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the masses that something could be done There being no objection, the Senate ness, both with the Communist system for the mentally retarded.

proceeded to consider the resolution, and within the free world. Dr. Penrose was cited for his 30 years in which was agreed to, as follows: multiple contributions to the study of men

If we were to jeopardize productivity tal retardation. He is 63 and published the

Resolved, That the document entitled and competitivenes, it could bring us to first large-scale systematic attempt to iden“United States Astronauts” prepared for the

a depression or to such economic troubles tify specific etiologic factors in defective use of the Senate Committee on Aeronauti as to do us far more harm than the children.

cal and Space Sciences by the staff of the problems of automation. Dr. Powers, at 76 the oldest winner, was committee, shall be printed with illustra

What we must do is to offer American named for being an acute investigator of

tions as a Senate document; and that there labor an alternative. This is where we mental defects, a teacher of doctors, and a

be printed three thousand additional copies have fallen down badly. The basic way dedicated leader in organizing services for

of such document for the use of that com

mittee. the retarded.

to cope with automation and the job disDr. Lafon, 58, founded the Institute of

location which results is to prevail on Mental Retardation for training doctors,

both Government and business to finance THE THREAT OF AUTOMATION TO jointly the transition of workers into new teachers, and social workers. He is considered a leader in organizing facilities for the


lines and new places of employment, to care of the retarded in France.

Mr. JAVITS. Mr. President, the morn- provide them with financial aid through ing press reports a very important state- periods of automation induced unem

ment made yesterday by Mr. George ployment, and also to facilitate the early ORDER OF BUSINESS

Meany, the distinguished American who retirement of workers nearing the age of Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I represents the AFL-CIO, who addressed retirement. As we realize the fruits of should like to call up two noncontro- himself to the subject of automation at automation, the shorter workweek and versial bills at this time and ask for the convention of the AFL-CIO in New higher earnings, including a higher their immediate consideration. York.

minimum wage, will bring great benefit Mr. Meany asserted, in the interest of to the economy because they will have

labor, that automation was a great threat been earned. ADDITIONAL EXPENDITURES BY to labor and that he saw no way out of

I look forward to a gross national COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS it, except a reduction of the workweek product of one thousand billion dollars, Mr. MANSFIELD.

perhaps in a decade against the presMr. President, I

to 35 hours without reduction of pay. ask unanimous consent that the Sen

The last is generally considered labor's ent $578 billion, if we can really auto

mate the economy. So the stakes are ate proceed to the consideration of Cal- prescription for automation. I believe endar No. 623, Senate Resolution 225.

the real problem is that we have not enormous for the workers, whose real The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. shown either labor's president, George income can almost double in that time.

Mr. SYMINGTON. Mr. President, BURDICK in the chair). The resolution Meany, or labor itself, any other way will be stated.

out. I agree with Mr. Meany that auto- will the Senator yield?

mation is a major problem for American The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. A resolution

Mr. JAVITS. I yield. labor, that it is faced with a major crisis;

Mr. SYMINGTON. (S. Res. 225) authorizing additional ex

I congratulate penditures by the Committee on Approbut it is also a national problem.

the distinguished senior Senator from priations.

In the testimony before the Subcom- New York for his thoughtful presentaThe PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there

mittee on Employment and Manpower of tion to the Senate today. He mentioned objection to the present consideration

the Committee on Labor and Public Wel- the large losses of jobs incident to furof the bill?

fare, of which I am a member, job losses ther automation. The figure I have There being no objection, the Senate

attributable to automation have been heard is 35,000 a week. Is that about proceeded to consider the resolution. pictured as being very great. While I correct? Mr. JAVITS. Mr. President, may we

agree that this is a grave problem and Mr. JAVITS. That is correct. It has know what the resolution is?

a crisis for labor, it is also a crisis for been as high as 40,000. Mr. MANSFIELD. It is a $10,000 adthe American Government, for manage

Mr. SYMINGTON. That shows what ditional request by the Committee on

ment, and for the people generally. I a serious problem it is. In my State of Appropriations. It is a normal pro

cannot agree that the optimum remedy Missouri there is heavy unemployment, cedure.

is the shorter workweek, nor do I be- and yet those unemployed do not have The resolution was agreed to, as fol- lieve that we are so bereft of more funda

lieve that we are so bereft of more funda- certain skills needed by some of our lows:

mental remedies that we must rely es- manufacturers. So I noticed large ad

sentially upon expansion of Government vertisements of one corporation in my Resolved, That the Committee on Approeconomic activity, as Mr. Meany recom

