we are trying to legislate for the imSenator from Iowa to the committee lations Committee, I accepted a modifi- mediately foreseeable purposes. So I amendment, as amended, in the nature cation of my proposal. It was argued would not want this amendment to be of a substitute.

that if private industry there is not doing regarded as throwing open the adminisThe amendment was agreed to.

an adequate job, we should not deny the tration of this provision to the use of unMr. MILLER. Mr. President, I offer

beneficiaries of our bounty the oppor- reasonable discretion in terms of the one last amendment and ask that it be tunity to establish a socialistic govern future. read.

ment operated enterprise; and when I The PRESIDING OFFICER. The The PRESIDING OFFICER. The

use that word, I drop my voice, to in- question is on agreeing to the amendamendment will be stated. dicate how I feel.

ment of the Senator from Iowa to the The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. On page

The Senator from Iowa has proposed committee amendment, as amended. 48, line 3, it is proposed to strike out the

the elimination from this provision of The amendment to the committee word "located.”

the word “located.” His argument is amendment, as amended, was agreed to. Mr. MILLER. Mr. President, if Sen

that he wishes to make sure that private Mr. COOPER. Mr. President, to the ators will turn to page 48 of the bill, I industry now located there or willing to committee amendment, as amended, I shall discuss the purpose of the amend

locate there in the near future will have offer an amendment which I send to the ment.

an opportunity to provide goods or serv desk and ask to have stated. I offer the It will be recalled that the purpose ices when requested to do so by a social

amendment for myself, the Senators of subsection (j), on page 47 of the comistically operated government.

from New York (Mr. KEATING and Mr. mittee amendment, as amended, was to

The amendment of the Senator from JAVITS) and the Senator from Colorado prevent the giving of our aid for projects Iowa to this portion of the committee [Mr. ALLOTT). owned or controlled by the national gov

amendment-in other words, to my The PRESIDING OFFICER. The ernments of the recipient nations in amendment, which is incorporated at amendment of the Senator from Kencases in which such goods or services this point in the committee amend- tucky to the committee amendment, as could be provided by private businesses. ment-should be accepted, because it amended, will be stated. I understand that the Senator from covers not only the present situation, but The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. In the comOhio [Mr. LAUSCHE] had a great deal to also a situation in which an industry is mittee amendment, as amended, on do with the inclusion of this provision willing to establish itself in the imme page 39, between lines 17 and 18, it is in the committee amendment.

diate future. Thus, it seems to me there proposed to insert the following: However, at this time the committee is no controversy over this question.

TITLE VII-EVALUATION OF PROGRAMS amendment, as amended, provides, on

Mr. FULBRIGHT. Mr. President, I

SEC. 107. Chapter 2 of part I of the Forpages 47 and 48 that such assistance have discussed this subject with the Sen

eign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, is shall not be furnished "except where it ator from Iowa. I do not believe the pro further amended by adding at the end clearly appears that goods or services of posed amendment would make any sub thereof a new title as follows: the same general class are not or cannot stantial difference, as compared with the

"TITLE VII-EVALUATION OF PROGRAMS be adequately provided by private busi- provision now contained in the commit

"SEC. 261. The President shall appoint nesses located within such country or tee amendment, as amended. But inas

such committees as may be necessary which, area.”

much as the author of this part of the except as provided in Sec. 262, shall be comI suggest that the word "located,” as

committee amendment sees no reason to posed of either three or five members, a used at that point in the committee object to the amendment, I shall not ob- majority of whom shall be representatives

of the public, to review and evaluate the ecoamendment, would improperly tie the ject to it.

nomic development program of each counhands of the administrator of the pro However, I wish to make very clear

try receiving economic aid under this Act, gram, because it would literally mean that I do not interpret the provision as

and to report to the President and to the that such business must be located there thus amended, and I do not think it can

Congress their findings with respect to the at that time. But if the word "located” reasonably be interpreted to mean that followingwere deleted, the committee amendment any prospective business which might in "(1) whether the recipient country (a) would allow the administrator to have the unknown or unlimited future supply has a practical development program which the discretion of deciding whether such such goods or services could be con affords a reasonable expectation that the oba business is operating in that country sidered as meeting this requirement of jectives of such program will be attained,

taking into consideration the human and or whether such a business may within the committee amendment, as thus a reasonable time come into being there amended.

