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zation. Mr. Semple was sick, and Mr. Steuart, of San Francisco, therefore called the meeting to order by moving Captain Sutter's appointment in his place. The chair was taken by the old pioneer, and the members took their seats around the sides of the hall, which still retained the pine-trees and banners, left from last night's decorations. The windows and doors were open, and a delightful breeze came in from the bay, whose blue waters sparkled in the distance. The view from the balcony in front was bright and inspiring. The town below-the shipping in the harbor-the pine-covered hills behind-were mellowed by the blue October haze, but there was no cloud in the sky, and I could plainly sce, on the northern horizon, the mountains of Santa Cruz and the Sierra de Gavilan.

"After the minutes had been read, the Committee appointed to draw up an Address to the people of California, was called upon to report, and Mr. Steuart, Chairman, read the Address. Its tone and sentiment met with universal approval, and it was adopted without a dissenting voice. A resolution was then offered to pay Lieutenant Hamilton, who is now engaged in engrossing the Constitution upon parchment, the sum of $500 for his labor. This magnificent price, probably the highest ever paid for a similar service, is on a par with all things else in California. As this was their last session, the members were not disposed to find fault with it, especially when it was stated by one of them that Lieutenant Hamilton had written day and night to have it ready, and was still working upon it, though with a lame and swollen hand. The sheet for the signer's names was ready, and the Convention decided to adjourn for half an hour and then meet for the purpose of signing.

"I amused myself during the interval by walking about the town. Every body knew that the Convention was about closing, and it was generally understood that Captain Burton had loaded the guns at the fort, and would fire a salute of thirty-one guns at the proper moment. The citizens, therefore, as well as the members, were in an excited mood. Monterey never before looked so bright, so happy, so full of pleasant expectation.

"About one o'clock the Convention met again; few of the members, indeed, had left the hall. Mr. Semple, though in feeble health, called them to order, and, after having voted General Riley a salary of $10,000, and Mr. Halleck, Secretary of State, $6000 a year, from the commencement of their respective offices, they proceeded to affix their names to the completed Constitution. At this moment a signal was given; the American colors ran up the flag-staff in front of the government buildings, and streamed out on the air. A second afterward the first gun boomed from the fort, and its stirring echoes came back from one hill after another, till they were lost in the distance.

"All the native enthusiasm of Captain Sutter's Swiss blood was aroused; he was the old soldier again. He sprang from his seat, and, waving his hand around his head, as if swinging a sword, exclaimed; 'Gentlemen, this is the happiest day of my life. It makes me glad to hear those cannon: they remind me of the time when I was a soldier. Yes, I am glad to hear them-this is a great day for California!' Then, recollecting himself, he sat down, the tears streaming from his eyes. The members with one accord, gave three tumultuous cheers, which were heard from one end of the town to the other, As the signing went

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on, gun followed gun from the fort, the echoes reverberating grandly around the bay, till finally, as the loud ring of the thirty-first was heard, there was a shout: That's for California!' and every one joined in giving three times three for the new star added to our Confederation.

"There was one handsome act I must not omit to mention. The captain of the English bark Volunteer, of Sidney, Australia, lying in the harbor, sent on shore in the morning for an American flag. When the first gun was heard, a line of colors ran fluttering up to the spars, the stars and stripes flying triumphantly from. the main-top. The compliment was the more marked, as some of the American vessels neglected to give any token of recognition to the event of the day.

"The Constitution having been signed and the Convention dissolved, the members proceeded in a body to the house of General Riley. The visit was evidently unexpected by the old veteran. When he made his appearance, Captain Sutter stepped forward, and having shaken him by the hand, drew himself into an erect attitude, raised one hand to his breast as if he were making a report to his commanding officer on the field of battle, and addressed him as follows:

"GENERAL: I have been appointed by the delegates, elected by the people of California to form a Constitution, to address you in their names and in behalf of the whole people of California, and express the thanks of the Convention for the aid and coöperation they have received from you in the discharge of the responsible duty of creating a State government. And, sir, the Convention, as you will perceive from the official records, duly appreciates the great and important services you have rendered to our common

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