The Rehearsal

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A. Murray, 1869 - 136 страница

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Страница 12 - Beggar'd by fools, whom still he found too late ; He had his jest, and they had his estate.
Страница 12 - Railing and praising were his usual themes; And both, to show his judgment, in extremes; So over violent, or over civil, That every man, with him, was God or Devil, In squand'ring wealth was his peculiar art: Nothing went unrewarded, but desert.
Страница 12 - He laughed himself from court; then sought relief By forming parties, but could ne'er be chief; For, spite of him, the weight of business fell On Absalom, and wise Achitophel ; Thus, wicked but in will, of means bereft, He left not faction, but of that was left.
Страница 12 - A man so various that he seemed to be Not one, but all mankind's epitome : Stiff in opinions, always in the wrong, Was everything by starts and nothing long ; But in the course of one revolving moon Was chymist, fiddler, statesman, and buffoon ; Then all for women, painting, rhyming, drinking, Besides ten thousand freaks that died in thinking.
Страница 11 - DUKE OF BUCKS IS one that has studied the whole Body of Vice. His Parts are disproportionate to the whole, and like a Monster he has more of some, and less of others than he should have. He has pulled down all that Fabric that Nature raised in him, and built himself up again after a Model of his own.
Страница 31 - BAYES. Why, thus, Sir; nothing so easy when understood. I take a book in my hand, either at home or elsewhere, for that's all one — if there be any wit in't, as there is no book but has some, I transverse it: that is, if it be prose, put it into verse (but that takes up some time), and if it be verse, put it into prose.
Страница 57 - BAYES. Why, Sir, you must know, they long had a design to do it before; but never could put it in practice till now; and, to tell you true, that's one reason why I made 'em whisper so at first.
Страница 29 - I say it, a better than my last: and you know well enough how that took. In fine, it shall read, and write, and act, and plot, and shew, ay, and pit, box and gallery, I gad, with any Play in Europe. This morning is its last Rehearsal, in their habits...
Страница 12 - In the first rank of these did Zimri stand; A man so various, that he seem'd to be Not one, but all mankind's epitome: Stiff in opinions, always in the wrong; Was everything by starts, and nothing long; But, in the course of one revolving moon, Was chymist, fiddler, statesman, and buffoon: Then all for women, painting, rhyming, drinking.
Страница 12 - How easy it is to call rogue and villain, and that wittily ! But how hard to make a man appear a fool, a blockhead, or a knave, without using any of those opprobrious terms...

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