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wheat and grain is that those are the I have heard statements by many peo much better to face the situation frontalonly products on which the Export-Im- ple that they want us to stop subsidies

ple that they want us to stop subsidies ly and ask the President of the United port Bank has agreed to extend credit. paid to the farmers, but they have not States, as a national decision, not to go

Mr. YOUNG of North Dakota. To said anything about subsidies paid to into it. However, to kill it in this fashion morrow it may extend credit for the pur magazine and newspaper publishers, or would be demeaning to the United States. chase of fertilizer or machinery.

steamships, or airlines, or railroads. I We will not pull down communism by Mr. MUNDT. If so I will resist it. As have heard no complaint about a tariff, selling them or not selling them this of this time, grain is the only product which was the first subsidy introduced

which was the first subsidy introduced wheat, or pull down communism by cominvolved.

in this country to help the businessman. mercial trade or lack of commercial · Mr. CARLSON. Mr. President, will But the farmer is always made the goat.

But the farmer is always made the goat. trade. Many more monumental things the Senator from North Dakota yield to Senators talk about the surpluses we must be done for that. We would conme?

have on the ground and in storage and fuse our Western Allies by following a Mr. YOUNG of North Dakota. I yield how much it costs to maintain that stor

how much it costs to maintain that stor- policy that others have not pursued, and to the Senator from Kansas.

age. They talk about the prices main we would deprive our people of some Mr. CARLSON. I agree with the tained by subsidies to the wheat growers, markets with them. In the interest of Senator from North Dakota. This $2 a bushel this year, with the prospect our national dignity and standing as a amendment applies only to grain. Why next year of $1.15 to $1.25 a bushel. great state, let us deal with this problem not cotton? Why not tobacco? Why not In this amendment the farmer is frontally, not in this backhanded way. jet airplanes? Let us make it across singled out again. Someone should Mr. BURDICK. Mr. President, I agree the board, and I shall support it. I do speak for the farmer. Like the Senator

speak for the farmer. Like the Senator with what my colleague from North not see why we should pick out grain from North Dakota, the Senator from Dakota has said, and I desire to associate alone.

Kansas, and other Senators, I come from myself with his remarks. Mr. AIKEN. Mr. President, will the a wheat State. I know what the farmers

Mr. YOUNG of North Dakota. I think Senator from North Dakota yield?

are up against. This is one way to re- there is considerable merit to the arguMr. YOUNG of North Dakota. I yield duce, not on an aid basis, but on a trade ment of the Senator from South Dakota, to the Senator from Vermont.

basis, the surpluses in wheat. This is but I do not believe it should be brought Mr. AIKEN. I would like to repeat one way to be paid, in gold, and in dol- up in connection with the pending bill. what I said before. The President said lars, on a wheat transaction amounting I do not believe grain should be singled if this deal works out he intends to ex to something on the order of $250 mil- out. The bill before us has been “loused tend the same principle to other prod lion for something on the order of 4 up” enough during the past month. I ucts. This amendment does not apply million metric tons of wheat.

intend to vote against it in its present to fruits and vegetables produced in People talk about our European allies. form. I think we have done enough Florida. It does not apply to machinery West Germany has been mentioned. harm to it already. produced in Connecticut. It does not West Germany, which finds fault with

Mr. MUNDT. Mr. President, first of apply to minerals produced in the Rocky us because we are considering an agree

all, I believe we are arguing about a nonMountain States. It does not apply to a ment of this kind, has had a trade with

existent issue. The Export-Import Bank darn thing except grains and its the Soviet Union and Eastern European just never has proposed extending credit products. countries and with Communist China in

to the Communist bloc for any other preIf the Senator from South Dakota will the neighborhood of $4 billion last year.

vious purpose than the present grain include any other material, mineral, or This country has had no trade with sales.

sales. However, if it will make my colcommodity, and provide that it includes China; but with the Eastern-bloc coun- leagues in the Senate happier to have all exports to Communist states, I shall tries and with the Soviet Union our total all products included, instead of only be glad to support the amendment; but trade amounted, if I recall correctly, to wheat and grain, I would have no obI will not support any amendment which less than $500 million.

jection to doing so. I certainly am deis aimed directly at the Midwest grain If the wheat is not sold by us directly, sirous of closing the credit door to Comproducers, flour millers, and no one else. it will be bought by the Germans, as

munists for all purposes insofar as AmerMr. SALTONSTALL. Mr. President, they have bought it before, and also by

ican public credit is concerned. will the Senator from North Dakota the French, the Italians, and other

