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history of the two years in one volume, and to devote a separaie volume to the public documents, law proceedings, and biographies.

The same matter will be found in the two volumes as was at first contemplated, but it will be differently arranged, with the view of preventing an interruption in the narration of events, which form one consistent and complete history.

In this volume, the public is presented with the historical portion; and in the second part which is to be published in the ensuing summer, will be comprehended the illustrating public documents, the law trials and the biographies.

Among the biographies will be those of John Jay, De Witt Clinton, Thomas A. Emmet, William Tilghman, Richard Stockton, John Eager Howard, and John Tayler Gilman, prepared from copious and authentic materials.



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Natural defences of Constantinople. Passage of the Pruth by the Russian army. Occupation

of Moldavia and Wallachia Siere and surrender of Brailow. Siege of Varna. Investment

of Shumla. Occupation of Isakerna Bazardjic and Jenibazar Attack on the Russian re-

doubts by Hussein Pasha. Evacuation of Eski Siamboul. The Emperor Nicholas leaves

the camp before Shumla-repairs to Varna-to Orissa. Attack of the Russian positions be-

fore Shumla, by Hussein Pasha aud Halil Pasha--defeated. Operations of the Russian fleet

before Varna. Sortie of the Turk Prince Menzikoff disabled. Command of the siege

transferred to Count Woronzotf. Levy of 4 men in 500, by the Emperor Nicholas.

Loan in Holland He returns to Varna. Prog ss of the siege. Surrender of Yussuff

Pasha, and of Varna. Russian camp before Shuola raised. The emperor Nicholas em-

barks for Odessa--in danger of shipwreck-returns to St. Petersburg. Operations in

Moldavia and Wallachia. Siege of Silistria. Altack by the Seraskier of Widdin, upon

general Geismar at Crozoi--deeated -Geismar takes Kalasat Retreat of Wittgenstein

from Shumla. Siege of Silistria-raised--Wittgenst in goes into winter quarters at Jas-

sy-his resignation. Count Die bitch appointed to the command of the army. Campaign in

Asia. Siege and surrender of Kars--of Poti-of Akhalkali--of Tcherwisy-of Akhaltzik.

Diversion atteinpted by the Pasha of Moresch-defeared. Pashalik of Bayazid occupied by

the Russians. Naval operations. Anapa taken by Admiral Greig-he proceeds to Varna.

Russian squadrons in the Mediterranean Admirals Heyden and Ricord. Blockade of the

Dardanelles. Death of the empresa mother of Russia.



RUSSIA AND TURKEY-CAMPAIGN OF 1829.-Preparations by Russia for the campaign of 1829.

Resignation of Marshal Wittgenstein. Appointment of general Diebitch to command the ar-

mies in European Turkey. Military operations in winter. kale and Tourno taken by the

Russians. Sizepoli taken by a Russian squadron. Turkish camp on the Kamtchik burnt.

Campaign in Asiatic Turkry. Attack upon Akbaltysh, by Achmet Bey-defeated.

Attack of Kaya Oglou repelled by general Hesse. Entrenched camp of the Turks

at Potkhoff taken. Batles of Kanily and Milli. Duze, won by general Paskevitch-he

takes Erzeroun and Hassan Kale. Kniss and Beibourt taken. Atteinpt of the Pasha

of Van to recover Bajazet-repelled by general Popofi. General Bourtsotf mortal-

ly wounded at Khart. Osman Pasha and the Lasians deleated at Khart. Campaign in Eu-

ropean Turkey. Siege of Silistria resumed. Battle of Eski. Encounter between Redschid

Pasha, Grand Vizier, and general Roth. Adair at Eximil, Battle of Koulevtcha or Pravo-

dy, won by general Diebitch over the Grand Vizier. Rakhova taken by general Geismar.

Surrender of Silistria to the Russians. Passage of the Balkan by general Diebitch. Pas-

sage of the Kamtchik river. Mezembri taken by general Roth, with co-operation of the fleet

of Admiral Greig. Akhiola taken. Aidos occupied by general Rudiger. Bourgas taken.

Karnabat. Karabournar. Yambol evacuated by Halil Pasha. Slivno taken by general

Diebitch. Surrender of Adrianople. Operations of Admiral Greig's fleet. Turkish vessels

destroyed at Penderaclia and Chili. Turkish fleet on the Euxine. Russian frigate taken.

Heroic defence of the brig Mercury. Admiral Greig puts to sea. Turkish fleet returns to the

Bosphorus. Vassiliko taken. Agatopoli. Iniada. Midia. Proclamation of general Die-

bitch-he receives the name of Zabalkapsky. Peace of Adrianople. Treaty. Separate

acts. Conclusion.