natural resources and fiscal capabilities of Under this amendment, I

the country, (b) is providing the maximum and provide such goods or services. I think such businesses would be limited to

amount of self-help within its capabilities, am sure that was the intention of the those which would be proposing to sup

and (c) has adopted the fiscal, administradrafters of this provision, including the ply such goods or services at the time tive, and social reforms neces ry to the Senator from Ohio.

when the consideration was being given. success of such program: Mr. LAUSCHE. Mr. President, the However, I do not believe the amend (2) whether the specific projects to

which United States aid is allocated will provision of the committee amendment ment would make any difference; and,

contribute materially to the fulfillment of to which the amendment of the Senator for that reason, I am willing to accept it.

the primary needs of the recipient counfrom Iowa relates had its origin in the Mr. MILLER. Mr. President, I wish to

try's development, and to the purpose of provision of our aid for the establish- make clear that in connection with this tine United States to assist in strengthening mant of a steel plant in India. It was amendment to the committee amend - :11110 ratic processes, the economy of the

country, and in raising the standards of liv- fornia [Mr. KUCHEL], the Senator from est, and one which is helpful to countries ing of the people of that country; and

Missouri [Mr. LONG], the Senator from struggling to advance. But in recent "(3) such other matters as in their opin- Iowa [Mr. MILLER), the Senator from years I have voted to reduce appropriaion will be useful to the Congress in its consideration of legislation authorizing or ap

Kentucky [Mr. MORTON), the Senator tions, chiefly upon amendments offered propriating funds for financing foreign aid

from Kansas [Mr. PEARSON), and the by the Senator from Louisiana [Mr. programs for fiscal year 1965 and subsequent Senator from West Virginia [Mr. Ran ELLENDER], because, although a supportfiscal years.

DOLPH], which embodied the substance er of the program, I did not believe that "SEC. 262. Committees referred to in sec of the amendment which I have offered the program was as effective as it should tion 261 shall be appointed first to review the this evening.

be, either in its assistance to other couneconomic development programs of those Later, on October 22, I offered an tries or to the achievement of our own countries receiving the largest amount of

amendment to the pending bill, H.R. good purposes. assistance and which in fiscal year 1963 col

7885, I spoke on the subject in the Senate I do not see how we can determine the lectively received one-half of the total as

on March 21 and March 28. I also testi effectiveness of the program in each sistance extended by the United States under its foreign assistance programs. In ad

fied before the Foreign Relations Com country we aid unless an objective, indedition to the foregoing committees, a com

mittee in support of the amendment, pendent examination is made by such a mittee of such size as the President may find which I have now called up for action. committee as I propose. I contemplate necessary, a majority of whose members shall The essential purpose of the amend the President would appoint such able be representatives of the public, shall be ap ment is to extend the work of the Clay men as were included in the Clay Compointed to review the economic development Committee, which has had such a pro mittee. I am honored to name them: programs of those countries included in the

found effect. As we all know, the Clay Lucius D. Clay, Robert B. Anderson, Alliance for Progress program in accordance with the criteria set forth in section 261, and

Committee evaluated the Foreign Aid Eugene R. Black, Clifford Hardin, Robert evaluate the progress of the Alliance. All program in its totality. My amendment A. Lovett, Edward S. Mason, L. F. Mccommittees referred to in this section shall would require an evaluation of our for Cullom, Herman Phleger, Howard A. report their findings not later than January eign economic aid program in each coun Rusk, and George Meany. 1, 1965; reports of committees for other try which is a recipient of our foreign I have read many times the reports of countries shall be made not later than June aid.

the Foreign Relations Committee, and 1, 1965.

The amendment proposes the means the reports made by our foreign aid “SEC. 263. Legislation authorizing or ap- by which the evaluation will be made.

agencies. It is extremely difficult to find propriating funds for carrying out economic

The President would be directed to ap in these reports information about the development programs for fiscal years after

effectiveness and the progress of the prothe fiscal year 1965 shall not be enacted until point small committees of three or five the Congress has received and considered the members, a majority of whom shall be gram in any specific country. I know reports referred to in this title for the coun- representatives of the public. If there that the General Accounting Office tries referred to in section 262.

were a committee of three, the President makes reports upon the program in spe"SEC. 264. Members of committees referred might appoint a member from the State cific countries. It is difficult for us to to in section 261, who are not otherwise em- Department, or whatever aid agency is

obtain that information. And, it is more ployed by the Government, shall receive

in charge of the program, and two mem- probable that the reports point out the compensation at rates to be fixed by the President without regard to the Classifica

bers of the public. If there were five, at defects of the program-as is the duty tion Act of 1949, as amended, and shall be least three members from the public must of the GAO/rather than the good that

may be done. entitled to reimbursement in accordance be included. with section 5 of the Administrative Ex The amendment makes an exception