I point out that I included grain beyield? countries. There it will be milled into

cause that is the only type of transacMr. YOUNG of North Dakota. I yield flour, and the flour will find its way into

tion for which the Export-Import Bank to the Senator from Massachusetts. the satellites and the Soviet Union, as has ever agreed to provide credit to the

Mr. SALTONSTALL. I say to the has been the case in the past, and will Russians or to Hungary's Communist Senator from South Dakota, the Senator continue to be. What are we to do? We dictatorship in the lifetime of the Bank. from Florida, the Senator from Minne- can either enter into an honest trade The Bank has steadfastly refused to do sota, and the Senator from North Da agreement or be hypocrites and work so in the past. It has very commendably kota, we are going to consider on Monday through middlemen. The answer is up refused to do it.

refused to do it. It was never contemnext, in the Appropriations Committee, to us.

plated in the wheat deal that such a the Export-Import Bank appropriation. Mr. JAVITS. Mr. President, will the transaction should be had. I am trying The matter that the Senator from South Senator yield?

to get the wheat deal back to where it Dakota has brought up is a proper mat Mr. YOUNG of North Dakota. I yield. was or where our people thought it was, ter for consideration during the hearing Mr. JAVITS. I wish to join the Sena- namely, a sale for gold, a sale for cash. on the Export-Import Bank appropria- tor from North Dakota in voting against We can still hear the ringing words that tion. We can provide limitations as to the amendment, even though we in New were spoken from high places that we what the Bank can or cannot do with the York raise no wheat to speak of, but for will make this wheat deal to improve our money. I think the matter should be the reason which has been mentioned by balance of payments to help our dwindiscussed fully when we consider the the majority leader. Export-Import Bank appropriation, but

A great nation neither bluffs nor vacil- dling American supply of gold. We do not at this time.

not improve our balance of payments by lates in the wind like a weather vane. Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, will By national consensus we have agreed to having the taxpayers of this country the Senator from North Dakota yield? make the wheat deal. The terms for it underwrite the credits that the CommuMr. YOUNG of North Dakota. I yield have been discussed on normal com

nists are seeking to purchase the supplies to the Senator from Montana.

mercial terms. The Export-Import Bank they need in order to continue to threatMr. MANSFIELD. We are getting would act as any other bank would act, en our peace and the people of the free down to practicalities, and not emotions. as a lender, and would not extend credit world. Wheat is singled out. There is no ques, unless it thought it was a good loan.

I ask unanimous consent, if it will tion that this proposal is aimed at the Mr. President, we will make ourselves help wheat deal now being negotiated between ridiculous if by this backhanded, back Mr. FULBRIGHT. I object. this country and the Soviet Union. door way we kill the deal. It would be Mr. CLARK. I object.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Objec Mr. MANSFIELD. I move to table the own amendment. But it is also true that jection is heard.

amendment as originally offered by the the majority leader has a right to move Mr. AIKEN. What would the Senator Senator from South Dakota. I ask for

Senator from South Dakota. I ask for to table my amendment to my amendinclude? Would he include all manu- the yeas and nays.

ment at the same time. There is nothfactured products, semimanufactured The yeas and nays were ordered.

ing to be accomplished by that. There products, raw materials, and all other Mr. HOLLAND. Mr. President, a par

Mr. President, a par- is no need to have my amendment dismaterials? liamentary inquiry.

cussed and debated. It is not related Mr. MUNDT. Mr. President, I move The PRESIDING OFFICER. The to a question of actuality or to any situto amend my amendment, if that is the Senator will state it.

ation now confronting the country, bewish of the Senate, so that in line 9 the Mr. HOLLAND. A motion addressed cause the Export-Import Bank has not words "grain or" and the word "thereof” to the original amendment would also

to the original amendment would also proposed to make loans for any other be stricken, so that the amendment will run against the amendment to the type of activity. It is only this one read as follows:

amendment which has been offered, transaction of grain sales that is inSEC. 404. Neither the Export-Import Bank would it not?

volved. Consequently, so that we may nor any other agency of the Government The PRESIDING OFFICER. The

The proceed and understand each other shall guarantee the payment of any obliga- tabling motion will apply to the other

tabling motion will apply to the other clearly, I withdraw my motion to amend tion heretofore or hereafter incurred by any amendment also.

my amendment. Then my original Communist country (as defined in section Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, a amendment itself will be before the 620(f) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961) parliamentary inquiry.