State in the Washington press-and, priations hereby is authorized to expend from the contingent fund of the Senate,

mends. His prescription also calls for therefore, I presume in other newspapers during the Eighty-eighth Congress, $10,000, public works projects, as if we were in a in other cities—to get people skilled in in addition to the amounts, and for the depression or recession, for tax relief in the particular professions that particusame purposes, specified in section 134(a) the lower income brackets, for steps to lar company needs. I hope the Senator of the Legislative Reorganization Act, ap- improve purchasing power;

improve purchasing power; a higher and his colleagues on the committee have proved August 2, 1946, and Senate Resolution

minimum wage, and expansion of coy- plans for developing legislation and pre128, agreed to May 9, 1963. erage.

senting it to the Senate that will help

The tax reduction bill is in process, and meet the problem he has brought up toPRINTING AS SENATE DOCUMENT

I am confident it will be passed. So, too, day, educating people so they do not WITH ILLUSTRATIONS “U.S. AS

will the minimum wage bill. The mini- have to go on the dole because of au

mum wage will increase as our economy tomation. TRONAUTS"

will allow it. The hours of work will Mr. JAVITS. I am grateful to my Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I ask be reduced, as they have been for years.

be reduced, as they have been for years. colleague, who is famed in the world of unanimous consent that the Senate pro When I was a boy, it was not unusual to government and also in the world of ceed to Calendar No. 624, Senate Reso work 54 hours a week-even 60 hours a business-a rather unique union of lution 219.

week. I did so myself. So the hours of skills. I value his constructive contribuThe PRESIDING OFFICER. The work are getting shorter, as our economy tion. resolution will be stated. allows it.

I do have such legislation in mind. I The LEGISLATIVE CLERK. A resolution I hope that we will not seek to solve am going to suggest to Senators what (S. Res. 219) to print as a Senate docu the problems of automation and the dis- must be done to give labor an alternament with illustrations, a document en location of workers in the way Mr. Meany tive. titled “U.S. Astronauts" and ordering suggests. In my judgment, if we did it I emphasize that this is not a question additional copies printed.

that way, it would jeopardize the security of beating Mr. Meany over the head with The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there of the Nation and its success in the a stick. He has grave problems, and he objection to the request of the Senator struggle for freedom, which demand both

struggle for freedom, which demand both must meet them. The only alternative from Montana?

maximum productivity and competitive available to him today, apparently, is

the shorter workweek. We must pro- our economy, in regard to automation, Mr. BOGGS. Mr. President, will the vide him with other alternatives. I am

I am by the way we handle the situation and Senator yield? confident that American labor, whose the responsible way we act.

Mr. JAVITS. I yield to the Senator traditional policy has not been against So I say to Mr. Meany, “More power from Delaware. automation, will come to that policy to you. You are jacking us up, and you Mr. BOGGS. I take this opportunity again, if we give it a chance.

are telling us what we have to do. What to congratulate the senior Senator from The Senator from Oregon (Mr. MORSE! you are proposing is uneconomic and I New York for his remarks this morning who is now in the Chamber, has been la am not for it, but you cannot be expect- with reference to Mr. Meany's statement boring to have passed a vocational edu- ed to remain quiet and you cannot be on auomation. I wish to associate mycation bill, one of the key elements expected to do nothing. It is we who self with the views he has expressed. among the alternatives I have proposed. have to give you the alternative.”

The first step we need to take is to know We as a nation must resolve to spend Mr. MORSE. ,

Mr. President, will the more about automation. Remarks like the money and expend the effort which Senator yield?

those of the Senator from New York will is called for. Passage of the tax reduc Mr. JAVITS. I yield.

help focus attention throughout the tion bill will help. We all expect it to Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, I thank Nation on the importance of knowledge come along. We would like to have had the Senator from New York for his state- of the problems of automation. it yesterday, but these are the facts of ment. I wish to associate myself with In my own time, I should like to make life.

him. Early this year he and I intro a few remarks on that subject. We need also accelerated vocational duced a proposal for the appointment of Mr. JAVITS. I am grateful to the training and retraining, which is what a National Presidential Council on Auto- Senator from Delaware. I am cognizant the Senator from Oregon [Mr. MORSE] mation; because, as he and I declared of the fact that he has introduced legisand I, and other Senators as conferees, at the time, that probably this is the lation seeking a White House conference are fighting for.

most important legislative need on the on automation. I thank the Senator for We also need relocation allowances so domestic front. I believe most people his contribution. that people can move to new locations in do not realize what is happening to the search of better jobs.