The criteria to be followed in the penses Act of 1946 for travel and other ex with respect to the evaluation of the pro

evaluation, which I and my cosponsors penses incurred in carrying out their func gram of the Alliance for Progress, and have written into the amendment, essentions. The compensation and expenses of the countries which are included in the tially follow the recommendations of the members of a committee appointed to review

Alliance. The President would determine Clay Committee. These criteria would economic development programs of any

the size of the committee which would be directed toward the specific countries. country may be paid out of any funds avail

The committee would determine, first, able for use in carrying out such programs be appointed for the evaluation of the in such country.”

countries included in the Alliance for whether the country to which we adMr. COOPER. Mr. President,

I ask five members, but the majority of mem-
Progress, as it might require more than vance funds has a practical development

program which offers a reasonable exunanimous consent that the names of bers must be representatives of the pub

bers must be representatives of the pub- pectation of attainment; second, whether the Senator from Oregon (Mr. MORSE), lic.

it is providing the maximum amount of the Senator from Iowa [Mr. MILLER], the Senator from Delaware [Mr. Boggs), the is that, frankly, I do not believe the Con

My reason for offering the amendment self-help; and, third, if it has adopted

fiscal and social reforms necessary to the Senator from Hawaii [Mr. FONG), the Senator from California (Mr. KUCHEL), tion upon which to make a proper evalugress or the public has enough informa

success of the program.

Mr. FULBRIGHT. Mr. President, the Senator from Minnesota [Mr. HUMation of the foreign aid program; to

will the Senator yield? PHREY], the Senator from New Jersey determine whether it should be continued

Mr. COOPER. I yield. [Mr. CASE], the Senator from Kentucky in its totality or abandoned; whether to

Mr. FULBRIGHT. Is not the Sena(Mr. MORTON], the Senator from Kansas continue the program with respect to

tor's amendment different from the pre[Mr. PEARSON), the Senator from Mis

vious proposal in that the amendment souri (Mr. LONG], and the Senator from certain specific countries; or, and I be

would not require a separate committee West Virginia (Mr. RANDOLPH] be added lieve most important, what can be done

for each country? to strengthen the program and make as cosponsors of the amendment. it more effective.

Mr. COOPER. I never contemplated The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without

that there would be a separate commit

I have not heard all of the debate on objection, it is so ordered. the bill because I was unavoidably away

tee for each country. I contemplated Mr. COOPER. Mr. President, the

that an examination of the program part of the time, but I must say that I amendment I offer is not a hastily con; believe it has been one of the best de

would be made in each country. My ceived amendment. Last year I offered bates on the foreign aid program that

amendment statesan amendment, similar in its substance, we have had in several years. I pay my

The President shall appoint such committhough not as detailed as this amend- tribute to the Senator from Oregon [Mr.

tees as may be necessary. ment, to the foreign aid bill. It was MORSE), the Senator from Ohio [Mr. One committee might evaluate the accepted by the acting chairman of the LAUSCHE], the chairman of the commit program in six or seven countries. Ten committee, the Senator from Alabama tee (Mr. FULBRIGHT), the Senator from committees might be able to do the en[Mr. SPARKMAN), but it was not retained Vermont [Mr. AIKEN), and the other tire job. In response to the chairman's in the House-Senate conference.

members of the Foreign Relations Com question, the purpose is the same, but Earlier this year I submitted Senate mittee, who have given us a great deal I believe the language in the pending Concurrent Resolution 34 for myself, of information.

amendment is better. the Senator from New Jersey [Mr. CASE), I have been interested in the foreign Mr. FULBRIGHT. The amendment the Senator from Hawaii [Mr. Fong), aid program for many years. As Sena

would leave the discretion in the Presithe Senators from New York [Mr. JAVITS tors know, I have supported it. I believe dent as to how many committees he and Mr. KEATING], the Senator from Cali- it to be a program in our own self-inter would appoint.

