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For department of natural and experimental philosophy: Additions Department of nat. to apparatus to illustrate the principles of mechanics, acoustics, optics, tal philosophy. and astronomy, one thousand dollars; for books of reference, scientific periodicals, text-books, stationery, materials, and repairs, four hundred dollars; for repairs to the observatory buildings and repairs to clocks, four hundred and fifty dollars;

Provided, That any of the above sums for the department of natural and experimental philosophy, not expended for the purposes named, etc. may be expended for instrument cases, shelves, and fittings in the lecture room, office, and section rooms used by the department of natural and experimental philosophy.

For department of instruction in mathematics: Text-books, books Departmentof mathof reference, binding, and stationery; for tables of logarithms; for rules and triangles; for purchase of geometrical drawings and models; for cases for geometrical models; for office desks, chairs, bookcases, and office fittings; and for contingencies, seven hundred and twentyfive dollars;

For department of chemistry, mineralogy, and geology : Chemicals, istrypanineralogs, and chemical apparatus, glass and porcelain ware, paper, wire, sheet metal, geology. ores, photographic apparatus and materials, five hundred dollars; for rough specimens, fossils, and for apparatus and materials to be used in the practical determinations of mineralogical and geological specimens, pencils, and paper for the practical instruction in the same branches, and for gradual increase and improvement of the cabinet, two hundred dollars; repairs and additions to electric, magnetic, pneumatic, thermic, and optical apparatus, nine hundred dollars; for models, maps, and diagrams, books of reference, text-books, and stationery for the use of instructors, one hundred and eighty dollars; and for contingencies, one hundred dollars;

For purchase of laboratory and power-room machinery and apparatus and installation, seven thousand one hundred and ninety five dollars;

For department of drawing: Drawing material, instruments, and i Department of draw. stationery for use of instructors; repairs to models and purchase of new models; desks, stretchers, drawing boards, racks, and stands; framing drawings; books and periodicals on art, architecture, topography, and technology; binding maps, books, and so forth; repairs to stereopticon and purchase of lantern slides; photographic apparatus and material, preparation of new data sheets and illustrated pamphlets for use of cadets; purchase of new instruments and repair of old ones, for use of cadets; and for contingent expenses, one thousand five hundred and eighteen dollars and fifty cents; For department of modern languages: For stationery, text-books,

Department of mod.

ern languages. and books of reference for use of instructors, for repairs of books and apparatus and for office furniture, and for printing examination papers, and other necessary papers, and for contingencies, five hundred and ninety-eight dollars; For department of law and history: For stationery, text-books, and and history

Department of law books of reference for the use of instructors, maps, map fixtures, furniture, and for repairs to the same, for rebinding books and periodicals, and for contingencies, five hundred dollars;

For department of practical military engineering: For purchase and ticepartment of prac repair of instruments; transportation; purchase of tools, implements, neering. and materials, and for extra-duty pay of engineer soldiers, as follows, namely: For instruments for use in instructing cadets in making reconnoissances; photograpbic apparatus and material for field photography; drawing instruments and material for platting reconnoissances; surveying instruments; instruments and material for signaling and field telegraphy; transportation of field parties; tools and material for the


Department of ord. nance and gunnery.



.preservation, augmentation, and repair of wooden pontoon and one
canvas pontoon train; sapping and mining tools and material; rope;
cordage; material for rafts and for spar and trestle bridges; intrench-
ing tools; tools and material for the repair of Fort Clinton and the
batteries of the academy, and for extra-duty pay of engineer soldiers,
at fifty cents per day each, when performing special skilled mechanical
labor in the department of practical military engineering; for models,
books of reference, and stationery, and for extra pay of one engineer
soldier as assistant in photographic laboratory, and in charge of photo-
graphic laboratory, photographic apparatus, materials, and supplies,
at fifty cents per day, two thousand dollars;
. For department of ordnance and gunnery: For purchase and repair
of instruments, models, and apparatus, and purchase of necessary mate-
rial; for the purchase of samples of arms and accouterments other than
those supplied to the military service; for books of reference, text-
books, stationery, and lithographic printing materials, ard for contin-
gencies, four hundred and fifty dollars;

For purchase of ammunition for rapid-fire guns now on hand, three hundred dollars;

For manufacture or purchase of models of breech mechanisms of cannon, rapid-fire guns, small arms, and the various machines and tools used in their manufacture, for cadet instruction, one thousand two hundred dollars;

For a course of lectures for the more complete instruction of cadets, one thousand two hundred dollars;

In all, for current and ordinary expenses, one hundred and five

thousand one hundred and eighty-one dollars and fifty cents. Miscellaneous items

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS AND INCIDENTAL EXPENSES. and Incidental expojubilee Centennial For the printing by the Public Printer of six thousand copies of the History of Military Jubilee Centennial History of the United States Military Academy,

one thousand of which shall be for the use of the Senate and two thousand for the use of the House of Representatives, and the balance to be distributed by the Superintendent of the United States Military Academy under the direction of the Secretary of War, five thousand

five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Stationery, etc. For stationery, binding, commercial periodicals, and so forth, for

office of the treasurer, United States Military Academy, as follows: Blank books, paper, envelopes, pens, mucilage, ty pewriting supplies and repairs, and other items of stationery; for binding orders, circulars, and so forth, and for commercial periodicals, journals, and market reports, one hundred and eighty dollars;

For bookcase for keeping records, orders, and books of reference in the office of the treasurer, United States Military Academy, thirtyfive dollars;

For stationery for office of commissary of cadets, namely: Record books, blank books, paper for printing menus, laundry lists, and so forth, envelopes, pens, mucilage, and other items of stationery, twenty

five dollars; Lighting.