Senate. or any agency or national thereof, or in any

The PRESIDING other way participate in the extension of

OFFICER. The Mr. DIRKSEN. Mr. President, a parcredit to any such country, agency, or naSenator will state it.

liamentary inquiry. tional, in connection with the purchase of

Mr. HUMPHREY. There was objec The PRESIDING OFFICER. The any product by such country, agency, or

tion to the amendment to the amend Senator from Illinois will state it. national. ment.

Mr. DIRKSEN. Is the original Mundt Mr. AIKEN. Does the Senator in

The PRESIDING OFFICER. There amendment now before the Senate? clude manufactured and semimanufac

was objection to the unanimous-consent The PRESIDING OFFICER. The request.

Senator is correct. tured products and raw materials?

Mr. HUMPHREY. Is not unanimous Mr. MUNDT. It includes all products.

Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, a Mr. AIKEN. Will the Senator include consent required because the yeas and parliamentary inquiry.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The all of them? I do not believe that "prod- nays have been ordered?

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Yes. uct” covers all.

Senator from Montana will state it.

Mr. HOLLAND. The fact is that the Mr. MUNDT. It nearly does when it

Mr. MANSFIELD. On the basis of my says "products"; that covers everything. distinguished Senator from South Da- motion, the original Mundt amendment,

Mr. AIKEN. Would the Senator in- kota has offered an amendment to his as amended, would have been before clude tobacco and cotton? amendment.

the Senate anyway, would it not? Mr. MUNDT. Everything is included. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The


Senator is correct. I do not insist on a yea-and-nay vote on Senator from Florida is correct. the modifying amendment. There can

Mr. HOLLAND. After unanimous con Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I

sent was refused for amending the be a voice vote on the amendment as it sent was refused for

move to table the Mundt amendment. stands now. amendment voluntarily.


Mr. HUMPHREY. Does it require

Does it require yeas and nays have been ordered, and regret doing this, but I believe we must unanimous consent for the Senator from the clerk will call the roll. face the situation. I intend to move to South Dakota to amend his amendment The legislative clerk called the roll. table the pending amendment. I take after the yeas and nays have been or Mr. HUMPHREY. I announce that full responsibility for it. dered on the original amendment?

the Senator from New Mexico (Mr. I feel that when the President of the

The PRESIDING OFFICER. By ma ANDERSON), the Senator from Louisiana United States tells the American people jority vote the Senator may amend his [Mr. ELLENDER), the Senator from Washthat under his decision to enter into a amendment.

ington [Mr. JACKSON], the Senator from grain agreement with the Soviet Union, Mr. HUMPHREY. After the yeas and Louisiana [Mr. LONG], the Senator from it is to be on a credit basis, along ordinary nays have been ordered on the original

nays have been ordered on the original Washington [Mr. MAGNUSON], the Senabusiness lines, and that payment will be amendment?

tor from South Dakota [Mr. MCGOVERN], in gold or in dollars, the President of the The PRESIDING OFFICER. After the Senator from Oregon (Mrs. NEUUnited States would not attempt to fool the yeas and nays have been ordered,

the yeas and nays have been ordered, BERGER), the Senator from Florida [Mr. any of our citizens. it can be amended by motion.

SMATHERS], the Senator from Mississippi I point out again that this is a serious Mr. CLARK. Only by majority vote. [Mr. STENNIS), and the Senator from proposal so far as we are concerned, be Mr. MUNDT. Perhaps I can clarify

Tennessee [Mr. WALTERS] are absent on cause we are dealing with surpluses. the situation and help the Senate official business. Many Senators who do not come from The PRESIDING OFFICER. Debate I also announce that the Senator from farm States find a great deal of fault is not in order.

California (Mr. ENGLE] is absent bewith surpluses. We are dealing with the Mr. MANSFIELD. I ask unanimous cause of illness. balance of payments, which this deal consent that the Senator may have that I further announce that, if present will alleviate in part. right.

and voting, the Senator from California I would hope, in view of the fact that The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there [Mr. ENGLE], the Senator from Louisiana this situation has now been thoroughly objection? The Chair hears none, and [Mr. LONG], and the Senator from Washaired, that the Senate, in its wisdom- it is so ordered.

ington [Mr. MAGNUSON], would each vote and, of course, it is the Senate's deci Mr. MUNDT. As I said, I am not par "yea." sion-would agree to table the amend- ticularly concerned about offering the I further announce that, if present and ment now pending, because I believe modifying amendment. I had not antici voting, the Senator from Washington there is nothing further to add to the pated that the majority leader intended [Mr. JACKSON), would vote "nay.” debate which has been held thus far. to make a motion to table.