economy in connection with automation. We need transitional compensation for I have discussed this subject before. AS WE NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT workers, not on an unemployment basis the Senator from New York knows, this

AUTOMATION but on a working basis. After all, this question has been discussed with the Mr. BOGGS. Mr. President, in furautomation-induced unemployment is President himself. The President, in ther reference to Mr. Meany's remarks, not something they are inviting for them- connection with the railroad bill that he I should like to mention that we all recselves. sent up, proposed the creation of such a

ognize that he is gravely concerned about We need to provide for the transfera- commission. That went by the boards. the impact of automation on society. bility of pension rights, to give labor I hope that at a very early date legisla- He sees automation as devouring jobs more mobility. We may need a national tion can be passed along the lines that and perhaps leading to a national dispension bank on that score.

the Senator from New York and I pro- aster. We need financial aid for small busi- posed months ago, because we are deal I lean more to the view that automanesses, to enable them to revamp their ing with something that is vital to our tion is a mixed blessing—that it has in enterprises, much like the V-loans after economy.

it the seeds of great good as well as evil. World War II, plus technical assistance Mr. JAVITS. I thank the Senator I do emphatically agree with Mr. Meany, to small business. from Oregon.

however, that something needs to be We need accelerated depreciation and Mr. SYMINGTON. Mr. President, done to enable the country to cope more an even newer concept of depreciation will the Senator yield?

realistically with the problem. allowances than we already have. Even Mr. JAVITS. I yield to the Senator Mr. Meany's comments impress upon these allowances, which have changed from Missouri.

me again the need for greater public are still inadequate. They are based on Mr. SYMINGTON. Mr. President, I knowledge about automation. I am a 10-year concept. We are talking about would also associate myself with the afraid that to many it conjures up a a much shorter concept today.

remarks made by the distinguished senior vision of a mechanical robot taking over We need to revise the antitrust laws, Senator from New York. The Senator and performing humanlike jobs. Acwhich are, in many cases, out of date. well remembers what happened many tually, automation is much more soWe need to implement the original con- years ago. The problem became of na- phisticated than this, of course, although cept of the Eisenhower administration tional interest under the category of I do not pretend to understand all or of establishing national economic goals. "technocracy." I believe the name of even most of its facets.

We need greatly to enlarge profit the leader in that field at that time was We know that automation is affecting sharing and stock ownership for work- Scott. Then great prosperity came after now, and will affect in the future, the ers and to give them real ownership in the depression of 1932, and then the war types of jobs Americans perform. But American business.

years. This temporarily allayed the how are parents to guide their children That is the effective way to deal with troubles incident to further automation. into future careers without having a automation. Both business and govern One of the best known leaders of labor better idea of what is happening? How ment must participate adequately and made a remark some years ago. When are guidance counselors in our schools effectively.

he was shown a machine at the Ford to advise students if they do not have This morning, for example, we opened Motor Co., which took a raw casting, a better frame

a better frame of reference against hearings on a resolution to establish a drilled it, machined it, ground it, and which to gage career opportunities? Presidential Commission on Automation, actually honed it, ready for use, some There is no easy answer to automasuggested by the President's railroad one said, “A wonderful piece of equip- tion. Living with the changes it brings message; a resolution which I sponsored, ment, don't you think?”

will take the combined efforts of individtogether with the Senator from Oregon This man replied, “How many Fords uals and businesses and all levels of gov[Mr. MORSE), the Senator from Pennsyl- will it buy?” I think that remark sums ernment. But first, before anything vania [Mr. CLARK], and other Senators. up much of the problem.

constructive can be done, must come a The Commission would be charged with Does the study the Senator is inter- better understanding of the problem the responsibility of coming forward ested in involve any examination of the itself. with concrete recommendations, to the question of moonlighting, which has A White House Conference on AutoPresident, the Congress, labor, and steadily become a more interesting prob- mation is not the whole answer to cremanagement.

lem in connection with the shorter hours ation of this understanding, I well Labor is right about automation, that resulting from automation?

realize, but I can think of no better it must not be asked to pay the cost, Mr. JAVITS. I should say that, both single way to accomplish two goals: which is a national cost. We can help on the question of economic desirability First. Investigate the problem on a labor materially to play its traditional and necessity, it would be a suitable sub- nationwide basis and, second, spread inrole of statesmanship and patriotism in ject for this kind of study.

formation about it on a nationwide basis.