GELECE. Irrival of Count Capo d'Istrias at Egina. Appointmeut of the Panhellenion. In-

auguration of the government. National bank. Pirates delivered up at Carabusa. Prize

courts at Egina. Colonel Fabvier's expedition to the island of Scio-its failure. Greek

blockade of the Morea. The plague in the Morea. Inhabitants disarmed. Arrest of Mav-

romíchalis, Naxos, and Millaitti." Mission of four archbishops from Constantinople to the

Greeks--its failure. Proclamation of the president, announcing the war between Russia and

the Porte. General Church attacks Vassilach, and Anatolico. Corps of Albanians at Coron

discharged. Admiral Codrington proceeds to Alexandria-convention of the Viceroy of

Egypt with him for the evacuation of the Morea by Ibrahim Pasha. French expedition to

the Morea. Their landing. Second convention for the evacuation of the Morea by the

Egyptian troops. They return to Alexandria Navarino taken by the French troops, and

Modon. Coron. Capitulation of Patras, and the Castle of Morea. Turkish Agas resist the

capitulation. The castle besieged by general Maison. The Agas surrender at discretion.

Sickness among the French troops-one division of them returns to France. War in the

island of Candia-in Western Hellas. Proclamations of the president Capo d'Istrias-hia

conferences with general Maison-with the allied Admirals-with the Ambassadors at Poros.

Count Bulgari, minister of Russia to the Greek government. Mr. Dawkins, British consul

general. Discontent in Greece at the limits proposed by the allies. General Ypsilanti takes

Livadia and Salone. Corps of Turks defeated by Ketzo Tzavellas. Prisoners branded.

Conference of 16th November, 1828, held by the ministers of the allies at London-their de.

claration. Mission of Mr. Jaubert to Constantinople. The Porte consents to negotiate with

Great Britain and France. Conference between the ministers of the allies at London, of 220

March, 1829. Protocol of that conference. Boundaries of Greece. Tribute. Indemnity for

Turkish property, Independence qualified Amnesties. Mutual armistice. Russia to be

represented by the ambassadors of France and Great Britain Sir Robert Gordon and count

Guilleminot arrive at ('onstantinople. Reception of Sir Robert Gordon. Conferences with

the Reis Effendi. Notification that the British government disallows the Greek blockades.

Fourth National Assembly of Greece at Argos. Division of Greece into 13 departments. Ad-

dress of president Capo d'Istrias to the Assembly Military operations. Vonitza taken by

general Church--the castle of Romelia, by Augustin (apo d'Istrias. Mahmoud Pasha de-

feated near Talanti. Thebes evacuated by Omer Pasha Lepanto Missolonghi. Anato-

lico surrender by capitulation to the Greeks. Operations before Athens suspended. General

Church resigns his commission as commander in chief. Peace of Adrianople. Conclusion. 403

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War between Brazil and Buenos Ayres. Dissolution of federate government of La Plata.
Maritime movements. Claims on Brazil. French Claims en forced. Buenos Ayrean priva-
thers. Commissions recalled. Peace, Finances of Brazil. Mutiny at Rio Janeiro. Change

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of Brazilian ministry. Terms of peace. Bank of Brazil. Relations with Portugal. Depai -

ture of Donna Maria. Don Pedro's address to the Portuguese nation.

BUENOS AYRER.-Dorrego deposed and shot. Civil war with the interior. Expedition to Santa

Fe. Conspiracy in capitol. Defeat of southern army. Buenos Ayres besieged. Brown re.

signs. French fleet takes possession of Buenos Ayrean squadron. Peace agreed upon.



Executive officers,

Army promotions,


Navy promotions,


Twentieth congress-members of,


Governors of states,


Reports on the sinking fund,


Public debt,


Revenue and Expenditure,


Internal improvements,


Bank of United States,


Commerce of United States, for 1827






Do of each state and territory, for 1827,







Tonnage entering and leaving each district, for 1827,







Do belonging to each district, for 1826,



do 1827,


Comparative view of tonnage,


Statement of imports into United States, for 18:27 and 1828,


Statement of foreign exports, for 1827 and '8,


Statement of exports of domestic produce and manufactures, for 1827 and 1828,


Tables on public lands of United States,


Statistics of the world,


Table of imports, rate of wages, price of stocks, parish taxes, &c., in G. Britain for 20 years,

Revenue of Great Britain, for 1827,-


Expenditure of do



Nei produce of customs, stamps, taxes, excise, and post office,


Public debt of Great Britain and Ireland,


Tonnage tables,


Exports of


Imports of

French revenue,


Imports, exports, and tonnage,


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