On this vote, the Senator from MissisTherefore, I first address a parliamen Mr. MANSFIELD. Nor did I.

sippi (Mr. STENNIS) is paired with the tary inquiry to the Chair. What is the Mr. MUNDT. I am sure he would Senator from South Dakota [Mr. Mcpending question?

have advised me, but he acted more or GOVERN). If present and voting, the The PRESIDING OFFICER. The less without premeditation and without Senator from Mississippi would vote question is on agreeing to the amend thinking about it in advance. But I do “nay,” and the Senator from South Dament offered by the Senator from South not want to get into a hassle about the kota would vote "yea.” Dakota (Mr. MUNDT], to his own amend proposed amendment, because it is true Mr. KUCHEL. I announce that the ment.

that I have a right to move to amend my Senators from Nebraska (Mr. CURTIS

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and Mr. HRUSKA) are absent on official Mr. AIKEN. Mr. President, will the ment does not deal with aid; it deals business. Senator from South Dakota yield?

with trade. The Senator from Kentucky [Mr. Mr. MUNDT. I yield.

Mr. HOLLAND. Mr. President, will MORTON] is necessarily absent.

Mr. AIKEN. Mr. President, this the Senator from South Dakota yield to If present and voting, the Senator amendment as now proposed to be me? from Nebraska [Mr. CURTIS], the Sena- amended will then be fair to all prod Mr. MUNDT. I yield. tor from Nebraska [Mr. HRUSKA), and ucts. Certainly we do not want the Mr. HOLLAND. Neither do I agree the Senator from Kentucky [Mr. MOR- amendment to be known only as an anti categorically with the statement of the TON], would each vote "nay." grain amendment. Therefore, I ask the Senator from South Dakota as to what

the amendment would mean, I think The result was announced-yeas 40, Senator from South Dakota if it is cornays 46, as follows:

rect to state that as he now proposes to his amendment runs to the question of

amend his amendment, it would apply whether public credit shall be used to [No. 237 Leg.]

to all manufactured and semimanufac support this private trade. This has YEAS-40

tured items, all raw materials, and all been announced as the approval of priAiken Hart Moss

farm commodities and their products. vate trade and the issuance of the proper Bartlett Hayden


Mr. MUNDT. It will, if the Export or required export licenses.
Humphrey Pastore

Import Bank or any other Government I have already stated for the RECORD Brewster Inouye


agency proposes to extend or guarantee that I have gone to considerable effort to Burdick Javits

Randolph Byrd, W. Va. Johnston Saltonstall

credit to the Communists in that con try to explain this matter in a way that Cannon Kennedy Sparkman nection.

would be acceptable to my own people Carlson Mansfield Williams, N.J.

Mr. AIKEN. I ask this question for back home. But instead of providing for Church

McCarthy Yarborough
Young, N. Dak.

the reason that the President has said purely private trade, I point out that Eastland McNamara Young, Ohio he wishes to have all commodities this is something by which we would enFulbright Metcalf shipped.

gage in trade and would make available Gore Monroney

Mr. MUNDT. Yes; and I point out to it Federal Government credit which NAYS-46

that my purpose in offering this amend belongs to all the people of the United Allott Gruening Pearson

ment to my amendment is to enable States. That is the problem that bothBayh Hartke

Prouty Beall Hickenlooper Proxmire

the Senate to decide by its solemn vote ers me, and that is why I believe the SenBennett Holland Ribicoff whether it wishes to open up the pro

ator's amendment is meritorious. Byrd, Va. Jordan, N.C. Robertson

gram for the first time--So that under Mr. MUNDT. Mr. President, I wonCase

Jordan, Idaho Russell
Keating Scott

the program, aid will be given by the der whether we may have the yeas and

United States to Communist countries nays ordered on the question of agreeing Dirksen Lausche Smith

so they can engage in foreign trade with to this amendment to my amendment. Dodd

Long, Mo. Symington Dominick

Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, let McClellan Talmadge

our American credit underwriting their Douglas

McIntyre Thurmond obligations and guaranteeing that they me ask whether the Senator from South Edmondson Mechem

will pay their debts.