A White House Conference would be today, but the search for a solution is If I vote for a school building bond issue preceded by local studies. These studies severely hindered by those who seek to because I have children in school and you would work up to regional and State attach their hysterical distortions and vote for it because you own adjoining prop

erty or think it will do the town good, we conferences. Finally the best ideas would untruths to one side or the other.

are not conspirators. You may be a conbe discussed by well-informed delegates In the 1930's the far left sought to

servative on education, I may be a liberal; at the Washington, D.C., meeting. Along infiltrate and command the traditional

infiltrate and command the traditional but when we vote alike we are not conspirathe way many citizens would be partici- liberal movement in our Nation. Today tors. Nor does it mean one of us has pants in the fact-gathering and idea- the far right is attempting to become the duped the other. generating process. Others would learn voice of conservatism.

Suppose the State's population increases from news accounts. The net result The Wyoming State Journal, of Lan- sharply. Traffic accidents climb. would be a far better informed public. der, Wyo., carried an excellent column

If both political parties agree more highMr. President, last January I intro in its November 7 issue outlining the conspiracy. The outs may blame the ins for

way patrolmen must be hired, this is no duced a bill, S. 185, providing for a White danger to the Nation in the hysterical letting freeway construction lag, or for being House Conference on Automation. I am approach to our problems. The column unduly influenced by the asphalt peddlers even more convinced now of the need was written by Perry Swisher. I ask where concrete was called for, but each side for such a Conference, and I respectfully unanimous consent that it may be calls for stepped-up traffic law enforcement. urge action on this legislation by the printed in the RECORD.

A conspiracy? Labor and Public Welfare Committee in There being no objection, the article

The State may have signed a compact with order that this Conference can take place was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, other States 15 years ago. They exchange soon.

students tuition-free in certain specialties, as follows:

so each State doesn't have to duplicate the




(By Perry Swisher)

In the process they have spent on educaPEOPLE

Oil discovered on your land doesn't make tion by providing more of it. Both political

you a better American than I am-just richer. parties have long since accepted the program Mr. LAUSCHE. Mr. President, with

If you are successful dogfood manufac

though they differ on details. Bipartisan acincreasing frequency evidence is appear turer, that doesn't mean you are man's best ceptance of the compact doesn't constitute ing of an anti-Semitic campaign now be friend. In fact, you may have it in your conspiracy, even if the voters never did have ing conducted in Red Russia against the head that there are men who are conspiring a direct vote in the matter. to bite you--"Pinks” Socialists, and Commu

Agreement, in other words, is not conJewish people. The treatment that is nists who must be put on a leash.

spiracy. If Republicans and Democrats did now being accorded to the Jewish mi

And the candymaker who heads the John

not have more in common than in dispute, nority in Red Russia is cruel, unjust, and Birch Society wrote that Dwight Eisenhower

then I'd worry. With disagreements deep unworthy of any government regardless probably wasn't the head man to carry out

probably wasn't the head man to carry out enough and numerous enough, a change of how base.

Communist policy in America-more likely of control would become a bloody revolution. The Communists of Red Russia are in Milton Eisenhower was telling his brother

If the Republic is healthy, the quarrel is tent upon destroying the Jewish commu what to do. I guess he makes good candy. usually over when, how, and at what expense

an action is to be taken. We ought to be in nities within its boundaries.

It's his political philosophy that reeks with
The evi-
rat poison.

fairly general agreement that the objective dence is abounding that the Soviet Union

The Birch Society's Robert Welch, the dog

is economic well-being and opportunity for is seeking to exterminate the Jews and food man, and posse of oil-rich gents from

as many people as possible, a well-educated take from them their lives, properties, the Southwest, are the leading sponsors in citizenry respecting one another's personal and culture. The tragedy is that the the intermountain States of a campaign to

freedom, represented by a foreign policy Jews of Red Russia are now being not give the voters "a real choice” in 1964. They

that never sleeps in a round, complicated, tell us that for many elections past the

and not entirely predictable world. only persecuted and decimated but false

Those who see some such general Amerily made the victims for the economic Republican and Democratic Parties have been Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

can consensus as a conspiracy don't need a failure and general corruption that pre

A contest between the American Nazi Party political party. They need a doctor. vails in the system.

and the Communist Party would represent a It goes without saying that I vigor real choice. Their mutual hatred is intense AMENDMENT OF FOREIGN ASSISTously condemn the persecution to which enough to satisfy the most bloodthirsty

ANCE ACT OF 1961 the Jewish people have been subjected by partisan, even if to believers in representathe Soviet Union; also the extinction of tive government the authoritarians also look The Senate resumed the consideration cultural and religious ties between the like Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

of the bill (H.R. 7885) to amend further

But that is not the goal. Neither the Nazi the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Soviet Jews and Jews of other lands; the

baiters of minorities nor the Communist closing of the Jewish synagogues, and the

haters of capitalists are on our ballots. The amended, and for other purposes. ban against the performance of sacred object, as I get it, is to make of the Republic ing the

course of our debate on foreign

Mr. DOMINICK. Mr. President, durJewish rites; the closing of the Jewish can Party a conservative party. schools and the destruction of the Jewish This remodeled party, by beating the aid, the distinguished Senators from institutions in Yiddish and Hebrew.