For gas-coal, oil, candles, lanterns, matches, chimneys, and wicking for lighting the academy building, chapel, library, cadet barracks, mess hall, shops, hospital, offices, stables and riding hall, sidewalks, camp, and wharfs, ten thousand dollars; · For water pipe, plumbing, and repairs, five thousand dollars;

For cleaning public buildings (not quarters), two thousand five huu dred dollars; .

For soap, lye, sapolio, buckets, scrubbing brushes, mops, dustpans, brooms, feather dusters, and other similar articles and materials for policing public buildings (not quarters), one thousand dollars ;

For chalk, crayons, sponges, slate, rubbers, rulers, pointers, card,


Contingent, demic board.



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Musical supplies.

and toilet paper, and so forth, for recitation rooms, three hundred dollars;

For renewing furniture in section rooms and repairing the same, three hundred dollars.

Increase and expense of library, namely: For purchase, preserva- Library. tion, care, storage, binding and repair of books, periodicals, pamphlets, maps, pictures, and manuscripts; purchase of furniture, cases, stationery, and fittings; for expenses of making copies of military manuscripts in other libraries, and for contingent expenses not otherwise provided for; purchases to be made in open market on the written order of the Superintendent, ten thousand dollars.

For contingent funds, to be expended under the direction of the des academic board: For instruments, books, repairs to apparatus and other incidental expenses not otherwise provided for, one thousand dollars:

Provided, That all technical and scientific supplies for the depart- Technical supplies. ments of instruction of the Military Academy shall be purchased by contract or otherwise, as the Secretary of War may deem best.

For purchase of instruments for band, to be purchased in open market on the order of the Superintendent, five bundred dollars;

For purchase of reeds, pads, strings, and other materials necessary for string instruments, two hundred dollars;

For repairs to instruments, music stands, and other equipments, three hundred dollars;

For purchase of music for band, five hundred dollars;

For purchase of music and a set of wood wind instruments, to be purchased in open market on the order of the Superintendent, eight hundred dollars;

For general repairs to laundry machinery and the replacing of worn- Laundry. out parts, to be expended without advertising, five hundred and twenty-five dollars;

For purchase of laundry baskets, to be expended without advertising, ninety-six dollars;

For incidental repairs and improvements to the cadet laundry, to be expended without advertising, as follows: For constructing additional metal sorting boxes; purchase of new belting, to replace old and wornout belts; purchase of new steam pipe, valves, fittings, and covering same with insulating material; for three reversible-body ironers; purchase and installation of one belt-lacing machine; and purchase of machinists' tools, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-five dollars;

Repair of cooking utensils, chairs, tables, and other furniture in the cadet mess, and the replacement of same, to be expended without advertising, eight hundred and fifty dollars;

For the purchase of one typewriter for the laundry, with cabinet for the same, to be expended without advertising, one hundred and ten dollars.

Gymnasium, Gymnasium and athletic supplies: For repairs, new machines, Gy athletic supplies, and fixtures for gymnasium, one thousand five hundred dollars;

For repairs, improvements, and equipment of bowling alleys, two hundred dollars; :

For furniture, curtains, and rugs for cadet reception room, one hundred and fifty dollars;

For renewing and repairing furnishings and furniture in the quarters of the Superintendent, United States Military Academy, six hundred dollars;

For the policing of barracks, bath houses, supplying light and plain Police. furniture to cadet barracks, nine thousand dollars;

In all, for miscellaneous items and incidental expenses, fifty-three thousand and ninety-six dollars.


Buildings and grounds.