Dakota intends to yield the floor. I ask

Williams, Del.

Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, will this question because we intend to disGoldwater Mundt

the Senator from South Dakota yield? cuss this amendment, and it is obvious NOT VOTING–14'. Mr. MUNDT. I yield.

that the vote on this amendment will not Anderson Jackson Neuberger

Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I come at a very early hour.
Long, La. Smathers

disagree most strongly with the state The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Ellender Magnuson Stennis

ment of the Senator from South Dakota question is on agreeing to the amendEngle

McGovern Walters Hruska

ment of the Senator from South Dakota Morton

that this will open up a program of aid

to Communist countries. I would say to his amendment to the committee So the motion to table was rejected.

that, instead, this is opening up a chan amendment, as amended. Mr. DIRKSEN. Mr. President, I move nel of trade, which up to this time has Mr. MILLER. Mr. President, I wish that the vote by which the motion to lay been taken over-to a large extent with to have the pending amendment to this the amendment on the table was rejected American goods manufactured in the

amendment stated. be reconsidered.

United States—by our Western European Mr. SYMINGTON. Mr. President, Mr. MUNDT. Mr. President, I move allies. I have already told the Senate will the Senator from South Dakota that the motion to reconsider be laid on that Germany alone in trade with East yield? the table.

ern Europe, with the Soviet Union, and Mr. MUNDT. I yield. The motion to lay on the table the with the so-called People's Republic of Mr. SYMINGTON. I am not too hapmotion to reconsider was agreed to. China, last year had trade which ex py with this amendment to the Mundt Mr. MUNDT. Mr. President, in order ceeded $5 billion, while the trade of the

ceeded $5 billion, while the trade of the amendment; but make this brief obserthat the Senate may now work its will on United States with the eastern satellite

United States with the eastern satellite vation: The matter of this proposed sale the question of whether it wishes to have states and the Soviet Union amounted of wheat was presented to us as being a this amendment include all products to approximately $300 million.

sale of excess wheat for gold. But now because three Senators indicated that If this amendment to the amendment that has been changed. The proposed they would not vote for my amendment of the Senator from South Dakota is arrangement calls for a 25-percent gold if it included only grain, but that they adopted, we can anticipate an extension downpayment, and then the rest on would vote for it if it included all prod- of what has been going on for years, by credit. But not private credit; instead, ucts; and certainly the only reason why means of which American manufacturers it would be public credit, Government all products were not included in the and producers of agricultural commodi guarantee. amendment originally was that the Ex- ties have sold their products to our I respectfully take issue with the port-Import Bank has not heretofore friends and our allies in Western Europe, leadership when it says this would be a extended credit to permit the sale and who make very little in the way of con normal business transaction, typical of shipment of any other product to these tributions to the aid program; and these the way business transactions are norCommunist countries—I now restate my products will in many instances proceed mally carried out. amendment as follows: In line 8, after from this country, by means of a middle Regardless of what the Germans or the words "purchase of”, strike out man process and at a profit, and will find any other country does, that has nothing the words "grain or” and in the same their way into the satellite states, into to do with whether or not this is the line, after the word "product", strike the Soviet Union, and into Communist deal we were told it would be. Not one out the word "thereof”. As thus amend- China.

American industrialist or banker but ed, my amendment to the committee So Senators had better face the facts what would prefer to have a Government amendment then would read, begin- of the situation and realize what they guarantee of any deal, at any time. But ning at the end of line 7: “in connec- will be doing if they vote in favor of this a Government guarantee is not part of tion with the purchase of any product by amendment to the Mundt amendment. an ordinary private business transaction. such country, agency, or national." This amendment to the Mundt amend Instead, it is an extraordinary arrange

ment; and in any case it is different from aid bill; we are talking about a general with payments of one-third each 6 what we were told the deal would be. policy decision relating to trade that months.