Mr. COOPER. Yes, the Senator is debate is precisely what the Senator from eight committees at the most. If there correct. Returning to the criteria, the Kentucky has pointed out.

are 50 or 60 committees, not only would committees would be also required to As I have sat here hour after hour, the cost be inexclusable but also, I bemake an evaluation of the projects to I have been impressed with some of the lieve, that would defeat its purpose. which our aid is allocated, to determine criticisms made of some of these pro Mr. COOPER The Senator from Oreif they contribute effectively to the pri- grams. Then those criticisms were re gon has interpreted my view correctly. mary needs of the country's development futed by the distinguished chairman of I believe that 8 or 10 committees could and at the same time serve our purpose the Foreign Relations Committee. In do the job. of assisting in strengthening the sover asmuch as he is so well versed in inter Mr. SALTONSTALL. Mr. President, eignty and democratic processes, the national relationships, I have been in will the Senator yield ? economy, and in raising the standards clined to follow him each time I voted. Mr. COOPER. I yield. of living of the people of the country. But, the fact remains that we are in no Mr. SALTONSTALL. With regard to

I drew from my short experience as position to know precisely what the sit section 263 of the amendment of the Ambassador to India. Valuable and uation is in any one of these countries. Senator from Kentucky, do I understand effective as our program in India was, a I believe the right approach is the ap correctly that in Latin American and part of our aid was channeled off into proach suggested by the Senator from other countries the report would not afsecondary projects which, while of im- Kentucky, to leave it to the administra fect the appropriations for fiscal year portance, were not of essential impor- tion to choose a committee of interested, 1965? tance to development of the country. impartial, public-spirited people who Mr. COOPER. That is correct.

The question, may be raised whether will make a survey of these countries to Mr. SALTONSTALL. It would affect the examinations would be superficial. determine the merits of the program and fiscal year 1966? My answer is, that if the President ap- to report. I believe that is one way we Mr. COOPER. After fiscal year 1965. points committees with members of the can find out what the facts are.

I propose that, because there does not type who served on the Clay Commit Mr. COOPER. I thank the Senator appear to be time enough to make the tee—and I have confidence that he would very much. The amendment provides,

The amendment provides, evaluations before that time. do so—the examinations will not be further, that the reports shall be made Mr. SALTONSTALL. Regarding secsuperficial.

not later than January 1, 1965, and tion 262, why would the Senator from Second, objection may be made con- this is very important that in the ab Kentucky confine the committee's study cerning its cost. If it should cost $100,- sence of such reports, authorizations and to countries collectively receiving one000 or $500,000, and I do not believe it appropriations for foreign aid for the half of total assistance? would, this amendment would undoubt fiscal years following 1965 shall not be Mr. COOPER. Because I thought it edly save millions of dollars. And, most made. This section provides teeth for would be more practicable. I underimportant if it helped develop a program the amendment.

stand there are about 15 countries that which meets the purposes of our country

I offer this amendment as a strong receive one-half the aid. If those counand the needs of the other countries, it supporter of foreign aid throughout my tries which receive half our foreign aidwould be worth much to the advance- service in the Congress, but with the I understand about 15—were examined ment of many countries throughout the conviction—which I have expressed for and evaluated as the first order of busiworld, to our security, and our best pur- several years—that it must be made ef ness, the most important part of the poses in providing aid. The amendment The amendment fective and within our means.

work would be done first. The others also provides that the cost can be paid I thank my colleagues who have joined could follow. from the aid allocated to countries whose in this amendment and given it strong Mr. SALTONSTALL. So the reports programs are evaluated. support.

would come in the next calendar year I have argued this before several times Mr. JAVITS. Mr. President, will the but would not apply until after fiscal in the Senate, and also before the Senator yield?

year 1965? Foreign Relations Committee. I intend

Mr. COOPER. I yield.

Mr. COOPER. That is correct. to ask for a record vote upon the amend

Mr. JAVITS. I am honored to join Mr. SALTONSTALL. I thank the ment because the debate of the last 3 with the Senator from Kentucky in his Senator. weeks has shown several things. It has amendment. I believe it is constructive Mr. AIKEN. Mr. President, will the shown, first, that the Congress does not and can only help what should be the Senator yield? intend to abandon the foreign aid pro- fundamental objectives of our Nation in Mr. COOPER. I yield. gram. But the debate has also shown respect to these programs.