Nixon and Rockefeller and Eisenhower and New York (Mr. JAVITS and Mr. KEATING] Mr. President, I am one of 60 Senators Romney and Scranton Republicans in con

urged and very ably guided through the vention, and then defeating the Democrats Senate an amendment which had the who joined with Senator ABRAHAM RIBI

in November, would save us from the oneCOFF in sponsoring a pending resolution world Socialist conspiracy.

effect of cutting off aid to Egypt in order condemning the Soviet Union for dis

Isn't that the pitch? Now, hate is not the

to do something about the precarious crimination against the Jews. I make hallmark of a conservative. Saying that situation in which Israel finds herself. this statement to reaffirm my conviction many, perhaps most, of the men in Congress, There has been criticism from the that the resolution which has been pre the White House, and the U.S. courts are White House and AID administrators for sented is rooted in facts and sound and there because they bought the voter with

that action on the ground that it reduced proper in its condemnation of the bruappropriations is not conservatism.

their flexibility in dealing with these

Belief that many or most of these men are tality and oppression practiced by Red

stupid enough or evil enough to sell the problems. So far as I was concerned, Russia against the Jewish minority. Nation out to the Communist conspiracy is I supported and voted for the amendnot a conservative belief.

ment cutting off this flexibility as per

Saying there is a working conspiracy be- haps one of the things we have to do. THE JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY IDEA OF tween Republican and Democratic leaders Recently, an article came to my atten

to deceive the voters while taking orders tion which points up the problems we CONSPIRACY

from foreign masters is not speaking con have in the aid field today. For the ediMr. McGEE. Mr. President, one of servatively.

fication of the Senate, the article should the real dangers in any extremist move This is hysteria, fear, and the sick that

be read. It is written by Henry J. Tayment is that it threatens the mature dis that fear produces. I wonder how long the

honorable word "conservative" can stand emcussion of the real issues which confront

lor. It reads in part: a nation by responsible members of the

brace by political leprosy without losing its I was in Egypt some years ago when the health?

Washington "big think" bought (taxpayers' liberal and conservative camps. There

To look at the imagined Democratic- money) about 100,000 bales of cotton to butis much room for disagreement and dis

Republican conspiracy, let's start at the bot- ter up wily Gamal Abdel Nasser, a man who cussion on the major issues that face us tom.

has it in him to be a traitor to any cause.

We were trying, as we still are, to win a-ton higher American cargo rate would 8, 1944. An Indonesian weekly pubfalse friends by frail policies and money. affect even the one out of four. In truth, lished photographs of Sukarno burning

the actual White House offer is to send only bigger-than-life pictures of Western Still reading from the article: 14 percent in American ships and 86 percent

leaders. A caption under the picture And although this far-off generosity to the in foreign. hawk-eyed colonel was greatly unappreciated It involves an initial delivery of 2.4 million

read: "Roosevelt, Churchill Condemned.” and totally misdirected the added bill tons, 23 percent in U.S. vessels, and then the

In 1945 he jumped from a sinking Japknocked our taxpayers for another $55 entire balance of the 4 million tons in for anese ship and joined with the Soviets. million.

eign ships. The Russians haven't introduced He telegraphed Stalin asking support Well, these 100,000 bales are now being any really unexpected obstacles. The Amer and pledged himself to the ultimate atsold, although prying the particulars out of ican people simply were not told the full tainment of Russian aspirations. our foreign aid professors and the U.S. Detruth in the first place. That is what makes

In 1949 Sukarno became President of partment of Agriculture was like trying to the manipulated-news policy so dangerous

the Indonesian republic. He has since break the arm of Atlas. The clamp was on and unworthy.

guided Indonesian affairs with a flair in a top directive consistent with the policy of manipulated news. For the man we're

Mr. DOMINICK. I point out that this that has enabled him to win the order of selling this cotton to is Nasser.