Mr. MUNDT. Mr. President, I could may very well determine the future What did the Soviet Union do? Innot agree more completely with the Sena- course of history.

stead of taking advantage of the 18 tor from Missouri. All of us should keep We must live in this world. It is the months' credit, they paid 80 percent in mind, and the country should keep in only one that we have. It is a world down in cash because they did not want mind, the point, that by adding this that has many troublesome problems. to pay the interest charges. amendment to my amendment, we shall Some people feel that the best way to I point out, first, that there is no deal not be changing one iota the situation deal with Communists is to continue to with the Russians now. The only applirealistically confronting the United hate them, to continue to despise them, cation that we have before us is the one States and its taxpayers. We shall mere- and hope that they will fade away. to sell a certain amount of feed grains ly be setting up a barrier against some Let us make it crystal clear. The So- to Hungary. future contingency whereby the Export- viet Union will not collapse because it The Soviet Union has not consumImport Bank might decide, in violation of does not get wheat from the United mated a single contract. Whether they its 15-year-old precedent, to extend Goy- States. I am not at all sure that the

I am not at all sure that the will or not depends upon what their ernment credit to Communist countries wheat deal will go through anyway. needs are, what their shipping rates may for the purchase of our supplies or per Furthermore, all the President of the be, the price, and other conditions. haps even the supplies of others. Both United States has done is to say that our Mr. SPARKMAN. Mr. President, will in our program of foreign aid and foreign Government is willing to issue export li the Senator yield? trade I submit we should not force censes to American commercial firms if Mr. HUMPHREY. I yield. American taxpayers to finance the ca- such commercial firms could make busi Mr. SPARKMAN. Mention has been pacity of the Communists to threaten ness arrangements with so-called east made that the deal would be a public our own destruction.

ern Communist-bloc countries, including trade. Mention has also been made Mr. President, a parliamentary in- the Soviet Union, provided that those about the use of taxpayers' funds. Would quiry.

firms fulfill certain criteria and condi- any taxpayers' funds or Government The PRESIDING OFFICER. The tions. We have not had any deal with funds be used in the transaction? Senator will state it.

Russia, and I am a little tired of hav Mr. HUMPHREY. No. Mr. MUNDT. Have the yeas and nays ing the RECORD appear as though the Mr. SPARKMAN. Would not the been ordered on the amendment to the President of the United States sat down transaction be very similar to that which amendment?

and made a deal with Russia. The only a purchaser of a house using FHA inThe PRESIDING OFFICER. The people that have been talking to the surance would pursue? yeas and nays have not been ordered. Russians are some private American Mr. HUMPHREY. The Senator is ab

Mr. AIKEN. Mr. President, I ask for businessmen. They are capable of tak- solutely correct. the yeas and nays.

ing care of themselves in the negotia Mr. SPARKMAN. In other words, the The yeas and nays were ordered. tions with the Russians. All the Presi- money would be furnished by a private Several Senators addressed the Chair. dent has said is that it is the policy of concern.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The our Government, insofar as the executive Mr. HUMPHREY. The money is furChair recognizes the Senator from Ver- branch is concerned, that licenses be is- nished through an insurance premium. mont.

sued to commercial firms in the United Mr. SPARKMAN. Insurance is colMr. AIKEN. Mr. President, I did not States to do business with eastern So- lected which builds up a reserve. discuss the merits or demerits of the cialist-Communist-bloc countries in the Mr. HUMPHREY. The Senator is coramendment proposed by the Senator field of wheat and certain other cereals rect. from South Dakota. I do not believe and feed grains.

Mr. SPARKMAN. I wish the Senator we are here to legislate for industrialists, Certain companies have come in. One from Pennsylvania [Mr. CLARK] were farmers, or any particular group.

of them has made a business transaction present in the Chamber, for he is chairAll I am insisting upon is that all the with Hungary. That company has been man of the subcommittee that handles economic groups of this country be doing business in Canada through its questions pertaining to the Export-Imtreated alike. . For that reason I asked Canadian subsidiary for years.

port Bank. Is it not true that there is for the yeas and nays. I understand The Cargill Co. is not a local firm. It an ample reserve in the hands of the they have now been ordered on the has worldwide connections and subsidi- Export-Import Bank to handle the guaramendment which would include in the aries. The Cargill Co. applies in the antees which it handles all over the amendment of the Senator from South United States for an export license to do world? Dakota all manufactured items, semi- business with Hungary because the Mr. HUMPHREY. The Senator is abmanufactured items, raw materials, and President of the United States said that solutely correct. The Export-Import all agricultural commodities and their it was permissible and legal to make such Bank now has a balance of $746,700,000 products.