Mr. AIKEN. As a member of the Forthat Congress distrusts the foreign aid

I should like to testify to the Senator's eign Relations Committee, let me say program. And, in my judgment, the sense of reasonableness and responsibil that the bill which is now before us, in debate shows that Members of the ity in changing section 263 of his amend my opinion, is as good a bill as we could Senate, with the exception of the mem- ment so that the prohibition would apply

ment so that the prohibition would apply report with the information and the bers of the Foreign Relations Commitafter the fiscal year 1965.

knowledge that we had on hand. tee and others who have special respon

Mr. COOPER. I thank my colleague I freely confess that we did not have sibilities such as the Senator from Alaska for his help. I thank also my colleague, all the knowledge we should have had, [Mr. GRUENING]—do not have the infor- the Senator from West Virginia [Mr. to report a better bill. I believe the mation upon which to make a rational RANDOLPH], who has given such strong

amendment offered by the Senator from judgment as to whether the aid program support in cosponsorship of the amend Kentucky would be very helpful. should be discontinued, or whether it ment.

It has been perfectly obvious from the should be continued, or how it could be Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, will the debate which has taken place in both strengthened. I believe it is in our interSenator yield?

Houses of Congress, and from the lack of est to continue a foreign aid program of

Mr. COOPER. I yield.

communications received from the counreasonable proportions, within our capa

Mr. MORSE. On this point of legis, try—which is in sharp contrast to the bilities, if it can be truly effective. But lative history, I believe we should make it

lative history, I believe we should make it urgings to support a foreign aid bill that it will not be effective, and it will not be clear that the Senator is not proposing deluged us in previous years—that the continued, unless the Congress and the a large number of committees. A large

a large number of committees. A large foreign aid program, as we now know it country can secure the information number of committees would defeat the and as it is now being administered, has which I believe the amendment we offer purpose of his amendment. We must

We must only another year or two at most to go. will provide.

have a small number of committees to We do not wish to break it off abruptly. Mr. PASTORE. Mr. President, will deal with this matter on a regional basis, When the time comes, if it comes, that the Senator yield?

since each area has common problems. unsatisfactory administration results, it

For example, there could be a committee is quite evident we are likely to cut it off Mr. COOPER. I yield.

for NATO, a committee for a large sec and leave nothing but possible chaos in Mr. PASTORE. I should like to com- tion of Africa, a committee for the Middle our relationships with many countries pliment the Senator from Kentucky on East, a committee for Latin America, a with whom we should have good relahis constructive suggestion. I believe committee for the Caribbean and a com tionships. So I believe that the proposal one of the distressing and confusing ex mittee for Southeast Asia. I do not be of the Senator from Kentucky is a good periences which we have had during the lieve there should be more than seven or proposal, and I shall support it.

Mr. COOPER. I thank the Senator amendment admits it and calls on us to I have offered this amendment in good very much.

set up a committee to check into nearly faith, as one who has supported foreign Mr. DODD. Mr. President, will the $4 billion of expenditures all over the aid, in an attempt to obtain the inforSenator yield?

world-an impossible task. The entire mation we need to make proper judgMr. COOPER. I yield to the distin force of the General Accounting Office ments about the value and effectiveness guished Senator from Connecticut [Mr. could not give us an accounting on ex of our foreign aid program in each Dod). penditures of that size.

country we aid. Mr. DODD. I am very much in favor I feel very happy over the votes I have The PRESIDING OFFICER. The of the amendment of the Senator from cast to cut down this program, and I question is on the amendment offered by Kentucky. I wish, however, that he shall feel still more happy over the vote the Senator from Kentucky [Mr. would repose the authority to appoint I shall cast against passage of the bill. COOPER), for himself and other Senacommittees in the Congress. I have The PRESIDING OFFICER. The tors, to the committee amendment in grave doubts that any administration question is on agreeing to the amend the nature of a substitute, as amended. will appoint a committee which it be- ment offered by the Senator from Ken The yeas and nays have been ordered, lieves will work against what it specifi tucky [Mr. COOPER), for himself and and the clerk will call the roll. cally desires.

other Senators, to the committee amend The legislative clerk called the roll. I believe we would do better—and I ment in the nature of a substitute, as Mr. HUMPHREY. I announce that say this with the highest respect for the amended.

the Senator from New Mexico [Mr. Senator-if, in his amendment, the au Mr. LAUSCHE. Mr. President, I shall ANDERSON), the Senator from Nevada thority to appoint committees to study support the amendment of the Senator [Mr. BIBLE], the Senator from Pennsylthese countries were reposed in the Con- from Kentucky. I feel obliged to state vania [Mr. CLARK), the Senator from gress. This is an “old saw” of mine. I that the Senator from Kentucky has Louisiana [Mr. ELLENDER), the Senator believe we have been constantly whittling voted for cuts in the foreign aid pro from Tennessee [Mr. GORE), the Senator away our constitutional power and re- gram. He voted for the Mansfield-Dirk- from Washington [Mr. JACKSON), the sponsibility in the legislative branch. sen amendment, and he voted for other the Senator from Louisiana (Mr. LONG], I am sure the Senator from Kentucky cuts.