is only one example of the difficulties we Lenin and to chortle in Djakarta: “This We paid this Scaramouche a dollar a face in our foreign aid program. We are means I am a Communist of the highest pound. He's buying it back for less than constantly finding ourselves at odds. order." 35 cents. He's paying $17.4 million to get We do one thing for one country, and we There is information to the effect that back what he sold Uncle Sam for $55 mil- find that it acts badly on another coun Sukarno has publicly endorsed the Comlion.

try. One country may be an ally, an munist Party of Indonesia as "a genuine There is a good deal more in this arti- other may be a neutral, and a third participant in the political process and cle which is of real significance in our may be unfriendly. The more money the Nationalist movement.” This enpresent debate on foreign aid.

we put into these areas, the more com dorsement has been made concrete by I ask unanimous consent to have the plex the problems become.

the appointment of large numbers of article printed at this point in the REC The other day I had the opportunity Communist Party members to the ParORD as a part of my remarks.

of commenting on the Indonesian situa liament and to advisory organs of the There being no objection, the article tion. During this process and while re- Government, such as the Supreme Adwas ordered to be printed in the RECORD, ferring to the attitude of Mr. Sukarno

visory Council and the National Planning as follows:

in connection with the Dutch territories, Council. EGYPTIAN COTTON WAS A REAL DEAL which he literally forced out of their Sukarno has received more than $1 (By Henry J. Taylor)

hands, and his present activities in billion in late-model arms from the ComAn inside look at a cotton deal should burning the British Embassy and the munist world. I might say that a good make us wonder who gets what in foreign British possessions and threatening portion of the finances that he received aid.

American possessions, I referred to Mr. with which to pay for these arms came I was in Egypt some years ago when the Sukarno as a bandit. I am really quite

Sukarno as a bandit. I am really quite from U.S. aid. Sukarno has embraced Washington big think bought (taxpayers' entertained that the Ambassador for

Mao Tse-tung, and has told listeners of money) about 100,000 bales of cotton to Indonesia has made a protest in connec Radio Peiping that he will work with Mao butter up wily Gamal Abdel Nasser, a man who has it in him to be a traitor to any Mr. Sukarno.

tion with those remarks of mine against in the joint struggle “to create a world cause.

Socialist society,” an aim "impossible to We were trying, as we still are, to win false

I have not heard from the State De- realize if imperialism still exists in the friends by frail policies and money.

partment, as to whether they gave any world.” He has promised support for the Responding to the horrendous legends and reply. In the process of his objection to Communist campaign to "liberate Formedieval myths that constitute our farm the State Department, he apparently mosa from imperialist lackeys.” program, America's warehouses were then, as also criticized the distinguished Senator That is only a part of his history. they still are, bulging with our own unsold from Oregon [Mr. MORSE) for calling cotton.

Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, will the And although this far-off generosity to the would be in bed with the Communists

Mr. Sukarno a no-good, corrupt man who Senator yield? hawk-eyed colonel was greatly unappreciated

Mr. DOMINICK. I am delighted to and totally misdirected, the added bill were it not for American aid. I under

yield. knocked our taxpayers for another $55 mil- stand that the Senator from Oregon re

Mr. MORSE. I thank the Senator lion.

plied quite vehemently yesterday; and I very much for this documentation on Well, these 100,000 bales are now being agree with the statements that he made. Sukarno. My prediction is that no sold, although prying the particulars out of Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, will the matter how much aid the United States our foreign aid professors and the U.S. De- Senator yield?

gives him, he will turn out to be worse partment of Agriculture was like trying to

Mr. DOMINICK. I am delighted to than Castro. He is a two-timing politibreak the arm of Atlas. The clamp was on in a top directive

consistent with the policy of yield to the Senator from Oregon. cian in Asia who will take everything we manipulated news. For the man we're sell

Mr. MORSE. Not vehemently; objec- give him and then amputate the hand ing this cotton to is Nasser. tively.

that feeds him. I hope that the adminWe paid this Scaramouche a dollar a Mr. DOMINICK. I accept the modifi

I accept the modifi- istration will recognize that reality and pound. He's buying it back for less than cation.

not make the mistake of pouring out 35 cents. He's paying $17.4 million to get It might be interesting if we included additional money for Sukarno. At the back what he sold Uncle Sam for $55 million. No wonder we're in a heads-you-win-tails- the history of Mr. Sukarno.