For cases, niaterials, fittings, fixtures, and other appliances and repairs for ordnance museum in academy building, three hundred dollars;

For repairs to ordnance laboratory and other buildings pertaining to the department of ordnance and gunnery, painting buildings, and materials for roads and walks, and for repairs to machinery and tools, one hundred and fifty dollars;

For painting and general incidental repairs and improvements to the cadet store building, including storerooms, office, tailor shops, and shoe repairing shops, three hundred dollars;

For improvements to the cadet laundry buildings, to be expended without advertising, as follows: For covering one new steam boiler with insulating material; and for covering the second floor of the southern and central portions of the laundry with linoleum, and for labor and material for repairing and renewing roof on the cadet laundry, nine hundred and sixty dollars;

For purchase of one stencil cutting machine, to be expended without advertising, one hundred dollars;

For granolithic floors in basement of Grant Hall, one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars;

For purchase of one National Bread Company's dough-kneading machine and motor, for the cadet mess, to be immediately available and to be expended without advertising, eight hundred dollars;

For materials and labor for repairs, alterations, and additions needed at the soldiers' hospital, as follows:

Purchase of suitable incandescent lights, droplights, tubing, mantels, and so forth; for paraffin and turpentine for waxing floors; for brushes, paints, glass, putty, and for general repairs; for materials for rebronzing radiators; and for purchase of flowers, fruit trees, shrubs, plants, and so forth, for hospital grounds, one hundred and sixty-five dollars;

For waterworks: Renewal of material in filter beds; improving ventilation of filter house and water house; hose for use in cleaning filter beds and water house, and for use in fire service at same; tools, implements, and materials for use of the two keepers and for repairs of siphon house, filter house, and of four and one-half miles of supply pipe; for shed for tools and storage of fuel for keeper of Round Pond, and for tool house at filter; for gauges at and for stairs for access to same, and all other necessary work of maintenance and repairs, one thousand two hundred dollars;

For repairs and necessary alterations and additions to the cadet hospital, as follows:

Materials for rebronzing radiators and piping; paraffin and turpentine for waxing and polishing floors; suitable incandescent lights, droplights, mantels, tubes, and so forth; and for carpets and furniture and appliances, and for repairs of damaged articles, and for miscellaneous expenses, one hundred and twenty dollars;

For purchase of flowers and shrubs for hospital grounds, seventyfive dollars;

Repairs to cadet barracks:

For repairing and renewing plastering, painting and calcimining, repairs to woodwork, reflooring, rearranging rooms, increasing sinks, baths, and for other incidental repairs to the building, five thousand dollars;

For maintaining and improving the grounds of the post cemetery, two thousand dollars;

For continuing the construction of breast-high wall in dangerous places, five hundred dollars;


Cadet hospital.

Cadet barracks.


Enlargement of barracks.

For broken stone and gravel for roads, and for repairing sidewalks, Roads. roads, paths, and bridges on the reservation, four thousand dollars;

For completing the construction of a wagon road from the railroad station to the south end of the post, including necessary gas piping and lamp-posts for lighting same, to be immediately available, thirty thousand dollars;

For extending and increasing the efficiency of the fire-alarm and Fire-alarm, etc. telephone systems of the post, five thousand dollars; ;

For plumbing material and labor to install a hot-water heater and hot-water storage boiler at cavalry barracks, two bundred and fifteen dollars and thirty-four cents;

For lumber and other material for general repair of cavalry stables, two hundred dollars; . .

For repairs to saddles, bridles, purchase of leather, curb chains, bits, stirrups, and so forth, and to keep same in repair, two hundred and fifty dollars; . ..

For enlargement of barracks of army-service detachment, six thou- Enlargement of barsand dollars;

For new roofs for thirty-six sets of enlisted men's quarters, five thousand dollars; For completing the work of improvement to provide for an increased Water supply:

Vol. 32, p. 419. water supply at the Military Academy at West Point, New York, provided for in the Act of June twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and two, to be available immediately and until expended, three hundred thousand dollars, to be expended by contract or otherwise as the Secretary of War'may deem most economical and advantageous: Provided, proviso,

Approval by SecreThat such sum shall not be available except for purchase of land and tary of War, etc. water rights until the project shall be approved by the Secretary of War, and until the Secretary of War shall determine that the whole expense necessary to complete such project shall be included within the total appropriation of four hundred thousand dollars, including the one hundred thousand dollars appropriated by Act of June twentyeighth, nineteen hundred and two;

In carrying oụt the provisions of said Act of June twenty-eighth, Construction of nineteen hundred and two, after general plans have been prepared and Vol. 82, p. 419. approved by the Secretary of War, he may proceed with the necessary construction of cadet barracks and such buildings as shall be needed to replace buildings removed in such construction of cadet barracks, upon detailed plans approved by him before the completion of detailed plans for the whole work, provided that the limit of cost is not increased thereby;

Total, buildings and grounds, three hundred and sixty-four thousand and eighty-five dollars and thirty-four cents.

Approved, April 28, 1904.

01 OUO UWOYOSUVAcadet barracks.

CHAP. 1761.-An Act Providing for the restoration or maintenance of channels, April 28, 1904. or of river and harbor improvements, and for other purposes.

[Public, No. 193.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, in view of the fact that River and Harbor no general river and barbor bill is to be enacted during the present appropri

Preservation of ex. session, and in view of the necessity of temporary provision for the isting works. preservation of existing work, the sum of three million dollars be, and : Post, p. 114%. the same is hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be immediately available and Appropriation imto be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War and the mediately supervision of the Chief of Engineers, for the following purposes and under the limitations herein set forth, to wit: For the restoration or Channels.

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