Senator from Washington [Mr. MAGNUwas not thinking of that, but I wonder There may be reasons for doubting SON], the Senator from South Dakota if he would not agree that it would be whether this amendment should be [Mr. MCGOVERN], the Senator from better if Congress appointed the com- adopted, but all it provides is that there Michigan [Mr. McNAMARA], the Senator mittees.

be appointed impartial outsiders to make from Maine [Mr. MUSKIE), the Senator Mr. COOPER. I understand the sug- recommendations as to what the pro- from Oregon [Mrs. NEUBERGER), the gestion of the Senator from Connecti gram should be. If there is any weak- Senator from Florida [Mr. SMATHERS], cut. I believe, though, that the responsi ness in the proposal of the Senator from the Senator from Mississippi [Mr. STENbility for administering the program Kentucky, it rests in the field described NIS), the Senator from Tennessee [Mr. should rest with the executive branch. by the Senator from Connecticut. In- WALTERS], and the Senator from New The President did appoint a good com- stead of the administration appointing Jersey [Mr. WILLIAMS) are absent on offimittee in the Clay Committee, and I be- the persons who will make the study, the cial business. lieve future committees will carry out Congress should be given some author I further announce that the Senator the mandate of the President. I prefer ity, either to appoint the entire group, from California [Mr. ENGLE] is absent to leave it as it is.

or at least to appoint a number of them. due to illness. Mr. President, I ask for the yeas and Mr. DODD. Mr. President, will the

I further announce that, if present and nays on my amendment. Senator yield?

voting, the Senator from New Mexico The yeas and nays were ordered.

Mr. LAUSCHE. I yield.

[Mr. ANDERSON], the Senator from Mr. COOPER. Mr. President, I yield Mr. DODD. I am complimented by Nevada [Mr. BIBLE], the Senator from the floor.

the Senator's reference to my suggestion. Pennsylvania [Mr. CLARK], the Senator Mr. ROBERTSON. Mr. President, I do not know why we continue to say, from Louisiana [Mr. ELLENDER), the nothing, in nearly 3 weeks of debate, has “The executive shall decide, in its dis- Senator from Tennessee (Mr. GORE], the more clearly illustrated the kind of bear cretion.” I do not question the intent of Senator from Washington [Mr. JACKwe have by the tail than this amend- any President of the United States, but SON], the Senator from Louisiana [Mr. ment offered by a consistent friend of I do not know why we do not take the LONG], the Senator from Washington the foreign aid program. I pointed out responsibility. If we want committees a few days ago that when we started the appointed to study these matters, why South Dakota

[Mr. MAGNUSON), the Senator from Marshall plan it was to end in 1951—11 not appoint them? We are the people’s Senator from Michigan (Mr. McNAMARA),

[Mr. MCGOVERN], the years ago.

representatives. As between the judi- the Senator from Maine [Mr. MUSKIE), Last year we appropriated $3,900 mil- cial, the executive, and the legislative the Senator from Oregon [Mrs. NEUBERlion. This year the President asked for branches, primacy resides in the legisla$4,900 million, which was twice what we tive branch. I wish the Senator from

GER), the Senator from Florida [Mr.

SMATHERS], the Senator from Mississippi appropriated at the height of the need in Kentucky had so provided. Neverthe1949 for the foreign aid program.

[Mr. STENNIS), the Senator from Tenless, I shall support his amendment. NOW we have a distinguished Member

nessee [Mr. WALTERS], and the Senator

Mr. LAUSCHE. All the Senator from of the Senate—if he voted for a single Kentucky requests is that a board be

from New Jersey [Mr. WILLIAMS] would

each vote "yea." cut in this program, I do not recall it- appointed, made up of individuals insaying, "I know there is going to be terested in public affairs, as distin

Mr. KUCHEL. I announce that the waste, but I do not know how much." guished from interest in specific aspects Senators from Nebraska [Mr. CURTIS

and Mr. HRUSKA] are absent on official No Member of Congress knows how of this program. That board is to remuch we are going to waste. The Gen- port to the Congress and to the Presi

business. eral Accounting Office, which checks all dent as to what should be done.