some comments at this point concerning present time aid has been suspended I-lose contest with the tax collector. No

temporarily. It ought to be in perpewonder most of the world thinks we have

At the same time that Shriver, the tuity, because in my judgment here is a more money than brains. And no wonder Director of the Peace Corps, fought the place in the world which is headed by the whole country, I think, is mentally tired Japanese during World War II, Sukarno

a man so corrupt that any money we of trying to figure things out. You just held down an important post with the give him will not help the cause of freedon't get anyplace. Nor do we get the enemy, that of general political adviser dom, but will be used to carry out his truth, unless sought.

to the Japanese Military Government in diabolical purposes. President Kennedy bid for added public Indonesia. approval of the Russian wheat deal by an

Mr. DOMINICK. I appreciate very nouncing emphatically that all the wheat

In that post, Sukarno turned 2 million much the feelings, comments, and remust be carried in American ships to the

of his countrymen over to the Japanese marks of the distinguished Senator from extent available. Millions were led to visu- to be treated, in the words of Maj. Gen. Oregon. All we have to do is to look at alize an employment-giving parade of Stars Charles Willoughby, who was our chief recent history; we do not have to go to and Stripes across the seas.

of intelligence in that area, “like coolie past history, except, as I said, to lay the Yet Mr. Kennedy knew full well as he spoke slaves."

background for it. that less than one out of four ships would, One of Sukarno's chief tasks was to When he moved into West or could, be American. That's all that are

New available. Behind the manipulated news

exhort Indonesians into greater war ef- Guinea, governed by the Dutch, who this maximum was the real meaning of "to forth:

“We shall flatten out America” wanted to give the right of self-determithe extent of availability." and "We shall overturn England."

nation to more than 500,000 people, the Mr. Kennedy also knew, of course, from Then he organized a colossal anti- Papuans, what did we do? Did we supthe advance talks in Canada, that the $10- American rally in Djakarta on November port the Dutch in their effort to extend

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self-determination to these people, a happy about the reforms that have been impaired its foreign aid's image. It principle which we have so long pro made in the Senate in the foreign aid bill might be characterized in part as a facefessed as one of our guiding principles? in the course of a 3-week debate.

lifting operation. It was hardly "mayWe did not. We backed Sukarno, and Let me state my belief that these re- hem.” we told the Dutch, in order to create forms have been constructive, needed, Next, the Post says the Senate peace in that area, they should get out. and desirable in every sense of the word, "hacked foreign aid to bits.” With no support, and inability to use our and should go far to improve, revitalize, Further, the Senate's action is charbases, to reinforce their troops in the rehabilitate, and save the foreign aid acterized as an “irresponsible binge.” area, the Dutch did get out. Sukarno program. This program was rapidly Finally, the Post expresses the hope has taken over this territory, and these falling apart both in its execution and that "it may yet be possible to expunge people have been taken over, without in the estimation of an increasing num some of the worst features of the Senate any hope of self-determination, and ber of the American people. Not only legislation” and thereby to remedy “the without any hope of redress for any

has no damage been done to the pro- frailties of Congress.” Actually, Conwrongs which may have been committed

gram, but the amendments adopted gress has, for the first time since the in that area.

should substantially strengthen it. beginning of the foreign aid program Mr. GRUENING. Mr. President, will As far as the quantitive cuts are con laid aside its past frailties of inaction and the Senator yield?

cerned, they are unimportant. There carried out in part its constitutional reMr. DOMINICK. I am delighted to is still more than $612 billion in the sponsibilities to be a vigilant and alert yield.

“pipeline,” which, for the benefit of the participant in the authorization of the Mr. GRUENING. I commend the public means that that amount of expenditures of foreign aid funds. Senator from Colorado for his very cor

money is the sum left over from pre Now, we turn to the next page of the rect interpretation of what has hap- vious appropriations which has been un Post and find, under the heading: "Matpened and on his extremely useful sum- expended. Therefore, if not one cent ter of Fact,” a column by Joseph Alsop ming up of some of the follies that we had been authorized or appropriated by entitled “The New

"The New Know-Nothings." have committed in Indonesia. That is this Congress, the program could have Not surprisingly, the article refers to the the only way I can describe them. They gone on for a year and a half or nearly action of the Senate on the foreign aid were follies.

