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ASHES,- (continued)

pot apd pearl, how inspected, 480

with felonious intent, how punished, 138

how puoished, 146
jus!ices may tine for, on plea of guilty, 195
in actions for, when damages are under five dollars, plaintiff shall not r$

cover costs, 70

administrator, &c. not liable beyond the amount of, 235
heirs liable to the extent of, 241
wben emblements shall be, and whep pot, 236


wben and how elected, 44. 270
election of, how contested, 65
to give bond and take an oath, 270
vacancy in the offre of, how filled, 271
may appoint deputies, ib.
to keep a weekly account of services, ib.
his compensation, ib.
oppressing under color of othce, bow pupished, 147
duty of, in listing property for taxation, 273 to 277
may administer oaths, 277
to be a member of the board of equalization, 278
to make a list of practicing physicians and lawyers appually., 304
duty of, in taking the enumeration of white males above 21 years of age, 423

entitled to a copy of the laws, 510

of bail bond by sherifi, form of, 62
of negotiable instruments, effect of, 217
by insolvent debtors, 330

made after arrest, void, 331

how and by whom made, 238, 251
may be special, 252

ASSOCIATE JUDGES,--(see Judges Associate.)

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property claimed by tbird person, right how tried, 132
appeal allowed, 133
plaintiff failing to prosecute, creditors may proceed, ib.
declarations in, when to be filed, ib.
defendant in, may plead, ib.
cause must arise from contract, ib.
properly how gold, and proceeds divided, 134
action not to abate by death of defendant, 135
writ may issue to other counties, ib.

may isse against the separate or joint estates of joint debtors, ib.
from. P. supersedes that issed by a justice, ib.
for contempt, may issue againsi person disobeying injunction to stay

waste, 88
may issue to enforce orders and decrees in chancery, 83

against persons disobeyiwg subpæna, 125, 129
to bring administrators, &c. 10 settlement, 233

to bring guardians to settlement, 248
when may issue against banks and bankers, 453
writ of, to issue on oath of creditor, 203

how executed, ib.
notice of, how given, ib.
when property is claimed by third person, how to proceed, 204
costs on trial of right of property, how taxed, 204. 206
appeal or certiorari allowed, 205
on appeal, declaration to be in detinue, 206
proceedings against garnishee. 206, 7
perishable articles may be sold, 208
proceedings in, may be certified to C P., 207, 8:
lien of consignee not affected by, 208
plaintiff discontinuing, creditors may proceed, ib.
justice to adjust demands and divide proceeds, ib.
form of writ of, 209


confessing judgment must produce warrant, 69
of successful party, to receive docket feë, 228
liable for negligence, 413
how proceeded against for not paying over money, ib.
prosecuting, how appointed, ib.


how admitied, 411
not admitted without one year's residence and two years study, 412
must be citizens of the United States, ib.
muy be suspended, ib.
stirring up ruits, lc, how punished, 147

privileged from arrest while attending courte, 349

An act regulating sales at, 304
rates of duty on sales at, 306


may lie appointed and licensed by C P., 303
to give bond, ib.
farming out his office shall forfeit bis license, 307
to make quarterly account of sales, &c ib.
to deposit accounts with treasurer and parenties. 308
in Hamilton couviy, hoiaing his auctions ai Dore than house, &c, liable is

fine, 306


how appointed, 22
to be commissioned by tbe governor, 409
to give boud, 500
his general duties prescribed, 500 to 503
my appoint chief clerk, 502
bis salary, 505
to furnish county auditors and assessore with forms. 290
to transmit listwo Phifentan land: to county auditors. 297, 8
his oty in rolpring tag on hank, insurance and bridge companies, 30%
how" prouted against delinquentrollerioi: 01 tolls on the canals, 391
shat! keep an account with the collectors of toils, 392
to be surrutenrient of common school fund, 493
his duty in relation to the common school fund, 423 10 426


when and how electid, 14. 280
who shall not be eligible to he office of, 281
poction nf, how contested, 55
to give ond and take an oath, 280
vacancy in the office of, how filled, 231
his general duties prescribed, 280
oppressing hy colors of ollice, how punished, 147
to anilii the claims of justices and constables for costs in criminal cases,
bis sees, and how paid, 226, 7
to swear to his arcunt, 227
may administer onths, 231
sha'd be clerk in the commissioners, &c. ib.
to be a member of ite board of equalization, 275
shall keep an account rurient with the ijesuier,202
ghall audit claims against the county, &c. ib.
his duty in maku: transfers, 42, 3

in mikigomplicatis 283. 4
may correr: ertuis in ruplicates. 285
to give notice of the amoni levied for road tax, il.
his duły in settlig wiih trea-014r. 245, 6

in making and politing lists of delinquencies, 280, ?