The Senator from Kentucky [Mr. MORthe figures, cannot tell us how much we I do not see anything wrong with this TON] is necessarily absent. are going to waste.

proposal. I think it has tremendous If present and voting, the Senator from We are going to spend $4 billion, more strength.

Nebraska [Mr. CURTIS], the Senator from or less and I hope it will be less before Finally, the Senator from Kentucky Nebraska (Mr. HRUSKA], and the Senator we finish with the appropriation bill—in has voted for cuts. He has not sub- from Kentucky [Mr. MORTON] would 107 foreign nations. But the Senator scribed to all the authorizations re

each vote "yea." wants to set up two or three committees quested.

The result was announced-yeas 79, to tell us where the waste is and what to Mr. COOPER. As I said earlier, I

nays 1, as follows: do next time. have done so for several years, because

[No. 236 Leg.) In 3 weeks of debate there has not I believed the program not wholly ef

YEAS—79 been a more eloquent plea made to cut fective. This year I voted for the Hol Aiken

Bennett Byrd, W. Va. this program down to size, and then end land amendment and the Mansfield Allott



Bartlett it. He knows, and we all know, that the Dirksen amendments, reducing the pro

Brewster Carlson

Case taxpayers' money is being wasted. This gram by nearly $400 million.


Byrd, Va. Church

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Johnston Pell

When I read that article, I sought con- parture from established American prac-
Jordan, N.C. Prouty

firmation of it. Therefore, I communi tice. Dirksen

Jordan, Idaho Proxmire

Randolph cated with the Export-Import Bank and If Senators want to approve such a Dominick Kennedy Ribicoff

asked whether, in fact, we were now, program, they may do so. But certainly Douglas Kuchel

Robertson Eastland Lausche Russell

in 1963, being called upon to approve an after having discovered this information, Edmondson Long, Mo. Saltonstall entirely new departure in the entire I felt honor bound to call it to the attenErvin Mansfield Scott

concept of foreign aid and trade, where- tion of Senators and to point out where Fong

McClellan Simpson Fulbright McGee


by, for the first time, for the Commu- I think such a program will lead, if we
Goldwater McIntyre Sparkman nist bloc, the American taxpayers will be allow the credit of America to be used
Gruening Mechem Symington asked to underwrite the credit of Com- to underwrite Communist credit.

munists for the purchases that they

The Export-Import Bank says—and I
Monroney Tower
make in America.

read it from their own material—that Hickenlooper Morse

Williams, Del,

I find that that is precisely the case. there is no precedent for such a trans-

Young, N.Dak.

I have here the material from the Ex- action with a Soviet bloc country. So in Humphrey Nelson

Young, Ohio port-Import Bank. I shall not read it the year 1963, either they will initiate a Inouye Pastore

all tonight because of the lateness of the precedent and we will approve it by deJavits Pearson

hour, but I shall place it in the RECORD. feating my amendment, or they will not NAYS—1

It is in response to eight specific ques- initiate it, and we will approve my McCarthy

tions I had the clerk of the Committee amendment and defeat their plan, NOT VOTING—20

on Foreign Relations propound to the At least, we will express the sense of Anderson Hruska

Export-Import Bank. I shall read this

I shall read this the Senate on this measure, and we Bible

Jackson Neuberger
Long, La. Smathers

much of the statement, because it is a should send my amendment to conferCurtis Magnuson Stennis

part of the statement that the distin- ence, where the conferees can wrestle Ellender McGovern Walters

guished Senator from Arkansas [Mr. with the problem, and we will not be Engle

McNamara Williams, N.J.

FULBRIGHT] placed in the CONGRESSIONAL guilty of opening up a new type of forSo Mr. COOPER's amendment to the of the RECORD of November 12. I quote: countries supported by American credit

RECORD. It will be found on page 21576 eign aid program to Communist bloc committee amendment in the nature of a substitute was agreed to.

The Export-Import Bank has announced underwritten by American taxpayers. terms which would be extended, if accepted,

To be perfectly fair, I should say that Mr. MUNDT. Mr. President, I call up to any of the deals between American sup- loans have been made by the Export-Immy amendment No. 305 and ask that it pliers and Soviet block purchasers of com- port Bank to Yugoslavia. As Senators be stated. modities.

know, Yugoslavia has many times been The PRESIDING OFFICER. The amendment will be stated.