We have supported a ruth- 2 years without difficulty. Moreover, a bill as "the new surge of know-nothingless dictator and unscrupulous aggressor. country-by-country approach would ness.” Actually, the Senate displayed a His principles are in direct opposition to show that the total authorization could welcome and belated “know-somethingours. He acted ruthlessly in moving to be cut further without impairment of ism” about the foreign aid bill with take over West New Guinea when that the program.

which the public, and indeed much of situation should have been left to the

And yet we find in the leading edi- the Congress, and certainly Mr. Alsop, future decision of the people them- torial of today's Washington Post, en had been largely unendowed hitherto. selves. That area which the Dutch did titled "Sermon on Aid,” the following Mr. Alsop further characterized the not wish to retain themselves, although characterizations.

debate as "squalid.” it had been a Dutch colony, should have

This has been, the Post says, a "bit Democratic Senators who took part in been turned over to the United Nations ter” fight over foreign aid. Note the re-forming the bill are characterized as under some kind of trusteeship or manadjective "bitter.”

"liberal," the word "liberal” being in date, so that in the future, when those

In the next paragraph, the Post says quotes, which quotes, of course, suggest people had reached the point where they that what Congress has done to the aid that these “liberals” are unsound and knew what they wanted, they could de- program is, in its opinion, "wrong and wacky fellows. Senator MORSE is referred cide what status or political association foolish.” The Congress has carved the to as “ineffable.” This is a highbrow they desired to have.

bill to the marrow. Anatomatically smear adjective. Ineffable, as defined That would have been the proper pol- speaking, the marrow is the inside of the by Webster, means “incapable of being icy for the United States to support. We

bone. Actually, Congress barely nicked expressed in words; indescribable; unyielded to Sukarno's bludgeonic tactics, the epidermis.

speakable; not to be uttered.” Does this for reasons that are difficult to justify.

Further, the Senate has "implanted a mean that Mr. Alsop was at a loss to We allowed Sukarno to take those people series of 'dogmatic restrictions.” Note characterize Senator MORSE? over. The Senator from Colorado has the word "dogmatic.” And Congress Southerners who voted for some of performed a very useful service in the apparently has been guilty of "spiteful these amendments are referred to as statement he has made.

use of aid as a club.” Note the adjec- "embittered.” Mr. DOMINICK. I very much appre- tive "spiteful” and the noun "club."

Later in Mr. Alsop's column, Senators ciate the support of the distinguished

The Post notes that the congressional FRANK CHURCH, ALBERT GORE, ABE RIBISenator from Alaska. Obviously, from "onslaught was not simply the act of a COFF, STUART SYMINGTON, STEPHEN YOUNG, comments which have been made here, small and willful minority.” I am glad HENRY JACKSON, and WILLIAM PROXMIRE there are opinions concerning Mr. Su- that the Post recognizes that construc are condemned as "so-called liberals." karno that are strong opinions and which tive amendments were adopted by ma- They and the others are charged with are based on a historical position as to jority vote-as they obviously would have “trying to gut the foreign aid bill.” Note what he has been doing. When I re

to be—and that in the case of some of the verb "gut." ferred to Mr. Sukarno as a bandit, it is

the constructive amendments that failed Finally, all of them are charged with interesting to note that one of the defi- of passage, they failed of passage by a “peevishness,” and Mr. Alsop declares nitions of a bandit is one who takes un

very small margin and that usually there that that is the “only motive now idenfair advantage over others, usually to

were some 40 votes for them. Were they tifiable.” procure inordinate payment or profit. all "willful”?

Speaking as an old journalist, Mr. PresIf that is not an accurate description

Next, we find in the Post's editorial ident, I regret such unintelligent and of what he has been doing, not only in that the "mayhem on aid found the unperceptive interpretations of what his own country and at the expense of his own people, who are fine people for majority support in Congress.” Now, happened in the Senate.

what is the definition of "mayhem”? As Speaking again as an old newspaperthe most part, but also in other places found in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, man, I regret the unrestrained use of in that area, including west New Guinea it is "willful and permanent deprivation defamatory adjectives by the Post's and Malaysia, which he is now trying to of a bodily member resulting in the im- editorial writer, whoever he may be in break up, and including West Irian, and pairment of a person's fighting ability,” this case, and by its syndicated colother places which he is trying to seize

or "willful and permanent crippling, umnist, Joe Alsop. and hold onto, then I do not know what mutilation or disfigurement of any part

Speaking as a Senator, I am proud of that word means. I have no intention of the body." I submit that all that has what the Senate has done in the last 3 on the floor of the Senate to back down been done is to do some moderate plastic weeks, and I venture the prophecy that from such a description of Mr. Sukarno.

surgery on the body of the foreign aid history, in the very near future as well JOURNALISM BY INVECTIVE

bill designed to remove a few malignant as in the long run, will completely vindiMr. GRUENING. Mr. President, the tumors lest they spread and become cate the Senate's performance as useWashington Post seems to be most un- lethal, and to excise a few warts that ful, needed, and constructive. It has

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