application, and because the Depart- of undivided profits that have been Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, I ment of Commerce, under an Executive placed in reserve and that did not come know that Senators would like to vote. order, is now willing to accept that ap- from the taxpayers. For many days I have wanted to vote. plication. That application is for an ex Mr. SPARKMAN. That is principally But, without a doubt, the proposed port license, which has been granted, a reserve built up by the collection of amendment is the most important that permits that particular company to insurance for those guarantees. amendment that has been offered to the seek out some business with customers. I should like to ask whether it is not bill. I am rather surprised that Sena What are we talking about now in con- true that a dealer who might desire to tors who are members of the Committee nection with the Mundt amendment? handle the sale of grain to any country on Banking and Currency, which com We are talking about an insurance pro- would go to his bank—it might be in mittee has jurisdiction over the opera gram on credits. Every Senator knows Minneapolis, New York, or St. Louistions of the Export-Import Bank, are that every sale that is made involves and he would apply to that bank for a willing to have major policy questions credits. It is either 30 days, 60 days, loan. The bank would then go to the decided on the floor of the Senate at 6 months, or 18 months. The Cana- Export-Import Bank and apply for in10 minutes after 10 p.m., after 342 weeks dian deal with Communist Chinese in surance. If that insurance were alof exhausting debate, discussion, and volved credits that extended as long as lowed, a premium would be paid in order time-consuming activities in this body. 3 years. Those commitments by the to support the loan. Is that not the proI shall not let the Senate, if I can help Communist Chinese—Communist China cedure which is followed ? it, vote on the issue immediately, because aid-have been paid and are being paid. Mr. HUMPHREY. Exactly. It is a it seems to me that if we needed time to In the recent Canadian wheat deal business procedure which is not only discuss some minor amendments to the with the Soviet Union in which Canada characteristic of the Export-Import aid bill, we need plenty of time to discuss sold substantial quantities of wheat to Bank Insurance program, which I shall the present situation. We are not talk Russia, the deal was 25 percent down read into the RECORD, because we have ing merely about an amendment to the in cash and the balance in 18 months, it here from the actual report, but it

is a business procedure that is followed I am pleased that it now looks as if as the nations of Western Europe, then in every single industrial country in the the final amount to be authorized will the aid should stop. world.

be a reduction from last year's figure; Funds saved this way can be chanMr. SPARKMAN. From the time the we will succeed in cutting back on for neled into the spots where help is most Export-Import Bank started its opera eign aid. At most some $3.7 billion will urgently needed, as in Central and South tions to the present time its losses have be authorized for 1964, a substantial roll- America. The Senate is wisely acting to been practically nil, and, so far as in back from the last 3 years.

continue our commitments under the Alsurance is concerned, it has made a We have succeeded in curbing the liance for Progress, to make sure that profit of several hundred million dollars. tendency of this program to grow and work continues toward having a friendly, Is that not correct? grow. But, even with this curb, the for- prosperous,

, stable

stable continent on our Mr. HUMPHREY. I am pleased that eign aid program will be at a level, for

eign aid program will be at a level, for southern flank. However, let us make the Senator from Alabama, who is a fiscal 1964, roughly $1 billion above the sure that new emphasis is put on the ranking member of the Committee on expenditures for fiscal 1956, only 8 years contributions private business can make Banking and Currency and is very ago.

in showing Latin America how strong familiar with the activities of the Ex The foreign aid appropriations figures economies are developed. port-Import Bank, has made those for the years since 1956 make an interest The Senate debate on foreign aid has comments.

ing pattern of growth: Fiscal 1956, $2.7 been a productive one. It will result in Mr. DODD. Mr. President, will the

Mr. President, will the billion; fiscal 1957, $3.8 billion; fiscal less tax dollars being wasted overseas, Senator yield?

1958, $2.8 billion; fiscal 1959, $3.4 bil- and in building a more effective foreign Mr. HUMPHREY. I yield to the Sen lion; fiscal 1960, $3.3 billion; fiscal 1961, aid program. Many of us have been ator from Connecticut.

$4.5 billion; fiscal 1962, $3.9 billion; and working for years to cut down foreign aid Mr. DODD. Mr. President, I have said fiscal 1963, $3.9 billion.

in hope of forcing more prudent choices to the distinguished Senator from Min For years the American public has in its administration; this year we have nesota, and I say to the majority leader, been waiting for an orderly cutting down

been waiting for an orderly cutting down some measure of success. Since we have I believe this is a good debate.

of this program, a phasing out of aid to that measure of success, I shall vote for I dislike to say "I", but I submitted a economically prosperous countries. The this measure. resolution to provide that it was the sense people's hopes have not been realized;

ALLIANCE FOR PROGRESS of the Senate that the President give but now we have begun. us until February to discuss this ques The Senate is taking this action from