in relation to the siries of lands toi 1:xes, 287, 8
to make deciso purchasers, and when, 288,9
to keep an account s'h e ci township. 296
to olisprve forms furnished by auditor of State, 220
his duty in relition to the sale of forfeited lands, 297 to 299
to draw on agents of forrign insurance companies for tax on premiums,
his duty in taxing physicians and lawyers, 304


to be commissioner oi insirevia till one he appointed, 338
to keep an account with each school district, 421
to apportion school funds to di-tics, and how, ib.
to draw on auditor of State mually for interest of school sund, 124
to give perinits to exhibitors of public shows, 446
ent ed to a copy of the laws, 510


how munde, 265
COLPs in be delivered to parlies, ib.
how enforced, 268
for what causes wet aside, ib.
betyre justices, how male and returned, 170
justice to enter juigment on, ib.
to be faal unless obtained by fraud, &c. 177

may be set aside for fraud, &c. ib,

may be sued if special bail be not put in, 60
assignment of by sherd. 62
when proceedings on, may be set asiile or stayed, ib.
defendant may render himselli discharge of, 63
copy of, to be returned with the writ, 118


form af, 61

when a i exigereter to be entered on, 63
BIL IN CRIMINAL CASES, (see Recognizance.)
BAIL BEFORE JUSTICES. (see Recognizance.)
BAIL SPECIAL, (sce Special Bail)
BAIL AND SURE TIES, (see Sureties and Bail.)


keeping of, by keeper of public house, how punishcil, 162
at elections, how receivel, examined and disposed of, 46

when considered fraudulent, 47


to be pr. viried by sheriil' for each township, -14
to be kept by township clerk, and by him carried to elections, il


incorporated, how lused, 302
notes issued by unincorporated, voil, 460
in actions against, on noies, plaintiff may declare for money had and re-

ceived, 453
stockholdere, how made parties to suits and judgments against, .
on judgmenis against, tieri facias to be first process, ,

BANKS AND BANKERS-(continuerl)

cashier may be summoned as garoisbee, 454
attachment may be issued agaiost, and whe!, 453
not to issue bills payable at a tuture day, 456
lands held in trust for, may be sold on executions against, ib.
may bring joint actions against drawers and indorsers of notes, 453
proceedings against, before justices, may be certified to C. P., 459


stealing or maliciously destroying of, how punished, 139. 144
receiving or buying stolen, with knowledge, how parished, 139
passing or selling counterfeit, how punished 141
engraving plate for striking counterfeit, how punished, ib.
not to be issued payable at future day, 456

[ 460
of foreign banks, of less denomination than $5, circulation of prohibited,

sale and transfer of, may be decreed for the payment of judgments, 84


maliciously breaking of, how punished, 374
BASTARDS, (see Illegitimate Children.)

may inherit from mother, 254

legitimated by intermarriage of parents, ib.

prohibited, and how punished, 162

inspector of, how appointed, 477
he inspected, 478
barrels for, how to be made, 479
how to be packed, ib.


how punished, 136


concerning lands, to be filed where land lies, 32
may be filed against heirs without naming them, ib.
where tiled when lands lie in different counties, 83, 251
may be filed against debtor's debtor, ib.
for a release, may be filed by any person having legal title and possession,
when to be answered, 84
for discovery, answer to, evidence, 83

shall be answered by winner at gaming, 443
for injunction, must be verified by oath, 87
to be taken as confessed upon two insufficient answers, 85
first, to be answered before answer to cross bill, 86
for rehearing, when to be filed, 90
for review, when and how allowed, ib.
to perpetuate testimony, what to contain, 91
to contest the validity of a will, when to be filed, 246

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