I want Senators to know of this, be- considered by this body in a separate The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. On page 54, cause either they will subscribe to this category or in a special status. We have after line 4, it is proposed to insert the policy or they will denounce it when they made concessions to Yugoslavia which following:

vote on this amendment tonight. We we have never made to the bloody Com

have voted I believe unanimously for the munist government of Hungary, which SEC. 404. Neither the Export-Import Bank

Cooper amendment, which indicates

which indicates at gunpoint put down the effort of Hunnor any other agency of the Government shall guarantee the payment of any obliga- that after 15 years of foreign aid to the garians to become free. We have never tion heretofore or hereafter incurred by any free world, we are a little dubious as to made such concessions to Russia. I hope Communist country (as defined in section whether we shall continue it beyond fis- we do not approve such a self-defeating 620(f) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961) cal year 1965. We want to take another move tonight. or any agency or national thereof, or in any look at what we are now supplying as aid

Mr. SYMINGTON. Mr. President, will other way participate in the extension of to 107 foreign countries. However, un

the Senator from South Dakota yield? credit to any such country, agency, or national, in connection with the purchase of less we approve the pending amendment,

Mr. MUNDT. I yield. grain or any product thereof by such coun

Mr. SYMINGTON. As I understand we shall be supplying aid to 109 foreign try, agency, or national.

countries—107 countries of the free and the Senator, he is saying that the U.S. Mr. MUNDT. Mr. President, my Communist bloc-Russia and Hungary. possible sale of grain to the Soviets with

neutral world, and 2 countries of the Government proposes to support any amendment is comparatively short. It is, however, very significant. If I may That is in the record. We shall either its own credit.

Mr. MUNDT. That is correct; and to have a reasonable degree of attentive- approve it or disapprove it by our yea

Hungary, too. ness on the part of Senators, I shall be and-nay votes on my amendment.

I continue to read from the statement

Mr. SYMINGTON. In answer to able to shorten my explanation. I had not intended to offer any amend- which you will find in the RECORD of No- transaction, I replied that inasmuch

made by the Export-Import Bank itself, criticism from my State about this ,

as Canadians were selling wheat for gold member of the Committee on Foreign vember 12 when I first presented and discussed this amendment.

to Communist China, to the extent of Relations. As Senators know, an eye

some $500 million, and inasmuch as the problem made me unable to attend the

The Export-Import Bank stresses that final markup of the bill. I did not feel there is nothing new in these arrangements Canadians were also selling wheat for

gold to the Russians to the same extent, that I should intrude myself belatedly That is, extending credit.

I felt, in order to help protect our coninto the discussion by offering an amend Let me emphasize—if all Senators are tinuing unfavorable balance of payment, and would not have done so had not aware of it, their constituents should ments, that it was only fair this country, it not been for the fact that my atten- be—and after tonight they will be—that through private transactions, especially tion was called to an article written by every dime in the Export-Import Bank as we are now banking freedom, and Mr. Vincent J. Burke, appearing in the is American money, contributed by these other economies of the free world Los Angeles Times and Washington Post Americans. I am not talking about a are operating under the nuclear umbrella on November 5. It appears on page world bank; I am not talking about some protection of the United States, would 21573 of the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD of international development bank; I am allow our Nation to sell for gold, our exNovember 12 on which date I made a talking about a bank financed solely by cess agricultural products. preliminary discussion of this amend- American taxpayers, which is now beng However, as I understand the able ment, what it entails, and why I consider asked to underwrite credit to Communist Senator from South Dakota, now the it imperatively necessary.

Russia and Hungary for 75 percent of grain would not be sold for gold; in fact The article states, in part:

the $250 million transaction in wheat the sale would be on terms and would The Federal Government has decided to and corn. You can be sure if this is be financed by the U.S. Government underwrite all of the credit risks for Ameri- done, the Export Bank will later extend through the Export-Import Bank. Is can banks engaged in financing the sale of vast American credit guarantees to Com- that correct? $6 million worth of surplus U.S. grain to munist countries for all sorts of other Communist Hungary. It is expected that

Mr. MUNDT. The Senator is absosimilar credit guarantees will be extended purchases.

purchases. Fortunately only the wheat lutely correct, with one modification. to the pending $250 million sale of wheat to and corn sales to the Communists are The terms provide for a 25 percent paythe Soviet Union.

involved in the present notice of de- ment in cash, and 75 percent as credit.

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