Mr. HARTKE. Mr. President, there tion and to look into it.

a conviction that only through forcing is a small child in our midst who has Why are we here tonight, ad hoc, try more prudent foreign aid spending can received some cruel and inhuman treating to decide?

the waste in this program be stopped. ment. Just 2 years old, she has, in turn, Because the President did not give us Experience has shown that we cannot been ignored, thrashed or abandoned by

some of my colleagues. an opportunity to do it in any other buy friends with foreign aid; we must use it more selectively to help genuine

The child of whom I speak is the Alway. I believe we should have had the opfriends meet genuine needs.

liance for Progress and I want to take portunity, because the country is upset

In the past weeks the Senate has taken this opportunity to express briefly my about this.

action designed to cut off aid to countries support and my concern. My theme in I

whose policies are detrimental to our pol- substance is this: We should expect no we should hammer this out and discuss icies and to world peace. We have added

icies and to world peace. We have added more or no less from the Alliance than it fully. new restrictions in answer to specific we should from a 2-year-old child.

The concept of lending a helping hand The Senator from Minnesota has made

situations where our good will has been valuable contributions.

abused. Now the Senate is writing into to developing nations of Latin America I believe we should work hard on this

law firm declarations that our foreign is a noble one and the birth of the Alaid is not going to continue to flow no

liance at Punta del Este in 1961 brought problem. I believe it is indeed a most critical matter what.

with it an aura of good feeling and conI do not regard these actions as any

fidence in the future. Latin American and crucial question before us. I do not believe we should be hurried.

particular slap at this administration nations agreed that they must help I wish we had more time, because I

Instead I regard it as strengthening its themselves to move ahead toward politibelieve we can prove we are right.

position in allocating foreign aid. With- cal independence, economic growth and out restrictions, it seems our administra

social justice. If the President had given us more tors can never find a good reason to deny

In the first 2 years we have seen distime we could have heard witnesses and weathered this together and I do not say

aid to any country, when a country can appointments and there are some justifi

point to all the other nations that are cations for discouragement. Imperfecthis critically of the President. But I

on our list. Now we shall set up stand- tions in our system of distributing aid wish he had given us time to refer this

ards. Let us stop aid to countries pre- and reluctance on the part of some neighto a committee-thé Agriculture and

paring for aggression against their bors to initiate reforms have impeded Forestry Committee, or the Foreign Relations Committee, or some other com

neighbors. Let us defer aid to countries the progress of the Alliance. Recent demittee. Then we would have a commit

unreasonably interfering with our fish- velopments in Argentina and Brazil have

ing boats on the high seas. Let us stop hardly brought comfort or reassurance. tee report, one way or another, for

aid to countries which continually dem But there have been some remarkable guidance. But we are trying to legislate,

onstrate their unwillingness to use it strides forward. The child is two now ad hoc, and we are not getting very far.

wisely, and of course let us continue to and, while there is plenty of mischief, I suggest that all we can do now is to

tighten up our policy of no aid to Com she is beginning to learn to walk and intercept a fait accompli at the 11th munist-dominated countries.

talk. Reforms are slow in coming, but hour.

As nearly as anyone can determine, they are arriving at a rapidly increased I hope the majority leader will put this there are some 107 countries around the

there are some 107 countries around the rate. Progress in health and education vote over until tomorrow and give us all

world that are receiving our foreign aid. is quite noticeable. some time to think this problem out, to We should cut this list by half at least. Problems in taxation, landholdings talk about it, and to make our arguments Such a move would show more clearly and private investment are being repro and con tonight.

that no country has any right to U.S. solved slowly but surely. Considering WE ARE NOW CUTTING SOME OF THE FAT OUT foreign aid; that we do it to help truly the diverse nature of our 19 neighbors to OF FOREIGN AID

friendly countries solve critical develop- the south, their people, economies, lanMr. YARBOROUGH. Mr. President, ment problems and resist communism. guages, government, and terrain-the this has been a long debate, its length Of course, foreign aid has not been a wide gulf which separates levels of deand heat illustrate that more and more complete waste. It has undoubtedly velopment in each country, I am conof us in the Senate are determined to saved many countries from the threat of vinced that the Alliance is not retarded, cut the fat out of foreign aid so that it communism and will continue to do so as some claim, but quite precocious. can be the effective instrument of foreign in the troubled years ahead. But when One grave error in our thinking is the policy it was intended to be.

a country develops a successful economy, belief by some that the Alliance is ours

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